49 Best Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas Your Crew Will Love

groomsmen enjoying the best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Nicole Kirshner Photography

They’ve been with you through the good times and bad. They’ve witnessed you find the love of your life. And chances are, they’ve got a few stories that you’re hoping won’t re-emerge come toast time. But for better or for worse, your people are your people. For all the memories and all the effort they put into making your day special, the pressure is on you to find the best groomsmen gifts…and we’ve got you covered with the most unique ideas!

While traditional groomsmen gift ideas, like pocket squares and drink koozies, are fool-proof choices, we tend to prefer gifts that feel a bit more special. These aren’t just any old groomsmen — they’re your ride or dies! And they deserve gifts that are unique, personalized, and seriously cool.

We’ve rounded up the very best groomsmen gifts and ideas for every crew, from soon-to-be inside jokes to dapper picks for the big day. But before you choose that perfect gift, you might have a few questions.

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How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts

tropical destination wedding party and best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Cheers Babe Photo as seen in this vibrant and tropical wedding

You should generally plan on spending somewhere between $30 and $200 on the best groomsmen gifts. We know — it’s a big gap. But that’s because there are a lot of variations that come into play when planning gifts for your wedding party.

First, when you’re choosing your groomsmen, consider that you’ll want to thank each person who stands by your side with a gift. The larger the wedding party, the larger the budget for groomsmen gifts.

Next, think about how much you’re asking each person to spend for the big day. This could include everything from travel to party planning to groomsmen suits. Generally, the more you’re asking them to spend, the more you’d want to spend on a gift.

A couple more questions to ask yourself might be: how much is your partner spending on gifts for their side of the party? And, how involved are you asking your groomsmen to be in the wedding planning? This will give you a better idea of how much to budget for your groomsmen gifts.

GWS Tip: If you’re getting different gifts for each person in the wedding party, make sure that they’re all a similar dollar amount. The exception is the gift for your best man, who you may want to spend a little extra on.

When to Give Groomsmen Gifts

classy wedding party and cool best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Jenn Emerling featured in this Palm Springs wedding

This is totally up to you, but groomsmen gifts are traditionally given at the rehearsal dinner. It’s the perfect time to say thank you and highlight the people who mean the most.

If you’re worried about adding too much to your to-do list for the rehearsal dinner, you can also give your groomsmen gifts at your bachelor party. After all, nothing gets people in the party spirit like a round of presents!

Where to Buy the Best Groomsmen Gifts

casual groomsmen and unique best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Jenny Smith & Co

There are endless options when it comes to the best groomsmen gifts and ideas — which means there are also endless options for where to buy the best groomsmen gifts. To help you narrow it down, here are a few of our go-to places for cool, thoughtful gifts your crew will actually love.

  • Uncommon Goods: The best place for one-of-a-kind groomsmen gifts, Uncommon Goods is full of thousands of unique gems that will wow your wedding party. From classics with a twist (like these golf-themed cocktail glasses) to totally unique groomsmen gifts (like this bourbon-infused coffee), they have something for everyone. We also love this shop for showcasing amazing independent (and often eco-conscious) designers and craftspeople.
  • Mark & Graham: With an entire collection of luxe groomsmen gifts, Mark & Graham has you covered if you want to treat your guys to something dapper. Most of their groomsmen gifts and ideas can also be personalized, like these monogrammed leather flasks. And don’t miss their fun and unique options, like this golf cart decanter!

GWS Tip: Remember to do your shopping a couple of months before the wedding, especially if you’re choosing personalized groomsmen gifts. This will give you plenty of time for everything to be custom designed, shipped, and ready to give to your crew.

Now, let’s have a look at the very best groomsmen gifts and ideas!

Best Man Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas

formal best man groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Jeroen Noordzij featured in this chic Old World wedding

He’s your ride or die. He’s seen you through thick and thin. He planned an epic bachelor party and made sure you survived to see the next day. Now it’s time to show your appreciation with a killer best man groomsmen gift.

If you choose to give your best man a little something extra, we’d recommend picking up a groomsmen gift that’s personal to him. Something that aligns with his interests and expresses your thanks for all the times he was by your side — especially right now.

That said, here are a few sure-fire best man groomsmen gift ideas that will have him feeling 100!

1: Ray-Bans: Best Man Groomsmen Gift Idea For Stylish Guys

classic Ray-Bans sunglasses best man groomsmen gifts ideas

Your class-act best man needs a classic best man groomsmen gift. It doesn’t get any better than these old school Wayfarers by Ray-Ban!

Not only do these sunglasses look good on everyone, but they’ll also give your best man extra suave vibes in his suit. If you’re planning an outdoor or summer wedding, these sunnies are a super cool addition to his big day ‘fit (and every ‘fit after the wedding weekend, too!).

