35 Spring Hair Colors We Love Right Now – 2024 Ideas + Trends

dark brunette spring hair colors with a warm caramel brown balayage and loose waves
photo: @seanmichaelhair

Spring has officially sprung, and we’re rounding up the best 2024 spring hair colors and trends to kickstart the season in style! ‘Tis the season for change, after all, and what better way to refresh your look than with a brand new ‘do? Whether you want to add some heat to your current locks or try out a bold trend (rosé pink, anyone?!), we’ve found the dreamiest spring hair color ideas for every style. Keep scrolling for our favorite shades — they’re seriously to dye for!

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How to Choose The Best Spring Hair Color For Your Personal Style

dark mocha brunette spring hair colors for natural curly hair with bangs
photo: @simply.cie

To choose the best spring hair color for your personal style, think about the 2024 trends and beauty ideas you’re currently drawn to. Are you in your clean girl era? Go for a natural blonde! Do you love the coquette aesthetic? Rock a pastel pink! As the season of fresh starts, spring is the perfect time to try something new and experiment with your look — and that idea definitely applies to your hair color!

If you’re not sure where to start, lighter hair colors are one of the most classic ideas for spring…and for good reason. After months of dark days, there’s something so refreshing about adding blonde highlights or a copper balayage to your strands. After all, what better way to celebrate warmer temperatures and brighter days than with a warm and bright hair color?!

GWS Pro Tip: When choosing the best spring hair color for your personal style, it also helps to think about your beauty routine. If you’re a shower-and-go type of person, then you won’t want a super high-maintenance color that requires a ton of upkeep. Instead, opt for a color that matches your lifestyle!

Should you DIY your spring hair color look or go to a salon?

warm dirty blonde spring hair colors with a light balayage and an above the shoulder cut
photo: Julie Smith

While you can definitely DIY simple spring hair color ideas, a salon appointment will give you the best coverage and quality — especially if you’re recreating a super specific trend. Professional colorists know the tips and tricks for achieving golden highlights, copper undertones, and all the other hair color ideas that are trending for spring 2024. Plus, professional hair color is higher quality than boxed dye, so it will give you brighter and better colors that last longer (and are less likely to damage your strands).

On a budget? No prob — you can still get great results from at-home hair colors, as long as you opt for high-quality products and nourishing treatments. When in doubt, choose hair dyes that are natural, non-toxic, and non-damaging. We also recommend doing a patch test before dyeing your hair to see how it interacts with your current color and skin. Happy DIYing!

GWS Pro Tip: No matter how you achieve your new spring hair color, keep it bright and healthy all season long with color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner, plus high-quality hair masks or toners. We’ve linked some of our faves in the list below!

woman with wavy hair with warm copper red spring hair colors with golden blonde highlights
photo: @thathairmagic

Want to rock a new trend? Brighten up your current look? Change your entire aesthetic? However you’re celebrating the season of change, we’re breaking down the best spring hair color ideas to add to your 2024 mood board.

From 50 shades of copper (it’s the number one trend for spring 2024!) to soft and subtle bronde, there’s a gorgeous hair color for every style, length, and texture. So get your hair salon on speed dial and let’s dive into the best spring hair color ideas and trends for the season!

1. The Best Spring Hair Color Trend for 2024: Strawberry Brunette

warm strawberry brunette spring hair colors on a medium length below the shoulder cut

photo: @hirohair

Strawberry brunette, cowgirl copper, cinnamon coffee — no matter what you call this hair color, there’s no denying that it’s going to be THE shade for spring 2024.

Red hair ideas have been having a serious moment this year, and this is the perfect spring inspired take on the trend. It combines a natural brunette hue with warm red tones and golden blonde highlights. The result? A sun-kissed look that’s flattering on everyone.

2. The Best Spring Hair Color for Blondes AND Brunettes: Golden Bronde

warm caramel brown spring hair colors with strawberry blonde balayage and beachy medium-long waves

photo: @hairbysisto.

If you’re looking for a hair color for spring that’s not quite blonde and not quite brunette, then you can stop scrolling now. Because this golden bronde is the ultimate in-between hue!

Featuring honey blonde highlights mixed with a warm toffee brown base, it’ll reflect different tones with every hair flip. And just wait until the sun catches those golden strands — perfection! Whether you’re a blonde or a brunette, this color is the perfect way to pay homage to the warmer spring weather and add a little dimension to your spring locks.

