The Best Mens Engagement Rings to Totally Wow Him

LGBTQ proposal with mens engagement rings
photo: Carly Landolt Photography | couple: @alexandmike | floral designs: @heritagegatherings

We are loooooving the growing trend in mens engagement rings. In the wedding industry, people have traditionally talked about engagement rings being for the ladies, but that doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) be the only case!

Mens engagement rings are a must when you’re proposing to your guy, and they’re an amazing way to show your love and dedication to your partner.

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Should Guys Wear Engagement Rings?

two men wearing emerald signet mens engagement rings
photo: Carly Landolt Photography | rings: @desideriacollection | couple: @alexandmike

Absolutely! We can’t see any reason why guys shouldn’t wear engagement rings! Ultimately, it’s traditional for whoever is doing the proposing to propose with an engagement ring. So if you’re proposing to your partner who just so happens to be a guy, snag a gorgeous ring. You can’t go wrong with any of the styles we’ve included in this roundup.

We also love that many couples nowadays are choosing to buck wedding tradition, and that applies to proposals too! We’re noticing a trend in ladies proposing to their guys, and finding the perfect mens engagement ring for the moment couldn’t be more fitting.

How Much Are Mens Engagement Rings?

groom wearing a mens engagement ring
photo: Taylor Willoughby Photo

Pricing for mens engagement rings will vary, depending on the types of metals and stones you choose for the band. There are no hard and fast rules about how much to spend (we don’t subscribe to the 3 month salary rule, by any means!).

We’ll include mens engagement rings in a variety of price ranges, so you can choose one that fits your budget best. But ultimately, what matters most is the thought and care that goes into choosing the perfect ring for your partner!

Best Metals for Engagement Rings

two men modeling a variety of mixed metal mens engagement rings
photo: Carly Landolt Photography | rings: @desideriacollection | couple: @alexandmike

The best metals for mens engagement rings will largely depend on what you’re looking for. Is durability a primary goal in the ring you choose? Tungsten carbide and titanium can both take quite the beating, and are great choices for anyone leading a more active lifestyle.

There are also super cutting edge materials (that aren’t even metals!), like fiberglass, that are seen in more unique and unexpected ring designs. These materials are ultra lightweight, which can make for a comfortable fit.

Another thing to keep in mind is that higher karat gold can be more susceptible to scratching. So if you have an 18K yellow gold band, it can scratch a bit more easily than a 14K yellow gold band. That said, you’re getting higher purity gold with the 18K gold, so it’s all a bit of a tradeoff, and you’ll need to consider your partner’s lifestyle when choosing the best fit.

All of this to say, there isn’t necessarily a best metal for mens engagement rings. The best metal is highly dependent on your partner’s taste and where/when they plan on wearing their engagement band.

Gold Mens Engagement Rings

man reaching for his fiances hand while wearing a gold mens engagement ring
photo: Sheena Shahangian Photography

Gold mens engagement rings are a total classic. They’re timeless and gorgeous in every way. For a more romantic look, opt for rose gold. If you want an intense and glam look, yellow gold will absolutely do the trick. And if you like cool bluish tones, white gold is the way to go.

1: Brushed Inlay Rose Gold Mens Engagement Ring

rose gold mens engagement rings with brushed inlay design

Oh so romantic, but also masculine too! We love the warmth that the copper alloys in this rose gold mens engagement band provide the metal, especially when coupled with the brushed inlay design.

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2: Yellow Gold Mens Engagement Ring with Wave-Like Design

yellow gold mens engagement rings with wave textured design

How unique is the braid-like wave pattern on this yellow gold mens engagement ring?! Yellow gold is known for its intensity and formality, but the wave pattern provides a soothing and organic design to contrast that. The result is a stunning ring that’s sure to wow him.

shop the yellow gold mens wave ring

3: Rainbow Gemstone Yellow Gold Mens Engagement Ring

rainbow gemstone yellow gold ring

This rainbow gemstone yellow gold mens engagement ring is EVERYTHING. We adore the inclusion of itty bitty gemstones on the bottom third of the band. Such a fun way to add some personalization to the classic band.

shop the rainbow yellow gold engagement rings for men

4: Rose Gold Ring with Antler and Meteorite Inlays

rose gold engagement rings for men with meteorite and antler inlays

Another super unique mens engagement ring option right here. We don’t know if we’ve ever seen anything like it. This rose gold band doubles up with two inlays: one made of meteorite and one made of antlers: complete opposites, yet they go together beautifully.

shop the rose gold antler + meteorite engagement rings for men

5: Engraved Gold Mens Signet Engagement Ring

engraved gold mens signet engagement ring with initials engraved on it

If you really want to customize an engagement ring for your man, these gold signet bands are amazing. We love that you can add your partner’s initials (or even yours!) to them.