Shop These Classic Wayfarer Ray-Ban Sunglasses

designer aviator Ray-Ban best sunglasses for men

From classic wayfarers to Top Gun-inspired aviators, here are the most stylish men’s sunglasses!

2: Engraved Bottle Opener: Best Man Groomsmen Gift Idea For Game Day

personalized MLB baseball bat bottle opener best man groomsmen gifts ideas

For the best man that never misses a game (or a cold one with the guys), you’ll want to add this best man groomsmen gift to your cart ASAP.

Totally one-of-a-kind, these bottle openers are handmade from authentic game-day bats swung by MLB players. Plus, each gift comes with a story card detailing which game the bat was used in.

He may not have made it past high school varsity, but with this best man groomsmen gift idea, he’ll get to feel the thrill of hitting a homer every time he cracks open a beer. Bring on baseball season!

Shop This MLB Baseball Bat Bottle Opener best man gift

3: Stadium Blueprints: Best Man Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Baseball Superfans

baseball stadium blueprints unique best man groomsmen gifts ideas

Loving the baseball-themed groomsmen gifts? We’ve got plenty of ideas for the sports fans in your lineup — but for a best man groomsmen gift, a framed blueprint of his favorite team’s stadium on museum-grade, archival paper is (dare we say it?) a home run gift.

Each illustration honors the stadium’s unique history, design specs, and major events. For the sports team loyalists, it’s the perfect upgrade to those posters he’s had on his wall since college.

Shop This Unique Baseball Stadium Blueprint best man gift

4: Retro NASCAR Cap: Best Man Groomsmen Gift Idea For Car Lovers

retro Daytona NASCAR baseball hat best man groomsmen gifts ideas in a trucker style

Whether he has his own speed racer or just loves to watch the races, this best man groomsmen gift idea goes out to the car lover in your life.

We love the Daytona (circa 1998) patch on the front of this NASCAR-inspired baseball cap, as well as a rad rope accent. And with a minimal black and white color scheme, it’ll go with everything — perfect for subtly showing off how cool he is.

SHop This Retro Daytona Raceway Baseball Cap

5: Deluxe Scrabble Board: Best Man Groomsman Gift Idea For Wordsmiths

deluxe scrabble board game practical best man groomsmen gifts ideas in retro neutral colors

Is your best man the star of the group chat? Put his wordsmith skills to the test with board game best man groomsmen gifts!

Not your average game of Scrabble, this board is a special edition, featuring a solid maple wood cabinet and raised tile grooves in a muted color scheme. It also has a built-in lazy susan, optimal for game nights with the whole crew.

SHop This Deluxe Scrabble Board Game

6: Dior Cologne: Best Man Groomsmen Gift Idea For Best Smellers

popular Dior Sauvage scent best man groomsmen gifts ideas

Give your best man a new signature scent with this Dior Sauvage cologne. With notes of pepper and amberwood, it’s a warm and fresh cologne that’s great for any season or occasion. If you’re looking for best man groomsmen gifts that he’ll use every day, look no further!

Plus, this Dior scent was rated the very best men’s cologne by our GWS readers. With this unique best man groomsmen gift, he’ll win the best-smelling award at your wedding and beyond!

Shop This Dior Sauvage Cologne best man gift

warm Dolce and Gabbana best cologne for men

Looking for the perfect scent? Don’t miss our list of the best-smelling men’s cologne!

7: Luxe Steamer: Best Man Groomsmen Gift Idea For a Fresh ‘Fit

black steamer practical best man groomsmen gifts ideas

There’s nothing better than best man groomsmen gifts he’ll use again and again. The Cadillac of steamers, this black Steamery steamer takes all the fuss out of removing wrinkles. It also eliminates odors and even dirt for a fresh look that lasts.

For a practical groomsmen gift that still feels luxe, this steamer is IT. Make sure to give it to him before the wedding weekend so he can look his most dapper on the big day.

Plus, this gift also comes with a travel case for destination weddings or bachelor parties.

SHop THis Steamery Black Steamer best man gift

8: Retro Speaker: Best Man Groomsmen Gift Idea For Front Row Fans

cool portable speaker best man groomsmen gifts ideas

For the guy who’s always asking for the aux cord, this Emberton portable speaker makes a great and unique best man groomsmen gift idea. He can take it on the go or move it around his home — so the party never has to end!

With speakers in the front and back, this portable boom box delivers 360-degree sound. That means he can blast his EDM in the car and feel like he’s right there in the front row.

Shop This Emberton Portable Speaker best man gift

9: Personalized Leather Notebook: Best Man Groomsmen Gift Idea For List Makers

personalized monogram mens notebook best man groomsmen gifts ideas

This personalized best man groomsmen gift is the perfect blank canvas for all his thoughts, big and small. Whether he’s an obsessive list maker or an aspiring writer, this luxe leather notebook will make him feel like the next Hemingway.