GWS Pro Tip: This dreamy hair color was achieved using a balayage technique, which gives your hair a more natural glow compared to traditional highlights. For this look, your hair colorist will hand-paint the lighter color onto your hair instead of using a foil — perfect if you want highlights that blend seamlessly into the rest of your hair. And as a bonus, these highlights are also easier to maintain and tend to last longer. Wins all around!

3. The Best 2024 Spring Hair Color Idea for Trendsetters: Icy Platinum Blonde

icy platinum blonde spring hair colors in a lob cut

photo: @mariasaraviapeluqueria

If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s definitely good enough for us! Ever since Beyoncé debuted her new bleached blonde ‘do, we’ve been dreaming about this platinum hair color — and no doubt it’ll be a top hair trend for spring 2024.

To get the sleek look, swap rich honey hues for an icy blonde shade with cool undertones. But be warned: a hair color this light is going to require some serious upkeep, so prepare for regular touch-ups and at-home treatments to keep it looking its best. We recommend using a purple toning shampoo between appointments to ward off any brassiness!

4. The Perfect Spring Hair Color Trend Idea for Extra Warmth: Caramel Drizzle

chestnut brown spring hair colors with warm caramel highlights and tight natural curls that fall slightly below the shoulder

photo: @nicolelovescurls

There’s nothing better than a caramel drizzle — both on your coffee, and on your coffee-colored hair! If you want to lighten up your hair color for spring (without going full-on blonde), these caramel tones are the best way to add some warmth to your strands. They’ll give your brunette hair the dimension that typically comes with hours spent under the sun, no actual sunshine necessary.

Embracing your natural curls this spring? Don’t be afraid to go bold with your highlights. Smaller strands will blend in with your hair and get lost in the curls, while stronger ribbons will accentuate your natural curl pattern. So dreamy!

5. The Best Spring Hair Color Idea for a Pop of Color: Rosé Pink

pastel rose pink spring hair colors added as highlights to long wavy blonde hair

photo: @beautylaunchpad

Nothing says spring like a glass of rosé; the same goes for your hair color! Channel rosé all day with this pretty pastel look, which blends ashy blonde strands with light pink highlights. It’s feminine, it’s flirty, and it’s one of our favorite trends for the spring 2024 season.

While pastel hues require more upkeep than natural colors, you can keep your strands looking fresh all season long with this semi-permanent color cleansing conditioner. It’ll refresh your color with every wash and help you avoid a few extra trips to the salon!

pastel pink floral manicure with white daisy designs

Loving pastel colors for spring? Complete your bright beauty look with these spring nail ideas — including cute pastel designs to match your new hair color!

6. The Best Spring Hair Color Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Vibe: Lived-In Blonde

woman with long loose wves and cool ashy blonde ombre spring hair colors

photo: @euniekimhair

Lived-in hair colors are a huge trend for spring 2024, and this natural blonde is the perfect example. It’s the best low-maintenance look for blonde lovers — with a dark to light ombré, it gives you the easygoing look of being in between hair appointments. Plus, the darker roots mean you can wait longer between touch-ups….a major bonus!

Add a few face-framing highlights to blend the light and dark hues together, and opt for a mix of ashy and butterscotch colors for a natural look. Best paired with some sunny beach days…or, at the least, some beachy waves!

7. The Best Celebrity-Approved Spring Hair Color Trend for 2024: Sangria Wine

dark sangria wine red spring hair color trends paired with long loose wavy hair with bangs

photo: @myceliumsalonmd

If you’re feeling a little more daring this spring, this hair color idea is the best bold — and celebrity-approved — twist on the redhead trend. Just ask Dua Lipa! It blends bright red with deep purple for a warm burgundy look that has us craving sangria (another essential spring drink).

To keep your locks looking as refreshing and sweet as day one, we recommend air drying your hair as often as possible. Too much heat can strip your hair’s moisture and cause your color to fade — so opt for heatless curlers or keep your tools on a low heat setting when styling.

