32 Best Wedding Guest Book Ideas for Every Wedding Style

couple standing together next to their unique DIY snowboard wedding guest book ideas
photo: Joel & Justyna, as seen in this rock’n’roll backyard anti-wedding

Get ready to bookmark this page, because today we’re breaking down our favorite wedding guest book ideas! While guest books used to be a pretty standard (read: forgettable) part of the wedding day, these days we’re seeing more and more couples think outside the book with unique and unexpected ideas.

From rad DIY designs to creative displays that you’ll use long after your “I do”s, these wedding guest books are anything but boring. Scroll on for the best ideas for every style, plus a few tips for choosing the one!

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Are Wedding Guest Books Even Necessary?

person signing a cool and unique DIY snowboard wedding guest book ideas
photo: Joel & Justyna, as seen in this rock’n’roll backyard anti-wedding

While wedding guest books aren’t necessary, they do make a unique and meaningful keepsake after the wedding day. Think of them as your own personal time capsule, capturing all the love from your big day through the heartfelt words and well wishes of your loved ones.

After all, it’s the people (not the things) that make your wedding so special, and guest books are the perfect memento to revisit on anniversaries, rainy days, or whenever you need a dose of that wedding day magic!

And let’s not forget the practical side of things! Wedding guest books are also a must-have for keeping track of your attendees. By having a record of everyone in attendance, it’s much easier to send out thank-you notes or reach out to your loved ones in the future.

Plus, wedding guest books are so much more than they used to be! If you don’t love the idea of a traditional hard-cover guest book filled with notes, there are tons of fun and creative ways to bring this age-old wedding tradition to life. From Polaroid guest books to rad snowboard designs (pictured above!), we love seeing all the creative ideas for making guest books an unforgettable part of your wedding day!

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Guest Book?

unique fingerprint wedding guest book ideas with an illustration of the couple on their wedding day
creative fingerprint wedding guest book: bleudetoi on Etsy

With gorgeous and unique options for every price range, you can expect to spend anywhere from $20 to over $100 on a wedding guest book. Ultimately, this price will depend on the size, the materials used, and any customizations you’re adding to the design.

Let’s start with the basics. Traditional wedding guest books typically clock in around $50 — although you can also find simple and affordable ideas for under $20. For something more unique, you can expect to spend anywhere from $40 for an interactive print (like the fingerprint wedding guest book above!) to $75 for personalized keepsakes (like this custom vinyl record display).

Want something totally one-of-a-kind that won’t break the bank? For the crafty couples, there are also so many DIY wedding guest book ideas that are fun, unique, and thrifty. By DIYing your wedding guest book, you can personalize the design to your heart’s content, while also keeping costs low.

P.S. We’ve included some of our favorite DIY ideas down below — plus the materials you need to bring your wedding guest book to life!

The Best Places to Buy Wedding Guest Books

round wooden board wedding guest book ideas with 3D calligraphy in a gold font framed with dried leaves and a felt pen for writing messages
round wooden wedding guest book: SmallTownTimbers on Etsy

Ready to say “yes” to the guest book? Here are the best places to find gorgeous wedding guest book ideas for all styles!

  • Etsy: When it comes to unique guest book ideas, Etsy definitely reigns supreme. With an amazing collection of independent artists and small businesses, this is where you can find creative, one-of-a-kind designs that reflect your personal love story. From custom illustrated options to totally out-of-the-box ideas, Etsy has the best wedding guest books that stand out from the crowd.
  • Zazzle: If you’re looking for a more traditional wedding guest book (or cool signage to go with your unique ideas), then look no further than Zazzle. They have chic books for all styles, from minimalist designs to rustic prints — all of which are totally customizable. Plus, this is where you can find signage to accompany your creative ideas, like this print for an audio wedding guest book!
  • Amazon: Want to DIY your wedding guest book? If you’re looking for the tools and ideas you need to bring your unique wedding guest book to life, you can never go wrong with Amazon. They have all the crafty must-haves, including blank books and cute custom pieces, as well as more traditional guest book options that won’t break the bank.

And now, without further ado, let’s get into all of our favorite wedding guest book — and non-book — ideas!

