37 Epic DIY Wedding Backdrops and Ideas

DIY wedding backdrop made of painted seamless photo paper
photo: Alison Conklin | design: confetti & co. | florals: Belovely Design as seen in this ethereal micro-wedding editorial}

Looking to craft the ultimate DIY wedding backdrops? Are you handy with a glue gun? Talented with tools? Proficient with paint? It does take a bit of elbow grease to pull off a DIY wedding day. But in the end, it’s totally worth it!

Of course, not every element of the wedding has to be DIY. If you feel like getting your hands dirty, we suggest focusing on one thing and going in full force.

DIY wedding backdrops are a central piece that will frame the most important part of the day. And bonus, the backdrop can double as a piece for the reception table or even a photo backdrop for guests!

Below, we’ve gathered some inspiration pieces and DIY wedding backdrop ideas that are totally do-able to get your gears turning. Yes, many of these were designed by pros, but they can definitely inspire your day – and if you are crafty, create your own spin on one of these backdrops! Not super crafty? Reach out to your designer or florist to help you create something amazing for your big day!!

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Floral Grid DIY Wedding Backdrops

gold grid wedding backdrop with diagonal florals
photo: Meg Brooke and backdrop by Moelleux Events as seen in this Sedona vow renewal

Grids are your best friend when crafting awesome DIY wedding backdrops.

They basically give you the flexibility and framework to create a totally custom backdrop that will totally blow your guests away!

Rectangular Floral Grid Backdrop

diy wedding backdrops ideas floral grid
photo: Clove & Kin // design: Aly Ann Events // florals: Organic Flora as seen in this Luxe Wedding Inspiration with Lavender Hues

Opt for a simple rectangular grid for a minimalist look you can dress up. You can purchase these grid walls on Amazon for a steal!

From there, it’s just a matter of adding greenery and flowers to create the perfect DIY wedding backdrop.

If you’d rather do it ahead of time, opt for faux florals, like these gorgeous stems from Afloral.

Circular Grid DIY Backdrop

DIY wedding backdrop made of a gold metallic circle grid with florals on it
photo: Tessa Shannon with design by Kate Redgen and florals by Florals and Co. as seen in this sleek, modern with colorful florals

We love a good circular wedding backdrop, and this grid is the perfect base you need to bring it to life and attach some statement florals!

Circular grids have a softer look to them, so if you’re going for a soft, elegant backdrop, this is totally the way to go.

Twinkling Fairy Light DIY Wedding Backdrop

couple standing in front of a fairy twinkle lights DIY wedding backdrop in a dimly lit venue
photo: Esme Whiteside and design: My Pretties UK as seen in this moody twinkle light wedding

We love the idea of a fairy light DIY wedding backdrop! It’s simple and elegant, and also SUPER easy to put together.

If you’re planning an ethereal wedding, this wedding backdrop idea is perfection! Plus, wedding backdrop fairy lights are a total steal!

Greenery + Floral Hoop DIY Wedding Backdrops

couple kissing in front of a tropical circular wedding backdrop
photo: Logan Cole with ceremony arch by Joy of Bloom Florals as seen in this epic seaside surfer wedding

It’s amazing what kind of incredible DIY backdrops you can create with a hoop structure.

Whether you’re going for a single statement hoop or a collection of hoops we are here for it!

This is one of our favorite DIY wedding backdrops to create!

Minimalist Single Statement Hoop Backdrop

gold hoop wedding backdrop adorned with florals, greenery, and candles
photo: Alejandra Loaiza | design: Scarantino Events | florals: Botanique Bazar as seen in this modern, industrial-chic wedding editorial

To bring this epic circular backdrop to life, you’ll need a gold hoop for your frame, your choice of florals, and several zip ties to secure the florals to the hoop.

To achieve this minimal look, opt for a greenery-focused backdrop.

Or if you want a super elaborate arch, cover the entirety of the hoop frame with your favorite florals!

