The Perfect Summer Cocktail: Rosé Sangria

How to Make Rosé Sangria

Who else is totally feeling the summer vibes lately?? For us, summer means more outdoor parties, entertaining with friends and yep – fun cocktails! This Saturday is one of our favorite days, it’s National Rosé Day! While we are happy to celebrate this day any day of the week, we put together this fun cocktail to help celebrate the holiday inspired from our recent travels to Barcelona!

I love mixing up new cocktails (one of my new fave hobbies!) and the one place I get most of my inspirations? From our travels. :) When we were in Barcelona last month for Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, we definitely enjoyed our fair share of Sangria. We noticed it almost always tasted a bit different but always enjoyed it :) While the traditional Sangria is typically made with red wine, brandy, triple sec, sugar, oranges, lemon and limes it can sometimes feel a bit heavy in the summer. So we thought, let’s mix it up a bit and try to create a lighter version of this popular drink! And what better wine to create a lighter Sangria, but with my fave wine, rosé!

Rosé Sangria with Cherries and Strawberries

While taste testing to find the perfect recipe, Jason and I quickly learned it is hard to make a bad sangria – I mean wine + fruit, right??

Here was our favorite combo for the perfect summer sangria!

How to Make the Perfect Summer Rosé Sangria

You’ll need the following:

• 1 bottle of Rosé (we used Summer Water from Winc) If you aren’t a member of Winc, you my link here to get 4 bottles for $30!!
• Chambord Liqueur
• Rhubarb & Strawberry soda (from Trader Joe’s — if you don’t have a TJs near you, sparkling Strawberry soda will work!)
• ice
• 3 cups of cherries (we used a mix of bing & rainier)
• 2 pears
• 2 cups of strawberries
• top with some chamomile flowers (make sure to wash them!)

What to do:

Empty the wine, 1 Cup of Chambord Liqueur and 3/4 cup of the Strawberry Soda in your pitcher. Add the sliced fruit. Leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours – best if you can leave in the fridge overnight!

When you are ready to serve, add some ice to each glass and pour in the sangria. Then top with a flower for an extra pretty drink.

That’s it! Time to enjoy it!

Rosé Sangria with Cherries and Strawberries

Rosé Sangria with Cherries, Pears and Strawberries

Rosé Sangria with Cherries and Strawberries

Rosé Sangria with Cherries and Strawberries

I hope you enjoy this fun summer cocktail! And if you made any changes, I’d love to hear what you changed up!

Big thanks to Anna Delores for the gorgeous photos!


to save for your next summer party – or just for a fun drink for you + your love this weekend :)

How to Make Rosé Sangria - the perfect summer cocktail!