36 Epic Destination Wedding Ideas and Locations

horseback riding destination wedding ideas

Sandy beaches, dramatic mountains, moody cliff sides. We’re all about destination weddings and the epic locations they can take you to on your wedding day. So we’ve compiled some of our absolute best destination wedding ideas to help you plan the ultimate travel ceremony.

We’ll start by sharing some fun ideas to incorporate into your destination wedding day, and from there we’ll share the best destination wedding locations to choose from. Get your passports ready!

{photo above: By Julieta, as seen in this boho destination anniversary session in Los Cabos}

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Adventurous Destination Wedding Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Day

Destination weddings are about so much more than the ceremony. Make your wedding day a full adventure with these fun activities!

1. Take Your Destination Wedding to the Skies with a Helicopter Ride

Perfect Destination Wedding Ideas for Adventurous Couples

helicopter destination wedding ideas
photo: Kerstin Hahn Photography as seen in this helicopter wedding

We love love LOVE this destination wedding idea. If you’re planning a wedding in an epic destination, book a helicopter tour where you can see it from above.

Whether you’re getting married on a tropical island or in the rugged mountains, a helicopter tour is an awesome idea to incorporate into your wedding day.

2. Take a Post-Destination Wedding Ski Trip

Ideal Winter Destination Wedding Ideas

winter wedding at a world class skiing location destination wedding idea
photo: Mark Blake By the West as seen in this vintage snowy destination wedding editorial

Planning a destination wedding in an epic snowy location like the Swiss Alps or the mountaintops of Whistler, BC? Add a skiing or snowboarding adventure onto your timeline.

3. Plan Your Bachelorette Party at Your Destination

Ultimate Destination Wedding Ideas for a Full Week Travel Experience

wedding shower or bachelorette in an epic location before your destination wedding ceremony
photo: White on Black Studio as seen in this destination bachelorette party

This is the perfect destination wedding idea if you and your wedding party are planning on arriving to your wedding location a bit early.

Why plan a bachelorette party back at home, when you can turn part of your wedding trip into the most epic bachelorette imaginable?!

4. Go on a Tropical Bike Ride Near the Beach

Ultimate Beachside Destination Wedding Ideas

couple going for a tropical bike ride at their destination wedding location
photo: The Bold Americana as seen in this Tulum destination wedding

Talk about an adorable destination wedding idea, right?! Rent some bikes and take a ride on the streets near your wedding venue or head over to the beach and ride around at sunset together. So perfect!

5. Wander Through the Streets of Your Destination the Morning Of Your Wedding

So You Can Soak Up Everything Your Destination Wedding Location Has to Offer

couple wandering the streets of Santorini Greece during their destination wedding
photo: Anna Roussos as seen in this whimsical Greek destination wedding

You’ve picked an epic destination wedding location for a reason! Why not take some time out of your wedding day to explore the streets and see everything your wedding location has to offer?

This destination wedding idea is perfect if you’re getting married in the middle of a historic city, with cobblestoned streets and tons of history to soak up together. You’re basically getting practice for your honeymoon, right?!

6. Grab Your Skates and Go Beachside

An Awesome Destination Wedding Idea for Playful Couples

couple roller blading and skateboarding by the beach during their Cape Kiwanda destination wedding
photo: Dawn Jarvis as seen in this retro elopement at Cape Kiwanda

If this isn’t the cutest destination wedding idea, we don’t know what is! There’s something about roller skates at the beach…it’s just a classic combo.

If you and your partner want to feel like kids again, this is the perfect way to do it.

7. Get Cozy in a Hot Air Balloon

And See Your Destination Wedding Location from Above

hot air balloon destination wedding ideas
photo: Ann Mark Photo as seen in this hot air balloon elopement inspo

Is there a better way to get cozy with each other than in a hot air balloon? How cute is this destination wedding idea?!

Pack a few snacks from your wedding reception in a picnic basket to take up with you and watch the sun set on your wedding day from up above.

8. Enjoy Your Wedding Dinner on the Beach

For a Cozy and Calming Destination Wedding Reception

picnic style dinner reception on a tropical beach destination wedding ideas
photo: By Julieta as seen in this boho Mexico destination wedding

If you’re planning a beachside wedding, opt to have your dinner reception out on the sand, so you can look out at the water, rather than sitting in an indoor reception space.

