Best Bridesmaids Gifts – 20 Bridal Party Gift Ideas

best bridesmaids gifts for your bridal party

Let’s be honest, coming up with the perfect bridesmaids gifts is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process! These are your ladies. Your girl gang. Your ride or dies. They deserve the absolute best, because there’s no one you’d rather have by your side on your wedding day. So in honor of your incredible bridesmaids, we’ve crafted the ultimate list of thoughtful, unique bridal party gift ideas.

Feel free to mix and match these bridesmaids gift ideas too! Whether you’re looking for luxurious maid of honor gifts or something to share with the whole crew, we’ve got you covered!

{photo above: Courtney Leigh Photography, as seen in this playful, pastel wedding}

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1. Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Bridesmaids Gifts for the Newly Engaged Bride

bridesmaid proposal box bridal gift idea

Five words: will you be my bridesmaid? Before you can even begin the wedding planning process, you’ve gotta get your crew on board, which is why bridesmaid proposal boxes top our list of best bridesmaids gifts.


2. Cute and Cozy Bridesmaid Pajamas

Bridal Party Gift Ideas for the Bride Who Loves to Lounge With Her Girls

Turn your bachelorette party into a slumber party (throw back to childhood, anyone?!) and gift you girl gang these adorable bridesmaid pajamas! They’re also perfect for getting ready photos the morning of the wedding. We’re all about killing two birds with one stone in the wedding planning process, and this bridesmaid gift does exactly that!

Do your bridesmaids all have different style? This silky soft bridesmaid pajama set comes in so many different colors!

3. Bridesmaid Jewelry

Bridesmaids Gifts for the Bride Who Believes a Little Glam Never Hurt

locket necklace bridesmaid jewelry bridal party gift idea

Bridesmaid jewelry is such an awesome way to show your love for your squad. Plus, it gives your bridesmaids something super cute to accessorize with on the wedding day!

Olive + Piper has the absolute cutest collection of bridesmaid jewelry. Some of our favorites include the Maxine earrings (perfect for bridesmaids who love a classic statement look) and the Campbell headpiece (can we talk about how pretty this one is?!).

4. Bridesmaid Tote Bags

The Perfect Bridesmaid Accessory for that Beach Bachelorette Party

bridesmaid tote bags bridal party gift ideas

A girl can never have too many bags, right?! Right. So gift your bridesmaids with these absolutely gorgeous jute bridesmaid tote bags (they’re customizable, too!).

You and your bridesmaids can pack them along for a bachelorette weekend away or bring them along on the wedding day to hold the goodies in your bridesmaid survival kit (see bridal party gift idea #17).


5. Bridesmaid Hangers

There’s Something So Special About Keepsake Custom Bridesmaid Hangers

hierloom bridesmaid hangers bridal party gift idea

Let’s not pretend like you haven’t already seen those adorable photos of bridesmaid dresses hanging up together with adorable custom bridesmaid hangers. If you haven’t, get on that, stat!

We adore this personalized bridesmaid gift idea, because the hanger becomes the perfect keepsake for each of your bridesmaids after the wedding day, too! We’re personally loving this heirloom wooden bridesmaid hanger.


6. Bridesmaid Swimsuits

Bridesmaids Gifts that’ll Make a Poolside Statement

bridesmaid swimsuits unique bridal party gifts

Ready to take your girl squad to the next level? Two words: bridesmaid swimsuits. There’s nothing like wearing adorable swimsuits out on the beach that basically scream, “this is my squad.”

This bridesmaid gift is the perfect option if you’re planning to have any of your wedding-related festivities by the water. Bridesmaid swimsuits are beach, pool, and lakeside approved!


7. Bridesmaid Candles Customized for Each Gal in Your Crew

Because Let’s Be Honest…Who Isn’t in Love With Collecting Candles?!

bridesmaid candles bridal party gift ideas

Ask your bridesmaids what their absolute favorite scents in the world are, and then give them all beautiful candles that match that! It’s a kind, thoughtful bridesmaid gift that shows you wanted to customize their bridal party gift specifically for them!

Another candle collection we’re loving are Homesick Candles. They make candles for different states, so if you and your bridesmaids all grew up in the same state but are now spread across the country, you can gift them with a candle for your home state. Fun, right?! They also have these adorable celebratory candles we’re loving!


8. Bridesmaid Mugs

Get the Wedding Morning Started Right With Bridesmaid Mugs for the Whole Crew

floral Anthropologie bridesmaid mug bridal party gift ideas

Avoid a rough wake-up call on the morning of your wedding by gifting all of your bridesmaids with adorable mugs! I don’t know about you, but we are practically incapable of walking through an Anthropologie without at least buying one of their stunning monogrammed mugs, and we think they’d make for the absolute cutest bridesmaids gifts.


9. Personalized Bridesmaid Robes

We Love This Bridal Party Gift Idea for the Morning of the Wedding

floral bridesmaid robes bridal party gift idea

Gift your crew with cute, personalized bridesmaid robes they can wear on the big day (and every morning after!). This bridal party gift idea is a classic for good reason. Plus, matching bridesmaid robes make for epic photos when getting ready on the wedding day. We are loving these luxuriously soft satin bridesmaid robes you can personalize and these floral fringe ones!

10. Bridesmaid Wine Glasses

Ummm…it’s Wine. Need We Say More?!

keepsake golf rimmed bridesmaid wine glasses bridal party gift idea

If bonding over a bottle of red is something you and your girls do on the regular, you’ll absolutely want to make sure bridesmaid wine glasses are included in your bridal party gift idea brainstorm sesh. You can get wine glasses customized with the names of everyone in your squad or opt for the classic bride and bridesmaid ones.

