37 Best Watches for Men in Every Style and Budget

cool luxury best watches for men made of silver and black leather
mens watch: Citizen

In a world where people use their phones for everything, how refreshing is it to look down at your wrist to check the time? More than just accessories, the best watches for men capture that old school charm — and look great doing it.

Since they first hit our wrists over a century ago, watches for men have been synonymous with status and performance. Now, they’re one of the most classic ways to show off your personal style and elevate any ‘fit.

But with so many styles to choose from — from sporty smart watches to suave gold ones — it can be difficult to find the ticker that you’ll want to wear around the clock.

That’s where we come in! Whether you’re looking for your new everyday watch or you’re ready to invest in a luxury heirloom, we’ve rounded up the best watches for men in every style and budget.

But before we get into the wrist candy, let’s answer any last-minute questions you have about finding your perfect fit.

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How much should you expect to spend on the best watches for men?

blue and brown best luxury watches for men with leather wristband
mens watch: Bloomingdales

When buying watches for men, you can expect to spend anywhere from $150 to upwards of $15,000 (and beyond). It’s a big gap, we know! But now more than ever before, you can find stylish, high-quality mens watches for every budget.

Looking for your first watch or a wallet-friendly (but still thoughtful) gift? Stay within the $100 to $300 price range with minimalist designs and cool digital timepieces.

Celebrating a big occasion or ready to invest in a luxury piece? You’ll find the very best watches for men from iconic designer names and Swiss watchmakers.

Whatever your budget, we recommend looking for watches that are versatile enough to be dressed up or down and classic enough to be worn for years. There are few other accessories that you’ll wear every single day (your wedding band is another!), so don’t be afraid to spend a little more for a quality ticker that’ll go the distance.

What are the best mens watches and brands?

vintage-inspired white and gold best watches for men
mens watch: MVMT

You could probably list a few of the best mens watch brands off the top of your head. We all know Rolex, Patek Phillippe, and of course Cartier. So instead of breaking down those same ol’ luxury tickers, we thought we’d highlight some unique options to help you stand out from the crowd. Because the best watches for men should be about your personal style, not following the crowd!

  • TAG Heuer: For the best luxury watches for men, look no further than TAG Heuer. The brand has delivered bold styles since 1860, specializing in high-precision timepieces for the world of motor racing. Today, TAG Heuer watches are still synonymous with innovation, luxury, and big wins. From their limited edition Porsche collaboration to their customizable smart watches for men, this brand is leading the race for iconic tickers.
  • Citizen: Citizen is checking off all the boxes when it comes to the best sustainable watches for men. The Japanese brand launched their Eco-Drive technology in the ’70s, which allows their watches to be powered by light instead of batteries. The result: eco-conscious, incredibly precise, and super stylish timepieces. Plus, Citizen partnered with Disney in 2018 to create collections for all your faves (including Marvel and Star Wars).

Now it’s time to get into the best watches for men!

Best Luxury Watches For Men

collection of smart and classy best luxury watches for men
luxury mens watches: Bloomingdales

The trends may keep on ticking, but the best luxury watches for men are timeless (not literally, of course). These picks are designed to last a lifetime, and make every minute count along the way.

When choosing luxury watches for men, we recommend going to the experts — aka, the brands with a history of success. Like picking a luxury car, you want the prestige and expertise that comes from a world-renowned name.

Our favorite top tier timepieces come from brands that are known for their breakthroughs in style, technology, and precision, as well as their seriously rad modern designs.

Whether you’re treating yourself for a special occasion (your wedding, perhaps?) or just because, here are the best luxury watches for men that you should be watching right now. 

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1: The Best Black + Rose Gold Luxury Watch For Men

black silver and rose gold best luxury watches for men

For around-the-clock style, it doesn’t get better than TAG Heuer luxury watches for men. Inspired by the fast-paced world of motor racing, they’re designed to push the limits. After all, you don’t get to be the first watchmaking brand to sponsor the Formula 1 World Championship for nothing!

This TAG Heuer three-hand automatic watch boasts a sleek black dial and unique 18k rose gold plated details. Despite having a luxe downtown look, it’s also water resistant up to 100 meters — ideal for beach getaways or laps around the pool.