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

cute postcard love notes unique wedding guest book ideas with a boho macrame display and eucalyptus arrangement framing the top
photography: Ana & Jerome, as seen in this eclectic Todos Santos beach wedding

Gone are the days of traditional guest books. Now, it’s all about infusing your special day with a dose of personality, and that’s where unique wedding guest book ideas come in!

We love wedding guest book ideas that reflect your unique love story — whether that’s through your shared passions, or the moment that first bonded you together.

From audio wedding guest books to cool interactive ideas, we’ve rounded up the designs that will have your guests talking for years to come!

1. Unique Jenga-Inspired Wedding Guest Book Ideas

personalized wooden jenga inspired unique wedding guest book ideas

personalized wooden Jenga game: HundredHearts on Etsy

Couples who play together stay together! This is one of our favorite unique wedding guest book ideas for the love birds who aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition.

Have each of your guests leave a note on a wooden block (you can use a classic Jenga set, or take it up a notch with this personalized set!). Then every time you and your S.O. have game night, you’ll be reminded of your special day. It’s a guest book and a date night in one!

2. Unique Pressed Botanical Wedding Guest Book Ideas

boho pressed fern and heather resin unique wedding guest book ideas

botanical wedding guest book: DustlingandHart on Etsy | photo: Marnie Cornell as seen in this boho Scandinavian-inspired wedding

If you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding, this is one of the best ideas to bring that nature theme into your guest book. We LOVE the look of the pressed ferns framing your name and wedding date. Set with resin and hand-bound, this book would make a gorgeous addition to your coffee table!

Plus, the inside pages are totally blank, so you can get as creative with your wedding guest book ideas. Pair it with a polaroid camera so guests can include pictures as well as their signatures, or tape a few pressed flowers from your wedding venue to the pages!

3. Unique Audio Wedding Guest Book Ideas

unique audio wedding guest book ideas with a cute retro telephone display

audio wedding guest book: The Audio Guest Book | photo: Abby Rose Photography, as seen in this colorful ’70s-inspired wedding

Looking for wedding guest book ideas that are totally out of the box — or should we say the book? Ditch the pages altogether and opt for an audio guest book instead! With this idea, your guests will leave a message on a retro telephone, which will be recorded as a digital file that you can listen to forever.

There’s just something so special about hearing your loved ones’ voices wishing you “congratulations.” It’s a keepsake that will only get more valuable as the years go on.

4. Unique Wedding Video Guest Book idea

unique video wedding guest book ideas

video guest book by Celebrate Buzz

A wedding guest book, but make it 2024! A video guest book offers a unique and deeply personal way for couples to capture the essence of their wedding day. How does it work? Well, think QR codes that lead to video messages – no apps, no fuss. Just pure, unfiltered love and laughter from your nearest and dearest, straight from their smartphones!

Picture this: No more queuing for a booth or getting camera-shy when a videographer pops up. Your guests can share their messages whenever they feel that heartstring tug. Whether it’s a tear-jerking memory or a giggle-worthy anecdote, they can capture it on their terms.

And here’s the real magic ✨ – imagine years from now, snuggled up with your love, rewatching these videos. Each message, a timeless memory from your special day, filled with emotion and personality, just like your love story!

5. Unique + Personalized Acrylic Wedding Guest Book Ideas

large personalized W acrylic letter unique wedding guest book ideas displayed on an easel

unique acrylic letter: WeddingByEli on Etsy

A welcome sign that doubles as a wedding guest book? Say less! This is one of our favorite ideas for couples who don’t love the look of a traditional guest book and are searching for something a little more personal — and stylish.

Choose the first letter of your new shared last name, and even get this acrylic letter personalized with your wedding date. With such a minimalist design, it’ll go with any and every wedding theme!

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6. Unique Advice Box Wedding Guest Book Ideas

cute personalized wooden advice box unique wedding guest book ideas

unique wood advice box: WoodCookStudio on Etsy

What’s the recipe for a happy marriage? The answer may just lie in this cute wooden box!

For unique ideas that go beyond the classic wedding guest book signatures, it doesn’t get better than this. Choose themes for the different tabs, such as marriage advice, date night ideas, or favorite memories, then let your guests do the rest. You’ll be reaching for this keepsake for years to come!

