45 Best Housewarming Gifts and Ideas They’ll Obsess Over

cute home decor best housewarming gifts and ideas
photo by Chandler Kim, as seen in this newlyweds boho Denver loft article

There are few milestones in your life that feel really huge. Getting married is one. And buying a house is another! If you know someone who’s starting their new chapter as a homeowner, help them celebrate their new zip code with the best housewarming gifts and ideas!

Bringing a gift when you visit someone’s new home is a centuries-old tradition — but these days, housewarming gifts have earned the reputation of ending up in the junk drawer. Lucky for you (and the person you’re gift-shopping for), we’re here to change all that!

Instead of the generic housewarming gifts that eventually become clutter, we’ve made it our mission to find the best rad items that they’ll obsess over for decades to come. These are the gifts that’ll help turn their new house (or apartment) into a cozy home!

But before we get into the perfect presents, let’s ~unpack~ our tips for choosing the best housewarming gifts and ideas!!

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How Much Should You Spend on The Best Housewarming Gifts and Ideas

cute first home personalized keepsake best housewarming gifts and ideas
“first home” housewarming gift: Made2PerfectionShop on Etsy

How much you spend on housewarming gifts will really depend on your budget and your relationship to the new homeowner — but you can typically expect to spend between $25 and $50. And remember: the best housewarming gifts and ideas are less about the price tag, and more about how personal it is to the giftee!

To help you choose the best housewarming gift for your situation (whether you’re sending a gift to your best friend who just bought a house or bringing over a present to your new neighbor), we’ve rounded up ideas for ALL budgets and styles. From super luxurious to super affordable, we have you covered down below!

How to Come Up With Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

first home personalized map print best housewarming gifts and ideas
map print housewarming gift: WordsWorkPrints on Etsy

We all know the basics: houseplants and candles rule as housewarming gifts. But what about when you want to stand out from the crowd?

To come up with the best unique housewarming gift ideas, it’s time to get personal. Think about what the new homeowner is most excited to do in their new home. Have they been gushing about the beautiful kitchen they can’t wait to cook in? Gift them a gorgeous cutting board! Are they obsessed with the huge bathroom? Turn it into a spa with monogrammed robes!

You can also help make their new house feel more like a home by personalizing your housewarming gift with their name, address, or location. From a unique wall print that shows off their new neighborhood (like the one pictured above!) to custom engraved glass tumblers, this is such a special way to mark their life milestone.

And, when in doubt, we love a good twist on the classics! Give them a houseplant in a fun or unique planter or look for a candle inspired by their new city. Guaranteed crowd pleasers!

Bokksu Japanese snack box

Need some help shopping for those hard-to-please pals? We’ve got you covered with these unique gift ideas for people who have everything!

Where to Buy the Best Housewarming Gifts

unique personalized zip code pillow best housewarming gifts and ideas
personalized housewarming pillow gift: DWELLhomeshoppe on Etsy

We’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of unique housewarming gifts and ideas down below, but to help you on your shopping journey we also wanted to break down our go-to places to buy them!

  • Etsy: When it comes to the best unique and personalized housewarming gifts, it doesn’t get better than Etsy. Here you can find hundreds of independent designers creating handcrafted keepsakes — talk about a meaningful gift! From custom engraved coasters to thoughtful gift boxes, they truly have a gift for everyone.

Now let’s get into the gifts!

Best Unique Housewarming Gifts and Ideas

luxury kitchen cleaning trio best unique housewarming gifts ideas
unique housewarming kitchen gift set: Homecourt

Forget the same old boring bottle of wine or generic houseplant — with these unique housewarming gift ideas, you’re giving them something they’ll never forget!

From personalized keepsakes to fun takes on the classics, we’ve found the best unique housewarming gifts and ideas for every new homeowner (or renter!). These gifts will help them christen their new digs with something fun and exciting. Talk about housewarming GOALS!

Keep scrolling for our favorite original + personal + unique housewarming gifts!

1. Best Unique Housewarming Gift for Cute First Impressions: This Customizable Doormat

customizable vinyl door mat unique best housewarming gifts and ideas

Give the gift of a great first impression with this cute vinyl doormat! This unique housewarming gift will brighten up any front door, and it’s SUCH a cute alternative to the same old tan mat.

The best part? This doormat is totally customizable! With 150 colorful tiles, the designs options are endless. Spell out a word or phrase, create a modern black and white pattern, or add some colorful flowers.

They can even switch it up for every season!

