Best Backyard Ideas – Dreamy Landscaping and Garden Inspiration

patio lounge furniture backyard ideas
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If all the possibilities of hosting real-life people in your home has you scrolling Instagram and Pinterest for DIY backyard projects, backyard ideas, landscaping inspiration, and al fresco décor — you’re not alone. Perhaps you’re considering a pre-wedding event or even an actual backyard wedding! Or maybe the wedding just passed (congrats!) and you’re ready to take on a new project together.

Whatever the case, our team here at GWS loves to ooh and ahh at beautiful backyards. Below, we’re sharing some of the most stunning backyard ideas on the internet. We know because we are literally looking at dreamy backyards all the time. There’s just something about having a dreamy outdoor space where you can escape without ever leaving your home.

From resort-level pool set-ups to cozy rustic fire pits, these are the backyard ideas that we’ve been saving and sharing — and adding to our own spaces! Ready to get inspired?

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

boho poolside landscaping backyard ideas with pink lounge chairs
backyard umbrella: Article

Landscaping is at the heart of creating your dream backyard oasis. It’s the start of transforming your Pinterest board into your real-life backyard — and our backyard landscaping ideas are here to help!

Featuring everything from grass-less garden designs to Bridgerton-inspired touches, these backyard landscaping ideas are all the rage right now. Whether you want to upgrade your small balcony or completely transform your large patio, these ideas are just SO GOOD.

But before we get into the nooks and crannies of each idea, we have some quick backyard landscaping FAQs.

How do I design my backyard for landscaping?

When it comes to designing your backyard for landscaping, the first step is to determine what you want from your space.

Are you looking for somewhere calming to unwind after a long day of work? Do you want your backyard to be a place to host unforgettable dinner parties for your favorite people? Are you deep in the planning stage for an upcoming backyard wedding?

A quick brainstorm will help you weed through the seemingly endless backyard landscaping ideas and design a space that feels like yours.

Once you’ve created your backyard mood board, the next step is to choose a focal point to landscape around. This could be as simple as a fire pit and some Adirondack chairs, or as glamorous as a pool and loungers. And for smaller spaces, a bistro set goes a long way in elevating your backyard landscaping!

GWS Tip! If you have more than enough square footage to work with, you might want more than one focal point in your backyard landscaping. Tie everything together by creating charming pathways between each space. Think: tile stepping stones or a wooden walkway from your dining area to your flower garden.

Now for the fun part: planting! After all, what would a backyard be without some lush greenery? When choosing your plants, it’s important to think about how much sun you’re getting in each area of your backyard, and what types of plants will thrive where you live.

If a regencycore-level garden seems a little high-maintenance — or if you live somewhere that’s on drought-watch — you can still get that botanical look with backyard ideas that don’t require as much water or landscaping upkeep. Plant succulents instead of flowers or add a few statement potted plants to your deck or on top of pebbles.

That’s the end of our landscaping crash course — now for some of our favorite backyard landscaping ideas!

Modern Pergola Backyard Landscaping Idea

white pergola patio landscaping backyard ideas

Number one on our list of backyard landscaping ideas: pergolas! Any expert landscaper will tell you to section your space into different “rooms,” and pergolas are perfect for doing just that.

By adding a pergola around one area of your backyard, you can create a distinct focal point and give the entire space some dimension.

Pergolas are also your answer for those extra hot summer days — AND they give you some structure to hang string lights or plants on. Talk about multitasking!

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Wall Garden Backyard Landscaping Idea

wall garden landscaping backyard ideas

Does your backyard wall feel a little lonely? Give it some texture with this statement backyard landscaping idea! Wall gardens are perfect for injecting some green into an outdoor space that may not have a grassy yard (like an apartment balcony).

Bring your backyard wall to life with trailing plants, or make it into a mini herb garden with fresh mint, basil, or parsley…talk about a unique and unexpected backyard landscaping idea!

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Bright and Boho Decorated Backyard Landscaping Idea

vibrant blue patio furniture backyard landscaping ideas

It’s dopamine dressing, but for your backyard! For a look that sparks serious joy and brings your backyard landscaping ideas to life, add a pop of color to your space. Just remember to stick to one color scheme (like these turquoise chairs) to keep the area from looking too busy.

GWS Tip! While you don’t want your backyard to feel too busy, you also don’t want it to be boring! Keep things cohesive AND interesting by incorporating multiple elements in the same material.

If you have wicker chairs, why not add a matching wicker arbor? Plus, an arbor can also double as a stunning wedding arch — just add flowers!

