The Ultimate Sapphire Engagement Rings Shopping Guide

sapphire ring via Staghead Designs

Sapphire engagement rings are some of the most show-stopping rings you can find. Hey, if they’re good enough for Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, they’re good enough for us!

The classic blue sapphire has a calming and regal vibe to it that’s sure to turn heads. Pink sapphires have a romantic and colorful aura about them. White sapphires have a clean and minimal look. And yellow and orange sapphires are fiery, fierce, and fun.

We love the way sapphire engagement rings can take on so many different personalities. And we’re sharing everything you need to know about them: from their durability to the meaning behind the sapphire stone. And of course, we’ll be sharing our absolute favorite sapphire engagement rings, too!

Why Choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring?

oval shaped sapphire engagement ring with nature inspired band
sapphire ring photo: Leah Moyers

Sapphires are considered one of the four precious gemstones, the others being diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Sapphire stones are common amongst royalty and are most known and admired for their rich and regal blue color (but they can also come in other colors, like pink, peach, and yellow!).

Sapphires are cherished in many cultures. In fact, in Ancient Persia, it was believed that the blue tones of the sapphire were actually responsible for making the sky blue! Needless to say, the sapphire has been a fan favorite or thousands of years.

Sapphire engagement rings can also be particularly special if you or your partner have a September birthday, as it’s the gemstone of that month.

How Durable Are Sapphire Engagement Rings?

cushion cut blue sapphire engagement ring with a diamond halo sitting in a bed of pebbles
sapphire ring photo: Julie Shuford Photography

Sapphires, much like rubies and diamonds, are quite durable stones! In fact, both rubies and sapphires rank a 9 on the Mohs scale (with diamonds being a 10 and emeralds being much more delicate, coming in at a 7.5 – 8).

With emerald rings, for example, you have to be very careful what types of activities you can do when wearing them. Meanwhile, sapphire engagement rings give you more options, as they’re more resistant to chipping and scratching.

The Many Colors of the Sapphire

rainbow sapphire engagement ring with yellow gold band
rainbow sapphire engagement ring: Catbird

One of the reasons we love sapphire engagement rings so much is because they come in so many different color varieties! While we tend to think of that stunning, rich sapphire blue when we think of these types of rings, there are so many other options!

In our guide to sapphire engagement rings, we’ll be sharing white, pink, peach, and even yellow sapphires in addition to the classic blue! Whether you’re looking a ring that incorporates multiple different sapphire colors or sticks to blue, you can’t go wrong.

Where to Buy Sapphire Engagement Rings

sapphire rings photo: Christine Quarte Photography

We’re sharing our favorite sapphire engagement rings from ring designers we’re totally obsessed with. Ready to go ring shopping?!

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Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

sun inspired blue sapphire engagement rings with yellow band and diamond accents
sapphire ring: Catbird

Blue sapphire engagement rings are a total classic. The rich blue color is enough to put us into a trance. So naturally, this is the biggest section in our sapphire engagement rings guide. Picking favorites is hard with a gorgeous bunch of rings like these!

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1. Cluster Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring with Pink + Purple Accents

cluster blue sapphire engagement ring with pink sapphires, amethyst, and diamond accents
blue sapphire cluster ring: Capucinne

This blue sapphire engagement ring quite literally haunts our dreams, in the best way. It showcases a teal baguette cut center stone sapphire, along with a cluster of other nearby gems in an ombre arrangement, including: blue sapphires, a pink sapphire, amethysts, and white diamonds.

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2. Two-Sided Yellow Gold + Platinum Diamond + Sapphire Ring

diamond and blue sapphire band with dual color yellow gold and platinum band
dual color sapphire engagement ring: Catbird

Helloooooo gorgeous! Can. We. Talk. About. This. Ring. Please? We don’t know about you, but this ring (perfectly named the Day and Night Band) is just ridiculously cool.

