35 Best Places to Buy Wedding Dresses Online – Full Guide

best places to buy wedding dresses online KYHA Studios romantic ruffle tulle gown
wedding dress: KYHA Studios

We’re all for buying wedding dresses online. Endless options. Easy shopping from home. And hands-down some of the most gorgeous + best dream wedding dresses you can find. That’s a total win if you ask us!

But since it’s a fairly new way to say yes to the dress, you probably have tons of questions about shopping for wedding dresses online. That’s where we come in! We’ve researched price ranges, shipping times, return policies, and design styles to find the BEST places to buy swoon-worthy wedding dresses online.

We’ve also broken down all the common questions about shopping for wedding dresses online — and added a few of our expert tips to help you find your perfect gown (without ever leaving your coach!).

OKAY, let’s find you a wedding dress!

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The Pros and Cons of Buying Wedding Dresses Online

size inclusive floral sleeved best wedding dresses online from Lulus
wedding dress: Lulus

What seemed improbable and impossible even a few years ago is now one of the go-to ways to go wedding dress shopping. There are major pros to online shopping, after all — especially when it comes to finding the best wedding dresses!

  1. More Dress Styles Online: Wedding dress brands are now poised for online sales. That means everything from the overall shopping experience to securing the perfect style and fit is optimized for online dress shoppers.
  2. Access to Wedding Dresses Worldwide: You might love an international label that isn’t sold in stores but can now be shipped to your doorstep. Who doesn’t want access to stunning international finds when buying wedding dresses online?!
  3. Ability To Try Styles in Advance: There are now several “try-before-you-buy” programs to make finding your dream dress easier and more fun than ever. There’s nothing better than hosting a dress try-on party from the comfort of your own home!

While we’re big fans of buying wedding dresses online (those pros speak for themselves!), we also wanted to talk about a couple of cons, too.

If you’re still not sure about buying wedding dresses online, your biggest concern probably has to do with fit. It’s understandable — you never really know how a dress will fit until you try it on. That’s why we recommend getting 100% certain about your measurements before you start dress shopping (more on this down below!).

Similarly, it can be difficult to determine exactly what online dresses look like IRL. Photos can only do so much, so it’s always best to read the product descriptions.

Check for things like the type of fabric, the design details, and customer reviews to get a better idea about how a wedding dress will look in person.

GWS Pro Tip

We recommend only buying wedding dresses online from brands you trust — like the ones we’ve vetted in this list!

How soon before the big day should you buy wedding dresses online?

ethereal beaded tulle gown from KYHA Studios best places to buy wedding dresses online
dress: KYHA Studios

As a rule of thumb, the sooner you order wedding dresses online, the better. At the minimum, you should order your dress at least six months before the big day — and ideally nine months or more. This ensures you have enough time to host a try-on party, decide if it’s “the one,” and take it in for alterations!

If you’re getting your wedding dress custom-made to your measurements, you’ll need to add a few months to this timeline to account for production time. Since your dress is being made from scratch just for you, it won’t be ready to ship right away. Each designer has a different timeline for dress orders and deliveries; we suggest adding an additional three months to your personal timeline to be safe.

How to Choose the Right Size When Buying Wedding Dresses Online

unique modern sheer sleeved wedding dresses online by Rebecca Vallance
dress: Rebecca Vallance

Before you can order the right size dress, you need to know what size you are. Wedding dresses do not fit you like your normal daily clothes, so we strongly advise you to get professionally measured before you start you shopping for wedding dresses online. For a professional measurement, you can visit a local tailor. However, if you cannot find a pro to help, you can certainly do it yourself; use a measuring tape to measure your bust, waist, hips, and length (from your shoulders to the floor). Once you’re properly measured, you’re ready to shop

Refer to each specific designer’s size chart as you browse wedding dresses online. It seems like all designers size their gowns differently, especially if they’re an international brand. So, be careful to match your exact measurements with the appropriate size for your chosen designer.

Wedding dress size charts are typically found near the product description on the product page, but if not, you’ll surely find them somewhere on the designer’s or retailer’s website to take the guesswork out of the process! Call them directly to eliminate any doubt if you cannot find the size chart.

GWS Pro Tip

It’s much easier to tailor a gown that’s too big to make it fit. Attempting to make a small gown bigger is very challenging and the quality of the results will certainly vary. A good rule of thumb to remember, most gowns can be taken in two sizes (about 3 inches) before you’ll notice a loss of the design integrity.

Just like buying a dress in person, you’ll likely need to work with a tailor when buying wedding dresses online. Made-to-order gowns will work off your specific measurements, but most designers suggest hiring a seamstress to finalize a perfect fit.

And if it’s a sample gown or pre-owned dress, don’t write it off because it’s too big!

How much do online wedding dresses cost?

vintage-inspired cutout unique wedding dresses online by BHLDN
dress: BHLDN

One of the best parts about buying wedding dresses online? Endless options for every budget!

On the affordable end of the spectrum, budget-friendly online wedding dresses typically cost between $100 and $600. You can find these at some of our favorite trendy retailers, like Lulus and ASOS. While these gowns may not have a designer name or super luxe fabrics, you’ll still look like a million bucks on your big day (without breaking the bank)!

If you’re looking for something more in the middle, the average cost of online wedding dresses is around $1000 to $2000. In 2021, the average price for a wedding dress was $1800. Luckily, you can usually find better deals and discounts when buying wedding dresses online versus in a boutique!