Shop This TAG Heuer Carrera Luxury mens Watch

2: The Best Moon Phase Luxury Watch For Men

stainless steel and navy best luxury watches for men with a moonphase dial

This luxury watch for men is the definition of fashion meets function. It blends stainless steel, navy blue leather, and sapphire crystal to create chic wrist candy that accurately tracks your time.

SO much more than your average timepiece, this perpetual calendar watch features four subdials that give you all the calendar information you could possibly need — without having to check your phone.

We especially love the bottom half circle, which portrays the different phases of the moon. Whether you’re an aspiring astronomer or a former science geek, this moonphase luxury watch for men is seriously cool.

Shop This Slimline Perpetual Calendar Luxury mens Watch

3: The Best Luxury Watch For Free-Spirited Men

stainless steel Raymond Weil best luxury watches for men

Designed for free spirits, this Freelancer chronograph watch is the perfect eclectic mix of classic and modern styles. It’s an iconic Raymond Weil timepiece — a brand that crafts luxury watches inspired by music of all genres.

Made with stainless steel, this luxury watch for men is composed of multiple dials and an elegant detailed strap. It also features a mechanical movement with automatic winding, perfect for men that like to have control over their own time.

Looking for something as bold as you are? This Freelancer mens watch also comes in green.

Shop This Freelancer Automatic Chronograph Luxury mens Watch

4: Best Timeless Luxury Watch For Men

sapphire crystal best luxury watches for men with black leather straps

For the best luxury watches with a history of excellence, look no further than Baume & Mercier. The brand’s story began all the way back in 1830 in a small Swiss village — and since then it’s gained a name for its game-changing creative designs.

Case in point: this rad luxury watch for men. The gradient blue dial is paired with a finely stitched black alligator strap that oozes elegance. With almost two centuries of success behind its design, you know this timepiece will transcend trends and be just as cool in 50 years as it is now.

Shop This Baume & Mercier Luxury Watch

5: Best Unique Luxury Watch For Men

purple square limited edition best luxury watches for men

You’re not like everyone else, so why should your watch be? Ditch basic designs for luxury watches for men that really stand out.

Another TAG Heuer timepiece, this limited edition square watch is made for guys that aren’t afraid to take risks. It features a daring smoked purple dial and bold contrasting subdials that display the month and day. The strap is the perfect finishing touch: classic black alligator folds over to reveal a pop of purple on the back.

If you want this luxe mens watch, you’re going to have to put pedal to the metal — the statement design is limited to only 500 pieces!

Shop THis Tag Heuer Square Luxury Watch

6: Best Motorbike-Inspired Luxury Watch

cool bronze chronograph best luxury watches for men

If you could bottle the feeling of the open road and transform it into a luxury watch for men, we think it would look something like this.

Inspired by a customized motorbike created for the Raymond Weil name, this luxe bronze watch gives the brand’s Freelancer style a heart-racing upgrade. The watch’s strap is reminiscent of the motorbike’s leather-clad seat, and its smoked dial comes from the gradient effect of the bike’s paint.

This luxury watch for men also features a tachymeter scale (which can determine the speed of a motorbike or other vehicle over a known distance) and a pulsometer scale to track your heart rate. Go on, take this timepiece for a ride…if you dare.

Shop This Freelancer Bronze Leather Luxury Watch For Men

7: Best Sophisticated Designer Luxury Watch For Men

unique designer rose gold best luxury watches for men with monochromatic and minimalist look

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder — and by the beholder, we mean the designer. Nothing can compete with luxury watches for men that are designed by the fashion world’s elite. Enter: this BVLGARI rose gold watch.

Crafted with 18-karat rose gold on both the strap and dial, this designer timepiece feels modern in a way that we haven’t seen before. With one of the highest price tags on this list, it’s not for everyone, but that’s kind of the point. If you want the best of the best, this timepiece will set you apart in all the right ways.

Shop This Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Designer mens Watch

8: Best Classic Luxury Watch For Men

black vintage-inspired chronograph best luxury watches for men

Wear the American dream on your wrist with this Bulova chronograph watch. The brand, which was started by Joseph Bulova after he immigrated to the US, is now the only watchmaker that has been in continuous operation in New York since 1875. Talk about an impressive heritage!