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6: Gold Stainless Steel Roman Numerals Engagement Ring for Men

gold color stainless steel roman numerals engagement rings for men

This golden roman numerals mens engagement ring is a total steal. While the band is a gold color, it’s actually made of stainless steel, which is an extraordinarily durable and budget friendly metal.

shop the gold stainless steel roman numerals mens ring

7: 14K Twisted Gold Mens Engagement Ring

twisted 14K yellow gold mens engagement rings

The brushed gold, paired with that simple twist on the front of this mens engagement ring, give this band a unique and modern appeal. Perfect for the minimalist guy who wants a just a tiny bit of detailing on his band.

shop the twisted gold mens ring

8: Gold Tungsten Ring with Malachite Inlay

gold tungsten mens engagement ring with malachite inlay

We love that this inlay tungsten ring incorporates the color of gold, with the incredible durability of tungsten. Perfect for the guy who lives an active lifestyle. And the gorgeous green malachite pairs so beautifully with the gold tones.

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Diamond Mens Engagement Rings

18K gold and diamond studded mens engagement rings
ring and photo: David Yurman

Who says diamonds can’t go on mens engagement rings?! Certainly not us! Add a little bling to the ring with some gorgeous diamonds. There are so many different styles, from solitaire diamond looks to ones with the entire band dotted in stones.

9: White Gold + Diamond Mens Engagement Ring

white gold diamond mens engagement rings

This white gold engagement band has a timeless design. And those studded diamonds surrounding the top and bottom edges only enhances that classic look.

shop the white gold + diamond mens rings

10: Handcrafted Yellow Gold + Diamond Ring

handcrafted yellow gold and diamond mens engagement rings

The dainty, delicate shape of this yellow gold diamond studded mens ring is so gorgeous. It incorporates a thinner, more modern band, that’s beautifully handcrafted and dotted with lovely round cut stones.

shop the yellow gold + diamond mens ring

11: Textured Rose Gold + Diamond Mens Engagement Ring

textured rose gold diamond studded mens engagement ring

Brushed metal has a matte-like texture, and this rose gold and diamond mens ring levels that up with even more grit and texture on the band. It almost resembles the engravings and nooks you’d expect to find on wood. So unique!

shop the textured rose gold + diamond mens ring

12: Unique Mid-Century Gold + Diamond Mens Engagement Ring

unique Mid-Century modern gold and diamond mens engagement ring with angular engravings

We love a ring that crafts an entirely new style for itself. This gold and diamond mens engagement band is reminiscent of Mid-Century Modern styles, but with its own organic, handcrafted twist. We love the angular inlays and engravings. And the center line of diamonds is seriously to die for.

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13: Hammered Gold + Black Diamond Mens Engagement Ring

gold hammered mens engagement rings with round black diamond solitaire center stone

There’s something imperfectly perfect about hammered metal engagement rings. They beautifully embody the handcrafted look in a way that a polished metal can’t quite capture. And this stunner is made all the better with a lovely round cut black diamond solitaire to provide some depth and contrast.

shop the hammered gold + black diamond mens ring

14: Geometric Gold + Diamond Ring

diamond dotted yellow gold mens engagement rings with tilted square settings

Much like one of the handcrafted rings we shared earlier, this gold mens ring also features a round-cut diamond studded band design. But it does so in such a unique way, with rotated square-shaped settings that resemble a diamond shape. Anyone else getting ancient Egypt vibes?!

shop the geometric gold + diamond mens engagement rings

15: Mens Engagement Ring with Baguette Cut Diamond Covered Band

multi baguette cut diamond covered mens engagement rings

Embrace ALL the bling with this diamond mens engagement band. It’s covered throughout with the prettiest baguette cut diamonds, sure to offer a gorgeous glimmer whenever the light hits those stones.

shop the baguette cut diamond mens ring

16: Yellow Gold Signet Ring with Diamond Center Stone

yellow gold signet mens engagement rings with diamond solitaire center stone

We love the regal look of signet rings, and this gorgeous diamond signet mens engagement ring is certainly no exception! We love the way the signet style provides a strong and masculine setting for the lab grown solitaire diamond.

