34 Emerald Engagement Rings We’re in Love With + Things You Need to Know About Emeralds

emerald engagement ring
ring from Capucinne

There’s something about emerald engagement rings that totally stops us in our tracks. That rich, vibrant green color. The elegant vibes they give off. The mysterious allure they have.

It’s safe to say we’re big fans of emerald engagement rings, and we’re sharing 33 of our absolute favorite emerald bands. From vintage to emerald cut emeralds, we’ve got you covered.

But before we dive into our favorite rings, let’s chat about all the important details you should know before buying an emerald engagement ring.

Expect Your Emerald Engagement Ring to Be Quite Delicate

Before buying an emerald engagement ring, it’s important to take note of the type of lifestyle you live and how often you want to be wearing your band.

Emeralds rank 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. For perspective, diamonds are a 10 and rubies and sapphires are both 9’s. So essentially, they aren’t as tough or durable as the other precious stones.

Meaning, if you live a very active or outdoorsy lifestyle, an emerald engagement ring might not be the best option (unless you plan on swapping our for a silicone band often!).

Since emeralds are so delicate, you’ll want to be gentle when cleaning them as well. Soap and water should do the trick!

Consider Whether You Love Emeralds With Small Imperfections

collection of boho emerald engagement rings
photo: Marrow Fine

Emerald engagement rings come in various shades of green (vibrant greens and blue/greens tend to be the highest quality!) and different levels of clarity (how many inclusions the emerald contains).

Do you want an emerald with imperfections in it? Then an emerald with inclusions could be perfect.

Less inclusions in your emerald can drive up the price, so if you love those little details and imperfections, you’re basically getting deal for a design element you love!

Some inclusions can increase the price though, and other inclusions can impact the structure of your gem, so always do your research first!

It’s pretty normal for emerald engagement rings to have these inclusions, and stylistically it’s much more embraced than with diamonds.

Emeralds Are Perfect For Those With May Birthdays

In case you didn’t know, emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. So if you’re buying an engagement ring for your partner and they or you were born in May, they make for a super meaningful gem choice.

We love it when engagement rings have a story or meaning behind them, and this is such a fun way to incorporate a story into your engagement ring selection process!

Our 34 Favorite Emerald Engagement Rings

We’ve hand-picked our favorite emerald engagement rings and have broken them down by style.

So whether you’re looking for a vintage emerald, an emerald cut emerald, something pear shaped, or anything in between, there’s something for you!

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Vintage Emerald Engagement Rings

There’s something so timeless and gorgeous about emerald engagement rings with a vintage inspiration. We’ve selected our personal favorites with a vintage style!

1. Art Nouveau Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

art nouveau vintage inspired emerald engagement ring

The Art Nouveau style was popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s and was known for its distinct curves, flourishes, and floral inspirations.

We love that this vintage-inspired emerald engagement ring is a subtle nod to this era, with some hints of Art Deco as well.

2. Victorian Era Inspired Rose Gold Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

delicate floral vintage inspired rose gold emerald engagement ring

The delicate floral detailing on this vintage inspired emerald rose gold engagement ring is similar to the ring styles common in the Victorian era. We are loving the romantic look it gives off!

3. Patti Baguette Emerald Art Deco Engagement Ring

Art Deco lovers will love this emerald engagement ring which is reminiscent of the Art Deco style, which we absolutely love!

It manages to feel fun, playful, and sophisticated all at the same time: a signature stamp of Art Deco.

4. Art Deco Inspired Vintage Emerald Wedding Stack Set

Art Deco vintage emerald engagement rings set

We are swooning over this three piece vintage inspired emerald stack set! It has an Art Deco, vintage inspired style that would totally be at home in the 1920’s (one of our favorite eras!).

With Art Deco design being so geometric and distinct, finding wedding bands and accent bands can be a bit of a challenge, which is why it’s so awesome that this Etsy designer offers them as a stack set (and for a total steal, too!). We need.

5. Gold Engraved Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

vintage inspired oval emerald engagement ring with delicate gold engraving details on the band

One of the prettiest things about vintage emerald engagement rings are the intricate, delicate details they incorporate into the design, and this ring is no exception!

We love the contrast of a single, minimal oval emerald gemstone with the engraved flourishes in the gold band. So perfect!

Pear Shaped Emerald Rings

Whether you love the classic look of an upright pear-shaped emerald or the modern feel of a tilted pear, we’ve got you covered.

6. Pear Shaped Bezel Set Emerald Engagement Ring With Diamond Accent

bezel set tilted pear shaped emerald ring with diamond accent

We are obsessed with the hand-crafted look of the emerald center stone on this engagement ring. And how gorgeous is the little accent diamond next to it?! Love love love.

The bezel set gives the ring a modern touch as well, which looks incredible when contrasted with the more organic, hand-cut vibe of the emerald stone.