Multiple Layered Hoops with Greenery

floral hoop installation: Vanessa Schmidt

Grab some embroidery hoops or spray paint hula hoops for your base, then use floral wire or zip ties to attach the greenery.

Here’s a DIY for floral hoops on a smaller scale, but the idea is the same! Just make sure your venue will help you sort out how to hang them!

Tapestry Wedding Backdrops

This one’s for the DIY’ers looking for something that packs a punch without requiring too much effort!

Tapestries, rugs, and decorated papers make for epic DIY wedding backdrops, without you having to work too hard for it. We’re sharing some of our favorites below!

Opt for a Colorful Rug Wedding Backdrop

vibrant red tapestry rug wedding backdrop
photo: Lara Onac | design: Bodas de Cuento Styling & Design | florals: Savia Bruta as seen in this colorful European desert elopement

How gorgeous is this rug-like tapestry backdrop?! What a statement! This is another super simple way to infuse tons of personality into your ceremony.

Think about the colors and vibe you’re going for, and choose a tapestry that matches that for your DIY wedding backdrop. Use the accent colors in the tapestry to drive your floral choices and take things up a notch!

And one of the biggest perks about this DIY wedding backdrop is you can totally make it home decor after the wedding day!

Seamless Photo Paper Wedding Backdrops

seamless photo paper DIY wedding backdrops idea
photo: Alison Conklin | design: confetti & co. | florals: Belovely Design as seen in this ethereal micro-wedding editorial

Seamless photo paper in white or a fun color is a studio photographer’s best friend, and it’s a super commonly used backdrop outside of weddings.

So why not grab yourself a roll of it, a stand to hold it up, and maybe add your own decorative flair to the paper for a personal touch?!

Add glitter, pastel accents, or whatever your heart fancies. You can totally get creative with this DIY wedding backdrop idea.

Cut and Dyed Pastel Waves Wedding Backdrop

pastel cloth waves DIY wedding backdrop at an indoors industrial wedding venue
photo: Steve Cowell Photo | design: The Love Riot | florals: The Little Branch as seen in this micro wedding style guide

Stop by your local fabric store and grab some designs and colors you love. Now you can cut out fun wave patterns on them and layer them for an ocean-like DIY wedding backdrop.

Or go with a simple white fabric and dye the fabric different pastel shades for your own completely personalized wedding backdrop. This is a great way to incorporate your wedding color palette!

Balloon Arch DIY Wedding Backdrops

colorful pink and yellow balloon arch wedding backdrops
photo: Mary Costa | design: Anything But Gray Events | florals: Shindig Chic as seen in this colorful balloon backdrop wedding inspiration

We LOVE balloon arch wedding backdrops because they’re fun, playful, and add the perfect pop of color to a wedding ceremony! Plus, they’re such a steal, too!

There are tons of balloon arch kits you can buy that’ll make this DIY wedding backdrop super simple to set up!

Floral + Industrial DIY Arbors

copper pipe wedding backdrop arbor with tropical plants
photo: Alyssa Luzaich Photography |  florals: The Floral Times as seen in this Rustic California Ranch Wedding

We love the look of a simple, industrial arbor decorated elegantly with florals. To bring this wedding backdrop to life, you’ll want to start with a metal piping rectangular arch like this gorgeous copper one.

Minimalist Celestial Copper Arbor

copper pipe wedding backdrop arbor with celestial inspired decor
photo: The More We See | design: Sara Rea Design | florals: RAM Floral as seen in this celestial wedding inspiration

Either buy a copper pipe arbor pre-made, or you can find copper pipe and fittings at your home improvement store.

Work with your florist to design the final pieces that’ll adorn the backdrop!

Triangle Arch DIY Wedding Backdrops

double wooden arch DIY wedding backdrop with pampas grass
photo: Connection Photography | florals: Meraki Blommor as seen in this boho farm wedding

The triangle arch trend is only growing in popularity and we are absolutely adoring it! It also just so happens to be a nice and easy wedding backdrop to DIY.

