The Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes in Every Style

beautiful three tier floral wedding cake with blush pink icing

Let’s talk beautiful wedding cakes! Maybe you’ve got an eye for unique boho wedding cake designs. Perhaps you’re opting to keep a few traditions with a simple wedding cake. Or maybe you’re jetting off for an adventure elopement and want a small wedding cake to take with. There are a million different ways to plan a wedding, but we almost always find a way to celebrate the same — with a nod to the sweet tooth.

Wedding cakes find their history in ancient Rome. The groom concluded the ceremony by breaking a loaf of barley bread over the bride’s head, symbolizing fertility. Coooool. Nowadays, we gather up the crumbs and wrap them up in buttercream and flowers and fruits and painted designs. The wedding cake is one of the most fun ways to incorporate a theme and it’s always ripe for a photo opp.

Some couples love a wedding cake with dried flowers. The romantic wedding day calls for sleek white and unexpected detail. Minimalist, simple wedding cakes run the range from single floral toppers to terrazzo-painted icing. Which one will you love?

We’ve curated a list of over 60 of the most beautiful wedding cakes seen on GWS and beyond, for plenty of inspiration. Because after all, there’s nothing like a sweet finish to wrap up your wedding day.

 {wedding cake above: LiMa Cakes}

Expert Advice on All Things Cakes

We’ve also teamed up with wedding cake pro Jaime Melfi from Autumn Nomad, to answer some of your burning wedding cake questions! You’ll see her amazing advice sprinkled throughout this guide (pun intended!).

Before diving in, let’s cover one of the most common questions about wedding cakes….

How much do wedding cakes cost?

moody Milky Way inspired black wedding cake with purple and blue hues
cake by Autumn Nomad from this Celestial-inspired Wedding | photo by Lindsay Vann Photography

How much should couples plan to budget for their cake? And is there anything they should keep in mind when budgeting for more tiers on their cake or more complex designs? Jaime at Autumn Nomad has some great advice on this one.

Wedding Cake Costs Can Get Complex

Jaime says, “This is a weighted question, because there are so many ways to go about this. The area of the country where my shop is located, we get a lot of DIY and rustic barn weddings. So we do simple, minimal cakes in the $500 range. Sometimes we have couples who will choose a much smaller cake, such as a two tier cake with a messy buttercream design. This cake design starts around $125 and has about 24 servings. The couple may then choose other desserts or “kitchen cakes”, just for slicing. Which will, again, bring you to your $500 range.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we see clients that will go with a more luxury designed cake, which typically ranges from $2000 to $5000. The most expensive cake we’ve produced was $10,000. But that total included flowers, set up, delivery and a cake stand rental.”

Luxury vs Budget Cakes

So how much do luxury cakes cost when compared to budget cakes? Jaime sums it up nicely, telling us, “If you are looking for a designer cake, you should expect to pay $2,000-$5,000 on average.” With budget cakes, she says, “when assessing our wedding clients from this past year, on average, the majority spent $1500-$2000 for a wedding of 100-200 people. I think that is a good range to budget for. That way, you would at least have a pretty cake to cut, desserts to offer your guests, and include the delivery and set up portions of your event.

Are wedding cakes typically priced based on guest count or based on size and quantity of cakes?

simple modern citrus decorated cake
simple + modern citrus cake by Batterup Bakery from this Garden Party Wedding Inspo | photo by Olivia Richards Photography

Jaime tells us it really depends! She says, “I’ve done 1,000’s of cakes in my career, and I’ve worked with couples that come into their cake design meeting from a variety of angles. Some couples love a certain size cake based on the design that they are looking for. Regardless of their guest counts, they are hoping for a specific size. In some instances, we will fill in with a fake tier, in case they don’t want to have too much cake. So in this instance, their cake is based on the full design of the cake.”

Cake Pricing Based on Artistic Design

Jaime shares with us the impact of artistic design on cake price. She says, “The larger a cake is, the more surface area there is for artistic design. So the cost will be higher because more art is needed to fill the space of the larger cake. This cake would be priced initially by the cake servings for what portion of the cake is actually cake. From there, I would add in the cost for the dummy tier. And from there, a design fee would be added for the quality and artistic level for the overall cake design.”

Cake Pricing Based on Guest Count

You’ll also want to factor in price per serving size. Jaime elaborates, “in other instances, we have couples who are looking for a cake to feed, say 100 people. We would price the cake based on servings. If they have any artistic add-on’s, their “per serving” price would go up from there. Our tiered cakes start at $9 a slice. So their cake price might be then $12 or $15 a slice based on the artistic detail they choose to go with. Pricing wise, this will end up being the same as my first example. The fact that this is all cake, this is the typical formula.”

Now that we have an idea of what wedding cakes might cost, let’s dive into seeing those pretty desserts! And don’t worry, you’ll see plenty more of Jaime’s advice throughout this guide!

Boho Wedding Cakes

three tier neutral monochrome boho wedding cake with rainbow arch shapes
boho cake by Flor de Harina, from this Bohemian Elopement in a Puerto Rican Castle + A Floral Fringe Dress

It’s no surprise that we’re suckers for the boho style, so naturally, we HAD to share our favorite boho wedding cakes. These cakes have the most stunning details, with a laid-back bohemian flair that’s seriously to die for.