No ordinary notebook, this leather journal is handmade in NYC and comes filled with gold-gilded lined pages. We’re also seriously digging the sophisticated foil monogram in the bottom corner — a subtle personal touch!

But the best thing about this best men groomsmen gift has to be that it’ll last forever. When your best man runs out of pages, all he has to do is buy a refillable insert and he can keep working away on the next great American novel!

Shop This Personalized MOnogram Leather Notebook best man gift

10: Whiskey Decanter: Best Man Gift For Dapper Drinks

vintage-inspired whiskey decanter cool best man groomsmen gifts ideas

Let him live out his Mad Men fantasies with this very dapper and unique best man groomsmen gift idea.

Made with hand-blown glass in a vintage-inspired shape, this dreamy decanter is the perfect piece to class up Friday night drinks. It would make a rad addition to his liquor shelf, bar cart, or at-home office, Don Draper style.

Pro tip: gift this one with a bottle of whiskey. Cheers!

Shop This Vintage-Inspired Whiskey Decanter best man gift

Best Unique Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas

unique best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Nicole Kirshner Photography

Unique groomsmen gifts leave behind the boring traditional ideas (read: basic cuff links and average silk ties) for something that’s equally unexpected and right on the bullseye. After all, you don’t want your gifts to end up in the back of their closets or hidden away in a junk drawer to collect dust.

With these unique groomsmen gift ideas, your crew will know you actually thought of them as you were shopping. These picks are perfect for mixing and matching since they each speak to a specific personality, interest, or pastime.

Scroll on for the best unique groomsmen gift ideas, and prepare to be the new favorite in the friend group!

11: Charcoal Candle: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea For a Masculine Scent

charcoal candle unique best groomsmen gifts ideas

The guys of GWS love an Apotheke candle, and your guys are guaranteed to love this unique groomsmen gift, too!

The brand’s #1 best-seller, this charcoal candle instantly elevates any room while still smelling (and looking) subtle and masculine. With notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and smokey amber, it’s a rich, inviting, and oh-so sexy smell.

For your best wingman, return the favor with a unique groomsmen gift that he’ll be reaching for on every date night.

Shop This Unique Apotheke Charcoal Candle gift

12: Stadium Seat Cufflinks: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas For One-of-a-Kind Style

authentic MLB baseball stadium cufflinks unique best groomsmen gifts ideas

These unique groomsmen gifts are totally out of left field — in the best way! Each pair of cufflinks is repurposed with materials from famous baseball stadium seats. With these on, he’ll always have the best seat in the house.

This groomsmen gift idea is perfect if you want to get similar gifts for everyone in your lineup. You can choose a pair from each of their home stadiums or favorite fields to add a dose of individuality.

Plus, they can add these unique cufflinks to their suits for a look that’s uniform AND personalized.

Shop These Unique Authentic Stadium Seat Cufflinks

earthy brown and tan groomsmen suits

Time to suit up! Check out our guide to the most stylish groomsmen suits your crew will love.

13: Map Glasses: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas For City Slickers

urban city map whiskey glass unique best groomsmen gifts ideas

Give a toast to his town with a cocktail glass etched with his city’s streets and avenues. We love unique groomsmen gift ideas that feel personalized, and these glasses check off all the boxes.

Whether you choose his current haunts or go for nostalgia with your old stomping grounds, this glass will give him that taste of home every time he pours himself a nightcap.

Shop These Unique Urban Map Cocktail Glasses

14: Personalized Ammo Cans: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Your Wingmen

personalized maverick ammo cans and cocktail glasses unique best groomsmen gifts ideas

For the Goose to your Maverick, these unique groomsmen gifts are a must. Customize each ammo can with your groomsman’s name and the date of your big day — perfect for showing some appreciation to your best wingmen.

Each custom ammo can comes packed with two cocktail glasses (which are also engraved with each guy’s name) and whiskey rocks. But they’re also perfect for packing anything from tools to fishing supplies!

Shop These Unique Maverick-Inspired Groomsmen Gift Ideas

15: Whiskey Making Kit: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea For Whiskey Connoisseurs

DIY whiskey making kit cool unique best groomsmen gifts ideas

He’s got his whiskey drinking down pat — now it’s time to take his past time to the next level with a whiskey making kit!

One of the best alcohol-themed groomsmen gift ideas on our list, this “Do Your Whiskey” kit will give him the chance to show off his mixology skills. It comes with exclusive oak woodchip blends and a variety of natural botanicals for a truly personal glass. Plus, those rad stainless steel ice cubes are iconic.

Shop This Unique DIY Whiskey Making Kit

16: Beer Caddy: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea For BYOB Parties

picnic beer caddy unique best groomsmen gifts ideas

For all those BYOB picnics, this beer (or booze-free cocktail!) caddy is the best unique groomsmen gift. He can take it to the park, on a fishing trip, or even to the bachelor party!

