The Best Mens Wedding Suits for the Groom (or Grooms!)

groomsmen and groom gathering together wearing black mens wedding suits
photo by Lauren Scotti as seen in this Edgy Meets Glam Paris Wedding

Step right on up guys because now is YOUR moment…time to find you the perfect mens wedding suit! So much focus is given to wedding dresses, but we know you won’t let it steal your thunder. You’ve got major style that you want to show off, and you should!

That’s where this round-up of the best mens wedding suits comes in to save the day. We’ve gathered a list of fashionable brands that offer a wide range of the best wedding suit options.

Perhaps you’re looking for something sleek and classic. Maybe you want to throw caution to the wind and rock more casual mens wedding attire! Whatever your style, we’re sure you’ll find “the one” on the list below. After all, you deserve to have your moment too.

Let’s find your perfect mens wedding suit below!

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Modern Mens Wedding Suits

groom wearing a stylish orange colorful modern mens wedding suit
groom’s modern wedding suit: Friar Tux | photo: Tess Laureen, as seen in this Spectacular Spring Wedding Colors at This Stunning Tulum- Inspired Greenhouse

Modern mens wedding suits are ALL about the clean, fresh cut and lots of color! We love the way these suits break tradition and craft their own custom styles that are sure to turn heads.

1: Dark Green Modern Mens Wedding Suit

three piece green modern mens wedding suit

This three-piece suit packs all the elegance imaginable. That rich, dark green color is an unexpected twist that gives this mens wedding suit a modern twist that’s beyond epic.

shop the dark green modern mens three piece suit

2: Three Piece Mustard Modern Suit

three piece mustard modern mens wedding suits

This one’s for the guys who want to rock a standout color with their modern mens wedding suit. This mustard tone is giving us all the sunset vibes, and we love how the non-traditional color contrasts the classic three piece suit style. Very cool.

shop the mustard modern mens three piece suit

3: Modern Mens Wedding Suit with Sage Green Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

modern mens wedding suits with sage green velvet tuxedo jacket and black pants

Could there be anything more luxurious and stunning than the velvet sage green tuxedo jacket on this wedding suit? We love the mismatched suit look, especially for the more modern man. The jet black suit pants provide a strong base to that spring-like sage velvet.

shop the modern sage green wedding tuxedo jacket

4: Dashing Red Corduroy Mens Wedding Suit

red corduroy mens suit

This modern red corduroy mens suit is perfection for a fall or winter wedding. The rich, red tones mirror the warm tones of fall colors and contrast the cool blue tones of winter. Either way, you’re sure to stand out in the best way in this class act.

shop the modern red corduroy mens suit

5: Blush Pink Modern Cotton-Needlecord Mens Wedding Suit

blush pink cotton needlecord modern mens wedding suits

A man in blush pink…we love to see it! Take modern mens wedding suits to the next level, with this gorgeous cotton-needlecord look. The color is absolutely breathtaking and so very fun.

shop the blush pink modern mens suit

6: Fall-Inspired Rust Two Piece Modern Mens Suit

rust color fall-inspired modern mens wedding suit

This modern mens wedding suit is absolute magic for fall weddings. Its warm, rich rust tone is equal parts warm and striking. Perfect for getting married amongst the changing leaves.

shop the rust fall-inspired modern mens suit

Wedding Tuxedos

groom standing against a wall wearing a mens wedding tuxedo
groom’s wedding tuxedo: Suitsupply | photo: Jeroen Noordzij, as seen in this Sophisticated + Chic Wedding Amidst Old-World European Architecture

For men aiming for the ultimate sophisticated look on the big day, wedding tuxedos are the way to go. They’re a classic for good reason, and you’re sure to look extra sleek.

7: Luxurious Black Velvet Mens Wedding Tuxedo

black velvet mens wedding tuxedo

This black velvet Tom Ford wedding tuxedo jacket could not be any classier. Not only does it look super comfy, but it’s beyond stylish. We especially like the glisten the velvet gives off when the light hits it.

shop the black velvet mens wedding tuxedo

8: Golden Tan Mens Tuxedo

golden tan velvet mens wedding tuxedo suits

We are obsessed with a good neutral tone, and this golden tan wedding tuxedo jacket is serious neutral tone goals. The tan velvet has a retro vibe that feels reminiscent of the 1970’s, but with a modern touch.

shop the golden velvet mens wedding tuxedo

9: White Tom Ford Wedding Tuxedo with Satin Trim

white wool and mohair Tom Ford mens wedding tuxedo suits with satin trim accents

Ooooh does anything look more classic than a black and white wedding tuxedo?! Talk about a timeless look. This mens wedding suit, with its off-white satin trim accents, couldn’t look any better.