This black and rose gold design is inspired by Bulova’s chronograph mens watches from the ’40s — which combine a stop watch with a display watch. We also dig that it’s mechanical, a refreshing (and luxurious) alternative to digital!

Shop This JOSEPH BULOVA Chronograph Luxury mens Watch

What is the most prestigious mens watch?

Move over Rolex. TAG Heuer has entered the chat. With a long history of innovation and expert craftsmanship, TAG Heuer’s luxury watches for men have earned the title of prestigious timepieces.

Not only is the brand backed by over 150 years of trail-blazing success, but it also continues to break records and make its mark on the watchmaking world. TAG Heuer has actually created the world’s most accurate timekeepers, with an accuracy of 5/10,000ths of a second. I’s prestigious mens watches always stay a step ahead, and the brand has won some of the coolest collaborations in the game.

For the most prestigious mens watches from TAG Heuer, we’d recommend this limited edition signature Carrera timepiece or this luxury Porsche smart watch for men.

Best Affordable Watches For Men

personalized engraved silver best affordable watches for men under 200
affordable mens watch: Etsy

Who says you need to break open your piggy bank to level up your wrist game? While timepieces are still often tied to the idea of luxury, more and more brands are disrupting the industry with some killer affordable watches for men. And we are here. for. it.

While a lot of our favorite affordable watches for men come in at under $200, they all still have the same style and class of luxury tickers. Perfect for starter watches or fashion-forward gifts, these picks are definitely worth your time.

Keep scrolling for the best high quality watches for men without the high price tag.

9: Best Minimalist Affordable Watch For Men

sophisticated minimalist best affordable watches for men with interchangeable leather bands

Calling all minimalists! This affordable watch for men proves that the simple things in life really are the sweetest. Just peep the silver and white dial, which has no numbers. It’s no nonsense, no fuss, just vibes.

Plus, all of Daniel Wellington’s watches for men have straps that are interchangeable. Mix and match with a different color leather, swap it out with a luxe mesh strap, or add a utilitarian NATO material!

Shop This Daniel Wellington Affordable mens Watch

10: Best Sport Affordable Watch For Men

black and rose gold sport best affordable watches for men

Sport meets luxury with this affordable Citizen watch for men. The modern rose gold and black combo will elevate any wrist — but the star of the show has to be the sports-ready features.

This sleek watch is water resistant up to 100 meters and uses Citizen’s sustainable Eco-Drive technology, which powers it by any light. Coming from a brand that specializes in diving watches, you know you’re getting a timepiece that can withstand the pressure.

Shop This Endicott Sport Affordable mens Watch

11: Best Affordable Watch For Men Under $200

silver chronograph best affordable watches for men under 200

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this sleek stainless steel timepiece — which clocks in at under $200! For the best affordable watches for men that don’t sacrifice on style, this Timex one is IT.

Timex has long been an icon in the watch world, and it’s easy to see why. Mark Twain was actually known to carry the brand’s pocket watch, and they were the first company to put Mickey Mouse on a wristwatch!

A true classic, this affordable watch for men embodies all the best parts of the Timex brand: a multifunctional design, simple lines, and technical prowess.

Shop This Chicago Chronograph Affordable Watch

12: Best Modern Affordable Watch For Men

black stainless steel chronograph best affordable watches for men with gold accents

Whether you want to lead in the boardroom or the fashion game, this affordable Diesel watch for men is here to make your presence known. It’s crafted with black stainless steel in a design that subtly resembles an engine. There’s no doubt that this powerhouse timepiece will take you wherever you need to go.

We’re especially digging the contrasting gold accents, including the plaque that reads “only the brave.” It’s a mantra, a style statement, and a timekeeper in one. We wouldn’t blame you for never wanting to take this one off.

Shop This Chronograph Black Stainless Steel Affordable Watch

13: Best Smoke Affordable Watch For Men

water resistant grey mesh best affordable watches for men under 200

Cool affordable watches for men don’t exi—

This Skagen timepiece ups the cool factor with a grey smoke dial and an elevated mesh strap. The two minimalist subdials (one for the date and one for the day of the week) also add the perfect amount of intrigue. Do we need to go on?

Embracing effortlessly cool Danish design, it’s an affordable watch for men that looks WAY more expensive than its $175 price tag.

