Unique Engagement Rings We Can’t Stop Staring At

unique engagement rings sitting in velvet Mrs Boxes on a watercolor backdrop adorned with pink and purple flowers

Here at Green Wedding Shoes, we LIVE for unique engagement rings. Who doesn’t want gorgeous, unique bling that stands out amongst all the rest?!

Whether you’re looking for something bohemian or a ring with a more modern bezel set, we’ve searched high and low for the most stunning, unique engagement rings out there.

But before we dive in, let’s share a few quick tips for choosing the best unique engagement ring. Consider us your ring buying gurus!

{above photo: Jose Villa + Joel Serrato, as seen in this Mrs. Box heirloom ring box editorial}

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How Can You Choose An Engagement Ring That’s Both Timeless and Unique?

unique solitaire engagement ring
photo: Jordan Voth, as seen in Whitney Simmons’s mountaintop proposal

We totally get it: you’ve chosen to have a unique engagement ring because you want something that stands out and shows off your distinct style! We LOVE that!

But you’re also probably wondering: is it possible to have a super unique ring that’s also timeless? Yes, yes, and more yes! So many unique engagement rings borrow in style from previous decades (think sunburst style art deco style rings that have a 1920’s vibe!). Or they have classic cuts but choose unique stones or materials.

Typically, there’s some element in a unique engagement ring that borrows from something timeless, while also forging its own incredible style! That’s the beauty of these types of engagement rings: they’ll stand the test of time and look absolutely amazing and uniquely different at the same time!

We recommend choosing one specific element of your engagement ring to be the unique, standout portion of the band. Whether it’s a distinct gemstone center or an unexpected cut, allow one part of the ring to be that “wow factor.”

Then, for the rest of the ring, opt for classic and timeless elements, like a minimalist gold band or a classic emerald cut on an emerald engagement ring.

Where Are The Best Places to Buy a Unique Engagement Ring?

art deco sunburst style bohemian engagement ring
photo: Mary Costa Photography, as seen in this vibrant pink and orange backyard wedding

We’ll be sharing unique engagement rings from some of our favorite ring shops. So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

To name a few, these are some of our favorite shops you’ll see featured in this guide to unique engagement rings: Catbird, Etsy, Capucinne, Brilliant Earth, Valley Rose Studio, and Ylang 23.

Now let’s jump into the fun stuff…our favorite unique engagement rings!

Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings

rose gold engagement rings
photo: Carlie Statsky, as seen in this California redwood grove inspired wedding

Rose gold has a super romantic, soft vibe to it that we’re totally smitten with. Yellow gold, silver, and white gold are totally the classics, but rose gold really manages to stand out, making it a natural fit for unique engagement rings.

1. Rose Gold Floral Engagement Ring with Unique Flower Shape

unique rose gold engagement rings with gold floral shape around diamond center stone
photo: Catbird

Let’s start off this list of unique engagement rings with a bang! How STUNNING is this flower-shaped rose gold engagement ring?! We’re certainly smitten.

Not only is the center stone and surround gorgeous, but we especially love the little diamond details on the band. They remind us of tiny flower buds!

2. Unique Rose Gold Engagement Ring with Rainbow Moonstone Center Stone

solitaire rainbow moonstone bohemian unique engagement ring
photo: Ylang 23

We have total heart eyes for this rainbow moonstone unique rose gold engagement ring. We love the way the simple, thick rose gold band really allows the tones and colors in the moonstone to shine.

This ring is definitely on the larger side, and totally stands out in the best ways. It’s perfect if you want to make a real style statement, but still want to incorporate a simple, more modern design.

3. Diamond Studded Star Shaped Rose Gold Engagement Ring

unique rose gold engagement rings with star shape and studded diamonds
photo: Penelli Belle

We’re getting all the celestial vibes with this unique rose gold engagement ring. We can’t get over the contrast of the simple round diamonds paired with an eccentric, bold star shape.

4. Rose Gold Romantic Three Stone Ring

three stone unique rose gold engagement ring with a simple band and romantic look
photo: Catbird

Catbird calls this ring “The Swan” and we think that name is 100% fitting because the elegance of this unique rose gold ring is the very first thing we notice.

The simple, modern rose gold band really makes the diamond trio pop, and we particularly love that the two stones sitting next to the round center are pear-shaped. So regal!

