41 Beautiful Wedding Nails Designs and Ideas for Dream Bridal Vibes

bride displaying her elegant chrome and white french tip wedding nails
chrome wedding nail ideas: Marcia Nails

Ready to be inspired by the prettiest wedding nail ideas you’ve ever seen?! Your wedding day is ALL about the details — so why not have some fun with it? We love the way that a gorgeous wedding nail design can totally elevate your bridal look and beautifully accent what you’re wearing.

Below we’ve rounded up a few of our current favorites (SO hard to decide!) to get your wedding manicure wheels spinning. Opt for a classic look with chic French tips, stay on-theme with a flower nail design, or grab some nail stickers for a little pattern play. Or get REAL extra with pearls and glitter — it’s your day, after all!

Check out these wedding nail designs that totally — wait for it — nailed it.

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How many days before the wedding should a bride get her nails done?

bridal hand with short chrome glazed wedding nails with sequin details
short wedding nail ideas: Andréa Barbet

To ensure your nails are looking perfectly photo-worthy for the big day, we recommend scheduling your nail appointment 1-3 days before your wedding. This timeframe strikes a balance between having fresh nails and allowing for any touch-ups or fixes, just in case.

Getting your nails done a couple of days before the wedding day also gives you some wiggle room before crunch time begins. The 24 hours before you say “I do” can be a bit hectic, so it’s best to avoid adding yet another task to your to-do list. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to relax and enjoy the pre-wedding pampering!

What colors are best for wedding nails?

bride wearing classy pearlescent chrome almond shaped wedding nails with a diamond band on her middle and pointer fingers
vanilla chrome wedding nail ideas: Alexandra

When it comes to choosing the perfect color for your wedding nails, you’ll want to think about your personal style, your wedding theme, and, of course, how your mani complements your overall bridal look.

For something timeless and classic, you can’t go wrong with elegant neutrals. Think: pale pinks, delicate nudes, or shimmering whites. These are tried-and-true colors that will never go out of style — plus they pair beautifully with any gown and wedding style!

If you’re looking for something with a little more personality, we love the idea of coordinating your wedding nails with the color of your bridesmaid gowns or your wedding shoes (if you’re rocking something other than white). This is a cute way to tie your entire look together….and just think of the photos!

Ultimately, the best wedding nails are the ones that showcase your unique personality. Maybe you want to rock a pretty sage green to add a touch of whimsy to your look, or go full glam with a glittery champagne hue. You can also choose colors that reflect the time of year, such as lavender for springtime or maroon for autumn!

What nail shape is best for a bride?

bride showing off her celestial gold sparkle star dotted almond shaped light pink bridal wedding nail designs
celestial gold wedding nail ideas: Enroutenails on Etsy

At the end of the day, the best shape for your wedding nails is whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. For a classic look, one of the most popular wedding nail shapes for brides is the almond style. Almond wedding nails are elegant, feminine, and create a beautiful elongated effect for your fingers. Plus, they’re super versatile and look great with both short and long nails, making them great for all bridal styles.

If you prefer something more natural and low-maintenance, we also love simple and short wedding nails. These won’t steal the spotlight from your stunning gown, and they also won’t get in your way as you’re celebrating your new married status. As a bonus, there are so many short wedding nail designs that make a statement (we’ve included a few gorgeous ideas down below)!

How to Choose The Best Wedding Nails for Your Bridal Style

bride displaying her simple and classy pearl dotted white french tip wedding nails
pearlcore wedding nail ideas: @nailsbyalsn

To choose the best wedding nails for your bridal style, think of your mani as another accessory to pair with your gown. You want your nails to complement the overall vibe and style of your dress, without distracting from it.

For example, if you’re rocking a lacy bohemian gown or an embellished fairytale look, you may want to keep your wedding nails more simple and understated. A classic French tip mani or a trendy glazed donut design is the perfect finishing touch.

On the other hand, bold wedding nails look great with more minimalist gowns. This is your chance to add a little sparkle to your dress or brighten up your look with a subtle pop of color!