The Classic Wooden Triangle Arch Backdrop

wooden triangle wedding backdrop in the mountains
photo: Tews Visual | florals: Flora By Nora as seen in this Intimate + Minimalistic Bohemian Wedding

The triangle backdrop is a popular one because it’s the perfect canvas for florals. Plus, it frames the couple so well!

The above photo gives you a good idea as to the mechanics of a wooden triangle, but you can also find the blueprint for this exact backdrop as well.

In addition to the triangle shape itself, you’ll also need beams to secure the bottom of the triangle arch. We’ve even seen couples assemble these on site for an elopement!

Copper Minimalist Triangle Arch

copper piping triangle arch DIY wedding backdrops
photos: Immerse PhotographyNaomi Rose Floral Design via junebug

For a different take, try working with copper pipes to craft your arch backdrop.

Piping with a patina to it will give a classic and timeless look, whereas a clean, shiny copper pipe will have a more fresh, modern feel.

All-White Spray Painted Triangle Arch Backdrop

white spray painted triangle arch wedding backdrop
photo: Alannah Liddell | florals: Sir Botanical as seen in this Silvery Celestial + Rustic Elopement Inspiration

If you’re going for a monochrome look, grab a can of spray paint and paint both the arch and any florals you’ve chosen for the day. Cool, right?!

The Double Arch Backdrop

double wooden arch DIY wedding backdrop with pampas grass
photo: Mandi Lynn Photo | design: Samantha Dapper | florals: Shindig Chic

We love this double triangle backdrop from this wedding on an avocado farm!

The cool thing about double arches is that they give you so much more real estate for adding epic floral arrangements.

DIY Wedding Backdrops that Use Your Wedding Venue as a Frame

Believe it or not, your wedding venue might have the perfect spot that’s basically begging to be turned into a wedding backdrop! Doorways, fireplaces, ceremony sites between two trees…the list could go on forever!

We’re sharing some of our favorite DIY wedding backdrops that use the wedding venue to their advantage to create a stellar ceremony site.

The DIY Doorway Wedding Backdrop

dried grass decorating an arched doorway being used as a DIY wedding backdrop
photo: Tida Svy | florals: Cultivated by Faith as seen in this gorgeous last-minute Joshua Tree elopement

How gorgeous is this arch doorway wedding backdrop?! With virtually no work on your part you can DIY the most epic ceremony backdrop by simply using a statement door. Work with your florist to make this one stand out or give it a shot yourself with dried palms and a mix of pampas grass and roses.

Tour your wedding venue beforehand to see if there’s a special door or doorway that’d be perfect to have your ceremony at, and decorate it with florals and a ceremony rug to add some intention to the space!

Get Cozy With a Fireplace Wedding Backdrop

plants framing a fireplace and painting being used as a DIY wedding backdrop
photo: Helena and Laurent Photography | florals: Ampersand SF as seen in this moody, vintage tiki wedding

This DIY wedding backdrop is perfect for a winter wedding! If you’re getting married at a venue that has a fireplace, why not make that the focal point of your ceremony?!

Adorn the sides of the fireplace and the mantle with florals, greenery, or candles to really make a statement!

Adorn the Stairs with Flower Arrangements for an Elevated Wedding Backdrop

floral vases stacked on stairs DIY wedding backdrop idea
photo: Wilma Towell | design: Elysian Creative |  florals: Oh Happy Day as seen in this romantic elopement editorial

Stairs are magical for wedding ceremonies! They put you and your partner on a nice platform, they are AMAZING for long veils or trains draping down the steps, and they’re the perfect place to craft your own DIY wedding backdrops!

We’re obsessed with the idea of floral-based backdrops, so grab some statement vases and add in your favorite flowers and greenery.

