The Prettiest Birthstone Rings for Every Month

woman wearing a collection of birthstone rings while holding a floral bouquet
rings: Minimalist Magnolia

Could there be a gift more personalized and gorgeous than birthstone rings? Not only do they make for awesome birthday gifts (or just-because gifts!), but we LOVE birthstone rings for engagements, too.

For a meaningful touch, opt to include your birthstone in the ring you’re proposing with. Talk about the perfect way for your partner to carry a little piece of you with them.

We’ve rounded up our favorite birthstone rings for every month, so you can find the prettiest, must-have bands for any birthdate!

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January Birthstone Rings

woman's hand modeling garnet stacking January birthstone rings
ring: Marrow Fine

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January. Its rich, dark red tone feels utterly romantic, sophisticated, and swoon-worthy. It is totally one of the birthstone underdogs, but it’s also one of our favorites, for sure!

1: Garnet-Inspired Brass + Rich Red January Birthstone Ring

handcrafted stackable January birthstone rings

The handcrafted asymmetrical boho style of this garnet-inspired birthstone band is SERIOUSLY pretty. And at its $58 price point, it’s practically made for stacking.

shop the garnet inspired brass + dark red January birthstone band

2: Rose Gold + Garnet January Birthstone Band

rose gold and garnet January band

There’s nothing quite like doubling up on the warm tones of rose gold and garnet. We’re getting some serious desert sunset vibes from this January birthstone band, and we’re not mad about it!

shop the rose gold + garnet January birthstone band

February Birthstone Rings

cluster style amethyst February birthstone rings
ring: TFH Jewelry

Calling all lovers of purple! February’s birthstone is the amethyst, and she sure is a beaut. There’s nothing more regal than a rich, dreamy purple, and amethyst knows how to deliver that.

3: Gold Arch Amethyst February Birthstone Ring

yellow gold curve arched solitaire amethyst February birthstone rings

Oooh do we love the boho vibes and arch on this February birthstone ring. And with that gorgeous solitaire amethyst stone? The perfect blend of modern and bohemian!

shop the arched golden amethyst February birthstone band

4: Amethyst + Aquamarine Duo February Birthstone Band

gold banded amethyst and aquamarine February and March combo birthstone rings

Two birthstones in one ring! This amethyst and aquamarine band incorporates both February and March’s birthstones, and it’s the perfect engagement band for any couples who have birthdays in those months.

shop the amethyst + aquamarine February birthstone band

March Birthstone Rings

minimalist gold banded solitaire aquamarine March birthstone rings
rings: Emery and Opal

March signals the beginning of spring, and the colorful, springy color of the aquamarine birthstone is the perfect embodiment of the season. It’s a blue color we could stare at ALL. DAY. LONG.

5: Stackable Aquamarine March Birthstone Ring

stackable aquamarine March birthstone rings

We love the way this solitaire aquamarine ring functions as the perfect centerpiece for any band stack. And the contrast between the warm yellow gold and cool blue is to die for!

shop the stackable aquamarine march birthstone band

7: Baguette Cut Aquamarine March Birthstone Band

baguette cut yellow gold aquamarine March birthstone band

We love the elegance of the baguette cut and its similarity to the classic emerald cut shape. But what’s even dreamier about this Aquamarine birthstone ring is the east-west design, with the baguette completely turned on its side. It totally projects strength and beauty.

shop the baguette cut aquamarine March birthstone band

April Birthstone Rings

cluster style diamond April birthstone rings
ring: Capucinne

You know them. You love them. The diamond is a total classic, and it’s actually April’s birthstone! Needless to say finding the perfect birthstone engagement ring for someone born in April leaves you with TONS of options. But these are our faves.

9: Yellow Gold + Raw Diamond April Birthstone Band

yellow gold raw diamond April birthstone band

Talk about a gorgeous, handcrafted look! This stunning diamond April birthstone band features the prettiest raw diamond standing alone in its golden frame. And it could not be any prettier!

shop the raw diamond April birthstone band

May Birthstone Rings

multi baguette stone May birthstone rings
ring: Capucinne

Hello green goddess! May birthstone rings are made of the prettiest emeralds that are sure to make anyone green with envy. We love the way the color of the May birthstone mirrors the ever-present greenery of this springtime month.

10: Timeless Art Deco May Birthstone Ring

hand modeling yellow gold Art Deco May birthstone rings

The delicate milgrain detailing, the angular geometric shapes, the dreamy yellow gold. Everything about this Art Deco inspired May birthstone band has our hearts. It’s a subtle, yet highly detailed design. Needless to say, we’re obsessed!

shop the Art Deco May birthstone band

11: Elegant Stone Trio May Birthstone Band

stone trio yellow gold May birthstone rings

Let’s just say, there’s a good reason this elegant May birthstone band is a best seller! This stone trio band has cluster ring vibes, while also maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. Wear it stacked for a detailed look, or opt for wearing it alone for a more simple vibe.

shop the stone trio May birthstone band

collection of boho emerald engagement rings

Can’t get enough of May birthstone bands? You’re sure to obsess over our roundup of the best emerald rings.