Shop This Skagen Mesh Affordable mens Watch

14: Best Sleek Affordable Watch

minimalist modern gold best affordable watches for men under 200

When it comes to the best affordable watches for men, in MVMT we trust. The brand is the MVP of suave watches for men that don’t empty out your wallet — it’s even part of their mission statement!

As disruptors of a pricey industry, MVMT creates watches that are made for go-getters, innovators, and adventurers. And the proof is in this sleek gold timepiece! It gives minimalism a bold makeover with sharp lines and a modern black dial.

Despite being under $200, this piece looks SERIOUSLY luxe. It would be the perfect affordable watch to rock with a suit (or to gift to your groomsmen to wear with theirs, if you’re in the wedding planning process!).

Shop This Element Gold Affordable Watch For Men

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15: Best Navy Blue Affordable Watch For Men

silver and navy blue best affordable watches for men under 200

Win all the style points with this affordable watch for men. It features a two-tone case and a digital dial with multiple functions. With a navy blue synthetic leather strap, it’s bold, graphic, and different enough from your typical wrist candy to make a seriously dope statement.

This is the best affordable watch for men if you want to add a pop of color to your ‘fit.

Shop This KENNETH COLE Blue Affordable Watch

16: Best Matte Gunmetal Affordable Watch For Men

vintage-inspired matte gunmetal steel and olive best affordable watches for men

Watches and automobiles have a lot in common — from their gears to the way they define your personal style. This affordable watch for men is inspired by the auto culture of the 1960s, perfect for guys whose vibes are old school, classic, and a little bit edgy.

With a combo of matte gunmetal steel and an olive dial, this timepiece channels the classic muscle car paint jobs from that rock’n’roll era. It also boasts double-domed glass and vintage dual dials. If you feel like you were born in the wrong decade, this one’s for you.

Shop This MVMT RALLYE GREEN Blacktop Affordable Watch

Best Sport Watches For Men

minimalist red and black water resistant best sport watches for men
sport mens watch: Bloomingdale’s

Whether you’re teeing up, diving in, or working out, you need the best sport watches for men. These mens watches are designed to withstand your on-the-go lifestyle and help you take your game to the next level.

With expert technology to track and display the milestones that matter most, a sport watch is like your coach and biggest fan in one.

To choose the best sport watches for men, keep an eye out for the basics (durability, comfort, and style), as well as the features you need to level up.

If you’re a runner, you may want a smart watch that tracks your heart rate and plays your motivation playlist. If you’re a diver, you’ll need a sport watch for men that won’t crack under the pressure.

Whatever your gym routine, we’ve rounded up the best sport watches for your next sesh.

17: Best Smart Sport Watch For Men

black modern Apple smart best sport watches for men

The holy grail of smart watches for men, this Apple watch is made for guys that like a little tech with their timekeeping. For the sportiest among us, the Series 7 also has some of the most advanced health and sport features of all the smart watches.

We’re talking sensors to measure your blood oxygen level, track your sleep, and record all your go-to workouts. It’s also crack resistant, dust resistant, and swim-proof. Plus, you can use it to send a text, make a call, or switch on your running playlist.

Featuring all the best aspects of sport watches AND technology, this is by far one of the best watches for men, on and off the field.

Shop This Sport Apple Smart Watch

18: Best Durable Sport Watch For Men

modern G-shock water resistant best sport watches for men

Please welcome the OG sport watch for men: the G-Shock. Designed by our favorite retro watch brand (Casio) to resist any stress, vibrations, or, ahem, shock, this is THE best mens watch for all your outdoor activities. It also has a chronograph feature, a flash alert, and multiple modes to help you fine tune your athletic prowess.

And did we mention that it looks seriously awesome? This model was created in honor of the 25th anniversary of the design’s original release in 1995. Transport yourself back to a simpler time of Tamagotchis, The Backstreet Boys, and Windows ’95 with this rad sport watch for men.

Shop This G-Shock Stainless Steel mens Sport Watch

19: Best Dive Sport Watch For Men

water resistant dive best sport watches for men with green and black accents

Air tank? Check. Regulator? Check. Flippers? Check. All that’s missing is the best dive sport watch for men to take you down to the depths — and this Citizen Promaster timepiece is willing to go the distance.