Shop This unique housewarming Vinyl Doormat

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2. Best Unique Housewarming Gift for Cozy Vibes: This Ceramic Wax Melter

cute ceramic home shaped wax melter unique best housewarming gifts and ideas

Candles are a fool-proof housewarming gift idea — they give any space the perfect cozy vibes, and you can never have too many! But if you’re sick of gifting the same old scented candle over and over again, why not switch things up with this ceramic wax melter set?

Aptly shaped like a cute little house, this ceramic holder will set the mood for all those cuddly nights at home. It comes with one soy wax melt bar, plus one soy tea light, and you have the choice between nine snuggly scents. (We’re voting for vanilla caramel latte!)

And for under $20, this unique housewarming gift will definitely put all those other candles to shame!

Shop This Unique Housewarming Wax Melter Set

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3. Best Unique Housewarming Gift for the Recently Relocated: These State-Shaped Spoon Rests

personalized state-shaped pottery spoon rests unique best housewarming gifts idea

If a new house also means a new home state, give them a unique housewarming gift that gets them excited about their new digs!

Hand-sculpted in the shape of their soon-to-be favorite state, this pottery spoon rest will make the cutest addition to their kitchen counter. Plus, each one is finished with a food-safe glaze and is designed not to wobble, so your giftee can feel confident as they’re whipping up the best local recipes!

GWS Tip: If they’re not huge cooks, this housewarming gift idea also makes a great catch-all for rings or keys. Beautiful AND practical!

Shop These Unique Housewarming Spoon Rests

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4. Best Unique Housewarming Gift for Good Luck: This Horseshoe Wall Decor

lucky horseshoe wall decor unique best housewarming gifts ideas

According to old legend, any house with a horseshoe by the door is protected from the Devil. And superstitious or not, every new homeowner could use a little good luck!

The perfect little lucky charm, this metal horseshoe comes with a suede tie to hang it on the wall. Such a meaningful and unique housewarming gift for someone with a Western-inspired aesthetic!

Even if you don’t buy into the lucky symbolism, this housewarming gift idea makes for some seriously cute and unique rustic décor. We’ll take two!

Shop This Unique Housewarming Wall Decor

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5. Best Unique Housewarming Gift for Plant Lovers: This Plant-Themed Gift Box

lucky horseshoe wall decor unique best housewarming gifts and ideas

So they’ve planted some new roots, and now it’s time to help them grow! Enter: this unique housewarming gift box idea. We’re suckers for gift boxes, especially if they have a sweet meaning (and a great pun!) behind them. And this plant-themed one understood the assignment!

To say congrats on putting down roots, this gift box is filled with a low-maintenance air plant + stand, a fresh scented candle, a macrame keychain (for their new keys!), a bar of natural soap, and either a wine opener or a sage bundle.

In other words, it’s checking off ALL our boxes for the perfect housewarming gift!

Shop This Unique Housewarming Gift Box

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6. Best Unique Housewarming Gift for Hosts With the Most: These Custom Map Serving Trays

personalized map serving trays unique best housewarming gifts and ideas

Serve up a little neighborhood pride with these unique housewarming gifts!

Each unique serving tray is customized with a map that includes streets, landscape features, and a star to mark their new address. You can also honor the location of their milestone with a personalized legend!

As a bonus, these trays are totally water-resistant and crafted from stylish mango wood. Complete the gift with this matching map coaster set — perfect for your favorite dinner party hosts!

Shop These Unique Housewarming Serving Trays

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7. Best Unique Housewarming Gift for a Personal Touch: This Personalized Tealight Box

personalized tea light box unique best housewarming gifts and ideas

Is it a candleholder? Is it a custom sign? Is it a keepsake box? The correct answer: it’s all of the above!

This unique housewarming gift will help their house feel like home sweet home in no time. The rustic display box is engraved with two lines of text (and up to 25 characters per line), and features holders for three tea lights.

Plus, the chic white top also comes off to reveal a storage box, perfect for remotes, lighters, chapstick, and everything in between! Just don’t forget to give them some sweet-smelling tea lights to complete the thoughtful gift idea.

Shop This Unique Housewarming Tealight Box

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8. Best Unique Present for First Home Owners: These Personalized Keychains

personalized first home keychains unique best housewarming gifts and ideas

One of the most overlooked (and most exciting) parts about getting a new house? Finally having those keys in your hands!

Celebrate this milestone with these unique housewarming gifts. Each house-shaped keychain is laser cut with a pair of initials and the design of a little house — SO cute for your favorite love birds who just bought their first home together!

Proof that the best things really do come in small packages.