We also love when brides match their wedding nails to their gowns. If you’re wearing a pearl adorned dress, why not add a few pearl details to your mani, too? This will make your entire look feel cohesive, elevated, and SO dreamy.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for: the best bridal nail ideas and designs for your wedding day look! We’ve rounded up our favorite designs for every style, from timeless white nails to trendy floral beauties. Let’s get into it!

Ombre Wedding Nails Designs and Ideas

bride wearing classy coffin ombre wedding nails with silver glitter polish
glitter ombre wedding nail ideas: Finger Suit

Ooooh we love a good ombre wedding nail design! They bring the glam on the big day, while still feeling subtle enough to go with any gown. Plus, there are so many different ways to rock an ombre design!

For a classic look, opt for a neutral and natural color palette. Or, for something more unique, mix in some fun colors (peep the baby blue bridal nails down below!).

Keep scrolling for all the best ombre wedding nail designs and ideas that we’re currently loving, and prepare to fall in love!

1. “Something Blue” Ombre Wedding Nails

bride wearing glittery baby blue ombre wedding nails

baby blue ombre bridal nails: The Daily Nail

You’ve found something old, something new, something borrowed….but what about your something blue? We LOVE the idea of rocking a baby blue mani on the big day — it’s a subtle nod to the tradition, and the cutest way to add some color to your look!

This blue ombre wedding nail design is especially enchanting, with sweet Tiffany blue tips and a whimsical glittery top coat. It’s giving us major fairytale vibes, and we’re super into it!

2. Natural Vanilla Ombre Wedding Nails

bride holding a coffee cup while showing off her simple and natural white press on ombre wedding nails

neutral ombre nails: Glamnetic

If you love a “less is more” vibe, then look no further. These white ombre wedding nails have a natural yet elevated design that looks gorgeous with any gown. We love how the white tips slowly blend into a neutral nude — the perfect finishing touch to your elegant wedding day look!

Plus, these ombre nails are actually reusable press-ons. Great if you’re looking for a super easy bridal DIY for the big day!

3. Bedazzled Bridal Glitter Ombre Wedding Nails

bridal ombre wedding nails with a glittering jewel dotted design

glitter ombre bridal nails: @thehangedit

A lot of glitz and some extra glam. These glittering ombre wedding nails are giving us serious nail envy! We love the unexpected ombre effect with this glitter and jewel design. STUNNING. We’re already eyeballing this nail bedazzle kit so we can recreate this look for ourselves!

4. Ombre Wedding Nails for the Blushing Bride

simple blushing pink ombre wedding nails for the bride

blushing bridal ombre nails: Gelcare

Calling all blushing brides! You’ve met your match with this “blushing” nail trend. It features a subtle pink ombre design in the center of the nail, which makes your mani look like it’s blushing. Swoon!

Pro Tip: Choose a pink polish that matches your makeup look for the big day — this buildable gel polish is perfect for capturing that subtle and romantic blush!

glamorous bronze smokey eye romantic wedding makeup looks

Complete your wedding day beauty look with these bridal makeup ideas. We’ve found inspo for all styles, plus the best products to bring them to life!

5. Celebratory Sparkle Ombre Wedding Nail Design

iridescent shimmery chrome ombre bridal wedding nail ideas

iridescent ombre bridal nails: Glamnetic

Let’s be honest, you’re bound to be popping plenty of bubbly on the wedding day. So why wouldn’t you want gorgeous glittery nails that match?! These sparkly ombre wedding nails ooze celebratory vibes, with an iridescent design that totally reminds us of champagne bubbles.

And as a bonus, they’re also press-ons! Your day-of glam just got a whole lot easier.

6. Pretty in Pink Ombre Wedding Nails

almond-shaped bright pink ombre bridal wedding nail designs

pink ombre bridal nails: Melanie Graves

We’re suckers for anything pink on the big day, and these ombre wedding nails are no exception. They’ll add a flirty and feminine touch to any look — bonus points if you’re also wearing a pink gown for your walk down the aisle!