7. Unique Vinyl Record Wedding Guest Book Ideas

creative vinyl record unique wedding guest book ideas with silver sharpie signatures and notes written on it

vinyl record guest book: WhimsicalWhiteFox on Etsy | photo: Jessie Schultz Photography

Did you and your S.O. first bond over that one special song? Memorialize it forever with this unique wedding guest book alternative!

While you can use any record for this idea, we’re especially smitten with this custom vinyl record, which can be personalized with your names, wedding date, and the name of your favorite song (and/or first dance song!).

Get it framed above your record player for a sweet reminder every time you queue up that special tune.

8. Unique Snow Globe-Inspired Wedding Guest Book Ideas

personalized wooden snow globe inspired wedding guest book ideas with the couples names and date printed at the bottom

snow globe wedding guest book: YourWeddingTheme on Etsy

This unique wedding guest book alternative is one of our favorite ideas for couples tying the knot in the winter. It comes with little wooden snowflakes, which your guests can leave notes on before dropping into the snow globe shadow box. It’s like your own personal winter wonderland!

Plus, you can even customize the couple in the middle of the snow globe for an extra personal touch. Choose between nine different options (including same-sex figurines) to find the one that best reflects your love story.

9. Unique Fill-in-the-Blank Wedding Guest Book Ideas

floral black and white fill-in-the-blank unique wedding guest book ideas with creative prompts

floral wedding guest books: LilyandVal on Etsy

Let’s face it: traditional wedding guest book ideas can be a little, well, boring. After all, you can only flip through a book of names so many times!

That’s where this unique wedding guest book comes in. Instead of lines for names or well wishes, this book features fun prompts for your guests to fill out, such as “How should we get through our first married fight?” or “What is the best song to slow dance to?”

Your friends and family will love how interactive it is, and you’ll love all the marriage tips and tricks that come along with it!

10. Unique Mountain-Themed Board

rustic wooden unique wedding guest book ideas with a 3D mountain design

wooden mountain-themed board: SmallTownTimbers on Etsy

If you’re getting hitched in the mountains, this is one of the best unique wedding guest book ideas to maintain that rustic, outdoorsy theme.

We love the natural look of the wood, especially paired with the modern 3D calligraphy. And that minimalist mountain design is seriously to die for!

Plus, a board is such a rad alternative to a classic guest book. Instead of forgetting it on your book shelf, you can hang this wooden board on your wall as a meaningful piece of decor!

Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

rustic acrylic creative wedding guest book ideas with wooden heart tokens
creative wedding guest book: WildWoodWedding on Etsy

Looking for fun wedding guest book ideas that stand out? It’s time to get creative with it!

While there’s nothing wrong with classic wedding guest books, we love seeing all the creative ideas that couples have come up with to make this small detail shine. With personal touches and artistic flair, these designs go above and beyond the book to create something truly unforgettable for the big day.

Keep scrolling for the best creative wedding guest book ideas for all styles, and prepare for major ooohs and ahhhs from your loved ones!

11. Creative Jigsaw Puzzle Wedding Guest Book Ideas

alternative wooden jigsaw puzzle creative wedding guest book ideas

puzzle wedding guest book: WildWoodWedding on Etsy

Celebrate finding the person who ~completes you~ with this creative jigsaw wedding guest book! Your guests will each write on a different wooden piece of this personalized puzzle, which you can then reassemble with your partner as you reminisce on the big day.

It’s one of our favorite wedding guest book ideas for couples who love puzzles — or appreciate a good metaphor! You can also get your finished puzzle framed for a rustic addition to your home decor.

12. Creative Illustrated Portrait Wedding Guest Book Ideas

personalized illustrated portrait canvas creative wedding guest book ideas

custom portrait wedding guest book: HenryJamesPaperGoods on Etsy

Ever dreamed about being in a cartoon? Achieve your main character status with illustrated wedding guest book ideas! Etsy has tons of talented illustrators who can bring your cartoon selves to life, and this example is one of our faves.

This design features hand-drawn portraits of you and your S.O. in your wedding best, with plenty of blank space for your guests to leave notes. It can be 100% personalized, down to your specific attire and bouquet (you can even add a pet!).

Plus, it’ll look so cute hanging next to all your professional wedding photos!