Want to go all out for your wedding day look? For luxury and designer online wedding dresses, prices usually fall between $2500 and upwards of $10000. These are the gowns created by the biggest names in the industry, like Vivienne Westwood and Danielle Frankel, with the highest quality fabrics — so you know they’ll be quality designs you can trust (and look absolutely unforgettable in). Plus, they’ll stand the test of time, so you can even wear them for a vow renewal.

GWS Pro Tip

When shopping for wedding dresses online, the main factors that will impact the price are the fabric (silk versus synthetics), the level of detail (such as beading or embroidery), and the designer.

We’ve included amazing places to find online wedding dresses for every budget down below!

What to Look for When Buying Wedding Dresses Online

Flora and Lane best places to buy wedding dresses online celestial beaded gown from Etsy
dress: Flora and Lane on Etsy

When buying wedding dresses online, there are three key factors to look for (in addition to the style and vibe of the gown), wedding dress price range, shipping times, and return policy.

  • Wedding Dress Price Range: At the end of the day, the wedding dress you choose often comes down to your budget. Many retailers will have multiple gown options at different price points, so it can be helpful to sort online wedding dresses by price. But it’s always best to check the overall price range before shopping to avoid disappointments (or extra spending!).
  • Shipping Times: The key to successfully planning a wedding is sticking to a timeline. To make sure you’re staying on track, always double-check how long online wedding dresses will take to ship. Many retailers offer standard shipping, but some also give you the option of express or next-day delivery if you’re really in a bind! That said, for international dress retailers, factor in some extra time.
  • Return Policy: Let’s face it — sometimes a dress you found online just doesn’t stack up in person. When this happens, you’ll want to make sure you have a chance to return it and get a refund. It’s also important to check the return policy if you want to order multiple sizes or different options as you narrow down your dream dress!

Now that you know how to find the best wedding dresses online, let’s start shopping!!

1. The Best Place to Find Wedding Dresses Online That Capture the Magic of Anthropologie: Anthropologie Weddings

pleated whimsical ivory wedding dresses online from BHLDN

dress: BHLDN Valerie Bridal Gown

Ask us if we will ever get over Anthropologie’s bridal store. WE WILL NOT. With the most amazing, best online wedding dresses that totally stand out from the crowd, Anthropologie Weddings is a curated closet of designer favorites (like Jenny Yoo, Watters, and BHLDN’s Own Label), alongside in-house pieces.

There’s something for every style, from dreamy whimsical gowns to fun and playful mini length dresses. Anthropologie Weddings also carries accessories and separates made by small businesses, which we love. Consider this your one-stop shop for your entire wedding wardrobe!

Plus, Anthropologie Weddings has made it easy to shop online by dress style, wedding type, dress feature, and so much more. And they’ve got the virtual appointment process down.

Wedding Dress Price Range: $150-$1000 separates; $220-$2495 dresses (plus a killer sale section)

Shipping Times: Selections from next day to standard (5-8 business days).

Return Policy: Free returns within 30 days.

Shop Anthropologie Weddings Dresses Online

2. The Best Place to Find Stylish Wedding Dresses Online at Killer Prices: ASOS

best places to buy wedding dresses online ASOS

dress: Alice Beaded Bridal Gown

ASOS is where it’s at for fast, affordable bridal gowns. But that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality and style when buying wedding dresses online through them; their selection is one of the best for budget-friendly options!

If you’re looking for a chic, stylish, and minimalist online wedding dresses that won’t break the bank, ASOS has you covered. They also keep a regular rotation of trendy jumpsuits and size inclusive designs — and there are SO many great options for a rad getaway look!

As a bonus, each dress has detailed measurements (though ASOS does suggest working with a tailor). And while you aren’t getting one-on-one service, the quick turnaround and free returns are a bonus. We recommend grabbing your top 3 dresses, so you have options, then keeping your fave!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $135-$600

Shipping Times: Selections from next day to standard (7 business days).

Return Policy: Free returns within 28 days.

Shop ASOS Wedding Dresses Online

modern floral bridal wedding one-piece suits

Want to ditch tradition and rock something stylish + comfortable on your big day instead? We feel you — and that’s why we’ve rounded up the best wedding jumpsuits for every style!

3. The Best Place to Find a Variety of Dreamy and Unique Wedding Dresses Online: Etsy

beaded floral sleeved tulle wedding dresses online from Mywony Bridal on Etsy

bridal dress: Mywony Bridal

Etsy is one of our favorite places to buy wedding dresses online! It’s a great way to support smaller designers and have a unique bridal gown that packs a punch.

There are many variables in shipping and return policies when it comes to buying wedding dresses online through Etsy sellers. Rather than dig into those details, we narrowed the playing field by researching some of the top wedding dress shops on Etsy we’re loving.

Each designer comes highly reviewed and recommended by real couples. We’ve featured several of these online wedding dress designers on GWS, so the combination of fashionable styles and trustworthy reputations makes these designers worth looking into!

NOTE: Several sellers offer regular discounts on their wedding dresses – some up to 50%!

Shop Etsy Wedding Dresses Online

4. The Best Place to Find Whimsical + Ethereal Wedding Dresses Online: Mywony Bridal on Etsy

intricate floral tulle sleeved best wedding dresses online from Mywony Bridal on Etsy

dress: Mywony Bridal

If you’re looking for online wedding dresses with an ethereal, whimsical vibe, Mywony Bridal has some of the dreamiest gowns to choose from.

