36 Best Wedding Gifts and Ideas Sure to Wow Any Couple

wood cake pedestal best wedding gifts under 100
wedding gift: Crate&Barrel

The ring is on the finger, the invitations have been sent, the arrangements have been made — it’s time to celebrate the newlyweds! The best wedding gifts are the ones that keep the couple in mind. They’re personalized to their interests, celebrate their love story, or set them up for a truly blissful married life together. But where do you start when looking for wedding gift ideas that will really wow the couple?

Shopping the registry is always a safe bet — but off-registry wedding gifts and ideas can be a hit, too. You’ve just got to know how to do it! To help you make an impression, we’ve rounded up the best wedding gifts that feel personal, thoughtful, and totally wow-worthy.

But before we jump in with a few home-run ideas, let’s start with some wedding gift FAQs.

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How Much to Spend on the Best Wedding Gifts

personalized couples travel illustration best wedding gifts under 100
wedding gift: Etsy

There is no hard and fast rule or etiquette on how much you should spend on wedding gifts. You might see numbers floating around on the internet, but essentially it comes down to how well you know the couple and how well you know your own finances!

That said, if we’re going to put out numbers… for a wedding where you’re going solo and the couple is more of an acquaintance, an acceptable wedding gift will generally start around $50 and go up from there.

For closer friends or if you’re gift-giving as a couple, we’d recommend a wedding gift around the $100 mark. For your ride or die family and friends, the best wedding gifts will probably fall in the $200 range — and if you really want to share the love, you can look for something truly luxurious.

So whether your next wedding is for your best friend or your co-worker, we’ve rounded up the best wedding gifts in every price range!

When Do You Give Wedding Gifts?

personalized monogram marble coasters best wedding gifts under 100
wedding gift: Crate&Barrel

The best time to send wedding gifts is after you’ve received your wedding invitation and as close to the big day as possible. Instead of bringing your gift to the wedding, it’s now more customary to send it in the mail beforehand.

If the couple has a registry, you can easily ship your gifts directly to the couple. Just be sure to factor in shipping time (and shipping delays) when sending your wedding gift. We’d recommend ordering it about a month in advance to avoid any stress!

If you do end up sending your wedding gift late (stuff happens!), it’s best etiquette to send it within two months of the wedding day. Sooner is always better!

Gifting Cash — How Much to Give For a Wedding Gift

couple receiving cash wedding gifts
photo: J Wiley Photography, as seen in this floral wedding at Valentine DTLA

Good news! It isn’t a faux-pas to give cash as a wedding gift. The couple can use it for their honeymoon fund or registry completion and it’s 100% okay!

If you do go this route, it’s a nice touch to send it with a thoughtful card or a note about what you’d like them to use it for, like a fancy meal on their honeymoon.

When it comes to cash wedding gifts, the amount is up to you, but we suggest giving somewhere between $75 to $200 depending on a variety of factors. Co-workers can choose something from the low end of the spectrum whereas close friends or family members should generally go for the high end. Of course, you’ll also want to consider your own financial situation, as well.

What are the Best Wedding Gifts?

couples custom line art acrylic portrait best wedding gifts under 50
wedding gift: Etsy

The best wedding gifts are all about the couple, so they tend to be different for every wedding! That said, there are a few different ways to go about choosing wedding gifts that show your love for the newlyweds.

The first option for finding the best wedding gifts is to simply shop the couple’s registry. Click, order, done. This is an easy choice — but it’s not a must.

If you do choose to go off-registry, make sure your gift is personalized and special to the couple. The registry items were chosen for a reason, so even if it feels boring or impersonal to you, remember they’ll still be excited to receive it!

The second option is to select your go-to wedding gift. No matter the couple and no matter the wedding, this is the one gift that you always give. It’s efficient, saves you time, and it’s a hit every time (we included some great go-to wedding gift ideas on the list below!).

And the third option is to personalize your wedding gifts to the couple. Start by paying attention to things they enjoy and their “someday” or “I wish I had time for…” references. For example, maybe you’ve heard the bride say that someday she’d love to learn how to decorate a cake, or that the groom wishes he had time to pick up that film camera gathering dust.

