Antique + Unique: Dazzling Victorian Era Rings From Erstwhile Jewelry

Calling all old souls!

Vintage lovers, history buffs, and antique store explorers know: a thing can be just that much more special when it already has a story. Especially when that thing is a wedding or engagement ring.

We are so excited to give you a peek at the dazzling uniqueness + antique-ness that is the Victorian engagement ring collection from Erstwhile Jewelry.

A quick intro to the Victorian Era: Think bustles and corsets and parasols. Lots of big skirts, long sleeves, and high collars. Stories like the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, A Christmas Carol, and Jane Eyre all take place during the Victorian Era. Named for Queen Victoria herself, the Victorian Era fell during her 60+ year reign from 1837-1901.

That means that the gorgeous original rings in Erstwhile Jewelry’s Victorian Collection are more than 100 years old, every single one a sparkly glimpse back in time. We can’t even begin to imagine how romantic it would be to add your own love story to an antique ring’s long history by getting engaged or sying “I do” with one of these enchanting + intricate pieces.

OK! Time for a little time travel! Let’s take a look!

ernstwhile jewelry vintage engagement ring late victorian emerald and diamond cluster engagement ring

Erstwhile Jewelry was created in 2010 by fifth-generation jeweler Jared Klusner and his wife, Alisa. Based in New York City and specializing in the intersection between history and hand-craftsmanship, Erstwhile considers themselves “curators for those seeking the extraordinary.”

Not every ring in Erstwhile’s Victorian Collection was originally an engagement ring or wedding ring. While some of the pieces were worn as wedding rings, many were sentimental mementos worn as right hand rings with meaningful inscriptions still on the band.

Some things to consider if you’re entertaining the idea of a Victorian engagement ring: You don’t need to be too precious! Most Victorian rings can totally be worn everyday, according to Erstwhile!

But it’s important to remember that these beautifully preserved and restored rings have lived a lot of life and that what’s exciting about them is the fact that they are delicate pieces of history. (Which means probably not rocking it at the gym or while you’re doing dishes.)

We’re loving all these colorful settings, round cut stones, and the history behind it all! A Victorian era engagement ring often features gemstones other than diamonds (like pearls, opals, emeralds, and rubies.) And it was during the Victorian era that rounded cuts were first used, originally called “old mine cushions.”

Later Victorian era rings started to have the old European cut diamond,” says Erstwhile, “which is the direct descendant of the modern round brilliant, it is the first truly round cut diamond.

LOVING the antique yet contemporary look of this vintage-meets-modern ring stack! 😍

We are totally charmed by the delicate old-world elegance of the Erstwhile Jewelry Victorian Collection. There’s just something so poetic about connecting your love story to the past. Here’s to embracing old souled romance with a Victorian era wedding or engagement ring!

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