8. The Perfect Spring Hair Color for a Quiet Luxury Look: Expensive Brunette

woman with long beachy waves in warm chocolate brunette spring hair colors with a light balayage

photo: @thathairmagic

There’s nothing quiet about this luxurious look! Expensive brunette is one of the top hair color trends for spring 2024, and it’s easy to see why. With a golden undertone and major dimensions, every strand looks like it’s dripping in luxury. OBSESSED.

Get the look by asking your hair colorist to blend multiple different brown shades to create that dimensional and expensive finish. We also suggest using a hair gloss treatment once a month to maintain that celebrity-worthy shine. Chic and classy, it’s the perfect hair color for manifesting a little luxury this spring!

9. The Best Spring Hair Color Idea for Curly Hair: Sun-kissed Brunette

below the shoulder length cool sunkissed dirty blonde spring hair color ideas on curly locks

photo: @haribyruslan

Another one of the best spring hair color ideas for brunettes? This dreamy sun-kissed look. We love how the golden highlights pop against the darker brunette base — it’ll definitely bring the heat on those warm spring days!

While this mix of light and dark tones would work for any hair type, we’re especially digging it for curly hair. Opt for chunky highlights and a dark shadow root for a natural look that shines with your curly texture.

10. The Best Flattering Spring Hair Color Trend for 2024: Strawberry Blonde

light strawberry blonde spring hair colors on long straight hair

photo: @_beautybychelsea

If we could describe spring with a hair color, it would be strawberry blonde. Soft, bright, and totally flattering, this warm peachy hue has us dreaming of afternoon picnics and fresh seasonal fruit. YUM.

For a natural way to achieve the strawberry blonde look, Henna is a great alternative to classic chemical dyes. It’s 100% organic, preservative-free, and so easy to use at home. And as a bonus, it also fades more naturally than traditional dyes, so you don’t have to worry about an awkward grow-out period. We love the idea of using it on any hair color for a soft apricot finish — super on trend for spring 2024!

11. The Perfect Spring Hair Color for Western Vibes: Sunrise Copper

copper auburn spring hair colors with a honey blonde balayage and loose beachy waves

photo: @mastersofbalayage

Ready to embrace your copper era? For a super wearable version of the spring hair color trend, we LOVE this warm copper look. It blends a deep auburn color with rich caramel tones for a totally show-stopping finish. Perfect if you loved the cowgirl copper hair color trend, but want something a little brighter for spring.

P.S. Help your spring hair color last as long as possible with this copper cleansing conditioner. It’s designed to cleanse and moisturize your hair, while also toning and refreshing the copper hue. Use it once a week to maintain that gorgeous sunrise-inspired glow!

12. The Best Copper Spring Hair Color Idea for Brunettes: Red Hot Ombré

dark brunette spring hair colors with copper red ombre

photo: @allysonsmaneartistry

You contain multitudes. Aka, you can be a brunette AND a redhead at the same time! If you’re not ready to fully commit to the 2024 copper trend, this ombre hair color is the best starting point for spring. With dark brown roots that slowly fade to a fiery hot red, it’s the perfect mix of the two colors. Talk about the best of both worlds!

For a blazing red that never dims, we recommend using an at-home toner every two weeks between touch-ups. It prevents fading, reduces brassiness, and keeps your strands shiny and vibrant!

13. The Best 2024 Spring Hair Color Trend for Risk-Takers: Color-Blocked Purple

cool ashy blonde and bright lavender purple spring hair color trends with a lob cut

photo: @john.n1115

What better way to say goodbye to the dark winter months than with an ultra-bright spring hair color?! Nothing will get you out of hibernation mode faster than this bold color-blocked look. We love the combo of the lavender strands and the ashy blonde color — it’s the definition of party in the front, business in the back!

Want to test the pastel waters before jumping in? You can use this temporary dye to try out different spring hair color ideas for a week at a time. Perfect for a quick test-run or a cute way to celebrate the beginning of spring!

14. The Perfect Spring Hair Color Ideas for a Natural Look: Cozy Brown

warm butterscotch brown spring hair colors with golden blonde highlights and loose long waves

photo: @sami.hair

If you’re transitioning from brunette to blonde for spring (or vice versa), why not combine the two with this ultra-flattering hair color idea?! We love how effortless and natural it looks, with a warm toffee base and soft butterscotch highlights. It’s like if dirty blonde got a chic and luxurious makeover for spring!