Purchase some cake decorating supplies (or a book or a class!) and a roll of film with a gift card to get it developed, and encourage them to go after the things they’ve always wanted to do — together!

GWS Tip! If you do go off-registry, be sure to include a receipt with your wedding gift in case you purchase something the couple already owns.

Now let’s get into our list of the best off-registry wedding gifts!

Best Wedding Gifts and Ideas Under $50

monogrammed personalized cheese board best wedding gifts under 50
wedding gifts under $50: Crate&Barrel

For your co-workers, distant cousins, and new friends, wedding gifts under $50 are totally acceptable. But, just because they’re more affordable doesn’t mean they have to be less meaningful!

When choosing the best wedding gifts under $50, we recommend looking for something that feels personalized to the couple. Whether it’s a gift that speaks to their interests (like a cozy blanket for the couple that loves movie nights!) or a classic gift that’s been customized for them, personal touches make a huge difference.

Keep scrolling for some of the best wedding gift ideas under $50 that are guaranteed to wow!

1. Best Wedding Gift Under $50 For Home Chefs: This Customizable Family Cookbook

customizable family recipe cookbook best wedding gifts and ideas under 50

If the couple is family, this cookbook is a thoughtful wedding gift for under $50 that they’ll really love. Each page can be customized with the meals that have been passed down for generations.

Include a few recipes to get them going, like Grandma’s Best Pancakes or Aunt Sherry’s “Holiday in a Cup” cocktail.

You can also add this chic cookbook stand to your wedding gift for that extra thoughtful touch!

Shop THis Customizable Recipe Book for Under $50

2. Best Wedding Gift Idea Under $50 For Foodies: This Drool-Worthy Infused Olive Oil Set

infused olive oil set best wedding gifts under 50

Whether they’re going to Italy for their honeymoon or they love to show off their latest kitchen experiments, this wedding gift under $50 will be a hit!

It features four award-winning blends of extra-virgin olive oil that have each been infused with an equally delicious flavor: basil, garlic, blood orange, and white truffle. Brb, we’re drooling.

Pair it with this 25-year barrel-aged balsamic vinegar for an extra dose of luxury.

Shop THis Infused Olive OIl Gift Set for Under $50

3. Best Wedding Gift Under $50 For an Unforgettable Scent: This Cozy Wedding Day Soy Candle

wedding day soy candle best wedding gifts and ideas under 50

A pricier candle isn’t typically something you choose to buy for yourself — so it always feels like a treat! That’s why truly stunning candles make for some of the best wedding gift ideas under $50. We love this one because it’s not only luxurious, but it’s also designed to be a wedding scent.

Since smell is one of the best ways to capture a memory, add a note with the candle to encourage the couple to burn it on the wedding day or night. Instant wedding keepsake!

Another perk: with this wedding gift, you don’t run into the possibility of buying something they already have or don’t need, because you can never have too many candles! 

Shop This WEdding Day Soy Candle for Under $50

4. Best Wedding Gift Under $50 For Holding Onto Memories: These Nostalgic Reel Viewers

nostalgic memory reel viewer best wedding gifts under 50

For something a little fun: this wedding gift idea under $50 is the perfect excuse to go off-registry for something unique and special. A little throwback that will make any couple smile, this gift takes a retro reel viewer and customizes it with pictures of the couple.

Choose cute memorable snapshots from their relationship (if you don’t know them as well, you can always find these on Instagram!) and have fun watching their grins as they shuffle through them.

Or, you can also give them the option to choose their own photos — making this the cutest wedding photo book ever!

P.S. This one also makes a great bridal shower gift!

Shop these Personalized Reel Viewers for Under $50

white feather matching pajama set bridal shower gifts

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5. Best Wedding Gift Under $50 For Art Collectors: This Hand-Drawn Wedding Venue Illustration

personalized hand-drawn wedding venue illustration best wedding gifts under 50

Speaking of the best personalized wedding gifts under $50, this one might just take the cake! Make note of the venue on your wedding invitation and have it transformed into a meaningful, bespoke illustration.