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DIY Pool Backyard Landscaping Ideas

trough pool and fire pit backyard landscaping ideas

photo: Yardzen

You don’t need a massive backyard to create your own little getaway. We’re all about DIY backyard landscaping ideas, and a stock tank pool is always at the top of our Pinterest boards.

And, since they’re so popular, it’s easy to find step-by-step tutorials that will have you sipping poolside cocktails in no time!

For ultimate vacation vibes, here’s one of our favorite ideas: add some lush plants around your DIY pool to elevate your backyard landscaping, and don’t forget to add a pool float!

Outdoor Fireplace Backyard Landscaping Idea

modern outdoor fireplace landscaping backyard ideas

The perfect finishing touch to your outdoor living room! As much as we adore backyard fire pit ideas (keep scrolling to find out just how much!), there’s something so cool about incorporating an outdoor fireplace into your landscaping plan.

Add this outdoor fireplace to your patio for maximum coziness, or create a separate seating nook where you can roast marshmallows and chat the night away with your other half.

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Patio Tile Backyard Landscaping Idea

contemporary patio tile landscaping backyard ideas

wicker backyard patio chairs: Target

Trend alert: contemporary patio tiles! When it comes to backyard landscaping ideas, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by big projects — but covering your space in rad tiles is a relatively simple process that packs a serious punch.

Add some playful peel and stick floor tiles to your outdoor dining area to help it stand out from the rest of your space, or upgrade your boring concrete patio with some teak outdoor tiles (which require no tools to set up!). You can also mix and match different tiles to give each space in your backyard it’s own unique feel.

Cottagecore Backyard Landscaping Ideas

whimsical wisteria arch backyard landscaping ideas

photo: Terremoto

It should come as no surprise that some of our favorite backyard landscaping ideas are inspired by cottagecore (with a little Bridgerton-inspired regencycore thrown in there, too). This backyard landscaping aesthetic embraces wild and natural gardens, whimsical touches, and organic stone walkways.

If you want your backyard landscaping to be the diamond of the season, go ahead and add some wisteria or hanging plants to an archway or pergola, too.

Bold Privacy Screen Backyard Landscaping Ideas

bold privacy screen landscaping backyard ideas

If you’re looking for backyard landscaping ideas that will make your outdoor space look like it came straight out of a magazine, then you can stop scrolling. Laser-cut privacy screens add a bold and unique design element to your backyard — and help you create different sections to space.

For an all-over botanical look that lasts year-round, you can also get faux leafy privacy screens, perfect for designing lush backyard patios or private balconies.

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Grass-Free Backyard Landscaping Ideas

wooden raised planters backyard landscaping ideas

photo: Terremoto

While they may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of backyard landscaping ideas, grass-free outdoor spaces are having a MOMENT.

With tons of rad options to choose from — pebbles, mulch, bricks, and stone, to name a few — these backyard landscaping designs save you the effort of maintaining a lawn AND help you conserve water (essential for areas with water restrictions!).

Plus, you can still add some green growth with raised planter boxes and drought-tolerant plants, like lavender, agave, and sage!

Bubbling Fountain Backyard Landscaping Idea

terracotta outdoor fountain backyard landscaping ideas

There’s a reason we love the sound of waves crashing on the beach or a waterfall in a lush forest: instant tranquility. While you may not be able to replicate a beach or mountain waterfall in your backyard, there are some backyard landscaping ideas that can give you the same level calmness.

Case in point: a backyard fountain! Perfect for de-stressing after a long day, fountains have you covered on the soothing sounds front.

Place one on your backyard patio or next to a relaxing swinging hammock chair for a cool decor piece that doubles as your new favorite meditation app.

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Small Backyard Ideas

covered patio landscaping small backyard ideas
photo: Design Vision Studio

A small backyard space is still better than no backyard space! Whether you’re working with a micro garden or an apartment balcony, we have some small backyard ideas and landscaping inspiration to help you make the most out of every square inch.

When upgrading a small space, it’s all about where you draw the eye. By incorporating interesting elements at different heights, you can create a journey through your backyard. Add pops of color and multiple textures to create dimension, and don’t sleep on the vertical spaces!

In other words, small backyard ideas are your chance to get creative. Keep scrolling for some inspo on how to design a backyard that’s small but mighty.

Boho Cabana Daybed Small Backyard Idea

boho rattan cabana daybed small backyard ideas

One of our favorite small backyard ideas: create a show-stopping focal point. With this boho peacock daybed, you’re getting the best of both worlds — an eye-catching design element AND a cozy seating area.

Make your daybed a boho oasis with bright and comfy decor pieces, like a colorful cushion and some dopamine-inducing throw pillows. You can also thread some vines through the top of the cabana or add a few paper lanterns for a small backyard look that’s truly to die for.

