Al Fresco Dining at Home: Everything You Need for a Backyard Dinner Party

backyard dinner party al fresco dining at home

The time is finally here for summer nights outside, drink in hand, and friends all around. Al fresco dining at home is the perfect way to dip your toe back into hosting and gathering — and we are SO ready. You don’t need much to plan a breezy backyard dinner party, but we’re here with the inspiration to get you relaxing and vibing all summer long.

{photo above via Calimia Home}

What is al fresco dining?

al fresco dining at homephoto: Anna Delores Photography // see more from this chic summer party

But first, let’s clear the air. Loosely translated from Italian, “al fresco” means “in the cool air.” We’ve come to use the term to simply mean “enjoying a meal outside.” From picnics to BBQs to backyard dinner parties, eating outside is a true treat for the senses and automatically inspires a feeling of ease.

al fresco dining at homephoto: Kadi Tobin Photography // see more from this intimate backyard wedding

We’re particularly inspired to plan some al fresco meals at home thanks to so many beautiful backyard weddings this year! There is so much you can do in your own backyard (or patio!) to create an inviting space for family and friends. It doesn’t take much and it shouldn’t take much.

al fresco dining at homephoto: Mary Costa Photography // see more from this colorful backyard wedding

The whole idea behind al fresco at home is that of ease! It’s a breezy meal that doesn’t need to be planned to the very last detail. Having items at home that help you carry food, keep things covered, and make the space inviting + cozy will all attribute to a dreamy (and easy) night with friends.

backyard dinner party al fresco dining at homephoto: Sara Ligorria-Tramp for Emily Henderson

Stock Your Home for Easy Al Fresco Dining

Let’s channel that Italian influence and enjoy some laid-back meals outside! It’s helpful to have a few things on hand specifically for backyard gatherings. Here are 26 items that make al fresco dining at home a real picnic — literally and figuratively.

1. Wheat Straw Plates

wheat straw plates

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2. Bamboo Spun Serving Bowl

target serving bowl

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3. Raised Floral Glass Tumblers

zara home glasses al fresco dining at home

Buy at Zara $9.90 each

4. 3-Pack Acacia Wood Bowls

HM 3 wood bowls

Buy at H&M Home | Set of 3 $17.99 each

5. Jacquard-Weave Seat Cushion

woven seat cushion

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6. Al Fresco Dining Table Cotton Tablecloth (3 color options)

HM cotton tablecloth

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7. Linen-Blend Napkins (3 color options)

hm napkins

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7. Glass Dome with Wooden Tray

glass dome with tray

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8. Wine Glasses

hm wine glass

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9. Linen-Blend Apron

hm apron

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10. Linen-Blend Table Runner

linen table runner

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10. Rattan Tray for Al Fresco Dining

hm rattan tray

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11. Ceramic Tile Trivet

outdoor dining decor trivet

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12. Soleil Tagine

outdoor dining decor soleil

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13. Roma Wrapped Utensil Set

uo wrapped utensils al fresco dining at home

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14. Glass Drink Dispenser for Dining Al Fresco

glass drink dispenser outdoor parties

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14. Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food for Having People Over By Alison Roman

nothing fancy

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15. Stoneware Pitcher

target pitcher

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15. Terrazzo Patio Accent Table

target terrazzo outdoor table

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16. White Metal Outdoor Lantern

metal outdoor lantern

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17. Outdoor String Lantern Lights

target string lantern

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18. Stoneware Wind Chimes

target chimes

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19. Square Solar Pathway Light

solar path lights

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20. Streamlined Cheese Knives

anthro cheese knives

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21. Silver Al Fresco Dining Beverage Tub

aluminum beverage tub

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22. Round Lidded Picnic Baskets

anthro baskets

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23. Stripe Seagrass Utensil Holder

anthro utensil holder

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24. Woven Straw Food Covers for Al Fresco Dining

anthro food covers for backyard dinner parties

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25. Aura Raffia Placemats

anthro placemats

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26. Al Fresco Dining Picnic Basket

anthro picnic basket

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Here’s to al fresco dining at home that’s simple, delicious, and goes well into those dreamy summer nights!