55 Cute Fall Nail Designs and Ideas Trending in Autumn 2023

cute and simple fall nails with autumn inspired french tip designs

Grab your pumpkin-flavored beverage of choice and get cozy, because today we’re talking about our favorite fall nails for 2023! There is truly nothing better than fall fashion — from the cozy sweaters to the earthy color palettes to the brand new trends. And no fall outfit is complete without the perfect manicure to tie it all together! To help you curate your dream autumn style this year, we’re breaking down all the trendiest fall nails ideas and designs for your inspo board. Prepare to ~fall~ in love!!

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brown orange hued maple glaze shimmery brown simple fall nails
maple glaze autumn nails: Glamnetic | photo: Leanne Duong

For fall 2023, we’re seeing a mix of classic autumn nail trends and more bold, statement-making designs. The shimmery chrome finishes that you’ve seen everywhere the past few months aren’t going anywhere — but they are getting a fresh fall makeover! Instead of glazed donut nails and milky manis, autumn has us dipping our fingers into syrupy maple styles and cozy velvet-inspired designs.

Gothcore is also taking over our mood boards, and your fall nails are the perfect way to try out this moody trend! Embrace spooky season with vampy hues like black and burgundy, long shapes like coffin or almond nails, and unexpected details like studs or ombre designs.

On the other end of the spectrum, the quiet luxury trend has us ditching over-the-top styles in exchange for classy, understated designs, and our fall nails are no exception! If you subscribe to the “less is more” camp, then you’ll love trending fall ideas like micro French tips and natural nude nails. Short lengths are also making a comeback, perfect for a your-nails-but-better style!

The Best Fall Nail Colors

unique long orange french tip fall nails with an asymmetrical curved almond inspired tip
photo: Mirvaris Pina

When it comes to the best fall nail colors, you can’t go wrong with warm hues and earthy tones. Cozy up into caramel brown, go moody with deep merlot, or add a little ~spice~ with pumpkin orange. They’re fall favorites for a reason!

For something a bit trendier, terracotta and olive green are also must-haves for your fall nail designs this year. They’re modern and boho, with a muted earthy vibe that’s perfect for autumn. And as we mentioned above, darker hues are also trending this autumn, with black manis taking center stage!

How to Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy for the Fall

long almond shaped dark sage green 
simple fall nails
photo: disseynails

Just like you give your skincare routine a boost in the fall, your nails also need a little extra TLC to battle the colder weather! To keep your nails strong and healthy for the fall, always ensure your favorite hand moisturizer is within arm’s reach to keep those digits hydrated. We also suggest investing in some cuticle oil to avoid dryness, boost nail growth, and protect your new mani from chipping.

And speaking of your new mani, fall is also the time to be extra picky with your nail polish. Opt for vegan and non-toxic polishes that don’t use harsh chemicals, which can weaken your nails (and potentially cause other harm).

Adding a coat of nail strengthener will also give your nails the toughness and protection they need to survive the cold — plus an extra layer of shine for major wow factor!

Simple Fall Nails and Design Ideas

long sparkly nude champagne fall nails with a trendy curved tip
photo: disseynails

The good news: you don’t need to be an expert nail artist to make a statement this fall. The bad news: with so many stylish simple fall nail ideas and autumn trends, it’s almost impossible to choose just one!

This year, minimalist nail designs are reigning supreme. From gradient color schemes to micro details, these fall nails add the perfect finishing touch to your look — without overpowering your fall fashion.

And as a bonus, all of these simple fall nail ideas and trends can be recreated from the comfort of your bedroom! That means no need to face the cold for a pricey salon appointment. Keep scrolling for all the coziest autumn nail inspo, plus a few tips for DIYing these fall looks at home!

1. Vampy Maroon Simple Fall Nails

vampy dark autumnal burgundy simple fall nails with sparkly rhinestone details that add a trendy accent

photo: nailsbyalsn

It’s finally spooky szn, and you know what that means: the vampy vibes are back, baby! This year, embrace the undying trend with long maroon nails embellished with subtle sparkle. They’re sexy and glamorous, with a sophisticated edge that’s perfect for autumn.

We also found the best dainty rhinestones and nail glue to recreate this simple fall nail design at home!

2. Velvet Inspired Simple Fall Nail Inspo

sparkly green velvet inspired simple fall nails trend

photo: Mod + Jo

Once that first autumn chill rolls in, it’s officially time to retire our flowy dresses and break out alllll the velvet. And that also includes our nails! Velvet nails are one of the top trends for fall 2023, and it’s easy to see why. Cool and cozy, they’re the perfect autumnal alternative to shimmery chrome.