5. Art Deco Rose Gold Unique Engagement Ring

diamond alternative bohemian rose gold unique engagement rings in the Art Deco sunburst style
photo: Diamond Nexus

The Art Deco style is the ultimate when it comes to unique engagement rings, which is why we’re head over heels for this gorgeous bohemian sunburst style ring.

While we’ve seen the sunburst style many times, this specific engagement ring is a totally unique take on the style. We LOVE.

diamond accented pink bohemian unique engagement rings with gold band

Need more rose gold in your life? Our roundup of 71 of the prettiest rose gold bands is basically made for you.

Unique Modern Engagement Rings

modern engagement ring stacked in between two gold wedding bands
photo: Alexandria Monette Photography, as seen in this modern wedding with black and mauve accents

We love the look of unique modern engagement rings! There’s something so special about a ring that manages to strip itself of all the frills yet still make a TOTAL statement.

6. Unique Baguette Diamond Modern Engagement Ring

yellow gold unique baguette diamond modern engagement ring
photo: Catbird

We love how the baguette cut gives engagement rings a very modern look, but this unique interpretation on the baguette cut is really something else!

The yellow gold band is the perfect canvas to spotlight the unique geometric baguette cut on this ring (actually, it’s technically two baguette cut diamonds!). The design is sleek and ultra modern, while still feeling warm and unique.

7. Rose Gold Modern Marquise Cut Unique Engagement Ring

modern unique engagement rings with marquise cut diamond alternative and rose gold band
photo: Diamond Nexus

Who says ultra modern and minimal engagement rings can’t also be unique? The marquise cut in general is definitely one of the most unique stone cuts, with a royal vibe that’s totally unmatched. And this ring truly embraces that aesthetic.

We really like how the super simple rose gold band on this unique modern engagement ring really shows off the marquise cut solitaire stone. Pure magic.

8. Gorgeous Rose Gold Bypass Style Modern Moissanite Engagement Ring

bypass style unique modern engagement ring with solitaire round moissanite center stone
photo: Shy Fine Jewelry

The secret’s out, but we LOVE moissanite as a diamond alternative. And the solitaire moissanite center stone on this unique bypass style modern engagement ring is to die for!

Moissanite has a gorgeous, almost rainbow-like vibrant shimmer, and this ring totally shows off moissanite’s best qualities.

9. Modern + Unique Dreamy Blue Engagement Ring

bohemian blue stone gold modern unique engagement rings
photo: Catbird

This unique engagement ring is the perfect blend of modern meets whimsical. The ombre of blue stones gives this ring an unexpectedly modern touch, while the gold band and mix of round and emerald cuts exude delicate whimsy.

To say this engagement ring oozes elegance would be an understatement. We’re certainly smitten.

10. Hollow Center Modern Hexagon Ring

unique modern engagement ring with hollow hexagon center
photo: Hiddenspace Jewelry

We had to do a double take at this modern ring, because of its center stone (or lack thereof!). Seriously, how cool is the hollow center on this ring?

We love that the focal point is actually a diamond-dotted hexagon halo, rather than a statement stone…such a unique engagement ring feature!

11. Modern Brickwork-Style Ring

brickwork style gold banded unique modern engagement rings
photo: Catbird

We love the unique and modern design of this engagement ring, with its gemstones stacked and paired to look like a brickwork pattern!

This design is definitely unlike anything out there, and we love that it’s paired with a simple gold band for a modern-meets-unique look.

12. Art Deco Style Modern Engagement Ring

unique art deco modern engagement ring with a vintage look
photo: Swank Metalsmithing

Modern meets vintage with this unique engagement ring! We love the Art Deco style, and even though this style is vintage, it has a modern look to it, too.

The strong geometric shapes on this ring really stand out and make the ring feel fresh and updated, while still being reminiscent of a vintage Art Deco design.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

floral inspired diamond engagement ring sitting in a dark green velvet box
photo: Lillywhite Photography, as seen in this boho California vow renewal editorial

Who says the classic diamond can’t be unique?! We love it when a classic takes on a unique twist, and these diamond rings do exactly that.

13. Stunningly Unique Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

unique diamond cluster engagement ring with a yellow gold band
photo: Mejuri

We love how beautiful the diamond cluster on this engagement ring looks, especially when popping against that brilliant gold band. It reminds us of beautiful little berries!