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Mens Black Engagement Rings

tungsten carbide and obsidian black mens engagement ring with gold inlays
ring and photo: Ladies and Gents Bands

Could there be anything more sleek and classy than mens black engagement rings? Whether you’re loving titanium or tungsten carbide, these types of rings tend to be some of the sturdiest ones on the market, while also looking beyond cool.

17: Beveled Titanium Mens Black Engagement Ring

beveled titanium mens black engagement rings

We love the sturdy, chunky design of this black titanium engagement ring. It basically exudes confidence. And the beveled edge provides layering and dimension to the design.

shop the beveled titanium mens black ring

18: Super Light Textured Black Carbon Fiber Ring

textured carbon fiber mens black engagement rings

Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous mens black engagement ring that’s both beautifully textured and extremely lightweight?! On top of that, the fact that this ring is made of carbon fiber means you’re getting a ring that’s multiple times stronger than steel, so you know it’s built to last.

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19: Titanium and Black Diamond Mens Engagement Ring

titanium black ring with black diamonds studding the entire band

Add some intricate detailing and elegance to your black titanium mens engagement band by opting for a ring covered in little black diamonds. We love the twist design on the top and bottom sections of the ring. They really accentuate the unique diamond-dotted look.

shop the titanium + black diamond mens ring

20: Black Mens Tungsten Carbide Geometric Ring

tungsten carbide mens black engagement ring with a rectangular geometric design

Classic, plain mens engagement ring designs are a dime a dozen, so we really like it when we find a ring that incorporates a unique or detailed design. This one embraces a geometric design, with various stacked rectangles. And we particularly like the brushed metal center section.

shop the black tungsten carbide mens ring

21: Hammered Black Tungsten Carbide Mens Engagement Ring

hammered tungsten carbide black mens engagement rings

We’re used to seeing hammered gold and silver rings, but we’re totally obsessing over this tungsten carbide ring’s unique take. The hammered design has a matte look, with a very handcrafted feel to it.

shop the black hammered mens ring

22: Swirling Pattern Black Tantalum Ring

tantalum black mens engagement ring with swirl pattern engravings

The organic swirl engravings on this black tantalum ring are so dreamy. The nature-inspired design is sure to be a unique touch to any man’s jewelry collection.

shop the black swirl engraved mens ring

23: Gold Flake Black Resin Mens Engagement Ring

mens black engagement rings made of black resin and gold flakes

Love love love! Where to begin with these gold flake mens black engagement rings?! They’re made of black resin, and encased within the resin are the prettiest gold flakes. So magical.

shop the black + gold mens resin ring

24: Rose Gold + Black Tungsten Carbide Sunflower Ring

rose gold tungsten carbide mens engagement with with sunflower design

Black and gold are total magic together, and this sunflower mens ring takes that combination and completely elevates it. How lovely are those engraved sunflowers?!

shop the mens black sunflower ring

Silver Mens Engagement Rings

man wearing silver mens engagement rings
ring and photo: Brilliant Earth

Cool tones for the coolest of guys. Silver tone mens engagement rings have a bluish, icy tone to them that feels stylish and sleek. Achieve the look with platinum, white gold, actual silver, and so many other awesome metals and materials.