June Birthstone Rings

stackable rose gold band stone trio alexandrite June birthstone rings
rings: Capucinne

June actually has three birthstones to choose from: alexandrite, pearl, and moonstone. So you have so many awesome options you can go with. Alexandrite has a rich, beautiful blue color that’s sure to stun. Pearl is a classic for anyone who loves a more traditional look. And moonstone has a creamy, dreamy, ethereal vibe that nothing quite compares to.

12: Solitaire Pearl June Birthstone Ring

woman wearing pearl June birthstone rings

Pearls have a calming, elegant look to them that’s steeped with tradition. They’re a classic gem to pass down from generation to generation. And this gorgeous bezel set pearl June birthstone band is certainly that kind of keepsake!

shop the solitaire pearl June birthstone band

13: Alexandrite Studded June Birthstone Band

alexandrite dotted yellow gold June birthstone band

The tiny round cut alexandrite stones on this yellow gold June birthstone ring are the prettiest blue…like the aqua color of a tropical beach. We’re getting all the positive vibes from this ring.

shop the alexandrite studded June birthstone band

July Birthstone Rings

floral ruby July birthstone ring sitting in a pink velvet ring box
ring: Capucinne

Could the rich red of ruby be a more perfect birthstone for the month of July?! We think not. The vibrant color of ruby reminds us of the fire and excitement that comes with mid-summer.

14: Eye Shaped Marquise Cut Ruby July Birthstone Ring

eye shaped marquise cut ruby July birthstone ring with three round cut diamonds clustered on the top

We can’t get over how fun and flirty this adorable ruby ring is! The marquise cut center stone is tilted degrees so that it looks like an eye. And those round cut diamonds on the top are like little eyelashes. So cute!

shop the eye shaped ruby July birthstone band

15: Dainty Ruby Studded July Birthstone Band

yellow gold ruby studded July birthstone ring

The fiery red of the delicate rubies on this July birthstone ring couldn’t be more stunning against the warm yellow gold of the band. The warm tone-on-tone look is basically the embodiment of summertime.

shop the ruby studded July birthstone band

August Birthstone Rings

hand modeling rose cut peridot August birthstone rings
ring: GemValle

Fun fact: August is actually the most popular birth month in US! And it comes with an absolutely stunning birthstone: peridot! The unique green color of peridot is pure magic for birthstone rings.

16: White Gold + Peridot August Birthstone Ring

white gold solitaire peridot August birthstone rings

Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go, and there’s no better example of that than this lovely white gold peridot birthstone band. It features a lovely, itty bitty bezel set solitaire peridot that’s basically the epitome of August summertime vibes.

shop the white gold peridot August birthstone band

17: Diamond Halo Peridot August Birthstone Ring

yellow gold peridot halo August birthstone rings

This handmade peridot halo ring is a total dream. The round cut diamonds surrounding the center stone create a gorgeous frame that has a total vintage look to it. Talk about a timeless option for an August birthstone ring.

shop the diamond halo peridot August birthstone band

18: Leafy Green Peridot August Birthstone Ring

leaf inspired peridot August birthstone ring sitting on top of a book page

What stone could be more perfect for this leafy birthstone band design than peridot?! The earthy green color is enough to draw us in, but the marquise cut bezel set basically seals the deal.

shop the leafy green peridot August birthstone band

September Birthstone Rings

woman wearing vintage inspired yellow gold September birthstone rings
ring: Camellia Jewelry NY

September’s birthstone is a total classic: the sapphire. Its royal, rich blue makes for the prettiest of center stones. You basically won’t be able to stop staring at your hand with one of these stunners on it.

19: Simple Round Cut Stone Trio September Birthstone Ring

milgrain detailed yellow gold stone trio September birthstone rings

The milgrain detail around these round sapphires on this September birthstone band takes their bezel setting to the next level. It’s a subtle detail, but totally show-stopping.

shop the round cut stone trio September birthstone band

20: Dreamy Solitaire Baguette Cut Sapphire September Birthstone Band

solitaire baguette cut September birthstone rings

Sapphire is one of those stones that is utterly intriguing when placed in a solitaire setting. It basically sucks in your soul, and you can’t help but admire it. And that’s exactly what happens when we stare at this beauty.

shop the solitaire baguette cut September birthstone band

21: Raw Stone September Birthstone Ring

stack of yellow gold and raw stone September birthstone rings

Ok, wowowowow! These boho September birthstone rings are seriously next level. The raw stones have a unique, almost creamy look to them that’s truly mesmerizing. And the contrast of the warm yellow gold against the cool blue creates EXACTLY the type of contrast we love.

shop the raw stone september birthstone band

cluster pear shaped blue sapphire ring

September babes, if it’s sapphires you’re obsessing over, we’ve rounded up the best in our complete sapphire shopping guide.

