49 Best Engagement Gifts For Every Kind of Couple

The ring is on the finger and the countdown to marriage is officially on! So, what better way to celebrate than with a gift? Engagement gifts are not necessarily expected, but they are certainly appreciated. It’s a sweet way to acknowledge this big step in a relationship and kick off one of life’s most exciting seasons.

What makes for the best engagement gifts?

Separate from the perfect wedding gift or even a bridal shower gift, engagement gifts don’t come from a wedding registry. They can be anything from silly to sentimental, from a bevy of snacks for late-night wedding planning to a personalized book earmarked for memorabilia. Whatever you choose, keep the receiver’s interests and style in mind. Engagement gifts don’t have to break the bank, either. As we said, it’s simply a gift to mark the moment. But that gift can still be fantastic — and this is where we come in.

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Engagement Gifts for Couples

For the couple who loves to a custom gift: Personalized Line Drawing Portrait

A thoughtful, personal gift that makes displaying their love easy. Simply send off a photo of the couple and within a week you’ll receive a draft of a single line drawing, symbolizing the unbreakable thread between hearts.

Shop Personalized Portraits on Etsy

For the traveling duo: Luggage Tag & Passport Holders

Send them off in style and function with brand new matching travel accessories. These passport holders and luggage tags are perfect for the couple who is already planning their anniversary trips.

Shop Travel Accessories from Food52

For the homebody couple: Happily Ever After Gift Box

Why put together a gift when Box Fox has done it for you? A coffee mug each for the couple who loves a morning cup, plus the perfect mix of practical and sentimental gifts all wrapped in one.

Shop Couple’s Gift Box from Box Fox

For the couple who loves ice cream: Salt & Straw Best Sellers Pints

Do they always celebrate with something sweet? You can have 5 pints of some of the world’s best ice cream delivered right to their door! For date nights, planning nights, or regular Wednesday nights, these sweet treats are winners.

Deliver Salt&STraw to the Newlyweds

For the couple who loves cozy: Roman Numeral Date Matching Hoodies

A fun engagement gift for couples who have an appreciation for chic coziness! These hoodies come in several colors and you can personalize the date of their engagement in classy Roman numerals.

Shop Matching Hoodies on Etsy

For the couple with something to say: Something Blue Engagement Gift Box

If you suspect them to be the type of couple to write their own vows, this gift box is a perfect idea. Two vow books, two pens, a ring dish, and a sweet little treat from Sugarfina to get those promises flowing!

Shop Engagement Gift Box from Box Fox

For the couple who loves a challenge: Couples Scratch-Off Surprise Dates + Camera Set

This is the engagement gift for couples who are always trying something new — and who love to Instagram it as they go. The Adventure Challenge created a book of scratch-off dates for couples to complete with a camera to take photos as a memento. Each scratch-off box provides the amount of time the challenges will take to complete and how much it will cost. Other than that, all bets are off!

Shop Couples Camera Set on The Adventure Challenge

For the artsy couple: Date Night Paint by Shadows Kit

When you’re wedding planning, it’s easy to forget to just stop and enjoy each other’s company — no wedding talk allowed. Gift them this relaxing paint-by-shadows kit and a bottle of wine for the perfect night off.

Shop Paint by Shadows kit from Uncommon Goods

For the creative duo with big dreams: “Creative Couples” by Angella Nazarian

Are they the big-dreaming type? Do you anticipate that they’ll move mountains together? Creative Couples by Angella Nazarian takes a deep dive into the stories of 15 couples who motivate one another, work together, and change lives as a team.

Buy Creative Couples from Nordstrom

Engagement Gifts for Friends

For sending congrats from afar: A Vibrant Flower Arrangement

Flowers are truly the ultimate gift for any occasion. Up the ante with the Firecracker arrangement from Urban Stems, a vibrant bouquet to celebrate sparks flying!

Send Stunning flowers from Urban Stems

For the cheeky friend who also loves a cozy vibe: Smells Like I’m Getting Married

A gift that gets a laugh but also has a long shelf life? That’s rare indeed, but this cheeky candle gets the job done. There are a variety of scents to choose from that are created with essential oils. We’d go with “wedding cake,” for sure.

Shop All-Natural Soy Candle on Etsy

For the friend who loves the holidays: Personalized Engagement Ornament

Imagine them five years from now, putting up the tree, and unpacking this ornament. If you (and the couple!) value nostalgia and sentimental value in a gift, you can’t go wrong with a personalized ornament.