Shop These Unique Housewarming Keychains

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9. Best Unique Housewarming Gift for (Slightly) Green Thumbs: This DIY Succulent Planter Kit

DIY personalized succulent planter kit unique best housewarming gift and ideas

A bit of lush greenery is our favorite way to spice up a new space — but not everyone is gifted with a green thumb. That’s why we love this unique housewarming gift!

Featuring 14 adorable succulents plus a reclaimed wooden planter in the shape of any letter, this housewarming gift idea is personalized, cute, and, most importantly, hard to kill. Succulents are notoriously low maintenance, and this DIY kit makes it easy to care for them.

P.S. Don’t forget to get them some extra soil to set their mini garden up for success!

Shop This Unique Housewarming Planter Gift Set

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10. Best Unique Housewarming Gift for Wine Aficionados: This Personalized Wine Holder

cute personalized wooden wine holder unique best housewarming gifts and ideas with name engraving

A bottle of red is another one of those classic housewarming gifts — and for good reason! But if you’re looking for something more unique, why not take your gift to the next level with this personalized wine holder?!

For the wine aficionados, this unique housewarming gift features everything they need to really enjoy that first bottle in their new home. A chic glass holder with room for two glasses? Check! A corkscrew that fits into the stand? Check! A designated place for the bottle and some nibbles? Check and check!

This natural wood holder can even be personalized with the new homeowner’s name or a sweet message. Now all you have to do is find the perfect Cab Sav to gift it with!

Shop This Unique Housewarming Wine Holder

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Best Housewarming Gifts and Ideas for Friends

unique extra virgin olive oil duo best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends
housewarming olive oil gift set for friends: Brightland

We’re all about celebrating our friends’ wins, and buying a house — or even leasing a new apartment — is a big one! That’s why we wanted to create a section specifically for the best housewarming gifts for friends.

When it comes to your ride or dies, picking out a gift that speaks to them is a little easier. After all, you know what they love and hate, and you also know whether or not they can keep a houseplant alive!

But, it can still be a challenge to narrow down the options and find something that they’ll want to post all over their Insta. We’ve got your back with the best housewarming gifts for everyone in your friend group!

11. Best Lucky Housewarming Gift for Friends: This Money Tree Plant

money tree plant best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends

A potted plant is a foolproof housewarming gift for friends — but it can also feel overdone. Stand out from the crowd with this money tree, said to bring luck and fortune to anyone who owns it!

For the friends that could use a little extra financial favor on their side (can’t we all?!), this gift is a real winner.

Plus, this money tree is known for being super resilient and easy to nurture, so you don’t have to be an all-star plant parent to keep it alive!

Shop This Housewarming Plant for Friends

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12. Best Housewarming Gift for The One Where Your Friends Get a New House: This “Friends” Greeting Card

personalized "Friends" greeting card best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends

If they’re clearly the Monica and Chandler of the group, then they’ll love this personalized greeting card that celebrates their character development!

One of the cutest housewarming gifts for friends who are also “Friends” fans, this is the kind of card that doubles as cute décor. Get it customized with their names and fill the inside with all your best wishes (such as: “good luck pivoting your couch up your new flight of stairs!”).

And for super fans, you’re definitely going to want to add this divisive doormat to your gift box!

Shop This Housewarming Greeting Card for Friends

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13. Best Luxe Housewarming Gift for Friends: This Marble Wine Cooler

wood and marble wine cooler best housewarming gift ideas for friends

A great (and cute!) housewarming gift for friends who are dedicated hosts (or who love updating their bar cart), this marble wine cooler is equal parts stylish and practical. Made with a combo of mango wood and hand-finished white marble, it will keep a bottle or rosé or white wine cool for hours.

And, when it’s not being used for refreshing drinks, this wine cooler also makes a super chic vase for flowers!

P.S. Pair this wine cooler with these matching coasters for a gift that’ll definitely earn you an invite to the next at-home happy hour.

Shop This Housewarming Wine Cooler for Friends

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14. Best Present for Friends Who Bring the Party: This Disco Ball Hanging Planter

funny unique disco ball hanging planter best housewarming gifts for friends

Get your groove on, because we’ve found THE best housewarming gift for your friends who are always the life of the party!

The cutest take on the disco ball trend, these hanging planters will turn any room into a Studio 54-level bash. Fill it with a small leafy cascading plant — like this pothos or this trailing jade succulent — for a housewarming gift that absolutely dazzles.

Want to go all-out disco? We’re also digging this disco ball candle and disco ball ice bucket (with these matching disco ball drink charms)!

