Best Wedding Cake Toppers for the Perfect Finishing Touch

celestial unique wedding cake toppers with star and moon details
unique celestial wedding cake topper: SuzanneOddyDesign

The perfect finishing touch and a truly top-tier trend, wedding cake toppers literally take the cake! As an age-old symbol of a couple’s love story, they’re the perfect opportunity to bring a little personalization and customization into your wedding day.

Historically, wedding cake toppers featured figurines dressed in traditional wedding attire that depicted the happy couple. They took off in the ’50s, and as the wedding cake tradition evolved, so did the toppers!

Now, couples have endless options for crowning their sweet treats, from unique spins on classic figurines to elegant laser-cut words that display their names or initials. Whether you’re planning an elevated evening affair or a boho backyard bash with a fun twist, wedding cake toppers can make your cake cutting ceremony a truly memorable (and photo-worthy) moment!

To help you choose a decoration that matches your love story, we’ve scouted out the best custom and unique wedding cake toppers — and even a few funny options — to take your cake to the next tier.

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Do wedding cakes need toppers?

modern block letter custom wedding cake toppers
wedding cake topper: poststudioprojects on Etsy

Like most wedding traditions, wedding cake toppers have become totally optional — but many couples are still taking that extra step to make their dessert as unique as their love story. From meaningful quotes to goofy figurines that represent your playful side, wedding cake toppers are here to bring your cake to life!

Even if traditional wedding cake decoration isn’t your thing, there are endless (actually cool) topper designs that can add a meaningful touch to your big day. Plus, wedding cake toppers are a simple way to match your dessert table to the rest of your decor — and they make one-of-a-kind keepsakes that you’ll treasure for anniversaries to come.

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white modern floral wedding cakes

From modern designs to romantic details, we’ve rounded up the most beautiful wedding cakes for every style.

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Where to buy wedding cake toppers

couple silhouette custom wedding cake toppers
wedding cake topper: ZCreateDesign on Etsy

As for where to buy wedding cake toppers, there’s no question that Etsy is where it’s at! You can find unique and custom cake toppers from independent designers that are top quality and personalized for you and your betrothed.

From handmade rustic designs to vintage wedding cake toppers dating back to the 20th century, Etsy is your one-stop shop for something unique and stylish (and funny!). Plus, many designers will collaborate with you to ensure your topper reflects your unique wedding style. You can even get figurines customized to look like you and your future spouse!

How do you choose a wedding cake topper?

modern arch custom wedding cake toppers
wedding cake topper: CoppiceAndCrafts on Etsy

The first step to choosing wedding cake toppers is picking one that represents you as a couple. While wedding cake toppers aren’t as necessary as they once were, they still carry the same tradition of representing the newlyweds.

And (luckily), today’s wedding cake toppers have come a long way since the 1950s, so you can choose something that matches your couple style — whether you’re adventurous and carefree or classic and traditional.

Secondly, the topper should literally top off the cake. For a polished look, the size of the topper should be relative to the size of the cake’s top tier. It shouldn’t be SO big that it overwhelms the cake or SO small that it gets lost among the frosting. Instead, it should elevate and complement the cake’s design.

GWS Tip! It’s always a good idea to let your baker know if you have a wedding cake topper you’d like to incorporate. This will help them create their design around the decor instead of adding it on at the last minute.

Finally, ask yourself: can this topper be re-used? This is a good question to keep in mind throughout all your wedding planning, but especially when it comes to choosing something that has the potential to move into the heirloom-worthy realm, like wedding cake toppers! Even if it can’t be re-used right away, it can still become a special memento down the line.

Who is responsible for the wedding cake topper?

bright unique wedding cake toppers with custom floral accents
photo by Dearly Beloved Photography | cake by Sam Samm Custom Cakes as seen in this Modern Spring Elegance Shoot

Before the big day, wedding cake toppers should be given to your cake baker or planner/day-of coordinator. The cake may need to be transported without the topper, depending on its size, so make sure you communicate with the right person to ensure that it’s added once your cake is in place.

