Best Bridesmaid Gifts – 35 Bridal Party Gift Ideas Your Gals Will Love

best bridesmaids gifts for your bridal party
photo: Courtney Leigh Photography as seen in this playful, pastel wedding | robes from Camas Lilly Co.

Let’s be honest, coming up with the perfect bridesmaid gifts is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process! These are your ladies. Your girl gang. Your ride or dies. They deserve the absolute best because there’s no one you’d rather have by your side on your wedding day. So in honor of your incredible bridesmaids, we’ve crafted the ultimate list of thoughtful, unique bridal party gift ideas!

Before we jump into the ideas though, let’s answer a few common questions about how to choose the best bridesmaids gifts for your “I do” crew.

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How much should I spend on bridesmaid gifts?

matching botanical cover-ups best bridesmaid gifts ideas for bridal party
cover ups: LeRoseGifts on Etsy

How much you spend on bridesmaid gifts is really up to you! You know your wedding budget and you want to stay with that. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your bridal party gifts are personal and show your gals how much you love them.

Another thing to keep in mind: how much did she shell out to be your bridesmaid? If there was an expensive dress, bachelorette party, bridal shower gift, etc., you want a bridesmaid gift that expresses how much you appreciate her being by your side.

To help you get a better idea about how to budget for your bridal party gifts, we polled our GWS audience to find out how much they’ve spent on their ladies. Out of almost 1000 brides polled, 38% spent between $51-$100 on bridesmaid gifts, and 35% spent between $25-$50. On the other end of the spectrum, 12% spent under $25, and 15% spent over $100.

The takeaway: Your safest bet is to spend around $50 for each bridal party gift, give or take, depending on your budget.

GWS Pro Tip: It’s common for brides to spend a bit more on their gift for the maid of honor, compared to their other bridal party gifts. She’s your ride or die — plus she has more duties than the other ladies — so its a nice touch to give her a little something extra!

Who pays for the bridesmaid gifts?

bride posing outdoors with glam bridal party
photo: Roseann Bath Photography, as seen in this vintage summer camp wedding

Traditionally, the bride is responsible for paying for bridesmaid gifts. Since bridesmaids typically pay for their own dresses, travel expenses, and other wedding-related gifts, this is your way to say thank you!

Plus, these gals have had your back through the entire wedding process, from helping you choose the perfect dress to making sure it fits just right on the big day — so buying them bridal party gifts shows your appreciation for all their emotional (and fashion) support!

How to find unique bridesmaid gifts on a budget

best personalized frosted bridesmaid gift boxes and ideas for the bridal party
bridal party gift boxes: AriaMia on Etsy

Here’s the good news: unique bridesmaid gifts don’t have to break the bank! To find killer gifts on a budget, we suggest thinking outside of the (gift) box.

Instead of going for the traditional bridesmaid gift ideas, look for fun and thoughtful items that speak to your unique ladies. That extra personal touch — like a gemstone necklace for their birth month, or a cute goodie box with their name on it — will make a big impression, even if the price tag is on the smaller side!

If you have a large bridal party, buying your bridesmaid gifts in bulk is also a great way to save some cash. Many retailers give you discounts on large orders, so always be sure to check the description or even reach out to the seller about group rates. The same goes for experience-based bridesmaid gift ideas, like a spa day or a wine + paint night!

And finally, if you’re a DIY pro, why not make your bridal party gifts?! Not only is this great for your budget, but it’ll also give your bridal party gifts a super personal feel. You can make homemade candles, bath bombs, or even photo books — or better yet, host a DIY party for all your gals to get crafty together!

When do you give bridesmaids gifts?

bridal party wearing peach cover up bridesmaid gifts while drinking from wine glasses
photo: Jonathan Borba, Unsplash

The two most common times to give your bridesmaid gifts are either at the rehearsal dinner or the morning of the wedding when you are all getting ready. It’s up to you which time you choose!

While less traditional, some brides also give their gifts at the bachelorette party, too (assuming they know when it’s happening, since some are surprises).

If you’re giving your gals proposal gifts or boxes (either instead of normal bridesmaid gifts or addition to them), then you’ll want to give these out around a year before the big day. This is a way to officially ask your besties to be in your bridal party, so these gifts should come early on in the wedding planning process. After all, your crew needs plenty of time to find their outfits and plan your upcoming celebrations!!

Where to buy the best bridesmaid gifts

bridesmaid swimsuits unique bridal party gifts
bridal party swimsuit gifts: ModParty on Etsy

Ready to get shopping? Here are our top 3 favorite places for the best bridesmaid gift ideas!