Let’s dive into the specs! Water resistant up to a whopping 200 meters, this watch can keep up with even the most advanced divers. It will also display your depth up to 50 meters (great for those safety stops) and has a maximum depth memory for your dive logs. Plus, an auto start dive mode and long-term chronograph mean you can jump in and go.

Shop THis Promaster Aqualand Dive Sport Watch

20: Best Bold Sport Watch For Men

red and black best sport watches for men with silicone straps

Tissot has some of the best watches for men, full stop, but their sport watches really take things up a notch. The brand has always had a soft spot for sports — it’s been the official timekeeper of the NBA since 2015 and was partnering with sports stars long before that!

This Tissot T-Race sport watch came to play with a winning design inspired by MotoGPTM race cars. Just peep the chronograph feature, three subdials, and tachymeter bezel.

And the cherry on top? The bold red and black color scheme.

Shop This Tissot Chronograph mens Sport Watch

21: Best Golf Sport Watch

luxury golf smart best sport watches for men

Tee up — because we’ve found the best sport watch for men that love a day on the green. This TAG Heuer smart watch has apps specific for golf lovers, in addition to its other features for running, cycling, swimming, fitness, and wellness.

Compatible with iOS and Android, you can connect this sport watch to your phone to track your best swings. It also has innovative drive shot tracking to help you perfect your shots and digital scorekeeping for competitive games. And that’s just the start.

Whether you’re a golf pro or a Saturday putter, this smart sport watch for men is a hole-in-one timepiece!

Shop This TAG Heuer Golf Edition mens Smart Watch

22: Best Minimalist Sport Watch

minimalist gunmetal dive best sport watches for men

Simple, but SO effective. This MVMT sport watch for men is made with surgical grade stainless steel for maximum durability, no matter where your sports endeavors take you. It’s a minimalist (read: stylish) take on a classic dive watch, with a 100-meter water rating and a rotating bezel.

Style this one with a Y2K-inspired pair of sport sunglasses — the perfect combo whether you’re hanging on the dive boat or showing off your street style.

Shop This Pacific Mist Dive Sport Watch

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23: Best Sport Watch For Men Under $200

affordable smart best sport watches for men under 200

A smart watch for men for under $200? Tell us more!

This sport smart watch gives the classic wristwatch style a major update with modern health technology, sport modes, and smartphone capabilities. Manage everything from your group chat to your heart rate with just a glimpse at your wrist!

This sport watch for men also has a downloadable app that allows you to customize the wellness features to fit your needs. It’s a win for us!

Shop This Affordable mens Sport Smart Watch

24: Best Luxury Sport Watch

luxury formula 1 racing chronograph best sport watches for men

If you have a need for speed, this sport watch for men will help you fly past that finish line. Inspired BY motor racing FOR motor racers (or, you know, your daily rush hour commute), this TAG Heuer watch is has no shortage of speed, endurance, and performance.

The watch’s three different chronograph counters track each moment, down to the 1/10th second. It also features a precision tachymeter scale that measures distance and speed. For when you don’t just want to be on time, you want to be first — this “Formula 1” timepiece will get you there.

Shop This Formula 1 Racing Sport Watch

Best Gold Watches For Men

water resistant affordable best gold watches for men under 200
gold mens watch: MVMT

Icon status: activated. There’s something about gold watches for men that just hits different. They’re classic, luxurious, and just a little bit showy.

If you rock a suit to work every day, a gold mens watch will add that extra touch of class to your next big presentation. They’re also the perfect timepiece to have around for more formal occasions, from date night to wedding season.

But gold watches for men aren’t only for dressing up! Our favorite picks can also be dressed down — ideal for the guys that love to look polished even on their Saturday coffee runs.

25: Best Designer Gold Watch For Men

luxury designer Hugo Boss best gold watches for men

Hugo Boss is notorious for designing impeccable suits — and now they’ve created the best gold watch for men to wear as they suit up. This sharp accessory has two subdials, a black dial date display, and is finished with sunray brushing for an eye-catching effect.

Featuring a signature clasp that’s unique to the Boss brand, this gold watch is crafted for bosses in business and life. Whether you style it with your best tux or your best t-shirt, the vibes will be impeccable.