13. Creative Love Note Display

colorful advice note card creative wedding guest book ideas

photo: Tara McMullen Photography, as seen in this pizza, champagne, and confetti-inspired wedding

Don’t want the excitement of your wedding day to end with your last dance? These wedding guest book note cards are some of our favorite ideas for making that magic last!

Here’s a note from the couple: “Instead of a guest book, we had guests fill out notes to us that we asked our family to mail to us throughout the year – it’s such a fun way to keep living out our wedding!”

Take this creative idea to the next level with custom stationery in your wedding colors. It’s the perfect way to make your first year of marriage that much more special!

14. Creative Polaroid Picture Wedding Guest Book Ideas

creative wedding guest book ideas with personalized Fuji Instax polaroid pictures in it

polaroid wedding guest book: AlbumHut on Etsy

While you wait for your professional photos to come through, this Polaroid wedding guest book will help you relive the night over and over again! SO much better than a hashtag full of Instagram photos, this Polaroid picture scrapbook is something tangible to have and to hold forever.

As a bonus, this is one of the best ideas for creative couples who want to DIY their wedding guest book. All you need is a hardcover notebook with sturdy pages, an Instax camera (or two), and some cute washi tape or photo stickers!

15. Creative Fingerprint Musical Score Design

unique fingerprint musical score creative wedding guest book ideas in a rustic wood frame

musical fingerprint guest book: bleudetoi on Etsy

How cool is this musical score print?! This is one of the most creative wedding guest book ideas for audiophiles, musicians, or classical lovers. Instead of writing a note in a guest book, your guests will create a custom love song using their thumbprints and black ink.

Even if you don’t have a hit on your hands, this custom display will make your heart ~sing~ every time you see it!

16. Creative + Colorable Wedding Guest Book Ideas

unique colorable creative wedding guest book ideas with illustrations of each attendee

illustrated wedding guest book: InkLoveStudio on Etsy

Help your guests get in touch with their artistic sides with this creative wedding guest book alternative!

We LOVE interactive wedding guest book ideas, and this colorable print has to be the cutest. It comes with dozens of black-and-white figurines, which your guests can customize to create a cartoon version of themselves. It’s fun, it’s playful, and the end result is guaranteed to make you smile.

P.S. Don’t forget to pair this wedding guest book with plenty of colorful markers!

17. Creative Champagne-Themed Wedding Guest Book Ideas

3D wood champagne themed creative wedding guest book ideas

creative 3D board: YourWeddingTheme on Etsy

It’s an indisputable fact of life that you can’t have a wedding without champagne. And that’s why this champagne-themed wedding guest book alternative is one of our favorite ideas for ANY wedding!

With such a fun 3D design, this wooden board has the same celebratory vibes as popping your favorite bottle of bubbly. Customize it with any color, then get the finished product framed for a cute keepsake. We’ll cheers to that!

18. Creative US States Print

personalized watercolor US states creative wedding guest book ideas

watercolor wedding guest book: JadeForestDesign on Etsy

Do you and your S.O. hail from two different states? Pay tribute to your hometowns with unique state-themed wedding guest book ideas! This stylish watercolor image will add a personal touch to your reception, and your guests will love learning a little bit more about your love story.

Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

unique wood surfboard alternative wedding guest book ideas
photo: Singler Photography, as seen in this laid-back surf ranch wedding

If you haven’t noticed by now, we love alternative wedding guest book ideas. After all, anyone can display a classic book for guest signatures — but a surfboard, a travel globe, or a paint-by-numbers canvas? Now that’s one-of-a-kind!

Perfect for couples who love to break tradition and do their own thing, these alternative wedding guest book ideas feel personal and intentional. They speak to your one-of-a-kind love story and are the perfect way to make your big day feel all your own.

If we’re speaking your language right now, then consider this your sign to ditch the traditional wedding guest book and opt for one of these alternative ideas instead!

19. Travel Globe Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

unique white travel globe alternative wedding guest book ideas on a rose gold metal stand

alternative globe guest book: hooraydays on Etsy

Your wedding is just the start of your adventure together — celebrate the amazing journey to come with this wedding guest book alternative!

Globes are one of the cutest wedding guest book ideas for jet-setters who probably spent more time planning their honeymoon than their wedding (we see you!). This white + rose gold one is especially chic, with a minimalist design that would match any wedding theme.