The sapphire half represents nighttime, with 18K yellow gold and gorgeous blue sapphires. Meanwhile, day is represented with white diamonds studded in a platinum band. Too cool.

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3. “North Star” – Montana Sapphire Band

Montana Sapphire Engagement ring with diamond halo
sapphire ring via Staghead Designs

Ok, we cannot calm down about this ring! It’s an alternative take on the halo-style oval with delicate and ornate details. This gorgeous sapphire engagement ring is shown in rose gold but can come in white gold or yellow gold as well.

This ring is perfect for a fan of vintage-inspired designs with a modern stone. A truly delicate and head-turning design.

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4. Double Banded Blue Marquise Sapphire Ring

blue marquise sapphire engagement rings with double gold band
dual band marquise sapphire ring: Capucinne

The double band elegance of this blue marquise sapphire ring has our hearts. The design definitely has some Art Deco influences, with the triangle accent diamonds and angular structure of the band. Even the marquise cut sapphire, which has curvatures, feels geometrically angular.

We’re huge fans of the combination of a deep rich blue sapphire with yellow gold. It’s just a classic pair that can do no wrong, and this double banded beauty shows that off to perfection.

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5. Calming Blue Pear Solitaire Sapphire Engagement Ring

pear shaped blue solitaire sapphire engagement rings
pear shaped solitaire sapphire ring: Catbird

This is not the first time we’ve shared this particular blue sapphire engagement ring, and for good reason! We love the way the pear shaped sapphire is tilted on its side and resembles a precious little raindrop. So delicate.

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6. Bohemian Blue Montana Sapphire Ring

bohemian Montana blue sapphire engagement rings with diamond shaped halo surround
Montana blue sapphire engagement ring: Valley Rose Studio

We absolutely adore the way that this Montana blue sapphire engagement ring does its own take on the classic diamond halo.

Rather than having a halo of stones hugging the edges of the center sapphire, this one creates a diamond shaped halo with stunning little cutout sections. Paired with that yellow gold band, we are fully sold.

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7. Blue Pear Shaped Sapphire Cluster Ring

cluster pear shaped blue sapphire ring
pear shaped blue sapphire cluster ring: Capucinne

Excuse us while we try to find the words to describe this blue sapphire ring. The design speaks for itself here. Blue sapphires, blue diamonds, topaz, and emeralds cluster together to make the dreamiest of dreamy engagement rings.

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8. Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire Ring with Tapered Baguette Diamonds

cushion cut blue sapphire ring with tapered diamond baguettes
modern angular cushion cut blue sapphire ring: Brilliant Earth

Tapered baguette diamonds. An angular cushion cut blue sapphire. All of these touches give this gorgeous engagement ring a stunningly angular design that feels ultra modern, yet with classical touches.

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9. Oval Montana Blue Sapphire Ring

oval Montana blue sapphire ring: Valley Rose Studio

Have your own little slice of a blue mountain sky with this stunning oval Montana blue sapphire ring. With curves on curves on curves, this oval sapphire ring with round diamond accents is one we can’t help but fall in love with.

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10. Deep Blue Tilted Marquise Sapphire Beauty

rich dark blue tilted marquise engagement ring
rich dark blue tilted marquise sapphire ring: meltemsem

One of the best ways to make a ring feel totally unique is to tilt the center stone on its side. Marquise cuts are generally displayed vertically, but we really like the way this deep blue sapphire engagement ring takes a non-traditional approach with a horizontal display.

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11. Thick Statement Solitaire Blue Sapphire Band

wide band blue sapphire solitaire ring
wide band solitaire blue sapphire ring: Valley Rose Studio

How beautiful is the dramatic thick band on this greenish blue sapphire engagement band?! We’re so used to seeing large center stones paired with delicate bands, but we love that this ring is the flip version, with a stunning small blue/green sapphire and a band that’s a chunky statement.

