43 Best Mens Wedding Suits for the Groom – Unique Suit Ideas

groomsmen and groom gathering together wearing black mens wedding suits
photo by Lauren Scotti as seen in this Edgy Meets Glam Paris Wedding

Step right on up guys because now is YOUR moment…we’re rounding up the best mens wedding suits for dapper grooms! So much focus is given to wedding dresses, but we know you won’t let it steal your thunder. You’ve got major style that you want to show off, and you should! That’s where this list of the 43 best wedding suits for men comes in to save the day.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the most stylish brands that offer a wide range of the best groom suit options. Perhaps you’re looking for something sleek and classic. Maybe you want to throw caution to the wind and rock a bold ‘fit! Whatever your style, we’re sure you’ll find “the one” below. After all, you deserve to have your moment in the spotlight too.

Let’s get into it! Keep scrolling for the best men’s wedding suits for grooms, in all styles and budgets…plus a few expert tips to help you find your suit soulmate.

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Should the wedding suit for the groom be different than the rest of the wedding party?

rustic tan brown and olive green best mens wedding suits for groom
photo: O&B Photo Co. | green groom’s wedding suit: Banana Republic | brown suits: Bonobos, as seen in this colorful greenhouse wedding

These days, it’s super common for the groom to wear a wedding suit that’s different from the rest of his crew to help distinguish him as the leading man in the ceremony. But, there are no hard and fast rules about this, and we’re all about choosing what feels right to you!

If you want a more cohesive and traditional look, you may choose to rock the same style and color of suit as your crew. On the other hand, if you want to stand out and make a statement on the big day, a different (but still complementary) groom suit may be more your style.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what fits your vibe and personality. Just make sure you’re all matching the dress code and looking your best!

group of men wearing earthy brown and jewel tone suits

If you’re still deciding what look to go for, check out this list of the best wedding party suits for some style inspo and ideas! We’ve found tons of different dapper options that your crew is guaranteed to love.

What color mens wedding suits are best for the groom to wear?

groom wearing classic black wedding suit for men with a crisp white button down and a bowtie
photo: Aurelia Baca Photography | groom’s wedding suit: Bonobos, as seen in this colorful modern Austin wedding

As more and more couples ditch tradition and rock their own styles for their “I do’s,” we’re seeing SO many different colors of wedding suits for grooms. There’s no one right answer — so the best color for your groom suit will come down to your personal style and the vibe you’re going for on the big day!

If you’re looking for something timeless, classic, and versatile, the best and most popular wedding suit colors for grooms are black, navy blue, and grey. They’re classics for a reason: they look great in photos, and they’ll never go out of style!

On the other end of the spectrum, if you want to rock a ‘fit that’s a little more bold, we love groom suits in modern colors, like burgundy, green, pink, and rust orange. Wearing a colorful mens wedding suit is a striking and stylish way to showcase some of your personality on the big day!

GWS Pro Tip: Not sure which route to take? It also helps to consider the dress code and season of the wedding when choosing the color of your wedding suit. For example, if you’re planning a semi-formal ceremony in the summertime, lighter colors like tan or light grey will shine. But if you’re planning a black tie optional celebration in the winter months, a classic black tuxedo is the way to go. Which brings us to our next FAQ…

When to Wear a Wedding Tuxedo Instead of a Mens Wedding Suit

best classic formal black mens wedding tuxedo suits for groom
photo: Abby Jiu | men’s wedding tuxedo suits: Hugo Boss

Wedding tuxedos are a classic and elegant option for grooms, and they’re typically worn for more formal weddings compared to mens wedding suits (black tie dress codes, we’re looking at you!) Made with luxe fabrics and darker colors, this James Bond-esque style is also a must for evening affairs and grand venues, like a ballroom or a swanky hotel.

On the other hand, wedding suits are a more modern option for grooms, and they’re perfect for daytime weddings and casual to semi-formal affairs. Compared to tuxedos, mens wedding suits are usually made with lighter fabrics and can come in a variety of colors and patterns, giving you more flexibility to play around with your personal style!

How much should you expect to spend on the best mens wedding suits for the groom?

best mens wedding suits for the groom with a navy blue tuxedo jacket with black satin lapel
photo: Wild Magnolia Photo | groom’s wedding suit: Bonobos

Once again, our answer for this is…it depends! In general, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a high-quality mens wedding suit. But the final price tag will depend on several factors, such as the quality of the fabric, the brand, and the style.

  • The fabric: Mens wedding suits and tuxedos that are made with finer fabrics (like silk, satin, wool, or velvet) tend to be more expensive than those made using synthetic or blended fabrics. Groom suits that use lightweight materials, like cotton and linen, are also usually more budget-friendly.
  • The brand: It goes without saying that designer brands and well-known labels, like Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, and Tom Ford, will often come with higher price tags. While nothing feels more suave than rocking a luxury designer on your big day, there are also tons of budget-friendly shops that are just as stunning! UK shoppers can use a platform such as Threadspy which has a huge range of designer sale garments from over 70 premium menswear retailers to pick up some amazing deals.
  • The style: Mens wedding suits that are fully canvassed (meaning they have a layer of canvas between the fabric and lining) will generally be pricier than suits that are fused (where the layers are glued together). The level of detail in the suit, such as the number of buttons or the quality of the stitching, will also impact how friendly it is on your wallet.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry! There are plenty of affordable wedding suits for men that will still look ultra sleek on the big day (we’ve included a few of our faves down below!).