After the wedding, ask your planner or someone in the wedding party to give the topper to a family member for safe-keeping. Once you get back from your honeymoon, you can display it somewhere in your home or office, stick it in a plant, or keep it wrapped safely in a box of your wedding memories.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

funny alpaca custom unique wedding cake toppers
unique wedding cake topper: ClarkSummitAlpacas on Etsy

Here at GWS, we’re all about breaking traditions to make your wedding personalized to YOU, whether that means rocking a wedding jumpsuit or crowning your dessert with unique wedding cake toppers!

Our favorite toppers act as small tributes to your relationship — such as a special quote from your favorite TV show (keep reading, GOT fans!) or a symbol of your shared passion.

Plus, choosing a one-of-a-kind design makes cutting the cake THAT much more meaningful. With these unique wedding cake toppers, you can expect some major tiers as your guests catch that first glimpse!

1: Love Birds Unique Wedding Cake Topper

love birds wire heart unique wedding cake toppers

Calling all love birds! These unique wedding cake toppers feature a dainty wire heart and two hand-sewn birds to represent the newlyweds. Plus, the embroidered ribbon can be personalized with your names or initials.

The result: an oh-so sweet wedding cake topper perfect for a rustic wedding or intimate reception.

Shop This Sweet Wire Heart Unique Cake Topper

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2: Celestial Unique Wedding Cake Topper

romantic moon unique wedding cake toppers

Whether you first bonded over Game of Thrones or just love this celestial quote, this unique wedding cake topper is EVERYTHING.

The script is made with laser-cut wood or acrylic and can be customized to match your wedding colors. Choose white for something simple and timeless or maximize on the celestial theme with sparkly silver.

Shop This Romantic Moon and Stars Unique Cake Topper

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3: Las Vegas Sign Unique Wedding Cake Topper

Las Vegas sign unique wedding cake toppers

What happens in Vegas shouldn’t always stay in Vegas! If you’re joining the likes of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and, of course, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow and tying the knot in Sin City, this unique wedding cake topper is a MUST.

Handcrafted with wood or acrylic, it’s fabulous and fun (just like we’re guessing your “I do”s will be!).

Shop This Fun and Fab Unique Cake Topper

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4: Adventure Lovers’ Unique Wedding Cake Topper

national forest sign unique wedding cake toppers

If you and your other half would rather be hiking right now, then you can stop shopping — because we’ve found the perfect unique wedding cake toppers for you.

Easily personalize this national park-themed wedding cake topper with your names, the date of your wedding, or the location you’re tying the knot. Perfect for outdoor weddings in the mountains or adventure elopements in (ahem) national parks!

Shop This National Park Sign Unique Cake Topper

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small pink floral wedding cakes

Skipping the big traditional wedding? These small cakes are perfect for micro celebrations!

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5: Gatsby-Inspired Unique Wedding Cake Topper

monogram Art Deco custom unique wedding cake toppers

It’s officially the Roaring ’20s — and what better way to celebrate like Gatsby than to pay homage to the Art Deco era?

With these unique wedding cake toppers, your dessert table will ooze elegance, style, and glamour. Just customize it with your monogram and get ready for the party of the century, old sport!

Shop This Monogram Art Deco Unique Cake Topper

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6: To The Moon And Back Unique Wedding Cake Topper

same sex celestial unique wedding cake toppers

This unique wedding cake topper is made for a couple that loves each other to the moon and back. With simple silhouettes outlining the couple, it’s a chic and romantic take on the traditional figurine topper.

Add it as the finishing touch on a celestial cake for a look that’s truly out of this world. Plus, this wedding cake topper would look great on your desk or bedside table as a sweet reminder of your vows.

Shop THis Celestial Same Sex Unique Cake Topper

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7: Custom Alpaca Funny + Unique Cake Topper

funny alpaca custom unique wedding cake toppers

Unique wedding cake toppers have never been SO CUTE! If you’re planning a rustic farm wedding, these needle felted alpaca toppers will be the star of the show. Made from the softest British Shetland and Merino wool, they are super high quality — and they also come with their own mini marriage certificate!

Shop This Farm-Ready Unique Cake Topper

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8: ’70s Disco Unique Wedding Cake Topper

1970s disco name unique wedding cake toppers

Trend alert: we’re seeing disco balls at weddings EVERYWHERE right now, and we’re not mad about it! Incorporate groovy ’70s vibes into your dessert with retro unique wedding cake toppers.