This independent designer makes the most out of sheer silk, feminine florals, and soft silhouettes. The result? Wedding dresses that look like they stepped right out of a fairytale. Talk about storybook vibes!

Plus, all of these online wedding dresses are made to order, so you get something all your own. Just be sure to add an extra 12 weeks to your timeline for bridal gown production!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $400-$2199

Shipping Times: 10 weeks

Return Policy: Since these gowns are made to order, returns are not accepted — so take extra care when providing your measurements!

Our Favorite Picks: This silk mesh bridal gown is EVERYTHING, and you have to see the back on this delicate tulle dress!

Shop Mywony Bridal Dresses on Etsy

5. The Best Place to Find Whimsical + Playful Wedding Dresses Online: Sumarokova Atelier on Etsy

dusty bluish grey tulle wedding dresses online from Sumarokova Atelier on Etsy

dress: Sumarokova Atelier

Sumarokova Atelier’s online wedding dress shop absolutely KILLS IT when it comes to pops of color and whimsy. If you want a dress with a beautifully delicate style and gorgeous hues, look no further!

And, one of the best parts about working with independent designers (versus big retailers) is the chance to customize your wedding dress — and Sumarokova Atelier is no exception. They’re happy to work with you to create your dream dress from their stunning bridal designs!

Want a different neckline? A brighter hue? A leg slit? Sumarokova Atelier is here to make it happen!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $179-$2120

Shipping Times: Approximately 1-2 weeks — but this doesn’t include their 8-10 week production time.

Return Policy: These bridal gowns are also made to order, so returns are not accepted.

Our Favorite Picks: We can’t get enough of this romantic dusty copper gown or this “something blue” tulle dress. They’re pure magic!

Shop Sumarokova Atelier WEdding Dresses on Etsy

dramatic tulle non-traditional onyx wedding dresses

Pssssst. Looking for more online wedding dresses with a punch of color? You’ll be obsessed with our favorite black wedding dresses!

6. The Best Place to Find Free-Spirited Wedding Dresses Online: Flora and Lane on Etsy

free spirited flowing open back wedding dresses sold online by Flora and Lane on Etsy

dress: Flora and Lane

Get ready for some of the most stunning bohemian wedding dresses you can find online. Flora and Lane’s dresses are what lacy, flowy, free-spirited dreams are made of!

With a focus on non-traditional dresses, Flora and Lane’s designs are all about embracing what makes you unique and being unapologetically yourself as you tie the knot. Safe to say we’re totally obsessed!

NOTE: Flora and Lane has one of the longest production timelines, and it can take up to 5 – 6 months to receive your bridal gown. There are options for rush orders, but we recommend ordering your wedding dress online as soon as possible just to be safe! The magic is worth the wait.

Wedding Dress Price Range: $250-$2400

Shipping Times: Selections from next day to two weeks.

Return Policy: These bridal gowns are also made to order, so returns are not accepted.

Our Favorite Picks: Don’t keep scrolling until you check out this glittering celestial bridal gown! It also comes in a bold + dreamy black. Swoon!

Shop Flora and Lane Wedding Dresses On Etsy

7. The Best Place to Find Elegant + Understated Wedding Dresses Online: Mila Bridal on Etsy

sheer sleeved modern best wedding dresses online from Mila Bridal on Etsy

dress: Mila Bridal

Shopping for online wedding dresses with a modern and elegant look? Mila Bridal has some of the best of the best!

We love the form-flattering look of their dresses and how the materials and small details really shine. And Mila Bridal’s designs tend to be on the more affordable side — especially for 100% handmade gowns that are customized to your specific measurements!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $180-$980

Shipping Times: Approximately 6-15 days, not including a 6-week production time.

Return Policy: Returns are accepted within 7 days.

Our Favorite Picks: This romantic corset bridal gown is straight out of our dreams — and the details on this sheer backless dress are seriously top notch!

Shop Mila Bridal Wedding Dresses on Etsy

8. The Best Place to Find Romantic Bridal Separates Online: Sweet Caroline Styles on Etsy

olive green tulle best wedding dresses online from Sweet Caroline Styles on Etsy

bridal dress: Sweet Caroline Styles

A total fan favorite, Sweet Caroline Styles is the perfect mix of contemporary and romantic designs.

The online wedding dresses in this collection include so many beautifully vibrant numbers that we are totally in love with. Plus, most of their designs are made up of gorgeous bridal separates — perfect for mixing and matching to create something one-of-a-kind!

And like our other fave Etsy shops, this dress designer also offers made-to-order wedding dresses online — just visit the website linked on their shop page to learn more!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $150-$2000

Shipping Times: Selections from next day to standard (7 business days), or longer if you’re resizing.

Return Policy: Returns are not accepted.

Our Favorite Picks: How rad is this hand-painted watercolor chiffon skirt?! It would look amazing with this romantic lacy top!

Shop Sweet Caroline Styles Wedding Dresses On Etsy

dusty blue tulle colorful wedding gowns

Looking online for wedding dresses with a pop of color? These are the ones we’re currently obsessing over!