And if you’re really looking to save, why not rent your groom suit instead of buying one? Retailers like The Black Tie are great for this!

GWS Pro Tip: Whether you’re looking to save or splurge, it’s always important to factor in the cost of alterations and any accessories you might need to complete the look, like a tie, cufflinks, or shoes. This can add anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars to your final price tag.

How to Choose a High Quality Wedding Suit for Men

groom and his friends wearing modern blue slim fit mens wedding suits
photo: Samm Blake | men’s wedding suits: J.Crew

A stylish men’s wedding suit (or tuxedo) is one of the most significant purchases for the groom. After all, it’s the basis of your entire look! So it’s important to choose one that looks amazing and makes you feel your best. Here are a few of our expert tips to help you do just that!

  • Choose the right fabric: The fabric of your groom suit should be comfortable, breathable, and durable. The best options for mens wedding suits include wool (a go-to for cooler months) and linen or cotton (perfect for warmer climates). Velvet is also an increasingly popular option for a luxury look. And no matter what fabric you choose, we always recommend opting for a bit of stretch.
  • Check the fit: To choose the best fit for your mens wedding suit, you want to make sure that it’s not too tight or too loose. A well-fitted wedding suit will make the groom (you!) look sharp and polished, so it’s a good idea to know your exact measurements when choosing a size. We also suggest getting men’s wedding suits tailored or customized for the perfect fit!
  • Pay attention to the details: Details like buttons, lapels, and pockets can make a huge difference in the overall look of your groom suit. Look for high-quality buttons and choose a lapel that fits your style (notched lapels are more modern while shawl collars are more vintage-inspired). Also make sure the suit has enough pockets to hold essential items like your vows!

When in doubt, one of the best ways to choose a high-quality men’s wedding suit is to buy it from a high-quality retailer. Speaking of which…

The Best Places to Buy Mens Wedding Suits for the Groom

modern black tie tuxedos best mens wedding suits for groom
photo: Mary Costa Photography | men’s wedding suits: SuitShop, as seen in this floral mid-century Palm Springs wedding

Let the hunt for the best mens wedding suits begin! Classic, formal, quirky, or casual, these top 3 brands won’t let you down.

  • Indochino: Whether you’re looking for a classic tux or a modern design, Indochino has some of the best mens wedding suits for all groom styles. And the best part? All of their groom suits can be fully customized to fit your measurements and design preferences. Choose your favorite fabrics, linings, and buttons, and even add a monogram!
  • Bonobos: If you’re looking for stylish mens wedding suits that fit you like a glove, Bonobos is here for you. They truly have something for everyone, including fun styles, bold colors, and multiple fit options for each design. This is also where you can find high-quality shirts, ties, and pocket squares to complete the look. Consider it your one-stop shop!
  • SuitSupply: With a dedicated wedding collection, SuitSupply is great if you’re on the hunt for a mens wedding suit for a specific dress code, from black tie to cocktail. They also have options to custom-make your groom suit with Italy’s finest fabrics, for an ultra dapper look. And the cherry on top: SuitSupply is all about creating sustainable garments with zero waste. We love to see it!

To help you find your perfect match, we’ve rounded up the best men’s wedding suits for grooms from each of these retailers, plus a few extras that caught our eye. Ready to start shopping?

Best Modern Mens Wedding Suits for the Groom

groom wearing a stylish orange colorful modern mens wedding suit
groom’s modern wedding suit: Friar Tux | photo: Tess Laureen, as seen in this Spectacular Spring Wedding Colors at This Stunning Tulum- Inspired Greenhouse

Mens wedding suits for modern grooms are ALL about a clean, fresh cut and lots of color! We love the way these groom suits break tradition and craft their own custom styles that are sure to turn heads.

The name of the game for choosing the best modern wedding suit for your groom style? Forget the rules of traditional wedding attire and go with whatever is calling your name! And when in doubt, opt for a rad color that matches the venue or season of your wedding to make your photos really pop.

Scroll on the see the best modern mens wedding suits for stylish grooms in a few of our favorite hues and silhouettes!

1. Best Mens Wedding Suit for a Modern Twist on a Classic: This Dark Green Three-Piece Groom Look

three piece green modern mens wedding suit

This three-piece suit packs all the elegance imaginable. That rich, dark green color is an unexpected twist that gives this classic wedding suit a modern look for the groom that’s beyond epic.

Plus, this men’s wedding suit is made-to-order to your specific measurements. That means you’ll be getting a dapper, perfectly fitted suit that’s just for you. Rock the full three-piece set or mix-and-match to make it your own. There are no wrong answers here.

Suit Price: $320 (for all three pieces)

shop this dark green modern Men’s WEdding suit for the Groom

GWS Pro Tip: Another bonus of three-piece suits? They’re great if you’re tying the knot in an unpredictable climate. If it gets too hot, just take off your jacket and you’ll still look perfectly formal thanks to the matching vest!

2. Best Modern Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Love to Stand Out: This Three Piece Mustard Look

three piece mustard modern mens wedding suits

This modern wedding suit is perfect for the groom who wants to rock a stand-out look. The mustard tone is giving us all the sunset vibes, and we love how the non-traditional color contrasts the classic three piece suit style. Very cool.

Style this modern mustard look with a floral tie for a fashion-forward trendy look, or pair it with classic black necktie for something more traditional (but still super suave).

