37 Best Sunglasses for Men – The Ultimate Style Guide

designer aviator Ray-Ban best sunglasses for men
best sunglasses for men: Sunglass Hut

The sun is blazing, you’ve booked a tropical getaway, and you have approximately 10 outdoor weddings scheduled for the next two months. You know what that means — it’s officially sunglasses season. And you need the best sunglasses for men to see you through the sunny months.

While sunglasses are essential for protecting your peepers from damaging UV rays, choosing the right pair is also essential for your look. Few accessories have the same power to take your style game to the next level. From Keanu Reeves’ micro shades in The Matrix to Tom Cruise’s classic aviators in Top Gun, an iconic pair of shades can really do the most.

To help you achieve icon status this summer, we’ve rounded up the perfect sunnies for the sunniest days. But first, the complete guide on how to choose the right pair for you!

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Best Sunglasses for Men, Broken Down By Face Shape

aviator Ray-Ban best sunglasses for men
best sunglasses for men: Sunglass Hut

Choosing a killer pair of shades will depend first and foremost on your face shape. When picking sunglasses for men, the best rule of thumb is to look for a pair that contrasts the shape of your face. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular face shapes and the sunnies that look best on them!

  • Best Men’s Sunglasses for Round Faces: If your face is on the rounder side, add some dimension with square, rectangular, or wayfarer sunglasses. These will introduce angles to your face and naturally draw attention to your eyes. Bonus points if the shades have geometric details and defined brow bars!
  • Best Men’s Sunglasses for Square Faces: For men with angular features and wide-set faces, create contrast with round or circle-shaped sunglasses. These will soften your features instead of trying to compete with them. After all, you want to keep all eyes on that jawline!
  • Best Men’s Sunglasses for Oval Faces: This is one of the most common face shapes, meaning almost all sunglasses look flattering. Lucky you! If you’re still not sure what style to go for, look for wider sunnies that balance out the length of your oval face.
  • Best Men’s Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces: Bring attention to your high cheekbones and balance the proportions of your heart-shaped face with teardrop or rounded sunglasses. You want your sunnies to be wider at the top than the bottom (similar to your face shape) — so aviators may just be your perfect pair!

Are Expensive Men’s Sunglasses Better?

tortoise polarized Quay best sunglasses for men
best sunglasses for men: Quay

A wardrobe essential that’s guaranteed to see some action almost every day (if not every day!), sunglasses for men are definitely worthy of a splurge. But higher price tags don’t always mean higher quality.

Pricier shades are built for durability, top-notch protection, and, of course, dope style. Depending on what you’re looking for, it may be worth it to invest in an expensive pair of men’s sunglasses. For example, many expensive sunglasses for men use lens materials and coatings that provide better clarity and protection, such as shock and scratch resistance. Designer sunglasses will also give you those covetable logos and runway-ready styles, ideal for boosting your street cred.

On the other side, if you know what to look for, you can easily find budget men’s sunglasses that are just as protective (and trendy) as their pricy counterparts. Set your sights on shades that have 100% UV protection, or UV400 labels. Many affordable sunnies also offer polarization, which cuts the glare from the sun and keeps your eyes nice and relaxed all day long.

We’ve included a few of the best expensive and budget sunglasses for men in our list below!

What are the Best Sunglasses for Men?

squared-off polarized Quay best sunglasses for men
best sunglasses for men: Quay

Your eyes are one of your most important assets, so it’s important to give them the crème de la crème of shades. For ultimate protection, quality, and style, here are the brands that have THE best sunglasses for men:

  • Ray-Ban: Today, the term “Ray-Bans” is synonymous with sunglasses, and for good reason. Since the 1930s, this brand has been creating the best of the best sunglasses for men, designing the styles that we still know and love decades later. Ray-Ban shades are all top quality when it comes to UV protection, polarization options, and lens coating, and they have the silhouettes that even celebrities love to rock, from iconic aviators to the Clubmaster Classic.
  • Quay: Featuring budget shades that are super protective, unique, and fashion-forward, Quay is a no brainer when it comes to the best sunglasses for men. From reimagined classics like these ombre wayfarers to rad new styles like these shield shades, this brand has you (and your peepers) covered. Plus, almost all of their sunnies have multiple color choices, polarization options, and even prescription and blue light blocking technology.
  • Oakley: For decades, Oakley has been known as the cool guy brand, creating the best sunglasses for men that want to live life to the fullest. Setting the standard for protection and performance, Oakley specializes in sports sunglasses that are designed for hitting slopes, riding waves, and catching eyes. Think: reflective statement shields and everyday shades that command attention.

We could keep going, but seeing is believing — so let’s get into our roundup of the best sunglasses for men!

Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men

black round Quay best polarized sunglasses for men
best polarized sunglasses for men: Quay

For when you don’t want to miss a thing, polarized sunglasses for men ensure your vision stays crystal clear. While polarization doesn’t protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, it is important for cutting the glare from the sun, reducing your eye strain, and boosting your clarity.

If you’re looking for the perfect shades for driving, snowboarding, or lounging by the pool, polarization is a MUST. Luckily, almost all styles of sunnies can be polarized. So what are you waiting for? Feast your eyes on the very best polarized sunglasses for men!

1. Best Polarized Sunglasses For Men Overall: Ray-Ban Round Double Bridge Sunglasses

round Ray-Ban best polarized sunglasses for men

When it comes to the best polarized sunglasses for men, in Ray-Ban we trust! The iconic brand first got its start protecting the peepers of the US Air Force (and helping them look fly AF at the same time).

Just as cool now as they were back in 1937, Ray-Ban sunglasses prove that a timeless style beats a trendy look every time. Case in point: these round double-bridge shades. With a silhouette that’s withstood the decades, these polarized men’s sunglasses will see you through every fashion cycle to come your way.

And, since polarized Ray-Bans were developed to cut glare for pilots, you know you can trust them for your everyday use — whether you’re commanding the skies, or the walk to your local coffee shop. That’s why we salute these as THE best polarized sunglasses for men.

Shop The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Men Overal

2. Best Rated Polarized Sunglasses For Men: Oakley Holbrook Woodgrain Collection

Oakley reflective square best polarized sunglasses for men

Another designer of some of the best sunglasses for men, Oakley knows a thing or two about blending function with style. Using modern Oakley technology, these blue-tinted sunnies are polarized to enhance the visual experience — making dull colors warm and reducing glare for outdoor activities.

Plus, they look cool doing it! With an earthy woodgrain pattern on the frames, these are the best polarized sunglasses for outdoorsy men. Embrace your adventurous spirit and set your sights on these high-performance, high-style lenses.

It’s no wonder they’ve raked in hundreds of raving reviews.

Shop The Best Rated Polarized Sunglasses For Men

3. Best Retro Polarized Sunglasses For Men: Ray-Ban Hawkeye Wayfarers

Ray-Ban retro-inspired best polarized sunglasses for men

It doesn’t take a hawk eye to see just how rad these polarized sunglasses for men are. Made for men that break the mold, these Ray-Bans channel the counterculture of the 1960s — with a decidedly modern twist.

Featuring a blend of relaxed lines and rounded square frames, this pair oozes peace, love, and rock’n’roll. Plus, modern materials and contemporary comfort bring the immortal wayfarer style into the 21st century.

If you want something easygoing, out of the ordinary, and a little edgy, these Hawkeyes are the best polarized sunglasses for you.

Shop The Best Retro Polarized Sunglasses For Men

4. Best Classic Polarized Sunglasses For Men: Quay Big Time Sunglasses

Quay gold hexagon best polarized sunglasses for men

Feast your eyes on some of the best classic sunglasses for men: these Quay frames! For the big timers, the class acts, the modern gentlemen, these polarized sunglasses make a statement without making a fuss.