You can put the arrangements on the steps, so you have colorful pops of flowers on either side of you during your ceremony.

Decorative Painted DIY Wedding Backdrops

colorful pastel wood cutout wedding backdrops
photo: Leslie Rodriguez | design: Heleringer Events | florals: Botanica Design Studio as seen in this vibrant wedding inspo with pastel backdrops

Sometimes the power of paint is all you need to create epic DIY wedding backdrops!

Make a trip to your local home improvement or craft store to grab some wood or heavy duty craft paper, and create your own magical hand-painted backdrop!

Colorful Abstract Painted Wedding Backdrops

colorful painted wood strip DIY wedding backdrops
photo: Nisha Ravji | design: Tie the Knot Santorini | florals: Betty Flowers Santorini as seen in this Salvation Mountain wedding editorial

We love a colorful wedding backdrop! To make this one come to life, grab a few strips of plywood or wooden board from your local hardware store and sketch out your design with pencil.

Choose your color palette and fill in the sketched out design with paint to bring it to life! Talk about an easy and fun DIY wedding backdrop!

Funky Abstract Geometric DIY Wedding Backdrop

This fun, colorful DIY wedding backdrop is SO DREAMY! And it’s also super easy to create.

You’ll want two tall plywood boards as your base, some painter’s tape to create your black line outlines, and any and all paint colors you want to incorporate!

We also love that this backdrop incorporates a grid, too! Scroll on up to our first DIY wedding backdrop idea for all the details on using grids!

Eccentric 70’s Vibe Cutout Wedding Backdrops

colorful cutout shapes DIY wedding backdrops
photo: Playful Soul Photography | design: 3 Little Birds Event Planning | florals: Love Note Events as seen in this 70’s themed wedding editorial

If you’re crafty with a box cutter or x-acto knife, you can create some super awesome DIY wedding backdrops like this retro 70’s vibe one.

Grab some colorful, thick poster paper, outline the shapes you’re going for, and cut out your own epic personalized backdrop!

Terra Cotta Desert-Inspired Arch Backdrops

terra cotta cutout arches DIY wedding backdrops
photo: Melissa Marshall | design: Mae&Co Creative | florals: Goodseed Floral as seen in this terra cotta west Texas wedding inspo

WOW, we cannot get over how gorgeous these terra cotta toned wedding backdrop arches are!

And just like the retro 70’s vibe DIY wedding backdrop, this one can be crafted with thick poster board or even plywood!

Using Nature as Your Wedding Backdrop

large tree serving as a DIY wedding backdrop for a backyard wedding
photo: Lilly Red | design: The Events Lounge | florals: Bower Botanicals as seen in this boho outdoors wedding with vegan treats

Sometimes nature really is the best backdrop! If you’re getting married in the great outdoors, see how you can use the views to your advantage.

Tree Drape Wedding Backdrop

tree drapery DIY wedding backdrops
photo: Brandi Toole Photography with DIY by the bride via Junebug Weddings

We love this tree drape idea for a simple DIY backdrop that really packs a punch.

The suspended black lanterns and hoop decorated with florals take it up a notch!

Repurposed Wall Mural DIY Wedding Backdrop

pastel mural DIY wedding backdrop ideas
photo: Our Story Creative | mural: Minted | florals: Moss Floral Design via Ruffled

The most fun DIY wedding backdrop ideas are the ones that take one thing and make it something else completely. This is actually a one wall mural from Minted, cut into 4 panels, then hung in small overlaps to create dimension.

The added florals and lanterns are a fun touch, but this backdrop could totally speak for itself, as well!

Hanging Silk Ribbon DIY Wedding Backdrop

pastel silk colorful ribbon DIY wedding backdrops
photo: Mary Costa Photography | design: Harmony Creative Studio as seen in this Fresh, Modern + Organic Wedding Inspiration

We love this wedding backdrop idea because there are so many ways to make it yours with different color options!