Each illustration is hand-drawn by an artist on Etsy (one of our favorite places for the best personalized wedding gifts) and is made extra special with the couple’s names, initials, and wedding date.

You can also customize it with different colors or a love note to the newlyweds. It’s a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will look SO good next to their framed wedding portraits!

Shop This Hand-Drawn Wedding Venue Illustration for Under $50

6. Best Gift Under $50 For A Warm Welcome Home: This Soft Knit Throw Blanket

soft knit throw blanket best wedding gifts under 50

Welcome the newlyweds home after an unforgettable honeymoon with this cozy wedding gift idea under $50! They’ll be so excited to curl up together as a new married couple, and this soft throw blanket will make the moment that much more special.

Choose from over 10 different elegant colors for the gift that feels most like them. Such a meaningful present for autumn or winter weddings!

Go above and beyond by throwing in some fuzzy slippers to complete the cozy vibes.

Shop This Soft Knit throw Blanket for Under $50

7. Best Wedding Gift Under $50 For Entertainers: These Classy Monogrammed Linen Napkins

personalized monogrammed linen napkins best wedding gifts under 50

Does the couple love to throw a fancy dinner party? We’re talking three courses, matching plates, and linen napkins? Then they’ll be head over heels for this wedding gift under $50!

A milestone upgrade for their usual table settings, these oversized linen napkins have a luxe, textured feel that will impress any guest.

They also come embroidered with a letter of your choice, great for celebrating the couple’s new shared last name!

Shop These Monogrammed Linen Napkins for Under $50

8. Best Wedding Gift Idea Under $50 For Kitchen Newbies: This Newlywed Table Recipe Book

newlywed recipe cookbook best wedding gifts ideas under 50

Even if the couple doesn’t cook all the time, fun wedding gift ideas for under $50 like this one add something special to the kitchen counter.

This newlywed cookbook includes 100 recipes for both classic and contemporary dishes, great for kitchen newbies. Because we all know that one of the secrets to a happy marriage is great food! Plus, the recipes are designed to be cooked (and enjoyed) as a team.

Include a sweet note in the front of this newlywed cookbook wedding gift with your well wishes or a secret recipe hack!

Shop This Newlywed Recipe Cookbook for Under $50

9. Best Gift Under $50 For Hosts With The Most: This Chic Wood + Marble Coaster Set

handmade personalized marble and wood coasters best wedding gifts under 50

If they love to host the pre-drinks or the after-party, this wedding gift idea under $50 will look right at home on the couple’s coffee table! Each coaster in this set of four is handmade with white marble and features a stylish wooden letter in the middle.

It’s the perfect gift for almost any couple — it’s versatile enough to match almost every home style and is guaranteed to be used!

Complete the wedding gift with these matching marble wine stoppers (and a bottle of your favorite red, if you’re feeling generous!).

Shop This Alphabet Wood and marble Coaster Set for Under $50

10. Best Gift Under $50 For Their First Christmas: This Personalized Wedding Ornament

acrylic personalized etched wedding ornament best wedding gifts and ideas under 50

It’s not something you think about until the season comes, but a cute ornament to commemorate their first holiday together as a married couple is one of the best thoughtful wedding gift ideas for under $50!

This one will look so chic on their Christmas tree or displayed on their wall. It’s made with transparent acrylic and custom embossed with the couple’s details and an elegant wreath.

Talk about a sweet heirloom wedding gift that will bring back amazing memories every time the holiday season rolls around!

Shop This Personalized WEdding Ornament for Under $50

Best Wedding Gifts and Ideas Under $100

newlywed housewarming personalized gift set best wedding gifts ideas under 100
wedding gifts under $100: Etsy

If the soonlyweds are closer friends or family members, you can’t go wrong with wedding gift ideas around or under $100.

With a larger budget, you can choose wedding gifts that they may have always wanted, but never justified splurging on themselves. And similar to the best wedding gifts under $50, these gifts will always make more of a statement when they’re personalized to the couple.