A step above your average circle sunnies, these geometric shades show that you’re not afraid of style. Their minimalist gold frames go with any and every ‘fit — from your go-to jeans and a tee to your most dapper suit. They’re simple, but SO effective.

While smoky lenses are a cool guy classic, these polarized sunglasses for men also come in a luxe gold and a black fade, so you can get one (or two) for every style scenario.

Shop The Best Classic Polarized Sunglasses For Men

5. Best Designer Polarized Sunglasses For Men: Prada 20YS Sunglasses

Prada designer pilot shaped best polarized sunglasses for men

See and be seen with these polarized Prada sunglasses for men. Trendy and masculine, these bold frames stand out with an oversized square silhouette — made for turning heads whenever you walk in a room.

As an added bonus, this polarized pair is designed with a wide fit, perfect if your head is on the larger side. No more tight squeezes or stretched sides — just vibes.

Pair these stand-out designer sunglasses with your sexiest designer cologne and you’re golden.

Shop The Best Designer Polarized Sunglasses For Men

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6. Best Personalized Polarized Sunglasses For Men: Warby Parker Downing Frames

Warby Parker stylish prescription best polarized sunglasses for men

For the best personalized sunglasses for men, Warby Parker is checking ALL the boxes. The glasses brand was founded with a mission of creating amazing frames that are also amazing for your wallet. With tons of options for prescriptions, lens types, widths, colors, and, of course, polarization, Warby Parker’s collection is perfect for men that love a custom fit.

These two-toned polarized shades feature the brand’s signature style, plus a little extra personality. They’re also made with durable, hand-polished acetate and scratch-resistant, ultra clear lenses. In other words, these polarized sunglasses for men are 20/20.

Oh, and did we mention that every time you purchase a pair of Warby Parker glasses, another pair is distributed to someone in need? As if we needed more convincing!

Shop The Best Personalized Polarized Sunglasses

7. Best Stylish Polarized Sunglasses For Men: Quay Jackpot Remixed Shades

Quay stylish black best polarized sunglasses for men

Talk about eye candy! Known for serving style, Quay has some of the best polarized sunglasses for men that want a little fashion with their function.

This pair remixes that classic wayfarer style we all know and love, adding a blue and green ombre lens that has all the benefits of polarization plus an eye-catching design. As seen on Love Island, these black frames will have you looking hot all summer long.

And with a $75 price tag, you’ll want more than a glimpse of these stylish sunglasses for men.

Shop The Best Stylish Polarized Sunglasses

8. Best Modern Polarized Sunglasses For Men: Armani Exchange Sleek Grey Sunglasses

Armani Exchange square grey best polarized sunglasses for men

I spy with my little eye…the best polarized sunglasses for modern men! Designed with sleek transparent grey frames and shiny mirrored lenses, these Armani Exchange shades are redefining urban style.

After all, why wear the same basic black sunglasses people have been sporting for years when you could show up and splash out in these frames? You don’t want to fade into the background, so you need the sunglasses that put you on top.

With square frames, these polarized sunnies perfectly balance oval and round face shapes. But, if you’re still not sure which style is best for you, there’s also the option of trying them on virtually using your front-facing camera. Modern technology for a modern style!

Shop The Best Modern Polarized Sunglasses

Best Aviator Sunglasses For Men

oversized black fade best aviator sunglasses for men
best aviator sunglasses for men: Quay

Whether it’s the recent resurgence of Top Gun or the general nostalgia for throwback styles, the fact remains: aviator sunglasses for men have never been cooler. A classic style that gives any ‘fit an instant lift, aviators show that you’re not here to play.

Choose a pilot style for Maverick vibes, go ’70s with oversized and colorful lenses, or keep things simple and sleek with modern frames. Whatever your sartorial summer style, catch a glimpse of these best aviator sunglasses for men.

9. Best Aviator Sunglasses For Men Overall: Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Aviation Collection

outdoorsman Ray-Ban pilot shaped best aviator sunglasses for men

Aviator. Sunglasses. Goals. The best aviator sunglasses for men overall, this pair channels Tom Cruise a la Top Gun, but with a rugged touch.