25: Woven Texture Fiberglass Silver Mens Engagement Ring

woven fiberglass silver mens engagement ring

If you’re looking for a mens engagement band that’s lightweight, unique, and inexpensive, this silver color fiberglass band is perfection. Not to mention, it’s an extremely lightweight and durable material. Talk about a win.

shop the woven silver fiberglass mens ring

26: Classic Matte Platinum Ring

classic silver tone platinum mens engagement ring band

Your guy’s a purist. He loves the classics. Traditional design is his favorite. He’s here for a timeless look. And THIS is the ring he’s bound to fall in love with.

shop the classic platinum mens ring

27: Two Tone Platinum + Rose Gold Paisley Design Mens Engagement Ring

two tone silvery platinum and rose gold mens ring with paisley engraving design

We love a mixed metal moment. And this ring combines the cool silver vibes of platinum and the warmth and romance of 18K rose gold. It’s the best of both worlds. Plus, that paisley engraving design is just too good.

shop the silvery two tone paisley mens ring

28: Silver Viking Style Mens Engagement Ring

viking style silver pewter mens engagement rings

The most rugged or rugged rings, right? This handcrafted pewter mens engagement band is such a unique take on the typical silver color ring. It feels earthy and ancient in a way that’s so unique and intriguing.

shop the silver viking mens ring

Wood Mens Engagement Rings

rustic wood mens engagement rings with opal and rose gold accents
ring and photo: RingsByLux

If your guy loves the rustic look, there’s nothing better than wood mens engagement rings. They make for a super unique and customizable ring option, and they’re a great way to incorporate a variety of metals and stones, too.

29: Carbon Fiber + Whiskey Barrel Wood Mens Engagement Ring

carbon fiber and whiskey barrel wood mens engagement rings

Sporting a carbon fiber inner section and a white oak whiskey barrel exterior, this mens engagement band embraces both modern and rustic designs.

shop the carbon fiber + whiskey barrel mens ring

30: Elegant Walnut Wood Mens Engagement Ring

simple walnut wood mens engagement rings

The walnut wood on this mens engagement band is giving us all the Mid-Century Modern vibes. We love how the simple design does wonders to showcase the natural pattern and coloration of the wood.

shop the walnut wood mens engagement band

31: Initial Engraved Ebony Wood Mens Engagement Ring

ebony wood mens engagement rings with initials engraved

Wood engagement rings are the perfect canvas for customization. If you want to truly personalize your man’s engagement band, opt for engraving initials or a sweet message onto the band.

shop the initial engraved ebony wood mens engagement band

32: Lightly Textured Carbon Fiber + Whiskey Barrel Wood Ring

lightly textured carbon fiber and whiskey barrel wood mens engagement ring

This one’s basically the inverse of ring 29, with whiskey barrel wood on the interior and carbon fiber on the exterior. And it probably goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyways: the contrast in those two materials could not be any more striking!

shop the textured carbon fiber + whiskey barrel mens engagement band

Unique Mens Engagement Rings

hammered metal unique mens engagement rings sitting on a fur surface
photo: Isaiah and Taylor

If your man loves to stand out from the crowd, this collection of unique mens engagement rings is made for him. We’ve curated a list of rings that are sure to catch his eye.

33: Unique Forged Carbon + Yellow Gold Mens Engagement Ring

unique forged carbon and yellow gold mens engagement ring

Capture all the Art Deco vibes with this incredible forged carbon and yellow gold David Yurman stunner. We love the strong angular and geometric look of this band, especially with that beveled edge.

shop the unique forged carbon + gold mens ring

34: Unique Outer Space Inspired Tungsten and Rose Gold Ring

unique space inspired tungsten and rose gold mens engagement rings in different band thicknesses

How cool are the spacey vibes of these unique rose gold and tungsten mens engagement rings? We love the way the glitter gives off a starry effect, and that there are multiple band thickness options to choose from.

shop the unique outer space inspired mens ring

35: Unique Hammered Rainbow Opal Mens Engagement Ring

unique hammered opal rainbow mens ring

A seriously unique take on the hammered ring look! This ring is crafted with the prettiest opal, with all the rainbow tones imaginable. It’s perfect for the guy who loves a loud pop of color in his jewelry. Such a distinct look!

shop the unique hammered opal mens ring

man and woman holding hands and wearing engagement rings
photo: the Philgreens

Wanna see more ring band inspo? We’ve created the ultimate list of the best mens wedding rings, too! You’ll see plenty of band styles and materials for every type of look. It’s a must-read!

Curious how to find our your guy’s ring size before buying the perfect band? We’ve got you covered with our guide on how to measure without letting your partner know you’re planning on proposing.