  • Etsy: Consider Etsy your one-stop shop for all the best bridesmaid gift ideas, from must-have accessories to cute proposal boxes! They have seemingly endless sellers who specialize in bridal party gifts that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, most of their items can be customized and personalized for that extra special touch.
  • Gorjana: Want to give your gals a little glam for the big day? We’re big fans of Gorjana, a Laguna Beach-based brand that specializes in timeless necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that your gals are guaranteed to love. If you’re looking for bridesmaid jewelry gift ideas that your crew will love long after the wedding weekend, you can’t go wrong here!

But don’t worry — we’ve scoured these shops (plus a few extras) to find the best bridesmaid gift ideas for every “I do” crew!

What are good bridesmaid gifts?

bridal party spraying a bottle of bubbly as a unique bridesmaid gift
photo: Chrissy Marie Photography

We’ve got 35 unique and fun bridesmaid gift ideas! Feel free to mix and match these bridal party gifts, or add them on to a fun experience with your main ladies.

Whether you’re looking for luxurious maid of honor gifts or something to share with the whole crew, we’ve got you covered!

Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts and Box Ideas

best bridesmaid proposal gifts box ideas for bridal party with wine and jewelry in it
bridesmaid proposal gift box idea: JNSQ Wine, as seen in this DIY gift box article

Five words: will you be my bridesmaid? Before you can even begin the wedding planning process, you’ve gotta get your crew on board, which is why bridesmaid proposal boxes top our list of the best bridesmaids gifts!

Like we mentioned above, these cute bridesmaid proposal gifts are typically given out about a year before your wedding, once you’ve narrowed down who you want to be standing by your side on the big day.

While bridal party proposal gifts definitely aren’t required, they are a cute way to celebrate your other soul mates — and get them excited for all the celebrations in your future!

Ready to pop the question? Keep scrolling for the best bridesmaid proposal gifts (and gift boxes) for your leading ladies!

1. Custom Wooden Bridal Party Gift Box

The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box for the Newly Engaged Bride

personalized wooden best bridesmaid proposal gifts box ideas for the bridal party

How cute is this bridesmaid proposal gift box?! Featuring a chic wood design that’s personalized with each gal’s name, it’ll earn you major points just for presentation. And that’s even before they open it up!

We especially love this bridesmaid gift box idea because you can fill it with all the goodies of your choice. It comes with a gorgeous clear proposal card, but from there you have the freedom to make it your own. Fill it with a personalized bubbly flute, a glitter bath bomb, or a cute ring dish. There are no wrong answers here!

P.S. If you need some inspiration for what to pack in your bridesmaid proposal gift boxes, ModParty is your one-stop shop. They truly have it all!

gift price: $20

Shop This Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

2. Chic Wax Seal Cards Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Idea for Stationery Lovers

wax seal cards personalized with the bridal party members' names best bridesmaid proposal gifts box ideas

Stationery lovers, prepare to fall head over heels for these personalized bridesmaid proposal cards! Made with luxury card stock and adorned with charming vintage-inspired wax seals, they look like something straight out of our favorite romantic period movie. It’s giving Bridgerton, and we couldn’t be more obsessed!

Sending a stylish personalized card is one of our favorite bridesmaid proposal gift ideas if you want to give your gals an additional something special for the big day. They also add a thoughtful touch when paired with a cute gift box, a fun experience, or another bridal party gift on this list!

gift price: $4 per card (with discounts for buying in bulk)

Shop These Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

3. Cute Candle Bridal Party Gift Box

The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box for Cozy Vibes

best bridesmaid proposal gifts box ideas for the bridal party with a personalized card, jar of matches, and a hand poured soy wax jar

If we know one thing for sure, its that a candle is always a good bridesmaid gift idea. I mean, who doesn’t love the cozy vibes of snuggling up next to one of these sweet-smelling stunners?!

And while we LOVE this minimalist one (which comes with 11 different scent options!), there are also tons of other fun styles to choose from. Love to make each other laugh? This cheeky proposal box is a no brainer. And for your maid of honor, it doesn’t get better than this cute design!

gift price: $19

Shop This Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

luxury long lasting best smelling candles diptyque

Love candles as much as we do? Don’t miss our list of our list of best-smellers! Great for giving to your gals, or for keeping all to yourself.

4. Personalized Keychain Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Idea for Boho Babes

salmon hued macrame keychains personalized with bridal party member names best bridesmaid proposal gifts box ideas

Calling all boho babes! Cute keychains make for great additions to bridesmaid proposal gift boxes, and these unique macrame ones definitely take the cake. They’re each handmade with a rad knot pattern….to symbolize your gals helping you tie the knot!! (We’re not crying, you are.)