Let’s break down the optics. Designed for adventurers, explorers, and outdoorsman, these aviators feature hooked arms that keep them securely tucked around your ears and a slimline design perfect for travel. They also have smoky lenses that reduce glare and keep your vision clear on both sunny and cloudy days.

You may not ACTUALLY be one of the Navy’s top aviators, but with some of the best OG aviator sunglasses for men, the sky’s the limit!

Shop The Best Aviator Sunglasses For Men OVerall

10. Best Amber-Tinted Aviator Sunglasses For Men: Le Specs Tragic Magic Sunglasses

oversized tan tinted best aviator sunglasses for men

If your style is inspired by the icons of decades past, you can stop scrolling now: these are the best vintage-inspired aviator sunglasses for men. Oversized frames and amber tinted lenses give them those cool retro California vibes — best styled with a rad patterned button-down and your favorite pair of leather boots.

Amber lenses are also made for filtering out blue light, so you don’t have to feel guilty for going for a scroll when you’re rocking these aviators.

Shop The Best Oversized Aviator Sunglasses For Men

11. Best Budget Aviator Sunglasses For Men: Quay High Key Shades

budget polarized black fade best aviator sunglasses for men

No shade to all the other frames on this list, but these aviator sunglasses for men are high key THE best pair for when you want to look razor sharp all day long.

Quay has given the classic aviator a makeover, with black fade lenses and an oversized metal frame. The result: aviator men’s sunglasses that look less police officer and more bad-ass boss.

Make this budget pair your own with multiple color choices (hot guys wear pink!) and options for prescription, polarization, and blue light blocking technology.

SHop The Best Budget Aviator Sunglasses For Men

12. Best ’70s-Inspired Aviator Sunglasses For Men: Saint Laurent Classic 11 Sunglasses

Saint Laurent 1970s-inspired designer best aviator sunglasses for men

It was love at first sight with these ’70s-inspired aviator sunglasses for men. Designed by Saint Laurent, there’s no denying that they would level up your style game. With a designer brand on your side, you can solidify your status as the most eye-catching gent around.

Plus, their oversized lenses and statement brow bar are perfect for enhancing the strong, masculine lines of your face.

If you love to embrace the unexpected and aren’t afraid of a little attention, these retro men’s sunglasses were practically made for you.

Shop The Best ’70s-Inspired Aviator Sunglasses

13. Best Pride Collection Aviator Sunglasses For Men: Quay Pride Collection

Pride collection silver best aviator sunglasses for men

At first glance, these may seem like your everyday pair of silver aviator sunglasses for men, but a turn of your head shows that they’re so much more. Whether you want to show your love for the month of June or keep the Pride celebrations going all year long, these aviators are a MUST.

With just a peak of the rainbow Pride flag on the side, this pair makes a subtle statement AND goes with every outfit. They also feature shiny, mirrored lenses, perfect for bringing the party vibes.

Plus, 100% of the proceeds from Quay’s Pride Collection are donated to GLSEN, an education organization that’s working to create safer schools for LGBTQIA+ students.

Shop The Best Pride Aviator Sunglasses

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14. Best Gradient Aviator Sunglasses For Men: Ray-Ban Aviator Gradient Sunglasses

blue ombre timeless Ray-Ban best aviator sunglasses for men

The teardrop shape that started it all! These cult-favorite aviator sunglasses for men will never NOT be cool — and no wardrobe is complete without them.

This Ray-Ban pair adds an extra dose of style with light blue gradient (and polarized) lenses. Gradient lenses are ideal for when you want the protection of darker shades and the clarity of lighter lenses.

For example, gradient lenses can block the glare from the sun as you drive, but still allow you to read your dashboard clearly. They also keep your eyesight 20/20 whether you’re in the sun or the shade, and boost your eye contact game on bright days. You can thank us later!