With everything you need to kick back with a cold one, this groomsmen gift simply does not miss. More than just a caddy, it’s also a soft-sided cooler with a built-in bottle opener, a removable padded divider, and slits on the top (so you can grab your next drink without opening the flap).

Now that’s our kind of six-pack.

Shop This Picnic Beer Caddy

17: Luxe BBQ Spatula: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea For Pro Grillers

stainless steel BBQ spatula unique best groomsmen gifts ideas with a walnut wood handle

The pro griller in your group needs tools that match his skill level, and this unique groomsmen gift can definitely stand the heat! This stunning BBQ spatula is made with luxe stainless steel and a natural walnut handle that will stay cool when temperatures rise.

Bring on the al fresco summer dinner parties!

Shop This Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula

18: Beer Cap Map: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea For Craft Beer Loyalists

beer cap USA map unique best groomsmen gifts ideas

Do your guys love to pop into a brewery everywhere they go? This beer cap map is a fun and unique groomsmen gift to look back on all those great memories (and great beers, too).

Made with cool birch wood, this laser cut map has space for over 80 beer caps and features pre-drilled mounting holes. It’s the perfect display piece for an office, man cave, or home bar.

Shop This Unique Beer Cap USA Map

19: Solid Fragrance: Best Unique Gift For Staying Fresh on the Go

solid fragrance unique best groomsmen gifts ideas in a palmetto scent

Smelling good is a daily essential, and this unique groomsmen gift will keep your crew fresh wherever the day takes them.

Swapping a liquid cologne for a solid one, this fragrance from Fulton & Roark comes in a super rad metal tin that’s easy to throw in a gym bag, office briefcase, carry-on suitcase, or pant pocket. We also really love the Palmetto scent, which features a unique blend of citrus and spicy notes.

It’s a practical and unique groomsmen gift that he’ll appreciate on those busy days when he has to go from meetings to the gym to date night.

Shop This Solid Fragrance from Fulton & Roark

20: “What to Watch” Movie Dice: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea For Cinephiles

engraved wood movie dice cool unique best groomsmen gifts ideas

He’s always the first one to see a new Marvel movie. He has opinions about every action flick on Netflix. He talks about his favorite directors like they’re part of his crew. If your groomsman is a cinephile, this is THE most unique and best unique groomsmen gift for him.

Engraved with 6 different genres, this movie dice will eliminate his overthinking when he’s trying to choose between a Jordan Peele horror movie and a classic film noir. Movie night just got a whole lot easier!

Shop This Unique Movie Dice Groomsmen gift idea

21: Custom Camping Mug: Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea for Camping Enthusiasts

cool enamel camping mug unique groomsmen gift ideas personalized with the word "groomsman" and the name "Timothy"

Calling all happy campers! This custom camping mug is one of the best groomsmen gift ideas for the crew who would rather be camping right now. It features a cool skull illustration (which you can personalize with either a bow tie or a western hat), as well as a place to add a custom name.

And made with lightweight enamel that’s great for traveling, this unique groomsmen gift is the ultimate plus one for all your future camping trips together. We see an outdoorsy bachelor party in your future!

Shop These Camping Mug Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Best Etsy Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas

modern groomsmen and Etsy best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Jordan Voth as seen in this romantic desert micro wedding

Etsy is THE PLACE to go for unique groomsmen gift ideas, especially personalized ones. There’s nothing that feels more luxurious than having something customized specifically for you — and Etsy makes it easy (and affordable) to give that feeling to all your best mates!

We’ll dig into more custom ideas down below, but first let’s have a look at our favorite Etsy groomsmen gifts.

We’ve rounded up the coolest, sleekest, and most usable groomsmen gifts created by some of the best independent designers on the site. The reviews don’t lie, and we have a feeling your guys will be giving these five stars, too!

22: Custom Travel Bag: Best Etsy Groomsmen Gift Idea For Weekend Getaways

personalized monogram weekender bag Etsy best groomsmen gifts ideas

A classic travel duffel bag is one of the best Etsy groomsmen gift ideas for guys who seem to spend every weekend out of town (or for those who are traveling to see you get hitched!).

This custom Etsy duffel bag is made with durable canvas and doubles as a classy carry-on or checked luggage. We love the personalization factor — he’ll never have to wonder which bag is his at baggage claim again!

This gift comes in a few great colors, too, so you can mix and match for all your groomsmen.

Shop This Personalized Etsy Weekender Bag

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Travel on the brain? Add these epic US honeymoon destinations to your upcoming itinerary!

23: Personalized Leather Dopp Kits: Best Etsy Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Stylish Travelers

grey custom leather toiletry dopp kit Etsy best groomsmen gifts ideas personalized with monograms

Another one of the best travel-themed groomsmen gift ideas, these leather Etsy dopp kits are a BIG upgrade from plastic baggies filled with hotel shampoo bottles.