Suit Price: $285

shop this modern Copper MEN’S Wedding Suit for the Groom

3. Best Modern Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms That Are Planning a Summer Soiree: This Sage Green Linen Piece

best casual linen sage green modern mens wedding suits for groom

We’re loving this modern men’s wedding suit for grooms that are tying the knot at a rustic summer wedding or springtime garden ceremony.

Made with durable linen, it’ll keep you looking AND feeling cool even on the hottest days — without creasing or losing its shape. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Plus, the sage green color of this two-piece suit is super on-trend for stylish grooms. It’ll help you stand out in allll the right ways.

Suit Price: $499

SHop This Modern Green LInen MEN’S WEdding Suit for the Groom

4. Best Modern Wedding Suit for Grooms That Are Planning Winter “I Do’s”: This Dashing Red Corduroy Look

red corduroy mens suit

And if you’re tying the knot in the colder months instead….this modern red corduroy suit is perfection for a winter or fall wedding. The rich, red hue mirrors the warm tones of fall colors and contrasts the cool blue tones of winter. Either way, you’re sure to make an impression in this class act.

We’re especially digging corduroy as a rad, unexpected alternative to velvet. A bit more easygoing and effortless, this wedding suit is a must for the grooms who want to showcase their personal style on the big day.

Suit Price: $329

shop this modern red corduroy MEN’S WEdding suit for the Groom

5. Best Modern Mens Wedding Suit for Fashion-Forward Guys: This Lightweight Lilac Pink Set

groom wearing a lightweight lilac hued pink modern wedding suit for men

A man in pink…we love to see it! Take modern men’s wedding suits to the next level with this stylish creamy lilac look. The color is absolutely breathtaking, super on-trend, and so very fun.

And a bonus: this is one of Indochino’s luxury wedding suit options for fashion-forward grooms that want to splash out for the big day. All it’s missing is a silk pink pocket square to tie the luxe look together!

Suit Price: $549

Shop This Modern Pink MEN’S Wedding Suit for The Groom

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6. Best Modern Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms That Love a Rustic Look: This Striking Rust Orange Design

rust color fall-inspired modern mens wedding suit

This modern men’s wedding suit is absolute magic for the groom that’s planning a rustic fall wedding. Its rich rust tone is equal parts warm and striking. Perfect for tying the knot amongst the changing leaves.

But don’t just take our word for it. This men’s wedding suit has raving reviews from dozens of other stylish grooms (including pictures to give you a better idea of the fit, plus some styling inspo). Spoiler: it’s really that good!

P.S. If you’re looking for a dapper three-piece look, this suit also has options for a matching vest.

Suit Price: $229 (for the two-piece style)

shop the Modern rust Orange MEN’S Wedding suit for the Groom

Best Mens Wedding Tuxedos for the Groom

groom standing against a wall wearing a mens wedding tuxedo
groom’s wedding tuxedo suit: Suitsupply | photo: Jeroen Noordzij, as seen in this Sophisticated + Chic Wedding Amidst Old-World European Architecture

For men aiming for the ultimate sophisticated look on the big day, wedding tuxedos are the way to go. They’re an undeniable classic, and you’re sure to look extra sleek for your “I do’s.”

While wedding tuxedo suits are a must for grooms that are planning a formal or traditional wedding, there are also plenty of ways to make this look your own. Choose an unexpected jacket (hello, velvet!), pair your tux with a patterned tie, or rock a classic wedding tuxedo for a fun modern venue!

The options are truly endless — and we’ve found the best men’s wedding tuxedo suits for every groom and every occasion!

7. Best Mens Tuxedo Suit for Traditional Grooms: This Luxurious Black Velvet Tux

cool black velvet mens wedding tuxedo suits for the groom

Meet: the crème de la crème of wedding tuxedo suits for grooms! This black velvet wedding tuxedo jacket is truly as classy as it gets. Perfect for a black tie wedding, it’s classic and traditional, but with an extra luxurious touch. We especially like the glisten the velvet gives off when the light hits it!

Complete the timeless look with a pair of black tuxedo pants, a crisp white button-down, and a black bow-tie. *Chef’s kiss.*

Suit Price: $545

Shop This Black Velvet Men’s Wedding Tuxedo Suit for the Groom

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8. Best Mens Wedding Tuxedo Suit for Grooms Who Love a Retro Look: This Golden Tan Velvet Tux Jacket

best mens wedding tuxedo suits for groom with a dark gold velvet jacket

We are obsessed with a glamorous retro look, and this dark gold wedding tuxedo jacket is serious style goals! The glistening gold velvet has a retro vibe that feels reminiscent of the 1960s or ’70s, but with a dapper modern touch.

Paired with classic black trousers, this wedding tuxedo suit is a must for the groom that’s planning a celebration filled with luxurious details, retro flair, and maybe a disco ball or two.

Suit Price: $489

shop this gold velvet men’s wedding tuxedo Suit for the Groom

9. Best Mens Wedding Tuxedo Suit for Classic Grooms: This Black + White Tux

best mens wedding tuxedo suits for groom that includes an ivory white jacket with a classic shawl collar

Does anything look more classic than a black and white wedding tuxedo? We think not! Talk about a timeless style that’s anything but boring.

We seriously can’t get over the contrast of the white jacket + shirt with the black bow tie + pants. And complete with an elegant shawl collar and matching white buttons, this Ralph Lauren wedding tuxedo suit jacket will give any groom a sleek and sophisticated look!