9. The Best Place to Find Budget-Friendly Wedding Dresses Online for Every Style: Lulus

floral sleeved fitted best wedding dresses online from Lulus

dress: Following Your Heart Dress

Don’t sleep on Lulus! Their online wedding dress shop is legit AND affordable. As a bonus, real customers often share photos and tips in the reviews, so you can know exactly what to expect when you *add to cart.*

And at such great prices, you can grab more than one look for the day! Browse their selection for a wedding reception dress, a rehearsal dinner dress, and even an after-party dress (this sequin one is amazing!). With so many amazing options under $100, why narrow it down?!

You can also chat with the bridal concierge to answer any questions — and enjoy free shipping and returns if it doesn’t work out!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $48-$388

Shipping Times: Several options from ground to 1-day shipping.

Return Policy: Returns are accepted within 10 days.

Shop Lulus Wedding Dresses Online

10. The Best Place to Find Custom-Made Wedding Dresses Online for the Glam Bride: Olivia Bottega

best places to buy wedding dresses online dramatic tulle off-the-shoulder ballgown from Olivia Bottega

bridal dress: Audrey Wedding Dress

Olivia Bottega started as a married couple that made gorgeous custom-made dresses. Since then, they’ve grown into a renowned online wedding dress boutique with a team of expert designers!

Unique designs, custom sizing, and affordable pricing make Olivia Bottega stand out from other dress brands. Their online wedding dresses are MADE for the glam bride — just look at this dazzling sparkly number!

Oh, and did we mention they have free shipping? Love that!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $400-$3500

Shipping Times: For ready-to-ship wedding dresses, 3-15 days. If you want a custom bridal gown, it takes 3-12 weeks to make your dress, then 4-11 business days to ship.

Return Policy: Refundable within 7 days.

Shop Olivia Bottega Wedding Dresses Online

11. The Best Place to Find Cool + Sustainable Wedding Dresses Online: Reformation

best places to buy wedding dresses online Reformation asymmetrical neckline silk draped bridal gown

bridal gown: Ronda Silk Dress

Reformation is the go-to shop for the coolest online wedding dresses…aaaaand for the eco-conscious shopper. From little white dresses to two-part looks and full-length skirts, there’s a chic-city vibe happening that totally works (plus a few cottagecore pieces we’re totally obsessed with!).

Reformation’s online wedding dresses are also sustainably made in Los Angeles, and you can even track your carbon footprint in the dress details. Saving the planet and looking cooler than ever? We’re in.

If you’re planning a casual ceremony — or are just too cool for tulle — Reformation is about to take your wedding look to the next level.

Wedding Dress Price Range: $218-$598 (financing options available)

Shipping Times: Selections from next day to 5-10 business days.

Return Policy: Refundable within 30 days.

Shop Reformation Wedding Dresses Online

12. The Best Place to Find an Amazing Bridal Support Experience: David’s Bridal

David's Bridal best places to buy wedding dresses online romantic floral corset ballgown

dress: David’s Bridal Floral Corset Gown

David’s Bridal stylists are at your beck and call — literally. They’re available to text or chat 24/7 (one of the best perks of buying wedding dresses online!), so if you’re facing a bridal conundrum, your answer is waiting in the palm of your hand.

Plus, several dresses have reviews and pictures of real brides, so you can see how the dress might fit your body type. Let’s just say, there’s a reason David’s Bridal is a go-to a best place to buy wedding dresses online!

And once you’ve said “yes” to your dream dress, be sure to check out David’s Bridal’s in-store alterations, and their HUGE collection of gowns for your wedding party and guy’s suits. They truly have it all!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $75-$2499 (with monthly payment options via Affirm)

Shipping Times: Selections from the next day to 7 business days.

Return Policy: Returns within 7 days; exchanges within 60 days.

Shop David’s Bridal Wedding Dresses Online

13. The Best Place to Find Effortlessly Magical Wedding Dresses Online: KYHA Studios

Chosen by Kyah curvy sparkling wedding dresses online with a deep v plunging neckline

KYHA Studios is a GWS fave — we even featured Kyha’s sister’s wedding, and we STILL think about her pink bespoke dress!

A beautiful online wedding dress brand based out of Melbourne, Chosen by KYHA is KYHA’s made-to-size, ready-to-wear range that’s available globally. These fashion-forward wedding dresses are shoppable online and are available to ship now. And they are STUN-NING.

If you’d take bold silhouettes and sleek details over tulle and ballgowns any day, then prepare to fall head over heels for these bridal gowns!

P.S. All Chosen by KYHA bridal gowns typically require small to moderate alterations after creation to fit perfectly to your individual curvatures and shape. If you want something more customized to your figure, you can also shop made-to-order wedding dresses online!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $500-$15990 (financing options available)

Shipping Times: Ready-to-ship bridal gowns offer free express global shipping in 3-10 business days; made-to-order 4-6 months.

Return Policy: Ready-to-ship gowns are refundable within 5 days; made-to-order dresses are non-refundable.

Shop Kyha Studios Wedding Dresses Online

14. The Best Place to Find Boho + Cottagecore Wedding Dresses Online: Love Shack Fancy

Love Shack Fancy best places to buy wedding dresses online cottagecore floral ruffle dress

dress: Norma Midi Dress

The wedding dresses sold online at Love Shack Fancy are a perfect blend of beachy, boho, and cottagecore — and we are here. for. it.