Plus, these bridal party gifts can be personalized with a date and name. You can also choose between 24 different colors, so each gift feels totally unique and custom to each bridesmaid!

gift price: $10

Shop These Boho Bridesmaid Keychain Gifts

5. Glamorous Pre-Filled Bridal Party Gift Box

The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Box for a Ready-to-Go Gift

personalized gold best bridesmaid proposal gifts box ideas for bridal party with custom named water bottle and golden straw

Looking for bridesmaid proposal gift boxes that are already pre-filled? We’ve got you! These gift boxes come packaged with must-have bridesmaid goodies, like a personalized glass tumbler, an oversized scrunchie, and an artificial rose in your color scheme. Hello, time-saver!

You can also upgrade to premium or deluxe boxes, which come with additional bridal party gifts like a diamond pen and a coil hair tie. Get them sent directly to your “I do” crew, or throw a fun opening party to celebrate together!

gift price: $33-$40

Shop This Glam Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

6. Retro Babe Bridal Party Gift Box Idea

The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box Idea if You Love All Things ’70s

retro babe best proposal bridesmaid gifts box ideas for bridal party with heart shaped sunnies and pink sleepwear

For the brides-to-be that wish they lived through the ’70s, these bridesmaid proposal gift boxes are for YOU. We can’t get enough of that cute retro print — such a rad way to ask your favorite babes to be your bridesmaids!

These bridal party gift boxes are also the perfect size for stuffing with all your groovy bridesmaid gear. Stick with the retro theme and add these babe t-shirts, these heart-shaped sunnies, and these personalized compact mirrors!

gift price: $7

Shop This Retro Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

7. Spa in a Box Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box Idea to Pamper Your Crew

spa in a box bridesmaids gifts

If you want to treat your bridesmaids to a laid-back, relaxed experience, go for this spa in a box bridesmaid gift! You can buy these bridal spa kits pre-designed, or put them together your own.

This one comes with everything your ladies need to treat themselves, like an all natural soap bar, a face mask, a shower steamer, and a reusable eye mask.

With all the wedding planning your squad is helping you with, this bridal party gift idea is sure to show your appreciation! Pro tip: get all your bridesmaids together and host a relaxing at-home spa day before the big day.

gift price: $44

Shop This Spa Bridesmaid Gift Box

Best Unique Bridesmaid Gifts and Ideas

dainty birth flower jewelry best bridesmaid gifts ideas for the bridal party
unique bridal party jewelry gift: SweetyMinimalist on Etsy

Looking for bridesmaid gifts as one-of-a-kind as your crew? Forget the same old generic “bridesmaid” items and instead opt for unique bridal party gifts that reflect your gal’s interests, styles, and inside jokes!

Whether your girl group loves a wine night at home or lives for a weekend getaway, we’ve rounded up the best unique bridesmaid gifts that they’ll totally love. Trust us, these aren’t the types of gifts that’ll end up in the back of their closets after the big day. They’ll be gushing over these mainstays for years to come!

Scroll on the check out the best unique bridesmaid gift ideas for your one-of-a-kind gals.

8. Monogram Mug Unique Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Unique Gift Idea for the Bridesmaids Who Need Their Daily Caffeine Fix

cute black and white tiled personalized monogram mugs best bridesmaid gifts and ideas for each member of the bridal party

Avoid a rough wake-up call on the morning of the big day by gifting all of your bridesmaids with adorable mugs like these retro tiled ones (anyone else getting Paris cafe vibes?!)!

I don’t know about you, but we are practically incapable of walking through an Anthropologie without buying at least one of their stunning monogrammed mugs, and we think they’d make for the absolute cutest and most unique bridesmaids gifts.

Looking for something more classic? We love these gold monogram mugs, too! Get your wedding day caffeine fix has never been so cute.

gift price: $14

Shop These Unique Monogrammed Mugs

9. Crystal Cheeseboard Unique Bridal Party Gift

The Best Unique Bridesmaid Gift for The Entertainer

blue and white crystal agate cheese board best bridesmaid gift ideas for the bridal party with gilded gold edges

For the bridesmaid who loves a cheese board (relatable, which is why we’ve rounded up our fave charcuterie boards), why not step it up with one of these gorgeous agate gold-rimmed beauties?!

They’re made with real raw crystals and feature a gilded gold edge for a touch of glam. The perfect addition to any countertop, they’re the kind of unique bridesmaid gifts your gals will use looooong after the big day.