1. Colorful Ombre Rainbow Boho Wedding Cake

four tier rainbow arch boho wedding cake

boho cake by Autumn Nomad | photo by Rodeo and Co Photo | design by The Prism House

How dreamy are the layers on this rainbow boho wedding cake?! We love the vibrant colors and the way the rainbows incorporate a stunning ombre effect.

2. Earthy Floral Boho Wedding Cake

earthy neutral floral boho wedding cakes

boho floral cake by Autumn Nomad from this Botanical-Filled Romantic Wedding | photo by Shelby Rose Photography

The neutral tone dried floral vibe of this multi-tier boho wedding cake is to die for! And the earthy palette goes with so many different wedding color schemes!

3. Peachy Pink Cake with Boho Bunny Tails

peachy pink accented three tier boho wedding cake with dried floral bunny tails

floral boho cake by  Vanilla Bake Shop from this Chic Festival Bride Summer Wedding Inspo | photo by Victoria Gold Photography

The dried florals and bunny tails on this boho cake are seriously the cutest! Aaaaand those peachy pink accents on each tier, with their gold accents, totally add to that whimsical vibe.

4. Boho Frosted Succulent Moon Cake

frosted boho moon shaped succulent cake

cake by Ivenoven from our Floral Cake Roundup

This boho wedding cake keeps it simple, with a white frosting base. But where things get REALLY pretty is with that moon-shaped collection of icing succulents. We’re getting all the springtime vibes!

5. Boho Dessert Spread

boho wedding cakes desert spread

cake + desserts by Paper Cake Events from this Boho-Jungalow Wedding | photo by Anna Delores Photography

Soooo this one is more than just a cake. But how gorgeous is this boho dessert spread setup?! All the most delicious sweets to keep those guests fed and smiling.

6. Mini Single Tier Simple Boho Wedding Cake

simple single tier mini boho wedding cake

simple boho cake by Flour Press from this Natural + Earthy Dried Floral Editorial | photo by Stefanie Keeler Photography

The dried earthy tone florals and naked cake design of this simple single tier wedding cake are giving us all the boho vibes. It’s an understated and elegant design that’s perfect for an intimate wedding.

Are there specific types of cakes that tend to cost more or less?

Ever wondered if some cakes might cost you more than others? Us too! So we took that question straight to Jaime at Autumn Nomad, and she shared some very important insights. She tells us, “flavor-wise, we offer more similar flavors that don’t have fillings and are just cake with buttercream. Those would cost less than a specialty flavor.

Our specialty flavors have homemade fillings and unique flavor combinations. Those require more supplies and cost more. Even a cake flavor, such as carrot cake, will always cost more because of the supplies. Simple vanilla will be your less expensive cake option.”

Remember earlier when we were asking Jaime about wedding cake costs in general? The more detailed a cake is, the higher that price will be! So specialty flavors and intricate, custom designs will drive that price tag up.

Floral Wedding Cakes

elegant two tier moody mauve pink wedding cake adorned with florals
small floral cake by Flour & Flourish from this round-up of 15 Small Cakes That Are Perfect for a Micro Wedding! | photo by Breanna White

Floral wedding cakes bring all the whimsy, and we can’t help but fall head-over-heels for them. Whether it’s a simple floral cake design or something more intricate, flowers bring a delicate and gorgeous touch to any dessert.

7. Colorful Pressed Floral Wedding Cake

half pressed colorful floral wedding cake

floral cake by Bee’s Custom Cakes | photog: Casi Yost Photography | event design: Peachy Keen Coordination | florals: Wildflower Portland

First off, the pressed florals on this wedding cake are a SERIOUS dream. Like, come on!! But we especially adore that the cake is actually half a cake, cut right down the middle so that the florals sit against a flat surface. So unexpected!

8. Rusty Pinkish Red Four Tier Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers

rusty pink red four tier sugar floral wedding cake

floral cake by Jennifer Parrish Taylor from this Vibrant Wedding Inspiration Highlighting Hispanic Heritage Month + Alpacas! | photo by Marcela Pulido Photography

The rich pink-ish red tone of this cake is to die for. And the texture of it is sooooo stunning! It has an almost architectural quality to it that looks beautiful with those stunning sugar flowers adorning the sides and top.

9. Impressionist Painting-Inspired Floral Wedding Cake

impressionist painting inspired floral cake

cake by Buttercream Bakery from our Round-Up of Impressionist-Inspired Cakes

A cake that also feels like a word of art…that’s the best way to describe this floral beauty. The impressionist painting style is already gorgeous, to begin with, but in a cake?! Beyond cool.

When adding fresh florals to wedding cakes, is that typically something the florist will do?

Or would the cake baker be the one to add florals? It depends, but Jaime at Autumn Nomad shares some crucial insights. She tells us, “in my experience, it’s best when the cake decorator puts flowers on the cake. As a cake artist, that is part of the overall cake design and one of my favorite aspects of the cake. I want myself or one of my staff to properly put the cake flowers on!

However, there are some bakers that are more considered “bakers” than “cake artists”, that do not put flowers on cakes. Their style is more old school and they say they’re nervous touching cake flowers!”