Their gowns are effortless, laid back, and whimsical all at once. Inspired by vintage finds, they’re the kinds of online wedding dresses that feel like they’ve been passed down for generations, carrying decades of love stories with them. We approve!

Even if you want to go more traditional for your big day, you HAVE to check out Love Shack Fancy’s cute free-spirited minis. Perfect for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner look!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $295-$1995

Shipping Times: For US deliveries, ground shipping (which typically takes anywhere between 1-5 business days) is free for orders over $200. Expedited delivery options are also available.

Return Policy: Free returns within 30 days.

Shop Love Shack Fancy Wedding Dresses Online

floral off-the-shoulder free-spirited wedding dresses

Free-spirited dresses are our fave! Take a look at some of the most stunning bohemian wedding gowns we’ve fallen head-over-heels for.

15. The Best Place to Find Designer Wedding Dresses Online From Coveted Brands: NET-A-PORTER

whimsical sheer tulle and crepe designer bridal gown by Rime Arodaky on Net-a-Porter best places to buy wedding dresses online

dress: Rime Arodaky

NET-A-PORTER is host to the world’s most coveted brands…and their swoon-worthy online wedding dresses are no exception.

With a bridal inventory that’s always fresh and fashion-forward, you’ll find luxury dresses (hi, lacy beauty), jumpsuits (like this stunning floral appliquéd one!), capes, jackets, and more.

Discover new designers from around the world and well-known favorites, and find a wedding dress online that’s truly runway-worthy! You can also chat with 24/7 personal shopping teams for a stress-free online shopping experience.

Wedding Dress Price Range: $245-$7500

Shipping Times: Options range from same-day (NYC area) to standard shipping.

Return Policy: Refundable within 28 days.

Shop Net-a-Porter Wedding Dresses Online

16. The Best Place to Find Wedding Dresses Online That Blend Classic and Contemporary Styles: Rebecca Vallance

elegant fitted cap sleeve bridal gown from Rebecca Vallance best places to buy wedding dresses online

dress: Milan Bridal Gown

Rebecca Vallance has a small but stunning collection of wedding dresses sold online. The Australian-made brand creates well-crafted classic pieces with a modern twist for a look that’s uniquely you. So elegant and timeless!

Definitely up on the bridal trends, Rebecca Vallance’s designs are all about little details that you won’t find everywhere else. If you love bow ties and feather trim as much as we do, you will want to give their collection of online wedding dresses a scroll!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $649-$1999 (financing options available)

Shipping Times: Express and international shipping 2-5 business days.

Return Policy: Refundable within 21 days.

Shop Rebecca vallance Wedding Dresses Online

17. The Best Place to Find Wedding Dresses Online for Minimalists: Fame & Partners

strappy contemporary wedding dresses online from Fame and Partners

dress: Strappy Draped Bridal Gown

Fame & Partners is the perfect solution for the minimalist who wants bespoke on a budget. Choose your base wedding dress style and go from there!

You can customize color, length, strap style, bra-friendly (or not), neckline, slit height, and more. You can even add pockets! Just input your specific measurements for a wedding dress that fits out of the box. Bonus: you can also order as many fabric swatches as you want to find your dream style!

And for the eco-conscious brides, you’ll love that Fame & Partners prides itself on zero inventory waste. We love!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $229-$479 (financing options available)

Shipping Times: Standard 4-7 weeks; express 3-4 weeks.

Return Policy: Within 30 days; made-to-order bridal gowns require a 25% zero-waste fee.

Shop Fame & Partners Wedding Dresses Online

elegant two-part minimalist wedding gowns

Calling all minimalists! Don’t miss our round-up of the best simple wedding dresses.

18. The Best Place to Find Wedding Dresses Online for the Fashionable Bride: Revolve

sexy backless silk bridal gown from Revolve best places to buy wedding dresses online

dress: Retrofete Margot Dress

When it comes to the best places to buy wedding dresses online, Revolve is known for its modern and contemporary styles, which is totally the vibe of its bridal gown collection.

Revolve’s gowns are perfect for more minimalist and modern weddings — whether you’re getting married on a city rooftop or at an art museum. We especially love the understated elegance of their Hailey and Gilda gowns!

And for the fashionistas, don’t miss Revolve’s It-girl accessories, like these embellished bridal gloves and this wedding-ready headband!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $88-$2995

Shipping Times: Free 2-day shipping for US orders.

Return Policy: Full refund within 60 days; exchange within 90 days.

Shop Revolve Wedding Dresses Online

19. The Best Place to Find Your Bridal Style Soulmate Online: Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus best places to buy wedding dresses online '70s-inspired floral cut-out one-piece suit

floral bridal look: Michael Kors Collection

Neiman Marcus is a go-to when it comes to the best designer wedding dresses you can buy online. Whether you’re looking to rock a Cult Gaia gown or Manolo Blahnik pumps, their selection has you covered. Prepare to earn major style points as you strut your stuff down the aisle!

With so many different options, there’s truly something for everyone — from timeless + understated designs to trendy + fashion-forward bridal styles.

And if you’re struggling to narrow it down (we don’t blame you!), Neiman Marcus will also connect you with your “style soulmate,” who will help you create your perfect look either virtually or in-store. Who knew finding “the one” could be so easy?!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $195-$6490

Shipping Times: Free standard shipping (5-7 business days); additional $15 for shipping within 2-4 business days; additional $25 for overnight delivery.