This one has 30 different color options (all disco-ready, of course) and can feature any names or phrases. If Studio 54 is your wedding inspo, then run, don’t walk, to this Etsy shop!

Shop This Retro Unique Cake Topper

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9: Whimsical Wire Unique Wedding Cake Topper

whimsical golden dove unique wedding cake toppers

This whimsical and unique wedding cake topper is giving ALL the fairytale vibes! With two love birds introducing the initial of your new shared last name, there’s no doubt about happily every after.

Plus, this unique wedding cake topper is handmade with sturdy but delicate wire, built to last a lifetime. Roll the credits!

Shop This Charming Bird Unique Cake Topper

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10: Funny Flamingo Unique Wedding Cake Topper

funny flamingo unique wedding cake toppers

Another set of love birds — but make them tropical! These unique flamingo wedding cake toppers will spark some serious joy at a destination or beach wedding. It’s a little bit whimsical, a little bit fun, and SO endearing.

Position the two flamingos closer together on your cake to create a playful heart shape with their necks. We’re swooning!

Shop This funny flamingo Unique Cake Topper

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unique beach wedding cakes

Planning a tropical wedding getaway? Check out these mouth-watering beach wedding cakes!

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Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

modern arch funny wedding cake toppers with custom writing
funny wedding cake topper: CoppiceAndCrafts on Etsy

Move over traditional wedding cake toppers — we’re here to have some FUN. For couples that don’t take themselves too seriously, funny wedding cake toppers are here to help you let loose on your big day and show off your fun side.

If you first won your other half over with the perfect pun on your first date, these wedding cake toppers are made for you. After all, laughter is the secret to a successful marriage!

11: Custom Bobblehead Funny Wedding Cake Topper

custom bobblehead funny wedding cake toppers

Hand sculpted based on photos of you and your future spouse, these bobblehead wedding cake toppers are guaranteed to be the talk of the party. Like traditional figurines, they show you in your wedding ‘fit (which is also fully customizable) — perfect for memorializing your gorgeous wedding gown!

Display this funny topper next to your wedding photos as a playful reminder of your big day.

Shop THis Funny Figurine Cake Topper

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12: Tinder-Inspired Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Tinder inspired funny wedding cake toppers

If you have a modern love story (aka a Tinder success story), this funny wedding cake topper is the perfect way to celebrate all the good things online dating gave you!

Just imagine, if your person had chosen a different profile photo all those years ago, you might not be standing there on your wedding day cutting that cake.

If that’s not a reason to give a nod to your favorite app on your big day, we don’t know what is!

Shop This Online Dating App Funny Cake Topper

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13: Custom Lego Figurine Funny Wedding Cake Topper

custom Lego figurine funny wedding cake toppers

For the young at heart, this funny wedding cake topper represents your love in Lego form. Customize the different colors on the topper to make it your own — and try to refrain from playing with it before the night is over!

The two figurines also come with a turntable, so you can position them side by side or facing each other for “I do”s.

Shop This Funny Lego Cake Topper

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14: Funny Cake Topper For Pandemic Couples

"finally" script funny wedding cake toppers

Pandemic couples: we see you. If you’ve postponed your wedding for what feels like a million times, this wedding cake topper is not only funny, it’s also cathartic!

Made with natural baltic birch wood and available in multiple sizes, it would make a great addition to a dessert table at your wedding, bridal shower, or even bachelorette party.

Shop This “Finally” Funny Cake Topper

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15: Cheeky Figurine Funny Wedding Cake Topper

cheeky figurine funny wedding cake toppers

These funny wedding cake toppers are made for couples that are business in the front, and party in the back. Designed to resemble you in your wedding best, this piece will give your guests a cheeky surprise when you show them the back (or keep that your little secret — we won’t tell anyone!).

And, made with long-lasting porcelain, these figurines can help you keep the spark alive forever.

Shop This Sexy and Funny Cake Topper

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16: Prehistoric Funny Wedding Cake Topper

dinosaur figurine funny toppers

We don’t remember this scene in Jurassic Park. Show your other half that you’ll love them until they’re a dinosaur with these funny wedding cake toppers.