From custom engraved pieces to fun date ideas, let’s get into the best wedding gifts under $100!

11. Best Wedding Gift Under $100 For Wine and Cheese Lovers: This Luxurious Marble and Wood Serving Set

wood and marble personalized cheese board and coasters best wedding gifts under 100

Marble and wood come together to create one of the best wedding gifts under $100 for couples that love the finer things in life (aka: wine and cheese). This serving set comes with a cheese board and a set of coasters — all engraved with the newlywed’s names.

This wedding gift is especially great if they consider themselves to be charcuterie board aficionados! It’s the perfect rustic base for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles.

Shop This Personalized Cheese Board and Coasters for Under $100

unique charcuterie board ideas with fruit and cheese

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12. Best Wedding Gift Idea Under $100 For Personalized Decor: This Custom Couples Illustration

personalized couple wedding portrait illustration best wedding gifts ideas under 100

The best way to make a couple feel like royalty? Gift them a handmade portrait illustration! One of THE best personalized wedding gifts under $100, this piece of art will definitely become a treasured part of their home decor.

Illustrated by a renowned artist on Etsy, this portrait captures the couple in their wedding best, and can even be personalized to include their fur babies and their wedding flowers. It’s thoughtful, meaningful, and one-of-a-kind — no wonder it has hundreds of 5 star reviews (and was even featured in Vogue!).

Since this wedding gift will need to be sent after the wedding (so that the portrait artist can nail the couple’s wedding day ‘fits), we suggest sending a thoughtful card beforehand with a little teaser of what’s to come.

Shop This Wedding Portrait Illustration for Under $100

13. Best Wedding Gift Under $100 For a Lifetime of Memories: This Custom Engraved Memory Box

custom engraved wooden memory box best wedding gifts under 100

If you know the couple skews sentimental, this anniversary box is one of the sweeter wedding gift ideas under $100 that they may not have thought of.

Engraved with the couples names, this sweet wooden memory box can be filled with mementos from their wedding day AND all the unforgettable days after. It’s a special place to record all their special memories as they celebrate the life they’re building together.

If a box feels too bulky, we also love the idea of a luxurious memory book as a wedding gift, like this personalized anniversary journal!

Shop This Wooden Memory Box for Under $100

14. Best Wedding Gift Under $100 For Wine Aficionados: These Contemporary Crystal Wine Glasses

contemporary crystal wine glasses best wedding gifts and ideas under 100

Their champagne toasts may come to an end after the big day, but that doesn’t mean they have to go back to drinking from boring glasses!

For wine connoisseurs, these wedding gifts under $100 are a serious treat. Each glass is crafted from sparkling crystal that is resistant to chips, breaks, and scratches.

They’re also designed in a shape that’s perfectly suited to allow Sauvignon Blanc, rosé, and other crisp, un-oaked wines release their flavors. So you’re not just giving them the perfect glasses — you’re also giving them the perfect sips.

Shop This Set of 4 Crystal White Wine Glasses for Under $100

15. Best Wedding Gift Idea Under $100 For A Unique Centerpiece: This Teak Wood Bowl

centerpiece wood bowl best wedding gifts under 100

It’s good for serving salads and popcorn. It holds acorns in the fall and ornaments in the winter. Everything looks good in it, and it looks good on every surface.

A classic wooden bowl is on the top of our best wedding gift ideas under $100 for good reason! This one, in particular, makes the perfect centerpiece with a design that embraces the wood’s natural textures and suits any home aesthetic.

Throw in their favorite snack and you’ve got the perfect wedding gift. (Here’s a solid alternative option for half the price, too!)

Shop This Unique Wood Centerpiece Bowl for Under $100

16. Best Gift Under $100 For Couples That WFH: This Modern Fragrance Diffuser Kit

smart fragrance diffuser kits best wedding gifts under 100

If they don’t have an essential oil diffuser, they need one — especially if they’re a work from home duo!