14. Edgy Raw Diamond Ring

raw diamond engagement ring with a rose gold band
photo: Luxezen

Talk about a ridiculously gorgeous and unique diamond engagement ring on a budget! This beauty is actually under $100, if you can believe it. We are beyond words in love with this ring, to say the least!

15. Glittering Multi Diamond Kaleidoscope Ring

diamond kaleidoscope ring
photo: Moda Operandi

They call this diamond engagement ring a kaleidoscope and they are SPOT ON. How fun is this collection of clustered diamonds?

So beautiful, especially when pairing that glimmering bunch with a simple and minimalist gold band and modern bezel set.

16. Celestial Diamond Ring with Rainbow Stone Band

unique diamond engagement ring with rainbow stones
photo: Catbird

The rainbow engagement ring of our dreaaaaaams right here! We love the two crescent moons sitting on either side of the dainty diamond center stone. And oh my goodness, the rainbow stones decorating the band? To die for!

Unique Black Engagement Rings

black engagement ring with organic shape and rose gold band
photo: Morgan Miller Photography, as seen in this total eclipse of the heart wedding editorial

If you love some mood and edginess, you are going to be fully in love with these unique black engagement rings. Also, psst…love a good black accent? Then you NEED to check out our black wedding dress guide.

17. Salt and Pepper Black Diamond Stackable Engagement Ring

unique stackable salt and pepper diamond engagement ring
photo: Hiddenspace Jewelry

The salt and pepper black diamond on this engagement ring is totally gorgeous, and we love how the hexagon shape is so different!

And what could be better than a stackable set? The wedding band that pairs with this engagement ring almost looks like a crown that’s perfectly fitted to go with the ring. Love!

18. Rose Gold Diamond Cluster Ring with Black Diamond Triangle

rose gold triangle shaped black diamond cluster ring
photo: Capucinne

We love the dreamy look of a diamond cluster engagement ring, and the center black diamond stone’s triangle shape immediately grabs our attention.

19. Unique Raw Black Diamond Engagement Ring

raw black diamond engagement ring with hammered rose gold band
photo: eMeraki Studio

This raw black diamond engagement ring is the perfect alternative ring if you’re looking for something edgy and unique.

We especially love the roughness of the raw diamond paired with the organic hammered band and imperfectly perfect prongs holding the stone in place.

20. Dreamy Gold Solitaire Unique Black Diamond Ring

22K yellow gold black diamond unique engagement rings
photo: Catbird

How cool and unique is this gold bohemian engagement ring?! It pairs a simple rose cut solitaire black diamond with an ornate 22 karat yellow gold band for the most luxurious look.

Anyone else getting Cleopatra vibes from this one? The style of this unique engagement ring has a look to it that makes it feel like it could be thousands of years old. There’s just something about the ornate gold flourishes on the band that just does it for us.

21. Unique Emerald Cut Black Onyx Engagement Ring with Marquise Stone Accents

unique emerald cut black onyx engagement ring with marquise cut accent stones
photo: Dreamcraft Jewelry

We love the distinct look of an emerald cut onyx stone, especially when paired with the delicate marquise cut clear stones on either side of this ring’s center.

The black stone has an elegance to it, and the floral vibes of the accent stones bring a warm romanticism to the mix.

22. Stackable Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings

stackable black triangle engagement rings
photo: Staghead Designs

We are here for a stackable moment, and this salt and pepper diamond set is the one we NEED.

We’re loving the mysteriously alluring combo of a unique black stone diamond engagement ring with a rose gold band.

23. Princess Cut Bezel Set Black Diamond Engagement Ring

bezel set princess cut black diamond engagement ring
photo: Capucinne

This one’s for all the edgy princesses out there, because this princess cut bezel set black diamond engagement ring is bringing us all the dark and mysterious royalty vibes…and we’re not mad about it!

This engagement ring uniquely combines the modern look of the bezel set with the dolled up elegance of a partial diamond halo surrounded and diamond studded band. We approve!

gold band solitaire unique engagement rings

Capture the full royal aesthetic with our fave princess cut bands. Tiara not included.

Bohemian Unique Engagement Rings

bohemian unique engagement ring with Art Deco sunburst style
photo: Sarah Pukin Photography, as seen in this neutral tone wedding inspo

Oh heyyy, you know we’re all about all things boho. This is basically our specialty here at Green Wedding Shoes, so naturally, we couldn’t be more excited to be sharing some of our favorite bohemian unique engagement rings.