Not into customized gifts? We’re completely obsessed with this set of 4 lustered wine glasses from Anthropologie and think they’d make such a gorgeous keepsake bridesmaid gift!


11. Bridesmaid Wine Bottles

Because Bridesmaid Wine Glasses Are Nothing Without the Wine!

Lucid x Green Wedding Shoes Organic Sparkling Wine Collection

What’s the point of gifting bridesmaid wine glasses if you don’t bring along the wine, too?! Don’t worry, we here at GWS would NEVER let you make that mistake (we’ve got you!). Pair the bridal party wine glasses with this super chic Wine Tasting Kit

12. Bridesmaid Notebooks

This Bridesmaid Gift is Perfect for the Wedding Planning Process!

Erin Condren bridesmaid notebooks for bridal party gifts to help with wedding planning

We love love loveeeee this bridesmaid gift! It’s the perfect addition to a bridesmaid proposal box, and bridesmaid notebooks have the added perk of being perfect for the wedding planning process! Your bridesmaids can use these notebooks for helping you put together your guest list, sorting out that seating chart, brainstorming bridesmaid dress ideas, and all the fun parts of the wedding planning process.

Looking for the most stunning bridesmaid notebooks? We just happen to think our GWS x Erin Condren collection makes for the perfect bridesmaid gift. The floral design and option to customize with the names of each of your bridesmaids make for the perfect addition to any bridesmaid box!

13. Sugarfina Bridesmaid Candies (Yum!)

Bridal Party Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids With a Sweet Tooth

Sugarfina bridesmaid candies champagne gummy bears

If you didn’t already know that Sugarfina has the absolute cutest bridesmaids candies, now you do! Don’t walk…run, to get your bridesmaids these adorable sweet treats. We love the idea of including this bridesmaid gift into your personalized bridesmaid proposal boxes.


14. Personalized Beach Hats for the Bridal Party

A Practical and Adorable Bridesmaid Gift!

personalized beach hats for bridesmaids gifts

If you’re even contemplating having your bachelorette party on the beach, these personalized beach hats will make for the ultimate bridesmaids gifts. If you really want to go all out and give your bridesmaids the full beach experience, pair the bridesmaids beach hats with personalized bridesmaids beach towels, too.


15. Bridesmaid Gifts Cards

A Gift to Treat Your Bridesmaids to a Shopping Trip

Anthropologie bridesmaid gift cards

Sometimes it’s the simple bridesmaids gifts that are the best. Treat your girl gang to gift cards to their favorite stores. I mean, let’s be honest: who doesn’t love a gift card to Target, Sephora, or Anthropologie? We’re not complaining!


16. Bridal Spa Kit or a Spa in a Box

The Perfect Bridal Party Gift to Pamper Your Crew

spa in a box bridesmaids gifts

If you really want to treat your bridesmaids to a laid-back, relaxed experience, go for a spa in a box bridesmaid gift. You can buy these bridal spa kits pre-designed or put together your own. With all the wedding planning your squad is helping you with, this bridal party gift idea is sure to show your appreciation.

17. Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Because You And Your Bridesmaids Can Never Be Too Prepared!

bridesmaid survival kit bridal party gift

Wedding days are fast paced, and so many things can happen! Make sure your bridesmaids are prepared for anything that comes their way with a bridesmaid survival kit (spare tissues, bobby pins, deodorant, and so much more comes in this adorable kit).

Interested in making your own bridesmaid survival kit? We’ve written a guide on how to DIY a kit for your bridesmaids to help get you started!


18. Bridesmaids Champagne Flutes + Champagne Bottles

You’ll Want These on the Wedding Day. Trust. You Can Thank Us Later!

bridesmaid champagne flute and bottles bridesmaids gifts

photo: Chrissy Marie Photography

What better way to celebrate with your bridesmaids than gifting everyone bridesmaid champagne flutes and bottles?! Gift these to your squad before the bachelorette, as a part of your bridesmaid proposal boxes, or pop a few bottles on your wedding day (don’t forget to get those champagne #girlsquad pics)!

19. Instax Mini Polaroid Cameras

The Perfect Bridal Party Gift Idea for Your Photo-Savvy Friends

Instax mini Polaroid camera bridesmaids gifts idea

This bridal party gift idea is one of our personal favorites: an Instax Mini Polaroid camera! Grab cameras and Polaroid film for your bridal party, and have them snap away while you plan your wedding, have your bachelorette party, and get ready on your wedding day. If you’re looking for personalized and thoughtful bridal party gift ideas, Polaroids are a total win!


20. Bridesmaid Scrapbook or Photo Book

To Make Sure No Bridal Party Memories Go Undocumented

bridesmaid scrapbook bridal party gift idea

Looking for bridesmaids gifts that’ll create memories for life? Compile all the unforgettable memories with you and your bridesmaids with a customizable photo book. Artifact Uprising has some incredible photo book options that’ll make for the perfect bridesmaids gifts.

Choose from 3 different sizes and shapes for your book, and explore the vibrant cover and foil options to create an elevated, soft-cover photo book that’s unique to every bridesmaid.


21. Bonus Bridesmaids Gift: Luxurious Body Oil

Bridesmaids Gifts for the Bride Who Knows How to Level Up

luxurious body oil bridesmaids gift

If you want to really treat your ladies to a luxurious bridesmaid gift, Prim Botanicals Gardens at Midnight Body Oil is the perfect bridal party gift idea. This hydrating body oil is perfect to give the bridesmaids a natural glow for the big day. Crafted with natural blends of black pepper, jasmine, and rose, indulge the entire squad with an organic body oil to enjoy before and after the wedding.