This diffuser starter kit has everything they need to turn their space into a productive office during the day and a relaxing oasis after they clock off. It also doubles as a rad decor piece, with an ambient lighting feature that can be customized to fit the mood using an app.

A unique AND practical wedding gift under $100, they’ll definitely be thanking you for this one. While it already comes with two intoxicating scents, you can also add a refill fragrance oil. This fresh citrus one would be great if they’re planning a romantic summer wedding!

Shop This Smart Fragrance Diffuser Starter Set for Under $100

17. Best Gift Under $100 For Summer Date Nights: This Chic Picnic Basket

chic modern picnic basket best wedding gifts under 100

Is there anything more classic and romantic than a picnic date? And yet, many couple don’t have a picnic basket!

You’ll save the day with this wedding gift idea under $100, which has everything they need for wine and cheese under the sun!

We’re talking plates, wine goblets, utensils, and a corkscrew — all in a chic modern basket that can easily be carried to and from their favorite spot. Their next date night just got a whole lot cuter.

Shop This Chic Picnic Basket Set For 2 for Under $100

18. Best Wedding Gift Idea Under $100 For Sommeliers: In Good Taste Wine Gift Box

wine gift box best wedding gifts ideas under 100

This is the best wedding gift under $100 that keeps on giving! It’s one of our favorite go-to wedding gifts for any couple that enjoys a good glass of their favorite wine after a long day. The easiest “decide once” gift idea!

We especially love this Vine Voyage Gift Box, because it has wine options for every taste — would make a great gift for a couple going to Europe for their honeymoon. Is the couple off to California for their honeymoon or perhaps got married in California? They also have a California Wine Mixer box.

P.S. This one would also make a great engagement gift! After all, wedding planning often requires a glass of red (or maybe even a mega pint).

Shop This Wine Gift Box for Under $100

19. Best Wedding Gift Under $100 for Jet-Setting Couples: This Personalized World Map

personalized world map under 100

If marriage is just the start of their adventures together, then they’ll love this personalized wedding gift under $100. Designed on a black + white cotton canvas, this stylish world map goes with all decor styles — plus it comes with push pins so the jet-setters can track their amazing travel memories together!

And the best part? This wedding gift can be personalized with the couple’s names for that extra special touch. Choose between different wood colors for the frame to make it even more custom for your favorite traveling duo.

Shop This Personalized WOrld Map for Under $100

Best Wedding Gifts and Ideas Under $200

personalized wood and marble wine and cheese decanter set best wedding gifts under 200
wedding gifts under $200: Mark & Graham

They’re your ride or dies. They’ve seen you through the ups and downs, and vice versa. And now it’s time to show this couple just how much you love them AND their love story!

For your closest people, the best wedding gifts under $200 are guaranteed to make a meaningful impression. These gifts walk the line between something they’ll use and love everyday, and something they’ll treasure as a keepsake for the rest of their lives.

As always, we’ve found some one-of-a-kind personalized wedding gift ideas and some go-to gifts that still feel thoughtful. Here are our favorites!

20. Best Wedding Gift Under $200 For Future Anniversaries: This Personalized Vintage Wine Box

anniversary vintage wine box best wedding gifts under 200

Cheers to the happy couple! Vintage wine is one of the best go-to wedding gifts under $200 — and this personalized box takes the celebrations up a notch.

With three different compartments for their favorite bottles of red, this box is meant to be cracked open for their first, third, and fifth anniversaries.

Personalize it with the couple’s names and the date of their big day for a wedding gift they’ll reach for every time they go to celebrate. Just don’t forget to choose some truly special bottles of wine to go with it. Which brings us to our next gift…

SHop This Anniversary Vintage Wine Box for Under $200

modern engagement photos in the desert

It’s official — they’re getting married! Celebrate the happy couple’s big milestone with these killer engagement gifts.

21. Best Gift Under $200 For Coffee Obsessives: This Sleek Single-Serve Coffee Maker

premium coffee maker best wedding gifts under 200

We all know those couples that can’t start the day without a cup o’ Joe. Make mornings a little easier with this sleek single serve coffee maker — one of the best wedding gifts under $200 that they probably wouldn’t splurge on for themselves!

