74 Unique Proposal Ideas for the Most Memorable Moment

cute rooftop proposal idea
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It’s time to pop the question! And we know that YOU know there are numerous ways to propose. But it’s times like these when everything you know goes out the window — don’t worry, it’s totally normal. Allow us to kickstart those creative juices with a list of over 70 memorable marriage proposal ideas. The first step is to choose an idea you love and from there, simply make it personal to you and your future fiancé. Easy enough…right?!

But before the ideas, let’s talk photos! You can hire a photographer to hide out and capture the big moment paparazzi-style. Or you could plan a ruse, of sorts. Make them think you’re being photographed for one thing and then—bam!—you’re down on one knee. Photographers will have all kinds of ideas and probably be well-versed in how to pull it off. You could pass it off as a styled shoot, say that you won a free photo session, the photographer could say they’re putting together a posing or style guide and wants you two to model, etc. Needless to say, there are numerous ways to make it happen so definitely contact a photographer and talk through all your proposal ideas.

Okay…let’s do this!

Proposals at Home

set up for a proposal at home
photo: Chelsea Reece

1. Fill the roof, backyard, or bedroom with fairy lights + candles for a romantic surprise.

2. Set up an indoor picnic dinner and light the fireplace.

3. Fill the room to the brim with their favorite flowers and candles.

4. Fill a smaller room with balloons so they’ll wade through to find you on one knee!

5. Have family and friends on stand-by to ring the doorbell for a surprise party after you propose.

6. Set up a backyard outdoor movie, play your favorite movie, and propose during or after the movie!

7. Order in sushi (or your favorite meal) — add champagne and flowers!

8. “Ask” with glow-in-the-dark stickers over the bed.

9. Write it on the bathroom mirror.

10. Prepare breakfast in bed and bring your partner coffee in a mug that says “Marry me?”

Most Romantic Ways to Propose

proposal ideas barefoot in a field of sunflowers
photo: Miranda Harper Photo

11. Plan a boho picnic and ask your partner to dress up.

12. Propose in a field full of sunflowers — bring a photographer!

13. Hire out big marquee letters and let them do the talking.

proposal ideas for the winter marry me marquee letters
photo: Lexie Hardy marquee letters: Alpha-Lit Marquee Letters

14. Ask on a rooftop at golden hour.

15. Create a scrapbook or photo album with the words “will you marry me?” on the last page.

16. In bed, with champagne.

17. Propose on a bench in a rose garden.

18. If you’re musically inclined, sing your partner’s favorite song and propose after!

19. Create a real-life memory lane by printing out photos and placing them in a special place for your partner to follow to the end…where you’re down on one knee!

Beach Proposal Ideas

surprise proposal ideas on the beach
photo: teri b photography

20. Propose on a walk at sunset.

21. Hire out a luxury picnic.

22. Plan an early morning coffee date to watch the sunrise.

23. Hire out a plane to write “Will you marry me?” in the sky.

24. Call up some friends to write the question in the sand ahead of time.

25. Propose on the pier.

26. Do it on the beach at night — plan it alongside an eclipse or clear, starry night.

27. Place signs on the beach for your partner to follow all the way to you — reasons why you love them, favorite memories, etc.

Adventurous Ways to Propose

isle of sky proposal ideas
photo: Oli and Steph Photography

28. Ask on vacation — and hire a photographer while you’re there.

29. Propose at Firehole Falls in Yellowstone.

30. Go on a romantic sailboat trip — bring champagne!

31. For the ocean lovers, propose while you’re scuba-diving!

32. Propose on a ski-lift…have the words written in the snow!

33. Go canoeing and propose on the water.

proposal ideas for adventure - on a hike
photo: Leah Moyers

34. Scope out a stunning overlook and propose there after a hike.

35. Propose after a skydive. Get a customized landing mat!

36. Love rock climbing? Propose after an epic climb! (We also have this cute proposal!)

37. Go snowshoeing or snowmobiling!

38. Propose at the Avenue of the Giants surrounded by Redwoods.

39. Propose at the Ice Castles attraction for a real-life Frozen moment.

40. Pop the question on a helicopter ride!

41. Propose on safari over sundowners.

Cute Proposal Ideas

sweet surprise engagement
photo: Carissa Marie Photography

42. Do you have a friend who is a photographer? Volunteer to be models for a photo shoot and have the photographer capture the proposal!

43. Propose at the local fair.

44. In the fall, go to a pumpkin patch and hide a “Marry me?” sign in the corn maze.

45. Take them somewhere significant either to their own past and/or to your relationship.

46. Re-create your first date.

47. Ask in a photo booth – bonus: you’ll have photos to remember!

48. Plan a scavenger hunt and leave envelopes filled with sweet letters throughout the way.

49. Propose at Disney! Scope out the best spot and time — and make sure you tip off a photographer nearby.

50. For the fun-loving duo, do a few fake outs (get down on one knee…to tie your shoe) to keep your partner on their toes before the real thing!

51. Propose at a Christmas tree farm.

52. Plan a game of charades and slip “will you marry me” onto a piece of paper.

53. Propose after a big event you’re partner has been working or training for — like a race, art show, etc.

54. Go ice-skating and just before they close, play a special song and propose on the ice.

Unique Proposal Ideas

proposal ideas under floating lanterns at rise festival
photo: Adam Kent Photography planning: WINK! Weddings

55. Propose at a lantern festival.

56. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

57. Visit an immersive art experience. 

58. Hire a personal chef for a meal as memorable as the night.

59. For movie lovers, create a montage video and call up your local theater. Take your partner to the movies and ask them to roll it with the credits!

60. Is there a podcast your partner loves and listens to religiously? Contact them and see if they can incorporate the proposal in a future episode.

61. Organize a flash mob to ask the questions!

62. Go to a theme park and sit behind your partner on one of the rides…hold up a sign that says “Marry me?” when the photo snaps!

63. Avid reader? Hide the ring in one of your partner’s favorite books.

64. Plan a game night and make a custom card in the game for your partner to find.

65. Plan a curtain-call proposal with a local theater — or Broadway! You never know until you ask!

66. Or, do the same at a concert! (Hey, if Harry Styles will do it!)

Sweet + Simple Proposal Ideas

mutual proposal idea
mutual proposal idea
photo: Maree Miraglia

67. Plan a mutual proposal — you both have to ask and answer to make it official!

68. Write it in a love letter.

69. Forget the plans and just ask! Carry the ring with you until you feel the time is right.

70. Plan a sunset picnic and have friends + family waiting in the bushes until “yes!”

71. Return to a meaningful place in your relationship and bring your partner’s favorite dessert to celebrate after.

72. Does your family have a vacation home or lakehouse full of memories? Propose there!

73. Include your pet! Put the ring on your pet’s collar and get down on one knee.

74. Do it at Christmastime! Hide the ring on the tree and tell you’re partner there’s one more present…!

More proposal inspiration right this way!

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