We love the idea of having floor pillows and a long communal table for the dinner to encourage mingling between your guests. Such a cozy and fun way to share a meal!

9. Customize Your Destination Wedding Invitation Suite to Your Location

An Adorable Destination Wedding Idea To Show Off Your Epic Location

location focused invitation suite destination wedding idea
photo: The Shepards Photography as seen in this desert-inspired destination wedding

This is one of our favorite destination wedding ideas. If you’re planning to get married in an epic location, why not make sure your wedding invitation suite matches the vibe of your wedding spot?!

Best Destination Wedding Locations

Now that we’ve shared our favorite destination wedding ideas, let’s find you the perfect spot to say “I do”. We’re sharing all the details on the best destination wedding locations across the world.

10. In the Majestic Italian Dolomites

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Location for Jagged Mountain Peaks

couple standing on a canoe in the Italian Dolomites
photo: Maya Lora Photo as seen in this Dolomites destination wedding

The Italian Dolomites are quite possibly some of the most unreal mountains imaginable. To say they look like they’ve come straight out of a film would be the understatement of the century.

If you love the look of jagged, dramatic mountain peaks, the Dolomites are the perfect destination wedding location. While you’re out there, take a canoe out on Lago de Braies, where you can view the incredible mountain peaks towering up from behind the water.

11. Beneath a Roaring Waterfall in Iceland

The Ideal Destination Wedding Location for Lovers of Extreme Landscapes

waterfall destination wedding in Iceland
photo: ISKRA Photography as seen in this adventurous cliffside destination wedding in Iceland

Iceland is called the land of fire and ice for a good reason! It’s quite literally a land of geological extremes, which naturally makes for the MOST INSANE wedding location.

Our favorite destination wedding ideas while in Iceland include taking a dip in a local hot spring, driving the Ring Road (that loops around the island), and exploring the black sand and epic ice at Diamond Beach.

12. In the Heart of Paris, France

The Perfect Destination Wedding Location for Romance

couple sitting in a vintage red car by the Seine in Paris on their wedding day
photo: Daria Lorman as seen in this dreamy Paris elopement

Paris is a total gem of a city. She’s classic, beautiful, and artistic. And if you’re looking for a destination wedding location that’s equal parts romantic and fashionable, Paris is your gal.

Our favorite destinations wedding ideas for Paris include getting up before dawn to watch the sun rise at the Eiffel Tower (before it gets crowded!), enjoying a baguette and some brie by the Seine, people watching at a local cafe, and sampling scents at a local perfumery.

13. In the Snow of The Austrian Alps

For the Couples Who’s Looking for a Winter Wonderland

snowy winter destination wedding in the Austrian Alps
photo: Farbklang Fotographie as seen in this Austrian Alps snowy destination wedding inspo

WOW. What can we possibly say about the Austrian Alps. Magic, right?! Remember the destination wedding idea we mentioned earlier about taking a skiing or snowboarding trip? You’ll want to plan that winter wonderland wedding in the Austrian Alps, trust us.

Plan a day fully of snowy activities to do after your wedding day and turn your trip into a wintry honeymoon adventure.

14. On a Yacht in the Tropics

The Perfect Blend of Adventure and Luxury

couple celebrating their destination wedding on a yacht
photo: Luxart Wedding Studio as seen in this Riviera Maya destination wedding on a yacht

How cool is this destination wedding idea?! We cannot get over how unique of an idea getting married on a yacht is. If you and your partner find yourselves at home on the water, why not plan your wedding around getting married on the ocean or your favorite lake?

Bring some champagne to celebrate, and pack your swimsuits so you can take a dip in the water after saying “I do.”

15. Amongst the Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey

The Most Whimsical Destination Wedding Location

couple getting married with hot air balloons rising behind them in Cappadocia Turkey
photo: LOTTY H. Photography as seen in this hot air balloon destination wedding in Cappadocia

If you want to feel like your destination wedding is happening in the middle of a storybook, look no further than Cappadocia, Turkey.

You can plan your ceremony as the hot air balloons rise above the epic cone-shaped rock formations dotting the landscape. Talk about the dreamiest destination wedding idea!

16. In a Stunning Greenhouse in Thailand

For the Couple Who Wants a One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Experience

Thailand glass house ceremony destination wedding idea
photo: Hipster Wedding as seen in this intimate greenhouse destination wedding in Thailand

We love the elegant, intimate vibe of this Thailand greenhouse wedding and think this spot is hands-down one of the most whimsical destination wedding locations. It’s perfect for elopements or micro-weddings.