Fully decked out in wedding attire, these prehistoric figurines are definitely not your average cake decor, and that’s what makes them SO good.

Shop This Funny Dinosaur Cake Topper

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17: “Mutual Weirdness Forever” Funny Wedding Cake Topper

mutual weirdness forever funny wedding cake toppers

Love is all about finding the person who has the same level of weirdness as you — and this funny wedding cake topper celebrates that!

It’s made with sturdy cardstock that doesn’t shed glitter and has thousands of 5-star reviews. Congrats, weirdos!

Shop This Unique and Funny “mutual weirdness” Cake Topper

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18: Unique Wooden Script Funny Cake Topper

unique wooden script funny wedding cake toppers

For when you finally do the damn thing, this funny wedding cake topper is here to capture those “just married” vibes.

The smooth wood is also perfect for a rustic celebration or casual backyard wedding.

Shop This PLayful Funny Cake Topper

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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

colorful modern monogram custom wedding cake toppers
custom wedding cake topper: CoppiceAndCrafts on Etsy

If there was ever a time to invest in a custom piece, it’s on your wedding day. From customized neon signs to personalized wedding rings, custom objects are meaningful, one-of-a-kind, and just a little luxurious.

If you’re looking for a super affordable option that still packs major personality, look no further than custom wedding cake toppers! Our favorite wedding cake toppers can be customized to showcase your names or appearances for a look that’s totally once in a lifetime.

19: Timeless Acrylic Custom Wedding Cake Topper

elegant acrylic arch custom wedding cake toppers

Oozing timeless elegance, this custom wedding cake topper is made with clear frosted acrylic — perfect for matching any cake color or style.

The text is personalized and handmade just for you, and we love it as a sweet and simple way to introduce your new shared last name to your friends and family.

Shop This Elegant Arch Custom Topper

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20: Rustic Script Custom Wedding Cake Topper

rustic script custom wedding cake toppers

Another classy way to introduce your married name, this custom wedding cake topper is made from wood or acrylic mirror, comes in multiple color options, and can be personalized with any text you’d like.

Crafted with love and precision, each topper at Rosewed is a bespoke work of art, ensuring names dance elegantly atop the wedding cake. And with a track record of over 100,000 delighted couples and a trove of 30,000 glowing reviews, Rosewed isn’t just creating cake toppers — they’re crafting cherished memories. 

Shop This Custom name Cake Topper

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21: Mr. and Mr. Custom Wedding Cake Topper

same sex figurine custom wedding cake toppers

Give your cake cutting ceremony that dapper 007 touch with this custom wedding cake topper. Featuring the silhouettes of two grooms in sleek suits, it’s classy, sophisticated, and completely cool.

These wedding cake toppers are also available in different widths and are made from high-gloss acrylic for ultimate elegance.

Best paired with a couples of martinis — shaken, not stirred.

Shop This Elegant Figurine Custom Cake Topper

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22: Intricate Laser Cut Custom Cake Topper

alternative laser cut custom wedding cake toppers

If you’re the cool couple in your friend group, wedding cake toppers may not seem very on-brand — but this custom piece may just change your mind. With an intricate laser-cut design, it’s the perfect combo of beautiful and edgy.

And, for couples with babies, we love how it incorporates your full family into your wedding day. Plus, it also has options for same-sex couples!

Shop This Unique Custom cake Topper

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black floral wedding cakes

Break away from tradition with these chic and unexpected black wedding cakes!

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23: Cursive Wooden Custom Wedding Cake Topper

timeless cursive wooden custom toppers

Sometimes the simplest things really ARE the sweetest! If you’re a minimalist at heart, this custom wedding cake topper will give you all the personalization you want without any of the fussy details.

Choose between wood or acrylic, depending on your wedding style — and, if you’re looking for a BIT more detail, you can also customize these wedding cake toppers with your names or a meaningful phrase.

Shop This Sophisticated Custom Cake Topper

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24: Illustrated Figurine Custom Wedding Cake Topper

illustrated figurine custom wedding cake toppers

Ever thought about what you and your beloved would look like in cartoon form? With these custom wedding cake toppers, you can finally find out (hint: you’re going to look pretty dang cute!).

