37 Chrome Nails Designs and Nail Art Ideas (+ Polish) to Try in 2024

almond shaped chrome nails with pink and gold color polish designs

A nail design that will instantly brighten up any room you walk into — that’s the power of these chrome nails ideas! Chrome nail art has been having a serious moment lately, and we can’t get enough of the shimmery, shiny, and show-stopping trend.

From disco-inspired metallics to Hailey Bieber-approved glazes, we’re breaking down the best chrome nail designs for every polish color and style. And for the nail art pros, we’ve also included a step-by-step tutorial to help you DIY these dazzling nails at home. Keep scrolling for our full chrome nail guide, and get ready to shine bright in 2024!

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What are chrome nails?

pointed chrome nails with neutral grey silver color polish
photo: The Hot Blend

Chrome nails are a trendy nail design that features a shimmery high-shine finish on top of a classic base coat of polish. They’re also known as glazed nails (see: the glazed donut trend popularized by Hailey Bieber!) and can be customized with tons of different colors and finishes.

The shimmery look is typically achieved by layering chrome powder over gel nail polish and then sealing it with a UV lamp. Shiny and eye-catching, it’s the perfect way to upgrade a classic manicure!

Are chrome nails in style in 2024?

almond shaped nude chrome nails with a shimmery white polish finish
photo: @lacisundays

As one of the top nail trends for the year, chrome nails are definitely in style for 2024. After glazed donut nails went viral a few years ago, we’ve seen several different renditions of the shimmery chrome look (strawberry glaze! vanilla chrome! futuristic metallic!) — and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist glaze or shiny nail art design, there are trendy chrome nail ideas for every style. The hardest part is deciding which one to try first!

DIY Tutorial – How to Do Chrome Nails

simple metallic chrome nails with bronze color polish
photo: @mikanails_

While chrome nails are one of the trickier nail art designs to pull off, you can still create stunning DIY looks with the right technique — and a little bit of practice! So if you want to upgrade your at-home nail game this year, here’s our step-by-step tutorial for achieving the dreamiest chrome designs.

Note: Chrome nail powder only works with gel polish, so you’ll need a UV lamp to try this technique at home. (This starter kit also has everything you need to create gorgeous gel designs at home!)

  • 1. Prep Your Nails: Before adding your gel polish, prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles and trimming them into your preferred shape. We also suggest buffing your nails to help the gel polish stick.
  • 2. Apply Your Base Coat: Start with a thin layer of gel base coat, then cure it under a UV or LED lamp until it’s dry. This protects your natural nails and creates a solid foundation for the rest of your mani.
  • 3. Add Your Gel Polish: The color of gel nail polish you choose will depend on the chrome design you’re going for. Black polish will help a bright chrome powder stand out, while nude or white polish will give you a more subtle glaze. Add an even coat (or a couple coats for extra coverage!), and cure each layer under a lamp until it’s dry.
  • 4. Apply Your No-Wipe Top Coat: To prep for the chrome powder, apply a no-wipe top coat and cure it so that it’s still sticky (about half the time you would normally cure your gel polish).
  • 5. Finish With a Chrome Powder: Once your nail polish is set, it’s chrome time! Grab your applicator sponge — eyeshadow applicators work great for this! — and dip it into your chrome powder. Gently rub the powder onto your nails until you get the perfect shimmer, then brush off the excess with a fluffy brush. Similar to your polish, you can choose different powders for different styles, from pearly white chromes to shiny metallic ones.
  • 6. Seal the Deal: Lock in the chrome goodness with another layer of your top coat. Cure it under the lamp for that final flawless look, and you’re pretty much golden!

This is the most fool-proof technique to achieve gorgeous chrome nails, but there are also a few other ways to get the look, from shimmery eyeshadow to pearlescent polish. We’ve included more of our favorite chrome nail design tips, tricks, and nail art ideas in the list below!

What color nail polish works (and looks) best with chrome nails?

cute nude nails with chrome star nail art designs and bright color polish in a rainbow of colors
photo: Beauty Space Charlotte

While you can use any color of nail polish for chrome nails, different base colors will give you different finishes. Black nail polish creates an ultra-striking contrast with chrome powder, which will help your metallic tones or bright colors pop. On the other end of the spectrum, nude or neutral shades will give you that elegant shimmer — perfect for glazed nails and softer styles.