And if you’re looking for a cute way to give your bridal party gifts, why not create mini boards for each of your besties using these cheeseboards? Such a fun friend date idea and a unique bridesmaid gift idea in one!

gift price: $78

Shop These Unique Agate Cheeseboards

10. Dreamy Gold-Rimmed Glass Set Unique Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Unique Bridesmaid Gift Idea for a Celebratory Toast

best unique pink gold-rimmed cocktail glass bridesmaid gifts and ideas for the bridal party

Pop the bubbly, because its time to celebrate with your crew! There’s no better way to kick off the good vibes than by gifting every bridesmaid with dreamy pink cocktail glasses and bottles.

Give these to your squad before the bachelorette, as a part of your bridesmaid proposal gift boxes, or on your the big day (mimosas, anyone?!). And don’t forget to snap a few pics of popping the bubbly with your gang while you’re at it!

For something ultra stylish (and ‘grammable), we’re low-key obsessed with these pink gold-rimmed beauties, which come in flutes, coupes, and even a stemless option. But if you’re looking for something more unique, we also found these cute custom flutes that can be personalized with each gal’s name!

gift price: $38

Shop These Unique Pink Gold-Rimmed Glasses

best vintage coupe champagne glasses

Celebrate in style with these stunning champagne glasses! We’ve found gorgeous options for every aesthetic, perfect for toasting with your girls. Cheers!

11. Unique Bridal Party Gift Cards

The Best Unique Bridesmaid Gift for a Girl’s Shopping Trip

Anthropologie bridesmaid gift cards

Sometimes it’s the simple bridesmaids gift ideas that are the best. Treat your girl gang to a shopping spree with a gift card to their favorite store! Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love a gift card to Target, Sephora, or Anthropologie? We’re not complaining!

You can even turn these unique bridal party gifts into a fun day out with your crew by hitting up your favorite mall or stores together. After all, you have some fashion prep to do for all the parties in your future!

gift price: it’s up to you!

Shop This Anthropologie Bridesmaid Gift Card

12. Instax Mini Camera Unique Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Unique Bridesmaid Gift Idea for Your Photo-Savvy Friends

Instax mini Polaroid camera bridesmaids gifts idea

This bridesmaid gift idea is one of our personal favorites: an Instax Mini Polaroid camera! These cuties come in multiple different colors and make for great keepsakes after the big day. Plus, their mini size makes them easy to take with you everywhere you go!

Give each of your bridesmaids a colorful camera and some Polaroid film, and have them snap away while you plan your wedding, celebrate your bachelorette, and get ready on the big day. If you’re looking for unique and thoughtful bridesmaid gift ideas, Polaroids are a total win!

gift price: $79 (currently on sale for $59!)

Shop This Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

13. Unique Wine Tasting Box Bridal Party Gift

The Best Unique Gift Idea for Bridesmaids Who Are Always Down for Wine Night

mini wine variety pack unique best bridesmaid gifts and ideas for the bridal party

If bonding over a bottle of red is something you and your girls do on the regular, you’ll absolutely want to include some vino in your bridesmaid gift idea brainstorming sesh! While you could easily give each of your gals their favorite bottle, these curated wine tasting kits go the extra mile to make your bridal party gifts feel unique.

We love that they have fun collections such as California Wine Mixer, Wild Child Wines, and the Vine Voyage pack. They make for rad bridal party gifts that she’s guaranteed to enjoy – we can attest as we’ve tried and tested quite a few of these kits ourselves! :)

P.S. Gift these wine kits with some wine glasses for a cute keepsake! We’re digging these personalized ones for a fun photo op, or these pretty iridescent ones for something more luxe.

gift price: $65 for a pack of 8 wines

Shop This Unique Wine Tasting Bridesmaid Gift Pack

14. Unique Luxe Fragrance Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Unique Bridesmaid Gift Idea for a Best-Smelling Bridal Party

unique Golden Nectar floral fragrance bottle bridesmaid gifts ideas for the bridal party

The finishing touch for any wedding day look? A signature scent! We’re big fans of this unique bridesmaid gift idea because of the way memory is attached to different smells.

Gift your gals a gorgeous fragrance for the big day, and then every time you smell it you’ll be transported right back to that amazing moment!

While there are truly endless swoon-worthy perfumes to choose from, this botanical fragrance from Anthropologie has our hearts. It blends dreamy orchid with sweet vanilla and a touch of musk to create a warm and sexy scent that’s perfect for your “I do’s.”

Don’t forget to snag a bottle for yourself, too!

gift price: $86

Shop This Unique Bridesmaid Fragrance Gift

15. Personalized Tote Bag Unique Bridal Party Gift

The Best Unique Bridesmaid Gift to Have and to Hold All Your Essentials

unique tote bag best bridesmaid gifts ideas with a leather strip personalized and customized with a bridal party member name and botanical print design

A girl can never have too many bags, right?! Right. So gift your bridesmaids with these absolutely gorgeous botanical bridesmaid tote bags (they’re customizable, too!).