Go for a tonal vibe with different shades of your favorite color, or pack a punch with bright shades. You can find out more about this fun backdrop from this pastel wedding inspiration!

Macrame DIY Wedding Backdrops for the Boho Couple

macrame DIY wedding backdrop hanging in the woods
photo, design + macramé: Liz Morrow Studios as seen in this Moody Forest Elopement

You could make your own macramé hanging to use as your wedding backdrop…or you could find a great one on Etsy and just add florals! Either way, we applaud the final look.

Elegant Hanging Floral + Flower Wall Wedding Backdrops

floral wall DIY wedding backdrop idea
photo: Marrica Evans | floral wall from Rose Morning as seen in this story of a couple who got engaged and married in just 5 days

If you haven’t already noticed, here at Green Wedding Shoes we LOVE our floral arrangements. And what better statement backdrop then one made of flowers?!

Believe it or not, a DIY floral wedding backdrop is 100% doable! Or make it even easier by purchasing one from Rose Morning! They have over 150 different gorgeous walls that you just put together yourself!

The Ethereal Suspended Rose Floral Backdrop

This labor of love results in a stunning DIY wedding backdrop outcome! Lots of clear fishing line, an embroidery needle, and a ton of roses (or carnations) make for a romantic backdrop!

hanging florals DIY wedding backdrop idea
photo: Someplace Wild | florals: Moonflower: A Floral Design Studio as seen in this Intimate Wedding in Athens, Georgia

Here’s another take on hanging floral DIY wedding backdrops, but with a totally different vibe. The extra-long length makes it larger than life and looks especially great in an industrial space!

Geometric Wooden DIY Wedding Backdrops

geometric painted wood rectangle DIY wedding backdrop for a desert elopement
photo: Ashley Taylor as seen in this this dreamy Saguaro sunset elopement

We are head over heels for geometric wooden DIY wedding backdrops! This trend has only been growing in popularity, and it’s such a fun and unique way to really make your backdrop your own.

We’re sharing some of our favorite variations on this unique backdrop idea!

Chunky Statement Wood Frame Backdrop

chunky wooden square DIY wedding backdrops for a beach wedding
photo: Peyton Byford | design: Diana Romo Weddings | florals: Vanessa Jaimes as seen in this boho Tulum beach wedding

Talk about a showstopper! This chunky frame-like wooden backdrop is insanely beautiful!

If you’re crafty at woodworking and have the tools necessary to make this happen, we can’t imagine a more cool DIY wedding backdrop than this one!

Geometric Pastel Wooden Arch Backdrop

geometric pastel wooden arch DIY wedding backdrop idea
photo: Tess Laureen | design: Runaway Indie | florals: Lovestruck Blooms as seen in this Tulum-inspired greenhouse wedding editorial

How dreamy is this arched DIY wedding backdrop?! We’re obsessed with the fun geometric shapes and fun pastel colors. Use plywood boards for your arched base, draw your shapes, fill them in with pastel paint colors, and then frame them out with wood.

We especially love the idea of adding florals around the edges to hide anything you’re using to prop up your DIY wedding backdrop.

Rustic Meets Modern Painted and Stained Backdrop

geometric wood DIY wedding backdrops
photo: AGP Collective as seen in this Glamping Wedding in the Finger Lakes

This couple actually made their DIY wedding backdrop together!

If you’re handy with wood, a saw, and a bucket of paint, this is a fun DIY inspiration for the hands-on couple!

Geometric Wooden Frame Backdrop

geometric wooden DIY wedding backdrops decorated with flowers
photography: ASH & STONE | design: Made to Match Events | florals: Woods & Bloom as seen in this Wooded Wedding Inspiration with Bold Colors and Geometric Details

Another hands-on wooden DIY wedding backdrop, minus all the panels. Loving this frame for a floral canvas!

Planning on Crafting Your Own Wedding Backdrop?

We want to hear all about it. Share with us in the comments below!