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Metal Mesh Seats Small Backyard Idea

patio with metal mesh seats small backyard ideas

The best small backyard ideas revolve around statement pieces, but you can’t forget about the key basics that serve as the foundation of an unforgettable space! These small metal seats and matching table are simple and don’t take up too much space — perfect for building the rest of your design around.

Now that you’ve got your seating sorted, spice up the rest of your small backyard or patio with a vibrant outdoor rug and some potted plants. And don’t forget about the most important finishing touch: a couple of refreshing summer cocktails!

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Neutral Color Palette Small Backyard Idea

neutral outdoor patio furniture landscaping small backyard ideas

If you’re a minimalist looking for a tranquil outdoor retreat, neutral small backyard ideas may be more your speed. To avoid overwhelming a tinier space, stick with a single, pared-back color palette, like this sand-hued backyard patio.

With this neutral outdoor patio furniture, you have the perfect area to rest and recharge after a long day. Plus, these toned down shades give your greenery an extra pop!

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Rustic and Southwestern Inspired Small Backyard Ideas

southwestern inspired woven rocking patio chairs landscaping small backyard ideas

For small backyard ideas that have a rustic touch, artisanal details are a MUST. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces like these hand-woven rocking patio chairs can take your space from basic to totally enviable. They also channel a small backyard aesthetic that never goes out of style: southwestern vibes.

Style these around an equally rustic fire pit and add some cactus plants or succulents for an effortlessly cool look (that’s also water-conscious!).

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Micro Sectional Small Backyard Idea

green patio micro sectional landscaping small backyard ideas

Even the smallest backyards have space for this adorable micro sectional! Despite its small stature, it really maximizes on style and comfort. Each of the five pieces can be rearranged to suit your space, making it a versatile option that can easily take you from relaxing to entertaining.

And, keeping with small backyard ideas that focus on a single color palette, this green shade would create a stunning monochrome look with your lush garden or potted plants.

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Boho Hammock Small Backyard Idea

boho crocheted hammock small backyard ideas that create a tranquil landscaping look

Create a great escape in your own backyard with a boho hammock! Hang it from hooks on your patio or balcony, or tie it between some trees for a shady, snooze-worthy space.

Hammocks are the ultimate small backyard idea, since they draw the eye upwards and don’t bog down your limited floorspace. Plus, they add such a relaxing vibe to your backyard landscaping. Perfect for dozing away in during those hot summer days. Add a cozy pillow and you may never want to leave.

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boho backyard hammocks

There’s nothing better than lounging the summer away in a backyard hammock. Here are some of our faves!

Playful Pastel Bistro Set Small Backyard Ideas

pink coral outdoor bistro patio set small backyard ideas

Al fresco dining doesn’t have to be reserved for big backyards! Whether you want a space for enjoying your morning coffee in the sun or catching some rays as you WFH, an outdoor bistro set is checking off ALL the boxes.

Since we love unexpected and colorful small backyard ideas, this pastel patio table and chairs would definitely be our first choice. It’s summery, playful, and, most importantly, pink — but if you’re looking for something a bit less vibrant, it also comes in a very on-trend sage green.

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Warm Wood Accents Small Backyard Idea

warm wooden furniture to cozy up your landscaping small backyard ideas

The most important element of a backyard — no matter its size — is how inviting it is. After all, you want it to be a space where you can escape and unwind, right? For extra welcoming small backyard ideas, we’re upping the cozy factor with warm wood accents.

This outdoor sofa, coffee table, and lounging chair are mid-century modern meets boho, and we are SO here for it. For an extra welcoming feel, skip the metal details and opt for natural wood instead.

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Hanging Rope Chair Small Backyard Idea

hanging rope hammock chair landscaping small backyard ideas

The whimsy of it all! A woven rope hanging chair is not only super charming idea, but it’s also a great use of space in a small backyard. Put it in the corner of your patio or balcony to create a boho nook, or hang it from a tree branch to create your own enchanting forest.

Just a tip: make sure you’re hanging it from a branch that’s at least 8 to 10 inches in diameter to avoid any, ahem, incidents.

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Modern Geometric Seating Small Backyard Ideas

small backyard ideas with modern wicker patio chairs

For contemporary small backyard ideas, go for white and grey motifs with a little extra flair. This seating set works as a perfect modern focal point, elevating a minimalist color palette with an eye-catching geometric design.

With these seats as the star of the show, you can keep the rest of your decor simple — a few potted plants and a simple outdoor rug go a LONG way.

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Backyard Patio Ideas

neutral sustainable landscaping backyard patio ideas
backyard patio furniture: West Elm

Think of your backyard patio as the outdoor version of your living room. During the warmer months, this is where you’ll catch up with friends, chill out after a long day, eat your fave summer meals, and even log on to a zoom call or two!