All of this to say, consult with your baker and your florist, so you know who will add flowers to the wedding cake, well in advance of the big day!

10. Orange + Teal Floral Drip Cake

orange and teal floral drip cake

floral drip cake by Bake Bar from this Tropical Boho Miami Wedding | photo by Mari Sabra Photography

Anyone else getting ocean vibes from this teal and orange drip cake?! We love the almost wave-like appearance of the cake tiers, and the orange and red florals provide an insanely pretty and vibrant contrast.

11. Five Tier Bright + Playful Floral Wedding Cake with Rainbow Tones

bright five tier floral wedding cake with rainbow tones

floral cake by Cakes by Colin from The 2019 Jam Event | photo by Jake & NeciaAlexandria Monette

Can’t decide on what color florals to incorporate into your cake? Why not opt for a rainbow theme, like this five tier beauty?! We particularly love the festive base layer, with its epic rainbow fondant design.

12. Gold Pattern Dahlia Cake

two tier gold apttern floral wedding cake with dahlias and peonies

small floral cake by Autumn Nomad from this Folky Fall Wedding in the White Mountains | photo by Jessie Casey

We love how this small floral wedding cake packs in tons of details in a tiny space. The geometric gold pattern brings the glam, and the show-stopping structure of the dahlias and peonies is so pretty.

13. Sunset Hues Ombre Floral Wedding Cake

ombre floral wedding cake with sunset hues

floral cake by Elise Cakes from this Vintage Sunset Garden Wedding | photo by Morgan McCanne

If there ever was a floral wedding cake that perfectly embodied a gorgeous summer sunset, it’d be this one. The way each tier takes on a slightly darker hue as you move up toward the top?! So pretty.

14. Four Tier Cream Filling Casual Floral Cake

four tier casual floral wedding cake with cream filling layers

floral cake by Your Cake Baker from this Bohemian Mountain Farmhouse Wedding | photo by Jake and Necia Photography

Is it possible for a cake to feel light and airy and fluffy? Yeah? Ok cool, because that’s the vibe we’re getting from this casual cream filling cake with colorful florals. And we’re fully on board for the fresh strawberry slices on every tier.

15. Italian Renaissance-inspired Floral Wedding Cake

Italian Renaissance inspired floral wedding cake

cake by Autumn Nomad | photo by Emily Delamater Photography

Both the cake artistry and floral artistry on this wedding cake are in a league of their own. Pulling off a look with this much detail and color is no easy feat, but naturally, the team at Autumn Nomad has made magic with this stunning dessert.

16. Three-Tier Edible Pressed Flower Cake

cake by Ophelia Weddings | photo by Katherine Ashdown

We’re swooning over the combination of pressed and fresh (edible) flowers on this three-tier floral wedding cake. That mixture of two and three-dimensional elements gives this cake a playful and dynamic feel.

jaw-dropping floral cakes

Get even more flowery cake inspo from our complete floral cake roundup!

Why do wedding cakes tend to cost more than typical bakery cakes?

Specifically, is there something about wedding cakes that makes them more durable and more able to last the whole day when compared to other types of cakes you’d typically get at an everyday bakeshop? Jaime at Autumn Nomad provides some incredible insights.

She tells us, “There are many reasons a “designer wedding cake” costs more. There is a lot of coordination and extra time involved in the design process. So part of a per slice price does include time and coordination. Time is money, and there is a lot more time involved in weddings, and internal coordination. We have some couples that we spend hours and hours speaking to, whether in person, phone, or email. A lot of going back and forth about color, flavor, flowers, etc.

Wedding cakes are a lot more labor intensive and time consuming as well. Artistically speaking, some wedding cakes can take up to 80+ hours. So the more simple design, the less expensive the cake will be.

There isn’t anything about wedding cakes that I would say is more durable. Any cake can last for days. Once it’s filled and chilled, it should stay nice and fresh.”

Modern Wedding Cakes

geometric shapes asymmetrical modern wedding cakes
modern cake by Hey There, Cupcake! from this Bright + Modern Wedding Inspiration at the Fig House // photo by Krista Mason Photography

Be on the cutting edge and forge your own unique look with a modern wedding cake design. These cakes feel fresh, different, and perfect for turning heads at the reception.

17. Modern Geometric Block Wedding Cake

white geometric block modern wedding cake with floral stemmed accents

modern cake by Autumn Cake Design | photog: Jen Sosa | design + planning: Moon Velvet Design | florals: Oak & Ash

We love how simple and elegant this modern wedding cake design is. The asymmetrical geometric blocks stacked at a slight offset make for a gorgeous balancing act. And we’re partial towards the full floral stems accenting the side. So different from the typical floral arrangements you see on wedding cakes, where only the flower itself is usually included.

18. Modern + Abstract Wedding Cake with Fall Color Vibes

simple modern abstract dessert with fall color tones

modern cake by Sugar Crush Sweets from this Fall Bridal Shower Inspo | photo by Jessica Lynn Photo

The artistic abstract design of this mini modern wedding cake is truly something else! And the peachy pink and orange tones have us reminiscing about colorful fall afternoons.

