37 Best Emerald Engagement Rings + Complete Buyer’s Guide

emerald engagement ring
emerald engagement ring design: Capucinne

There’s something about emerald engagement rings that totally stops us in our tracks. That rich, vibrant green color. The elegant vibes they give off. The mysterious allure they have.

It’s safe to say we’re big fans of emerald engagement rings, and we’re sharing 37 of our absolute favorite designs. From vintage styles to emerald cut emeralds, we’ve got you covered.

But before we dive into our favorite sparklers, let’s chat about all the important details you should know before buying an emerald engagement ring!

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What does an emerald engagement ring say about you?

vibrant green solitaire emerald engagement rings set in yellow gold
solitaire emerald design: Catbird

As a stunning alternative to classic diamond designs, an emerald engagement ring shows that you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd. With a glittering green hue and romantic old world charm, it’s designed to make a statement — perfect for anyone who wants their ring to feel as one-of-a-kind as they are!

Plus, emeralds have long been a symbol of truth and everlasting love, and their mythology goes back thousands of years. This gorgeous green stone was even rumored to be one of Cleopatra’s favorites! With so much history and beauty, emeralds make an ultra romantic and luxurious choice for your forever engagement ring.

Expect Your Emerald Engagement Ring to Be Quite Delicate

geometric diamond and emerald stacked band
photo: Marrow Fine

Before buying an emerald engagement ring, it’s important to take note of the type of lifestyle you live and how often you want to wear your band.

Emeralds rank 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. For perspective, diamonds are a 10 and rubies and sapphires are both 9’s. In other words, emeralds aren’t as tough or durable as the other precious stones.

This means that if you live a very active or outdoorsy lifestyle, an emerald engagement ring might not be the best option (unless you plan on swapping it out for a silicone band often!).

Consider Whether You Love Emeralds With Small Imperfections

collection of boho emerald engagement rings
photo: Marrow Fine

Emerald engagement rings come in various shades of green (vibrant greens and blue/green hues tend to be the highest quality!) and different levels of clarity (how many inclusions the emerald contains).

Do you want an emerald with imperfections in it? Then an emerald with inclusions could be perfect!

It’s pretty common for emeralds to have these inclusions, and stylistically it’s much more embraced than with diamonds. Plus, less inclusions in your emerald can drive up the price, so if you love those little details and imperfections, you’re basically getting a deal for a design element you love!

Something to keep in mind: some inclusions can increase the price, and other inclusions can impact the structure of your gem, so always do your research first!

Emeralds Are Perfect For Those With May Birthdays

collection of emerald engagement rings
photo: Marrow Fine

In addition to their other symbolism, emeralds are also the birthstone for the month of May. So if you or your partner was born in May, then an emerald engagement ring makes for a super meaningful choice!

We love it when engagement rings have a story or meaning behind them, and this is such a fun way to incorporate some symbolism into your ring selection process.

Our Favorite Retailers for the Best Emerald Engagement Rings

dainty emerald dotted gold band
dainty emerald design: Catbird

Since emerald engagement rings are less conventional than their diamond counterparts, they can be a little tricker to track down. To help you find the one, here are our favorite retailers for the best emerald engagement ring designs!

  • Catbird: Although they don’t have the largest selection of emerald engagement rings, Catbird’s designs are truly unmatched. We love how modern yet timeless all of their emerald designs look — they’re truly made to last a lifetime. Plus, most of Catbird’s designs are created using recycled gold!
  • Etsy: Searching for gorgeous emerald engagement rings that won’t break the bank? Etsy is definitely where it’s at! They stock endless styles all designed by independent jewelers and small businesses. Plus, most of their emerald designs are super budget-friendly — without sacrificing style!

Our 37 Favorite Emerald Engagement Rings

toi et moi emerald engagement ring from Marrow and Fine
photo: Marrow Fine

To help you find your forever bling, we’ve hand-picked our favorite emerald engagement rings and broken them down by style. So whether you’re looking for a vintage emerald, an emerald cut emerald, something pear shaped, or anything in between, there’s a ring for you down below!