Each toiletry bag is stamped with a custom message (choose between your groomsman’s first name or a monogram) and made with distressed soft leather for an old-school look. They’re also handcrafted from scratch by expert craftsmen — a lifelong keepsake if you ask us!

Choose from three different sizes and four stylish colors for a cool groomsmen gift they’ll definitely use.

Shop These Personalized Etsy Leather Dopp Kits

24: Custom Wood Tie Clip: Best Etsy Groomsmen Gift Idea For Your Brother

personalized wooden tie clip Etsy best groomsmen gifts ideas

Not sure what to get your brother – or new brother-in-law – who is also standing up in your wedding? We love these wooden tie clips. With multiple different wood options to choose from, they’re perfect if your wedding is outdoors, or if your groomsman is a nature lover!

And another one of the best Etsy groomsmen gifts with a personalized touch, these custom personalized wood tie clips can be engraved with a name, initials or date. In addition to being practical groomsmen gift ideas, they’re also just super cool.

Shop These Personalized Engraved Etsy tie bars

25: Personalized Watches: Best Etsy Groomsmen Gift Ideas For a Timely Keepsake

set of 12 personalized engraved wooden watches Etsy best groomsmen gifts ideas

These personalized Etsy groomsmen gifts will have your guys looking sleek (and arriving on time) for the big moment! Choose from a set of 4 to 12 watches, all handmade using lightweight walnut wood.

A unique version of a cool everyday watch, these wooden timekeepers are sure to become a wardrobe mainstay well after your wedding day. They go with everything from a sophisticated suit to jeans and a t-shirt.

Plus, the custom engraving on the back acts as a subtle reminder of this milestone in your friendship. Talk about friends for life!

Shop These Personalized Engraved Etsy Wooden Watches

26: Personalized Leather Wallet: Best Etsy Groomsmen Gift Idea For Classic Minimalists

personalized slim leather wallet Etsy best groomsmen gifts ideas

You can’t go wrong with Etsy groomsmen gifts that carry all his essentials. This slim leather wallet has room for multiple cards, IDs, and cash and can be personalized with each groomsmen’s initials for a special touch.

Designed to fit in a front or back pocket, it has a sleek design that’s perfect for the minimalists of the group. Classic, minimal, and simple — but definitely not boring.

Shop This Personalized Etsy Slim Leather Wallet

27: Retro Film Camera: Best Etsy Groomsmen Gift Idea For Nostalgic Photographers

vintage 35mm film camera Etsy best groomsmen gifts ideas

Savor all those memories with a vintage 35mm camera. This is the best Etsy groomsmen gift for the guys that obsess over retro everything (the return of the 1980s ‘stache, we see you).

Gift this to your groomsmen before the wedding weekend so they can capture the whole celebration on rad 35mm film. Speaking of which, don’t forget to include some rolls of film with this groomsmen gift!

Shop This Retro Etsy 35mm Film Camera

28: Hot Sauce Kit: Best Etsy Gift For Spice Lovers

deluxe hot sauce making kit unique Etsy best groomsmen gifts ideas

For the guy who probably has some Tabasco in his bag right now, spice up his life with this unique Etsy groomsmen gift. This deluxe hot sauce-making kit comes with three types of chili peppers, a gourmet spice blend, and a complete recipe book for the hottest concoctions.

It’s a groomsmen gift that’s definitely not for the faint of heart! If he always orders the hottest sauce when you go out for wings, he’s going to love testing his tastebuds with this Etsy kit.

Shop This Etsy Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit

29: Dapper Dress Socks: Best Etsy Groomsmen Gift Ideas For the Big Day

personalized green wedding socks Etsy best groomsmen gifts ideas

Here at Green Wedding Shoes, it should come as no surprise that we love these green wedding socks! The best Etsy groomsmen gift for adding some personality to your big day, these men’s dress socks are non-traditional in the best way.

Your crew will love the peek of color above their dress shoes as they walk down the aisle and show off on the dance floor. And how cool are those personalized labels? Fun AND luxe.

Shop These Personalized Etsy Green Wedding Socks

Best Cool Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas

formal wedding party and cool best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Jenna Routh Photography as seen in this modern pastel wedding

Your guys aren’t regular groomsmen. They’re cool groomsmen. And that means they deserve the coolest groomsmen gifts.

If traditional groomsmen gifts usually make you cringe, then these are the best ideas for you. Forget traditional presents — all of these picks are designed for stylish, dapper, and modern gentlemen. Think: rad accessories and speakeasy-style cocktails.

Ready to take your gift game to the next level? We’ve got you covered! Here are the best cool groomsmen gift ideas that will have him stepping out in style.