While this may not be one of the most show-stopping hair color ideas on this list, it is one of the best for your everyday spring look. The key to making it stand out? Those soft and silky strands. Get the luxe look by trading your cotton pillowcase for a silk one — this will help you avoid any breakage during your beauty sleep!

15. The Best Bright Spring Hair Color Trend for 2024: Bombshell Blonde

bleached icy blonde spring hair colors

photo: @kristen_o_beauty

Light hair colors are a no-brainer for spring — so it should come as no surprise that this bombshell blonde is one of the best ideas for 2024. As bright and fresh as a lemon (but with more white tones than yellow hues), it demands attention with every strand. Perfect for channeling ALL the main character energy in 2024.

To help your blonde hair color stay bright, it may be time to invest in a shower filter. This one filters out chlorine, pesticides, and harmful bacteria that may cause bleached hair to look dull and lifeless. It’s the best way to achieve that healthy spring glow — for your hair AND your skin!

16. The Best Dark Spring Hair Color Trend for 2024: Dark Chocolate Brunette

dark chocolate brunette spring hair colors with very loose long waves

photo: @hemaneartistry

Dark hair colors for spring? Now that’s actually groundbreaking! While everyone else is getting their hair lightened for the season, go the unexpected route with this dark chocolate brown. It’s just one step up from inky black, with subtle brown highlights that give it that rich chocolatey finish.

For hair that looks good enough to eat, complete your spring beauty routine with regular hair masks — this one is designed to protect color-treated hair and give you that smooth and creamy texture. We’re not drooling, you are!

17. The Best Idea for Embracing Your Grays: Natural Salt and Pepper

dark black spring hair colors with natural grey roots

photo: @ireneclairehair

With more and more people ditching dyes for a natural look, it’s never been a better time to embrace your grays. This spring, let your silvers shine through with a rad salt and pepper hair color — it’s like having built-in highlights!

To make the grow-out process a little easier, weave smaller highlights throughout your hair to match your gray roots. This will give your look a softer finish and help you avoid any harsh lines. Just be sure to add a purple shampoo to your routine to enhance your grays and stop them from looking brassy!

18. The Best Spring Hair Color Ideas for Darker Skin Tones: Rich Auburn

dark cowboy copper spring hair color trends on tight natural curls

photo: @_eugabialmeida

The curls are curling! Showcase your spirals this spring with a warm auburn hair color that brightens up your natural texture. The reddish hues look gorgeous with a darker skin tone, and we love the contrast of the light ends with the dark roots. TOO GOOD.

Complete your at-home beauty routine with an ultra-hydrating leave-in conditioner to keep your curls bouncy and stop the copper color from fading. Hydration is a MUST for color-treated curly hair, so now’s the time to stock up!

19. The Best Face-Framing Spring Hair Color Trend for 2024: Blonde Money Pieces

warm natural brunette spring hair colors with bleached blonde highlights framing the face

photo: @theunorthodoxstylist

Calling all brunettes! If you’re looking for on-trend ideas to make your natural hair color stand out this spring, ask your stylist for blonde money pieces. They’re called money pieces for a reason — with a universally flattering look that frames your face, they’re the money-makers for your new hairdo!

Make the look your own with different colors (pastel money pieces? Yes, please!) or techniques, like a balayage that blends with the rest of your hair. Either way, this color-blocked color is guaranteed to be one of the best spring hair trends for 2024!

20. The Best Shade for Stunning Dimension: Iced Butterscotch Highlights

chestnut brunette spring hair colors with icy butterscotch highlights

photo: @themaneartistry

Want to go even brighter with your spring locks? This spring hair color takes the blonde money pieces from the last look and expands on them, with bold ribbons of color laced throughout the brunette strands. There’s nothing subtle about this ‘do, but that’s what makes it so good!

For maximum dimension, mix an ultra-light color (like these iced butterscotch highlights) with a darker brown base. This two-toned color look gives you major contrast and shine — especially when paired with a glossy shine treatment!

21. The Best 2024 Spring Hair Color Trend for Barbie Superfans: Pastel Pink Ombré

natural dirty blonde spring hair colors with pastel pink ombre extensions

photo: @hairbymickk

Spring is the season of COLOR, and this pastel hair look definitely understood the assignment! If you’ve been needing a drastic change to get you in the springtime spirit, look no further than this bold ombre style. It’s subtle and statement-making at the same time, with soft pastel highlights that would look good with blonde, brunette, or even black hair.