Suit Price: $450

Shop This Black + White MEN’S Wedding Tuxedo Suit for the Groom

GWS Pro Tip: A quick tip for rocking white for your men’s wedding suit: if your other half will also be wearing this traditional color, you’ll want to make sure the two shades match. Ask your partner if their look is more ivory or pure white so you can coordinate (not clash) on the big day!

10. Best Wedding Tuxedo Suit for Modern Men: This Navy Blue Slim Fit Tux

best mens wedding tuxedo suits for groom in a navy blue slim fit

Navy blue wedding tuxedo suits are a no brainer for the groom that’s looking for a dependable style that will never steer them wrong. We love that it has a contemporary edge compared to a classic black tux, without feeling too flashy or over-the-top. It’s the ultimate mix of old school charm and modern style!

This navy blue tux feels especially modern with a slim fit silhouette and an on-trend notch lapel. Style it with polished black oxfords to dress it up, or pair it with a cool blue tie to tone it down. With such a versatile look, the options are truly endless.

Suit Price: $895

Shop This navy Blue Men’s Wedding Tuxedo Suit for the Groom

11. Best Mens Wedding Tuxedo Suit for Grooms Who Aren’t Afraid to Go Bold: This Turquoise Blue Velvet Jacket

groom wearing a turquoise velvet jacket and black pant set wedding tuxedo suit for men

Could there be anything more luxurious and stunning than the velvet turquoise tuxedo jacket on this wedding suit? We love the mismatched wedding tuxedo suit look, especially for the more fashion-forward groom. The jet black pants provide a strong base to that bright blue hue!

It’s one of our favorite wedding suits for the groom that isn’t afraid to rock something bold for his “I do’s.” Plus, the design is rooted in Savile Row tailoring, so you know it’ll make a lasting impression!

P.S. If you are looking for something a little less ~bright~ this velvet jacket also comes in a rich royal blue color. Swoon!

Suit Price: $1,295

SHop This Velvet TUrquoise MEN’S WEdding Tuxedo Suit for the Groom

12. Best Mens Wedding Tuxedo Suit for Grooms That Love a Pattern: This Tropical Velvet Look

tropical velvet mens wedding tuxedo suits

Ready to rock a fun and floral wedding look? This tropical velvet mens wedding tuxedo is sure to be a hit. We love the juxtaposition of the playful pattern with the classic tuxedo design. It’s such a rad wedding suit for the groom that’s tying the knot on a tropical island getaway (jealous!).

Aaaaaand it’s one you can either rent or buy! Get the formal look of the tuxedo for a fraction of the price by renting this ‘fit just for the wedding weekend. That means more money to spend on a killer bow tie or a unique pair of cuff links!

Suit Price: $179 (to rent)

shop the tropical velvet MEN’S wedding tuxedo Suit for The Groom

Best Blue Wedding Suits for Men

royal blue velvet mens wedding suits
blue groom’s wedding suit photo: Mary Costa Photography, as seen in this Graffiti-Filled Urban Wedding

There’s something undeniably classic and clean about a groom wearing a blue men’s wedding suit. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personality and twist to it!

We’ve included some of our fave blue men’s wedding suits for grooms, including everything from more traditional navy styles to more eclectic options. If you’re looking to achieve the perfect blend of trendy and timeless, it doesn’t get better than these styles!

GWS Pro Tip: When choosing the best blue men’s wedding suits, remember: the lighter the color, the more casual it becomes. This also applies to other colors, such as grey and tan!

13. Best Blue Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Love a Monochrome Look: This Modern Blue Wool + Linen Look

best linen navy blue mens wedding suits for groom with geometric texture

The best part about this modern navy blue suit? It only gets better the closer you look at it! With a unique weave that blends dyed wool and lightweight linen, this men’s wedding suit is a winner for the groom that wants something different, but not too bold.

And with a slightly relaxed fit, you can have a bit more fun with how you style this suit. We’re loving it paired with a light blue button-down shirt and a matching blue tie. Monochromatic color blocking at its finest!

Suit Price: $499

Shop This Modern Blue Men’s Wedding SUit for the Groom

14. Best Blue Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Value Sustainability: This Slim Fit Dusty Blue Design

modern casual wool blue mens wedding suits for groom

The blue of this mens suit is a mix between grey and dusty blue, so it has more of a muted look to it. Combined with an ultra flattering slim fit, it’s subtle, sophisticated, and so stylish!

Plus, SuitSupply is all about creating eco-friendly garments that are as zero waste and carbon neutral as possible, making this a great wedding suit for grooms who value sustainability!

Suit Price: $899

Shop This Slim Fit Dusty Blue Men’s Wedding Suit for The Groom

15. Best Blue Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Are Planning a Beach Ceremony: This Casual Light Blue Linen Look

casual slim fit linen blend light blue mens wedding suits for groom

For the grooms that are getting hitched oceanside, this blue linen mens wedding suit is the go-to, without a doubt. Not only is linen super breathable for a warm weather wedding, but we also love the casual yet high-end look that it delivers. You’ll look hot, without ever breaking a sweat!

All this beachy look is missing is a bright white shirt (no tie necessary) and some sand-friendly loafers.