30: Nike Air Jordans: Best Cool Groomsmen Gift Idea For Sneaker Heads

Air Jordan 1 Element basketball Nike shoes cool best groomsmen gifts ideas

What’s cooler than a sneakers + suit combo? With sneaker groomsmen gifts, your crew will be looking fly on the big day — and long after.

You may want to do some searching to find the right sneakers for your groomsmen (especially if they’re sneaker heads), but these Nike Air Jordans are RAD. Go on, get a pair to match your wedding day look, too. You know you want to!

Shop These LeBron 18 Low x Atmos Nike Shoes

dapper tuxedo suits for grooms

Still searching for the perfect wedding day look? We’ve rounded up the most dapper suits for grooms.

31: Wood Framed Sunglasses: Best Cool Groomsmen Gift Idea For Summer Weddings

wooden Amazon wayfarer sunglasses cool best groomsmen gifts ideas

For a rustic or summer wedding, you need cool groomsmen gift ideas that match the warm weather vibes! This twist on the classic Wayfarer sunglasses does just that.

With a wood frame and polarized lenses that are designed for the outdoors, these sunnies will have your wedding party looking sleek AND on-theme for a woodland or ranch ceremony.

As an added bonus, these sunglasses are made with sustainable bamboo. Eco-friendly + cool groomsmen gifts? It’s a yes for us!

Shop These Cool Wooden Wayfarer Sunglasses

32: Cocktail Smoker: Best Cool Gift For Master Mixologists

glass topper cocktail smoker unique cool best groomsmen gifts ideas

Because why drink a plain cocktail when you could drink a smoking cocktail? For the guy who loves to shake up a good drink, this groomsmen gift is utterly cool.

This smoker kit comes with everything you need to make a wow-worthy cocktail, including the smoking chips (which are made from a blend of teas, woods, and spices).

Take him from the group’s resident drink mixer to its master mixologist with this cool groomsmen gift idea. You know where you’re going for pre-drinks from now on!

Shop This Cool Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker

33: Barrel Wood Bracelets: Best Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Boozy Wristwear

unique mens whiskey and wine barrel bracelets cool best groomsmen gifts ideas

Cool groomsmen gift goals! These bracelets are made from upcycled whiskey and wine barrels by artisans in Austria. The result: eco-friendly and totally elegant wristwear.

Whether your groomsman is a whiskey aficionado or a master of street style, this groomsmen gift is such a cool idea and a totally unique keepsake.

Shop These Cool Whiskey and Wine Barrel Bracelets

34: Old Fashioned DIY Kit: Best Cool Gift For Old Fashioned Men

DIY old fashioned whiskey infusion kit cool best groomsmen gifts ideas

For the guy who likes to end the day with a stiff drink but isn’t a mixologist, there’s this cool groomsmen gift idea! With an old fashioned DIY kit, he only needs to add his favorite rye or bourbon to get a round of classic cocktails. Sophisticated sipping has never been easier.

This would also be a great groomsmen gift to have on hand for your big day to settle those pre-wedding jitters! Just don’t forget to bring along a bottle of your favorite booze and plenty of whiskey glasses to go around (bonus points if they include a cigar holder, like these ones!).

Shop This DIY Old fashioned Whiskey Infusion Kit

35: Personalized Pocket Knives: Best Cool Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Groomsmen

personalized pocket knives cool groomsmen gift ideas with custom name engravings

This is another one of the best (and coolest) gift ideas for your outdoorsy groomsmen! Upgrade their gear with these rad personalized pocket knives, complete with an engraved wood handle and a custom steel blade.

We’re also digging that handy leather sheath, which is customizable and can easily be thrown in a camping bag or hiking kit. It’s the perfect groomsmen gift for the crew who loves to fish, hunt, and go off the grid together!

Shop These Cool Pocket Knife Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Best Personalized Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas

outdoorsy groomsmen and personalized best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Nola Fontanez as seen in this glamping Indian fusion wedding

Not all personalized groomsmen gifts are created equal. These ones go the extra mile to make your guys feel truly appreciated.

These custom groomsmen gift ideas run the gamut from rad to funny to totally luxurious. They can be customized to not only call out your groomsmen’s names but also hit the mark on their individual interests.

Does your best man quote The Office daily? Did your groomsmen bond over beers at a baseball game? Keep scrolling for the best personalized groomsmen gift ideas for your specific crew.

36: Nike Air Force 1: Best Personalized Groomsmen Gift Idea For Nike Loyalists

custom Nike air force 1 cool personalized best groomsmen gifts ideas in a grey and white colorway

He’ll be stepping in style with this totally personalized groomsmen gift idea! With Nike By You sneakers, you can make the legacy of the Air Force 1’s your own. Choose your own colors, materials, and traction — even customize the famous Nike swoosh.