Return Policy: Full refund within 15 days.

Shop Neiman Marcus Wedding Dresses Online

whimsical colorful floral applique wedding dresses

For the ultimate list of embroidered wedding dresses, you HAVE to browse this roundup of our faves (a few of which you can buy online, too!).

20. The Best Place to Find Regal Wedding Dresses Online That Ooze Sophistication: Jenny Yoo

off-the-shoulder floral corset bridal gown from Jenny Yoo best places to buy wedding dresses online

bridal dress: Jenny Yoo Holden Gown

Jenny Yoo online wedding dresses have a classic and sophisticated look that really allows the quality fabrics and small details to do most of the talking. There’s also something regal about her gown’s silhouettes — they’re powerful and modern, while also feeling upscale and timeless.

And if you’re looking for something unique for your big day, you also HAVE to check out Jenny Yoo’s capes. From this pearl-dotted one to this floor-sweeping one (and even this gorgeous gown with a subtle cape-like detail), there are so many amazing options for a dramatic and royal look!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $225-$1695

Shipping Times: Selections from next day to standard (5-8 business days).

Return Policy: Free returns within 30 days.

Shop Jenny Yoo Wedding Dresses Online

21. The Best Place to Find On-Trend Gowns for the Full Bridal Weekend: Shopbop

one shoulder celestial ruffle best wedding dresses online by Shopbop

dress: Rococo Sand Star Light Dress

Shopbop is host to contemporary designers and on-trend pieces. These aren’t your typical floor-sweeping white bridal gowns — instead, Shopbop’s online wedding dresses are packed full of fun details, flirty hemlines, and ALL your favorite trends!

That’s why Shopbop is a great option for a second look on the dance floor or a ‘fit for all the other events surrounding the big day. Bonus: these are dresses you can totally wear again after the big day!

Plus, they offer guaranteed next-day shipping if you’re rushing to get your wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Price Range: $98-$2790

Shipping Times: Next-day to standard shipping is available.

Return Policy: Refunds are accepted within 30 days.

Shop ShopBop Wedding Dresses Online

22. The Best Place to Find Designer Wedding Dresses Online for a Runway-Ready Look: Saks Fifth Avenue

pearl draped wedding dress online at Saks Fifth Avenue

bridal dress: Galvan

If you’re looking for a high fashion look on your wedding day, Saks Fifth Avenue delivers that and more. We love that their collection of the best online wedding dresses feels curated, elegant, and truly unique!

Some of our favorite gowns include this rad floral ’70s-inspired dress, this feather midi dress that totally oozes elegance, and this cool blazer dress that’s a real game changer.

For the fashion lovers out there, Saks Fifth Avenue is here to make the biggest fashion moment of your life one to remember!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $250-$10990

Shipping Times: Free standard delivery (arriving in 3-5 business days); $15 premium delivery (arriving in 2-3 business days); $25 express delivery (arriving in 1-2 business days).

Return Policy: Full refund within 30 days

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23. The Best Place to Find Fairytale Bridal Gowns for Your Happily Ever After: Watters

fairytale floral sleeved ethereal best wedding dresses online by Watters from BHLDN

dress: Watters Olena Bridal Gown

Watters has a small but mighty number of ready-to-ship wedding dresses sold online at BHLDN. Silk, embellishments, and feminine silhouettes round out the collection, with a happily ever after for every bridal style (from this whimsical cottagecore dress to this enchanting tulle gown!).

We especially love their ultra popular Austin Gown — definitely a dress for a fairytale love story!

And since you can buy these Watters wedding dresses online at BHLDN, that means you can also take advantage of all of Anthropologie’s amazing wedding accessories (their bridal veils are our fave!).

Wedding Dress Price Range: $598-$2595

Shipping Times: Selections from next day to standard (5-8 business days).

Return Policy: Free returns within 30 days.

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floral applique tulle fairytale wedding dresses

Ready to get your fashion happily ever after? Prepare to fall head over heels for these princess wedding gowns fit for a fairytale!

24. The Best Place for Luxury Bridal Gowns and a Simplified Online Shopping Experience: Matches Fashion

sophisticated cape overlay silk wedding dresses online by Valentino from Matches Fashion

dress: Valentino Bridal Gown

Matches Fashion strives to be the best luxury wedding dress shopping experience you’ll ever have — even online! Get 24/7 advice through their fashion-concierge team as you shop from high-fashion wedding dress designers like Self Portrait, Alexander McQueen, and Cecile Bahnsen.

Each bridal gown also has in-depth details about the fabric and fit, plus a thorough size guide to help you choose the right gown the first time. But, with such a great return policy, you can also order a couple of different sizes for your dress to see which one feels best, then return the others!

Another great perk? Some of Matches Fashion’s stunning online wedding dresses are also available to rent. An affordable AND sustainable option that we’re all for!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $540-$29000

Shipping Times: 2-3 days express shipping in the United States.

Return Policy: Refundable within 28 days.

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25. The Best Place to Find Sleek Wedding Dresses Online for the Contemporary Bride: Cult Gaia

best places to buy wedding dresses online cult gaia

wedding dress: Esther Bardot Dress

Cult Gaia is a contemporary fashion brand based in Los Angeles known for their signature cut-out dress and unique accessories. The bridal gowns are understated and cool, crafted from high-quality materials that are built to last a lifetime.