With the right backyard patio ideas, this could instantly become your new favorite place. To create the patio that you’ll want to do everything but sleep in, we recommend designing a space that’s versatile.

You want backyard patio ideas that can take you from weekday R&R to Friday night dinner parties to Sunday brunch. That means somewhere to grab a bite, put your feet up, and enjoy the soothing view of some plant friends!

Whether you’re designing a space that’s retro glam or boho chic, you’re going to LOVE these backyard patio ideas that we’re shopping right now.

southwestern boho backyard patios

From southwestern details to boho touches, these stunning patio spaces (and expert tips) will have you swooning!

Retro Wicker Seating Backyard Patio Idea

retro wicker outdoor chairs landscaping backyard patio ideas

We couldn’t create a roundup of backyard patio ideas with including these totally rad retro-inspired chairs! Forget boring outdoor furniture — we’re all about creating patios that are just as stylish as our indoor spaces.

Combine patio-favorite wicker with an unexpected statement design for a dining look that’s fresh and unforgettable. If you’re redesigning your entire backyard patio space, consider these your starting point.

Shop These Retro-Inspired Backyard Patio Chairs

Bold Pop of Color Patio Backyard Ideas

landscaping backyard patio ideas with bright and colorful red patio chairs

Warning: you may never hang out inside again with these colorful backyard patio ideas! Vibrant patio furniture is a surefire way to spark some joy this summer, and we are SERIOUSLY in love.

With these vibrant dining chairs, you can inject your backyard patio with some color while still maintaining a sophisticated elegance.

These patio chairs also come in a crisp blue for when you want to feel like you’ve traveled to the Mediterranean without ever leaving your house.

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Dinner Party Table Backyard Patio Idea

extension teak wood dinging table landscaping backyard patio ideas

Prepare to be the new dinner party destination for the friend group! A classic backyard patio idea for a reason, simple teak dining tables do the job for any outdoor aesthetic.

Pair it with sleek black chairs for a contemporary feel, or add some whimsical fairy lights and candles for an enchanting escape.

This teak dining table can also be extended — perfect for when your patio becomes the main event at a bridal shower or backyard wedding!

Shop This Teak Extension backyard Patio Table

al fresco dining backyard dinner party

Planning an outdoor dinner party this summer? Check out our full al fresco dining guide!

Modern and Moody Patio Backyard Ideas

dark woven wicker patio chair landscaping backyard patio ideas with a Scandinavian aesthetic

Speaking of contemporary backyard ideas, black outdoor furniture is here to give you a backyard patio that is modern and moody in all the right ways. It’s giving foggy forest retreat vibes, and we’re not mad about it!

Pair your sleek dark furniture (like these black wicker chairs) with some dramatic, stylistic pieces for ultimate ambience.

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Industrial Boho Backyard Patio Ideas

boho wicker outdoor furniture landscaping backyard patio ideas

Boho with a modern, industrial flair, this backyard patio idea can be styled in SO many ways. It features durable wicker with an aluminum frame, perfect for withstanding the elements.

We’d pair it with other contemporary wicker or rattan pieces, like these rad lanterns.

Shop This Wicker and Aluminum Patio Sofa Set

Romantic Wooden Patio Daybed Backyard Ideas

boho hand carved lotus daybed landscaping backyard patio ideas

It’s time to start romanticizing your life! And you can start by transforming your outdoor space into a decadent dreamscape with this boho backyard patio idea.

The perfect statement piece, this hand-carved floral daybed would make any patio feel like a far-away oasis.

Position it front and center on your backyard patio for the perfect lounge spot, or tuck it away in your garden for a secret escape.

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Elevated Picnic Table Backyard Patio Idea

sustainable teak wooden backyard patio picnic table

For when it’s officially picnic season, al fresco backyard patio ideas have you covered. Get those lazy summer afternoon vibes right in your own backyard with a sophisticated picnic-inspired table and benches. This one is made for family dinners outside or brunch sessions with your crew.

Shop This Sustainable and Sophisticated Teak Table

Bohemian Patio Rug Backyard Ideas

boho outdoor rug landscaping backyard patio ideas

Hello, wow factor! For backyard patio ideas focused around color, it doesn’t get much cooler than a vintage-inspired outdoor rug.

Inspired by Turkish textiles, this one adds a boho touch to any space and looks SO GOOD surrounded by greenery.

You can up the free-spirited backyard vibes with a few cushion poufs and decorative planters. Or keep things sleek and modern with an elevated wooden table and chairs.