19. Celestial Modern Wedding Cake

three tier simple and modern celestial starry night wedding cake

cake by Vanilla & The Bean from this Spiritual + Celestial Wedding in an Abandoned Train Station
| photo by Autumn Nicole Photography

This modern wedding cake incorporates a simple white three tier design with the prettiest little gold celestial accents. It’s not too fussy. But it is WAY too magical, and we can’t get enough!

20. Modern Abstract Art Wedding Cake

abstract art inspired modern wedding cake with brushstroke painting design

modern cake by Half Baked Co from this Modern Color-Blocking Wedding Inspiration With A Twist | photo by Peterson Design & Photography

What a fun and fresh take on the modern wedding cake! We love the painterly look of this abstract art-inspired three-tier cake design. This look is fun and playful. Perfect for a warm weather wedding!

How to hire the best cake baker for a destination wedding

Ever wondered how the cake vendor process changes when you’re planning a destination wedding? There certainly are a few more things you’ll need to consider. Jaime at Autumn Nomad sheds some light on this topic for us.

She tells us, your decision on who to hire as your cake baker “depends on where the destination is. If the climate is drastically different, I would recommend using a local baker. I’ve traveled a lot for cakes and always struggled with refrigeration. It’s very challenging. In some instances, bringing in a baker works great, but it’s challenging.

I recommend looking at the preferred vendor list and choosing someone there. That way, the baker is familiar with your venue.”

21. Ultra Modern Terrazzo Inspired Cake

terrazzo style modern wedding cakes

modern cake by Dream Cakes from this Fine Art Bridal Inspiration | photo by Alixann Loosle Photography

It’s no secret that terrazzo is having a serious moment in the interior design world. But in wedding cakes, too?! WE ADORE. Terrazzo is known for its fun and playful pattern. And if we’re being honest, it kind of already has a dessert-like vibe to it. So a terrazzo cake is a natural next step, and this modern design totally crushes it.

22. Modern Architectural Cake with Floral Accents

modern Art Deco style architectural wedding cake

cake by Paper Heart Patisserie from this Modern Hotel Wedding Inspiration | photo by Charleton Churchill Photography

We love the subtle nod to the Art Deco era with this architectural, modern wedding cake. The geometric cutout designs on each tier create stunning depth, especially when contrasted with the rich purple floral hues.

23. Boho Meets Modern Wedding Cake

modern wedding cake with boho frayed edge design and feather topper

boho modern cake by Bay Cakes Design from this Big Sur Wedding Inspiration Styled with Indigo + King Protea Details | photo by Carol Oliva Photography

This cake is a bit of a twist on what you might expect with a more modern cake design. It incorporates some beautiful boho elements, like the frayed edges on the base tier and the braided and feather details. But it also incorporates a sleek, clean design that you expect to see with any modern cake.

24. Disco Vibes Modern Wedding Cake

modern retro wedding cake with disco ball tier

modern disco cake by Sugar Studio from this Retro Wedding Inspo | photo by Peterson Design & Photography

We’re kiiiind of obsessing over the retro vibes from this multi-tier modern disco cake. Honestly, could that disco ball tier be any cooler? We think not!

How far in advance should couples book their cake baker?

We asked Jaime at Autumn Nomad all the details on scheduling, and if there are there certain wedding dates that tend to book up fastest and that require couples to inquire sooner. Here’s what she said:

“I recommend booking ASAP. We are already working on 2023 dates. For us, fall is the busiest time of year. Labor Day and Columbus Day tend to be the busiest. Columbus Day weekend, we actually don’t take any weddings, as it’s too busy in New England and hard to manage.

June, July, and August are always very consistently busy with weddings. But September and October months are definitely overwhelming for events.”

Remember: traditional “wedding season” dates are likely going to book up the fastest. If you don’t plan on getting married in the off-season, secure your baker once you’ve secured that date!

Pink Wedding Cakes

five tier pink wedding cake with marbled design and simple dried florals
pink cake by Annie’s Cakes | photo: Megan Robinson Photo | design + planning: Belle Bodas Events | florals: Florette Floral

Whether it’s a vibrant pink or something more subtle and pastel, pink wedding cakes pack the romance and fun. We love the look of a rose gold hue on a gorgeous dessert spread. And boy do we have lots of pink cakes to show off in this roundup!

25. Peachy Pink Wedding Cake with Translucent Tier

watercolor style peachy pink wedding cake with translucent middle tier

pink cake by Sugar Plum Bakes from this Coastal Boho Elopement Inspiration with Tonal Pink Details | photo by Rebecca Carpenter Photography

The ethereal vibe of this peachy pink cake is seriously next level. It has a watercolor-like quality to it, and the adorning petals are ultra-whimsical. But the highlight of this cake just HAS to be the translucent middle tier, choc-full of flowers. Could there be anything prettier?!

26. Mini Two Tier Pink Buttercream Cake

hexagon shaped two tier buttercream pink cake

mini pink cake by Cakes by Brittany from This Intimate Quarantine Wedding Collided with Protests — and Proved Love Always Wins | photo by Alyssa McElheny Photography

This mini hexagon tier pink cake is so sweet and delicate! We love the excess of flowers decorating each layer, giving a gorgeous feminine touch to the design. And that pink buttercream could not look more delish!

