The A to Z Men’s Formalwear Guide

A-Z's of Men's Formalwear with Generation Tux

Does men’s formalwear seem overwhelming and mysterious? We get it- for many gents out there, the wedding day is the first time they’re taking a real step into the world of “dressing up”. Between tux vs. suit, tie vs. bow tie, knots, fit, cuffs and squares, it can leave your head spinning. That’s why the experts are here to shed some light on the subject while making it easy and fun! Matt Ramirez, the Senior VP of Marketing at Generation Tux shares this:

The A to Z of Men’s Formalwear for a wedding is more than you might think. Yes, there are plenty of things we need to cover to make sure you look your best, but we also sneaked some fun tips into the list to make sure this is a go to list when planning your wedding.

Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about the guys and their gear?? Let’s go! (photo above by Northern Native Photography)

A – Always, Sometimes and Never

A-Z's of Men's Formalwear with Generation Tuxvia Generation Tux

The rule for Buttons: Always button the top button, sometimes button the second (especially during photos), and NEVER button the bottom. Vest: Button all except the bottom button.

B – Boutonniere

Securing the boutonniere on the buttonhole of the jacket on the left lapel is an excellent way to coordinate with the wedding flowers and bouquets.

C – Cufflinks

An elegant form of jewelry used to fasten the cuffs of your dress shirt. They can be customized to your personal style and make excellent gifts for your wedding party.

D – Dance

Hit the dance floor in your wool suit or tuxedo. Feel confident and feel great in this breathable, lightweight material that is only outdone by its quality.

E – Engagement Photos

Make sure you look good from start to finish in front of your friends and family and rent a suit for your engagement photos.

F – Fit

Generation Tux Men's Formalwear
photo: Olivia Markle | via 5 Tips to Design a Gorgeous + Sustainable Wedding

Select a men’s formalwear fit that makes you feel confident. Modern fit is a standard fit that flatters most body types. Slim fit is close-fitting, with a shorter coat, and tapered pant legs.

G – Groomsmen Look

Subtly change the groomsmen look from the groom through accessories like tie colors, or a different shade of the same suit or tuxedo.

H – Home Try-On

Generation Tux Men's Formalwearphoto via Generation Tux

Make sure you get your perfect wedding day look with a free Home Try-on from Generation Tux.

I – Inner Jacket pocket

This is a great place to keep your vows safe. (or rings if you are the best man!)

J – Jacket

Generation Tux Men's Formalwearphoto: Katie Pritchard | via The Green Wedding Shoes x The Tie Bar Shoot

Dinner jacket, suit or tuxedo jackets or blazers. Create different looks for all your wedding festivities from engagement photos, the rehearsal dinner, and your wedding day.

K – Knot

The right tie makes the perfect look. Choose from different tie knots: full or half Windsor, four in hand, or bow-tie.

L – Lapels

Don’t overlook this important jacket detail. Notch, Peak, or shawl lapels are all different lapel types. A notch is suitable for an everyday look, a peak lapel should not be worn as a casual style. A shawl lapel is the most formal and ideal for evening or Black Tie Formal.

M – Multiple Color Options or Styles

Generation Tux Men's Formalwearphoto via Generation Tux

This is where you make your wedding look our own. Suits and tuxedos come in a variety of colors, and accessory color options are endless. Easily try as many combinations as you want with our custom builder.

N – Necktie

or Bowtie. A small piece, but a big decision. Pick your tie style, then coordinate the colors with the rest of your wedding party.

O – Officiant

It’s all in the details. The Officiant can coordinate their outfit with the rest of the wedding party.

P – Pocket Squares

Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas
photo: Olivia Markle | via 5 Tips to Design a Gorgeous + Sustainable Wedding

Another great way to accessorize your suit or tux with over a dozen ways to fold them, and color options to match the rest of the wedding party.

Q – Quartz

This is a popular men’s formalwear accessory color for 2020 in ties, bowties, and pocket squares.

R – Rings

Tuck the rings away in a safe place either in the safety of your pocket or with your best man/gal.

S – Socks & Shoes

Black, brown, or patent leather shoes are all options for your formal-wear. Fun or patterned socks can enhance your outfit or show the personality of your wedding party.

T – Tuxedo

Notch, peak, or shawl lapel tuxedos are a must for your formal event. Black, blue, or grey tuxedo colors allow you to go with a classic tux look or change it up with color. Pair your tux with a patent leather shoe for a traditional black-tie look.

U – Usher

Men's Formalwear with Generation Tux
photo: Kaylee Chelsea Photography

Don’t forget about these important wedding party members. Coordinate the ushers with the rest of the wedding party.

V – Vest

Once the jackets come off after the ceremony, a vest is a great way to keep the wedding party coordinated at the reception and on the dance floor.

W – Wedding Color Swatches

Free color swatches ensure the perfect color suits, tuxedos, and accessories.

X – XOXO (hugs and kisses)

Lots of these shared between you and your new bride or groom on your wedding day.

Y – Years

How long an excellent quality suit or tuxedo will last you.

Z – Zig Zag

Add patterns to your look on accessories like ties, pocket squares, and socks. Pin dot, solid, plaid and paisley or striped are just a few more to show your style!

Generation Tux Men's Formalwear
photo: Kristen Hennke Photography

A huge thank you from Generation Tux for sharing their A to Z list! Now you’re ready to conquer the world of men’s formalwear and maybe even steal the spotlight from your SO! We can’t wait to see the unique suit styles, tuxedos, ties and accessories that our couples choose to show off their personalities on their wedding day!