31 Cluster Engagement Rings We’re Obsessing Over

woman wearing a collection of cluster engagement rings
photo: Kelsey Fugere | rings: Sofia Kaman

It’s the trend that’s taking the wedding world by storm: cluster engagement rings. And oh my are they gorgeous! Cluster rings are completely re-defining what a typical engagement band looks like, incorporating a unique cluster design that has a sparkle like no other. And we can’t wait to share our favorite rings in this stunning style.

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What Defines a Cluster Engagement Ring Style?

Art Deco inspired gold cluster engagement rings with round cut center stone
cluster ring: Diamond Nexus

As the name implies, cluster engagement rings are defined by an assortment of stones arranged in a cluster form. Sometimes, the idea is for a collection of smaller stones to cluster together to look like a larger unit.

Other cluster engagement rings use a variety of different gemstones and stone sizes to create asymmetrical, unique compositions that create a unique and customized look.

What Types of Stones are Commonly Seen in Cluster Engagement Rings?

vintage blue sapphire cluster engagement ring
photo: Katelyn Vines Photography, as seen in this southern summer wedding inspiration

Many cluster rings will incorporate diamonds in some shape or form, whether as small accents or the entire cluster setting. That said, we’re seeing a growing trend in gemstones taking over this ring style, and we couldn’t love it more!

The Difference Between Modern and Vintage Cluster Engagement Ring Styles

gold vintage cluster engagement ring with flower inspired design
photo: Michelle Roller Photography, as seen in this edgy, modern wedding inspiration

Many vintage cluster engagement rings incorporate a symmetrical design, whereas modern rings are really embracing the asymmetrical vibe.

For example, many vintage cluster rings were created to resemble flowers, with little stones making up the flower petals. That type of look tends to lean towards the symmetrical.

On the other hand, the asymmetrical look common in modern cluster rings has more of an abstract take.

How to Care for a Cluster Engagement Ring

bride wearing an Art Deco vintage inspired diamond cluster engagement ring
photo: Jillian Nielsen Photography, as seen in this autumn-inspired boho wedding inspiration

When caring for your cluster engagement ring, you’ll need to take into account the type of stones it’s made of. The way you care for diamonds, for example, will be different than the way you care for emeralds. Some stones are more durable than others, and that translates into your care and cleaning of the ring.

We highly recommend consulting with your ring designer on the best way to care for and clean your ring. That includes cleaning solutions, as well as cleaning tools like brushes! They will be able to explain what the best choice is for your particular ring.

How to Find a Good Wedding Band for a Cluster Engagement Ring

Art Deco vintage style cluster engagement rings
photo: David Abel | rings: Sofia Kaman | stylist: Lustre Theory

Finding a good wedding band to pair with a cluster engagement ring can be a challenge, particularly with an asymmetrical design. For symmetrical styles, rings with a dip or curve allow the cluster engagement ring to sit nested above it.

With asymmetrical cluster rings with more unique and abstract designs, we recommend choosing a ring designer who can create a custom band that fits snugly with your engagement ring.

Diamond Cluster Engagement Rings

gold Art Deco style diamond cluster engagement rings
photo: Christy McCarter Photography, as seen in this romantic wedding inspiration with alpacas

We love the simplicity and elegance of diamond cluster engagement rings. For a more classic design, opt for a symmetrical look. And for something more unique and unexpected, choose a ring with a unique cluster pattern!

1: Rose Gold Mini Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

asymmetrical mini diamond cluster engagement ring with a rose gold band

This diamond cluster ring totally embraces the asymmetrical modern look, with a dainty and delicate collection of round cut stones displayed in the prettiest of patterns.

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2: Dainty Yellow Gold + Diamond Cluster Band

asymmetrical round cut diamond cluster band in yellow gold

Another stunning asymmetrical beauty! This diamond cluster engagement ring gives us starry night sky vibes. We also love that it can be customized with an initial engraving on the inside of the band.

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3: Hierloom Symmetrical Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

symmetrical diamond cluster engagement rings with round cut center stones and pear cut accents

Who says symmetrical diamond cluster engagement rings HAVE to be traditional?! We love the way these gorgeous cluster bands feel effortlessly cool and modern, while also embracing a traditional, symmetrical setting.

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4: Pear Cut Diamond Cluster Band with Ruby Accents

pear shaped diamond cluster band with round cut tiny ruby accents

How cute is the little addition of color on this diamond cluster engagement ring?! Those adorable round cut rubies make for the perfect symmetrical frame.

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5: Glittering Snowflake Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

snowflake inspired diamond cluster engagement ring with round cut stones and a yellow gold band

We love the gentle elegance of this cluster stunner. It features the prettiest collection of round cut diamonds, meant to look like a delicate snowflake falling from the sky. Could it be any dreamier?!