27. Edgy Pink Wedding Cake with Florals

edgy three tier pink wedding cake with florals

pink cake by Lux Sucre from this Trendy, Edgy + Offbeat for this White Wedding Inspiration
| photo by Casi Yost Photography

Normally pink gives off feminine vibes, but we’re kind of obsessed with the edgier look of this blush cake! The abstract pattern on the bottom tiers, coupled with the pointed petal florals makes for an edgy and unexpected look that we adore!

28. Three Tier Muted Mauve Cake

three tier muted mauve cake sitting on a boho wicker chair adorned with florals

cake by Hey There Cupcake from this Summer Lovin’ Boho Wedding Inspiration | photo by Gabriel Conover

Talk about a blushing boho look! That stunning pink wedding cake has a simple and elegant design, with the second tier featuring three dimensional layers of waves. We love the way the simple design pairs with the boho wicker and floral backdrop of that chair!

29. Pink Wedding Cakes with a Stunning Woven Design

pink wedding cakes with woven design

cakes by Sweet Heather Anne who’s also the bride featured in this Art-Inspired Wedding | photo by The Billings

The woven design on these pink wedding cakes is so unique and fun! We love the playful look they give to this incredible dessert station. So yummy!

30. Simple Rose Petal Sprinkled Pink Mini Cake

two tier mini pink cake with rose petal sprinkles

simple mini pink cake by Kacy Hyder from this Boho-Inspired Baby Shower // photo by Katie Pritchard

The simplicity of this mini pink cake design is totally swoon-worthy! The clean edges and classic shape all help showcase the delicate sprinkling of rose petals as the star of the show.

31. Simple Mini Pink Brushstrokes Wedding Cake

simple pink brushstroke mini wedding cake

simple mini pink cake by Amy Cakes from this Feelin’ Peachy: Modern Wedding Inspiration in a Greenhouse // photo by Sarah Libby Photography

Have you ever seen a single tier, mini wedding cake that looked more like a work of art than this pink brushstroke one?! We love the three-dimensional effect the brushstrokes create, and how they adorn an otherwise modern and simple design.

32. Tropical Pink Swirl Cake

three tier tropical swirling pink wedding cake

pink cake by Elise Cakes from this One Heli of a Time: The Epic Grand Opening at Hangar 21 | photo by Alexandria Monette Photography

This cake almost looks too good to eat! We’re getting all the tropical vibes from this summery pink cake design. And how stunning is the gold foil detailing?!

33. Soft + Romantic Pink Two Tier Cake

Valentines inspired soft and romantic two tier pink cake

pink cake by Sugar Crush Sweets from this Pretty in Pink Party | photo by Jessica Lynn Photo

Did someone shoot an arrow through our hearts, because we’re pretty sure we’re smitten with this Valentine’s Day inspired pink cake. It looks almost too good to eat!

Are there any questions you should ask a cake baker before booking with them?

Jaime from Autumn Nomad has some great recommendations on questions to ask your cake baker before booking with them. She tells us:

  1. Mention any of you or your guests’ allergies. Not all bakeries cater to gluten or nut allergies.
  2. Make sure to ask them about their delivery and setup processes. It can not be assumed that all bakeries deliver and set up cakes. Some bakeries don’t put flowers on the cakes. That blows my mind honestly, but that is a huge part of most wedding cakes. And florists are typically gone earlier in the day, while cakes are delivered during the ceremony/cocktail hour. So timing wise, that just doesn’t make sense. 
  3. Talk budget with your baker. Definitely make sure you know what you’re paying because cakes can get pricey, depending on what you want.

Simple Wedding Cakes

two tier white mini simple wedding cake adorned with figs sitting in front of a circle shaped ceremony backdrop
simple cake by PetranArt from this Incredible Cliffside Wedding in Santorini | photo by Anna Roussos

Sometimes a simple design is all you need! Simple wedding cakes have an understated elegance all their own. And even with their minimalist design, they can be total show-stoppers. We love the way these minimalist cakes pair nicely with more intricate wedding decor.

34. Ultra Simple Wedding Cake with Elegant White Florals

two tier white floral simple wedding cakes

cake by Pensa  from this Minimalist Wedding at a Botanical + Industrial Venue in New York City
| photo by Tom Leung Photography

This is a PERFECT example of how a simple wedding cake design goes a long way. All we can do is stare at this gorgeous, modern dessert. We love the all white color palette, including delicate white dried florals. It doesn’t need to be over-the-top to catch the eye. We’re obsessed.

35. Simple Wedding Cake with Massive Floral Arrangement

two tier white simple wedding cake surrounded by extra large floral arrangement with vibrant springtime colors

simple cake by D’Amico Catering | florals by Ashley Fox Designs

This is EXACTLY what we’re talking about when we say that a simple wedding cake truly allows your other decor to shine. We’re swooning over the contrast of the minimalist cake design with that extra-large floral arrangement.

36. Simple Semi-Naked Drip Wedding Cake

three tier semi naked white drip simple wedding cake sitting on a rolling dessert cart

cake by Made by Lia from this Elegantly Emerald Modern Wedding Inspiration | photo by The Rowlands

Who says simple wedding cakes can’t be dreamy and whimsical?! We love the way this semi-naked drip cake functions as the perfect bright and cheery centerpiece to this romantic, moody table bar setup. The contrast provided by simple cakes is truly unmatched.