Shop This Housewarming Disco Planter For Friends

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15. Best Funny Housewarming Gift for Friends: This Vegan Soy Candle

funny scented candle best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends

Tell them how you really feel with this housewarming gift for friends who decided to not to move next door to you (rude).

With such a cute mason jar style, this soy candle may have them rethinking their relocation as they relax to the swoon-worthy scent of your choice. Choose between eucalyptus + mint, lavender + honey, vanilla + tobacco, or five other yummy smells infused with essential oils!

As a bonus, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, and it burns for a solid 40 – 50 hours. That’s a whole lot of time spent missing you!!

Shop This Funny Housewarming Scent for Friends

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16. Best Drool-Worthy Housewarming Gift for Friends: This Luxury Salt Set

luxury salt trio best housewarming gifts for friends

Add some spice to their new life with these drool-worthy housewarming gifts for friends who love to cook! Featuring Jennifer Fisher’s three best-selling salt blends, this delicious trio is all they’ll need to take their culinary creations to the next level.

Let’s break them down for you! As the name suggests, the universal salt tastes great on ~literally~ everything, from veggies to meats to eggs. The curry salt (our personal fave!) is aromatic and super flavorful, great for marinating or finishing dishes.

And finally the spicy salt, Jennifer’s latest blend, adds the perfect kick to any and every type of food. Is anyone else drooling right now?

Shop This Housewarming Salt Gift Set for Friends

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17. Best Boho Housewarming Gift for Friends: This Dried Bouquet

yellow and orange pampas bouquet best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends

Is there anything as magical as a bouquet of dried blooms? We think not! They have such a rad boho vibe, and as a bonus they last forever. Because who doesn’t want a beautiful bouquet they never have to replace?!

That’s the idea behind this housewarming gift for your bohemian friends. This bright bouquet combines yellow strawflower, blush pampas grass, gold baby’s breath, and whimsical wild oats.

The result? Home décor that gives golden hour a run for its money.

Shop This Housewarming Bouquet for Friends

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18. Best House-Shaped Housewarming Gift for Friends: This Unique Cutting Board

unique house-shaped cutting board best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends

A housewarming gift….shaped like a house? Say less!!

This cutting board maxes out on cuteness — AND it’s super practical, too. Made from Richlite, a resin-saturated recycled paper, it has the same warm look and feel of wood, but it’s way more durable. It’s also lightweight, super strong, and totally dishwasher safe.

Perfect for dinner prep, dinner party serving, or just displaying on their kitchen counter!

Shop This Housewarming Cutting Board for Friends

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19. Best Glamorous Housewarming Gifts for Friends: These Agate Coasters

luxury agate gemstone coasters best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends

Stylish, glam, and totally one-of-a-kind — if we’re describing your ride or dies right now, then these may be the best housewarming gifts for them!

Coasters are a must for any home, so why not make them glamorous? These ones are made from sliced agate crystals, each one totally unique. They make any tablescape, desk, or coffee table feel SO luxurious, while also protecting all that new furniture your friends splurged on!

Shop These Housewarming Coasters for Friends

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Best Personalized Housewarming Gifts and Ideas

cute watercolor house painting personalized best housewarming gifts and ideas
personalized watercolor housewarming gift: RiverryStudio on Etsy

As you may have noticed by now, we’re suckers for personalized housewarming gifts and ideas! Taking that extra step to add an engraving or choose something one-of-a-kind will always go a long way.

After all, this is SUCH a huge milestone in their life, and they deserve a housewarming gift that’s just as special!

Lucky for you, we know all the best places to find products that can be personalized with a name, address, or thoughtful message. And we’ve listed a few more of our favorites down below!! From ornaments to cookies (yup, you heard that right), we’ve got it all.

20. Best Personalized Housewarming Gift for Staying Home for the Holidays: This First Home Ornament

engraved first home ornament personalized best housewarming gifts and ideas

There’s nothing like your first holiday season in a new house, and this personalized housewarming gift will make it one to remember!

Engraved with the phrase, address, and year of your choice, this wooden ornament is an instant holiday keepsake. They’ll love pulling it out every winter and remembering all those special moments spent in their cozy home!

And if you aren’t sold yet, the 12,000 raving reviews for this shop might change your mind! You’re going to want to add this one to your cart ASAP.

Shop This Personalized Housewarming Ornament

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mr and mrs camping mugs best inexpensive Christmas presents for couples

‘Tis the season for gifting! Give Santa a run for his money with these 45 best couples gifts for the holiday season!