It works with K-cup capsules AND has a filter cup for ground coffee, so there’s no need to compromise for this part of the relationship.

Include some go-to Starbucks coffee capsules (or Dunkin’ Donuts ones, if they’re New Englanders) to get them started on the right sip.

Shop This Premium Single Serve Coffee Maker for Under $200

22. Best Wedding Gift Idea Under $200 For Eco-Conscious Hosts: This Sustainable Serving Set

sustainable serving set best wedding gifts under 200

A step up from your everyday serving set, this wedding gift under $200 features gorgeous, one-of-a-kind bowls, plates, drinkware, and cutlery.

All of this brand’s luxury stoneware is organically shaped and the perfect size for both stacking and serving. Plus, they’re crafted by skilled artisans in a zero-waste facility using a blend of recycled and locally sourced clay. A pretty great starting point for a lifetime of dining together, if you ask us!

We also love that this wedding gift idea can be used for hosting all of the couple’s nearest and dearest (you included!), as well as for enjoying just the two of them. Because one of the best parts of married life is celebrating with all your favorite people!

Plus, use code GWS10OFF to save 10% off your purchase!

Shop This Sustainable Serving Set for Under $200

23. Best Gift Under $200 For Love Birds: This Personalized Tree Wood Carving

personalized tree wood carving best wedding gifts under 200

If the happy couple would rather be sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, then this is the best wedding gift under $200 for them!

A sweet nod to their love bird tendencies, it features a rustic tree carved into a piece of Baltic birchwood. The star of the show? The cute heart carving featuring their initials!

On a more serious note, this wedding gift idea also carries some meaningful symbolism for the newlyweds. Marriage is all about putting down roots and growing together with another person — and what better way to remind them of this exciting milestone than with a stunning decor piece?

Shop This Personalized Wood Tree Carving for Under $200

24. Best Wedding Gift Under $200 For Musicians: A Made-To-Order Personalized Song

personalized made-to-order song best wedding gifts under 200

Not something you’d think to register for, not something you generally seek out for yourself…that’s the intersection of a perfect gift. And this unique wedding gift idea under $200 understood the assignment!

From special dates to cozy nights at home, newly married couples are always in need of a romantic soundtrack. This wedding gift takes that need and transforms it into something beautiful: a personalized song.

All you have to do is share the couple’s love story with musician David Morgan and he’ll transform it into the perfect love ballad, with one-of-a-kind lyrics and music that matches their style. It may not make it on their Spotify Wrapped, but we have a feeling it’ll be their new favorite track.

Shop This Personalized Song For Under $200

25. Best Gift Under $200 For Old Souls: This Vintage-Inspired Personalized Serving Tray

vintage-inspired cane and wood personalized serving tray best wedding gifts under 200

With a unique vintage flair, this wedding gift idea under $200 will totally wow the couple that loves all things retro. It’s both a display piece and a functional serving tray.

We’re OBSESSED with the vintage-inspired cane design and monogrammed etching — both of which are guaranteed to achieve heirloom status with the newlyweds.

For the couples that seem like they were born in the wrong era, this wedding gift under $200 is a seriously thoughtful choice. Send it with a vase of fresh flowers for an oh-so wow-worthy moment.

Shop This Wood and Cane Serving Tray for Under $200

Best Luxury Wedding Gifts

best wedding gifts luxury crystal champagne flutes
luxury wedding gift: Neiman Marcus

If there was ever an occasion to splash out on a truly luxurious gift, it’s the wedding of your nearest and dearest. With the best luxury wedding gifts, you’re helping the happy couple start their new married life together on a high-quality note.

Our favorite luxury wedding gifts are all about that day-to-day luxury. With these picks, married life really will be bliss — and we can’t think of a better feeling to give the newlyweds!

Whether your loved ones are dedicated foodies or whiskey aficionados, we’ve found the best luxury wedding gifts to make them feel like they’ve won the jackpot in love and life.