Shop The Best Gradient Aviator Sunglasses

15. Best Lightweight Aviator Sunglasses For Men: Oakley Contrail Aviators

modern lightweight Oakley best mens aviators

When the sun is 50 shades of brightness, you need the best aviator sunglasses for men to keep your eyes protected.

These Oakley shades blend the traditional aviator style with the brand’s contemporary designs to create a comfortable pair you can wear all day, every day. This sleek brown color will set you apart from the crowd — but for they also come in matte black for something classic or shiny chrome for something more vibrant.

Shop The Best Lightweight Aviator Sunglasses

16. Best Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses: Maui Jim Keokea Aviators

red mirrored polarized best mens aviators

For those that love a little mystery, these mirrored aviator sunglasses for men will give you MAJOR enigma. Lava red lenses are guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye, but your peepers stay hidden behind reflective shades.

These shades are also made with Maui Jim’s most advanced lens material, which are designed to be just as clear as glass but way more lightweight. Giving your look an air of mystery has never been easier!

If you like to play your cards close to your chest (and look cool doing it), these are the aviators for you.

Shop The Best Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses For Men

Best Designer Sunglasses For Men

cool black Versace best designer sunglasses for men
best designer sunglasses for men: Sunglass Hut

How many accessories do you wear every day? Your favorite kicks, a wedding band maybe, and your go-to sunnies. With that much face time, you want shades that make an impression and reflect your vibes. Enter: the best designer sunglasses for men.

With designer men’s sunglasses, you’re getting the dopest styles, the top quality, and the notoriety of repping a certain logo on the side of your face. The best designer sunglasses for men don’t look like any other pair you could grab from the shop — and that’s exactly the point. From Prada to Versace, here are some of our favorite picks.

17. Best Designer Sunglasses For Men Overall: Bottega Veneta Shades

black oversized Bottega Veneta best designer sunglasses for men

Make every ‘fit runway-worthy with these Bottega Veneta designer sunglasses for men. Black is the new black and more is more with these shades. Featuring thick acetate frames, oversized lenses, and a sleek geometric silhouette, they capture the impeccable Italian vibes that Bottega Veneta is revered for.

Gold accents and a lasered logo on the side also give these designer sunglasses for men an air of luxury. Perfect for showing your style without showing off.

Shop The Best Bottega Veneta Designer Sunglasses For Men

18. Best Dior Designer Sunglasses For Men: Dior Brow Bar Aviators

Dior logo aviator best designer sunglasses for men

Life’s too short for boring sunglasses. If you’re going to rock your shades everyday, you may as well make them something to remember. Look no further — these Dior designer sunglasses for men have just entered the chat.

Logomania is back, baby, and these designer sunnies may just be the coolest way to incorporate this stand-out trend into your look. With logo printed lenses and a logo on each side, there’s no doubt you’re a stylish gent when you roll up in these Dior aviators.

If the worst thing you could be is boring, you needed this silver shades, like, yesterday.

Shop The Best Dior Designer Sunglasses For Men

19. Best Prada Designer Sunglasses For Men: Prada 17YS Shades

clear Prada best designer sunglasses for men

A sight for sore eyes, these designer sunglasses for men stand apart from all the basic shades you see on the daily. Manifest those vibes for yourself by making these sunnies a wardrobe mainstay ASAP!

The polar blue lenses of these Prada shades are made for getting lost in, and the combo of transparent acetate and sleek metal on the frames keep the entire look crisp and cool.

Like a breath of fresh air, an icy cocktail on a hot day, or that moment when you lock eyes with someone across the pool — these designer sunglasses for men are so much more than an accessory. They’re a feeling.

Shop The Best Prada Designer Sunglasses

20. Best Luxury Designer Sunglasses: Dior Blacksuit Shades

luxury brow bar Dior best designer sunglasses for men

For those that love the finer things in life, these Dior frames are the best luxury designer sunglasses for men. Enigmatic mirrored lenses? Check. Lush tortoiseshell frames? Check. Sleek silver accents? Check.

