Best Wedding Planner Books to Plan an Unforgettable Day

Best Wedding Planning Books

We do our best to guide you through wedding planning with plenty of inspiration and resources, but even we know there’s nothing like going analog. Holding a wedding planner book in your hands, crossing items off a to-do list, underlining and highlighting and dog-earring and adding notes in the margins — you can’t duplicate the feeling!

We believe the best wedding planner book is one that provides the resources you need without all the fluff. (Spoiler alert: that’s why we wrote one.) And we’ve got a killer list of books to help you plan a day that’s uniquely YOU.

Featuring the industry voices we trust and respect, these books are go-to resources for wedding planning. What you won’t find in this list are wedding planner books that push you toward one style or another. These books aren’t traditional — instead, they’ll help you maneuver through traditions to find what’s best for you.

Some focus on the bigger picture of gathering, relationships, food, and flowers. A few are books you’ll turn to again and again as you host or entertain guests beyond your wedding. And one wedding planner book in particular (spoiler: ours!) will transform into a collection of memories you’ll treasure once it’s all said and done.

So, let’s turn the page and jump in, shall we?

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What is the Best Wedding Planner Book?

best wedding planner books

In our humble opinion, the best wedding planner book has to be the Green Wedding Shoes x Erin Condren Softbound Wedding Planner Book — and while we may be biased, we’re proud of our planner for a reason! We thoughtfully designed each page based on the experiences of rad couples, FOR rad couples, like you. If your dream wedding doesn’t look like the cookie cutter version of tying the knot, we think you’re going to love this customizable planner as much as we do.

But, we also have a few honorable mentions for some seriously amazing wedding planner books.

For the best planner for the fashionable couple, we’d be remiss not to mention the lovely and stylish Vera Wang on Weddings. After all, it’s hard to beat the icon that is Vera Wang, especially when she’s giving advice on wedding gowns!

And, the best book for one of our fave recent wedding trends — micro weddings — has to be The Everything Guide to Micro Weddings. Aptly named, it acts as your full toolbelt for creating an intimate celebration personal to you. We’re obsessed!

Where to Buy Wedding Planning Books

pink floral custom wedding planner book

For seemingly endless options, the best place to buy wedding planner books has to be old reliable Amazon. But, you can also find killer planners at Etsy (great for personalized books) and Target (our go-to). And of course, pick up a copy of the GWS wedding planner book on the Erin Condren website!

What is Needed in a Wedding Planner Book?

budget checklist wedding planner book
wedding planner book: GWS x Erin Condren

While the best wedding planner book for you will depend on your unique wants, needs, and style, there are a few things to look for when choosing a planner.

One: organization. Your wedding planner book should guide you through each step of the planning process, from creating your wedding vision to prepping for your honeymoon. It’s also helpful if it includes tools like checklists, schedules, and worksheets to keep you on track and break the journey into small, easy steps.

Two: inspiration. Without great ideas, it can be hard to plan a truly unforgettable celebration! Our favorite planners share inspo on eye-catching color schemes, show-stopping wedding backdrops, drool-worthy dessert options, and everything in between.

Three: helpful tips and advice from wedding experts. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but with the right book it doesn’t have to be! Great wedding planner books are created by industry experts that know a thing or two about designing the perfect event — it’s like having an experienced wedding planner on speed dial!

Now let’s get into the books!

The Best Wedding Planner Books

Whether you’re itching for a destination wedding or are looking to save some money with DIY floral arrangements, our favorite wedding planner books have the very best resources for every step of the process.

Plus, each of these books go beyond the traditional pages to give you tangible tools, industry secrets, and swoon-worthy inspiration. Pick up one, or two, or as many as you need to make your big day one for the books!

Best Wedding Planner Book Overall:
GWS X Erin Condren Wedding Planner Book

green wedding shoes floral blush softbound wedding planner book

Yes, yes, we are biased. But we aren’t liars — this is the best wedding planner book because we designed it and wrote it with you in mind!

The Green Wedding Shoes x Erin Condren Softbound Wedding Planner Book comes in two floral cover options: Blush and Midnight Blooms. It’s a book that will guide you through the entire planning process AND will serve to hold all your memories along the way.