P.S. This ombre nail design is incredibly easy to DIY. Choose a nude polish for the bottom and a pink polish for the top, then use a nail sponge (or a wedge makeup sponge!) to blend them together before pressing them onto your nails. Peep this artist’s IG caption for more details!

7. Coffee Inspired Ombre Wedding Nails for Autumn Brides

ombre bridal wedding nails in a coffee inspired hue

coffee tones ombre nails: Piece Fabric

We love the coffee color ombre effect on these wedding nails. This style is absolute perfection for an autumn wedding and totally matches the seasonal hues we love in the fall months!

Just picture this bridal manicure styled with a boho wedding gown, wrapped around a bouquet of gorgeous dried blooms. The dream!

8. Glitzy Gold Leaf Ombre Wedding Nails

classy almond gold flecked ombre bridal wedding nail ideas

gold leaf ombre bridal nails: Enroutenails on Etsy

Want to add a little extra glam to your look? It doesn’t get better than these glittering gold wedding nails! There’s something so luxurious about gold leaf, and it looks especially glamorous with this ombre effect.

For bridal nails that will have you glittering all night long, you can’t go wrong with these press-ons!

Simple Wedding Nails Designs and Ideas

dainty simple wedding nails with a black outline on the tip
photo (and ring!): Anna Sheffield

Sometimes the best wedding nails are the simple ones. No need to go wild, if that’s not your style. Instead, these laid-back designs keep the focus on your gorgeous gown, while still adding that certain je ne sais quoi to your look. Simple? Yes. Boring? No way.

Below are the best simple wedding nail ideas for brides that want to make a subtle statement, from on-trend chrome designs to French tips with a touch of sparkle!

9. Gold Initialed Simple Wedding Nails

pink wedding nails with gold initials painted on the ring finger

simple initial bridal nails: @drybylondon

We love the sentiment behind this simple wedding nail design. Choose your favorite shade of blush polish for the base, and then delicately apply your and your partner’s initials on your ring finger using a glittery gold hue. Such a pretty way to elevate a classic nude mani!

P.S. These wedding nails look especially gorgeous if your wedding band is also gold!

10. Simple Chrome Wedding Nails for Trendy Brides

classy almond glazed chrome simple wedding nails for bride

glazed simple wedding nail design: @karolina.probeauty

It’s the nail trend that was practically MADE for brides: chrome wedding nails! This wedding nail design is simple but so swoon-worthy, with a natural nude base that pops, thanks to the shimmery chrome finish. Trust us, you’ll be rocking this nail design loooong after your last dance.

Want to DIY this trendy look at home? If you don’t want to try your hand at chrome nail powder, we found these glazed stick-on nails to give you that dreamy iridescent shine, without the effort!

11. Swarovski Crystal Dotted Manicure

glitter accented Swarvoski crystal tip manicure

simple Swarovski crystal bridal nails: @thehangedit

Okay, let’s level up from glitter real quick. Four words: Swarovski crystal wedding nails. We love this simple yet unique nail design — because who doesn’t want a little extra bling for the big day?!

Keep the look chic and minimal by applying the crystals in a mini French tip design on top of a timeless nude base. Swoon!

12. Elegant + Simple Baby Blue Bridal Nails

classy baby blue chrome simple bridal wedding nail ideas

baby blue bridal nails: @karolina.probeauty

These simple blue wedding nails add a fun and fresh element your look, without being over the top. You truly can’t go wrong with a baby blue hue for weddings — it’s classic, romantic, and pairs great with any gown!

13. Simple Pink Glitter Wedding Nails

simple nail design with blush hued glitter cuticles and bright hot pink french tips

simple pink glitter cuticle nails: @betina_goldstein

Who says simple wedding nails have to be boring?! We love the electric neon pink tips on this design, especially when paired with those rose gold glitter cuticles. They frame the nail bed in such a subtle but fun way, perfect for adding the smallest pop of color to your look.

And if you want to take this look to the next level, you can also swap out the pink polish for the color of your bridesmaid gowns!