And while you can rock this look with any pastel color, pink is one of the top spring hair color trends for 2024 — perfect for embracing your inner Barbie!

22. The Best Spring Hair Color Idea for Swifties: Honey Blonde

warm honey bronde ombre spring hair colors in a loose wavy below the shoulder cut

photo: @allysonsmaneartistry

We have Taylor Swift to thank for the natural blonde hair color trend for spring 2024! As diehard Swifties, we’ve loved seeing her embrace a more natural and lived-in blonde look this year, and we’re here to follow suit.

For a flattering blonde hair color that doesn’t require as much maintenance — but still gives you that superstar glow — you can’t go wrong with this dimensional honey hue. It blends golden highlights with a butterscotch base for a natural hairdo with major depth. Now all that’s missing is an iconic Eras Tour outfit!

23. The Best Spring Shade for a Statement Look: Cherry Cola

dark burgundy red spring hair colors with light peach money pieces

photo: @hairbytaranichole

The only thing better than a cherry cola on a warm spring afternoon? This cherry cola hair color for ALL your warm spring afternoons!

There’s something so refreshing about this dark hue, which blends deep cola strands with rich purples and cherry reds. Complete with statement pastel money pieces, it’s the 2024 spring hair color trend you’ve been searching for. Seal the look with an after-color treatment mask, and prepare for major compliments!

24. The Best 2024 Spring Hair Color Trend for Beach Babes: Blonde Babylights

chestnut brunette spring hair colors with ash blonde highlights

photo: @belld_up

If bold colors and chunky highlights aren’t your jam, then we have a feeling you’ll love this more subtle hair color trend for spring 2024: babylights.

As the name suggests, babylights are a “baby” form of highlights that lightens extremely small and thin sections of your hair. Unlike traditional highlights or balayage styles, babylights give you a subtle glow that looks natural and sun-kissed. It’s giving us beach babe vibes, and we are HERE for it!

25. The Perfect Spring Hair Color Idea for Short Strands: Dimensional Brunette

dark brown spring hair colors with light face framing highlights on a bob haircut

photo: @megumicolor

If you’re looking for cute spring hair color ideas for your shorter strands, this dimensional brunette look is IT. We love how the highlights create a subtle ombre that frames your face and brightens up your overall look. It’s the best way to make the most out of every inch of your short locks!

Finish the look with some texturizing spray for a messy lived-in style — it matches the vibes of the ombre hair color and is super on trend for spring 2024!

26. The Best Spring Hair Color Idea for a Healthy Glow: Bronzed Caramel

warm auburn copper spring hair colors with long loose waves

photo: @stylesbysabrina

We’re suckers for a bronzed look in the springtime — for our makeup AND our hair! Get that healthy sun-kissed glow for spring with this bronzed caramel hair color. Like bronzer for your hair, it’ll give you an instant shimmer and shine….while also channeling the copper hair color trend for spring 2024.

Already have light brown or blonde hair? Good news: all you need to DIY this look is a color-depositing conditioner! Just apply it to your dry hair, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and rinse it out until the water turns clear. Voilá — you have gorgeous copper tones without any chemicals or damage!

27. The Best Spring Shade for Mermaidcore Vibes: Bright Coral

bright coral mixed with strawberry blonde spring hair colors with a twisted fishtail braid accent

photo: @wellahair

Mermaidcore is one of the top trends for 2024, and this coral hair color is one of our favorite ideas for channeling the ethereal look for spring. After all, it’s impossible NOT to feel like a mermaid with this bright and enchanting hue — especially paired with a cute fishtail braid!

And if you’re not ready to fully embrace the coral trend, we love the idea of just adding some pastel highlights to your natural hair color for a spring hairdo that’s fun and wearable. You’re ready for your underwater close-up!

twisted wavy blonde hairdo styled with a pearl barrette

Show off your new spring hair color with these half-up half-down hairstyles — we’ve rounded up cute ideas for every occasion!

28. The Best 2024 Spring Hair Color Trend for Coffee Lovers: Vanilla Caramel Latte

caramel latte inspired ombre brunette spring hair colors

photo: @definehairandskin

Get everyone ~buzzing~ with this coffee-inspired spring hair color idea, which seamlessly blends from a dark americano base to warm caramel tones to bright vanilla highlights. It gives you the best of allll the 2024 hair color ideas, and is the perfect way to jumpstart your new spring look!