We have detailed timelines, budget planning, helpful information about flowers, venues, food, photography, etc., a special section to help you write your vows, and so much more more.

We’re proud to help you plan your big day, and we created the best wedding planner book for the job! Let’s take a quick peek inside!

wedding timeline green wedding shoes wedding planner book

With our book, we combed through every detail so you don’t have to and included anything you might need to know + do when you’re wedding planning. BUT, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all wedding planner book.

If you know GWS, then you know we’re all about unique weddings that reflect each couple. We made sure to leave margin for you to plan a wedding that is just that! You won’t be forced into any one kind of style or tradition — take what works for you and leave the rest!

For example, you can customize the book by date, so you aren’t locked into a regular calendar schedule.

green wedding shoes wedding planner book with expert tips

You’ll also find helpful GWS Tips throughout the wedding planner book, as well as chic designs that are purposefully kept neutral and clean so that you can bring your own customization to the lay-flat pages.

Genuinely, we love this wedding planner book and have been SO happy to see so many couples use it to plan their dream day. Check out the two floral cover options and dive a little deeper into the pages right here!

And for the Erin Condren (and planner) enthusiasts, we also have a line of floral monthly coiled planner books, notebooks, and gorgeous stationery — if we do say so ourselves.

Best Wedding Planner Book for Inspiration + Ideas: Storied Weddings by Aleah and Nick Valley

Storied Weddings Aleah and Nick Valley inspiration wedding planner book

Storied Weddings is a wedding planner book that blends planning tools with swoon-worthy inspiration. It was created by industry leaders Nick and Aleah Valley, who have over 15 years of experience planning and designing weddings. In other words, you’re in safe hands with this planner!

Flip through unforgettable photos from real weddings to help inform your own style and story, and count on helpful tips from the pros to guide you through. This wedding planner book covers everything from colorful florals to creative cocktails to wedding invitation ideas — and anything else you could possibly need to get hitched without a hitch.

Plus, the detailed descriptions, helpful Q&As, and enviable inspo will ensure that you’ll never run out of amazing ideas for creating your timeless celebration. It’s like having a personal wedding planner just a page away.

Buy This Storied WEddings Book

sunset tone desert inspired retro wedding invitations with rsvp cards

Signed, sealed, and delivered! Don’t miss our full guide on wedding invitation etiquette.

Best Wedding Planner Book for Non-Traditional Couples: Stone Fox Bride by Molly Rosen Guy

alternative stylish Stone Fox Bride wedding planner book for non-traditional couples

If you’re looking for a wedding planner book that is FAR from outdated wedding culture, then you can stop scrolling: Stone Fox Bride is here for you. This wedding planner book mixes raw (read: not airbrushed) storytelling with candid advice — and some very stylish visuals thrown in for good measure.

Molly Rosen Guy created this wedding planner book after struggling to find wedding resources that matched her style, and now she’s on a mission to help other brides stay foxy, not frilly. Consider her your cool girl guru for all things wedding planning, from how to look less like Cinderella and more like Bianca Jagger on your big day, to the best ways to prepare for married life.

If your dream wedding is more hippie chic than princess fairytale, then you’ll want to pick up this wedding planner book like, yesterday.

Buy This Stone Fox Bride Book

Best Wedding Planner Book for Expert Advice: The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss

traditional expert Mindy Weiss wedding planner book

Imagine saying you had the same wedding planner as Justin and Hailey Bieber! With Mindy Weiss’s wedding planner book, you (kinda!) can.

Mindy has a list of high-profile clients, but she’s written her wedding planner book for any budget. Learn everything you need to know about wedding planning from the woman who knows it all.

With her tips on all the intricate details of planning your dream celebration (from bridal lingerie to porta-potties to wedding hashtags), this wedding planner book is your fashion consultant, etiquette expert, digital strategist, and floral designer in one.

We’re particularly fond of her list of questions to ask potential vendors. It takes out all the guesswork!

Buy This Mindy Weiss Book

Best Destination Wedding Planner Book: Destination Wedding Planner by Colleen McCarthy

expert beach destination wedding planner book

If you’re (jet) set on a destination wedding, you need a wedding planner book that can go the distance. This Destination Wedding Planner will act as your tour guide every step of the way, with all-inclusive advice about planning a beach wedding at your dream resort.