14. Simple Black and White Wedding Nails for Edgy Brides

simple white and black wedding nails on a tattooed hand

photo via @sammijefcoate + black and white nails by @bhambnails

Does anyone else look at these nails and immediately think of black and white cookies?! We certainly see the resemblance, in the best way. Who wouldn’t want their nails looking like a treat?

Plus, a black French tip is such a cool way to add a bit of edge to your all-white look. For the nail pros, we found this black and white nail art kit to help you ~nail~ this design at home!

15. Sparkly + Simple Celestial Wedding Nail Design

classy celestial inspired simple wedding nails with rhinestone star design details

simple celestial bridal nails: @nailsbyalsn

Perfect for astrology lovers, celestial-themed weddings, or anyone who wants to add a little extra magic to their look, this wedding nail design is a dream come true.

A little sparkle goes a long way with this bridal nail design — all you need are some twinkling rhinestones and just a little bit of silver polish to bring this dreamy look to life. If your love was written in the stars, then these are the simple wedding nails for you!

16. Simple Caramel + Cream Dipped Manicure

shimmering caramel and cream tip simple wedding nails

caramel + cream simple nails: @paintboxnails

We love the simple and elegant look of these caramel and cream dipped wedding nails. The way the swoosh of caramel polish overlaps the off-white layer creates such a lovely pattern and design.

And with a clear coat on the bottom half of the nail, these bridal nails have a super simple and minimalist vibe we totally dig.

White Wedding Nails Designs and Ideas

bride showing her classy swirl french tip white wedding nails
white swirl press on nails: Amazon

You’ve found the perfect white gown, and now you need the prettiest white wedding nails to match! No matter your personal style, white nails are a fool-proof way to capture those gorgeous bridal vibes on the big day. They’re classic and on-theme — and there are also so many modern takes on this traditional look!

Opt for a French tip for a classic style, or switch it up with a pattern for something unexpected. There are no wrong answers here — and we’ve found the best white wedding nails for every bride down below!

17. Delicate Floral White Wedding Nail Design

classy short flower petal white wedding nails with a simple light pink base coat

classy floral white bridal nails: Andréa Barbet

We cannot calm down about how perfect this take on flower wedding nails is. We love the way this design incorporates glossy negative space with delicate white blooms — almost like lace for your fingers.

If you’re looking for something elegant, romantic, and unique for the big day, it doesn’t get better than this. Plus, we found these similar nail decals for a simple DIY!

18. Milky Glazed White Wedding Nails

classy almond shaped vanilla chrome white wedding nails

classy milky white bridal nails: @karolina.probeauty

Milky nails are a softer, sweeter take on the chrome wedding nail trend, and it’s safe to say we’re totally obsessed. A mix of white, nude and glazed nails, they add a dreamy, ethereal touch to your look — while still feeling classic and timeless. And yes, they look great with a white gown!

Just layer on a few coats of this milky gel polish, and finish with a shimmery top coat (or chrome powder). Effortless, but so elegant.

19. Glittery Gold + White Wedding Nails for Glamorous Brides

bride wearing square double french tip gold white wedding nails

white French tip bridal nails: @thehotblend

Do classic white French tips feel a little bit boring to you? Just add some sparkle to spruce them up! This white French tip nail design brings the glamour with that glittery gold detail. It perfectly complements the shimmer of your wedding day bling and gives your bridal mani a celebratory vibe.

Best paired with diamonds and a glass of champagne!

20. Trés Chic White French Tip Manicure

unique short french tip white wedding nails for the bride with rhinestone detail and oui written on the ring finger

unique white bridal nails: Andréa Barbet

Say “oui!” to this fun white wedding nail design! It’s such a stylish take on the classic French tip wedding nails, perfect for fashion-forward brides (or anyone tying the knot in France!). And that sparkly rhinestone detail to dot the i? Trés chic!

21. Romantic White Flower Wedding Nails

blush pink flower wedding nail design with sage green leaf accents and white blooms

blush pink flower bridal nails: @joysedition

Calling all warm weather brides! If you’re looking for flower wedding nails to match the season (but don’t want anything too over-the-top), prepare to fall in love with this elegant neutral design.

