14 Backyard Hammocks That Pair Perfectly Well With Summer Sangria

Finally, the temps are rising around here, and we’re gearing up for sunshine + pool-dipped toes….and backyard hammocks! Given the current health crisis, we’re defiantly down a few of our favorite summer activities, but that doesn’t mean we have to forgo them all! Swinging on a hammock in the summer is about as *simple pleasure* as it gets. We’re prepping for summer by finding the perfect hammock for our patio.

Whether your hammock style is more traditional, bohemian, or you’re into the hammock-swing, here’s a round-up of our favorites out there. Pour the sangria…’cause it’s time to unwind!

Jola Piasta Photography has the right idea with her photo (above) – hammock found here

Boho Backyard Hammocks

1. Fringed Macrame Hammock – $123

anthro boho fringe hammockvia Anthropologie

2. Macrame Black Fringe Hammock – $119

black boho fringe hammock
via Target

3. Canyon Fringe Hammock – $118

green fringe hammock
via Anthropologie

4. Fringe Crochet Hammock – $129.99

fringed crochet hammockvia Etsy

5. Vivere Brazilian Double Hammock – $149.97

target fringe hammockvia Target

6. Fringe Hammock Luxury Macrame Cotton Swing Bed in Magenta – $49.80

pink fringe hammockvia Amazon

7. NOVICA Cotton Fabric 2 Person Brazilian Hammock with Crochet Fringe – $218.87

mustard fringe hammockvia Amazon

8. Boho Brazilian Fringed Macrame Hammock – $52.98


white boho fringe hammockvia Amazon

Traditional Backyard Hammocks

9. Lazy Daze HammocksDouble Quilted – $71.99

via Amazon

10. Wooden Art Deco Hammock Stand with Canopy – $509.99

white hammock
via Home Depot

Backyard Hammock Swings

11. Macrame Hammock Chair – $179.99

macrame hammock chair
via Etsy

12. Alvarado Chair Hammock – $41.99

via Wayfair

13. Boho Style Hammock Chair – $169.99

fringe hammock chair
via Etsy

14. Cottle Hanging Rope Swing Chair – $89.99

via Wayfair

Now that you’ve got your backyard hammock, it’s time for the summer sangria, here’s our favorite recipe with rosé, cherries  + strawberries – yum!