The definition of dapper, these designer shades also make the perfect plus-one for a summer of outdoor weddings. Whether you’re the groom, the groomsmen, or the best-dressed guest, you need shades that add a touch of class to a suit — and this pair has you covered.

Shop The Best Luxury Designer Sunglasses For Men

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21. Best Versace Designer Sunglasses For Men: Versace Square Sunglasses

modern square Versace best designer sunglasses for men

There’s nothing square about these designer sunglasses for men — except for the shape of their frames, that is. Designed by Versace and featuring the bold, luxe accents the brand is known for, these shades simply do not miss.

The real star of the show? The cut-out gold Greca details on the arms. With that statement hardware, looking like Italian royalty is as easy as adding these designer sunglasses for men to your look. Say less!

Shop The Best Versace Designer Sunglasses For Men

22. Best Giorgio Armani Designer Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani Wire Frame Shades

cool square Giorgio Armani best designer sunglasses for men

Minimalism at its finest, these Giorgio Armani designer sunglasses for men prove that great style doesn’t have to be flashy. After all, if you’re going to invest in a great pair of shades, you want to be able to wear them 24/7.

Featuring a versatile, sleek design that looks just as good with swim trunks as it does with a beanie, these designer men’s sunglasses will see you through the seasons.

They also have a lightweight titanium frame and crystal tinted lenses that make them some of the best designer sunglasses for men on this list.

Shop The Best GIorgio Armani Designer Sunglasses

23. Best Persol Designer Sunglasses For Men: Persol The Finale Sunglasses

luxury classic pilot-shaped Persol best designer sunglasses for men

Street cred: activated. Stepping out in the best Persol sunglasses for men is like rocking a designer watch or a pair of Yeezys. It shows that you’re a man of style, and you don’t have time for anything less.

True scene-stealers, these sunnies boast 24K gold-plated lenses and shiny accents on the temples. It’s no surprise that Persols have been worn by the top taste-makers and celebrities across the globe.

Count yourself among the best and get your hands on a pair these limited edition Persol designer shades!

Shop The Best Persol Designer Sunglasses For Men

Best Sports Sunglasses For Men

reflective Oakley shield best sports sunglasses for men
best sports sunglasses for men: Sunglass Hut

If you have a marathon (literally or figuratively!) in your sights, you need shades that can go the distance. With the best sports sunglasses for men, you can keep your eyes on the prize without worrying about them slipping, fogging, scratching, or getting in the way of your vision.

Sports men’s sunglasses are designed to withstand the elements, whether you’re jogging, training, tearing up the field, plummeting down the slopes, or anything in between. Consider these top shades your spotters, here to see you through to the finish line.

24. Best Sports Sunglasses For Men Overall: Oakley CMDN Sunglasses

durable black shield Oakley best sports sunglasses for men

The best sports sunglasses for men are, of course, designed by the iconic brand that is Oakley. These shades are a fresh take on the brand’s original shield design, featuring a wide field-of-view lens and an ultra durable frame.

In addition to winning top points for performance, comfort, and protection, these mens sports sunglasses also look seriously cool. Just peep the graphic zigzag detail on the side!

Love something a bit brighter? These shield sunnies also come in a killer psychedelic shade and an electric green and purple combo. Perfect for when you want to be SEEN.

Shop The Best Sports Sunglasses Overall

25. Best Y2K-Inspired Sports Sunglasses For Men: Maui Jim Lighthouse Shades

Y2K-inspired polarized frameless best sports sunglasses for men

Y2K is back, and it’s bringing these frameless sports sunglasses for men with it. We don’t make the rules!

Reminiscent of the musicians and superstars that ruled the world in the era of MySpace and flip phones, these sunnies are a moment in and of themselves. While they may have the design of sports sunglasses, you’re going to want to wear these mens sports sunglasses everywhere.

Next up: frosted tips.