7. Tilted Pear Shaped Minimalist Emerald Engagement Ring

18K gold tilted pear shaped emerald ring

How lovely is this tilted pear shaped emerald band?! We love the slightly antiqued look of the 18K gold band and the perfectly imperfect cut of the emerald center stone.

8. Leaf-Like Multi Gem Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring

18K yellow gold nature inspired multi gem pear shaped emerald ring

Quite possibly one of THE MOST unique pear shaped emerald engagement rings we’ve ever seen! This gem of a band is a total work of art, and we love how each emerald looks like a little green leaf.

9. Diamond Trio Accented Pear Shaped Emerald Ring

solitaire pear shaped emerald ring with trio diamond accents

We love the elegant look of this pear shaped emerald ring! The trio of diamonds adds some intricacy and detailing to an otherwise pretty minimalist/modern band, which we think looks stunning!

Emerald Cut Emerald Rings

This one might just be our favorite style of emerald ring! We love the iconic look of an emerald cut emerald ring.

It’s what typically comes to mind when you think of emerald engagement rings, and it’s a classic for good reason.

10. Solitaire Emerald Cut Emerald Beauty

solitaire emerald cut emerald ring

We cannot get over how gorgeous this emerald cut emerald ring is! Its simple, minimalist design really helps the distinct emerald cut stand out.

Sometimes the simplest bands and designs are the best way so show off an emerald with a beautiful cut like this.

11. Romantic Diamond Encased Emerald Cut Emerald

romantic diamond encased emerald cut emerald band

Emerald cut emerald rings are so versatile, and we love how this one swings to the completely opposite end of the design spectrum with a more intricate, romantic design!

The halo has a more curvy look to it, as do the diamond accents on the band itself. So dreamy!

12. Modern Statement Emerald Cut Solitaire Emerald Engagement Ring

minimalist statement solitaire emerald engagement ring

How pretty is the vibrant, almost minty color of this emerald cut emerald engagement ring?! With a color like this, the modern, simple band choice is absolute perfection.

We especially love how the emerald is on a platform, really making it stand out!

13. Timeless, Delicate Gold Banded Emerald Cut Emerald Ring

delicate gold banded emerald cut emerald

In case you didn’t know, Cleopatra was a huge fan of emeralds, and we can’t help but think this ring is totally the type of ring she’d love.

It has this look that makes it feel like maybe it could be a couple thousand years old, while still being totally timeless.

14. Cleo Emerald Cut Emerald Diamond Ring

emerald engagement rings

Inspired by the Cleopatra’s love for emeralds, this emerald ring is a STUNNER! With tapered baguette diamonds on the side, this was inspired by a queen, but can be worn by all queens!

To say this ring is a showstopper would be a complete and utter understatement. We’re sure of it, you’ll turn heads in this stunner.

15. The Classic Emerald Cut Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

emerald cut emerald engagement ring with diamond halo

This emerald engagement ring is perfect if your partner wants a classic style!

The emerald cut emerald is iconic, and the halo design gives a dressed up feel and really puts the emerald on a pedestal, allowing the vibrant green to really show off.

Emerald Solitaire Rings

It goes without saying that emeralds truly know how to stand out on their own, and one of the best ways to showcase that is with an emerald solitaire engagement ring. These are our favorites!

16. Classic Meets Modern in this Emerald Baguette Ring

emerald solitarie engagement ring

Classic meets modern in this emerald baguette. Shown here with a crenelated eternity band, it is designed to be stacked with any number wedding bands in the lolide ollection. This ring uses a lab-grown emerald. These stones are genuine emeralds but are lab created so they have a cleaner look, more consistent color, hold up better over time and most importantly have less environmental impact – a big win in our book!

17. Earthy Emerald Solitaire Ring with Textured Gold Band

solitaire emerald engagement ring with textured 18K gold band

It’s easy for emerald solitaire engagement rings to feel super modern, but if you’re into more of the earthy, boho vibe, you will be obsessed with this beauty.

We especially love the textured, handcrafted feel of the 18K gold band. It’s unlike anything else.

18. Pave Set Hexagon Emerald Solitaire Ring

pave set hexagon solitaire emerald with gold band

How lovely is the geometric vibe of this emerald solitaire ring?! We especially like the gold milgrain (aka those gold beads!) detailing surrounding the stone. It reminds us of a halo, but in a more minimalist way!

19. Bezel Set Emerald Solitaire Ring with Milgrain Detail

milgrain detail solitaire emerald engagement ring with gold band

The design of this emerald solitaire ring is so special and different. The thicker width band feels fresh and modern, especially paired with a tilted oval emerald stone.

But we also love the warm, handmade feel that the milgrain detail on the bezel setting gives to the ring!

20. Rose Gold Emerald Solitaire Ring

This emerald engagement ring is perfect for anyone who loves an ultra-modern look! This solitaire emerald ring is set in rose gold with delicate details.

This is perfect for the bride looking for a modern emerald engagement ring – and we love how they paired it with the wedding band!