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6: Crown Shaped Art Deco Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Art Deco crown shaped diamond cluster engagement ring

We’re obsessing over the Art Deco design of this crown-shaped diamond cluster band. The elegance of the marquise and round cut stones only add to the elegance, and we are here for it!

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7: Diamond Cut Medley Cluster Band

diamond cluster engagement ring with pear cut marquise, baguette, oval, and princess cut stones

We’re smitten over the way this unique diamond cluster band incorporates so many different cuts to form what looks like the prettiest water droplet shape. You have the pointed elegance of the marquise cut diamond and the classic look of the princess cut. All the different shapes create the most gorgeous stone medley.

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8: Oval Engagement Ring with Round Cut Cluster Trio Accents

oval engagement ring with round diamond cluster accents

This beauty is for the ones who love a simple, understated cluster band design. It features the sweetest little oval shaped center stones, and dotting either side is a trio of round cut itty bitty stones.

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Edwardian Cluster Rings

Edwardian cluster ring sitting in a dark green velvet box surrounded by mustard yellow ribbon
photo: Lillywhite Photography, as seen in this boho California vow renewal

Edwardian cluster rings are defined by their ornamental, lace-like detail that lends itself to bands with a floral design. They’re all about romance, and it’s safe to say we’ve fallen in love.

9: Antique Edwardian Cluster Ring in a Marquise Shape

antique Edwardian cluster ring in a marquise shape and 14K yellow gold band

This vintage Edwardian cluster ring is serious goals. We love the way the round cut diamonds are grouped together to create a marquise shape. Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous piece of antique jewelry?!

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10: Edwardian Flower Cluster Ring

Edwardian flower cluster band

The floral moment on this Edwardian style cluster ring is sooooo whimsical. There’s nothing quite like a cluster style to showcase the glimmer of a diamond.

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11: Symmetrical Floral Edwardian Style Cluster Ring

symmetrical floral Edwardian style cluster band

Another floral cluster, but with a more chunky stone vibe! This lovely engagement ring takes a very literal angle to the floral design, choosing a very distinct center stone and surround for the petals. Aaaaand it’s extra large, for lovers of a glam look.

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12: Amethyst Swarovski Crystal + Opal Cluster Band

amethyst Swarovski crystal and opal Edwardian style cluster engagement ring

Cluster rings beautifully show off different stone types, and we’re head over heels for this amethyst Swarovski crystal and opal one! The dark purple amethyst crystals provide a striking contrast to the creamy translucent look of the opals.

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13: Antique Platinum + Gold Edwardian Cluster Engagement Ring

antique platinum and gold Edwardian cluster engagement ring

This antique Edwardian style not only showcases the most stunning symmetrical round cluster, but it also incorporates mixed metals too. The mix of platinum and yellow gold create a unique contrast between cold and warm color temperatures that we’re mesmerized by!

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14: Emerald Edwardian Cluster Ring

antique emerald Edwardian cluster engagement ring with yellow gold band

Can we talk about how stunning this antique emerald Edwardian cluster ring is?! It dates back to the early 1900s, and beautifully incorporates a classic floral-inspired symmetrical cluster design.

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15: Edwardian Style Daisy Cluster Band

daisy flower Edwardian style cluster band

The intricate petal detailing on this Edwardian style daisy cluster ring is too good! We love the way the flourishes on the setting accentuate the itty bitty petal stones. Such a whimsical design!

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16: Stunning Edwardian Ruby Cluster Ring

ruby and diamond antique Edwardian cluster engagement ring with a yellow gold band and marquise shape

We’re kind of obsessed with the way the diamonds on this Edwardian cluster ring surround and showcase those stunning ruby center stones. Talk about a ring that’ll shock and awe, in the best kind of way!

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Vintage Cluster Engagement Rings

Art Deco vintage cluster engagement rings
photo: Sarah Pukin Photography, as seen in this neutral wedding inspiration

Snag a little piece of history with a gorgeous vintage cluster engagement ring. We’ve included a mix of authentic vintage bands and vintage-inspired bands we’re swooning over!

17: Vintage Style Sunrise Cluster Engagement Ring

Art Deco vintage style sunrise cluster engagement ring

One of the coolest things about cluster engagement rings is the way the clusters can be used to create incredible shapes and designs. Like this insanely gorgeous Art Deco vintage inspired sunrise band.

And given the flatter bottom of the sunrise portion of the ring, matching it with a wedding band should be a pretty easy task.

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18: Romantic Vintage Inspired Cluster Band with Twig Design

vintage twig design cluster band

There’s something about vintage engagement rings…they beautifully incorporate intricate, ethereal design elements that feel organic and glamorous at the same time. And this vintage inspired cluster ring embodies that organic, detailed aesthetic. The yellow gold is such a striking canvas for the diamond stones.

