The Most Beautiful Birthstone Necklaces Unique to Your Month

birthstone necklaces
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Truly, there are not many things that check off the qualities that make for a perfect gift like birthstone necklaces. First of all, they are easy to gift to literally any person — even (or especially) yourself. Second, a great gift is almost always something personal. Check! Third, birthstone necklaces can range up toward heirloom quality, meaning this is something that can be used often AND will last a long time. And finally, birthstone necklaces come in a wide variety of styles, price ranges, and designs meaning there’s a perfect necklace out there for everyone.

Birthstone necklaces can be personalized to the receiver’s own birth month or to someone close to them — a partner, child, or family member. Several of the necklaces below can add on pendants or stones to represent more than one person. What we’re re-iterating here is the simple fact that if you need a perfect gift, you cannot go wrong with a birthstone necklace! With that in mind, we’ve selected our absolute favorite necklaces for every month of the year. Let’s have a look!

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Where to Buy Birthstone Necklaces

birthstone necklaces
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Several jewelers offer some version of birthstone jewelry. We’ve narrowed our favorites to necklaces from both small businesses and brands we know and wear.

January Birthstone Necklaces

Maya Brenner 14K Yellow Gold Asymmetrical Birthstone Necklace

January birthstone necklaces garnet with gold chain

Maya Brenner is a GWS team favorite for her initial necklaces, so we’re super excited about these delicate asymmetrical birthstone iterations! This is definitely and heirloom-quality piece.


Birthstone Zodiac Mini Disc Necklace

January birthstone necklaces gold capricorn chain garnet

If the wearer is into astrology then this necklace with the added zodiac pendant is a clear winner.


Natural Garnet January Necklace

January birthstone necklaces garnet gemstone

This necklace comes in silver, gold, or rose gold and features an ethically sourced raw gemstone. To up the personalization factor, no two necklaces are the same as each stone is unique in its size, shape, color variations, and texture.

Shop Natural Garnet Necklace on Etsy

February Birthstone Necklaces

Amethyst Charm Necklace

February birthstone necklaces amethyst

A stunning piece that looks good AND does good. Jeweler Tai Rittichai employs some of the finest artisans in Thailand while supporting their communities with each purchase.

Shop Amethyst Charm Necklace From Anthropologie

Elisa Amethyst Pendant Necklace

February birthstone necklaces kendra scott

An iconic Kendra Scott setting filled with the wearer’s birthstone. This one is a classic.

Shop Kendra Scott Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst Lariat Necklace

February birthstone necklaces lariat

For something delicate and different, this stunning teardrop necklace layers beautifully with a choker and is available in 18k gold and platinum.

Shop Lariat Necklace from Marrow Fine

March Birthstone Necklaces

Gold Oval Aquamarine Pendant Necklace

March birthstone necklaces gold aquamarine

For the vintage lover, this vintage-inspired pendant necklace is simply perfect.

Shop Oval Aquamarine Necklace From Etsy

Dainty Aquamarine Necklace

March birthstone necklaces dainty aquamarine

There are several ways to personalize this necklace, from the number of stones to the chain length and metal. No matter what you choose, it’s a lovely delicate option.

Shop Dainty Aquamarine Necklace From Etsy

Personalized Pendant March Birthstone Necklace

March birthstone necklaces personalized pendant

Add on the wearer’s initial or leave it off — either way, it’s uniquely special.

Shop Personalized Pendant Necklace from Etsy

April Birthstone Necklaces

Diamond Hairline Necklace

April birthstone necklaces hairline diamond

This hairline diamond necklace is barely there and yet SUCH a showstopper.

Shop Diamond Hairline Necklace from Catbird

Diamond Tennis Necklace

April birthstone necklace diamond tennis

There’s a reason that a classic is a classic. The tennis necklace is style that lasts!

Shop Diamond Tennis Necklace from Kate Spade

Gibbous Moon Pendant

April birthstone necklaces moon pendant

And for something a little different, this moon pendant is a stunner. You can even personalize the moon to the phase it was on the day she was born!

Shop Gibbous Moon Pendant from Marrow Fine

May Birthstone Necklaces

Emerald Diamond Twinkle Necklace

June birthstone necklaces emerald diamond

Catbird designs some of our favorite jewelry, period. The Brooklyn-based jewelry brand designed this necklace with emerald, diamonds, and yellow gold — a perfect trio.

Shop Emerald Necklace From Catbird

Emerald Bar Necklace

June birthstone necklaces emerald bar

This hammered bar necklace is personalized with your choice of precious metal and genuine emerald.

Shop Emerald Bar Necklace on Etsy

Raw Emerald Pendant Necklace

June birthstone necklaces raw emerald pendant

Prefer something totally unique and a little rough around the edges? These raw gemstones are set as a pendant on your choice of chain.