Obviously, this collection was designed with the contemporary bride in mind — they’re the kind of gowns that will still be in style when you look back on your wedding photos in 40 years!

We also love that you can chat live with stylists to help you find your fit. A little help never hurts!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $600-$2700

Shipping Times: 5-7 business days.

Return Policy: Refundable within 14 days.

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26. The Best Place to Find Designer Wedding Dresses Online at an Epic Discount: THE OUTNET

sophisticated draped one-shoulder best wedding dresses online by Halston from The Outnet

draped wedding dress: Halston

THE OUTNET is the benchmark of luxury discount shopping. With major discounts on designer favorites like Badgley Mischka, Jenny Packham, and Halston, it’s a dream to find fashion-forward wedding dresses online on a budget.

Trust us, these discounts have to be seen to be believed. We’re talking up to 50% drop-dead gorgeous designer bridal gowns!

(P.S. If you loved the Rebecca Vallance gowns we listed up above but are on a tighter budget, be sure to check out her chic discounted designs here!)

Wedding Dress Price Range: $105-$2698

Shipping Times: Next-day to standard shipping is available.

Return Policy: Refundable within 28 days.

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27. The Best Place to Find Made-to-Order Bridal Gowns for Laid Back Babes: Dreamers and Lovers

off shoulder lace wedding dress online from Dreamers and Lovers

dress: Naomi Bridal Dress

Bohemian dresses for the laid-back bride…sound like you? Dreamers and Lovers create their made-to-order online wedding dresses in their small California studio, combining high-end dressmaking with friendly, hands-on customer service.

Your gown will be tailored to perfectly fit your body with soft, moveable fabrics for an effortless wedding look. And before you order, try on up to four sample dresses at home with the loan-me program!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $985-$2996

Shipping Times: Turnaround time fluctuates based on workload and wedding date; limited availability of ready-to-ship gowns (which will arrive in 1-2 weeks).

Return Policy: Made-to-order bridal gowns are non-refundable or exchangeable.

Try-Before-You-Buy Option: Yes

Shop Dreamers and Lovers Wedding Dresses Online

28. The Best Place to Find Celebrity-Approved Wedding Dresses Online: Needle & Thread

Needle and Thread best places to buy wedding dresses online feminine floral ruffle bridal gown

dress: Carmen Ruffle Strapless Bridal Gown

Calling all blushing brides! Needle & Thread online wedding dresses are full of whimsy and romance. We may have found your perfect match if you’d describe your bridal aesthetic as all things ruffles, florals, and pretty in pink.

And with tons of options outside of the traditional white, they’re perfect for unconventional couples! See these favorite sequined + floral beauties on a few of our real brides here and here! (Kate Middleton and Paris Hilton are also fans!)

Wedding Dress Price Range: $329-$1369

Shipping Times: Free standard shipping (4-7 business days) for orders over $350.

Return Policy: Full refund within 14 days.

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fairytale tulle off-the-shoulder pastel wedding dresses

Get the pretty in pink look with these swoon-worthy blush wedding gowns. Perfect for the blushing bride!

29. The Best Place to Find Pinterest-Worthy Wedding Dresses Online: Alamour the Label

Alamour the Label best places to buy wedding dresses online bridal gown with pealr bodice

dress: Elizabeth Gown

If your Instagram and Pinterest feeds look anything like ours, then you’ve probably already seen Alamour the Label’s dreamy, fairytale wedding dresses online.

Full of intricate, feminine, and picture-worthy details, they almost seem too perfect to be true — especially when you see the price tag! But we’re here to tell you that these bridal gowns are really THAT good.

Designed in the brand’s Brisbane, Australia studio, most of the Alamour the Label gowns are made to order to reduce waste and give you a stunning + sexy dream dress on a budget.

Wedding Dress Price Range: $380-$1200 AUD (approximately $260-$820 US dollars)

Shipping Times: Free express shipping (3-5 business days) on orders over $450 AUD.

Return Policy: Store credit within 30 days.

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30. The Best Place to Find Unique + Ethical Bridal Gowns for a Steal: Marcella New York

best places to buy wedding dresses online Marcella New York modern sheer white fitted bridal gown

dress: Roxanne Bridal Dress

Marcella New York online wedding dresses are kind of like works of art in and of themselves. The passionate couple behind the brand manages to craft a collection that is equal parts editorial and eclectically unique. Oh, and did we mention ethical, too?!

Featuring asymmetrical necklines, sculptural silhouettes, and simple designs that are anything but boring, Marcella bridal gowns are made for modern, artistic, and city-chic ceremonies. They’re edgy meets elegant in the coolest way possible.

Plus, the brand is on a mission to empower women and girls globally. With each design sold, they support three days of school for girls in sub-Saharan Africa. Talk about a purchase you can feel good about!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $98-$149

Shipping Times: Standard delivery (5-12 business days) or expedited shipping (2-6 business days).

Return Policy: Refunds are accepted within 30 days.

SHop Marcella New York Wedding Dresses Online

31. The Best Place to Try Before You Buy Wedding Dresses Online: Azazie Bridal

fitted strapless crepe wedding dresses online from Azazie Bridal

dress: Mari Dress

With one of the best “try before you buy” programs, Azazie Bridal is leading the way to buying gorgeous wedding dresses online!