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12. Blue Sapphire Ring with Kaleidoscope Vibes

circular blue sapphire engagement ring with kite shaped diamonds on either side of the center stone
round kaleidoscope blue sapphire ring: Capucinne

Talk about a sapphire engagement ring with a glimmer! We’re getting total kaleidoscope vibes when staring at the jaw-dropping circular sapphire on this baby.

And how elegant are the kite shaped diamonds sitting on either side of that sapphire center stone? We can’t get enough.

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13. Statement Purple-ish Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire Engagement Band

large cushion cut blue sapphire engagement ring
luxurious purple-ish blue cushion cut sapphire engagement ring: Moda Operandi

Oh my goodness, this cushion cut blue sapphire ring is a literal work of art. If you want to be the envy of everyone in the room, this band is THE ONE.

With an 18K white gold band with yellow gold accents, paired with a super rich purple-ish blue 6.04 carat sapphire and two 1.40 carat pear shaped diamonds, you know you’re getting quality with this gem of a ring.

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14. Teal Marquise Sapphire Engagement Rings Set

teal marquise cut sapphire engagement rings set
teal marquise sapphire engagement rings set: Capucinne

Calling all fans of a blue/green look! This teal toned marquise sapphire engagement rings set is other-worldly pretty. We are fully freaking out over the center ring’s plethora of marquise cut gems. From the teal center stone sapphire to the six glimmering marquise diamond side stones, we’re in love.

And to top it all off, this set comes with two identical bands that fit perfectly above and below the center ring. Perfect for a wedding band and a first anniversary gift, right?!

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15. Oval Blue Sapphire + Diamond Ring

diamond + oval blue sapphire ring: MinimalVS

How lovely is this oval blue sapphire ring with marquise cut diamond accents? So dainty, delicate, and absolutely breathtaking. We could stare at that deep, rich blue for daysssss.

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16. “Jenny from the Block” – Lab-Created Sapphire Ring with Diamond Band

triangle solitaire sapphire engagement ring: Staghead Designs

Looking for a truly unique sapphire engagement ring? This “Jenny From The Block” is a dainty-style triangle Chatham sapphire engagement ring with delicate and ornate details. This ring is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to march to their own beat – they want a ring that is totally unique.

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White Sapphire Engagement Rings

pear shaped white sapphire engagement ring with small dotted green sapphires on both sides of the center stone
sapphire engagement ring + diamond cluster band set: Catbird

What looks like a diamond but might just be cooler? White sapphire engagement rings. We can’t get over the minimalist look of the white sapphire and how it catches the light.

Diamonds and moissanite have a more white and rainbow sparkle. Meanwhile, white sapphires have more grey tones, which give a more minimal and modern feel to the ring. So dreamy!

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17. Rose Gold White Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring

square shaped solitaire white sapphire with cut corners in a rose gold prong setting
solitaire white sapphire band: Capucinne

We love that this white sapphire engagement ring pairs a classic design with some unique touches. Like the cut corners on the sapphire’s edges and the distinct points on the rose gold setting prongs. It feels like a slight twist on a classic design, and we can’t get enough!

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18. The Ring Where White Sapphire Meets Salt + Pepper Diamonds

salt + pepper diamond and white sapphire engagement ring: Capucinne

We can’t get over the elegance of this round white sapphire ring. The center stone is a stunning round white sapphire set in place with rounded prongs that have a pearl-like look to them. On either side of the center stone sits a trio of salt and pepper diamonds that provide a stunning contrast.

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19. White Marquise Sapphire + London Blue Topaz Band

marquise white sapphire yellow gold band with London blue topaz triangle accent stones
marquise white sapphire + London blue topaz engagement ring: Capucinne

We love the contrast this ring packs. The white sapphire in a marquise cut gives the ring an elongated look. Triangle shaped London blue topazes dot the sides to give width and added elegance. Plus, who can deny the royal look the blue topaz provides when paired with a marquise cut center stone?!