Just send photos of you and your partner and any special details you’d like included, and this Etsy artist can create your animated avatars.

You can also include a photo of your pet to add to the cake topper — because fur babies.

Shop This Hand Painted figurine Custom Cake Topper

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impressionist painted wedding cakes

Calling all artistic couples! You’re going to fall in love with these one-of-a-kind painted wedding cakes.

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25: Calligraphy Custom Wedding Cake Topper

name calligraphy custom wedding cake toppers

Top-tier calligraphy is hard to come by, but this custom calligraphy wedding cake topper definitely belongs on the top tier of your dessert.

Handmade script from the artist means you won’t find wedding cake toppers like this anywhere else. And the way it floats over the cake? Simply TO DIE FOR.

Shop THis Eye-Catching calligraphy Custom Cake Topper

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26: Rustic Wooden Figurine Custom Cake Topper

rustic wooden figurine custom toppers

Just try to name more darling custom wedding cake toppers. We’ll wait. These pegdoll toppers can be customized to look like you and your future spouse, outfits and all.

Add or remove the rustic bunting (we say go for it!) and also include any additional family members (humans or fur). The perfect finishing touch to a boho cake AND your living room mantelpiece.

Shop This Nature-Inspired Custom Cake Topper

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Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers

custom cursive script rustic wedding cake toppers
rustic wedding cake topper: Rawkrft on Etsy

With natural elements, a carefree vibe, and warm details, rustic celebrations will never NOT be in vogue for weddings. To add an extra sweet layer to your nature-inspired day, you can’t miss these rustic wedding cake toppers.

Whether you’re enjoying frosting in the mountains or cutting cake at a small-town ranch, these designs will give you that ultimate organic and boho feel. Our favorite rustic cake toppers feature details like unfinished wood and dried flower arrangements.

27: Handmade Wood Rustic Wedding Cake Topper

custom wood rustic wedding cake toppers

A celebratory wooden banner for the newlyweds, these rustic wedding cake toppers are made with laser-cut oak veneer.

Add it to a pretty pink cake for a shabby chic look, or make it the crown of a pared back naked cake for a sweet barn wedding.

We can’t stop gushing over that slightly unfinished look, which gives the entire topper a raw, authentic feel.

Shop This Custom Rustic Wood Cake Topper

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28: Western-Inspired Rustic Wedding Cake Topper

western figurine rustic wedding cake toppers

For the couple that plans on wearing their cowboy boots with their wedding best, rustic wedding cake toppers are the definition of western chic.

Whether your nuptials take you to Austin, Texas, or Joshua Tree National Park, your guests will love a topper that reflects the theme of the venue AND your relationship.

If you don’t don your cowboy hats as you cut the cake — missed opportunity!

Shop This western Rustic Couple Cake Topper

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29: Rustic Wreath Wedding Cake Topper

custom script and wreath rustic wedding cake toppers

Throughout history, wreaths have symbolized eternal life, making them a great omen for weddings. This rustic wedding cake topper features an intricate wooden wreath circling your name — the perfect metaphor for your new marriage!

Give this topper new life after the last dance by hanging it like a wreath in your bedroom or home entryway.

Shop This Rustic Wreath Cake Topper

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30: Rustic Cake Topper For Adventurous Couples

adventurous mountain rustic wedding cake toppers

The mountains are calling — so make them your wedding cake toppers! For adventurous couples, this wooden decoration would make the perfect (mountain)top to your wedding cake.

Make it pop on top of white frosting with the darker stained option, perfect for a winter wedding in the Rockies.

Shop This MountainTop Rustic Cake Topper

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31: “Just Married” Rustic Wedding Cake Topper

just married banner rustic wedding cake toppers

The festival of it all! Handmade bunting and rustic wedding cake toppers are a match made in heaven. We can’t stop gushing over the sweet DIY vibes of this banner — a totally adorable way to jumpstart the festivities and ring in your new relationship status.