Browse over 200 gowns in every style (from this sleek satin dress to this fairytale tulle gown), then order up to three at a time for just $10-$15 each. They’ll be shipped for free, and you’ll have a week to try them on at home — perfect for throwing a try-on party with all your besties!

Fun fact: Azazie even has a Spotify playlist to get you in the mood for your try-on party! Now all that’s missing is bottomless champagne.

Once you’ve found “the one,” just return the other gowns and fill out a form to officially purchase your dream dress. It doesn’t get easier than that! Plus, their selection of bridal gowns includes so many affordable dress designs.

Wedding Dress Price Range: $239-$1059

Shipping Times: Shipping takes up to 7 business days, and production time can take an additional 1-18 days.

Return Policy: Returns are accepted within 30 days.

Shop Azazie Wedding Dresses Online

32. The Best Place to Find Dreamy Wedding Dresses Online for an Enchanting Look: Danielle Frankel

off-the-shoulder silk charmeuse wedding dresses online by Danielle Frankel from NET-A-PORTER

dress: Noa Gown

Danielle Frankel’s New York-made bridal gowns are utterly whimsical, impeccably tailored, and always unforgettable. We still can’t get over this bride in the Ruby gown!

But it shouldn’t be a surprise that Danielle Frankel has made a name for herself in the wedding world. After honing her skills at Vera Wang and Marchesa, she launched her now beloved line, and we’ve been loyal fans ever since!

If you’re in the market for designer-made online wedding dresses where modern meets nostalgia, these bridal gowns are your jackpot. There are also some suit-inspired looks that are TO DIE FOR.

Wedding Dress Price Range: $1790-$5990 (with monthly payment options via Affirm)

Shipping Times: Options range from same-day (NYC area) to standard shipping.

Return Policy: Refundable within 28 days.

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city chic two-part wedding suits

Love the wedding suit vibe? Thinking you’ll wear one instead of a dress? We’ve got you! Check out our roundup of 10 incredibly chic wedding suits.

33. Best Place to Find Designer Bridal Gowns With a Vintage Touch: Mytheresa

best places to buy wedding dresses online Mytheresa vintage-inspired ruffle bridal gown

dress: Costarellos Ruffled Gown

Two words: Vivienne Westwood. More words: Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, and Rodarte. Need we go on?

Mytheresa is another go-to place to buy gorgeous designer wedding dresses online for a discount, and they’ve really stepped it up a notch with their designs. We’re loving all the gorgeous gowns with vintage touches — like this Old Hollywood glam dress and this Victorian-style lacy stunner.

They’re taking us back to decades past, in the most elegant, fashion-forward way!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $250-$17405

Shipping Times: Delivery in 1-3 business days.

Return Policy: Free returns within 30 days.

Shop Mytheresa Wedding Dresses Online

34. The Best Place to Find Preowned Wedding Dresses Online: Nearly Newlywed

best places to buy wedding dresses online preowned enchanting strapless floral gown from Nearly Newlywed

dress: Galia Lahav “Jessie” Dress

Looking for a dreamy designer wedding dress at a HUGE discount (we’re talking up to 90% off retail price)? Don’t love the idea of buying a new dress that will only get worn once? Then look no further than Nearly Newlywed!

With hundreds of amazing preowned designer gowns sold by the brides who wore them, Nearly Newlywed is such a rad sustainable (and budget-friendly) alternative to buying new wedding dresses online.

You can also find designer pieces that were purchased but have never been worn. And after your big day, you can resell your wedding dress online at Nearly Newlywed so it can be loved again and again!!

Wedding Dress Price Range: $375-$15000

Shipping Times: Free shipping in 7-10 business days.

Return Policy: Returns are accepted within 5 days for a $50 fee.

Shop Nearly Newlywed Preowned Wedding Dresses Online

35. The Best Place to Find Inclusive Gowns Online for Every Body Type: Katharine Polk

collection of size inclusive Katharine Polk wedding dresses online

Designer Katharine Polk is back, this time with a namesake brand designed for everybody, featuring wedding collections and effortless styles for the whole wedding weekend.

The brand’s fashion-forward and size-inclusive wedding dresses online are handmade in Los Angeles, and custom options are available by request.

You’ll also want to check out the playful Friday to Sunday line, which features statement suits, chic minis, and even wedding-themed jean jackets (SO cute for the wedding morning and your honeymoon!).

Wedding Dress Price Range: $500-$12000 (financing options available)

Shipping Times: 4-6 weeks or rush 1-3 weeks

Return Policy: Made-to-order sales final; store credit for in-store sales within 7 days.

Shop Katharine Polk Wedding Dresses Online

Now That You’ve Scored that Perfect Dream Wedding Dress Online

Etsy Mywony Bridal best places to buy wedding dresses online floral mesh tiered gown
dress: Mywony Bridal on Etsy

Once you’ve said yes to the dress, it’s time to complete the look with the best wedding shoes! We’ve compiled a huge list of our favorite shoe brands that are perfect to pair with that dream dress!

But the shopping doesn’t end there. Your next step is choosing the ‘fits for your ride or dies! Don’t miss our list of the best places to buy bridesmaid gowns online, plus the best bridesmaid gifts to show them your love.

And last but not least: the bling! Choose your forever sparkler with the help of these dazzling wedding bands for women. And be sure to check out this round-up of stylish wedding bands for men, too!

What’s next on your wedding planning checklist? Let us know in the comments below!