We love how only two of the fingernails are painted with delicate white flowers, and the other three are left with a nearly nude tone. It has a gorgeous natural feel with just a touch of romance.

pink glazed donut shimmery chrome summer nails

Looking for more summery nail inspo? We’ve got you covered with this list of the best nail ideas to complete your warm weather look!

22. White Quartz-Inspired Wedding Nails

unique sparkly white quartz inspired bridal wedding nail designs

white crystal-inspired bridal nails: ManiMe

For the boho brides, add a little glamour to your look with these white quartz-inspired wedding nails! White quartz is believed to balance your energy and bring good luck and prosperity — pretty perfect for your wedding day, if you ask us. Plus, this crystal design is just really pretty!

And the best part? These nails are actually stick-ons — no salon appointment necessary!

23. Double White French Tip Wedding Nails for Modern Brides

simple short double french tip white bridal wedding nail ideas

double french tip wedding nail design: Andréa Barbet

Why settle for one classy French tip when you could have two?! These wedding nails have double the elegance, with two dainty white tips, giving your look the ultimate modern touch. This design would also work for any length and shape of nails, so you can make it your own!

Need help achieving that perfect french tip? These sticker guides are our best kept secret!

Classy Wedding Nails Designs and Ideas

bride with almond shaped classy wedding nails with gold tip details on the pinky pointer and thumb and glitter on the ring and middle fingers
classy wedding nail design: @jeanis_nails

Who doesn’t love an elevated and classy look?! These classy nail ideas are here to take your wedding day aesthetic to the next level. They’re sleek, they’re timeless, and they’re effortlessly elegant. A must for fashion-forward brides who want to have a little extra fun with their wedding nails!

Scroll on for the best wedding nail designs with a chic and classy touch — these beauties are made for standing out in alllll the right ways!

24. Classy + Colorful Floral Wedding Nails

colorful floral classy wedding nails for the bride

classy floral bridal nails: ManiMe

As you may have noticed by now, we LOVE floral wedding nails, and these colorful beauties are some of our faves! They’re a fun, flirty, and playful look that’s perfect for the big day, especially if you’re tying the knot in a romantic garden venue.

Match the blooms on your nails to your vibrant bouquet for an extra sweet touch that’ll look amazing in photos.

25. Classy Pearlcore Wedding Nails for Fashion-Forward Brides

pearl dotted glitter manicure

pearl + glitter bridal nails: @betina_goldstein

Pearls on the wedding day are a total classic, but we bet you didn’t expect to see them on nails! This glitter and pearl dotted design could not be more dreamy.

It’s a fairytale look fit for a fairytale wedding — and SO romantic if you’re wearing a pearl wedding gown or some pearlcore accessories!

All you need are these iridescent pearl stickers to achieve this romantic look.

26. Classy Dried Flower Wedding Nail Design

encased dried flower nail designs for weddings

classy flower bridal nails: @safinanailstudio

This flower wedding nail design is oh-so dreamy! We love the way the dried flowers are encased in a glimmering clear coat of polish for a whimsical, three-dimensional style. With so many pretty colors (plus some glamorous gold leaf), it’s guaranteed to spark joy on the big day.

And is it just us, or does this classy wedding nail design also remind you of confetti? Hello, party vibes!

27. Classy Art Deco Silver + Black Manicure

black and silver Art Deco inspired wedding manicure with a graphic swoosh design

Art Deco glitter manicure: @cassmariebeauty

We love the glitz and glam of these classy Art Deco-inspired wedding nails. The flourishes in the glittery design are seriously to die for, and the black outline really brings it all together.

We can’t think of a more fitting wedding nail design for brides tying the knot in the Roaring 2020s!!

28. Classy Vertical Stripe Statement Bridal Nails

vertical dark green and pink stripe classy wedding nails

classy vertical stripe bridal nails: @aliciatnails

One of the things we really like about classy wedding nails is that they incorporate simple designs that don’t need a lot to stand out. Like these stunning vertical stripe nails. Understated, but oh so cute!