Shop Personalized Ornament on Etsy

For when it’s a night of wedding planning: Uber Eats Gift Card

engagement gifts for friends

Even the most organized friends are destined to have a day so busy that it distracts from dinner time. Give them the gift of dinner delivered and know that it will go to good use.

Buy UberEats Gift Cards from Target

For the friend who loves to strike a pose: Offer to Pay for an Engagement Session

Engagement Photos in the Desert

photography: Kielle Laren Photography

Marking the moment with photos is something they’ll never regret. Not only do engagement photos capture a meaningful time, but they’re also excellent practice for feeling relaxed in photos on the wedding day. Offer to pay for their shoot — all they’ll have to do is choose the outfits.

Engagement photo ideas

For the friend who values quality time: Date Night In Couple Journal

Sometimes the best dates are the ones where you’re just free to talk and explore. This journal offers prompts for connecting and creating memories, perfect for capitalizing on quality time.

Shop Date Night In Journal on Amazon

For the friend who eats dessert first: DIY Churro Kit

Churros at home with your fiancé? Genuinely, it’s hard to think of a better date night in!

Shop Churro Kit from Williams Sonoma

For the friend who thinks ahead: Personalized Wedding Guestbook

This beautiful book can be personalized with the couple’s name and used as a wedding guestbook or a scrapbook of memories. Or both!

Shop Personalized Guest Book on Etsy

For the practical friend: Thank You Cards

Giving thank-you cards as a gift feels a bit meta but for the right friend, it’s perfect. Super practical and helpful in a time when you know they’ll be sending out thank yous on the regular!

Shop Thank You Cards from Target

Engagement Party Gifts

For the couple who loves a classic: Favorite Wine with a Celebratory Label

Show them you’re thinking ahead with a bottle of wine specifically for wedding planning! This label can be printed at home and added to their favorite bottle.

Shop Engagement Wine Labels on Etsy

For the candle lovers: Let’s Toast Candle

How perfect is this candle to celebrate an engagement? And with scents of champagne, mandarin, and grapefruit, your friend will catch celebratory vibes every time they light it.

Shop Let’s Toast Candle From Homesick

For the charcuterie lovers: Monogram Serving Board

These monogram serving boards are perfect for the couple who loves to set out a spread! They come in every letter of the alphabet and combine two materials into one beautiful gift. Kinda perfect, right?

Shop Monogram Serving Board on Crate & Barrel

For the healthy-ish late-night snackers: Smart Sweets Variety Pack

Wedding planning can mean late nights and you know what that means…snacks are necessary! Give them a variety of favorite candies they won’t feel bad indulging in.

Shop Smart Sweets on Amazon

For the romantics: Holding Hands Line Art Print

This beautiful line drawing of two hands is such a sweet engagement gift for the romantic couple. Order in a variety of sizes and choose your favorite color frame.

Shop Holding Hands Print on Etsy

For the couple who loves function: Wood Marble Wine Cooler + Vase

When it’s not being used to keep their wine chill throughout all of dinner, this cooler is actually a perfect vase.

Shop Wine cooler on Crate & Barrel

For the sentimental duo: Picture Frame with Photo

Did they post photos of the engagement online anywhere? If so, snag it, print it, and put it in this frame!

Shop antique-inspired From on Anthropologie

For the sweet-tooth sweethearts: Celebratory Cake Delivery

If they love dessert then they will understand that this cake is an act of love in sugar form.

Send a Cake from Milk Bar

Unique Engagement Gifts

For the couple who loves an experience: The Perfect Wine Glass & Wine Tasting

Food52 hosts wine tastings and these stunning glasses are part of the deal. A perfect gift for choosing wine for the big event!

Shop Glasses + Testing from Food52

For the couple who loves a countdown: Custom Wedding Countdown Calendar

This desk calendar can be personalized to their wedding date, so make sure you know it first! Each day is a new page with a quote and a countdown. So fun!

Shop Wedding Countdown Calendar on Etsy

For the couple who can’t make a decision: 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

engagement party ideas

Do they continuously defer when deciding what to eat for dinner? This scratch-off date poster will do the thinking for them when it comes to nights (or days!) out.

Shop Scratch-Off Date Poster on Amazon

For the couple who love pizza + games: Pizza Roulette Cut & Serve Board

This might be the riskiest pizza they’ll ever eat, but it is also the most fun. Grab a slice and underneath reveals whether they can move on to another…or get stuck on dishes duty.