Made with 100% cotton and bursting with hand-drawn blooms, we have a feeling these totes will become a staple in their closets in no time.

Plus, you and your bridesmaids can pack them for a girl’s weekend getaway or bring them along on the wedding day to have and to hold all of your essentials. Cute and functional!

gift price: $36

Shop This Unique Botanical Tote Bag

Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts and Ideas

bridal party wearing cheap but cute personalized sun hat bridesmaid gifts
personalized bridal party hat gifts: ModParty on Etsy

It’s time to get personal! Nothing makes your bestie feel appreciated like a bridal party gift that’s made just for her. Enter: these personalized bridesmaid gift ideas!

Each of these personalized bridesmaid gift ideas can be customized with your bridesmaids’ names or initials (or for gift #17, their birth chart!). And not only do these bridal party gifts feature a personal touch, but they’re also super stylish + practical. Perfect for the big day AND beyond!

Celebrate what makes your ladies unique with our favorite personalized bridesmaid gift ideas below. Warning: you may end up buying a few for yourself, too!

16. Personalized Jewelry Box Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Idea for All Things Sparkly

cute personalized jewelry box bridesmaid gift ideas for the bridal party

These personalized jewelry boxes would make such a sweet bridesmaid gift idea for your gals. They’re fun, inexpensive, and practical! We especially love how each one can be customized with your crew’s names. Such a rad keepsake!

Choose between ivory or blush pink, and pair them with a piece of jewelry for an extra special touch (some sparkly earrings for the big day, perhaps?).

gift price: $15

Shop These Personalized Bridesmaid Jewelry Boxes

17. Personalized Clothing Hanger Bridal Party Gift

The Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gift for a Wedding Day Photo Op

personalized wooden hanger bridesmaid gifts with the names of the bridal party members engraved on them

Let’s not pretend like you haven’t already seen all those adorable photos of bridesmaid gowns hanging up together with custom bridesmaid hangers. If you haven’t, get on that, stat!

We adore this personalized bridesmaid gift idea — not only does it give you an epic photo op, but the hanger also becomes the perfect keepsake for each of your gals after the wedding day!

We’re personally loving this heirloom wooden bridesmaid hanger, which comes in different wood colors and fonts. Gorg!

gift price: $8

Shop These Personalized Bridesmaid Hangers

18. Personalized Birthdate Candle Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Idea for Astrology Queens

customized astrology birthdate wicked jar bridesmaid gifts

Like we mentioned with gift #3 on this list, candles are a fool-proof bridesmaid gift idea that will never steer you wrong.

But if you want something a bit more personal, we’re totally obsessed with these birthdate cuties! They combine astrology, numerology, and tarot to create a unique keepsake for every birthdate. Such a unique and thoughtful bridal party gift that we’ll be adding to our collections ASAP.

Another unique bridesmaid gift idea we’re loving are Homesick Candles. They make hand-poured jars for different states, with fragrances that are inspired by each location. If you and your bridesmaids all grew up in the same state but are now spread across the country, you can gift them with one of these keepsakes for your hometown. Fun, right?!

P.S. The Homesick brand also has these adorable celebratory options (they smell like a bottle of bubbly!).

gift price: $50 for the Birthdate scents and $34 for the Homesick ones

Shop These Unique Birthdate Bridesmaid Gifts

19. Personalized Water Bottle Bridal Party Gift

The Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gift to Keep Your Crew Hydrated

light purple water bottle bridesmaid gifts ideas for bridal party with personalized name in white font

Hydration is key…on the big day and beyond! Get your ladies prepped for hours of photos, dancing, and cocktails with these cute custom water bottles. Definitely one of the most practical bridesmaid gift ideas, they’re the ultimate hydration station to take with you wherever you go.

Featuring a satin finish, a stainless steel design, and the raddest color options, these water bottles also won’t ruin any of your getting ready photos. They’re that cute!

Choose a shade that matches your color scheme and get them personalized with your gal’s names or initials in the font of your choice. You can even add emojis!

gift price: $37

Shop This Personalized Bridesmaid Water Bottle Gift

20. Cute Personalized Notebook Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Idea for the Wedding Planning Process

spiral bridesmaid gift notebook with a rainbow bouquet on the cover and bridal party name personalization

We love love loveeeee this personalized bridesmaid gift idea! Bridesmaid notebooks are the cutest addition to a bridal party proposal gift box. Plus they have the added perk of being perfect for the wedding planning process.