No matter your style, we’ve found gorgeous nail polish color ideas that look stunning with a trendy chrome finish. Which brings us to our next point….and our favorite chrome nail ideas!

Our Favorite Chrome Nails Designs + Nail Art Ideas – By Color

iridescent almond shaped chrome nails with lavender color polish
photo: @amberjhnails

Now for the main event! To help you achieve your shiniest manicure yet, we’ve rounded up the most popular (and our favorite) chrome nail designs and ideas, broken down by color.

From Barbie pink to futuristic silver to pearly white, there’s a lustrous and trendy chrome nail color for every style. Let’s get into it!

Our Favorite Designs and Nail Art Ideas for Pink Chrome Nails

cute french tip pink chrome nails with checkerboard designs on the index and middle fingers
photo: @naileditbeauty

Pink nails have been having their moment this year (thanks, Barbie!) — but if you ask us, it’s a forever classic. And what better way to elevate a pretty pink manicure than with a sparkling chrome finish?! It’s two nail trends combined into one shimmery bold look, and we are OBSESSED.

For our fellow pink lovers, here are our favorite designs and nail art ideas for statement pink nails!

1. Barbie Pink Chrome Nails

simple pointed hot pink chrome nails

photo: @thehotblend

Hi, Barbie! Give your go-to pink nails a glamorous makeover with this shimmery chrome finish. It adds the perfect shine to the light pink polish — plus, we love how the transparent base coat gives the nails a pink plastic look. If Barbie had a Real World manicure, it would definitely look like this!

2. Magenta Pink Chrome Nails

simple short dark pink chrome nail designs

photo: @lacisundays

Viva magenta may not be the color of the year anymore, but it’s still one of our favorite bright hues for the warmer months. To make your magenta manicure shine even brighter, add a chrome powder on top of your pink nail polish. It’ll give you an instant dose of dopamine every time you look down at your hands!

3. Metallic Pink Chrome Nail Designs

pointed metallic hot pink chrome nails with cute heart accent nail art designs

photo: @phoebeesummernails

Light up every room you walk into with these glimmering pink nails! They’re the definition of a bright, bold, and trendy statement look, with that hot pink hue and metallic mirrored finish. And don’t even get us started on the chrome heart nail art design — so chic!!

GWS Pro Tip: To get that high-shine finish, this nail artist started with a base coat of black nail polish before adding the pink chrome powder on top. Check out the full tutorial here!

4. Shimmery Light Pink + Hot Pink Chrome Nails

simple light pink chrome nails with hot pink glitter polish accent designs lining the cuticles

photo: @heygreatnails

When one shade of pink just isn’t enough, look no further than this shimmery manicure. We love the contrast of the light pink chrome nail polish with the glittery hot pink nail art design accents lining the cuticles. It’s like a reverse French manicure but with a pretty pink twist.

And with such a sparkly finish, these nails also double as chic accessories — no extra bling required!

5. Cute Pink Chrome Nails With Red French Tips

almond shaped light pink chrome nails with french tip designs in a red color polish

photo: @pop_polished

Speaking of French manicures, this is another fun and flirty take on the classic look. With a bright pink base and trendy red tips, these nails are the ultimate attention-grabbers — especially paired with that glistening chrome finish!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect date night manicure or a playful fashion statement, these nails are IT.

6. Pink Glazed Chrome Nail Designs

almond shaped nude peachy pink chrome nails designs and ideas

photo: @nailsxmina

Glazed donut nails, but make them pink! We love the natural look of this rosy nude nail polish, which pops with the glossy chrome powder. It’s trendy and timeless at the same time — and SO versatile, too. You just found your new favorite everyday manicure!

7. Wavy Pink + Blue Chrome Nail Art

cute pink chrome nails with blue and white color polish and swirl nail art designs

photo: Nailed It Beauty

If you’ve been looking for new ideas to elevate your nail art designs, why not give them the chrome treatment?! While this wavy nail design is a cute look on its own, there’s something about that shimmery chrome finish that really makes it pop. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any manicure!

GWS Pro Tip: Don’t have any chrome powder on hand? Use some shimmery eyeshadow instead! It’ll give you a similar chrome shimmer — just be sure to seal the deal with a top coat and cure your nails for a long-lasting look.

Our Favorite Designs and Nail Art Ideas for White Chrome Nails

long glazed white chrome nails with ombre polish designs
photo: @md_ongles

White chrome nail ideas are seriously trending right now — and it’s easy to see why! The ultimate mix of trendy and timeless, they’ll instantly elevate any outfit, whether you’re rocking them to work or down the aisle.