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Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

modern geometric chiminea landscaping backyard fire pit ideas
backyard fire pit: Terrain

Remember that feeling of making s’mores over a campfire as a kid? We have some great news: you can get those throwback vibes everyday with these backyard fire pit ideas!

From rustic stone fire pits to unique and aesthetic chimineas, there’s something for every style of backyard. If you’re looking for a go-to spot for snuggling up with your other half, chatting the night away with friends, or stargazing by a crackling fire, it doesn’t get much better than fire pits.

Plus, if you don’t want the upkeep or smoke of burning wood, we also have a few backyard fire pit ideas that feature gas and propane. Which brings us to a few quick backyard fire pit tips…

Are backyard fire pits worth it?

In one word: yes! Whether you love hosting or just want to keep enjoying your backyard as the nights get cooler, fire pits should be at the top of your list of backyard ideas.

For summer barbecues or late nights talking, they act as a super ambient focal point that literally says “gather round!” Plus, they also double as fun foodie experiences, perfect for roasting marshmallows or hotdogs.

But, before you choose a fire pit, it’s important to look into any fire codes and bans in your area and consider safety risks if you have children or pets. In these cases, you may need to put your fire pit in a specific area in your backyard (away from your house or anything flammable like grass or low-hanging branches) or buy a fire pit grate cover.

Once you’ve got your safety checks in place, it’s time to find the fire pit that’ll light up your backyard! Without further ado, let’s dive into our favorite fire pit backyard ideas!

Dark and Modern Backyard Fire Pit Idea

modern black iron backyard fire pit ideas

If you’re all about classic and contemporary backyard ideas, you’re going to LOVE a round iron fire pit. It’s the ultimate statement piece, without taking any attention away from your gorgeous patio furniture.

This one is made for burning logs, the old-school way, and also comes with a mesh top cover. Just add an equally cool iron log holder and you’re ready for year-round fireside chats.

Shop This Black Iron Backyard Fire Pit

Copper Fire Pit (and Coffee Table) Backyard Ideas

copper coffee table and landscaping backyard fire pit ideas

Gorgeous and versatile, copper backyard fire pit ideas reigns supreme. Not only is a copper fire pit totally eye-catching and trendy, but this one multitasks as a coffee table, grill, and serving tray.

It’s working overtime to make sure you win the best backyard in the neighborhood award.

Plus, it’s created by Terrain, one of our favorite places for unique and eye-catching backyard ideas. Just peep their other fire pit essentials, like this twig marshmallow roasting stick!

Shop This Copper Backyard Fire Pit

Sleek Concrete Fire Pit Backyard Ideas

modern concrete square landscaping backyard fire pit ideas

The definition of backyard luxury, concrete fire pits give you the perfect fiery focal point with the touch of a button. Powered by propane and featuring stylish lava rocks, this fire pit makes enjoying time on your patio as effortless as possible.

You can go ahead and kick back with this one. We love the idea of concrete backyard fire pits for ultra modern spaces or as a neutral piece for a bold patio set.

Shop This Concrete Backyard Fire Pit

Rustic Stone Backyard Fire Pit Idea

rounded rustic stone landscaping backyard fire pit ideas

Give your backyard a mountain cabin makeover with this stone propane-powered fire pit. One of our favorite rustic backyard ideas, it’s as cozy as curling up next to the fire at a Colorado ski lodge.

Now all you need are the perfect Adirondack chairs and you’ve got your own personal Rocky Mountain retreat!

Shop This Mountain-Inspired Backyard Fire Pit

Futuristic Round Fire Pit Backyard Ideas

tall black round metal outdoor fire pit with a sleek matte finish

Step aside fire pits of the past — this sleek backyard fire pit idea is here to take your patio to the next level. With a futuristic column design, it looks cool while you keeping you seriously warm.

In fact, this propane-powered fire pit disperses heat up to seven feet, so you can keep the party going no matter the time or season.

Shop This Round Metal Backyard Fire Pit

Backyard Lighting Ideas

landscaping backyard lighting ideas with whimsical bistro style string lights
backyard string lights: Terrain

Sparkle mode: activated. No outdoor space is complete with out the perfect ambient lighting, and these backyard lighting ideas goes above and beyond to give you twinkling, flickering, magical vibes.

But which backyard lighting ideas are best for your space? It can be hard to overdo it when it comes to stylish outdoor lighting, but when it doubt we always recommend starting with some string lights and/or lanterns. They come in every and any style (as you’ll see below!) and can be easily personalized for your backyard.

From stringing fairy lights above your dining table to using lanterns to create a Moroccan-inspired lounge area, here are the backyard lighting ideas that have us glowing with excitement.

