A Marriage of Ice and Fire: The Game of Thrones-Inspired Wedding You’ve Got to See to Believe

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding

Winter is officially here and we are officially freaking out. The Sunday Scaries will take on a whole new meaning this weekend, as the only thing for certain on Game of Thrones is a fair amount of death. But the fear of our favorite characters heading into that eternal Long Night is second only to our sheer excitement. Game of Thrones is BACK, people!! And naturally, we’re celebrating with a wedding.

We’ve seen a few GoT-inspired weddings since the beginning of the show but today’s unbelievable details take the throne…so to speak. Callie and Sarah are the co-founders of Top Knots CoWorking,  a shared office space for women in the New England region. For the last 4 years, they’ve hosted a photography workshop and as year 5 approached, it was time to go BIG:

It took only one look at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA for us to decide THIS needed to be the next location. Both of us are major fans of Game of Thrones and have gained inspiration for our own businesses through the story of one kickass queen, casually known as Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons.

We understand not everyone will choose a medieval, over-the-top, themed wedding for their big day. But we hope readers can see what it’s like for a team of vendors to use their creative freedom. We take pride in our work and love what we do — it’s just a little fun to try something completely new sometimes and run with it!

Of those said vendors, We Tie The Knots took on the huge task of designing the day, while Cody James Barry and photo assistant Annmarie Swift captured every stunning detail. Perhaps heartbreak awaits us this weekend but for now, let’s imagine a happy conclusion — a marriage of ice and fire!

black wedding invitation

Send a raven: we love this invitation by Sugarhouse Stationery!

House of Stark

There’s always a story to tell behind the scenes…there was a snowstorm as the day unfolded, resulting in no power! Candlelight was certainly appropriate for the subject, but the logistics of a photo shoot sure can get tricky without electricity. Hat tip to Ashely from We Tie The Knots for taking on the challenge!

The Things I Do For Love

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding

Okay — who else thinks this looks like a scene right out of King’s Landing?! (Queen Margery, is that you?)

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding

That dragon egg (by Gordo Glass!) is absolutely necessary.

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding

The Dragon and the Wolf

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding

Honestly, Ghost would be Jon Snow’s best man.

Khaleesi GoT

Will she take the throne? Jury’s out, but she certainly slays with that look by Makeup By Sarah Lord!

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding

It wouldn’t be a proper Game of Thrones wedding if the groom didn’t take the black.


By the way, that’s a working drawbridge covered in fresh snow. Kind of amazing, right?!

Dinner is Coming

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding

All the extravagance of the reception table was arranged thanks to Party Rental Ltd. — goblets and goblets of wine, anybody?

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding
Game of Thrones Styled Wedding

Sure, the place setting looks a little like House Bolton’s flayed man, but at least this isn’t a red wedding…

geode wedding cake

Did you know crystals can form when liquid magma cools? Sort of like a cross between ice and fire if you ask us — which is why this cake by Sweet Cheeks By Renee is more than brilliant!

A Girl is a Bride

Lelite Wedding Dress

She’s as beautiful as the moon and stars in this stunning Lelite gown. And Dany wouldn’t be Dany without an epic ‘do, so expertly created by Styles By Callie!

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding
red and pink rose bouquet

Sage Hill Floral dreamt up rich + romantic florals fit for a king and queen!

Game of Thrones Styled Wedding

…and now their watch has ended? Only time will tell. For now, let’s give a round of applause to the creative team who gave us the wish-fulfillment we want but don’t deserve. To you, we bend the knee!

For more behind the day, don’t miss the video “premiere” by Aeropex Media that may just take your breath away:

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photography: Cody James Barry // venue name: Hammond Castle, Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA // event design: We Tie The Knots // planning: Top Knots CoWorking // florals: Sage Hill Floral // wedding dress: Lelite // hairpiece: Eden Luxe Bridal // hair stylist: Styles By Callie // makeup artist: Makeup By Sarah Lord // videography: Aeropex Media // paper goods: Sugarhouse Stationery // calligraphy: FXA Calligraphy and Custom Designs // handmade details: Gordo Glass - Dragon Egg // cake: Sweet Cheeks By Renee // tabletop rentals: Party Rental Ltd. // furniture rentals: Party Rental Ltd. // linen rentals: Party Rental Ltd. // photography assistant, extra coordinator, posing techniques: Annmarie Swift