Add some barrel curls to accentuate those ombre strands and bring out the buzzy hues. Best paired with your favorite seasonal coffee drink!

29. The Best Spring Hair Color Idea If You’re Feeling Indecisive: Blonde and Brunette Split

two-tone split bleached blonde and brunette spring hair color trends

photo: @myceliumsalonmd

Can’t decide between blonde or brunette? Then don’t! The split dye trend gives you the best of both hair colors, and it’s one of the coolest ideas for your spring 2024 look.

Similar to the last hairdo, this spring hair color combines both blonde and brunette hues, but this time in a bold two-tone style. It’s perfect if you’re feeling indecisive or want to show off two different sides of your personal style. Because we all have a little blonde and brunette inside of us!

30. The Best Brunette Spring Hair Color Trend for 2024: Salted Caramel Brownie

dark brunette spring hair colors with warm toffee highlights and subtle long waves

photo: @eunicekimhair

There’s nothing boring about this brunette ‘do! While brown hair colors don’t always get the same attention as blonde or red hues, this brunette ombre is one of our favorite ideas for spring 2024.

We’re coining it the salted caramel brownie color — with rich chocolate brown roots that slowly fade to warm caramel ends, it’s just as sweet and crave-worthy as the yummy dessert. Add the “salt” with a few blonde babylights, and enjoy your sweetest hairstyle yet!

31. The Best Spring Shade for Whimsical Vibes: Ethereal Pink + Purple

dark rose gold and purple hued hairstyle

photo: @tucsonblondie

If you’re looking for new ideas to romanticize your life this spring, then prepare to fall in love with this whimsical hair color trend! It features a mix of moody purple, soft copper, and pretty pink shades, with a dark natural shadow root to tie the entire concoction together.

Bright and enchanting, this hair color has us dreaming about frolicking through fields of wildflowers in our favorite spring dress. Swoon!

32. The Best In-Between Spring Shade for 2024: Honey Bronde

bronde spring hair colors with honey golden highlights

photo: @_hairbypaula

This spring hair color is a little bit blonde, a little bit brunette, and A LOT stunning. It’s another one of our favorite 2024 spring hair color ideas for anyone who wants the benefits of rocking both hues at the same time. And we. are. obsessed.

Get the dimensional bronde look by asking for a warm brunette base with a golden blonde balayage. Versatile and luxurious, it may just be your new signature style!

33. The Best Spring Shade for Blonde Lovers: Vanilla Blonde Balayage

light ash blonde balayage spring hair colors with brown roots

photo: @shannonalbritton

Love the last look, but need a little more blonde in your life? We’ve got you covered. This spring hair color gives the 2024 bronde trend a bright and seasonal twist, with vanilla blonde highlights that ooze spring vibes.

It’s blonde without entering bombshell territory — perfect if you’re looking for a spring hair color that’s natural and low-key. But remember: blonde strands require a bit more TLC, so keep them healthy with this Olaplex Hair Perfecter Treatment!

34. The Best Shade for Brunette Lovers: Subtle Copper Highlights

dark brunette spring hair colors with a warm copper balayage

photo: @seanmichaelhair

We couldn’t finish our list of the best 2024 spring hair color trends and ideas without another gorgeous copper look!

Add a little heat to your everyday brunette style with some glowing copper highlights at the front of your ‘do. With such a subtle blend, these red-hot highlights will give your spring strands ~just~ the right amount of warmth to usher in the new season. We’re in love!

35. The Best Idea If You Can’t Choose Just One Spring Shade: Pastels + Rainbows

light pastel pink hairstyle with a rainbow accent

photo: @hairbyclairperez

Last but not least, we’re leaving you with one of the all-time best spring hair color ideas for 2024: all of them! This statement look captures all the colors of the rainbow in one mood-boosting style. It’s the perfect way to increase your serotonin this season, especially during those annual April showers.

P.S. If you’re opting for a spring hair color trend that requires bleaching your strands (like this pastel look), then we suggest prepping your hair with a deep-conditioning treatment before getting it dyed. This will help your hair stay healthy and ensure the bright hues last as long as possible!

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