From step one (finding the resort that fits your needs — and budget) to that moment you finally walk down the aisle, this wedding planner book will make planning your big day a breeze.

You can expect all the main topics to be covered, like wedding packages and budget worksheets, as well as a few tidbits that may have slipped your mind, like traveling with your dress and the legal ins and outs of getting hitched abroad. Next stop: paradise.

Shop This Destination WEdding Planner Book

horseback riding destination wedding ideas

Love the idea of a wedding getaway? Buckle up for these epic destination wedding ideas!

Best Micro Wedding Planner Book: The Everything Guide to Micro Weddings by Katie Martin

best micro wedding planner book

One thing we’re taking away from the past two years: bigger isn’t always better! We’ve loved the recent popularity of micro weddings — not only are they more affordable, but they also allow you to focus more on the small details that make your day meaningful to YOU.

With the help of this micro wedding planner book, you can create an intimate celebration that checks off all your boxes. Plus, wedding planner Katie Martin also has a HUGE array of tips for weddings of 50 people or less, from clever décor hacks to how to tell family members they’re not invited (in the most graceful way possible).

Your big day may be small, but it will max out on good vibes with the help of this micro wedding planner book.

Buy This Micro Wedding Planner Book

Best Wedding Planner Book to Plan a Meaningful Celebration: Lucky in Love by Eleni N. Gage

meaningful wedding planner book for mixing cultures traditions and rituals

How do you create a wedding that celebrates your unique backgrounds, cultures, and heritages? What traditions do you keep and what do you ditch? How do you fuse together two lifetimes of history into one meaningful celebration? This wedding planner book. That’s how.

Eleni N. Gage is your resident folklore and culture expert. After working as the Executive Editor for Martha Stewart Weddings, she was inspired to create a wedding planner book that sets couples up for a lifetime of luck, love, and happiness. The result: Lucky in Love, a collection of rituals and resources that can help you become, well, lucky in love!

If you’re planning a wedding that mixes two cultures — or if you just want to know more about the history behind wedding traditions — this wedding planner book is your one-stop resource for tying the knot in a meaningful and sacred way.

Buy This Lucky In Love Book

Best Book for General Party Planning: A Great Party by Bryan Rafanelli

Bryan Rafanelli party planning wedding planner book

From Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to events for President Obama at the White House, Bryan Rafanelli knows a thing or two about planning a memorable party. With his wedding planner book (and general party planner) A Great Party, he explores events in detail and shares seven key principles for hosting great celebrations.

Some of Rafanelli’s top tips include the importance considering a room’s surfaces and how to tell a unique story with your celebration. Plus, he takes you behind the scenes of some of his most memorable parties to show you what works and why.

Get one of the world’s best wedding planners (as voted by Vogue) on your side with this expert wedding planner book. If it’s good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for us!

Buy This Party Planning Book

Best Book for Hosting + Entertaining: An Entertaining Story by India Hicks

India Hicks best entertaining and hosting minimalist wedding planner book

We ADORE the concept of this book. It’s less a wedding planning book and more an overall approach to hosting and planning using what you have on hand. Perfect for the minimalist couple!

India Hicks is the goddaughter to Prince Charles — so you know she’s seen some events. This stylish book is organized by meal beginning with the most important meal of the day (cocktail hour, of course) and ending with breakfast. Each type of celebration includes advice and inspiration for place settings, homemade flower arrangements, table design, and more.

Plus, there’s also a few mouth-watering recipes sprinkled in here and there, so if you’ve been looking for a sign to bake a Victoria Sponge cake for your big day, this is it.

Buy THis Hosting and Entertaining Book

boho white wedding cakes

From classic flavors to boho designs, we’ve rounded up the most beautiful (and drool-worthy) wedding cakes!

Best Wedding Planner Book for Memorable Experiences: The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

The Art of Gathering entertaining wedding planner book

If you’re worried about getting caught up in the to-dos and details of the wedding instead of focusing on what — or who — matters most, this wedding planner book is for you.