Shop This Gold Hugo Boss Globetrotter gold mens Watch

26: Best Stylish Gold Watch For Men

trendy black dial eco-drive best gold watches for men

For a timepiece that will take you from midday meetings to date night without missing a beat, look no further than this trendy gold watch for men. It adds a touch of decadence to your everyday ‘fits, without feeling over the top.

Not sure you want gold? This Citizen watch also comes in silver (with a bold blue dial) and sleek grey.

Shop This Axiom Eco-Drive Gold Watch

27: Best Emerald Gold Watch For Men

affordable emerald green dial best gold watches for men under 200

With an elegant, Art Deco feel, emerald green is ALWAYS in style. Especially when it comes to dapper gold watches for men!

Channel Gatsby vibes with this rose gold watch, featuring a glam emerald-tone dial. It keeps things pretty simple with its design elements (two hands, no numbers, and a link bracelet), but that color combo makes this piece anything but boring. Flash this on your wrist and you’ll be looking like old money, Old Sport.

Shop This Affordable Iconic Link Gold Watch

28: Best Statement Gold Watch

bold sporty digital best gold watches for men

Think digital watches for men are outdated? This statement gold timepiece is here to prove you wrong!

A bold throwback to the blinking numbers of the ’70s and ’80s, this Philipp Plein watch feels retro in a super rad way. With 1980s style in its comeback era, it was only a matter of time before digital made its return, too — and we’re not mad about it!

The perfect tribute to a time of structured suits and major accessories, this gold watch for men (aptly named “The GOAT”) is redefining modern trends.

Shop This Statement Digital Gold mens Watch

29: Best Luxury Quartz Gold Watch

luxury water resistant quartz best gold watches for men

If you love the more-is-more approach to style, this Bulova gold watch for men is beyond epic. The intricate black dial features 11 hand set diamonds, curved mineral crystal, and calendar details.

Part of the brand’s iconic “Precisionist” line, this luxury mens watch also has unparalleled accuracy (in addition to unparalleled style). It’s three-pronged quartz crystal movement has a vibrational frequency of 262 kHz, which is eight times greater than standard timepieces. With this on your wrist, you’ll never be late again!

Shop This Precisionist Luxury Gold Watch

30: Best Reviewed Gold Watch

minimalist stainless steel affordable best gold wristwatches

Equal parts subtle and striking, this gold watch makes a statement without being too flashy. With an oversized black dial, it stands apart from the other gold watches for men, and we LOVE the sleek but understated subdials.

The five star reviews don’t lie — this watch is a winner. Oh, and did we mention it’s affordable, too?

Shop This Blacktop Champion Gold Watch

31: Best Versace Gold Watch For Men

luxury designer Versace best gold watches for men

A gold watch is good. But a Versace gold watch is better. It’s an understatement to say this is one of the best gold watches for men on this list — it may be one of the sleekest gold watches for men ever!

Named the “Greca Dome,” this luxury gold timepiece features an iconic Greca motif around the champagne case and wristband. We’re also digging the unique dome-shaped glass and, of course, the Versace logo on the dial.

Pair this with your Versace cologne for a head-to-toe look that exudes Italian luxury.

Shop This Versace Greca Dome Gold mens Watch

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Best Casual Watches For Men

luxury vintage-inspired aviation pilot best casual watches for men
casual mens watch: Hamilton

It’s your ol’ reliable. Your grab-and-go. The finishing touch to your look. The accessory that you never actually take off. We’re talking about the best casual watches for men.

Typically featuring a leather strap and a minimalist dial, casual watches for men are made to be worn everywhere, anywhere, and all the time. They’re cool without trying to be, and comfortable enough to rock 24/7.

If you’re not looking for something too flashy, formal, or full-on, you’re going to love these casual watches for men.

32: Best Comfortable + Casual Watch For Men

rose gold and stainless steel best casual watches for men with brown leather straps

When comfort is king, consider this Tissot casual watch royalty. It blends a soft leather strap with a modern stainless steel case for a timeless accessory you’ll never want to take off.

Classic and so versatile, this rose gold timepiece is kind of like your favorite pair of white sneakers. It goes with everything and always has your back, no matter where the day takes you.

Shop This Tissot Casual mens Watch

33: Best Casual Sport Watch For Men

affordable sport stainless steel best casual wristwatches

The best casual watches for men are designed to be worn all day, every day. This one understood the assignment. With a style that wows from the boardroom to happy hour, you can rest easy knowing you’re serving looks in every environment. AND it has all the features of a sport watch, perfect for your daily gym sesh.