Outdoor Wood Lanterns Backyard Lighting Idea

outdoor wood lanterns backyard lighting ideas

This backyard lighting idea might just make you love your backyard MORE in the nighttime than the daytime.

While it’s hard to beat a lazy day lounging in the sunshine, wooden outdoor lanterns will give your backyard the perfect ambience as soon as the stars come out.

Display these lanterns at varying levels in your backyard to add extra dimension and give your space a vacation-ready feel.

Shop These Ambient Outdoor Backyard Lanterns

Outdoor Umbrella String Lighting Backyard Ideas

outdoor umbrella globe string lights backyard lighting ideas

Don’t let the dinner party die just because the sun goes down! String lights are one of the brightest backyard lighting ideas, and we’re obsessed with this twist on the classic set.

Featuring a hook on each light, these can easily be added to any outdoor umbrella — or strung up around a gazebo or pergola.

GWS Tip! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for waterproof battery boxes when buying string lights for your backyard. This way you can add a touch of twinkle to any part of your space without worrying about the elements.

Shop These Outdoor Globe String Lights

Whimsical Outdoor Lanterns Backyard Lighting Idea

whimsical outdoor lanterns backyard lighting ideas

Why stop at just string lights? One of the most stunning (and simple!) backyard lighting ideas, lace lanterns, can be added to any backyard lighting setup for a rad, boho look.

Hang them between your trees for enchanted forest vibes, or group them above your dining table or daybed for a playful design that never gets boring.

Shop These Geometric Lace Backyard Lanterns

Tropical Rattan Lantern Backyard Ideas

tropical boho rattan lanterns backyard lighting ideas

The tropics are calling! We LOVE backyard lighting ideas that make your space feel like an escape from the day-to-day, and these rattan lanterns understood the assignment. Handwoven and featuring sleek black accents, they’re the perfect finishing touch to a boho backyard retreat.

Plus, you can display them on a table or the floor, or hang them from their handles for extra charm. Just don’t forget to snag some flame-less pillar candles to get that warm glow of candlelight without the fire hazard. Talk about the dreamiest of backyard ideas!

Shop These Boho Outdoor backyard lanterns

Beehive Woven Pendant Lighting Backyard Ideas

outdoor beehive woven pendant lighting on a backyard patio

We’re BUZZING about this beehive pendant backyard lighting idea! Featuring an open-weave design and tons of texture, it’s perfect for topping off a laid-back backyard patio.

Just style it with some similar woven accents, like these wicker chairs, and you’ve got a backyard that screams coastal grandma.

Plus, this pendant light also looks great indoors, so you can add one to both your spaces to create an oh-so smooth indoor-outdoor flow.

Shop This Woven Pendant Light

Backyard Garden Ideas

lush landscaping backyard garden ideas
backyard garden photo: Gardening Etc.

It’s time to give your backyard garden a grow up! Backyard garden ideas are not what they used to be, and we’ve never been more excited to get down and dirty in some soil.

From botanical wall gardens to boho potted plants, our fave backyard garden ideas make the most out of the space you have. They’re also inspired by the garden trends that are blossoming across our feeds right now, like overgrown cottagecore “meadows” and Bridgerton-inspired hanging wisteria.

Whether you’re looking to create a colorful floral oasis or a veggie patch that serves as your own personal farmers market, we’ve got the backyard garden ideas for you. And while we may not be botanists, we do have a few tips for creating your own personal secret garden!

How do I make a nice backyard garden?

Designing a nice backyard garden starts with thinking about where you live and what you want for your space. For low-maintenance and high-reward gardening, it’s always best to choose plants that are native to your region and thrive in your climate.

For example, super lush areas like Florida are perfect for growing hibiscus and honeysuckle, and desert areas in Nevada or California are more suited for backyard gardens with cacti and succulents.

While extremely manicured gardens may be traditionally considered “nice” for backyards, these days cottagecore vibes are EVERYWHERE, for fashion and gardens alike. Get those wild, free-spirited vibes for your backyard garden by choosing plants that grow on their own without too much maintenance.

This starts with researching which plants are best for your area — then all you have to do is plant them in the sunlight and let them flourish.

Here at GWS, we’re also big on water conservation when it comes to backyard garden ideas. We always want to be as eco-conscious as possible, so gardens that require less watering are right up our alley.

Luckily, there are some super rad backyard garden ideas that revolve around saving water — like focusing on native plants, swapping out big grassy areas for gravel and a few statement planters, and finding creative ways to collect rainwater.

Ready to put your green thumb to use? Here are our favorite water-conscious and jealousy-inducing backyard garden ideas!

Wooden Raised Planters Backyard Garden Idea

wooden raised bed planters landscaping backyard garden ideas

The best backyard garden ideas are both aesthetic and functional. Enter: raised plant boxes. You can add these to ANY space to get the flower or veggie garden of your dreams, without losing the unique style of your space.