We also love how a shimmery chrome nail powder looks in a classic white color. Lustrous, luxurious, and luminous, it’s a must for all the pearlcore superfans out there. Channel the dreamy gem with these gorgeous white chrome nail ideas, including classic glazed designs and trendy nail art!

8. White Glazed Donut Chrome Nails

simple glazed milky white chrome nails

photo: Janna XX Nails

Shout out to Hailey Bieber, because we’re still not over the glazed donut chrome nail trend! They’re simple, they’re sophisticated, they’re sexy — in other words, they’re THE perfect manicure.

To get Hailey’s white glazed look, her nail artist uses OPI’s Funny Bunny gel nail polish and the Tin Can Man chrome powder (we found a similar powder here!) for that irresistible shine. Prepare to see us rocking these allllll year long.

9. Pearly White Chrome French Manicure

cute glazed white chrome nail ideas with french tip designs

photo: @pop_polished

Get ready to show off these pearly whites! When you want the timeless style of a French manicure, but with an extra somethin’ somethin’ to make it stand out, it doesn’t get better than this dreamy chrome look. It combines a soft cream base with traditional white tips, finished with a lustrous chrome powder.

SO elegant, it’s the perfect nail design for special occasions (soon-t0-be brides, we’re looking at you!).

cute white french manicure with wavy gold designs

Tying the knot this year? Say “I do” to these dreamy wedding nail ideas, from classic white designs to trendy chrome styles!

10. Chic Vanilla Chrome Nails

simple almond shaped white chrome nails with trendy creamy off-white vanilla polish base color

photo: @thehotblend

For an extra sweet nail design, look no further than these vanilla chrome nails. We’ve been big fans of the vanilla chrome trend since it took over NailTok last year — and it’s still one of our absolute faves. Think of it as a sugary sweet neutral you can wear for any season, occasion, or outfit!

To DIY this look at home, combine a few layers of creamy vanilla nail polish with a pearlescent chrome powder. Seal with a top coat, and you’re pretty much golden.

11. Ombre White + Pink Chrome Nail Designs

almond shaped glazed white chrome nails with pink polish ombre designs

photo: @md_ongles

There’s nothing more classic than a white and pink ombré nail design — it’s called the baby boomer trend for a reason! Up the glam factor by adding a shimmery chrome powder over the timeless ombré nail polish. It’s giving us Old Hollywood vibes, and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

GWS Pro Tip: For the best ombré design, use a nail sponge (or makeup sponge) to blend your white nail polish on top of your pink base coat. It’ll help you get that perfect gradient every time!

12. Milky White + Silver French Manicure

cute nails with milky white polish and metallic silver chrome french tip designs

photo: @md_ongles

We LOVE a milky white nail design, and this one kicks things up a notch with those rad silver chrome tips. It’s the epitome of a cool girl manicure — plus, it’s perfect if you don’t want to commit to a full chrome look.

Just be sure to cure your milky base coat before adding the chrome French tips. Best paired with your favorite silver jewelry!

13. Bejeweled White Chrome Nail Art

almond shaped glazed white chrome nails with gemstone flower shaped nail art designs in bright colors

photo: @pop_polished

Tired of the same old floral nail designs? Mix things up with this bejeweled chrome nail art instead! With colorful floral gems adorning the white chrome polish, these nails are guaranteed to make the whole place ~shimmer~.

And yes, we found the perfect nail rhinestones to help you recreate the dazzling design!

14. DIY White Glazed Manicure

almond shaped white pearlescent chrome nail design

photo: OPI

If you don’t have the tools to create a chrome nail design at home — but you also don’t want to make a pricey salon appointment — then you’ll want to add this OPI nail polish trio to your cart ASAP. It includes three pearly hues: Funny Bunny, Kyoto Pearl, and Baby Take A Vow.

When layered on top of each other, they give you the perfect glazed chrome look, no gel polish or UV lights necessary. Say less!

Our Favorite Designs and Nail Art Ideas for Black Chrome Nails

simple almond shaped black chrome nails
photo: @nailnook.az

An edgy black mani will always be cool — but add a chrome finish, and it’s an instant show-stopper! No matter what type of chrome designs or ideas you’re going for, a black nail polish is the perfect base color. It makes metallic chrome powders like silver and gold stand out, while also adding a mystical touch to shimmery glazes.