The Best Vintage Emerald Engagement Rings

round cut diamond and emerald engagement rings with a deco inspired milgrain triangle design
Art Deco inspired emerald design: Catbird

There’s something so timeless and gorgeous about emerald engagement ring designs with a vintage flair. With their glittering green hue, emeralds already give off a stunning Art Deco feel (very Great Gatbsy, if you ask us!). Paired with a setting inspired by eras past, these designs look like treasured heirlooms made just for your love story. Swoon!

So if you feel like you were born in the wrong time era, keep scrolling for our favorite emerald designs with a vintage look!

The Best Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Rings

modern two stone diamond and emerald engagement rings with detailed gold pave design
modern emerald design: Spark and Bloom Jewelry on Etsy

It’s the cut that’s stolen our hearts over the past few years: the pear/teardrop shape! So gorgeous for an emerald engagement ring, this cut is both trendy and timeless at the same time. Plus, it’s designed to bring out alllll the sparkle of the emerald center stone.

And we’ve rounded up the best of the best! Whether you love the classic look of an upright pear-shaped emerald or the modern feel of a tilted pear, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Emerald Cut Emerald Rings

gold emerald cut emerald engagement rings with diamond halo
emerald cut emerald engagement ring: Spark and Bloom Jewelry on Etsy

This one might just be our favorite style of emerald ring! There’s nothing more iconic than an emerald cut emerald ring. It’s in the name!

With a rectangular shape that’s designed to sparkle from all angles, an emerald cut is typically what comes to mind when you think of emerald engagement rings. It’s a classic for a reason, with a timeless look that pairs beautifully with all styles, designs, and eras.

For an emerald ring that will never go out of style, keep on scrolling!

The Best Emerald Solitaire Rings

gold emerald cut solitaire emerald engagement rings
solitaire emerald design: BGSFineJewelry on Etsy

It goes without saying that emeralds truly know how to stand out on their own, and one of the best ways to showcase that is with a solitaire emerald engagement ring design. They speak for themselves!

While we’ve already included a few stunning solitaire styles up above, there are just SO many gorgeous options — we couldn’t narrow it down! Scroll on for more of our favorite emerald solitaire engagement ring designs for the minimalists at heart.

The Best Princess Cut Emerald Rings

gold multi stone diamond and emerald engagement rings with square center stone
regal emerald design: Staghead Designs

They’re fit for a princess! These princess cut emerald engagement ring designs look positively regal, with a glittering square-shaped stone that catches the light from every angle. Classic, distinct, and totally show-stopping, this cut will make your other half feel like the royalty they are.

Keep scrolling for the most luxurious emerald engagement rings with a regal touch!

The Best Rose Gold Emerald Engagement Rings

blush gold emerald engagement rings with Deco inspired diamond halo design
glittering emerald design: Capucinne

Hello, romance! We love the pink tint that rose gold gives a ring. With such a feminine look, it’s the perfect metal if you’re going for a romantic or boho vibe. And how gorgeous is that rosy hue paired with the vivid green of an emerald center stone?

Safe to say we’re a little obsessed….here are the golden emerald engagement ring designs we’re currently adoring!

The Best Diamond and Emerald Engagement Rings

gold diamond and baguette emerald engagement rings with modern three stone design styled with a curved band studded with tiny round cut diamonds
diamond and emerald design: Catbird

When you want an emerald engagement ring that stands out — but also love the classic allure of glittering diamonds — why not do both?!

Diamonds and emeralds are a match made in heaven, especially when it comes to rings. They’re both luxurious and romantic, and when paired together they create a gorgeous contrast that we can’t stop staring at.

Scroll on for our favorite diamond and emerald pairings, but be warned: they may cause swooning!

Now That You’ve Scored the Perfect Emerald Ring, Let’s Help You Pop The Question!

two stone baguette diamond and emerald engagement ring
photo: Marrow Fine

Looking for more non-traditional ring options? We’ve written a guide on our favorite gemstone rings with tons of other beautiful designs! There are so many epic stones to choose from, and we’re here to help you find the perfect one.

If you’re just starting your ring shopping journey, also don’t miss our complete guide for where to buy engagement rings for women. And while you’re at it, make sure you get the perfect fit with our ring measuring guide!

Fell in love with one of these emerald engagement ring designs and are ready to pop the question? Make it a moment to remember with one of these unique proposal ideas. And finally: congratulations!!