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20. Minimalist Oval White Sapphire with Simple Yellow Gold Band

minimalist modern oval white sapphire solitaire band
modern oval white sapphire engagement ring: Jamie Park Jewelry

We can’t get over the stunning simplicity of this oval white sapphire engagement ring. Oval cut has a classically soft and romantic look, which serves this ring beautifully. And we love that the band is a vibrant gold that provides the perfect foundation for the white sapphire to pop.

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Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

stack of pink sapphire engagement rings
stack of pink sapphire engagement rings: Catbird

For all the romantic and feminine feels, pink sapphire engagement rings know how to bring it. It’s no secret that we love pink and blush tones, so buckle up because you’re about to be blown away.

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Marquise cut gems have a royally elegant look to them, and this pink sapphire engagement ring totally nails the look. We especially love the contrast of the feminine pink stone with the edgy black diamond half-halo crown on the top.

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22. Delicate Pear Shaped Pink Sapphire Ring

handcrafted delicate pear shaped pink sapphire engagement band
pink pear sapphire engagement ring: Catbird

Can we just stop for a sec to appreciate how absolutely gorgeous this delicate pear shaped sapphire ring is?! We love love LOVE the rose cut pink sapphire and white diamonds sitting on either side of the pear shaped center stone.

And the rose gold band has a stunningly warm and glowing handcrafted vibe, making this ring feel like it’s one of a kind.

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23. Eclectic Firework Style Baby Pink Sapphires Band

Suzanne Kalan 18K yellow gold band with pink sapphire baguettes in a trademark firework pattern
pink sapphire firework engagement ring: Moda Operandi

If you’re looking for a playful and eclectic engagement ring, it honestly doesn’t get any cooler than this Suzanne Kalan stunner. Her rings are always so fun and different, and we just love the itty bitty pink sapphires laid out in different angles to resemble fireworks. How cute!

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24. Unique Kite Cut Pink Sapphire Ring

kite cut pink sapphire band
kite cut pink sapphire engagement ring: Catbird

Sooooo if you’ve been looking for a pink sapphire engagement ring with a cut unlike any other, this kite cut gem is for you! Kite cut stones have a modern and distinct look to them, and aren’t a super common option, which is one of the reasons we love them so much!

And even cooler than the cut? The designer of this pink sapphire ring doesn’t set her stones…she actually casts them in molten gold. Crazy cool, right?!

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25. Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire Ring with Asymmetrical Diamond Cluster

cushion cut pink sapphire ring with asymmetrical diamond cluster
cushion cut pink sapphire ring with diamond cluster: Capucinne

We’ve noticed a growing trend in cluster rings, and we are not mad about it! We especially love how the asymmetrical diamond cluster on this engagement ring feels like a collection of stars hovering around a swoon-worthy cushion cut pink sapphire.

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26. Princess Cut Sapphire Studded Engagement Band

Suzanne Kalan pink princess cut sapphire studded band
princess cut pink sapphire studded engagement band: Ylang23

Another classic Suzanne Kalan design, this ring is totally fun and playful. We love that it incorporates 360 degrees of pink princess cut sapphires studding every inch of the band in a staggered pattern.

This ring can totally function as either an engagement ring or a wedding band. Either way, we’re obsessed.

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Peach Sapphire Engagement Rings

pear shaped peach sapphire engagement ring with diamond trio on either side of the center stone
peach sapphire engagement ring: Capucinne

You’ll notice that pink and peach sapphire engagement rings kind of have a similar vibe and tone, but they are slightly different. Peach sapphire rings tend to have a slight peachy orange highlight to the pink undertones. It’s a look that’s both warm and romantic.

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27. Lab Created Rich Oval Peach Sapphire Ring

lab created oval pinky peach sapphire
rich oval peach sapphire ring: Love by Oh Khuol

We are kind of freaking out over the rich peach color of this oval sapphire engagement ring. We’re big fans of lab created gems, because of their sustainability. So naturally, we were super excited when we found this beauty!