shop the white satin + wool mens wedding tuxedo

10: Midnight Navy Velvet Mens Tuxedo

midnight blue mens wedding tuxedo

This midnight navy blue mens wedding tuxedo is suuuuper dreamy. In some lights, it looks blue, and in other lights, it almost has a royal purple hue. Either way, we’re in love.

shop the navy velvet mens wedding tuxedo

11: Striking Tan Slim Fit Velvet Mens Wedding Tuxedo

retro tan slim fit velvet mens wedding tuxedo

Another ode to the 1970’s and we are seriously SWOONING. Can we talk about that rich tan color and slim fit? Because we’re pretty sure there’s nothing more striking than this mens wedding tuxedo.

shop the tan velvet mens wedding tuxedo

12: Tropical Velvet Mens Tuxedo

tropical velvet mens wedding tuxedo suits

Ready to rock a fun and floral wedding look? This tropical velvet mens wedding tuxedo is sure to be a hit. Aaaaaand it’s one you can either rent or buy!

shop the tropical velvet mens wedding tuxedo

Blue Wedding Suits for Men

royal blue velvet mens wedding suits
blue mens wedding suit photo: Mary Costa Photography, as seen in this Graffiti-Filled Urban Wedding

There’s something undeniably classic and clean about a blue mens wedding suit. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personality and twist to it! We’ve included some of our fave blue suits, including everything from more traditional styles to more eclectic options.

13: Dapper Blue Plaid Mens Wedding Suit

preppy timeless plaid blue mens wedding suits

This blue mens wedding suit incorporates a plaid jacket and pant pattern that has a preppy, yet timeless vibe. It’s equal parts classic and unique. And we especially like how it’s paired with a light blue button-down shirt. Monochromatic color blocking at its finest!

shop the navy plaid blue mens suit

14: Sharkskin Wool Blue Mens Suit

Italian blue sharkskin wool mens wedding suits

The blue of this mens suit is a mix between navy and a dusty blue, so it has more of a muted look to it. We love it for its flattering slim fit that feels effortlessly cool.

shop the blue wool mens suit

15: Casual + Beachy Blue Linen Mens Wedding Suit

groom wearing a beachy casual linen blue mens wedding suit

Getting married on the beach? This blue linen mens wedding suit is the go-to, without a doubt. It has this great texture that includes hints of light and dark blue, giving the suit great dimension. And we love the casual, yet high-end look linen delivers. You’ll look like a total class act.

shop the casual blue linen mens suit

16: Elegant Blue Houndstooth Mens Suit

houndstooth blue mens wedding suits

There’s something so chic about a houndstooth mens wedding suit. This pattern has a high fashion quality to it that’s utterly luxurious. And the blue tones in this one emanate a powerful and masculine aura.

shop the blue houndstooth mens wedding suit

17: Cotton Stretch Navy Blue Mens Wedding Suit

cotton stretch blue mens wedding suits

There’s no reason your wedding suit can’t also be comfortable and stretchy, especially if you’re getting married outside. This blue cotton stretch mens wedding suit is both stylish and comfy. The perfect combo, if you ask us.

shop the cotton stretch blue mens suit

18: Black and Blue Tartan Mens Wedding Suit

black and blue tartan plaid mens wedding suits

Tartan plaid has a fun and loud design that’s perfect for weddings around the holidays. This black and blue mens wedding suit leverages a subtle color palette that allows the plaid pattern to really shine.

shop the blue tartan plaid mens suit

Grey Wedding Suits for Men

houndstooth mens grey wedding suits
grey mens wedding suit photo: Anna Delores Photography, as seen in this Velvet + Luxe Outdoors Wedding Inspiration

The grey wedding suit gives off an upscale, yet modern vibe that’s perfect for the guy that likes to keep it simple. This neutral palette allows for unique pattern-play and intricate details, and we’re here for it.

19: Multi-Shade Grey Mens Wedding Suit

multi shade grey mens wedding suits

Grey wedding suits can absolutely be unique and eclectic, and this mens suit is a great example of that. Each jacket sleeve is a different shade of grey, and the left side of the jacket has a different pattern than the right side.