26. Best Luxury Wedding Gift For The Best Dinner Party Hosts: This Backyard Pizza Oven

best wedding gifts and ideas luxury backyard stone-baked pizza oven

They’re THE best hosts when it comes to backyard dinner parties — so they need THE best luxury wedding gifts to take their al fresco events up a notch!

This outdoor pizza oven is the perfect size for almost any backyard space, and it cooks a drool-worthy stone-baked pizza in 60 seconds flat.

But it doesn’t stop there! The newlyweds can also use this oven to cook seared steak, chargrilled fish, chicken wings, roast veggies, and more. Plus, it runs on energy-efficient, eco-friendly wood pellets. A win for luxury wedding gifts and sustainability!

Shop This Luxury Outdoor Stone-Baked Pizza Oven

27. Best Luxury Wedding Gift For Whiskey Connoisseurs: This Monogrammed Decanter Set

best wedding gifts and ideas luxury wood and marble monogram decanter set

If their night isn’t complete without a nightcap served neat, this is the best luxury wedding gift for them. More than just a typical decanter set, this pick is made of gorgeous acacia wood and dark marble.

And, all four deluxe glasses and the old school decanter feature a monogram for that special touch.

P.S. For the soon-to-be grooms out there, this set would also make a super luxe groomsmen gift!

Shop THis Wood and Marble Luxury Decanter Set wedding gift

best groomsmen gifts and ideas

Got a wedding on the horizon? We’ve rounded up the best groomsmen gifts and ideas that your crew will love!

28. Best Luxury Gift For At-Home Latte Art: This Barista-Level Espresso Machine

best wedding gifts luxury barista level espresso machine

For the couples that aren’t just coffee lovers, they’re dedicated coffee obsessives: this luxury wedding gift idea will have them fangirling.

A barista-level espresso machine, this gift is all they need to make their favorite caffeinated drinks without ever leaving their kitchen. From bean to brew, it’ll create the perfect cup every time, with features for customizable grinding, easy frothing, and even making latte art.

Still not sold? This luxury wedding gift also comes with two complimentary Williams Sonoma Coffee Club classes: Intro to Espresso and Intro to Latte Art. Breakfast in bed just got a whole lot fancier!

Shop This Luxury Barista Express Espresso Machine

29. Best Luxury Wedding Gift Idea For Adventurers: This Tinggly Experience Gift Box

best wedding gifts luxury Tinggly experience gift box

We just LOVE the gift of an experience, and what better luxury wedding gift idea for the newlyweds than a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! With this Just Married gift experience, the couple can choose one of hundreds of the world’s best experiences, hand-picked by the team at Tinggly.

Available in nearly 100 countries, these experiences are the perfect add-on for their honeymoon, first anniversary trip, or “just because” vacation! This luxury wedding gift is also delivered in a luxury box, is super easy to book, and is guaranteed to be something the couple is raving about for years to come.

Shop this Luxury Tinggly Adventure Gift Box

30. Best Luxury Gift For Expert Charcuterie Boards: This 3-Month Food Crate Subscription

best wedding gifts ideas luxury food crates subscription

Three months of luxury food? We’re obsessed. This luxury wedding gift will not only set the tone for their big day — it’ll also keep those good vibes going as they start their married life!

Each box contains hand-selected gourmet assortments from around the world, with artisanal specialties, charcuterie delicacies, and ingredients for unforgettable dinners.

We’re also digging Williams Sonoma’s other three-month subscription boxes — there’s something for every type of couple! Check out the cheese + charcuterie subscription or the luxury olive oil subscription.

Shop THis Luxury Food Crate Subscription

31. Best Luxury Wedding Gift For The Big Day: This Personalized Wedding Guest Book

luxury personalized guest book

For one of the best luxury wedding gifts that the couple can use on the big day and treasure long afterward, look no further than this wedding guest book.

Created by Artifact Uprising and designed by you, this luxury book has been reimagined as a long-lasting keepsake. Customize each page to include a cute photo of the couple (you can even snag these from social media!), and leave space for guests to write their well wishes in the margins. You can also personalize the cover with the couple’s names or wedding date!