Priya Parker, host of the New York Times podcast Together Apart, argues that the gatherings in our lives are often lackluster, but they don’t have to be. The Art of Gathering is a wedding planner book that’s both journey and guide, full of simple ideas to invigorate any gathering. After all, if any celebration deserves a little pizzaz, it’s your big day.

With Parker’s human-centric approach, you can plan a wedding that your guests will be gushing about for years to come. This book also goes beyond weddings to give you the skills you need to host memorable events long after you say “I do” — so bring on the dinner parties!

Buy This Art Of Gathering Book

Best Wedding Planner Book for Fashion Inspiration: The Way We Wed by Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

historical and modern wedding fashion inspiration wedding planner book

Featuring styles and stories from the Renaissance to the present day, the fashion inspo in this wedding planner book is SO GOOD. Think: vintage gowns, Hollywood glamour, groom inspo, and modern ‘fits — all with a story to tell.

The Way We Wed is a rich celebration of the art of wedding fashion across time and cultures, as well as those whose style and circumstances made a statement. You can expect a close look at the most dazzling get-ups from icons like Princess Diana, Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Taylor, and more. And with this book’s help, you’ll soon be adding your name to that list!

For fashion buffs that are looking for a wedding gown that matches their energy, this wedding planner book is a MUST.

Buy THis Wedding Fashion Inspiration Book

puff sleeve wedding dress

Calling all fashion-forward brides! Prepare to swoon over these trendy puff sleeve wedding gowns.

Best Wedding Planner Book For Stylish Events: Vera Wang On Weddings

Vera Wang on Weddings fashion forward wedding planner book

From THE woman herself, Vera Wang on Weddings features the iconic designer’s take on every aspect of the wedding day. Because if you want to create an event that oozes elegance and style, you might as well go to the source!

Based on Vera Wang’s years of experience as a Vogue editor and one of the most influential wedding dress designers in the world, this wedding planner book provides advice on everything from invitations to flowers, cakes to attendants, and of course, the gown.

And like her dresses, this wedding planner book is luxurious, fashion-forward, and designed for the modern bride. Plus, if you’ve been going back and forth between whether to rock a wedding veil or a bridal crown, Vera has the wisdom to help.

Buy THis Vera Wang on Weddings Book

Best Celebrity Wedding Study: Vogue Weddings: Brides, Dresses, Designers

Vogue Weddings iconic celebrity wedding planner book

In Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw said she bought Vogue instead of dinner because it fed her more — and we feel the same way about Vogue Weddings.

It’s hard to look away from an exquisite celebrity wedding and this Vogue wedding planner book features only the best of the best. Inside its pages, you can expect to see some of the world’s most stunning weddings, as captured by some of the world’s most talented photographers.

This wedding planner book is the ULTIMATE wedding inspiration, with almost 400 photos of celebrities like Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, and Cindy Crawford saying their vows in castles, cathedrals, beaches, mountains, and everywhere in between.

Buy This Vogue Weddings Book

Best Wedding Planner Book For Ultimate Flower Inspiration: Flower Color Guide by Darroch and Michael Putnam

Putnam and Putnam Flower Color Guide wedding planner book

It’s time to talk flowers! Flower Color Guide is the first book to organize flower types by color, with an emphasis on seasonality and creative color schemes. Imagine Pantone’s color guide, but for gorgeous blooms.

Created by New York’s top floral designers, this wedding planner book not only highlights swoon-worthy images of different flowers, but also gives tips on flower care and aesthetic arrangements.

Whether you’re arranging your own wedding bouquets or just want help choosing the perfect floral style, it doesn’t get much better than this wedding planner book!

Buy THis Flower Color Guide Book

pastel blue and blush wedding bouquet

Too many blossoms to pick? Here’s how to choose your wedding flowers based on your zodiac sign!

Best Book for DIY Floral Arrangements: Floret Farm’s A Year in Flowers by Erin Benzakein

seasonal DIY floral arrangements wedding planner book

Erin Benzakein is a world-renowned flower farmer and floral designer (as well as a New York Times bestseller) who wrote a beautiful wedding planner book that NEEDS to be on your list.

Floret Farm’s A Year in Flowers offers advice on every phase of working with cut flowers — including gardening, buying, caring for, and arranging fresh blossoms. It also focuses on seasonality, perfect for couples that want to keep their floral decor sustainable and budget-friendly.