Your gals can use these notebooks to help you put together your guest list, plan your shower, brainstorm gown ideas, and even write out their tear-jerking toasts for the big day!

Looking for the most stunning bridesmaid notebooks? We just happen to think our GWS x Erin Condren collection makes for the ultimate personalized bridesmaid gift. The floral design can be customized with the names of each of your bridesmaids, and its also just so dang cute!

And quick plug: if you’re in need of a wedding planner, we have a GWS x Erin Condren one that’s pretty amazing (if we do say so ourselves)!

gift price: $17.50

Shop These Personalized GWS x Erin Condren Notebooks

21. Personalized Beach Towel Bridal Party Gift

The Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gift for a Beachy Bach Party

cute Turkish beach towel bridesmaid gifts and ideas with personalized names of each member of the bridal party

Have a girl’s trip on the books? Then don’t pass up this personalized bridesmaid gift idea! These Turkish towels are super cute and practical, with a thin quick-drying material and tons of different styles + options to choose from. Perfect for lounging poolside or on the sand — and conducting several photoshoots while you’re at it!

If you really want to go all out and give your bridesmaids the full beachy experience, pair these towels with matching swimsuits (aka, bridesmaid gift #25 on this list) and personalized sun hats. We can picture the ‘gram from here!

gift price: $12-$20

Shop These Personalized Bridesmaid Beach Towels

22. Personalized Name Necklace Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Idea for an Heirloom in the Making

gold bar personalized name engraved jewelry bridesmaid gifts and ideas for the bridal party

Looking for personalized bridesmaid gift ideas that your dream team will cherish forever? Well, slow your scroll, because these gorgeous gold bar necklaces are heirlooms in the making!

Made by the amazing Gorjana, these necklaces can be engraved and personalized with a special name, date, or phrase. Kind of like friendship bracelets, but with a grown-up twist! We’re also totally smitten with the latch detail, which can hold one of the brand’s pretty charms for a unique touch. (This pearl one is super stunning!)

gift price: $130

Shop This Personalized Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift

23. Soft + Personalized Robe Bridal Party Gift

The Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gift for Day-Of Prep Time

cute pink satin cover-up best bridesmaid gifts ideas personalized with bridal party names

Gift your crew with silky bridesmaid robes they can wear on the big day (and every morning after!). This personalized bridesmaid gift idea is a classic for good reason. They’re cute, comfy, and make for epic photos when getting ready on the big day!

We are especially smitten with these luxuriously soft satin beauties. They come in 8 gorgeous colors (plus inclusive sizing) and can be personalized with your crew’s names on the back. Choose a different color for each bridesmaid, or opt for a palette that matches your wedding color scheme!

gift price: $14

Shop These Satin Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

kimono peach pink rose floral bridesmaid robes

Bridesmaid robes are a must-have for the big day. Whether you’re looking for boho lacy beauties or glam silky styles, we’ve rounded up all of our faves here!

Best Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gifts and Ideas

bridal party member wearing an inexpensive retro graphic t-shirt with the word bridesmaid written in green five times over cheap best bridesmaid gifts and ideas
inexpensive retro t-shirt bridal party gift: ItsAnAestheticCo on Etsy

Let’s face it: planning your dream wedding is expensive. Luckily, finding amazing bridesmaid gifts that your crew will love doesn’t have to be!

To help you get all the ooohs and ahhhs, without breaking the bank, we’ve found the best inexpensive bridesmaid gift ideas that look way fancier than their price tags. All of these bridal party gifts are $30 or under (we’ve even found one stunner for just $5!), and they’re also all totally amazing. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Make your ladies and your wallet happy with these rad inexpensive bridesmaid gift ideas. You can thank us later!

24. Cute PJ Inexpensive Bridal Party Gift

The Best Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift for Your Ultimate Slumber Party

bridal party wearing inexpensive cute pink pajama set bridesmaid gifts

Turn your bach party into a slumber party (the ultimate throwback to childhood!) and gift your girl gang these adorable bridesmaid pajamas! They’re also perfect for getting ready photos. We’re all about killing two birds with one stone in the wedding planning process, and this inexpensive bridal party gift does exactly that…all for $20!

Do your bridesmaids all have different styles? This silky soft bridesmaid PJ set comes in so many gorgeous colors, and can even be personalized with an initial or name. Now all that’s left to decide is which rom com to watch for your slumber party!

gift price: $20

Shop These Inexpensive Bridesmaid PJs

25. Inexpensive Tote Bag Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift Idea for Your Wedding Day Essentials

bridesmaid tote bags bridal party gift ideas

For the Harry Style fans and the tote bag loyalists, this inexpensive bridesmaid gift idea is a must-have! We love a daily reminder to ~Treat People With Kindness~ especially when it’s as cute as these jute tote bags.