Plan to get out to Thailand a few days early so you can spend some time tasting the local street food or renting a private boat to go island hopping.

17. In the Vast Wilderness of Patagonia, Chile

A True Outdoor Adventurer’s Paradise

destination wedding in Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia Chile
photo: Anni Graham as seen in this adventurous Patagonia elopement

This one’s for the wild adventurers. If the idea of epic hikes, alpine lakes, and jagged mountains as your backdrop to your wedding sounds amazing, Patagonia is the ultimate destination wedding location. Pack your wedding boots, we’re going on an adventure!

18. In an Abandoned Train Station in Prague, Czech Republic

For the Couple Who Loves a Grunge Look

abandoned train station wedding ceremony in Prague Czech Republic
photo: Couple of Prague as seen in this abandoned train station destination wedding in Prague

This one’s the perfect marriage of destination weddings and industrials vibes…maybe not the first thing when you think of, but we thing it’s beyond cool! There’s an abandoned train station in Prague where you can actually have a wedding ceremony, and holy cow it’s amazing.

The best destination wedding ideas are the ones that encourage you to get creative and think beyond the bounds of what a traditional wedding might look like, and this epic location is the perfect example of that.

19. Near the Awe-Inspiring Sea and Mountains of the Lofoten Islands of Norway

For all the Frozen Vibes

destination wedding on a chilly day in Lofoten Norway
photo: Wild Connections Photography as seen in this dreamy winter elopement in Lofoten

We’re ALL about the Frozen vibes Norway gives off. Epic beaches, snow-tipped mountains, and glacially cold waters make for an extreme and stunning destination wedding location.

And if you want an extra special destination wedding idea, plan your Lofoten wedding around late August to mid-April, when you can witness the Northern Lights.

20. In a Stunning Desert Setting in Joshua Tree, California

For Lovers of Desert Sunsets

Joshua Tree California wedding
photo: Feel and Focus Photography as seen in this desert destination micro wedding in Joshua Tree

If you want the wide open desert as the backdrop for your wedding, we HIGHLY recommend traveling out to Joshua Tree. If your group is small enough, you can even get married in Joshua Tree National Park!

We love the idea of renting out an adorable desert home to soak up the sun during your visit. This desert dwelling is to die for!

21. In an Abandoned Silk Factory in Beirut, Lebanon

The Most Off-The-Beaten-Path Destination Wedding Location

abandoned silk factory wedding in Beirut Lebanon
photo: Firas Chehabeddine Photography as seen in this whimsical destination wedding in an abandoned silk factory

Where do we even begin with this one?! This destination wedding location is definitely for the couple that forges their own path and does things their way.

The Middle East is home to some of the most incredible landscapes and ruins, and it is also significantly less traveled than many of the typical destination wedding locations.

So it’s basically like you’ll have a hidden gem completely to yourselves. Consider a place like Beirut, Lebanon, where history, beautiful nature, and incredible food collide.

22. At the Iconic Lake Como, Italy

The Destination Wedding Location Where Glam Meets Romance

luxurious destination wedding in Lake Como Italy
photo: Lilly Red as seen in this pink feather dress destination wedding by the lake

Lake Como basically feels like a dreamland. It’s elegant, with mountain backdrops and beautiful, colorful buildings dotting the shore in a classically Italian coastal way. There are so many incredible villas that make for the perfect destination wedding venues.

Treat your guests to a ceremony with a view of the water and cocktail hour on a patio in the open air. And don’t forget to take a boat out on the lake and admire the gorgeous architecture from a different viewpoint!

23. At the Luxurious Hotel San Cristobal in Todos Santos Baja California Sur, Mexico

For the Couple Wanting a Unique Hotel Wedding Experience

destination wedding at Hotel San Cristobal in Todos Santos Mexico
photo: Lexi Hatch Photography as seen in this lantern-filled destination wedding in Mexico

This one’s for the coolest of couples. The Hotel San Cristobal is retro and fun and desert-y all in one. Not only does it make for the perfect destination wedding location, but you can also kick off your honeymoon at this hotel, it’s just THAT GOOD.

Take a dip in the pool that looks right out onto the ocean. Or grab dinner and drinks at Benno, the hotel’s beachfront restaurant.