21. Best Personalized Present for Whiskey Connoiseurs: These Mini Whiskey Barrels

unique mini whiskey barrels personalized best housewarming gifts and ideas

If they can’t wait to christen their new house with a glass of their favorite Scotch, then they’re going to LOVE this personalized housewarming gift!

Each whiskey barrel is designed to age any brand to its peak flavor ten times faster than a professional distillery. And, made with oak, it’ll give the drink notes of luscious vanilla, butter, and coconut. The personalized engraving is just the cherry on top of a super luxe gift!

Choose between a 2L or 5L custom barrel with stand. You can also take this gift to the next level by adding on a rum or whiskey kit!

Shop These Personalized Housewarming Whiskey Barrels

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22. Best Personalized Housewarming Gift for Dog Parents: This Dog Lover’s Key Hook

dog lovers key hook personalized best housewarming gifts ideas

Calling all dog parents! Not only is this personalized housewarming gift idea super useful — no more losing your keys or searching for the leash! — but it’s also so dang cute.

Customize this handmade key hook with multiple paws for multiple fur babies, and hang it by the garage or front door for easy access. We love the rustic-chic look and hand-painted lettering, perfect for any style of home!

P.S. You can also personalize this gift with “His and His” or “Hers and Hers”!

Shop This Personalized Housewarming Key hook

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23. Best Personalized “Home is Where the Heart is” Housewarming Gifts: This Custom Map Ornament

unique marble map ornament personalized best housewarming gifts and ideas

This personalized housewarming gift says “home is where the heart is” — literally!

Customize this marble ornament with a map of their new home town, plus a little red heart and geographic coordinates that mark their exact location. You can also add a line of text with their name, their town, or a short 15-character phrase!

With a sweet red tie that matches the heart, this ornament is cute enough to display year-round. No need to wait until the holidays to celebrate their new home!

Shop These Personalized Housewarming Ornaments

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24. Best Personalized Present for Major Curb Appeal: This Custom House Number Sign

modern house number sign personalized best housewarming gifts

Increase their curb appeal with this personalized housewarming gift idea!

Bold and modern, these customized house numbers are impossible to miss (a must for all those pizza delivery slash movie marathon nights!). Plus, each sign is sealed for outdoor use and made with durable cedar wood, which is a natural insect repellent and super long-lasting.

You can also choose between different color combos, including golden oak + black for a rustic look or ebony + silver for something more modern.

Shop This Personalized Housewarming Number Sign

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25. Best Personalized Housewarming Gift for Family Game Night: This Tic-Tac-Toe Board

unique family tic tac toe game personalized best housewarming gifts and ideas

What is a home without a closet filled with games?! This personalized housewarming gift idea will kickstart their collection with a special keepsake fit for the whole fam.

Forget x’s and o’s. With this game of tic-tac-toe, they’ll compete with their own initials. Each set is complete with ten playing pieces (five of each letter), plus a rustic wooden board engraved with their name. Winning family game night has never been more fun!

And for the really competitive players, we also found this personalized Connect Four game!

Shop This Personalized Housewarming Game Night Gift Idea

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26. Best Personalized Housewarming Gift for a One-of-a-Kind Cheers: This Engraved Glassware Set

engraved wine and beer glassware personalized best housewarming gifts and ideas

Cheers to their new home with this personalized housewarming gift! Whether you go for a whole set or just one glass, this gift will make their first drink in their new home one to remember.

Add that personal touch by first choosing the type of glassware that best suits them — a pint glass for craft beer lovers, a crystal wine glass for dinner party hosts, you get the idea! — then customizing it with their names, address, and specific design style.

This Etsy designer also has SO many other designs to commemorate that first cheers. We’re really loving this “never too far to drink together” glass for out-of-state friends!

Shop This Personalized Housewarming Glassware Gift Set

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27. Best Personalized Present for a Sweet Message: These Custom Shortbread Cookies

unique custom message shortbread cookies personalized best housewarming gifts and ideas

Send the sweetest of congratulations with this personalized housewarming gift idea! When even a hand-written card doesn’t seem like enough, these custom cookie messages will do the trick.

Personalize these tasty treats with a special message — anything from “CONGRATULATIONS!” to a date and location to a secret inside joke. Then pastry chef Celine Zhou will design a box of her delicious vanilla shortbread cookies to incorporate your message.

They’re almost too cute to eat (almost).

SHop These Personalized Housewarming Cookie Gift Box

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Best Funny Housewarming Gifts and Ideas

unique Snoop Dogg candle funny best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends
funny Snoop scent housewarming gift: StylishCollectionCo on Etsy

For your besties, your siblings, or those co-workers you always joke with in the break room, funny housewarming gifts are the BEST housewarming gifts!