Suit Price: $314 (for the jacket and matching pants)

shop this casual blue linen men’s Wedding suit for the Groom

16. Best Blue Mens Wedding Suit for Guys Who Are All About Comfort: This Italian Stretch Navy Blue Look

best slim fit wool navy blue mens wedding suits for groom

There’s no reason your wedding suit can’t also be comfortable! Made with Italian stretch, this blue mens wedding suit is a must for the groom who values comfort over everything (sound relatable?).

Plus, the navy blue hue and slim fit also means it’s just as stylish as it is comfy. The perfect combo, if you ask us!

And as if it couldn’t get any better, this navy suit is also crafted from four-season wool, which will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s the best of allll the worlds.

Suit Price: $450

Shop This Comfortable Navy Blue Men’s Wedding SUit for the Groom

17. Best Blue Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Love a Unique Look: This Light Blue Tropical Wool Look

groom wearing textured tropical wool light blue wedding suits for men

For the grooms that are looking for something high end that’s still super wearable, it doesn’t get better than this casual light blue wedding suit. It’s woven in the the world’s oldest fabric mill in Italy using 100% tropical wool. Hello, bragging rights!

This light blue suit is also crafted in a way that will naturally mold to your body for a totally unique fit. Make it even more one-of-a-kind by styling it with accessories that show off your personality, like a patterned pocket tie or a suave pair of loafers.

Suit Price: $499

Shop This Light Blue Tropical Wool MEN’S WEdding Suit for the Groom

18. Best Blue Suit for Guys Who Want a Fun and Festive ‘Fit: This Black and Blue Tartan Plaid Tuxedo

black and blue tartan plaid mens wedding suits

Tartan plaid wedding suits have a classy and bold design that’s perfect for grooms who are getting married around the holidays. Festive? Check. Formal? Check. Totally fun? Check!

This one in particular leverages a classic color palette that allows the plaid pattern to really shine. We couldn’t be more obsessed! Paired with that traditional tuxedo design, it’s equal parts timeless and unique. Prepare for ALL the compliments with this ‘fit.

Suit Price: $179 (to rent)

shop the blue tartan plaid MEN’S Wedding suit for the Groom

Best Grey Wedding Suits for Men

houndstooth mens grey wedding suits
grey groom’s wedding suit photo: Anna Delores Photography, as seen in this Velvet + Luxe Outdoors Wedding Inspiration

Grey men’s wedding suits give off an upscale yet modern vibe that’s perfect for the groom that likes to keep it simple. This neutral palette allows for unique pattern-play and intricate details, and we are here for it.

So whether you’re a fashion risk-taker or minimalist at heart, there’s guaranteed to be a stunning grey men’s wedding suit that matches your groom style. And we’ve rounded up all of our faves down below!

Keep scrolling to check out the best grey men’s wedding suits for every groom, venue, season, and dress code. Stylish would be an understatement!

19. Best Grey Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Love to Be Different: This Multi-Shade Look

multi shade grey mens wedding suits

Grey men’s wedding suits can absolutely be unique and eclectic, and this tuxedo jacket is a great example of that. Each jacket sleeve is a different shade of grey, and the left side of the jacket has a different pattern than the right side.

It takes classic grey and makes it fun, and we love it! Plus, this is another great wedding suit for grooms who are looking to rent versus buy (this is a great way to get a luxury look on a budget).

Suit Price: $179 (to rent)

shop this multi-shade grey MEN’S WEdding suit for the Groom

20. Best Grey Mens Wedding Suit for Guys Who Love All Things Old School: This British Tweed Three-Piece

groom wearing a British tweed slim fit charcoal grey mens wedding suit

Is there anything more dapper than a classic British suit? It is the home of the iconic Savile Row, after all!

Perfect for the groom who loves all things old school, this charcoal grey wedding suit pays homage to a long history of fine British men’s attire. It’s made with textured tweed and features a three-piece design for an elevated, formal vibe that looks just as good today as it did on men in decades past.

But, this ‘fit also gives the traditional style a modern upgrade with a flattering slim fit silhouette. The ultimate cool guy touch.

Suit Price: $369 (for all three pieces)

Shop This Charcoal Grey Tweed MEN’S Wedding Suit for the Groom

21. Best Grey Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Need Extra Durability: This Italian Wool Grey Look

best solid grey modern Italian wool mens wedding suits for groom

Come for the modern and minimalist look, stay for the durable and comfortable fabric! Made with luxe Italian wool that’s designed to resist liquids, wrinkles, and stains, this grey wedding suit is a winner for the grooms who have a tendency to spill. You know who you are.

As a bonus, this chic wool suit also has a four-way stretch, so there’s nothing stopping you from tearing up the dance floor. You’ll be looking fresh all night long — in more ways than one!

Suit Price: $225

Shop This Durable Wool Grey MEN’S Wedding SUit for the Groom

22. Best Grey Suit for Guys Who Want to Add a Pop of Color: This Light Grey Stretch

light grey stretch wool mens wedding suits

We love the calm and cool color of this light grey wool wedding suit. It’s neutral enough to allow for playful accents of color in your tie or pocket square, without overpowering them.

This modern wedding suit is also perfect for grooms who want a comfortable ‘fit without sacrificing style. It’s impeccably tailored with ~just~ the right amount of stretch to keep you nice and cozy for your first dance with your other half!

And fun fact — this wedding suit comes with special inside pocket designed to fit a passport (or a vow book!).