24. Rose Gold Double Band Bohemian Engagement Ring

rose gold bohemian double band
photo: Catbird

We love how this bohemian engagement ring’s double band allows it to be both an engagement ring and a wedding band in one. How perfect!

And it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyways: how gorgeous is the combo of rose gold with that beautiful cluster of glimmering diamonds?!

25. The Twig Deluxe Ring

twig style gold band unique diamond ring
photo: Catbird

This romantic ring is brimming and budding with diamonds — and we can’t get over its whimsically bohemian vibe. Such a unique and ethereal design!

26. Floral Vibes Unique Golden Bohemian Ring

gold and diamond bohemian unique engagement ring with nature inspired band
photo: Catbird

We’re pretty sure you’ll look like a total forest queen in this gorgeously bohemian gold ring. First things first, the elongated diamond hexagon center stone is beyond mesmerizing. But pair it with those golden floral details on the band? We’re hooked.

Unique Gold Engagement Rings

diamond and gold engagement ring sitting in between two gold wedding bands
photo: Kristen Booth, as seen in this fairytale inspired NorCal elopement

We love the idea of a unique gold engagement ring. It’s kind of like a blank canvas that allows a unique and bold design to stand out.

Gold is a classic material for engagement rings, and its timeless look really helps the distinct and more unique elements of your ring really show up.

27. Nature Inspired Round Cut Unique Diamond Ring with Gold Band

nature inspired round cut diamond bohemian gold unique engagement rings
photo: Catbird

Is there anything more timeless than a piece of jewelry that mirrors nature? We think not. This stunning and unique gold ring incorporates a flower stem design on the band, with gorgeous diamond and pearl accents as the floral elements.

This dreamy gold bohemian ring has an ultra organic look to it that’s so unique and unexpected compared to the traditional smooth-edged bands we’re used to seeing, and we’re not mad about it.

28. Unique Costal Ombre Gold Engagement Ring

blue ombre unique gold engagement band
photo: Brilliant Earth

This unique gold engagement ring is a true stunner. We love love love the contrast of the cool toned blue and green stones with the warmer toned 18K yellow gold band.

The mixture of color temperatures really gives this engagement ring a unique feel that we’re obsessed with!

29. Bohemian Moss Agate Ring with Gold Band

hexagon shaped moss agate bohemian unique gold engagement rings
photo: Staghead Designs

This unique gold engagement ring has all the PNW forest vibes! It’s giving forest bathing queen, and we’re kind of obsessed.

The hexagonal cut moss agate, with its gorgeous green tones, immediately catches our eye. And we especially love the way the diamond leaves and moss inlays on the band add to the forest aesthetic.

30. Kite Cut Moss Agate Gold Unique Engagement Ring

kite cut moss agate gold unique engagement rings
photo: Hiddenspace Jewelry

Another moss agate style, because we just can’t help ourselves (can you blame us?!). When it comes to unique engagement rings, the kite cut stone tops our list. It’s the ultimate in bohemian design, with a look that’s equal parts free spirit and glamour.

This ring is basically an art piece, and we can’t get over it! After all, it was a 2022 Etsy Design Awards finalist.

pear shaped rosey diamond etsy engagement rings on crystal stand

Speaking of Etsy, they have some of the most unique engagement rings out there. Our guide to the best Etsy bands includes our faves.

Unique Bezel Set Engagement Rings

bezel set engagement ring with opal accents
photo: Mary Costa Photography, as seen in this whimsical wildflower elopement

Bezel set engagement rings definitely have a unique vibe to them. Most rings use prongs to hold the center stone in place, but with a bezel set, metal literally wraps all the way around the edges of the stone, holding it in place.

We totally love that this type of setting portrays strength and stability. It can be a representation of your unique relationship and how strong it is, or it can represent your epically strong personality. Either way, we love unique bezel set engagement rings.

31. Gold Bezel Set Engagement Ring with Gorgeous Oval Diamond

oval diamond bezel set gold band engagement ring
photo: Catbird

We love a good milgrain detail, and this bezel set gold engagement ring has nailed it.

We love the strong yet elegant look this ring has, and we’re particularly drawn to the two diamonds sitting on golden triangle settings on either side of that statement oval diamond.

rose gold oval engagement rings

There’s no denying it: oval bands pack the romance, and these are our faves.