Shop The Best Y2K-Inspired Sports Sunglasses

26. Best Stylish Sports Sunglasses For Men: Ray-Ban Ferrari Collection

rectangle polarized Ray-Ban best sports sunglasses for men

Embrace your competitive edge with these futuristic and super stylish mens sports sunglasses. Carbon fiber and mirrored chromes lenses team up to give you the best full color vision in the game.

They also feature a narrow fit and lightweight frame, ideal for staying on your head as you hit every mark and bend throughout the day.

With a Ray-Ban and Ferrari collaboration, these sports shades had no option but to be winners. You could say we’re big fans.

Shop The Best Stylish Sports Sunglasses

27. Best Durable Sports Sunglasses For Men: Under Armour Infinity Sunglasses

durable round tortoiseshell best sports sunglasses for men

While some are rallying behind Y2K’s comeback era, others would prefer if those fashion trends stay in the past where they belong. If you’re in the second camp, these sports sunglasses for men are very now in the very best ways.

Created by Under Armour, these sunnies may look like your favorite contemporary streetwear shades, but they’re designed with athletes in mind. Think: ribber trim on the temples to eliminate slip, adjustable frames for superior fit, and ultra durable, impact-resistant frames.

Whether you’re hitting the green or taking your training outdoors, these sports sunglasses for men are built to endure the elements without sacrificing style. Plus, they have a 3-year warranty — what more can you ask for?

Shop The Best Durable Sports Sunglasses

28. Best Statement Sports Sunglasses: Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses

yellow statement Oakley shield best sports sunglasses for men

The best statement sports sunglasses for men, these shades are seriously eye-catching (and eye protecting!). Inspired by Oakley’s original Radar shields, these sports sunnies were designed for the world’s top athletes.

With a polarized Prizm shield lens, durable polycarbonate frames, and that stand-out Oakley style, your competition doesn’t stand a chance. These mirrored sunnies also come in 11 colors and include a revolutionary taller lens that extends to protect the upper field of view.

Talk about a flex!

Shop The BEst Statement Sports Sunglasses For Men

29. Best Wraparound Sports Sunglasses: Quay Secret Set Shades

ombre wraparound lens Quay best sports sunglasses for men

When you’re working your body, you need sports sunglasses that move with you. These sports sunglasses for men are designed with wraparound shield lenses that protect your eyes from all angles.

Whether you’re cycling the day away or zigzagging down the slopes, the last thing you need is a bright spot creeping in the sides of your shades and obscuring your vision. These Quay sports sunglasses are designed to keep your eye safely focused on the prize.

The frame style is also universally flattering — because let’s admit it, you still want to look good while you work out.

Shop The Best Wraparound Sports Sunglasses For Men

30. Best Beachy Sports Sunglasses: Maui Jim Big Wave Shades

polarized tortoiseshell wrap lens best sports sunglasses for men

Ocean on the brain? These Maui Jim sports sunglasses for men are designed for lounging beachside, surfing a wave, or getting out on the water.

Large bronze lenses give your view a warm tint while also being completely scratch and shatter resistant, perfect for your next trek to the sand and surf. Plus, the frames are also larger fit, ideal if you have a bigger coconut!

If you needed an excuse to take a trip to the beach (tropical honeymoon, perhaps?), look no further than these “Big Wave” sports sunglasses for men. A sandy getaway is practically in the name.

Shop The Best Sunglasses For Water Sports

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Best Budget Sunglasses For Men

black square polarized best cheap budget sunglasses for men
best budget sunglasses for men: Express

This summer, we’re checking off ALL the bucket list items that have been on hold for the past couple of years. Whether that means finally taking that backpacking trip around Europe or socializing up a storm at a music festival, the last thing we want to do this year is stay inside.

A must-have on our packing lists: the best budget sunglasses for men. Going from the airport to your epic Airbnb to a rooftop bar to an outdoor concert means A LOT of opportunities to lose or break your shades. The best way to avoid any huge losses (and costs)? Pick up one or two pairs of these trendy and reliable budget sunglasses for men!