Plus, this is another great gift to have around for the bach party, the wedding planning brunches, and, of course, the wedding weekend!

And for such an affordable price, you can also fill this tote bag with other bridal party goodies! Personalize each bag depending on the bridesmaid’s hobbies + interests, or opt for wedding weekend essentials like fuzzy slippers, a cute iced coffee glass, or a makeup bag (peep gift #30 down below!).

gift price: $22

Shop This Inexpensive Bridesmaid Tote Bag

26. Inexpensive Matching Swimsuits Bridal Party Gift

The Best Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift for Your Next Oceanside Getaway

best cheap matching one-piece swimsuit bridesmaid gifts ideas for the bridal party

Ready to take your girl squad to the next level? Two words: bridesmaid swimsuits. If you’re even contemplating having your bach party by the ocean, these inexpensive bridesmaid gifts are a NEED, not a want!

Beach, pool, and lakeside approved, these swimsuits will upgrade any and every girl getaway. Choose between different colors and have fun rocking your “wife of the party” one alongside your gang. And yes, those personalized heart-shaped sunnies are also a must (they’re only $6)!!

gift price: $19

Shop These Inexpensive One-Piece Bridal Party Swimsuits

27. Inexpensive Bubbly Flavored Candy Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift Idea for Your Bestie With a Sweet Tooth

Sugarfina celebratory candy box inexpensive cheap best bridesmaid gifts idea

If you didn’t already know that Sugarfina has the absolute cutest bridesmaid gifts, now you do! Don’t walk…run, to get your bridesmaids these adorable sweet treats.

This celebratory box is our favorite because it features three different flavors, all inspired by a champagne toast. We can cheers to that!

While these drool-worthy goodies are great on their own, we also love the idea of including these inexpensive bridesmaid gifts with your personalized proposal boxes….or pairing them with a bottle of bubbly!

gift price: $30

Shop This Inexpensive Sugarfina Bridesmaid Gift Box

28. Custom Photo Book Inexpensive Bridal Party Gift

The Best Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift to Document Your Memories Together

bridesmaid scrapbook bridal party gift idea

Looking for inexpensive bridesmaids gifts that your crew will treasure forever? Compile all of your unforgettable memories together in a customizable photo book or scrapbook!

Artifact Uprising has some incredible photo book options that make for super thoughtful bridesmaid gift ideas. Choose from 3 different sizes and shapes for your book, and explore the vibrant cover and foil options to create an elevated, soft-cover photo book that’s unique to every bridesmaid. SO much better than an Insta post!

gift price: $19

Shop This Inexpensive Personalized Photo Book

29. Inexpensive Monogram Ring Dish Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift Idea to Brighten Up Her Nightstand

inexpensive ring dish best bridesmaid gifts with a monogram for each member of the bridal party

Add these unique monogram ring dishes to your bridesmaid proposal box for a sweet and personalized bridal party present! The custom initials are outlined with metallic gold, and the dishes come in three different botanical motifs. The prettiest addition to her nightstand or vanity!

P.S. These inexpensive bridesmaid gifts really wow when paired with a gorgeous birthstone necklace or birthstone ring. Such thoughtful touches that show how much you truly appreciate your ladies!

gift price: $16

Shop These Inexpensive Monogram Ring Dishes

30. Budget-Friendly Personalized Travel Bag Bridal Party Gift

The Best Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift for Gals on the Go

cheap personalized suede makeup bag bridesmaid gifts customized with the bridal party names on the front

One of the best parts about celebrating with your ride or dies? All the opportunities to go full glam together! From the bach party to the bridal shower to, of course, the wedding day, you and your crew will be spending a lot of time consulting on each other’s makeup looks. That’s why this is one of our favorite bridesmaid gift ideas!

With a killer beauty look comes tons of gorgeous beauty products, and these personalized suede makeup bags make it easy to bring their essentials from place to place.

Oh, and did we mention they’re only $5 each (so affordable)?! Pair them with a statement lipstick or glittery eye shadow for the ultimate glam (and inexpensive) bridesmaid gift bag.

gift price: $5

Shop These Inexpensive Bridesmaid Makeup Bags

Best Jewelry Bridesmaid Gifts and Ideas

personalized zodiac necklace jewelry bridesmaid gifts idea
gold bridal party jewelry: Mejuri

Bridesmaid jewelry gifts are such an awesome way to show some love for your squad. Plus, they give your bridal party something super cute to accessorize with on the wedding day!