Below are all the best designs for black chrome nails, including some whimsical nail art ideas for a statement look!

15. Glamorous Black + Gold Chrome Nail Designs

cute black chrome nails with gold polish wavy designs

photo: @amberjhnails

Forget quiet luxury — these glimmering nails are loud and proud, and we are HERE for it. There’s something so glamorous about a black and gold color combo, especially when it shines this bright. It’s giving us allll the Art Deco vibes, perfect for pairing with your most glamorous gold jewelry.

To DIY this luxurious chrome design, paint your nails with a black gel nail polish, then use a no-wipe top coat to create the wavy abstract nail art. After curing, add this gold chrome powder to just the sections with the top coat. Voilà: instant luxury!

16. Edgy Black Color-Changing Chrome Nails

simple pointed stiletto style iridescent black chrome nail designs

photo: Nails By Morgan

If you’re currently in your witchy era, these edgy black stiletto chrome nails are for YOU. We love the mystical vibe of the color-changing chrome nail powder, which transforms from black to blue, depending on the angle. Spellbinding would be an understatement!

17. Luxe Black Velvet Manicure

cute black chrome nails with magnetic velvet polish

photo: @esmebeautiful

We’ve been seeing velvet nails EVERYWHERE lately, and we can’t get enough of the holographic trend. These nails give you the same shimmer as a classic chrome design, but with a unique textured finish that looks soft enough to touch. It’s the perfect finishing touch to all your cozy cold weather outfits!

GWS Pro Tip: Instead of a chrome powder, these nails use magnetic cat eye nail polish to create that luxe velvet look. Add it on top of your black base coat, then use a magnet to get the perfect shimmer!

18. Black Butterfly Inspired Chrome Nail Art

cute iridescent chrome nails with black polish designs and butterfly nail art ideas

photo: @kuypernailart

Enchanting, ethereal, magical, mesmerizing….do we need to go on?! These dazzling chrome nails are all of the above and more, with a holographic rainbow shimmer and that butterfly-inspired nail art. We’re swooning!

And as a bonus, we also found the perfect handmade press on nails to get this whimsical look at home. Perfect for nail art novices!

19. Chic Black Ombré Design Idea

long black chrome nails with nude polish ombre nail art designs

photo: @gandziuchaa

Think of these nails as the same classic ombré design from #11, but in dark mode. We love the edgy look of the black tips paired with the sleek chrome finish. Plus, the ombré design gives these nails a softer vibe than an all-black mani — while still being just as timeless!

20. Celestial Black + Gold Chrome Nail Art

cute black french tip chrome nails with gold polish celestial nail art designs

photo: Phoebe Summer Nails

We have major starry eyes over this celestial chrome nail design! With reflective gold stars (which feature a shiny chrome finish) dotting the black French tips, it’s truly out of this world. Such a dreamy way to elevate a basic French manicure!

Don’t want to DIY that celestial chrome nail art design? Just add these gold nail stickers to your black mani, and you’re good to go!

Our Favorite Designs and Nail Art Ideas for Silver Chrome Nails

short simple silver chrome nails with metallic polish color
photo: @gelpolish_bar

Futuristic metallics are one of our all-time favorite trends for 2024 — both for nails and fashion. And these silver nails are the coolest way to incorporate it into your everyday look! With a mirrored shine that will stop traffic, these metallic chrome nail ideas are the future.

Pair them with a head-to-toe silver outfit for maximum shine, or opt for more subtle nail art to test out the trend. There are no wrong answers here!

21. Silver Flames Chrome Nail Art Design

short nude nails with a flame nail art design using metallic silver chrome polish

photo: @_by_shelley

It’s impossible to NOT look hot with these silver chrome flame designs on your nails! They’re the coolest (or should we say hottest?) way to spice up your nude manicure or short nails. A little edgy, a little unexpected, and totally on-trend.

P.S. We found similar press on nails for a super easy DIY version of this design!

22. Titanium Silver Chrome Nails

square shaped simple silver chrome nails with metallic mirrored polish color

photo: Beauty Space Charlotte

When it comes to statement chrome nail ideas, titanium silver definitely reigns supreme. It’s the ultimate metallic chrome finish, with a reflective mirrored look and a futuristic vibe that’s super trendy right now.

Just add this silver nail chrome powder to a black base color to get a sleek + shiny finish. Perfect if you want to dip your fingers in the metallic trend before jumping all the way in!