Just be sure to send this wedding gift well before the couple ties the knot so that they can incorporate it into their decor on the big day!

Shop This Luxury Wedding Guest Book

32. Best Wedding Gift For Luxury Cooking: This Caraway Pastel Cookware Set

best wedding gifts ideas luxury pastel cookware

For the aspiring chefs, this luxury wedding gift idea will have them feeling like pros. It has all the essentials for a crowd-pleasing three-course meal, from a non-stick frying pan to a chic dutch oven. Plus, each piece of the luxe set uses non-toxic coating for healthier, guilt-free cooking.

But what really takes this wedding gift to the next level and makes it one of the best is the unique color options, perfect for modern couples that are always the life of the (dinner) party. It’ll definitely take their signature dishes to the next level!

Shop This Luxury Pastel Cookware Set

33. Best Luxury Wedding Gift For A Kitchen Keepsake: This Signature Cast Iron Dutch Oven

best wedding gifts luxury signature enameled cast iron cookware

Another one of the best luxury wedding gifts for the kitchen, this Le Creuset signature dutch oven will have the newlyweds swapping meals out for some savory home cooking.

Blending classic style with modern innovations, this piece is designed for slow cooking that tastes AND looks heavenly.

All about versatility, this wedding gift is sure to become a staple in the kitchen for daily purposes and gatherings alike. It’s also such a pretty heirloom piece!

Shop THis Luxury Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

34. Best Luxury Gift For Honeymooners: This Away Carry-on Suitcase

best wedding gifts luxury Away carry-on luggage

Couples that travel together stay together! For those that love a weekend getaway, this Away suitcase is one of the best wedding gifts possible.

It features a durable polycarbonate hard shell, 360° spinner wheels, a built-in charger, and an interior compression system that makes it easy to fit all your essentials in the overhead bins. You can also choose a fun color and add a personalized luggage tag!

Your loved ones will definitely be thanking you when their honeymoon rolls around — and for every unforgettable adventure after that.

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35. Best Luxury Gift For A Sweet Treat: This KitchenAid Mixer

best wedding gifts luxury artisan stand mixer

A list of the best wedding gifts and ideas wouldn’t be complete without this one. Be the one to fulfill the newlywed’s kitchen dreams with this luxury wedding gift! The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the #1 item you’ll find on wedding registries. And it’s easy to see why.

With 10 different speeds, it has all the power they need to whip up expert treats, without taking up all their counter space. When it comes to kitchen gifts, this is the crème de la crème.

If they’ve already added this mixer to their registry, gift them some fun attachments instead, like an ice cream maker or pasta roller!

Shop THis Versatile Luxury Stand Mixer

36. Best Luxury Gift for a Sentimental Couple: Embroidered Wedding Photos

Looking for a gift that is truly one-of-a-kind? We love these unique artworks from artist Katia Herrera. She will take your wedding photo and add her special touch to it – embroidered details! This could be flowers, a veil, the sky, or even pizza! So many unique ways to create a piece of art for the couple.

We also love this gift idea for an anniversary gift!

Shop these Unique Embroidered WEdding Photos

signature royal snack box best wedding gifts under 200
wedding gift: Williams Sonoma

There’s a lot to celebrate when your favorite couple gets engaged — which means a lot of parties AND a lot of gifts. But don’t worry, we’ve got your covered with the best wedding related gift ideas!

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If the big day is getting closer, chances are you have a bridal shower on your radar. Show some love to the soon-to-be bride with these unique bridal shower gifts that she’ll genuinely love!

If you’re the one tying the knot (congrats!), you’ll also be giving unforgettable gifts in addition to receiving them. Take a look at our round-ups of the best bridesmaid gifts and the best groomsmen gifts that are perfect for thanking your crew!

We also have some great ideas for creating your wedding registry, from the best places to register in 2022 to the best registry ideas for couples that love to entertain.

What were your favorite wedding gifts and ideas? Spill the details in the comments below!