A Coronavirus Wedding: Engaged and Married in Just 5 DAYS!

Modern Backyard COVID-19 Wedding

If you’re like us, then you’ve been loving the photos of intimate weddings and elopements that are rolling in from couples who believe that love isn’t cancelled! We will never stop saying that phrase because it’s 100% true and it’s so important. JaLisa + Cory are like so many other couples who had to go up against Covid-19. Even crazier is that J + C got engaged AND married during the coronavirus pandemic – all in just FIVE DAYS! When you see their photos, you may not believe that it’s possible! It is though and J shared more with us about how they were able to turn their intimate coronavirus wedding into a dream-come-true.

Even before the pandemic, neither one of us were interested in having a huge wedding. We wanted to keep it extremely small with our parents and then maybe later have a reception to celebrate with our friends and extended family. We initially planned to just go to the courthouse, however, it evolved to having some of our closest friends and family present via zoom for the ceremony as well. Many people always ask us if we were inspired by other couples to wed the way that we did, and there was actually no one in particular that inspired us to have the type of ceremony we did. We just wanted it to be extremely intimate and all about us.

Marrica Evans captured some seriously stunning shots of the day! Scroll along with us and let’s take a look!

The Bridal Look

Modern Backyard COVID-19 Wedding
J looked STUNNING in her Grace Loves Lace gown. The Orla gown she selected is actually ready-to-wear, so if you’re a bride in need of a dress FAST, this might be perfect for you! J shares more about how she knew it was the gown for her coronavirus wedding day:

I chose the Orla gown because I was looking for something classic and chic that not only complimented my shape, but made me feel extremely beautiful and like myself. I knew we weren’t doing a big wedding, but I knew I would want to have these memories forever, and when trying the dress on, I just knew it was the one.

Transforming the Backyard

Modern Backyard COVID-19 Wedding
So many couples think that if they chose to get married in the backyard, their wedding decor can’t “wow”. Well, J + C is here to prove you wrong!! Can you believe they RENTED this insanely gorgeous flower wall from Luminosa Events? Renting decor is actually one of our tips for planning a more sustainable wedding. If you’re curious for more, check out What to Rent, Reuse or Donate for an Eco-Friendly Wedding.

Bridal Beauty

Modern Backyard COVID-19 Wedding
Since J works as an influencer, it’s no surprise that she styled her wedding day look to perfection. She topped her Rose Style Studio hairstyle with a delicate tiara.

Modern Backyard COVID-19 Wedding
Many couples fear it might be weird to have a coronavirus wedding via Zoom. Here’s what J has to say about it:

I don’t think it was weird for us at all. We have totally adjusted to this new normal, and we’re just happy that they were even able to join virtually. We were more so happy that everyone was able to remain safe and healthy during these unprecedented times and blessed that they were even able to take the time from their jobs, as we had our wedding on a Tuesday afternoon.

Modern Backyard COVID-19 Wedding
Curious how the couple’s engagement happened in the middle of the coronavirus madness? Read more about the special memory below:

Our Favorite Memory From The Wedding

Due to COVID-19, Cory worked with my parents and brother to set up the proposal at our weekly family Bible study where we read scriptures and pray together. That week, they said they wanted to take family pictures so my dad could submit them at work for a giveaway, and feature of “Families of Frontline workers.” With me being a full-time influencer and always having my family in my photoshoots, I was a bit confused thinking, “we have tons of photos together, why is everyone so pressed this week about this picture?” Low and behold— it was because they had all of this planned. Cory proposed as soon as I walked through the door, and I was beyond shocked. We’d been planning on getting engaged in the near future, but I figured due to the pandemic and everything being shut down, there was no way he could accomplish a special engagement or even get a ring during this time— but he definitely proved me wrong!

the jeffersons backyard wedding

Our Advice To Those Planning Now

I think I was able to manage planning a wedding in such a short time because I had such an amazing tribe to help me through the process. Luckily there wasn’t too much to do, as we wanted to keep it extremely intimate and small, so all we had to do was grab a few of our favorite things and mesh everything together in my backyard!

I would just say remember what’s truly important to you. Although I do not knock the fact that some people have always dreamed of a big wedding, my mom would always say when things change, change everything, meaning you have to adjust when life happens.

Modern Backyard COVID-19 Wedding
Congratulations JaLisa + Cory! You guys really are an inspiration to so many couples who are trying to plan a wedding while navigating Covid-19. The GWS Team is wishing you both a life full of love and happiness!