23. Sleek Silver French Manicure

metallic mirrored silver french manicure

photo: @_by_shelley

Why settle for a traditional white French manicure when you could rock this sleek silver one instead?! We love how silver chrome nails double as glittering accessories; this nail art design is no exception. It adds ~just~ the right amount of shine to your outfit, without going full glam. Aka, the perfect everyday look!

GWS Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a simple way to DIY chrome French tips at home, these nail sticker guides make it SO easy. You can thank us later!

24. Cloudy Silver Chrome Nail Design

pointed stiletto style simple silver chrome nails with grey polish base color

photo: The Hot Blend

Keep your head in the clouds with these dreamy chrome nails! They blend silver and grey hues for a moody chrome design that would shine in the colder months. Who knew a cloudy day could be such gorgeous inspiration for your manicure?!

Get the look by pairing this grey nail polish with a pearly chrome powder. Perfection.

25. Silver Stars Chrome Nail Art Idea

short white nails with cute star nail art design idea using metallic silver chrome polish

photo: @emily__meraki

The rockstar vibes are real with this metallic chrome nail art, and safe to say we’re totally starstruck. We love how the silver chrome stars pop against the milky white base. Fun and shimmery, it’s like a disco ball in nail form. Where these chrome nails go, the party definitely follows!

26. Shimmery Simple Silver Manicure

simple silver chrome nails with shimmery polish color

photo: Carolyansen_Blue

Simple, but SO effective! These simple nails prove just how cool a metallic silver finish can be. Add silver chrome powder on top of a clear base coat to get this shimmery transparent look, or use this silver foil nail polish to get the metallic style without the need for gel polish.

And if silver isn’t your vibe, that foil polish also comes in gold!

Our Favorite Designs and Nail Art Ideas for Blue Chrome Nails

simple almond shaped blue chrome nails
photo: @gossipandgloss

Prepare to fall in love with these baby blues! Add a chrome finish to a blue nail polish color, and you instantly have a trending manicure. From icy blue nails that are perfect for the colder months to mermaidcore designs that we can’t wait to wear to the beach, there’s a statement blue style for every occasion.

We even found a rad chrome version of the viral “blueberry milk” nails that we totally adore. Keep scrolling for our faves!

27. Blueberry Milk Chrome Nail Design

cute blueberry milk blue chrome nail designs with an ombre polish color

photo: @bycheznails

This nail design combines two of our favorite nail trends from the past year: blueberry milk nails and chrome nails. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Give these trends a modern update with a blueberry-inspired ombré design, featuring a milky light blue hue and this bright blue polish. Complete with a shimmery chrome powder on top, it’s an up-to-date look for 2024!

28. Icy Light Blue Chrome Nails

light blue chrome nail designs with glitter polish cuticle nail art design accents

photo: @heygreatnails

When you’re ready to retire your blueberry milk nails for the chilly season, this blue design is here to take their place. With a frosty blue hue (which looks extra icy thanks to the chrome finish!), it’s a super chic way to channel the colder weather.

Add some crisp glitter blue accents along the cuticles, and style these frozen nails with your warmest sweater!

wonderland themed sparkly light blue manicure

There’s no better way to beat the winter blues than with a chic nail design! We’ve rounded up all the best nail inspo to get you through the cold season in style.

29. Mismatched Pastel Ombré Manicure

cute chrome nails with ombre designs and blue pink and purple color polish

photo: @dailycharme

Can’t choose just one pretty pastel color for your chrome nails? Then don’t! This nail design will instantly brighten up your day with the vibrant rainbow hues and shiny glazed shimmer.

Give the mismatched look a cohesive feel with trendy ombré designs, and finish with an iridescent chrome powder on top. We love!

30. Mermaid Blue Wave Chrome Nail Art

shimmery blue chrome nails with wavy french tip designs

photo: @heygreatnails

Embrace your inner mermaid with this wavy blue nail design! The blue chrome finish reminds us of light reflecting off the water, while the abstract 3D tips look like ocean waves. So magical!

And with such a stunning turquoise hue, these nails are guaranteed to make a splash for your next beach vacay (or the next time you want to feel like you’re near the ocean).

31. Shimmery Cobalt Blue Manicure

almond shaped dark blue chrome nail ideas

photo: OPI

Cobalt blue nails have our hearts — and this is such a rad chrome version of the trendy color!