Get the look by using nail tape to cover all of your nail bed except that slim stripe in the center. Then paint on two of your wedding colors in a modern asymmetrical design. So rad!

29. Classy Jewel-Studded Peachy Wedding Nails

classy peachy pink nails with blue and yellow jewel accents creating a colorful yet simple design

peachy pink jeweled nails: @paintboxnails

We love the pairing of that dreamy peach polish with the bright yellow and blue jewels. It adds a little shimmer to an otherwise simple and modern design. So cute for a bright warm weather wedding!

P.S. We found the perfect peachy pink shade to achieve this design — and as a bonus, it uses a peach-infused formula for a super creamy look!

30. Classy + Sparkly Pink Wedding Nail Design

blush pink classy wedding nails with a sparkly glitter design

shimmery classy bridal nails: Ulta

Is there such a thing as too much sparkle on the big day? We think not! These shimmery + classy wedding nails will add the perfect shine to your look. They’re so festive and fun, and the blush pink base gives them the ultimate feminine touch!

Style these gel nail strips with a minimalist gown to up the sparkle factor, or pair them with an embellished dress for all-out glam. Obsessed!

Short Wedding Nails Designs and Ideas

bride showing off her shimmery chrome short wedding nails with a small white heart design
short chrome heart wedding nail design: Andréa Barbet

Want to keep it short and sweet on the big day? No prob! If your go-to nail design is natural and relaxed, then don’t feel like you have to switch it up for your wedding day. Short nails are practical, effortless, and super elegant — they’ll add that extra touch to your look, without going over-the-top.

But just because these wedding nails are short doesn’t mean you have to skimp on a great design! We’ve found some gorgeous short nail inspo for all bridal styles that will have your guests totally swooning.

31. Marbled Blush Short Wedding Nails

blush pink short manicured nails in a marble inspired design

short pink marble nails: @thehangedit

This marble manicure is one part elegant and one part flirty, and we are big fans. It’s the perfect nail design for a glamorous springtime wedding or a fun formal celebration!

To get this look at home, swirl a few drops of pink and white nail polish in a cup of water, then dip your nail into the marbled pattern. It may take a couple tries to get right, though — for something a little easier, just screenshot this photo and show it to your manicurist!

32. Short Flower Manicure with a Colorful Bloom Design

illustrated colorful flower nail designs for weddings with a light pink polish base

short flower bridal nails: @thehangedit

We love how the flowers look like they’re growing right on top of your nails with this vibrant and feminine design. Bright hues are trending for 2023 weddings, and we can’t think of a cuter way to add some pops of color to your look!

And since the rainbow blooms don’t take up the entire nail bed, it’s the perfect look for short nails. Just add some sweet blossoms to a blush pink base and you’re pretty much golden!

33. Metallic Gold Short Wedding Nails

hand displaying a short metallic gold wedding manicure

metallic gold manicure: @safinanailstudio

These short metallic gold nails are ultra sleek and ultra simple — the ideal mix of glam and minimalism. And they could not be more perfect for the big day. Because who says short nails can’t pack a punch?!

Finish your gold mani with a chrome powder to get that luxurious metallic look, and complete your look with some matching gold jewelry!

34. Delicate Red Poppy Manicure

short wedding nails with a delicate red poppy flower design

short poppy bridal nails: @betina_goldstein

How beyond cute is the pop of red on these short poppy nails?! So precious, and perfect for a minimalist and simple wedding nail design that feels totally unique. It’s bright, it’s happy, and it’s MADE for a warm weather wedding!

Get the look with these easy-to-use flower nail decals, which feature a bouquet of options for your big day (and beyond). Obsessed!

35. Butterfly Design Short Wedding Nails for Whimsical Brides

bride wearing classy blue butterfly short wedding nails in a watercolor style painting design

whimsical short blue bridal nails: Andréa Barbet

Another blue wedding nail design, these short beauties stand apart from the rest with a whimsical butterfly design. It’s so subtle and dreamy — the polish almost looks like watercolor!

Butterflies are also super symbolic for your wedding day. They represent transformation and a new start, which is a pretty perfect way to describe marriage, too!