Suit Price: $600

shop this light grey wool MEN’S Wedding suit for the Groom

23. Best Grey Suit for Guys Who Want to Up the Sexy Factor: This Extra Slim Fit Look

best cotton stretch grey mens wedding suits for the groom in an extra slim fit

Is it possible for a men’s wedding suit to look comfy and incredible? After seeing this beautiful grey suit, we’re believers!

This is another epic wedding suit for grooms who want to feel as cozy as possible on their big day. And as stylish! With an extra slim fit and a subtle shine, it’ll give you major sex appeal as you make it official with your boo.

All that’s missing is a stylish pair of black leather kicks (socks optional).

Suit Price: $396

Shop This Slim Fit Grey Men’s Wedding Suit for the Groom

24. Best Suit for Guys Who Don’t Love to Dress Up: This Blue-Grey Casual Plaid ‘Fit

dusty blue-grey plaid casual mens wedding suit

This dusty blue-grey plaid suit gives off a total cool guy vibe. It has a casual, breathable fit that’s perfect for an outdoor wedding. Anyone else getting beachy skater vibes?! We have a feeling this is the type of suit you’ll want to wear after the wedding day, too!

Easily dressed up or down, this casual grey wedding suit is a must for the groom who doesn’t love to dress up. Add some sophistication for the big day with a stylish timepiece, then tone it down for your honeymoon or date night with a pair of white sneakers!

Suit Price: $160

shop the casual blue-grey plaid MEN’S WEdding suit for The Groom

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25. Best Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Love Cozy Vibes: This Light Grey Cashmere + Wool Look

groom wearing wool and cashmere light grey wedding suits for men

You could say we’re pretty committed to finding the coziest, most stylish wedding suits for men. Because we found yet another one, with this grey wool-cashmere suit!

It truly doesn’t get more luxurious than cashmere, and this ‘fit is proof. Indochino took one of their most popular wool suits, then blended it with luxe cashmere. The result? A groom’s wedding suit that’s soft to the touch, with a sophisticated look. Perfect for all seasons and styles!

Suit Price: $549

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Best Black Mens Wedding Suits for the Groom

groom standing at the floral ceremony arch wearing a black mens wedding suit
black groom’s wedding suit photo: Cody & Allison, as seen in this music and space inspired wedding

Nothing can replace a classic. Black men’s wedding suits are a go-to for so many grooms on the big day, and for good reason. Black is a flattering, chic, and alluring color that will never steer you wrong!

Such a versatile color also means that you can style black men’s wedding suits in SO many ways. From a classic black + white look to a fun and colorful palette, these groom suits act as the perfect base for your sartorial style. It doesn’t get better than that!

Here are the best black men’s wedding suits for grooms that are anything but boring.

26. Best Black Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Planning a Black Tie Affair: This Double Breasted Tuxedo

double breasted black mens wedding tuxedo suits

This double breasted tuxedo is the perfect black wedding suit for the grooms planning a black tie wedding. It’s elevated and high-class in a way that black suits totally excel at.

We just wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the little details that make this men’s wedding suit shine. From the peak lapel to the six-button closure to high-end Italian wool fabric, it’s the little things that add up to such an epic ‘fit.

Pair it with a ~black tie~ to complete the classic look, or switch things up with a white bow tie instead!

Suit Price: $550

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27. Best Black Suit for Guys Who Want to Rock Something Designer: This Stylish Ted Baker Look

groom wearing black mens wedding suits in a slim fit with a classic satin trim

This black suit is a casual, laid-back take on the classic. And it’s made of stretch fabric, too, which is great if you plan on spending most of your night on the dance floor!

For grooms that want no fuss, all vibes, look no further than this black wedding suit. Oh, and did we mention that it’s made by the one and only Ted Baker? Go ahead and rock designer on your big day. If not for your wedding, then when?!

Suit Price: $848 (with the matching trousers)

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28. Best Black Wedding Suit for Men Who Want to Make a Statement: This Three-Piece Checked Plaid Black ‘Fit

best three-piece checked plaid black mens wedding suits for the groom

Slow your scroll, because this black plaid men’s wedding suit is going to blow you away. The cool check pattern feels super unexpected for a wedding day, while the three-piece structure of the suit is a total classic. Swoon!

This bold plaid also has a killer combo of dark black and light beige, giving the overall look great dimension. And yes, this wedding suit looks just as good without the jacket, perfect for the groom who wants multiple looks in one!

Suit Price: $221 (for all three pieces)

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29. Best Black Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms That Want a Versatile Look: This Elegant Italian Wool Tuxedo

wool black mens wedding tuxedo

This black wedding tuxedo suit is exactly what you think of when you think of classic groom attire. It’s clean, simple, elegant, and slimming. Talk about the whole nine yards!

And one of our favorite things about such a classic groom’s wedding suit is that it’s SO versatile. You can style it in any and every way, and it’ll never look out of place. A velvet bow tie and black oxfords will look just as sleek as a colorful patterned tie and suede boots!

Suit Price: $480

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30. Best Black Suit for Guys Who Want to Earn Extra Style Points: This Gingham Look

groom wearing a gingham and black mens tuxedo while standing with his dog

There’s something so unique and playful about incorporating a gingham jacket into a classic black mens wedding suit or tuxedo! It provides a stylish contrast, while still sticking to the classic black and white color palette.

For grooms that want to earn some extra style points on the big day, this is the wedding suit for you! We’re picturing it for a romantic warm weather wedding where fashion is the name of the game.