This is your chance to fill their new home with laughter (and a few inside jokes), and we’ve found the perfect gifts for the job. And don’t be fooled — funny housewarming gift ideas can be just as thoughtful and exciting as more serious options.

Scroll on for the best funny housewarming gifts that they’ll be showing off at every dinner party in the near future!

28. Best Funny Housewarming Gift for Charcuterie Pros: This Engraved Cheese Board

personalized engraved wooden cheese board funny best housewarming gifts and ideas

If they love any excuse to break out a fancy cheese board, then this funny housewarming gift will be right at ~home~ in their new kitchen!

While that very accurate definition is definitely the show-stopper of this cutting board, our favorite part has to be how customizable it is. Choose between different shapes and sizes, grooves or no grooves, and wood variations to bring your vision to life!

You can even customize the style of the text — AND the maker will send you proofs to make sure it’s perfect before they mail it out. Perfection.

Shop This Funny Housewarming Cheese Board Gift

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unique charcuterie board ideas with fruit and cheese

You can’t go wrong with a good cheese board. Take it to the next level with these best charcuterie board ideas!

29. Best Funny Housewarming Gift for Celebratory Shots: This Engraved Tequila Flight Board

unique engraved tequila flight board funny best housewarming gifts for friends

Give them a round of celebratory shots on you with this funny housewarming gift idea! With a place for all the essentials — including a lime wedge holder and a salt rim station — this tequila flight board is guaranteed to get the party started.

Each board is also handmade and laser cut to order, so it’ll be totally one-of-a-kind. Gift it with a set of funny shot glasses, a bottle of your favorite Reposado, and a reminder that you can’t be held responsible for where the rest of the night takes them.

Shop This Funny Housewarming Flight Board Gift

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30. Best Funny Housewarming Gift for a Cheeky Conversation Starter: This “Hot Buns” Dish Towel

unique illustrated butts dish towel funny best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends

Go the cheeky route with this funny housewarming gift! Featuring a scrumptious selection of hot buns, this 100% cotton dish towel is perfect for new homeowners who love to bake (or love a good laugh).

After all, one of the benefits of owning your place IS the option to cook naked!

Complete the look with this matching pot-holder and cheeky apron. And for something a little perkier, there’s also this version, too!

Shop This Funny Housewarming Dish Towel Gift

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31. Best Funny Housewarming Gift Ideas for the Fashion Lover: These Western Boot Match Sets

unique cowboy boot match set funny best housewarming gifts and ideas for friends

Even if you haven’t seen these Western boot match sets all over your TikTok lately, chances are your favorite fashion friend who just bought a house has. Make their Western dreams come true by gifting them as a funny housewarming gift!!

Perfect for the people who are all about the cowboy boot trend, these little stompers instantly upgrade a coffee table or nightstand. They’re made with textured ceramic and feature 25 cute matches, plus a striker on the bottom. We wouldn’t blame you for getting one for yourself, too!

GWS Tip: Pair this funny housewarming gift with an equally funny candle.

Shop This Funny Housewarming Match Set Gift

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32. Best Funny + Foolproof Housewarming Gift: This Cute Wine Label

unique wine label funny best housewarming gifts and ideas

One of the most foolproof + funny housewarming gifts EVER, this cute wine label is always a crowd pleaser. Just add it to a bottle of their favorite wine and voila! A unique housewarming gift that you know they’ll use and love.

You can also customize this label with specific names, addresses, and dates for something more personalized, or keep it generic for a housewarming gift ideas you can pull out last minute. And if their drink of choice is more top shelf, you can choose larger or smaller label sizes!

Shop This Funny Housewarming Wine Label Gift

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33. Best Funny Present for Your Coffee Mate: This Personalized Glass Mug

personalized glass homeowner mug funny best housewarming ideas

Remind them of their new promotion to homeowner every time they take a sip of their favorite hot drink! This funny housewarming gift is the perfect addition to any desk or kitchen cabinet — or anywhere they could use a little extra bragging rights.

Plus, you can personalize this rad mug with their new address and choose between white ceramic or glass (but we’re definitely suckers for this chic glass look!). We’d also gift it with a bag of delicious coffee or gourmet tea to put that extra pep in their step!

Shop This FUnny Housewarming Mug Gift

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34. Best Funny Present for Amateur Chefs: This Illustrated Oven Mitt

unique illustrated oven mitt funny best housewarming gifts ideas

A new home means a new kitchen to break in, but that doesn’t mean that all homeowners are instantly master chefs. For the amateurs out there, this funny housewarming gift idea will help them feel less alone!