With a shimmery finish, this blue polish from OPI is another gorgeous option if you want the chrome look without going to the salon (or trying to DIY gel nails). It has a built-in pearlescent finish that looks just as dreamy as a chrome manicure, all in a single coat of nail polish!

Our Favorite Designs and Nail Art Ideas for Neutral and Nude Chrome Nails

shimmery neutral chrome nails with french tip designs in a white polish color
photo: @marcia_nails

If you’re looking for a fool-proof color to pair with your chrome nail ideas, skip the bright hues and opt for a nude or neutral polish instead. These are the designs you can wear all year long, from classic shimmers (including a yummy chocolate glaze!) to versatile metallics (hello, rose gold!).

Scroll on for our favorite neutral chrome nail ideas, and get ready to find your new everyday design!

32. Nude Glazed Donut Chrome Nails

almond shaped glazed nude manicure

photo: Glossy.Studios

This is another one of our favorite glazed donut inspired chrome nail ideas, but this time with a classic nude base. The result? A luxe and trendy manicure that goes with anything and everything. You truly can’t go wrong!

P.S. This is the exact white chrome powder the artist used to get the look. Brb, adding to our cart as we speak!

33. Chocolate Glazed Donut Manicure with an Ombré Design

almond shaped neutral chrome nails with ombre polish designs in a brown color

photo: Amy Stokes Beauty

Are you hungry yet? For another mouth-watering chrome manicure, we adore these chocolate glazed donut nails, complete with a chic ombré design. Because anything is better with chocolate!

DIY the look by blending this brown nail polish with a neutral base — or opt for these chocolate glaze nail strips for the perfect manicure in a few minutes flat.

34. Metallic Rosy Neutral Manicure

almond shaped gold neutral chrome nails with a mirrored metallic polish color

photo: Amber JH Nails

Yes, we consider metallics a neutral, and no, you can’t convince us otherwise! For a trendy and eye-catching manicure that you can rock every day, this rose gold chrome powder is a must. It’ll add the prettiest warm glimmer to your look — perfect for making a statement without going over the top.

35. Nude Chrome Skittle Nail Design

square shaped simple nude chrome nails with gradient brown polish skittle designs and ideas

photo: Beauty Space Charlotte

We LOVE the skittle nail trend, and this nude design is one of our faves! It’s perfect if you want a unique and stylish manicure, but don’t love the look of too much nail art.

Featuring a gradient of cozy neutrals, these skittle nails remind us of different coffee drinks, ranging from a latte to an americano. Finished with a shiny chrome powder, they’ll look absolutely dazzling wrapped around your favorite brew!

36. Elegant Neutral Vanilla Manicure

almond shaped simple neutral chrome nail designs with a vanilla polish base color

photo: @basecoatstories

We had to include another one of our favorite vanilla chrome nail ideas — they’re just THAT good! This one has a chic neutral tone, with buttery vanilla nail polish and subtle chrome shimmer. It’s universally flattering and totally timeless, and we’re definitely screenshotting it for our next salon appointment.

37. Frosted Gloss Neutral Chrome Nail Polish

almond shaped neutral chrome nail designs with a white shimmery polish color

neutral chrome nail polish: Olive and June

And last but certainly not least, we’re leaving you the best way to get the perfect chrome nails at home: this frosted gloss nail polish from Olive and June! It gives you the long-lasting shimmer of a gel manicure, without the need for a UV lamp or a tricky removal.

This polish is also cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic, and can be worn on its own or layered over another color. There’s a reason it has over 200 raving reviews!

All The Nail Inspo You’ll Ever Need, For Every Season of Life

cute pointed chrome nails with a metallic purple polish color
photo: @overglowedit

Looking for more rad nail inspo — including our favorite chrome ideas for every occasion? We’ve got you covered.

To start, we’ve rounded up the best nail designs for every season, from winter to fall to summer. And for a super festive look, we also found fun nail ideas for different holidays, so you can celebrate Halloween, Christmas, and NYE in style. We even created a list of the best Thanksgiving nails for an ultra drool-worthy look!

Tying the knot this year? Complete your bridal look with these gorgeous wedding nails — best paired with your forever bling!

And of course, it wouldn’t be GWS without a little Taylor Swift content. Here are the best Swiftie-approved nails, including cute designs for every era!

Which of these chrome nail ideas and colors were you favorite? Let us know in the comments below!