Suit Price: $179 (to rent)

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31. Best Black Suit for Guys Who Love a Laid-Back Look: This Casual Slim Fit

casual black mens wedding suits

Think a black mens wedding suit can’t be casual? Think again. This fitted black suit totally embraces a chill vibe, with a flattering slim fit. No doubt, you’ll want to wear it again and again.

And for the grooms that aren’t totally sold on a classic black look, this wedding suit also comes in five other dapper colors, including stylish charcoal grey and modern navy blue.

Suit Price: $450

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32. Best Black Mens Wedding Suit for Formal Grooms: This Velvet Tuxedo

black velvet mens wedding suits

The satin peak lapels on this velvety black wedding suit give a very formal vibe to this look. And they do wonders to accentuate broad shoulders, which is a must!

Perfect for the colder months, this black velvet groom’s wedding suit is working overtime to keep you nice and toasty, AND sleek and sophisticated at the same time. Plus, with such a plush fabric, your other half won’t be able to keep their hands off of you! Wins all around.

Suit Price: $479

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33. Best Black Suit for Guys Who Love a Vintage Vibe: This Slim Fit Black Tuxedo-Style Look

groom wearing modern tuxedo-style black wedding suits for men

Not loving the notched lapel look? No problem! This suave black mens wedding suit mixes it up with a chic shawl collar instead. This design feels more smooth than an angular notched or peak lapel — perfect for the groom who loves a vintage vibe and wants to turn heads on the big day.

Add a little pizazz to this retro look by pairing this groom’s wedding suit with a pair of statement loafers. We can’t stop obsessing over these dazzling black Steve Madden ones!

Suit Price: $358

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Best Casual Mens Wedding Suits and Attire for the Groom

blue mismatched casual mens wedding attire
casual groom’s wedding suit: Bonobos | photo: Emily Delamater, as seen in this Indigo + Indie: A Sunset-Inspired Wedding on a Farm, Complete with VW Vans

Calling all laid-back grooms! Casual mens wedding attire is the perfect way to combine your love for comfort with your desire to look your best for the love of your life. It’s a win-win!

Plus, if you’ve been considering rocking sneakers on the big day, these casual mens wedding suits for laid back grooms may just be your perfect match. They’re also a must if you’re getting hitched in the great outdoors. Think: oceanside, in a forest, or surrounded by nature!

Oh, and did we mention that allll of these casual groom’s wedding suits are insanely comfortable? You can thank us later!

34. Best Casual Attire for Guys Who Love an Effortless Look: This Warm Tone Linen Three-Piece Suit

groom wearing warm neutral linen mens casual wedding attire

That linen! Those warm brown and off-white tones! The classic three-piece design! We’re loving every part of this casual mens wedding suit….a must for grooms who want an effortlessly casual + rustic wedding day look.

And while it’s not a requirement to pair this casual wedding attire with a rustic bow tie and matching pocket square, it IS recommended!!

Suit Price: $259 (for all three pieces)

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35. Best Casual Attire for Guys Who Want to Rock Sneakers on The Big Day: This Light Khaki Cotton Casual Suit

light khaki cotton stretch casual mens wedding attire

Another classic casual look, this khaki men’s wedding attire can easily be dressed up or down. But we particularly love it dressed down. Get playful with a bright patterned shirt, or pair it with your favorite white sneakers. All solid options.

With such a soft and breathable cotton stretch fabric, this casual wedding suit is perfect for grooms who are tying the knot on a beach or in the great outdoors. It also comes in a few other bold + fun colors, like sage green (great for a mountaintop wedding) and blush pink (great for a chic city ceremony)!

Suit Price: $220

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designer aviator Ray-Ban best sunglasses for men thumb

Planning a summery beach or outdoor wedding? Then a pair of sunnies is a must! Find the perfect pair to match your ‘fit with this round-up of stylish sunglasses for men!

36. Best Casual Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Are Planning an Outdoor Ceremony: This Olive Green Linen Look

best modern olive green wool and linen casual attire mens wedding suits for the groom

And speaking of tying the knot in the great outdoors…for grooms that are getting married on a mountaintop, in the forest, or at a rustic barn venue, you are going to be obsessed with this olive green wedding suit. A rugged and chic addition to a casual mens wedding look!

And yes, this casual rustic suit is made with a wool and linen blend to give you extra breathability under the sun. We love it paired with these stylish brown oxfords!

Suit Price: $499

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37. Best Casual Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Are Planning a Seaside Ceremony: This Dusty Blue Chambray Wedding Look

dusty blue stretch chambray casual mens wedding attire

The fabric and design of this dusty blue groom’s wedding suit have an almost beachy vibe, making this the perfect casual mens wedding attire for a seaside wedding. Just think of the photos in front of the clear blue water!

And while it has a similar vibe to linen, this suit is actually made with stretch chambray fabric, which gives the look a cool woven design. Choose between a slim, tailored, athletic, or standard fit to make this groom’s wedding suit all your own!

Suit Price: $324

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38. Best Casual Attire for Guys Who Love an Earthy Vibe: This Chocolate Brown Stretch Suit

mens chocolate brown brushed wool casual groom attire wedding suits

The chocolate brown color of this Italian stretch groom’s wedding suit is so striking. If you ask us, brown suits are totally underrated. This one would look right at home in the middle of the forest. We can’t help but love this casual mens wedding attire option for an earthy, outdoors ceremony!