21. Delicate Gold Leaf Banded Solitaire Emerald Ring

solitaire emerald engagement ring with gold leaf design on the band

We can’t get over how sweet and delicate this gold leaf emerald solitaire engagement ring is! If your partner loves being out in nature, it doesn’t get any better than this stunner.

Princess Cut Emerald Rings

They’re fit for a princess! These are our favorite princess cut emerald engagement rings!

22. Bypass Style Rose Gold Princess Cut Emerald Ring

bypass style rose gold princess cut emerald ring

Princess cut emerald rings are a classic, but we love that this emerald engagement ring is a little different. With a tilted square gem and a bypass style band, this isn’t your usual princess cut, and we love that it has its own style!

23. Sweet and Dainty Rose Gold Princess Cut Emerald Ring

dainty princess cut emerald ring

The ultimate delicate princess cut emerald engagement ring! We love how dainty and sweet this band is. A tiny ring that makes a huge statement.

24. Vivid Green Rose Gold Princess Cut Ring with Emerald Trio

vivid green three stone emerald engagement ring with princess cut center stone

We love that this emerald engagement ring pairs a princess cut emerald with two circular stones as well. And the diamond accents along the band give the ring an elevated dressed up look that’s oh so pretty!

Rose Gold Emerald Engagement Rings

We love the pink tint that rose gold gives a ring, and it’s perfect if you’re going for a romantic or boho vibe. Here are the rose gold emerald engagement rings we’re adoring!

25. Three Stone Rose Gold Beauty

three stone rose gold emerald engagement ring

This ring comes in other metals as well, but we personally LOVE the contrast the rose gold gives to the cooler toned emerald and diamond stones.

We can’t get over how the stones are cut in a way that the three gems almost feel like one. So pretty!

26. Vintage Syle Rose Gold Delicate Darling

vintage rose gold emerald ring sitting in a blush pink ring box

The vintage details on this beauty have our hearts. We love how the rose gold band is just as much of a show-stopper as the center emerald. They work so perfectly together to give off a princess-like vibe.

27. Marquise Cut Rose Gold Band

marquise emerald 14K rose gold emerald engagement ring

If you ask us, the marquise cut is severely underrated. When it comes to cuts that work beautifully with emerald engagement rings, emerald cut and marquise cut immediately come to mind because of the regal feel they give off.

This ring pairs that gorgeous cut with the softness of rose gold for a ring that feels warm, yet upscale.

Other Fun Emerald Designs We’re Loving

Not every emerald engagement ring fits into a specific design box, and these rings each have distinct looks that we couldn’t quite categorize but are fully obsessed with!

28. Whimsical Crown Shaped Emerald Ring

crown shaped emerald band

Calling all queens! If you want an emerald ring that feels like a work of art, you’ve officially found the one. We’re pretty sure this beauty stopped us dead in our tracks.

The incredible crown-like design basically speaks for itself, but this emerald engagement ring is fit for royalty, if you ask us.

29. Three Stone Band with Emerald Center and Milgrain Details

stone trio emerald band with a vintage look

It’s easy for engagement rings these days to kind of all feel the same. You have the same cuts, the same design features, the same stones.

But this emerald ring really stands out. It has a handcrafted feel to it that gives it an artisan vibe.

And the attention to detail is unmatched, from the milgrain detail (aka the tiny dots) around the diamonds to the little cuts in the bezel set around the emerald center stone.

30. Emerald & White Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

We don’t know if we’ve ever seen an emerald engagement ring like this one! The Toi et Moi design concept represents two souls coming together as one and makes for a super on trend engagement ring.

31. Delicately Dotted Emerald Engagement Ring

emerald dotted gold band

We love it when engagement rings have their own distinct, non-traditional design to them, and this emerald ring does exactly that.

Rather than the typical center stone, this beauty incorporates a lovely row of small emeralds, dotting a stunning gold band.

32. Lena Emerald Cluster Ring

For lovers of modern and clean shapes, this ring is a perfect fit. With a unique trillion emerald and white diamond clusters, this is the perfect dainty engagement ring set in 14k gold or a perfect May birthstone ring.

Essentially, this emerald ring is the perfect fit for those who want an emerald ring, but also some diamonds!

33. Flower Inspired Emerald Band

floral inspired emerald halo band

This emerald ring has a soft and whimsical feel to it, especially with that flower inspired diamond halo! With the rich green emerald already giving us woodsy vibes, this combo could not be more perfect!

34. Radiant Sunburst Style Emerald Engagement Ring

Art Deco style sunburst vintage engagement ring

Sunbursts are a classic Art Deco staple, and frankly, we’re totally in love with them! They’re fun and energetic.

And we especially love how stunning this emerald engagement ring looks with the diamond sunburst halo. It’s both elegant and playful.

Not Sure If Emeralds Are Right For You?

We’ve written a guide on our favorite gemstone rings with tons of other beautiful options! There are so many epic stones to choose from, and we’re walking you through our favorites.