36. Glamorous Pressed Flower Short Bridal Nails

classy pressed flower short bridal wedding nail ideas with gold flakes

gold flake short bridal nails: Studio by Elvira Safina

There’s something about a little hint of metallic gold that instantly amps up a wedding nail design. These short nails have THE most stunning gold flecks in them that pair gorgeously with the delicate pressed flowers. Glamorous, romantic, and seriously photo-worthy. Bring on the close-ups!

high ponytail romantic hairstyles

The final step to completing your gorgeous, photo-worthy wedding look? The perfect hairdo! We’ve got you covered with these oh-so romantic bridal hairstyle ideas.

French Tip Wedding Nails Designs and Ideas

classy modern white french tip wedding nails
modern French tip wedding nail design: Grayce Natalie

Don’t underestimate the power of a classic French manicure! This timeless style never goes out of fashion and is a fool-proof choice for your wedding day. The combination of a natural-looking base with a clean white tip creates an elegant and sophisticated look that matches almost any wedding theme or bridal style.

Below are our favorite French tip wedding nail ideas — including a few rad and glamorous twists on the classic style!

37. Gold Lined French Tip Wedding Nails

gold lined French manicure inspired classy wedding nails

gold-lined wavy French manicure: @thehotblend

Looking for the ultimate classy wedding nail ideas? You can never go wrong with a French manicure, especially with a high gloss clear coat. It’s a classic for good reason, after all.

But if you want something that stands out from the crowd, we love this wavy gold-lined design. It gives a sort of dripping dipped look that’s so swoon-worthy!

38. Classy and Curvy French Tip Wedding Nails

swooped curvy French manicure inspired classy wedding nails

curvy and classy French manicure: ManiMe

It’s no secret that French tip nails never go out of style. And this classy nail kit puts a modern twist on the timeless wedding look with delicate curves that swoop over the edges of the nail bed.

With such a rad yet simple design, these wedding nails are perfect for modern brides who love to make an elegant statement. J’adore!

39. Modern Double French Tip Manicure

bride displaying her double white line French manicure classy wedding nails

modern French tip bridal nails: @aliciatnails

Sometimes all you need is an extra little white line on your French manicure to add the ultimate modern and classy flair to your wedding nails. We are HERE for this simple, understated bridal style. It feels up-to-date and totally on-trend — plus you can easily DIY it with this white nail art liner!

40. Chic Bridal Nails with Gold Dipped French Tips

gold tipped manicured nails in a french tip design

gold dipped bridal nails: @thehotblend

There are French tip wedding nails…and then there are THESE French tip wedding nails. We love the unexpected look of the metallic gold polish. The organic, imperfect dipped appearance of the tips is seriously stunning.

They’re the last thing you’d expect on the wedding day, and that’s exactly why we love them.

41. Negative Heart French Tip Wedding Nails for Romantic Brides

classy almond french tip white wedding nails with a heart bridal design on the ring finger

romantic white bridal nails: @thehotblend

Calling all hopeless romantics! If you love the classic look of French tips but want something that stands out, then this wedding nail design is calling your name. It’s trendy yet timeless, with mismatched nails that make a stylish bridal statement.

And how sweet is that negative heart on the ring finger?! Get the look by painting your polish over a heart-shaped decal, then remove the sticker for that rad negative-space design!

Complete Your Bridal Look With Our Fave Wedding Guides

bridal manicure with a classy sparkly silver french tip and pearl detail
sparkly silver bridal nails: Peachi Nails

Still finalizing your wedding day look? We’ve got you covered!

To start, our roundup of stunning wedding necklaces is ready and waiting to inspire. And if you’re playing with the idea of rocking a wedding crown or tiara on the big day, we’re sharing our favorites in this ultimate guide.

Aaaaand if you still haven’t found the perfect pair of shoes to wear, you do NOT want to miss our epic list of the best wedding shoes.

Finally, complete your beauty look with these bridal makeup ideas — the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day glam!

Thinking we may have to test drive a few ideas at the salon this weekend…which of these wedding nails stand out to you?