This casual Citizen timepiece will become so synonymous with your style, you’ll forget you’re even wearing a watch!

SHop This Drive Sporty Casual mens Watch

34: Best Personalized Casual Watch For Men

affordable personalized engraved navy blue dial best casual watches for men under 200

You’ll look like a total class act with this casual watch for men. We’re digging the navy blue dial, complete with three subdials that act as your new Google calendar. It’s an analog beaut that makes a great everyday watch or thoughtful gift!

Plus, this casual watch for men can be engraved with a phrase, date, or name on the back of the dial. A personalized timepiece? Now that’s a flex.

Shop This Custom Engraved Casual + Affordable Watch

35: Best Sustainable Casual Watch For Men

luxury sustainable skeleton navy blue best casual watches for men

For the guys that love to take a peak inside the engine, this skeleton watch for men puts its gears and mechanics front and center. With a sleek blue design topping off the dial, it’s a timepiece we can’t stop looking at.

A serious bonus to this watch’s great style? Its sustainability. The statement blue strap is made from materials with a low environmental impact, including a thin layer of cork and post-consumer recycled fibre fabric. It’s a timepiece that will make you look good, and feel even better.

Shop This F-80 Skeleton Casual Watch

36: Best Military-Inspired Casual Watch

blue dial sport best casual watches for men with brown wrist strap

Most of the men’s accessories that we still know and love today first got their start from the military. From aviator sunglasses to combat boots to camo everything, there’s no denying the influence that the service has on our modern ‘fits. And the best watches for men are no exception!

This Bulova casual watch is inspired by the brand’s military heritage. Its old school field design is infused with a contemporary edge, and the result is a crisp, durable, and sporty watch that you’ll be wearing 24/7.

Shop This A-11 Hack Casual Watch

37: Best Affordable Casual Watch

affordable green dial best casual wristwatches with black leather straps

As you may have noticed, we have an affinity for green here at Green Wedding Shoes. One of the best casual watches for men, this green ticker is checking off ALL our boxes.

One: a vintage design that exudes street style. Two: the sustainable Eco-Drive technology that eliminates the need to replace watch batteries. Three: the unique and sophisticated green dial, of course! It’s a practical, eye-catching, and affordable watch that you’ll be wearing around the clock.

Shop This Rolan Casual Watch

38: Best Luxury Casual Watch

luxury brown and rose gold best casual watches for men

This casual watch for men packs a whole lotta style into an everyday timepiece. For a grand, elegant watch that you can still get away with wearing for casual events, look no further than the “Maestro.”

The name means master, a nod to Raymond Weil’s mastery of Swiss watchmaking and the masters of classical music that inspired the design.

Channel all the esteem of a composer, conductor, or grand personality on the daily with this sophisticated rose gold timepiece!

Shop This Maestro Automatic Calibre Casual Watch

39: Best Classic Casual Watch

classic black and stainless steel best casual wristwatches with brown suede straps

Minimalism at its finest! This Frederique Constant ticker is one of the best casual watches for men that prefer to keep their ‘fits simple and sophisticated. It blends a black dial, a silver stainless steel case, and a brown leather strap for a look that goes with everything.

Made in Switzerland, this casual watch for men embodies luxury without having to brag about it. You could say we’re obsessed.

Shop This Frederique Constant Classics Casual Watch

What is the best mens watch for the money?

affordable vintage-inspired black dial chronograph best gold watches for men
mens watch: MVMT

So we’ve given you a lot of options (39, to be exact). But out of all of those tickers, what are the best watches for men based on value? We’ve analyzed our top picks to find your TLDR answer.

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, the best mens watch for the money has to be this MVMT Blacktop Champion Gold timepiece. At just $248, it has all the class and style of a luxury watch, plus two minimalist subdials for tracking your time (perfect for meetings or work-outs). And, with a timeless black and gold combo, it’s versatile enough to go with a suit, running shorts, and everything in between.

Don’t forget to check out the raving reviews for this ticker. We’re not the only ones that think it’s the best mens watch for the money!

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pair of minimalist luxury gold and black best watches for men
luxury mens watches: Bloomingdale’s

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