Some of the perks of plant boxes, compared to traditional gardens? They keep you from wasting any of your soil, help you conserve water, and act as a barrier for slugs and weeds. What more can we say?

Shop These Wooden Backyard Garden Plant boxes

Industrial Cityscape Planters Backyard Garden Idea

industrial stone planters landscaping backyard garden ideas

Raised plant boxes — but make them modern! For backyard garden ideas with a more contemporary feel, it doesn’t get better than sleek fiberstone planters.

Upgrade a downtown space with the extra large sizes, or add a smaller one to your backyard patio table for the freshest centerpiece. Your mint and basil has never looked better!

Shop These Modern Stone Backyard Garden Planters

Sphere Hanging Plant Baskets Backyard Garden Idea

sphere hanging planter basket landscaping backyard garden ideas

When it comes to backyard garden ideas, most people focus on the ground level. Dare to be different with some whimsical hanging planters! These sphere planters are especially great for small backyards or spaces where your grass is limited, giving you an all-around botanical look.

Make your hanging planter a blossoming show-stopper with a combo of hanging plants, vibrant flowers, and long-lasting succulents. And don’t forget to add a water-saving basket liner, which can help you reduce your watering by 50%!

Shop These hanging Sphere backyard Planters

Apartment-Friendly Vertical Wall Garden Backyard Ideas

wooden vertical wall planter landscaping backyard garden ideas

Give your small backyard some growth potential with a vertical wall garden! Each small planter on this wooden structure can be rearranged to fit your green vision, so you don’t have to skimp on your plant sizes.

Plus, since this wall garden is free standing, it can also work overtime as a privacy barrier for your apartment balcony or open backyard space. We love a dual purpose backyard garden idea!

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Chic Greenhouse Backyard Garden Idea

silver greenhouse landscaping backyard garden ideas

If you dream of having a space to cultivate your plant friends, a greenhouse in your backyard is heaven on earth. With greenhouses, your backyard garden ideas don’t have to be limited to the plants that thrive in your region or climate.

Grow and nurture your favorite buds year-round — and get a totally cute backyard decor piece to boot!

This silver greenhouse also features rain gutters that allow you to collect rainwater for your blossoms, perfect for water-conscious gardeners!

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Mobile Raised Planter Garden Backyard Ideas

mobile raised wooden planter backyard garden idea

Of all the backyard ideas, an edible garden is the way to go. Urban gardening is on the rise, and a mobile raised planter can help you do the most with the least effort (or experience!).

With lockable wheels, you can easily move this planter around your backyard to get just the right amount of sun.

Now all you have to do is start planting your go-to dinner ingredients!

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Crisp Wall Planters Backyard Garden Idea

white resin wall planter landscaping backyard garden ideas

You can NEVER have too many plants in your garden (true plant lovers can relate), so no part of your backyard should be off-limits. Go all green with backyard garden ideas that make use of your wall space, like these crisp white wall planters.

Each planter holds nine liters of soil, and you can rearrange them for any and every backyard style. And, with a basic rectangular design, they really let the blooms speak for themselves.

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Whimsical Willow Trellis Garden Backyard Ideas

whimsical willow trellis landscaping backyard garden ideas

The whimsy is real with this backyard garden idea! A very Midsommar take on a practical garden trellis, this willow obelisk is designed to support climbing plants (and look seriously charming at the same time).

Add a couple to your flower garden or large potted plants to create a romantic statement that will have your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing.

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Woven Macrame Hanging Plant Holders Backyard Garden Idea

hand woven macrame plant hangers landscaping backyard garden ideas

As you may have noticed, boho backyard ideas are our favorite backyard ideas — so we just HAD to include some macrame plant hangers.

They add that bohemian je ne sais quoi to any space, whether you’re hanging them from large tree branches or hooks on your balcony.

They’re also perfect for giving your garden extra texture and color. All that’s missing are some bright and beautiful planters!

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Futuristic Stainless Steel Planters Garden Backyard Ideas

futuristic stainless steel garden planters

If you live in a drought area or just want to conserve water, modern backyard garden ideas are here. for. you. With contemporary manmade touches and effortlessly cool hardscaping, modern backyards say: no grass, no problem.

The perfect additional to a grass-less backyard garden, these reflective stainless steel planters are futuristic meets luxe.

If you’ve swapped out your water-demanding lawn for cool concrete or industrial brick, you NEED these contemporary planters to take your backyard garden to the next level.