37. Simple Icy Blue Pinpricks Simple Wedding Cake

simple wedding cake with icy blue pinprick design with florals between the top and middle tier

simple cake by Frosted Envy from this Shakespearian-Inspired Winter Wedding // photo by Dawn Derbyshire Photography

It’s the pinprick design on this otherwise simple wedding cake that gets us. It truly is incredible what kind of designs and art can be created using fondant, and this cake has truly stolen our hearts!

38. Mini Modern Wedding Cake with Simple Patterns

mini simple wedding cake with modern pattern design

simple cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop from this Refreshingly Stylish + Modern Take on the Baby Shower // photo by This Modern Romance

We love the way this simple wedding cake incorporates some fun pattern play. Every detail added is super intentional, which aligns well with a simple and modern aesthetic.

39. Simple Three Tier Floral Naked Wedding Cake

three tier simple naked wedding cake with florals

simple naked cake by Amy Cakes from this Enchanted Forest Wedding in Oklahoma | photo by Gene Pease

It’s the queen of simple wedding cakes: the naked cake. We know them, we love them, and we’re still not tired of them! They have a laid-back and casual vibe, while also being just absolutely breathtaking.

40. Salt of the Earth Simple Wedding Cake

pink floral and sugar accented four tier white simple wedding cake

simple pink cake by Tuscan Wedding Cakes from this Natural Tuscan Wedding Inspiration // photo by Mademoiselle Fiona

How sweet are the pink sugar crystal and floral accents on this simple white wedding cake?! So sweet and delicate. Perfection for a springtime wedding, if you ask us.

Besides trying cake flavors, these are some questions to consider when arriving at your tasting

The cake tasting is a great time to ask some essential questions. These are the ones Jaime at Autumn Nomad recommends adding to your list:

  1. Chat with your cake baker about flavor preferences. Which flavor do you prefer? Which flavor does your partner prefer? How will those flavors work together?
  2. Chat about the color and design of your cake. I suggest sketching out the cake and sending tons of inspiration photos, as most clients are not bakers/decorators and sometimes don’t understand our lingo.
  3. Give us all the details on what you expect in terms of setup and delivery. Ask us what our process looks like. Who, what, where, when, how?
  4. Are there any special allergies we need to be aware of?
  5. If you have a cake topper, where should I put it for the cake? (I recommend putting it on the cake table, as I don’t like having clients’ toppers at the bakery prior to the event, in case something happens).
  6. Are you saving your top tier?
  7. Are you renting a cake stand?
  8. Do you want florals on your wedding cake?

Black Wedding Cakes

Edgar Allan Poe inspired black wedding cake with florals
black cake by Modern Bake from this Moody Masquerade Ball Meets Edgar Allan Poe Wedding Inspiration
| photo by Captured in Amber Photography

Whether you’re looking for a moody punch or something that screams elevated elegance, black wedding cakes know how to match the look. These cakes are gorgeous and sleek and beyond dreamy.

41. Abstract Teal and Black Wedding Cake

abstract teal and black three tier wedding cake

teal and black cake by Clara’s Groovy Deliciousness from this Moody Celestial Garden Wedding | photo by M2 Photography

How moody and gorgeous is this teal and black cake design?! It incorporates an abstract, handcrafted design that embraces asymmetry in the prettiest of ways.

42. Floral + Lace Black Wedding Cake

floral and lace black wedding cake

black floral cake by Jaime Melfi of Autumn Nomad from this Eerie + Enchanting Alice In Wonderland-Inspired Editorial // photo by Cody James Barry Photography

To say we’re obsessed with the overgrown floral vibe of this black lace cake would be a complete understatement. We love the way this cake was designed to take a more moody color and pack a ton of romance.

43. Black Painted Florals Wedding Cake

three tier black wedding cake with painted floral design

black floral cake by The Sweet Society Co. from our Black Cake Roundup // photo by Becky van Straalen Photography

We’ve never seen a black cake quite like this one. The painted floral design against the simple clean fondant makes for the prettiest centerpiece!

44. Simple Rectangular Three Tier Modern Black Wedding Cake

rectangular three tier simple black wedding cake with large second tier floral arrangement

cake + photo by Cake Ink from our Floral Cake Roundup

Anyone else loving the unique rectangular layers on this simple black wedding cake? Because we could not love them more! They totally give this dessert a modern geometric vibe you don’t typically see with traditional cakes.

45. Four Tier Floral Black Wedding Cake

four tier floral black wedding cake

floral black cake by Nadia & Co. from this Rustic + Romantic Toronto Wedding | photo by Tara McMullen Photography

The romance delivered by this four tier black floral cake is sooooo dreamy. We especially adore the hand painted frosting flowers on every tier. Feels like an art piece!

46. Moody Bluish Black Floral Wedding Cake

moody bluish black floral wedding cake

by Hey There, Cupcake! from this Spooky Autumn Equinox Bridal Shower // photo by This Rad Love

We’re not quite sure how those purple tinted florals were printed onto that cake body, but either way, we’re mesmerized by the design. The flowers pair beautifully with the moody bluish black base of this two tier stunner.