P.S. We also found this gorgeous globe-slash-wedding guest book that outlines all of the countries and states in gold. Ask your guests to pinpoint their favorite travel destinations along with their signatures for a fun, travel-themed touch!

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20. Redwood Tree Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

unique illustrated pine tree alternative wedding guest book ideas

redwood tree print: GuestBookEnvy on Etsy

If you’re looking for meaningful wedding guest book ideas, you can stop scrolling now. Because this tree-themed design is IT!

We truly can’t think of a more stunning way to honor your growing family tree. As it fills up with guest signatures, the redwood tree will appear larger and more full of life. So gorgeous for a rustic outdoor wedding — and for your future rustic home decor!

21. Alternative Date Night Ideas Jar

cute personalized date night jar alternative wedding guest book ideas

date night ideas jar: LoveandLuxeHandmade on Etsy

If there’s one thing you can never have too much of, it’s date night ideas — and this alternative wedding guest book understood the assignment!

This interactive keepsake is such a cute way to keep the romance of your wedding day going long into your married life. Every week, pull a new note out of the chic glass jar and take yourselves on a date night, courtesy of your loved ones. Bonus points if you send them a picture of your outing!

22. Cute Cookbook Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

creative recipe cookbook alternative wedding guest book ideas

photo: Andrea Van Orsouw

This one’s for the foodies! For wedding guest book ideas that you’ll actually use after the big day, we love this cookbook alternative.

Have fun shopping for a cookbook that gets your stomach rumbling, then ask your guests to leave their names next to a recipe they want you to try. You and your S.O. will love testing out new food together, and every recipe will come with a side of a sweet message!

23. Night Sky Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

unique night sky alternative wedding guest book ideas with personalized constellations

constellation wedding print: DreamPapercutPrints on Etsy

Looking for alternative guest book ideas for an evening wedding? This custom star map is your perfect compatibility match! It captures the exact location of the stars and constellations on the night you tie the knot. Because your love was written in those stars, and now you can gaze at them forever!

P.S. You can choose any date (past or future) for this celestial print. Other options include the night you met or the night you got engaged!

24. Creative Paint-By-Number Board

personalized photo paint by number alternative wedding guest book ideas

creative paint-by-numbers guest book: NeverKnewINeeded on Etsy

Another one of our favorite interactive wedding guest book ideas, this paint-by-number display will add the perfect splash of color to your reception. Your guests can get in on the fun by each painting a different section — and slowly watching the artwork come to life!

Plus, we found this artist who will create a custom paint-by-number portrait using a photo of your and your other half. So not only are you getting custom artwork to hang in your home, but it’s also a piece of art created by your nearest and dearest!

25. Alternative Heart-Shaped Box + Tokens

cute heart shaped wooden box alternative wedding guest book ideas with small wood tokens

alternative guest book box: 2b1Wedding on Etsy

Show your guests just how much they fill your heart with this alternative wedding guest book idea! It comes with small heart-shaped tokens for your loved ones to write their well wishes on before dropping them in the heart-shaped box.

It’s perfectly on theme for a day of love and romance, amiright?!

26. Book-Themed Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

unique book themed alternative wedding guest book ideas where each attendee writes their name on the spine of a book illustrated on a poster board

literary wedding guest book: SaraAart on Etsy

You’re starting a new chapter in your love story. So why not celebrate all the pages that you got you here with this cute alternative wedding guest book?!

Once your guests have finished writing their names on each book of this cute illustration, you’ll be left with a sweet library of your loved ones. For the book worms, this is definitely one of the best literary-themed (and metaphorical) wedding guest book ideas!

DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas

DIY wedding guest book ideas for polaroids and notes you can put in rustic brown envelopes
DIY wedding guest book: supersweetparty on Etsy

Calling all crafty couples! The best way to add a personal touch to your wedding guest book is with some rad DIY ideas. They’re unique. They’re budget-friendly. And, most importantly, they’re full of your love and personality!

When it comes to DIY wedding guest book ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment, think outside the box (or the book), and get your friends and family involved in the creative process. While we’ve included some inspo and tips down below, the best DIY designs are the ones that reflect your unique style!

So get ready to unleash your creativity with these stunning and simple DIY wedding guest book ideas!