Featuring more than 25 how-to’s, from eye-catching bouquets to stand-out centerpieces, this floral wedding planning book will put your DIY Pinterest board to shame.

And, if you need to reallocate that wedding planning energy after the big day, this book is also the perfect backyard garden companion!

Buy THis Floret Farm Book

Best Wedding Planner Book for Budding Floral Designers: Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style by Christin Geall

expert floral design wedding planner book

Did you know that a lot of wedding vendors only became interested in wedding design after planning their own weddings? It happens all the time, and you could be next! If flowers are calling your name, this is the wedding planner book for you.

Featuring stunning photography and floral design lessons for all levels, Cultivated is a beautiful book for weddings and beyond. Floral designer Christin Geall reframes flowers as fine art, giving a new perspective to each step of the design process.

Unlock your budding artist! This book has everything you need to let your newfound floral passion grow.

Buy This Floral Design Book

Best Coffee Table Book: On Flowers by Amy Merrick

flower design and arrangements wedding planner book

Now, THIS is a beautiful wedding planner book. If you look for joy in the small things, On Flowers is your reminder to stop and smell the roses. Amy Merrick is a master of using the beauty all around us — in leaves, branches, blossoms — to tell an unforgettable story. And she’ll show you how, too.

This book is one part flower arranging advice, one part antidotes from an expert florist. Merrick shares the ins and outs of designing beautiful bouquets while transporting you to her family’s rural home in New Hampshire, a flower farm off the coast of Washington, and a floral shop in Kyoto.

So much more than just a wedding planner book, this collection would make a meaningful bridal shower and wedding gift.

Buy THis On FLowers Book

Best Book for Dried Floral Bouquets: Cut & Dry by Carolyn Dunster

guide to dried flower arrangements wedding planner book

Oh, do we love dried wedding flowers! In this book, Carolyn Dunster shows you how to do it yourself and create beautiful bouquets that will make a statement and last well beyond the big day.

The designs in Cut & Dry aren’t your grandma’s floral arrangements — these ones are made for the modern age. Spruce up any space with Dunster’s applicable techniques and contemporary botanical style.

If you love the boho aesthetic, want to take a sustainable approach to floristry, or are looking for a DIY wedding project, then what are you waiting for?! Buy this wedding planner book!!

Buy THis Cut & Dry Book

selection of dried flowers and dried flower bouquets placed in a collection on a shelf

Love the boho floral look? Don’t miss our guide on everything you need to know about dried flowers!

Best Book for Easy DIY Florals: Field Flower Vase by Chelsea Fuss

wild seasonal flower arrangements and foraging wedding planner book

Finally, this wedding planner book promises addictingly easy arrangements — we are SO in!!

Inside Field Flower Case‘s pages, you’ll learn everything you need to know to forage, gather, and arrange fresh and dried botanicals. Choose from 28 eco-friendly floral projects, all foam and wire-free. Say goodbye to expensive florists and hello to gorgeous DIY bouquets!

Chelsea Fuss, a floral expert, also shares foraging secrets that can be applied different regions, making these DIYs not only insanely easy, but also super budget-friendly! If you needed motivation for your next hot girl walk, this foraging book is IT.

Buy This Field Flower Vase Book

Need More Wedding Planning Advice and Guidance?

mountaintop ceremony wedding planner inspiration

We’ve got you covered. As dedicated wedding obsessives, we can’t stop, won’t stop writing the how-to’s and roundups you need to make your wedding day truly unforgettable. What can we say — we just really adore helping couples celebrate their love!

One of our favorite parts of the planning process? The fashion, of course! Don’t miss our guide on the best places to buy wedding gowns online and how to choose the perfect dress for you. And, what is a dress without a dazzling pair of wedding shoes?

We also have a roundup of some seriously dapper wedding suits for the groom (or grooms), as well as the most stylish mens wedding bands.

And don’t forget about the besties that have been your ride or dies for the entire journey! They’ll LOVE these bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits. We’ve also rounded up the bridesmaid gift ideas and groomsmen gift ideas to help you show some love.

How’s your wedding planning going? Let us know in the comments below!