With quality heat protection for cooking, grilling, baking, and anything in between, this witty oven mitt is a must for anyone who needs that extra layer of safety in the kitchen.

The Etsy designer also has TONS of other funny illustrations for chefs of all levels — plus some must-have matching aprons!

Shop This Funny Housewarming OVen Mitt Gift Idea

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Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts and Ideas

whiskey tumblers and coasters luxury best housewarming gifts and ideas
luxury whiskey glass housewarming gift: Saks Fifth Avenue

If you’re shopping for one of your closest loved ones, luxury housewarming gifts are such a meaningful way to celebrate their exciting new purchase. They’ve just treated themselves to a new home, so now it’s your time to treat them to a splurge you know they’ll love!

With the best luxury housewarming gifts, you’re helping them start off their new life as a homeowner on the best foot possible. These are the products that will make their house feel like home — the kind that they’ll be using for years, if not decades!

Prepare for major brownie points with these luxury housewarming gift ideas!

35. Best Luxury Housewarming Gift for Foodies: This Italian Cheese Basket

Italian savory cheese basket luxury best housewarming gifts and ideas

Nothing says luxury like a gourmet cheese + savory hamper! We love this luxury housewarming gift idea for foodies who are obsessed with fine wining and dining, but wouldn’t splurge on it themselves.

Filled with with fine Italian cheese, savory salami, crisp olive oil crackers, and a tangy balsamic glaze, this housewarming gift has something for every palette. Think: creamy blue cheese, crumbly parmesan, and more!

We also found this French cheese + savory hamper for tastes that lean a little more champagne than merlot!

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36. Best Luxury Housewarming Gift for an Elegant Touch: This Monogrammed Doormat

personalized striped monogrammed doormat luxury best housewarming gifts

Because an amazing luxury purchase deserves an amazing luxury housewarming gift!

This classic doormat will give any front porch the elegant upgrade it deserves. With bold vertical stripes and a medallion center design, it makes a statement without feeling over-the-top.

This doormat is also crafted from fine coconut-husk fiber and hand stenciled with fade-resistant dyes, so it’ll look just as elegant now as it will ten years down the road. And yes, the monogram option is a NEED, not a want!

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37. Best Luxury Present for Hard-to-Please Pals: This Champagne Gift Set

champagne gift set luxury best housewarming gifts and ideas

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t love a luxurious glass of bubbly? We haven’t either. That’s why this is one of the best luxury housewarming gifts, even for the most hard-to-please pals!

Delivered in a beautiful gift box, this champagne gift set includes two portable flutes and a reusable chiller. All you have to do is add the bubbly!

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also choose between three colors (including glittering copper and rose gold!) and add a personalized engraving. Talk about good to the last drop!

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retro rattan outdoor patio best bar carts thumb

Speaking of bubbly, if you’re looking for a seriously luxe housewarming gift, you CANNOT go wrong with a statement bar cart. These are our faves.

38. Best Luxury Present for Innovative Wellness: This Smart Fragrance Diffuser Kit

practical smart fragrance diffuser kit luxury best housewarming gifts and ideas

Introducing: our editors’ most-loved luxury housewarming gift! We can vouch for how amazing this smart diffuser kit is — it truly transforms any room into a little oasis!

Unlike most fragrance diffusers, this one allows the new homeowner to customize their home fragrance experience. All they have to do is plug it into the wall and download an app, which lets them adjust scents, timing, and intensity anytime, anywhere.

They can effortlessly swap fragrances, set scent schedules, and create ambient lighting with this one housewarming gift. It really doesn’t get better than that.

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39. Best Luxury Housewarming Gift for Homebodies: This Personalized Throw Blanket

gray and white personalized initial block throw blanket luxury best housewarming gifts and ideas

For the homebodies that would rather spend Friday night on the couch than at a pub crawl, this housewarming gift idea will add a little luxury to their Netflix marathon!

Comfort meets style with this luxury housewarming gift, handmade in the USA and custom-stitched with your monogram design. You also have the choice between camel, navy blue, or gray (pictured above), so there’s something for every style.

No need to worry about your housewarming gift ending up forgotten in a drawer, because we have a feeling they’ll be reaching for this cozy throw blanket every chance they get.