24. In the Vast Landscapes of South Africa

A Beautiful Destination Wedding Location for Stunning Rolling Hills and Mountains

couple standing in the outdoors cocktail reception space for their South Africa destination wedding
photo: Charlene Schreuder Photography as seen in this glamping elopement in the South African wine country

In case you didn’t already know, South Africa is gorgeousssss. Plan a wedding in at the Glass Marquee at Shepstone Gardens if you’re looking for a whimsical, fairytale vibe. Or if wineries are more your vibe, you’ll love the rolling hills and gardens of Highberry Farm.

If you plan on visiting Cape Town, you’ll definitely want to take the gondola up to the top of Table Mountain, where you can look down on the city and the ocean off in the distance. It’s crazy pretty, and the perfect addition to your destination wedding to-visit list!

Or make the drive out to wine country and have a little wine-sipping kick-off to your post-wedding adventures. It’s the most delicious and relaxing destination wedding idea.

25. Amongst the Rolling Hillsides of Tuscany, Italy

A Top Destination Wedding Location for Wine Lovers

a destination wedding evening al fresco reception in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany Italy
photo: Paula O’Hara as seen in this Tuscany destination wedding in a 13th century villa

Calling all wine lovers! If you haven’t already been to Tuscany, you NEED to go. Better yet, plan your wedding here.

Not only is the region of Tuscany one of the most beautiful destination wedding locations, but it’s known for some truly incredible wines. And what better place to have your Italian wedding than in the wine country.

Whether you’re planning a city wedding in Florence or you’re looking for something more remote in the Italian countryside, you can’t go wrong here.

26. In the Mountains of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

For Lovers of Intense, Lush Green Mountains

wedding party standing on a suspension bridge during a wedding in the mountains of British Columbia
photo: Shari + Mike as seen in this epic mountaintop wedding

When it comes to epic mountains in North America, Canada has some of the absolute best. And if you love the idea of having your destination wedding with lush evergreen trees as your backdrop, Squamish BC is a total dream.

It’s actually technically known as the outdoor recreation capital of Canada, so if outdoorsy adventures are some thing you and your partner love to do, you will fall in love with Squamish.

Plan your destination wedding to happen over the course of a couple weeks, so you can spend some time exploring the mountains and going on epic adventures together. Pack an inflatable canoe and explore some alpine lakes. Or grab a cute picnic blanket and enjoy a meal at the top of a mountain you’ve summited.

27. Ultimate Boho Beach Vibes in Tulum

The IT Spot To Say I Do for Boho Beach Destination Weddings

tulum destination wedding
photo: Chris and Ruth as seen in this Boho Meets Glam Tulum Wedding

Tulum is one of our most favorite places. The weather, the beaches, the boho vibes, the food, the ruins, so many reasons to love Tulum. Whether it be an intimate wedding on the beach or a ceremony in the jungle, there are so many options here for magical wedding vibes.


28. In the Midst of the Hustle of New York City

The Perfect Destination Wedding Location for the Couple Who Loves to Entertain

couple on their destination wedding in New York City
photo: Nicole Miller as seen in this intimate NYC elopement

We love us a fun city wedding, and what better city destination wedding location than New York City? A total classic. Have your first look on a busy sidewalk as people rush by. Or share your vows on a rooftop patio venue, looking out onto the NYC skyline.

City weddings have a charm all their own. Looking for destination wedding ideas for NYC? We love the idea of having a “first slice” instead of a first bite of cake. NYC is known for their pizza, so if there ever was a place to do it, it’d be here.

29. Beside Aqua Waters in Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

The Spot with the Most Awe-Inspiring Lakeside View

couple paddling in a red canoe on Moraine Lake in Banff National Park in Alberta Canada for their destination wedding
photo: Terry Photo Co. as seen in this magical alpine lake destination wedding in the Canadian Rockies

If icy, aqua-color lakes and tall mountains dotted in evergreens make your swoon, Moraine Lake is going to blow you away. If you’re planning on eloping, this lake is just about one of the prettiest places you can choose for your destination wedding.

Did you know you can even rent out the little canoes that sit lakeside and explore the icy waters for yourselves?! Seriously the most romantic post-vows idea.