This suit takes the classic grey and makes it fun, and we love it! Plus, you have the option to rent or buy!

shop the multi-shade grey mens suit

20: Chic + Cozy Knitted Grey Mens Suit

cozy knitted stretch grey mens wedding suits

Another epic mens suit with built-in stretch. Is it possible for a suit to look comfy and incredible? After seeing this beautiful grey suit, we’re believers!

shop the knitted grey mens suit

21: Cotton-Cashmere Corduroy Grey Mens Suit

cotton-cashmere blend corduroy grey mens wedding suits

You could say we’re pretty committed to finding the coziest, most stylish wedding suits. Because we found yet another one, with this grey cotton-cashmere corduroy suit. Soft to the touch, with gorgeous texture!

shop the grey corduroy mens suit

22: Light Grey Stretch Wool Mens Wedding Suit

light grey stretch wool mens wedding suits

We love the calm and cool color of this light grey wool wedding suit. It’s neutral enough to allow for playful accents of color in your tie or bowtie, without overpowering them.

shop the light grey wool mens suit

23: Mens Grey 3 Piece Herringbone Tweed Suit

three piece herringbone tweed grey mens wedding suits

There’s nothing quite like a grey herringbone tweed suit to accomplish the ultimate classy mens wedding day look. This pattern is so timeless and looks just as good today as it did on men in decades past. Tweed has this aura of sophistication and elegance that you don’t get from many other looks.

shop the three piece tweed grey mens suit

24: Blue-Grey Casual Plaid Mens Suit

dusty blue-grey plaid casual mens wedding suit

This dusty blue-grey plaid mens suit gives off a total cool guy vibe. It has a casual fit that’s perfect for an outdoors wedding. Anyone else getting beachy skater vibes too?! We have a feeling this is the type of suit you’ll want to wear after the wedding day, too!

shop the casual blue-grey plaid mens suit

25: Slim Fit Three Piece Light Grey Mens Wedding Suit

slim fit three piece light grey mens wedding suits

Three piece suits give off an elevated, upscale vibe, but we love how the light grey color of this specific wedding suit incorporates some casual elements to balance that out, like the rolled ankle. The perfect cool guy touch.

three piece light grey mens suit

Black Mens Wedding Suits

groom standing at the floral ceremony arch wearing a black mens wedding suit
black mens wedding suit photo: Cody & Allison, as seen in this music and space inspired wedding

Nothing can replace a classic. Black mens wedding suits are a go-to for so many guys on the big day. It’s a flattering, chic, and alluring color that you can’t go wrong with.

26: Mens Black Double Breasted Tuxedo

double breasted black mens wedding tuxedo suits

This double breasted black wedding tuxedo is for the guys planning a black tie wedding. It’s elevated and high-class in a way that black suits totally excel at.

shop the double breasted mens tuxedo

27: Slim Fit Stretch Black Mens Wedding Suit

slim fit stretch black mens wedding suits

This black mens wedding suit is a casual, laid-back take on the classic. And it’s made of stretch fabric, too, which is great if you plan on getting crazy on the dance floor!

shop the stretch mens black suit

28: Grey + Black Plaid Flannel Mens Suit

grey black plaid flannel mens wedding suit

How fun is this grey and black plaid flannel wedding suit?! It feels festive, yet classy. Perfect for the guy who really wants to show off his personality in his wedding day look.

shop the black plaid mens suit

29: Chic Black Italian Wool Mens Tuxedo

wool black mens wedding tuxedo

This black wedding tuxedo is exactly what you think of when you think of classic groom attire. It’s clean, simple, elegant, and slimming.

shop the black wool mens wedding tuxedo

30: Gingham + Black Mens Wedding Suit

groom wearing a gingham and black mens tuxedo while standing with his dog

There’s something so unique and playful about incorporating a gingham jacket into a classic black mens wedding suit or tuxedo! It provides a unique contrast and embraces a black and white color palette.

shop the gingham + black mens suit

31: Casual Black Mens Wedding Suit

casual black mens wedding suits

Think a black wedding suit can’t be casual? Think again. This fitted black suit totally embraces a chill vibe, with a flattering slim fit. No doubt, you’ll want to wear it again and again.

shop the casual black mens suit

32: Black Velvet Mens Suit

black velvet mens wedding suits

The satin peak lapels on this velvety black wedding suit give off a very formal vibe to this look. And they do wonders to accentuate broad shoulders, which is a must!

shop the black velvet mens suit

33: Black Houndstooth Mens Suit

black houndstooth wool cashmere wedding suit

Slow your scroll, because this black houndstooth wedding suit is going to blow you away. The houndstooth pattern feels super unexpected for a wedding day, while the three piece structure of the suit is a total classic.

shop the black houndstooth mens suit

Casual Mens Wedding Attire

blue mismatched casual mens wedding attire
casual mens wedding attire: Bonobos | photo: Emily Delamater, as seen in this Indigo + Indie: A Sunset-Inspired Wedding on a Farm, Complete with VW Vans

Calling all laid-back grooms! Casual mens wedding attire is the perfect way to combine your love for comfort with your desire to look your best for the love of your life. It’s a win-win.