30. Best Round Budget Sunglasses For Men: ASOS Design Retro Shades

retro round best cheap budget sunglasses for men

With the $15 price tag on these retro men’s sunglasses, you don’t have to worry about any huge catastrophes wiping out your shades. Trendy, lightweight, and protective, they’re designed for throwing in your carryon or rocking at a rowdy day party.

But, while they may be affordable, these budget sunglasses for men are also rad enough that you’ll want to keep a close eye on them during your next getaway and beyond.

Shop The Best Round Budget Sunglasses

31. Best ’90s-Inspired Budget Sunglasses For Men: ASOS Design Mini Angled Sunglasses

1990s-inspired green and gold best cheap budget sunglasses for men

Calling all ’90s kids! If you were indoctrinated with the celebrity street style of River Phoenix, Brad Pitt, and Will Smith at a young age, then you know there’s nothing cooler than micro shades.

Get the look this summer (without breaking the bank) with these ’90s-inspired budget sunglasses for men. Like all trends, there’s no knowing how long these mini sunnies will be in vogue this time around — so don’t invest too much in a pair that might not be cool in a couple of months.

With thin gold frames and a geometric style, these shades look red carpet-worthy without the celebrity price tag.

Shop The Best ’90s-Inspired Budget Sunglasses

32. Best Square Budget Sunglasses: Quay Legacy Wayfarers

polarized square Quay best cheap budget sunglasses for men

When the weather forecast shows no clouds in sight, you don’t have time to worry about matching your shades to your ‘fit. The perfect grab-and-go pair, these budget sunglasses for men will look fly wherever the day takes you.

Classic but definitely not boring, these Quay sunnies have polarized lenses and a subtle tortoiseshell detail on the frames. Dress them up for a formal outdoor wedding or keep things casual for a day spent at the dog park!

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mens formalwear blue suit

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33. Best Amazon Budget Sunglasses: ZENOTTIC Polarized Sunglasses

polarized round and square Amazon best cheap budget sunglasses for men

The definition of classic, these budget sunglasses for men are made for outliving micro trends. They come in a two-pack — one round pair and one square pair — so you’ll be covered no matter your style, outfit, or situation.

A true bang for your buck, these Amazon budget sunglasses are also polarized and provide 100% UV400 protection. Prepare for these to be your new go-to gift for every occasion (they’d make a practical, affordable, and, most importantly, stylish groomsmen gift!).

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34. Best Funky Budget Sunglasses: ASOS Design ’70s Aviators

retro yellow aviator best cheap budget sunglasses for men

Some of the most affordable AND trendiest aviator sunglasses for men on this list, these shades are serving serious looks. They have oversized frames, great for long or round faces, and a graphic brow bar that accentuates your brow line.

But the best detail has to be the yellow-tinted lenses. While they don’t have any extra protection to cut glare from the sun, they do look absolutely money. Rock these for a night out or a ’70s-themed party.

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35. Best Budget Sunglasses For Athletes: Duduma Polarized Shades

polarized sports best cheap budget sunglasses for men

The benefits of these sports budget sunglasses for men are never-ending. They’re polarized, UV400, scratch-resistant, shatter-proof, wind-proof, sand-proof, and salt water-proof.

If you needed proof that these are the best sports budget sunglasses for men, this pair has it on lock. The green lenses are also designed to provide extra contrast in low lighting and reduce eye fatigue in bright lighting. Shall we go on?

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36. Best Modern Budget Sunglasses: Quay Let It Run Shades

modern square Quay best cheap budget sunglasses for men

We’ll let the reviews of these budget sunglasses for men speak for themselves (all 700 of them). They’re the “best summer accessory,” “perfect for big heads,” and all around “AHHHHMAZING SHADES!”

With modern black-to-clear ombre frames and top-notch polarized lenses, we’re not surprised that these are some of Quay’s fan-favorite sunnies. And for that price, you should walk, not run, to add these “Let It Run” budget shades to your cart!

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best sunglasses for men: Quay

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