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28. Solitaire Champagne Peach Sapphire Engagement Ring

intricate round solitaire sapphire engagement ring in a champagne peach color
champagne peach sapphire ring: MinimalVS

Pretty sure this round peach sapphire solitaire engagement ring has us in a trance because we cannot stop staring!

The cut of the stone really shows off the pink and peach tones the sapphire gives off when the light hits it. And the twisted gold band is the perfect backdrop to make the solitary gem shine.

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29. Cushion Cut Peach Sapphire Engagement Band with Marquise Diamond Accents

cushion cut peach sapphire ring with marquise diamond accents
cushion cut peach sapphire engagement ring: Capucinne

Hints of pink give this peach sapphire engagement ring an ethereal quality, especially when paired with the trio of marquise diamonds sitting on both sides of the cushion cut center stone.

We love how the double prongs in each corner of the cushion cut sapphire accentuate the shape of the stone and draw attention to the intricacies in the cut.

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30. Light Peach Princess Cut Sapphire with Diamond Halo

light peach princess cut sapphire with diamond halo
blush peach princess cut sapphire ring: Capucinne

A cross between pink and peach, this light blush princess cut peach sapphire engagement ring is giving us all the fairytale vibes. The intricate diamond halo around the angled princess cut stone almost makes the center stone feel like it’s a flower. So delicate and stunning.

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Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings

yellow sapphire rings set
yellow sapphire set: Capucinne

We are here for the positive vibes that yellow sapphire engagement rings give off. They’re basically like sunshine on a perfect summer day.

We love that yellow is such an uncommon color in an engagement ring, which totally makes these sapphire stunners stand out!

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31. Minimalist Solitaire Yellow Sapphire Ring

minimal yellow sapphire solitaire: Shri Narayan Jewellers

This beauty is pure sunshine in a ring! We love that it pairs a vibrant yellow sapphire with a super minimalist solitaire design. And the handcrafted shape of the sapphire stone and bezel set makes this sapphire engagement ring feel like one-of-a-kind.

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32. Yellow Sapphire Studded Yellow Gold Band

yellow sapphire studded gold band
yellow sapphire studded band: Blue Nile

Can we agree that there’s something truly special about yellow sapphires paired with a yellow gold band? We love the doubling up on yellow, and the way it makes the sapphires on this engagement ring feel that much more energetic and happy.

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33. Round Solitaire Yellow Sapphire

gold banded yellow solitaire sapphire ring
round yellow sapphire solitaire ring: Fine Jewelry House

There’s nothing quite like a rounded solitaire sapphire stone to make a statement. And we especially love that this yellow sapphire’s rounded shape looks and feels like the sun, but in ring form. Such a vibrantly stunning gem.

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34. Orangey Yellow Sapphire Sunrise Band

orange yellow sapphire rose gold band that looks like the sunrise
yellow sapphire sunrise engagement band: Capucinne

This yellow sapphire engagement ring is giving us total sunrise vibes. The orangey yellow tone of the stones on this band feels warm, welcoming, and just downright stunning.

We love that this ring can be worn alone as an engagement ring, showcasing the curving sunrise-like shape. Or you can opt to buy this ring as a wedding band that wraps around a rounded engagement ring. Either way, we love it!

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35. Stackable Solitaire Bezel Set Yellow Sapphire Ring

stackable yellow sapphire engagement ring in 18K yellow gold bezel solitaire set
yellow sapphire bezel set solitaire sapphire ring: 1st Dibs

We love that this bezel set solitaire yellow sapphire engagement ring has a super minimalist style that almost feels like it could be thousands of years old. There’s a sort of vintage, ancient feel to its simple design that we’re loving.

We especially like that the thicker band paired with a smaller stone makes this sapphire ring perfect for stacking! In fact, you can get this ring in multiple different colors for that exact reason!

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