Black Wedding Cake

Need more black wedding cake inspo? Well, we’ve got the perfect roundup with all the moody cake vibes.

Jaime at Autumn Nomad told us she loves that some couples are choosing to get really creative and artistic with their designs. “Right now, I see cakes going towards a more abstract and artistic style. Less perfect and geometric. Really having fun with florals.

The buttercream floral design look is definitely still very trendy. However, now we’re making the florals look less perfect and almost worn. Like flowers emerging from stone. Or an oil painting feel.”

We love all these ideas! Designing a cake is a fun and creative process, and it’s even more fun when your cake shows off you and your partner’s personalities!

Romantic Wedding Cakes

simple black and white mini romantic wedding cake with illustrative nature inspired floral drawings
romantic mini cake: Miam Cake | photo: Jenny Haas as seen in this Audrey Hepburn-inspired editorial

No explanation needed here! The wedding cakes in this section are ultra-romantic and swoon-worthy. We CANNOT get over these cake designs.

47. Romantic Floral Mini Buttercream Rectangle Cake

rectangular mini romantic wedding cake with overflowing buttercream floral design

romantic mini cake: Cake Pino, as seen in our Floral Cakes Ideas Roundup

This mini floral cake is perfect for a romantic small wedding. It’s enough to feed a small group of guests, all while being suuuuuper gorgeous and whimsical. Can we talk about that overflowing assortment of buttercream flowers?!

48. Sky High Romantic Wedding Pie

romantic three tier wedding pie

cake + photo by Bijou’s Sweet Treats from this Preferred Wedding Artist Roundup

If cake is not your thing, fear not! This romantic three tier wedding pie is where it’s at. Incorporate a different pie flavor in every tier to please everyone. It’s bound to be delicious!

49. Romantic Engraved Two Tier Nature-Inspired Cake

mini two tier simple rectangular cake with leaf engravings

romantic cake by Jasmine Rae Cakes from this Classic Romance at The Historical San Francisco Mint | photo by Larissa Cleveland

We don’t think this leaf engraved romantic wedding cake could get any dreamier. We love that Jasmine Rae Cakes opted for a sculptural design that almost makes this mini two tier cake feel like it was sculpted out of marble. Truly stunning!

50. Romantic Three Tier Cake with Delicate Golden Strokes

three tier romantic wedding cake with gold drip design

by Azucar Bakery from this Lush Bohemian Styled Shoot Turned Surprise Wedding | photo by Red Aspen Photography

This romantic white and gold wedding cake is an unexpected take on the drip cake style. It almost has a watercolor-like quality to it.

What cake designs do cake bakers wish more couples would try?

Looking to be a trend-setter on your wedding day? These are the cake styles Jaime of Autumn Nomad says she wishes more couples would try. It’s safe to say, if you tried any of these, your cake would be a total hit.

She tells us, “I wish more of my couples would go more modern. Or modern boho. I’m still creating a lot of floral or rustic cakes. Trends got confusing with covid, since we’re settling up designs that were initially curated 2-3 years ago. So I’m very optimistic about the cake future!”

Mini Wedding Cakes

collection of caramel drip mini wedding cakes
mini cakes by Amy’s Sweet Bakeshop from the Enchanting Fall Wedding Fashion with BHLDN | photo by We Laugh, We Love Photography

Have a small guest list? A collection of mini wedding cakes might just be the perfect fit! We love the way these smaller designs cater to tinier weddings (so on-trend right now!).

51. All-The-Frills Mini Frosting Masterpiece

greenish grey mini cake with elaborate frosting piping details

mini cake by Sweet LionHeart

Maximalism is in, and we’re seeing it in cakes too! We love that this mini cake makes maximum use of its itty bitty real estate with the prettiest elaborate piping details. Feels vintage, right?!

52. Sugar Flower Still Life Mini Wedding Cake

sugar florals two tier mini wedding cake

cake by Natasja Sadi from this round-up of 15 Small Cakes That Are Perfect for a Micro Wedding

Excuse us, but we need a moment to catch our breath. Because those sugar flowers on this mini wedding cake are INSANE. Insanely gorgeous, that is!

53. Bright and Cheery Mini Floral Wedding Cake

yellow flower covered mini wedding cake

mini floral cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. from this Rad Seaside Surfer Wedding | photo by Logan Cole Photo

What could be better for a summertime wedding than a mini cake covered in vibrant and colorful fresh flowers? This cake design is festive, romantic, and seasonally perfect.

54. Itty Bitty Mini Wedding Cakes Display

simple mini wedding cakes collection

mini cakes by Love Bites By Erik from this Golden Micro Wedding Inspiration | photo by Alison Conklin

Why have one big cake when you can have six mini wedding cakes? We love the customizability of going with a collection of small cakes, especially if you’re undecided on cake flavors. It’s the perfect way to make sure everyone’s happy!

Cake Ink pink wedding cake

There are more mini cakes where those came from in our small wedding cakes guide!

Any advice for how couples can figure out how much cake they will need for their wedding, based on their guest count?

Jaime demystifies cake pricing for us. She says, “once a couple decides the design of their cake, the cake is typically priced per serving/slice. 

For example, $12 a slice, is a fairly simple cake with some artistic detail. But nothing very over the top. 100 guests=$1200, plus delivery, set up, and a cake stand.