For the best personalized groomsmen gifts that he’ll be rocking on the daily (and the dance floor!), it doesn’t get better than these.

Shop THese Personalized Nike Air Force 1 By You SNeakers

37: Custom YETI Tumbler: Best Personalized Gift For Coffee Loyalists

customized yeti drink tumbler personalized best groomsmen gifts ideas

For the guys who can’t start their days without a cup of joe, enter: a custom YETI tumbler.

YETI is the crème de la crème of to-go drinkware, designed to keep your drinks steaming hot or ice cold all day long, and this one will do the job no matter where the day takes your groomsmen. It’s leakproof and fits in most cupholders AND can be personalized with a name or phrase.

The best personalized groomsmen gift idea for those who mean it when they say, “But first, coffee…..”, this tumbler ensures that his next caffeine kick is never out of reach.

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38: Custom Nixon Watch: Best Personalized Gift For the Adventurous Groomsman

custom nixon watch unique personalized best groomsmen gifts ideas

Picture this: an elegant timepiece that combines style, functionality, and sentimental value in one exquisite package. That’s the beauty of a personalized Nixon watch.

Nixon watches are designed to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle, making them a perfect gift idea for your adventurous groomsmen. Whether they’re hitting the waves, exploring the mountains, or simply stepping out in style, these timepieces will accompany them on their journeys, while never compromising on style.

But what sets a personalized Nixon watch apart is the ability to add a unique touch. Engrave the groomsmen’s initials, a special date, or a heartfelt message on the back, and voilà: you have a keepsake that resonates with meaning and sentimentality. It’s a tangible reminder of your gratitude for their presence on your big day.

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39: Custom Growler: Best Personalized Gift For a Chill Drink

custom etched beer growler personalized best groomsmen gifts

A classic growler with his name (or a nickname) etched on the side is a personalized groomsmen gift that’s both chill and useful. Because who doesn’t love the idea of a to-go beer?

Made with insulated stainless steel, this growler will keep his drinks colder for longer and prevent any light damage from affecting his brew. The lid is also designed with a double latch to prevent spilling, so he can take this groomsmen gift with him wherever he goes.

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40: Custom Wine Chiller: Best Personalized Gift For Wine Aficionados

engraved monogram white marble and wood wine chiller personalized best groomsmen gifts ideas

Speaking of chill, this classy wine chiller is the best personalized groomsmen gift idea for your most sophisticated friends. If he’s always on the hunt for the perfect white wine, or if he loves any chance to celebrate with a pop of champagne, then this groomsmen gift is the perfect addition to his bar.

Made from luxe marble and natural wood and etched with his initials, this wine chiller will keep his favorite bottle cold all night long (and look good doing it).

Complete the gift with a custom stemless wine glass — a great add-on for your best man or father-in-law.

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41: Custom Bobbleheads: Best Personalized Gift Ideas For Groomsmen Who Love a Laugh

custom groomsmen bobbleheads unique personalized best groomsmen gifts ideas

Just imagine their faces when they see…their faces! We’re loving these personalized groomsmen gift ideas for the crew who loves a good laugh. Not only are these bobble heads carefully sculpted to look like your ride or dies, but they’re also customized to match your groomsmen attire.

With durable wooden stands that are built to last, these groomsmen gifts will live on in their offices or living rooms. (Speaking of offices, this is THE best personalized groomsmen gift for fans of The Office! IYKYK.)

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42: Custom Engraved Cutting Board: Best Personalized Gift For Aspiring Chefs

Etsy engraved cutting board personalized best groomsmen gifts ideas

He’s always inviting you over for a dinner party to show off his latest recipe. He never misses a season of Top Chef. He idolizes Gordon Ramsey a little TOO much. And he needs this personalized groomsmen gift.

One of the best groomsmen gift ideas for aspiring chefs, this custom engraved cutting board will make him feel like a contestant on his favorite cooking show every time he cuts veggies. And the winner is…

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Best Practical Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas

fun groomsmen and practical best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Foolishly Rushing In as seen in this modern art wedding

Let’s get practical, shall we? While some groomsmen gifts may be fun for the wedding weekend, these practical gift ideas will stay on your crew’s rotation LONG after the big day.

These are the things that your guys will be reaching for again and again. Whether they’re doing their daily habits like shaving or taking that annual guy’s trip to the mountains, these gifts will be right there with them.

More than just keepsakes, here are the best practical groomsmen gift ideas that won’t gather dust on the shelf!

43: Portable Speaker: Best Practical Groomsmen Gift Idea For a Portable Party

portable JBL speaker practical best groomsmen gifts ideas

Featuring a waterproof design and over 12 hours of playtime, this JBL Flip speaker is all he needs to start the party anywhere and everywhere. Rain or shine, shower or tailgate, this groomsmen gift is here to pump it up.