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Backyard Pool Ideas

vintage lounge pool float backyard pool ideas
vintage-inspired backyard pool float: Anthropologie

There’s truly nothing better than lounging poolside all summer long — except lounging poolside in your own backyard! Whether your house already has a pool or adding one is part of your landscaping plan, we’ve rounded up some backyard pool ideas that will help you transform this water feature into your own personal oasis.

From DIY stock tank pools to large in-ground pools, this backyard space is an automatic (and refreshing) focal point. But, how you style it can change the vibe of your entire backyard.

For a vintage resort feel to your backyard pool, opt for sleek chaise loungers and striped umbrellas. For modern boho vibes, poolside planters and laid-back cabanas are your new best friends. If minimalism is more your style, you can’t go wrong with a simple set of lounge chairs.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves with these backyard pool ideas! First: is a pool right for you?

Is it worth putting a pool in your backyard?

Before you start saving hundreds of backyard pool ideas on your Pinterest, you should stop and think about whether or not putting a pool in your backyard is actually the best investment for your space.

While nothing seems more luxurious than drinking cocktails with your feet in the water, having your own backyard pool comes with a lot of costs and maintenance.

Before you make a decision, ask yourself: Do I want an in-ground pool, or would I be okay with something above ground? How often will I actually use it? Will it be a risk for pets or children? Am I ready to clean it on the regular?

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to dive into the deep end, it’s time to look at some different backyard pool ideas to choose the best option for you. If a big construction project is out of the question, you can still add a chic above-ground pool that gives you those great escape vibes.

If you’re worried about safety risks, you can easily create a stylish fence that wraps around the perimeter — and doubles as a privacy screen. And to get the most out of your backyard pool installation (even in those colder months, depending on where you live), just add a pool heater!

Now for the final lap: aka our backyard ideas that will have you planning your debut pool party ASAP!

Retro Chic Pool Backyard Ideas

retro chaise lounge backyard pool ideas

Retro backyard pool ideas are perfect for when you want to channel the luxurious, breezy vibes of a 1960s resort in your own backyard.

Featuring geometric shapes and comfy-meets-chic cushions, these backyard pool chaise lounges do just that.

Combine them with other mod touches, like this circular umbrella, and you’ve got your own backyard time portal.

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Boho Bar Cart Pool Backyard Ideas

boho rattan bar cart backyard pool ideas

When you think of your perfect backyard pool, what kind of ideas do you picture? For us, it includes ultra cozy lounge chairs, a chic umbrella, and a side table with a fruity cocktail resting on top.

So, obviously we had to include a bar cart on our list of backyard pool ideas! With this boho rattan bar cart, you can achieve your perfect backyard pool dreams, whether you’re soaking in the sun solo or throwing a wedding after party that people will be talking about for years.

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Unique Cabana Chairs Backyard Pool Idea

unique outdoor cabana chairs backyard pool ideas

Make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood with unique backyard pool ideas, like these striped outdoor cabana chairs.

An umbrella and lounge chair in one, this glamorous piece will give your backyard pool that WOW factor. These definitely aren’t for the basic backyard, and that’s why we love them.

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Terrazzo Coffee Table Backyard Pool Ideas

terrazzo stone round outdoor coffee table backyard pool ideas

Round out your poolside seating area with a circular terrazzo coffee table. For backyard pool ideas that slant modern and cool, stone coffee tables are a no brainer.

Decorate it with a few plants and a gorgeous outdoor drink set for a contemporary take on a backyard poolside escape.

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Statement Striped Pool Chaise Lounge Backyard Ideas

black and white striped backyard pool chaise lounge chairs

Welcome to your personal oasis! One of the comfiest backyard pool ideas, this striped chaise lounge chair feels as heavenly as it looks.

Plus, those stripes make the perfect statement for an otherwise minimalist outdoor area. We wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to leave your backyard!

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Need More Backyard Inspiration?

dreamy boho small backyard patio with eclectic landscaping
photo: Kyla Magrath Interiors as seen in this backyard patio round-up

If these backyard ideas have you reimagining your entire outdoor space, you’re not alone! For more summer-ready backyard inspo, you’ll definitely want to check out our round-up of amazing boho patios (and our tips on how to channel those carefree vibes in your backyard)!

And what would a backyard patio be without a great place to host a dinner party? Whether you’re planning date night for two or planning an engagement party with all your nearest and dearest, this al fresco dinner party guide has you covered.

All these backyard ideas and designing have you tired? There’s nothing better than kicking back in a backyard hammock, and we’ve tracked down our 14 favorites to help you make the most out of your rest and relaxation time. Talk about the cutest of backyard ideas!

What are you must-haves for the backyard of your dreams (or of your future backyard wedding)? Share your favorite backyard ideas with us in the comments below!