We also offer “kitchen cakes”, which are simple slicing cakes that are priced lower. The couple would, say, order a 50 guest serving cake, which is a smaller 3 tier, then have 50 servings of additional cakes that are simply decorated. Not part of the decorated display cake.

The bigger the cake, more servings, more decoration, the more expensive the cake is.”

Geode Wedding Cakes

Game of Thrones inspired geode wedding cake
geode cake by Sweet Cheeks By Renee from this Game of Thrones-Inspired Wedding | photo by Cody James Barry

Have a little piece of the earth incorporated into your dessert with a gorgeous geode wedding cake design. Seriously, how cool are these cakes?! Such an unexpected and three-dimensional touch.

55. Grand Canyon Inspired Geode Wedding Cake

Grand Canyon inspired geode cake

geode cake by The Kak Shop from this Dusk in the Arizona Canyons: Wedding Inspiration // photo by The Argus Image

The red orange sunset tones of this geode wedding cake are the perfect reflection of the layers of the Grand Canyon. The design has such a dynamic design that’s perfect for a desert wedding.

56. Amethyst Geode Wedding Cake

amethyst geode cake

geode cake by Sweet Mama from this Gem Stone Inspiration Like You’ve Never Seen: Amethyst | photo by Núria Cienfuegos Photography

This ones for all the lovers of purple. Whether you love the light and airy tones of lavender or the rich tones of dark plum, this amethyst geode cake has found a way to show them all off.

57. Emerald Geode Wedding Cake

emerald geode cake

geode cake by Kake from this Bohemian Wedding Inspiration from We Three Workshops | photo by We Three Workshops; Kat Gill of Katch StudiosTricia Victoria and Sharon Litchfield

This gorgeous emerald geode wedding cake has the most beautiful crystal cut spanning all three tiers of the cake. And the deep, dreamy emerald tone is soooo mesmerizing.

We were dying to know what wedding cake flavors couples have been loving lately. So Jaime at Autumn Nomad shared the top choices for her couples. Here’s what she tells us:

  1. London Fog: honey earl grey cake, soaked with an earl grey & honey simple syrup, filled with creamy vanilla bean mascarpone cheese
  2. Chocolate Blackberry Espresso: chocolate cake, soaked in espresso ganache, filled with blackberry sauce and espresso buttercream
  3. Chocolate Salted Caramel: chocolate cake, soaked with homemade espresso ganache and homemade salted caramel, filled with caramel buttercream
  4. Lemon & Wild Maine Blueberry: lemon cake layered with our homemade wild Maine blueberry filling and lemon buttercream
  5. Champagne Raspberry: champagne cake, filled with our homemade raspberry sauce and champagne buttercream

Ok, yum! Our mouths are watering! We’re kind of obsessed with how unique these flavors are, and how couples are making such awesome and bold flavor choices.

Movie + Disney-Inspired Wedding Cakes

Lion King Disney inspired wedding cake
Disney-inspired Lion King cake by Autumn Nomad from this Spirited Lion King-Inspired Wedding | photo by Cody James Barry Photography

If you’re a sucker for all-things Disney or the silver screen, we love the idea of going with a movie or Disney-inspired wedding cake. Bring a little childhood into your wedding day. We love the nostalgic vibes!

58. Elaborate Disney-Inspired Mulan Wedding Cake

Mulan Disney inspired wedding cake

Disney-inspired Mulan cake by Autumn Nomad | photog: Cody James Barry

If you’re a fan of Mulan (aaaand who wouldn’t be?!) you are going to fall absolutely in love with this Mulan Disney-inspired wedding cake. Like, for real, how incredible are the floral details and artwork on this cake? UNREAL.

59. Disney-Inspired Aladdin Wedding Cake

Aladdin Disney inspired wedding cake

Disney-inspired Aladdin cake by Autumn Nomad from this Aladdin + Jasmine-Inspired Wedding | photo by Cody James Barry Photography

We love the Aladdin influences on this dramatic seven tier wedding cake. And how gorgeous is it that the symmetrical design spans and connects six of those tiers so they feel like one unit?

60. Wizard of Oz Inspired Wedding Cake

Wizard of Oz inspired Emerald City cake

cake by Amy Cakes from this For the Love of Emerald City… A Wizard of Oz-Inspired Elopement // photo by Chelsea Denise Photography

There may be no place like home, but there’s also no wedding cake like this Wizard of Oz inspired beauty. Love that rich emerald color!

Frosting vs fondant: which should you choose for your wedding cake?

Jaime at Autumn Nomad breaks this choice down easily for us. She says, “artistically, some designs will just look better in fondant, and can not be accomplished with buttercream. In those instances, definitely use fondant. 

If a couple wants something simple and doesn’t like the taste of fondant, or is on a tighter budget, they should go with buttercream, as it is less expensive.”

So think about the vibe of your cake design and your budget. Each of these will play into whether you use frosting or fondant on your wedding cake.

Where to Next, Wedding Cake Lovers?

A huge thank you to Jaime Melfi of Autumn Nomad for sharing her amazing advice with us on this roundup! You can find Autumn Nomad on Instagram at @autumnnomad to see the prettiest dessert inspo imaginable!

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