Add a personal touch by choosing between 11 different colors — or better yet create your own custom design for one of the best unique + practical groomsmen gift ideas!

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44: Luxury Travel Pouch: Best Practical Gift For Personalized Travel

luxury personalized leather travel pouch practical best groomsmen gift ideas

For the jetsetter in the group, this practical groomsmen gift with see him through those extra-long airport lines and keep his sartorial style intact at the same time! A gentleman doesn’t travel without a custom leather travel pouch, after all.

One of the best luxury groomsmen gift ideas, this sleek travel pouch is made with premium full-grain leather and features enough room to stash all his shaving gear, shampoo, cologne, and more.

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45: Harry’s Shave Set: Best Practical Gift For a Close Shave

Harry's starter shaving kit practical best groomsmen gifts

Is there anything better than a really good close shave? We love Harry’s for adding a touch of luxury to something we do everyday — and your guys will love this well-designed shaving set for their practical groomsmen gifts, too!

A groomsmen gift that’ll keep him looking smooth and fresh for the wedding day and every day after that, this set has everything you need for a great shave. A five-blade razor? Check. Foaming shave gel? Check. A weighted handle and practical travel cover? Check and check.

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46: Massage Gun: Best Practical Gift For Your Workout Buddies

practical personal therapeutic massage gun

If he’s your spotter, motivator, and the guy that helped you get fit for the big day, give him a practical groomsmen gift that returns the favor! This therapeutic personal massage gun is designed to alleviate muscle pain, reduce stress, and target deep tissues.

It’s one of the best groomsmen gift ideas because it’s practical enough to get a ton of use, but not too practical that it’s something he would buy himself.

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Best Golf Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas

formal groomsmen and golf best groomsmen gifts ideas
photo by Peyton Byford as seen in this minimalist Texas wedding

Golfers gonna golf. And we’ve got the perfect golf groomsmen gift ideas for the guys who are forever pursuing that hole-in-one!

If your version of “Saturdays are for the boys” means hitting the green for a day of golf, then these groomsmen gifts are guaranteed winners. They’re both fun and practical for tee time (and happy hour afterwards).

47: Golf Cocktail Glasses: Best Golf Groomsmen Gift Ideas For a Hole in One

golf ball cocktail glasses whiskey set golf best groomsmen gifts ideas

Cocktail lover plus golf lover equals this totally cool golf groomsmen gift idea! This set of two cocktail glasses comes with novel coasters that each have a real golf ball in the center. With half-dome indents in the bottom, these glasses fit perfectly on top of the coasters, giving the illusion of a hole in one (glass).

It’s the best groomsmen gift to break out after a day of friendly competition on the green. Just add your favorite cocktail and you’re golden.

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aperol spritz with flowers

Bottoms up! Don’t miss our tips and tricks for how to make your wedding cocktails stand out!

48: Monogrammed Golf Ball Set: Best Golf Gift For a Personalized Game

personalized golf balls set with custom monogram best groomsmen gifts ideas

He’ll show up to the tee looking like a pro with this golf groomsmen gift idea! For the avid golfers, this set of a dozen golf balls can be personalized with his monogram. No more arguing over which one is his after the swing!

One of the best practical and luxurious groomsmen gift ideas, this set also comes with a personalized display case and a dozen golf tees and pencils. Everything he needs to pretend he’s made it to the US Open Championship.

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49: Golf Ball Glass: Best Golf Gift For After-Put Drinks

personalized golf ball rocks whiskey glass golf best groomsmen gifts ideas

Finally, for a little laugh, this golf groomsmen gift idea will either remind him of his best swing — or his worst one.

The sleek rocks glass is embedded with a Titleist golf ball and can be customized with your golf buddy’s monogram. It’s the best golf groomsmen gift to keep him humble during your next tee time!

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Calling all Grooms! These are the Planning Resources You’ll Need

groomsmen catching the groom after tossing him up in the air
photo by Safeena Noah as seen in this desert oasis wedding

So you’ve found the best groomsmen gift ideas to show your guys some love for the big day — now it’s time to check off everything else on your groom to-do list!

Keeping with the theme of your wedding party, we’ve rounded up the best groomsmen suits to have your men looking like gentlemen. Don’t forget to keep these in mind if you’re choosing groomsmen gifts like cuff links or other day-of accessories!

Speaking of which, there’s nothing cooler (or more practical) than your wedding party rolling up to your ceremony with some rad men’s sunglasses. Feast your eyes on these killer shades!

Finally, and most importantly: your wedding day look. To help you find your best ‘fit, we’ve narrowed down the best suits for grooms, from classic tuxedos to velvet jackets (and you can’t forget a signature scent).

We’ve also created a guide for picking out your most important wedding day accessory: a stylish men’s wedding band.

Have you decided on the best groomsmen gift ideas for your crew? Let us know in the comments below!