34: Warm Tone Linen Casual Mens Wedding Attire

groom wearing warm neutral linen mens casual wedding attire

That linen! Those warm brown and off-white tones! We’re loving the beachy, casual feel from this three piece mens wedding suit. An effortlessly casual wedding day look.

shop the warm linen casual mens suit

35: Light Khaki Cotton Stretch Casual Mens Attire

light khaki cotton stretch casual mens wedding attire

Another classic beach look, this khaki casual mens wedding attire can be dressed up or down. But we particularly love it dressed down. Get playful with a patterned shirt or tie. Or pair it with white sneakers. All solid options.

shop the light khaki mens suit

36: Olive Green Corduroy Casual Mens Attire

olive green corduroy jacketed mens wedding attire

Getting married in the forest? If so, you are going to be obsessed with this olive corduroy suit jacket. A rugged and chic addition to a casual mens wedding look.

shop the casual olive corduroy mens suit jacket

37: Dusty Blue Stretch Chambray Casual Mens Wedding Attire

dusty blue stretch chambray casual mens wedding attire

The fabric and design of this dusty blue mens wedding suit has an almost beachy vibe to it, making it the perfect casual mens wedding attire for a seaside wedding. It kind of feels reminiscent of linen!

shop the dusty blue mens suit

38: Teal Cotton Sateen Casual Mens Attire

teal cotton sateen casual mens wedding attire

Nothing quite screams “casual mens wedding attire” than a wedding suit that completely strays from tradition by incorporating a fun and unique color. We love this teal blue color for a laid-back oceanside ceremony.

shop the teal cotton casual mens suit

39: Casual Sueded Italian Cotton Suit

brown sueded Italian cotton casual mens wedding attire suits

The tan color of this Italian suede mens wedding suit is so striking. Its red-ish brown tone would be right at home in the middle of the forest. We can’t help but love this casual mens wedding attire option for an earthy, outdoors wedding.

shop the brown italian cotton mens suit

Custom Wedding Suits for Men

black and white mens custom wedding suits
mens custom wedding suit: Indochino: photo: June Cochran, as seen in this Modern Monochrome Wintry Wedding Inspiration

Stand out amongst the rest, with a mens custom wedding suit. We love the idea of rocking a custom suit because it allows you to truly show off your personality on the big day. Tailor it however you’d like!

40: Custom Blue Stripe Suit

mens blue striped custom wedding suits

There’s something so powerful about the gorgeous royal blue color on this mens custom wedding suit. And the vertical stripes provide a great slimming effect too. So sleek!

shop the custom mens blue stripe suit

41: Mens Custom Olive Cotton Stretch Wedding Suit

mens olive green custom wedding suits

The olive color on this mens custom wedding suit is beyond cool. It’s both subtle and entirely unique. Perfect for the guy who wants to stand out on the wedding day, without being too loud.

shop the mens custom olive green suit

42: Light Blue Custom Mens Wedding Tuxedo Suit

light blue mens custom wedding tuxedo suits

We have a feeling we’re going to see more and more solid color-blocking suits like this blue mens custom wedding suit in the upcoming years. Such a fun and chic look.

shop the custom light blue mens tuxedo suit

43: Burgundy + Black Custom Wedding Suit

burgundy and black mens custom wedding suits

One of the easiest ways to craft an epic custom wedding suit? Mix and match suit jacket and pant colors! We can’t get over how good this burgundy and black mens suit combo looks. The variation in colors provides layers and depth to the look.

shop the burgundy + black custom mens suit

Bonus Mens Suit Attire + Accessories

flat lay of accessories for mens wedding suits
mens wedding accessories: Tie Bar

Looking good on the big day is about more than just your wedding suit. Statement ties and bowties can set your wedding look apart!

We’re big fans of Tie Bar and their fashionable selection of fun accessories. They’ve got fun floral prints, unique colors, and even groomsmen gifts! Once you find your dream suit or tux, finish your look off with the perfect details.

Let the hunt for the best mens wedding suits begin! Classic, formal, quirky, or casual, these brands won’t let you down. They offer timeless styles and current trends. Whether you rent or buy, we’re sure one of the suits above will get you looking your best on your wedding day!