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19: Early 1900s Emerald Vintage Cluster Engagement Ring

Edwardian emerald vintage cluster engagement ring

Here we have another gorgeous, authentic Edwardian vintage cluster engagement ring. We’re in love with the elongated vertical shape. Totally feels regal!

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20: Vintage Style Art Deco Moissanite Cluster Band Set

Art Deco vintage style moissanite cluster engagement ring and wedding band set

Finding a cluster engagement ring and band combo can totally be a challenge, but this vintage Art Deco style set tackles that challenge beautifully. We love the way that the band and engagement ring in this set perfectly compliment each other to make the most gorgeous vintage inspired collection.

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21: Vintage Style Oval Cluster Engagement Ring

oval vintage cluster engagement ring with yellow gold band

This oval vintage style cluster engagement band is oh so romantic and sweet. It features a stunning halo design, with gorgeous curving lines. And the band itself is beautifully dotted with stones too!

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Oval Cluster Engagement Rings

blue oval cluster engagement ring sitting on a blue dried floral
photo: AGS Photo Art, as seen in this all blue coastal wedding inspiration

Oval cluster engagement rings have a soft and romantic look to them that’s perfect for those who love a more subtle and classic vibe.

22: Winged Moissanite Oval Cluster Band

winged moissanite oval cluster engagement rings

The marquise cut stone trios on their side of this oval cluster engagement band create a wing-like effect that looks absolutely heavenly!

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23: Elegant Stone Trio Oval Cluster Engagement Ring

stone trio oval cluster engagement rings

The simplicity of this stone trio oval cluster engagement band is truly something else. We love that it keeps things simple, with a symmetrical design that has an extraordinarily beautiful handcrafted feel. Perfect to pair with a v-shaped wedding band!

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24: Deep Blue Alexandrite Oval Cluster Ring

oval alexandrite cluster engagement rings

We couldn’t be more in love with the oval alexandrite center stone on this whimsical cluster engagement ring. That rich blue color is as deep and beautiful as the ocean!

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25: Multi-Stone Oval Cluster Ring

multi-stone oval cluster engagement ring with diamonds, sapphires, and pearls

Cluster rings are the perfect ring style to incorporate an arrangement of different stone and colors. And we love the way this specific style incorporates an oval cut diamond, round cut sapphires, and the sweetest little pearl. Total princess vibes!

shop the multi-stone oval cluster ring

26: Oval Pink Sapphire Cluster Band

pink sapphire oval cluster engagement ring

We love the playful and colorful vibe of a pink sapphire, and we’re especially head over heels for this symmetrical pink oval cluster engagement band. The rose gold beautifully mirrors the pink tones in the stone!

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Asymmetrical Cluster Engagement Rings

photo: Mejuri

Asymmetrical cluster engagement rings have been seriously trending lately! They are a unique take on a timeless design, incorporating fun and distinct patterns that are unlike anything else.

27: Diamond + Montana Diamond Asymmetrical Cluster Band

asymmetrical cluster engagement ring with white diamonds and Montana sapphires

This stunner incorporates two of our favorite things: a unique asymmetrical design and a mixture of stunning precious gemstones. The warmth of the yellow gold band provides a gorgeous juxtaposition to the cool tones of the white diamond and sapphire.

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28: Celestial Asymmetrical Cluster Engagement Ring

asymmetrical cluster engagement ring with emerald cut diamond center stone

Capture all the celestial, starry sky vibes with this gorgeous asymmetrical cluster engagement ring. We love the way the two ends of the band meet together at the emerald cut center diamond stone.

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29: Asymmetrical Sapphire Collection Cluster Ring

pale blue asymmetrical cluster engagement rings

We’re busy dreaming about the sweet pale blue color of the collection of sapphires on this asymmetrical cluster engagement ring. And we love the way the clusters are spread out on the band. Such a unique look!

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30: Galaxy Inspired Asymmetrical Cluster Band

toi et moi salt and pepper diamond asymmetrical cluster engagement ring sitting on a yellow rose

We’re seeing all the spacey vibes with this stunning toi et moi style asymmetrical cluster engagement band. Perfect for anyone looking for a truly unique ring style.

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31: Pear Diamond Asymmetrical Cluster Ring

pear shaped asymmetrical cluster engagement ring

We’re obsessing over how cool this asymmetrical cluster ring is! The assortment of diamonds have an imperfect, raw look when grouped together. So much so that they almost look like they came straight out of the earth in this gorgeous assortment.

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Which of These Cluster Rings is Your Fave?!

Are you as in love with cluster rings as we are? Share your favorites in this collection in the comments below. In the meantime, we’re going ring shopping!