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40. Best Luxury Present for Dinner Party Extraordinaires: This Always Pan

practical versatile aluminum blue Always Pan luxury best housewarming gifts and ideas

To say this luxury housewarming gift is a cult favorite would be an understatement. Anyone who has one will rave about how amazing it is — including our editor Jen, who has one in the “spice” color!!

Aptly named the Always Pan, this best-selling do-it-all is designed to replace eight (8!) traditional pieces of cookware. Think of all the space your favorite homeowners will have in their new kitchen once they toss out their frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucepan, nonstick pan, spatula, AND spoon rest!

Plus, this housewarming gift comes in eight different colors, all pretty enough to display proudly on the stove (even induction stoves!).

GWS Tip: This pan is currently on sale for only $95 (down from $145) for Black Friday. Run, don’t walk to the Our Place website!!

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Best Practical Housewarming Gifts and Ideas

luxury black and white salt and pepper grinders practical best housewarming gifts and ideas
practical salt + pepper housewarming gifts: CB2

Moving into a new home often means stocking up on all those practical items you need for a bigger space. With the best practical housewarming gifts, you can save them the hassle — and turn these functional items into something meaningful at the same time!

While practical housewarming gifts may sound boring, we’ve found some amazing products that blend style and function. These are some of the essentials of running a home, so why not make them interesting?!

For something they’ll actually use and love, here are our top practical housewarming gift ideas!

41. Best Practical Housewarming Gift for Bakeoff Champions: These Engraved Measuring Cups + Spoons

personalized engraved measuring cups and spoons practical best housewarming gifts and ideas

When you think of exciting housewarming gifts, measuring cups may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But these engraved beauties are here to change that!

Made with stunning, all natural wood that is laser engraved with the year and the letters H-O-M-E, these measuring spoons and cups make for beautiful, personalized, and practical housewarming gifts. They also come delivered in a gift box with a bright dish towel and a custom message filled out by you.

We see a “thank you” cake in your future!!

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42. Best Practical Housewarming Gift for Ultimate Relaxation: This Essential Oil Diffuser

ceramic essential oil diffuser practical best housewarming gifts and ideas

If you love the idea of giving the gift of relaxation, but don’t want to splurge on the smart diffuser from #38, this Amazon option is the perfect alternative!

With a hand-made ceramic cover, this essential oil diffuser looks WAY more expensive than its $37 price tag. It’s also one of our favorite stylish AND practical housewarming gifts and ideas, thanks to its space-saving size, silent humidifier, and long-lasting run time.

For ultimate relaxation, gift this aromatherapy diffuser with this best-selling essential oils gift set, which features six organic scents ranging from tranquil lavender to energizing tea tree!

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43. Best Practical Present for Sustainable Babes: This Zero Waste Cleaning Set

zero waste cleaning set practical best housewarming gift ideas

We’re always looking for better ways to live sustainably, and this practical housewarming gift is kind of like a one-stop shop for a zero waste kitchen!

While cleaning may not be one of the most exciting parts of buying a new house, this eco-friendly cleaning kit will make it just a little bit better — especially for all the sustainable babes out there!

There are a few different kit sizes you can choose from, each featuring zero waste must-haves like a dish soap bar, loofah sponges, and a plant-based dish brush. Goodbye plastic, hello a cleaning routine they can feel good about!

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44. Best Practical Present for Apartment Dwellers: This Compact Swivel Cheese Board

best practical personalized compact swivel cheese board gift

As you may have noticed by now, we’re big believers that everyone needs a good cheese board for all their hosting and cheese-eating needs. But if they’re celebrating a new apartment instead of a new house, a huge cutting board may not be the most practical housewarming gift.

Enter: this compact cheese board! You can make this board as small or as large as you want, thanks to a swivel function that transforms it from an itty bitty triangle to a full circle. It also comes with built-in storage for a cheese fork and two knives, so no drawer space required.

Personalize this housewarming gift with a custom engraved monogram and you’re pretty much golden!

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45. Best Practical Present for Newlyweds: These Gold Foil Return Labels

best practical personalized gold foil return label housewarming gift idea

Perfect for new homeowners AND newlyweds, this practical housewarming gift is working overtime to say congratulations!

Each elegant return address label can be customized with their new last names and their new address — all in a luxurious gold foil. We’re also digging the transparent background, which helps that glittering gold stand out!

With tons of “thank you” notes in their future, this housewarming gift idea will definitely come in handy. And with almost 23,000 five-star shop reviews, you know it’ll be a win!

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cozy hygge gift box unique best housewarming gifts
housewarming gift box: HappyHyggeGifts on Etsy

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What’s at the top of your gift list this year? Let us know in the comments below!