30. Amongst the Cliffs and Peaks of Malibu, California

A Place That Has It All…Mountains, Beaches, and Gorgeous Luxury Venues

couple having their destination wedding at a cliffside venue in Malibu California
photo: Sanaz Photography as seen in this mountainside Malibu destination wedding inspiration

If we’re being honest, Malibu kind of has it all. Gorgeous rolling hills and cliffsides, paired with some of the best west coast beaches. If you want a destination wedding location that has a huge variety of landscapes and things to do, Malibu is perfect.

Destination wedding ideas for Malibu include planning a sunset picnic at El Matador State Beach and enjoying sushi with a view at the iconic Nobu.

31. In the Eastern European Mountains of Georgia

A Truly Unique and Distinct Destination Wedding Location

destination wedding at an ancient church in the mountains of Georgia in eastern Europe
photo: ISKRA Photography as seen in this moody mountain wedding in an ancient church in Georgia

If you’re looking for a destination wedding location that’ll stand out amongst the rest, we recommend looking into some of the lesser-known epic destinations, like the country of Georgia.

The mountains in Eastern Europe are absolutely breathtaking and would make for the most incredible destination wedding backdrop.

Our favorite destination wedding ideas for Georgia include taking a pre-wedding walk with your partner through the streets of Tbilisi, getting married in the ancient Gergeti Trinity Church, and enjoying a Georgian wine-tasting for two.

32. In the Dramatic Mountains of New Zealand

For All The Swoon-Worthy Fairytale Vibes

couple having their destination wedding in the mountains of New Zealand
photo: Pablo Laguia as seen in this epic Punjabi New Zealand elopement

Who wouldn’t want Mt Cook, New Zealand’s tallest mountain, as the backdrop to their epic destination wedding? New Zealand pretty much looks like it’s straight out of a movie, prooooobably because it literally has been the filming location for so many iconic films.

Plan your New Zealand wedding on a grassy hill overlooking the water or in the middle of the mountains.

Need some destination wedding ideas for this spot? While you’re out here, don’t forget to take a stroll through some gorgeous lavender fields, which New Zealand has plenty of. The perfect post-wedding photo-op!

33. In the Streets of Morocco

For a Laid-Back, Unique Cultural Experience

destination wedding in the streets of Marrakech Morocco
photo: Nicola Dixon as seen in this Marrakesh, Morocco elopement

When it comes to desert destination wedding locations, Morocco quite possibly beats them all.

Wander through the bazaars (aka the markets) of Marrakech and admire the handmade goods, spices, and all the local goodies to take home with you after your wedding.

These types of markets are extremely common in the Middle East and are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture when visiting an epic destination for your wedding.

Or plan an off-the-grid destination micro-wedding out in the Sahara Desert, where you can get married amongst the epic sand dunes.

34. In the Stunning Mountains of Spain

For a Intimate Mountain Getaway Destination Wedding

couple driving through Sierra Calderona Natural Park in Spain for their destination wedding
photo: Adrian Vilanova as seen in this cozy elopement in Calderona Natural Park

We love when couples choose to have their destination weddings in lesser-known places, and Calderona Natural Park is totally one of those! It’s a gorgeous spot, with lovely mountain views, but we’d be willing to bet you probably haven’t heard of it!

That’s exactly why we think this destination wedding location would be perfect for an intimate, outdoors wedding. Cozy, private, and beautiful. Can’t go wrong with that combo!

35. Along the Coast of Amalfi

For The Fan of Architecture

amalfi wedding venue
photo: Lilly Red at the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

In Amalfi (one of the most beautiful places on Earth!), there is a place where you can get married surrounded by what is left from an ancient convent.

From Lilly Red, “It is so quiet and silent that you feel the neutral colors of this ceremony totally embracing the harmony of this timeless place. Super epic and part of the beauty of getting married in Italy.” Yep, we agree, this place is STUNNING!


36. Amongst the Moody Mountains of Isle of Skye, Scotland

For All The Mystical Vibes

Isle of Skye Scotland foggy travel wedding
photo: The Kitcheners as seen in this foggy Isle of Skye destination wedding

Mossy mountains, foggy hillsides, and moody weather make Isle of Skye one of the most stunning wedding locations out there.

Looking for fun destination wedding ideas to incorporate into your Isle of Skye trip? We can’t get over how fun it’d be to go horseback riding through the foggy hillsides!

Which Destination Wedding Ideas Are You Planning to Incorporate Into Your Day?

Share with us in the comments below! We can’t wait to hear all about the destination wedding ideas you’re loving!