Shop This Rustic Banner Cake Topper

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32: Boho Floral Rustic Cake Topper

autumnal dried floral rustic wedding cake toppers

A crescent moon crafted out of autumnal dried flowers? Our boho hearts have skipped a beat!

Display this dried floral topper on its own for a simple and feminine effect, or style it with one of the other rustic wedding cake toppers for maximum boho vibes.

Shop This Boho Floral Rustic Cake Topper

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boho rustic wedding cakes with movement

Full of whimsy and boho vibes, these wedding cakes with movement are almost too good to be true.

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33: Floral Hoop Rustic Cake Topper

floral hoop rustic toppers

If you, like us, love a good floral hoop, you’re going to adore this whimsical and rustic wedding cake topper. With delicate faux lavender sprigs adorning a minimalist silver hoop, it’s a timeless piece that will never fade.

Combine it with other wedding cake toppers or keep it on its own for a refined and polished statement.

Shop This Minimalist Rustic Cake Topper

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Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

floral lace vintage wedding cake toppers
vintage wedding cake topper: GladStoneatHome on Etsy

For your “something old,” vintage wedding cake toppers are a sweet nod to an age-old tradition. Typically featuring ornate ivory lace, delicate florals, and a hand-painted happy couple, these wedding cake toppers are maximalist in the best way.

Whether you’re a vintage junkie who’s planning a fun retro wedding, or a classic couple who loves yesteryear’s romantic touches, vintage wedding cake toppers could be your perfect finishing touch.

34: 1950s Vintage Wedding Cake Topper

handpainted 1950s vintage wedding cake toppers

A far as vintage wedding cake toppers go, this one is about as romantic and traditional as it gets. Hailing all the way from the 1950s, it features a hand-painted couple surrounded by dainty florals underneath an ivory wedding bell.

Not only is the entire vintage cake topper a flawless time capsule, but the figurine’s tuxedo and satin gown are serious wedding fashion GOALS.

Shop This 1950s Vintage Cake Topper

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35: First Kiss Vintage-Inspired Cake Topper

romantic heart kissing figurine vintage wedding cake toppers

Vintage wedding cake toppers can sometimes come off as stiff and formal, but this vintage-inspired decoration mixes things up with a flirty and romantic kiss.

Framed by a whimsical tulle heart, it plays homage to a simpler time while still channeling the personality of a modern couple.

Shop THis Romantic Heart Vintage Cake Topper

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36: Retro ’70s Vintage Cake Topper

retro 1970s figurine vintage toppers

Disco balls, psychedelic prints, flower crowns — the ’70s are back, baby, and these vintage wedding cake toppers are right on theme.

Following a classic style from the 1970s, these figurine wedding cake toppers are perfect for a retro-inspired elopement or wedding. Just peep that handmade flower power dress!

Shop This Vintage Figurine Cake Topper

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37: Gold 1960s Vintage Topper

gold 1960s figurine vintage toppers

Instead of the ivory color palette of most vintage wedding cake toppers, this decoration maxes out on luxe gold. A rare find from the 1960s, it carries all the style and glamour of the era. Top your cake off with this piece and you’ll be golden!

Is that a birdcage veil we see on the bride figurine? Proof that great style never dies!

Shop This Gold 1960s Vintage Cake Topper

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Snack On These Wedding Dessert Tips!

tropical unique wedding cake toppers
wedding cake topper: ZCreateDesign on Etsy

Once you’ve narrowed down the perfect wedding cake toppers for your dessert table, then it’s time for the fun part — choosing the dessert!

From tiers of pastel frosting to tasty micro treats, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to the most beautiful wedding cakes. Just a friendly reminder: you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

If cake isn’t your style or you want more sweet options for your dessert spread, here are 14 other sugary treats to serve on your wedding day. Ice cream sandwiches? We’ll take three.

Now that you’re hungry, why not check out our guide to wedding appetizers? In between the ceremony and cocktail hour, your guests are bound to get peckish, and well-thought-out snacks are perfect for keeping spirits high all night long.

Not sure how to plan out all of your wedding day food? Check out these five different catering styles and how to choose the one that’s right for you.

As always, head to the comments below to fill us in on your thoughts about wedding cake toppers, delicious desserts, and all your other foodie ideas!