Plus, this suit is super budget-friendly. But act fast — it’s currently on sale!!

Suit Price: $229

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39. Best Casual Mens Wedding Suit for Grooms Who Are Planning a Destination Wedding: This Casual Seersucker Stretch ‘Fit

Italian stretch seersucker khaki and ivory casual groom attire best mens wedding suit

A seersucker wedding suit is the perfect casual attire for grooms that are traveling for their nuptials. That rad textured seersucker print is great for hiding any wrinkles from stuffing this bad boy in your suitcase. Plus, the fabric is ultra breathable and comfortable. Destination wedding, here you come!

And with such a unique + chic look, this casual mens wedding attire looks just as good paired with a white button-down as it does with a white t-shirt. A bonus for re-wearability!

Suit Price: $340 (with the matching pants)

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Best Custom Wedding Suits for Men

black and white mens custom wedding suits
custom groom’s wedding suit: Indochino: photo: June Cochran, as seen in this Modern Monochrome Wintry Wedding Inspiration

Stand out from the crowd with these custom mens wedding suits for stylish grooms!

We love the idea of rocking a custom groom’s wedding suit because it allows you to truly show off your personality on the big day. Tailor it however you’d like, choose the color that matches your personality, and rock the silhouette that makes you feel like your most dapper self!

Plus, a custom men’s wedding suit also becomes a treasured keepsake after the big day. After all, what better occasion to splurge on a bespoke style than on your wedding day?!

40. Best Custom Suit for Guys Who Want to Show Off Their Personality: This Burgundy Tuxedo

cool purple burgundy tuxedo style best custom mens wedding suits for groom

If you’re going to rock a custom groom’s wedding suit, you might as well make it one to remember! This custom ‘fit breathes a bit of personality into the classic tuxedo style, with a deep burgundy hue and a subtle diamond weave texture.

Get it fully customized to your specific measurements, and even choose between different lapels, pocket styles, button designs, and linings! And if you really want to go the luxurious route, you can also add a monogram to this groom’s wedding suit. It doesn’t get better than that.

Suit Price: $579

shop this custom Burgundy Men’s WEdding suit for the Groom

41. Best One-of-a-Kind Custom Mens Wedding Suit for One-of-a-Kind Grooms: This Dapper Blue Stripe Look

mens blue striped custom wedding suits

There’s something so powerful about the gorgeous royal blue color of this custom wedding suit. And the vertical stripes provide a great slimming effect too. So sleek!

Perfect for grooms who want to make a style statement, this wedding suit is unlike any other we’ve seen. And that’s what we love about it! It’ll definitely stand out from all the classic black tuxedos and grey looks on the big day.

Suit Price: $359

shop this custom blue Mens Wedding suit for the Groom

42. Best Suit for Guys That Love to Show Off on the Dance Floor: This Custom Olive Cotton Stretch Design

mens olive green custom wedding suits

The olive color on this mens custom wedding suit is beyond cool. It’s both subtle and entirely unique. Perfect for the guy who wants to stand out on the wedding day, without being too loud.

This wedding suit is also made with a spandex-cotton blend, great for grooms who need a suit that moves with them. Whether you’re dipping your other half for a romantic kiss, showing off your moves on the dance floor, or digging into a third piece of wedding cake, this ‘fit has got your back!

Suit Price: $499

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43. Best Custom Suit for Guys Who Love a Mismatched Look: This Burgundy + Black Two-Piece

burgundy and black mens custom wedding suits

One of the easiest ways to craft an epic custom wedding suit? Mix and match suit jacket and pant colors! We can’t get over how good this burgundy and black mens suit combo looks. The variation in colors provides layers and depth to the look.

Make it even more personalized to your style by pairing it with a unique bow tie (this polka dot one is so fun) or a customized pair of cufflinks!

Suit Price: $625 (to buy) or $179 (to rent)

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Bonus Mens Suit Attire + Accessories

flat lay of accessories for mens wedding suits
mens wedding accessories: Tie Bar

Looking good on the big day is about more than just your groom suit. Statement ties and bow ties can set your wedding look apart!

We’re big fans of the Tie Bar and their fashionable selection of fun accessories. They’ve got fun floral prints, unique colors, and even groomsmen gifts! Once you find your dream suit or tux, finish your look off with the perfect details.

Aside from ties, a suave pair of cufflinks and great pair of shoes are also the essential finishing touches to a groom’s wedding suit.

Whether you go for oxfords, loafers, derby shoes, or even sneakers, choose something that matches the dress code, complements your groom suit, and showcases your personal style!

slim stretch black tuxedo style mens wedding suits for groom
groom’s wedding tuxedo suit: Express

And speaking of accessories for the groom, we have tons more guides to help you achieve your ultimate wedding look!

In addition to the classic groom accessories, we also love the idea of rocking a stylish timepiece on the big day. Find your perfect wrist candy with this list of the best men’s watches for every style and budget!

The other must-have finishing touch? A signature scent! Choose something extra special for the big day with the help of these top men’s colognes (as rated by our GWS audience).

If you’re tying the knot in a warmer month or by the water, you’ll also need a great pair of sunnies. We’ve got you covered with this round-up of fashion-forward and practical sunglasses for men!

And last, but certainly not least: your wedding band! It’s your soon-to-be forever accessory, so find the one that you want to wear until death do you part with this list of our 50 faves!

Which of these mens wedding suits for stylish grooms were your fave? Let us know in the comments below!