Shop Raw Emerald Necklace on Etsy

June Birthstone Necklaces

Halo Set Alexandrite Pendant Necklace

june birthstone necklace halo pendant alexandrite

Take a close look at this beauty — a classic design that’s actually super dainty and stunningly pretty.

Shop Halo Alexandrite Pendant on Etsy

Ombre Arc Birthstone Necklace

june birthstone necklace ombre arc alexandrite

How gorgeous is this arc necklace? A slight ombré effect hanging from a delicate gold chain.

Shop Arc Birthstone Necklace from Local Eclectic

July Birthstone Necklaces

Ruby Raindrop Necklace

July birthstone necklaces ruby raindrop

The tiniest little raindrop with the perfect drop of ruby.

Shop Ruby Raindrop From Catbird

Ruby Heart Necklace

July birthstone necklaces ruby heart

Possibly the most romantic option — how perfect is a little ruby heart?

Shop Ruby Heart Necklace From Local Eclectic

Dainty Ruby Necklace

July birthstone necklaces dainty ruby

This dainty necklace features a row of natural rubies on the chain option of your choice.

Shop Dainty Ruby Necklace on Etsy

August Birthstone Necklaces

18K Gold Pendant Necklace In Peridot

august birthstone necklace kendra-scott-davie-pendant-neckl

This classic design is made for layering and everyday wear.

Shop Peridot Pendant Necklace from Kendra Scott

Dainty Peridot Necklace

August birthstone necklaces peridot

This beautiful peridot necklace is handmade in NYC and sits on a subtle chain just below the collarbone.

Shop Dainty Peridot NEcklace on Etsy

Crescent Moon Peridot Necklace

August birthstone necklaces moon peridot

Here’s a stunning option with a celestial touch — we love a moon motif! And even better with pretty Peridot gems.

Shop Crescent Moon Necklace on Etsy

September Birthstone Necklaces

Tiny Sapphire Pendant Necklace

September birthstone necklaces blue saphire pendant

This darling sapphire necklace is suited for everyday modern wear with a romantic nod toward the past.

Shop Tiny Sapphire Pendant Necklace from Catbird

September Sapphire Choker Necklace

September birthstone necklaces sapphire choker pendant

A tiny twinkling sapphire sits at the end of this dainty choker necklace.

Shop Sapphire Choker From Nordstrom

Sapphire Hexagon Flower Birthstone Necklace

September birthstone necklaces sapphire hexagon flower

This minimalist necklace is totally unique and hangs from real 14k gold. How stunning is that flower design?

Shop Hexagon Flower Necklace on Etsy

October Birthstone Necklaces

Raw Pink Tourmaline Necklace

October birthstone necklaces raw pink tourmaline

October is unique to all the other months in that it boasts two birthstones! Traditionally, October is represented by Opal, but you’ll also see a more modern Pink Tourmaline gem. This necklace is one of our faves if you prefer the latter!

Shop Raw Pink Tourmaline Necklace on Etsy

Tiny Opal Pendant Necklace

october birthstone necklace dainty opal

But OH, how we love opal! This teardrop opal necklace catches the light just right. Perfect if you prefer iridescent over pink!

Shop Tiny Opal Necklace on Etsy

Layered Pink Tourmaline Necklace

October birthstone necklaces layered pink tourmaline

One more pink tourmaline we love — this gold layered necklace with gems around the chain. So pretty!

Shop Layered Pink Tourmaline Necklace on Etsy

November Birthstone Necklaces

Gold Zodiac Pendant With Topaz

November birthstone necklaces constellation necklace

November’s birthstone is topaz and this pendant necklace with the zodiac sign included is such a cute one.

Shop Zodiac Pendant on Etsy

Delicate Topaz Birthstone Necklace

November birthstone necklaces dainty delicate gold

Here’s a delicate version that really captures the stunning color — and the meaning, too!

Shop Delicate Topaz Necklace on Etsy

Personalized November Birthstone Necklace

November birthstone necklaces topaz personalized

Finally, you can truly personalize this necklace with chain options and adding an initial pendant.

Shop Personalized November Necklace on Etsy

December Birthstone Necklaces

Side Letter Blue Topaz Family Necklace

December birthstone necklaces blue topaz sideways letter

And now, we’ve reached December! This side letter necklace can be personalized with gems letters to represent family members.

Shop Side Letter Necklace on Etsy

Double Birthstone Necklace

December birthstone necklaces blue topaz family

Here’s another necklace with the option to add more than one birthstone — but how pretty is that blue topaz!

Shop Double Birthstone Necklace on Etsy

Marina London Blue Necklace

December birthstone necklaces marina blue topaz

Finally, we reach this stunner by Local Eclectic! A blue topaz stone surrounded by pretty cubic zirconia. What a perfect gift for a December birthday!

Shop Marina London Blue Necklace from Local Eclectic