32. Unique Rose Cut Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

gold bezel set bohemian engagement ring with rose cut diamond
photo: Ylang 23

We are seeing rose cut diamonds trending more and more these days, and we especially love the unique way this engagement ring incorporates that stunning geometric cut with a striking diamond-dotted gold band and a statement bezel set.

33. Vintage Style Bezel Set Oval Moissanite Ring

moissanite unique bezel set engagement ring
photo: Denver Studio

The delicate scalloped bezel set of this moissanite ring is giving us total vintage vibes. This ring has a soft and romantic feel to it, and it really sets the stage for the moissanite stone to shine!

34. Yellow Gold Bezel Set Green Goddess Unique Engagement Ring

solitaire green stone yellow gold unique bezel set engagement ring on hand
photo: Catbird

How gorgeous and unique is this bezel set solitaire green goddess engagement ring?! Solitaire settings are the ultimate when it comes to stunning simplicity, and this ring’s solitaire green stone is no exception.

The milgrain detailing on the bezel setting adds a bohemian feel that takes this gold band to the next level. Perfect for anyone who wants a unique ring without all the fuss.

Unique Marquise Engagement Rings

marquise engagement rings
photo: Studio Phylicia, as seen in this magical Morocco elopement

We will never get tired of how gorgeous and unique marquise engagement rings are. It’s not every day that we come across this type of gem cut, and we love that it’s so uncommon and beautiful!

35. Fairytale Style Marquise Ring

fairytale style gold marquise engagement ring
photo: Catbird

A fairytale marquise engagement ring straight out of a storybook! We love the ultra elongated cut of the marquise cut diamond and the intensely pointed symmetrical prongs holding it together.

This ring almost feels like it has a floral vibe to it, while also hinting at some gothic architectural influences as well. Either way, we’re in love with it’s design!

36. Epic Multi Marquise Cluster Engagement Ring

unique marquise engagement ring with gold band and multiple diamond clusters
photo: Capucinne

Slow your scroll! This impeccably unique marquise engagement ring is frankly on its own level. We love that it looks like the reflection of two tiaras.

The cluster of marquise and round cut diamonds is so intricate and geometrically beautiful that we can’t help but let our jaws drop to the floor. Quite possibly one of the prettiest and most unique engagement rings we’ve EVER seen!

37. Crown-Like Opal Marquise Engagement Ring

distinct crown shaped marquise opal engagement ring
photo: Capucinne

Who doesn’t love the look of an opal glimmering in the sunlight?! We are here for the colorful, rainbow-like look of this stone, and the marquise cut on this crown-shaped ring makes this band all the more regal!

Unique Solitaire Engagement Rings

solitaire engagement ring sitting on a colorful yellow wedding invitation
photo: Mary Costa Photography, as seen in this colorful backyard wedding

Solitaire engagement rings have such a romantic look, which totally makes sense given that they represent the singular love a couple shares (how cute!).

While solitaire rings are known for being more traditional, we love these unique solitaire engagement rings that take a classic and make it stand out.

38. Lovely Quartz Hexagon Solitaire Engagement Ring

hexagon quartz solitaire engagement ring
photo: Staghead Designs

We love the whimsical look of this solitaire engagement ring. Normally, we’re used to seeing oval or round stones on solitaire rings, but we like how the sharp geometric edges on this quartz stone really grab attention.

39. Hand Carved Gold Banded Diamond Solitaire Ring

hand carved gold banded solitaire unique diamond ring
photo: Catbird

Who doesn’t love a hand carved ring? We love that it adds a certain earthy, organic look to this classic and simple design. This ring is the perfect blend of artisanal and modern. So pretty!

gold bohemian unique engagement rings with diamond accent stones
unique kite cut rings: Hiddenspace Jewelry

Getting ring sizing right can be a nerve-wracking process, but our guide covers everything you need to know to get that band size right. And once you have that ring chosen, you’re gonna want to pop on over to our proposal ideas roundup for the cutest and most unique ways to get down on one knee.

Still looking for more engagement ring inspo? We have a guide all about emerald rings, a moissanite vs diamond guide (plus our fave moissanite beauties), and a list of our favorite gemstone bands. And if you’re ring shopping on a budget, we’ve got you covered there too.