October Birthstone Rings

floral inspired pink tourmaline October birthstone rings
ring: Indus Art Treasure

It’s no secret we’re big fans of the color pink. So naturally, we’re completely smitten with October’s birthstone: tourmaline. Pink is totally an unexpected color for this fall month, but we’re not mad about it.

And tourmaline also comes in many other colors, including blue, yellow, and green. But obvi we’re very partial to pink.

22: Pear Shaped Watermelon Tourmaline October Birthstone Ring

pear shaped solitaire watermelon tourmaline October birthstone rings

We love the incorporation of both yellow and pink in this tourmaline October birthstone ring. This pear shaped beauty also has the PRETTIEST inclusions that stand out beautifully, given the band’s solitaire setting.

shop the watermelon tourmaline October birthstone band

23: Baguette Cut Watermelon Tourmaline October Birthstone Ring

diamond accented baguette cut watermelon tourmaline October birthstone rings with yellow gold band

Another watermelon tourmaline ring…because they’re just TOO GOOD. We love the elegant, elongated look of the baguette cut tourmaline on this October birthstone band. And the little round cut diamond accent creates some asymmetrical magic.

shop the baguette cut watermelon tourmaline October birthstone band

24: Swarovski Crystal October Birthstone Ring

woman wearing delicate Swarovski crystal October birthstone rings

This lovely October birthstone band is perfection for stacking. Because the ring actually doesn’t create a complete loop, it leaves the perfect amount of space to pair with a ring with a large solitaire center stone. And how sweet and delicate are the two itty bitty pink Swarovski crystals on the band?!

shop the Swarovski crystal October birthstone band

November Birthstone Rings

sun inspired yellow gold and citrine November birthstone ring sitting in a baby blue velvet ring box
ring: luxezen

We love that November’s birthstone, citrine, embraces ALL the sunny day vibes. If we’re being honest, that’s exactly what we need in the middle of November. Totally reminds us of the positive vibes of warmer days.

25: Oval Solitaire Citrine November Birthstone Ring

woman wearing a solitaire oval citrine November birthstone ring

This citrine November birthstone ring is a total minimalist dream. The oval cut solitaire stone on this band has an ultra romantic look to it, especially with the yellow stone layered up against the yellow gold band. We love!

shop the oval solitaire citrine November birthstone band

26: Toi et Moi Citrine November Birthstone Band

citrine toi et moi November birthstone rings

We love a good toi et moi ring, and this November birthstone one is giving us all the celebratory champagne vibes. The gold on gold look is so cheerful and classy, we just can’t get enough!

shop the toi et moi citrine November birthstone band

toi et moi engagement rings

Need more toi et moi ring inspo? We’ve found the best!

27: Vintage Inspired Citrine November Birthstone Ring

vintage inspired citrine November birthstone rings

We’re getting some serious vintage vibes from this stunning citrine November birthstone ring. The milgrain detail and hexagon setting surrounding the round cut center stone have a gorgeous antique-like quality.

shop the vintage inspired citrine November birthstone band

December Birthstone Rings

woman wearing an initialed December birthstone ring
ring: Caitlyn Minimalist

Calling all December babes, we’ve found the prettiest birthstone rings for your birth month. These rings all incorporate the prettiest shades of blue. Perfect for one of the chilliest months of the year, if you ask us!

28: Icy Blue Topaz December Birthstone Ring

white gold blue topaz December birthstone band

If cool color tones are your fave, you’re going to love the mix of white gold and icy blue topaz on this lovely December birthstone ring.It’s a simple and understated design, with the prettiest pop of color!

shop the icy blue topaz December birthstone band

29: Lovely Cushion Cut Blue Topaz December Birthstone Band

solitaire cushion cut blue topaz December birthstone ring

With a birthstone like blue topaz, sometimes all you really want is a chunky cushion cut solitaire stone ring and nothing else. How could you not just spend all your time staring into the depths of that dreamy, oceanic blue?!

shop the cushion cut blue topaz December birthstone ring

30: Twisted Band London Blue Topaz December Birthstone Ring

London blue topaz December birthstone rings with twisted gold bands

For all you December babes who love a birthstone ring with a romantic look, you’re going to absolutely LOVE this gorgeous gold twist ring. The band is elegant and organic in style, which makes for the perfect base for that round cut London blue topaz.

shop the twisted London blue topaz December birthstone ring

Looking for Gorgeous Rings at an Affordable Price Point?

stack of birthstone rings
ring: Catbird

We’ve covered all the bases, with a roundup of affordable rings all under $1000 (and there are plenty of birthstone rings included!). We have plenty of options in every price point, including some seriously awesome options under $100.