27. Unique Typewriter DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas

unique retro typewriter diy wedding guest book ideas

typewriter wedding guest book photo: Union Station Banquets

For the couples who love all things vintage, this is one of the best (and easiest) DIY ideas for your wedding guest book. All you need is a cool classic typewriter — which is a fun investment if you don’t already have one! — and a stack of paper.

Ask your guests to each write you a love note on a piece of paper, then collect them all in a scrapbook after the big day. Such a meaningful addition to your library!

28. DIY Acoustic Guitar Wedding Guest Book Ideas

unique white acoustic guitar DIY wedding guest book ideas

guitar wedding guest book photo: Amy Rizzuto

Next time you serenade each other with a love song, it’ll feel even more meaningful, thanks to this cool DIY wedding guest book idea!

While you can use any guitar for this display, we love the idea of buying a new acoustic guitar just for the occasion. It will forever hold the special memories from your wedding day — and you can even break it out for a jam sesh during your after party!

Musicians, this one’s for you.

29. DIY Wooden US State Board

rustic wooden diy wedding guest book ideas shaped like a US state

photo: Urban Grey Photography | customizable state board: CoveredBridges on Etsy

If you’re looking for unique wedding guest book ideas that will let you put your DIY skills to the test, we LOVE this wooden US state board.

Start by cutting one piece of wood in the outline of your home state (or the state where you and your S.O. are getting hitched), then glueing other mismatched wooden pieces on top using wood glue. It’ll create a rad, rustic look that’s perfect for a ranch or barn wedding!

P.S. If this feels a little outside of your DIY repertoire, we also found similar wooden state boards that are handmade and ready to go!

30. DIY Wine Cork Wedding Guest Book Ideas

creative wine cork diy wedding guest book ideas in the shape of a heart

wine cork wedding guest book: DesertCoastalStudios on Etsy

If you’re saying “I do” at a vineyard, this wedding guest book idea is a NEED, not a want! And not only is it super on-theme, but it’s also one of the easiest wedding guest book ideas to DIY.

Start collecting your wine corks now (or buy a bundle from Amazon), then glue them to a heart-shaped piece of wood or poster paper using a hot glue gun. Voila!

Pro tip: Before you glue the corks down, you’ll likely need to boil them in water to soften them up. Once they’re soft, you can glue them on the board and easily cut off the sides with a serrated knife.

31. DIY Quilted Fabric Design

cute creative quilted DIY sign for attendee signatures in bold and colorful botanical inspired patterns

quilted wedding guest book: Emily Williams

One of our favorite things about DIY wedding guest book ideas is how unique they are. Case in point: this quilted design!

You have the chance to make this guest book totally your own using any fabrics, colors, and designs you choose. Opt for fabric that matches your wedding theme or reflects your venue (like this gorgeous floral fabric), then stretch your quilt over a wooden board or cork board to make it easier to write on.

And don’t forget the fabric markers!

32. DIY Watercolor Wedding Guest Book Ideas

fun DIY watercolor painting with attendee signatures in allotted rectangles

watercolor wedding guest book: Bridal Bliss

The best part about watercolor wedding guest book ideas is that your guests do most of the work for you. All you have to do is choose a design — this could be a grid, like with the example above, or a large black-and-white illustration — then let your loved ones go wild!

For a cohesive finished product, choose two or three watercolors for your guests to choose from. Supply them with mason jars of water and plenty of paint brushes to let their creative flags fly.

How Soon Should You Order Your Wedding Guest Book?

elegant personalized hard cover wedding guest book ideas in a warm beige linen with calligraphy on the cover displaying the couples names
personalized wedding guest book: ModernAlbumDesigns on Etsy

To avoid any delays, you should order your wedding guest book around a month before the big day. If you’re getting your book customized, be sure to check with the retailer or designer for an accurate timeframe. While simple wedding guest books may arrive within two weeks, unique and personalized designs can take a bit longer to produce and ship.

When in doubt, always give yourself plenty of time — after all, the last thing you need is one more thing to worry about before your “I do’s”!

creative polaroid photo diy wedding guest book idea
photography: Caitlin Louisa | Polaroid wedding guest book: WoodCardGifts on Etsy

Wedding guest book? Check. Now let’s get into the rest of your wedding planning checklist!

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What’s next on your list? Let us know in the comments below!