Shop Pizza Roulette on Uncommon Goods

For the couple who’s always keeping score: Marital Bliss Card Game

We mean keeping score in a good way, of course! This card game was created by a real-life couple and is played over the course of a week. Each partner is issued challenges and can earn points for rewards.

Shop Card Game on Uncommon Goods

For the couple in it for the long haul: Mates For Life Poster

This beautiful print by Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Designs features animals who mate for life. A little whimsical and a lot sweet.


For the couple building for the future: Oak Tree Growing Kit

What sweeter way to start a marriage than by planting and cultivating an oak tree? So many parallels, so many.

Shop Oak Tree Kit from Williams Sonoma

For candlelit dinners every night of the week: Tapered Beeswax Candles

Dinner doesn’t have to be an event but it also doesn’t have to be boring. Put the phones away and light a candle or two while you eat. A glass of wine, a hunk of bread — it’s the perfect way to begin an evening.

Shop Candles on Food52

Engagement Gifts for Her

For the planner and list-maker: GWS x Erin Condren Wedding Planner

Our GWS wedding planner is a one-stop shop. It’s got the timelines, the budgets, the details, the calenders. Specific places for lists and notes. AND it acts as a memory book with room for photos and mementos. Plus, it’s just really, really pretty.

Shop Wedding Planner on Erin Condren

For the analog planner: Cute Pen Set

And to go with that planner, she must have pretty pens. We love this set by ban.do.

Shop Pen Set from ban.do

For the single lady no more: Feyoncé Sweatshirt

Does it even need a caption?! Get the girl this sweatshirt!

Shop Sweatshirt on Etsy

Future Mrs. Gift Box

Come for the ring finger mug, stay for the personalized ring dish and stainless steel Mrs. champagne flute.

Shop Gift Box on Etsy

Gift Card to a Local Salon

photo: Untamed Petals

Whether it’s nails, a haircut, a massage, a makeup run, or hair for the big day — there aren’t many ways to go wrong with a gift card to a local salon. (One caveat: you might want to first make sure it’s one she frequents!)

Romantic Wedding Hairstyle ideas

For the girl who likes a glow: Juli Diamond Ring Cleaning Kit

Juli’s stunning ring cleaning kit will keep her engagement ring catching the light and blinding strangers on the daily.

Shop Ring Cleaning Kit From Juli

For a low-key cleaner: Shinery Bride Illuminating Kit

Shinery has a line of ring cleaning products that are less hands-on — a simple wash, illuminating buffer, and towelettes.

Shop Shinery Kit from Amazon

For the bride who takes her rings off at night: Personalized Ring Dish

If she’s prone to taking off her rings to sleep, meal prep, or clean, this personalized ring dish is a given.

Shop Ring Dish on Etsy

For the bride who’s into skin care: Hydrating Hand Mask by Fenty

Our faces aren’t the only parts of our body that require attention when it comes to skincare. Now that she’s sporting a new ring, this hand mask will keep her hand soft and healthy every time she shows off the bling.

Shop Fenty HAnd MAsk on Sephora

For the fun-loving bride: Daisy Bridal Sunglasses

Oh, do we love a pair of bridal sunnies. These daisy glasses are super-cute and would be perfect a few fun bridal portraits – or even for a bachelorette trip!

Shop Daisy Sunglasses on Ban.do

Engagement Gifts for Him

If he likes a little ambiance: Apotheke Charcoal Candle

The male counterparts to our GWS editors genuinely LOVE these Apotheke candles. There are so many scents, but we’d go with the charcoal for him.

Shop Apotheke at Nordstrom

For the guy who always makes breakfast: Our Place Always Pan

our place always pan in green

If he’s going to be in the kitchen at all, he’ll benefit greatly from this Always pan — a GWS fave!

Shop Always Pan from Our Place

For the guy who loves a cold one: Liquid Death 12-Pack Sparkling Water

Not only does Liquid Death just look really freakin’ cool, but it’s also some of the best sparkling water we’ve ever had. If he’s newly engaged and not much of a drinker, these are worth cracking open for a cheers.

Shop Liquid Death on Amazon

For the guy who’s already planning the honeymoon: Classic Toiletry Bag

Skip to the good part, much? After the wedding, it’s the honeymoon. And he’ll need a good bag to get him there.

Shop Toiletry Bag on Target

Prep him for the wedding band: Nail Grooming Kit

Guys gotta care for their hands, too. Give him this nail grooming kit to keep things looking nice when the ring hits his finger.

Shop Nail Grooming Kit at Target