Our favorite bridesmaid jewelry gift ideas mix trendy and timeless styles for something that all of your gals will love, no matter their personal style. And speaking of personal style, we’re also big fans of personalized jewelry bridesmaid gifts, like a zodiac necklace (pictured above)!

Ready to level up some jewelry boxes? Here are our favorite bridesmaid jewelry gift ideas for your most stylish besties!

31. Monogram Jewelry Bridal Party Gift

The Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift to Show Off Your Crew’s Personal Style

personalized bridal party monogram necklace bridesmaid gifts

Here at GWS, we’re suckers for personalized necklaces. They’re such a fun way to show off your personality with a cute accessory that you can wear on the daily. And yes, they also make for STUN-NING bridesmaid jewelry gifts!

Anthropologie has some of our favorite monogram necklaces, form this statement pendant beauty to this delicate + sparkly stunner. Choose something that speaks to your squad’s style, and don’t forget to cop one for yourself too!

gift price: $38

Shop These Monogram Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

32. Classic Hoop Jewelry Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift Idea That They’ll Treasure for Years to Come

cute gold bridal party hoop earring jewelry bridesmaid gifts with a twist design

Every jewelry box needs a classic pair of gold hoops. We don’t make the rules! Give your gals an accessory mainstay that they’ll be reaching for forever with this bridesmaid jewelry gift idea.

While there are so many places to buy staple gold hoops, nothing will impress your bridesmaids quite like these croissant earrings from Mejuri. They come in multiple sizes and have just enough detail to make a sartorial statement, while still being classic enough to wear every day.

For bridesmaid jewelry gifts that your friend group will treasure for years (if not decades!) to come, look no further!

gift price: $78

Shop These Classic Gold Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

33. Trendy Pearl Jewelry Bridal Party Gift

The Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift for an On-Trend Look for the Big Day

cute pearl hoop earrings jewelry bridesmaid gifts and ideas

Looking for stunning bridesmaid jewelry gift ideas for your bridal party to rock on the big day? One word: pearlcore!

This elegant + romantic style is MADE for a fashion-forward wedding look. Plus, its a trend that your gals will love adding to their accessory collections!

Opt for these trendy meets timeless pearl-adorned hoops or these stylish and sophisticated pearl drop earrings. You can also find dainty pearl necklaces or pretty pearl headbands if those are more your bridal style!

gift price: $79

Shop These Pearlcore Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

34. Custom Name Jewelry Bridal Party Gift Idea

The Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift Idea for the Sex and the City Crew

personalized gold name neck jewelry bridesmaid gifts and ideas with the bridal party member names in script font

Did you friend group bond over Sex and the City marathons and tell-all Sunday brunches? Then embrace your inner Carrie and get everyone matching gold name necklaces!

This is one of our favorite bridesmaid jewelry gift ideas, because its personalized, fun, and totally wearable. Nothing says girl gang GOALS like everyone rocking the same custom jewelry! Choose between silver, gold, and rose gold, and even customize the font to match your crew’s style. We think we just found your new favorite necklace!

gift price: $31 (but currently on sale for $18)

Shop This Personalized Bridesmaid Name Jewelry

35. Birth Month Jewelry Bridal Party Gift

The Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift for a Bit of Sparkle

best bridesmaid jewelry gift idea of a gold pendant with each bridal party member's gemstone for their birth month in the center

How pretty are these gemstone coin necklaces?! Jewelry inspired by your crew’s birth months is one of the best bridesmaid gift ideas — and such a fun + personal twist on a classic heirloom gift!

While we have an entire list of gorgeous birthstone necklaces, this one caught our eye, thanks to its cute star detail and wavy chain. And if your gals are more astrology lovers than gemstone fanatics, this brand also has a similar zodiac coin necklace that we’re obsessed with!

gift price: $70

Shop These Gemstone Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

We’ve Got Your Bridal Party Covered With Our Best Bridesmaid Guides

bridal party wearing cute pink matching outfit bridesmaid gifts
matching cover ups: LeRoseGifts on Etsy

Now that you’ve found the best bridesmaid gift ideas for your crew, its time to finish prepping for the big day! To help, we’ve created a few essential bridesmaid guides for you and your gals.

First, and most importantly, the gowns! Don’t miss our guide on the best places to buy bridesmaid gowns online, plus a few of our favorite styles.

And what is a dress without a pair of shoes to complete it? Your bridal party can find their perfect pair with this list of the best bridesmaid shoes in every style!

And if you’re still looking for a fool-proof bridesmaid gift — or if you want an epic photo op for getting ready on the big day — then also check out our round-up of the best bridal party robes!

Which of these bridesmaid gift ideas were your fave? Let us know in the comments below!