Plus, velvet nails are super simple to DIY — all you need is magnetic gel polish to get that fuzzy, galactic look. (Or for something even easier, we also found these rad velvet-inspired press-ons!)

3. Orange Micro French Tip Simple Fall Nails

pumpkin orange micro french tip simple fall nails

photo: Mateja Novakovic

Looking for an update to your classic French mani? Introducing: this micro French tip fall nail design! It has the same timeless vibes of traditional French tips, but with a modern and trendy orange touch.

While there are SO many ways to rock this look for fall, we’re big fans of this bright pumpkin orange hue. It adds the ultimate pop of color to your autumn nails, without going full PSL!

4. Cozy Brown Simple Fall Press-On Nails with a Subtle Monochrome French Tip

monochrome ombre brown french tip simple fall nails trend

simple autumn nails: BadTasteNails on Etsy

Fall is when cozy brown hues get their moment in the spotlight, and this gradient nail design definitely understood the assignment! It checks off all the essential (and drool-worthy) autumn colors: chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, and cashmere brown. It’s 50 shades of fall, and we are HERE for it!

As a bonus, you can actually buy this autumn mani as reusable press-on nails. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

5. Trendy Yet Simple Olive Green Fall Nail Inspo

long olive green gel simple fall nails with a trendy glossy coat

photo: nailsbyalsn

For It girl fall nail ideas, look no further than this olive green hue! Also coined the “dirty martini” mani, this nail trend is about to be EVERYWHERE this season. Add a shimmery finish to achieve that martini glass effect, and pair it with your favorite fall cocktail — extra olives, please.

6. Simple Celestial Fall Press-On Nails

celestial gold star accented simple autumn nails in a neutral blush hue

celestial autumn nails: Enroutenails on Etsy

Channel dreamy autumn nights with this celestial fall nail design! Featuring a constellation of twinkling stars, these fall nails are perfect for all the special occasions on your calendar….or anytime you need a little extra ~magic~ when the cold weather hits.

Plus, these autumn press-on nails are hand-painted and custom-made for an ultra luxurious look. Choose between different shapes, lengths, and even colors to make them your own — no salon appointment necessary!

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7. Caramel Brown Simple Autumn Nails

long caramel brown simple fall nails with slight orange hues

caramel nail polish: Olive & June

Crunchy leaves. Caramel lattes. Cozy sweaters. If we could describe fall with a color, it would this warm brown meets orange hue! For a cozy fall nail design that never gets old, keep it simple with a few layers of this caramel polish. It’s the ultimate autumn neutral!

Complete with a glossy top coat for extra shine and durability, these minimalist nails are about to be your favorite fall mainstay.

8. Simple + Spicy Pumpkin Orange Fall Nail Inspo

long pumpkin orange simple fall nail designs and ideas

orange nail polish: Olive & June

Is it just us, or did you suddenly get a craving for pumpkin pie? If you’re looking for simple fall nail ideas that will have everyone drooling, you can’t go wrong with matching your favorite autumn dessert. We especially love this dark terracotta polish for a spicy and trendy take on a seasonal pumpkin orange mani!

9. Simple Studded Short Fall Nail Design

crystal embellished natural nude short fall nails

photo: Mateja Novakovic

For the trendiest fall nail ideas, it’s time to think outside the box — and beyond the nail polish bottle! Studs are the edgiest new addition to the nail art world, and a super simple trend to try out for fall.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full studded look, these dainty crystal drops are the perfect foray into the style. Add them on top of clear or nude polish using rhinestone glue, and style them with your favorite fall moto jacket.

10. Midnight Blue Simple Fall Nail Inspo

short glittery midnight blue simple fall nails in a trendy gloss finish

photo: Mateja Novakovic

This isn’t the glittery nail design of your childhood! The deep midnight blue hue gives these simple fall nails a high fashion look that’s perfect for fall, while the subtle metallic sparkle helps them stand out from the crowd.

If an all-black mani feels a little too gloomy this year, this dreamy color is the ultimate dazzling alternative.

11. Titanium Glaze Simple Autumn Nails

shimmery metallic silver glaze simple fall nails

metallic autumn nail strips: Dashing Diva

Make a metallic statement with these simple autumn nails! With a bright silver base and a shimmery glaze finish, this fall nail design is about as shiny as it gets. It’s like liquid silver for your fingers — perfect if you’re looking for a modern autumn mani that’s just as radiant as you are!!

Plus, you can get this exact bold design without the effort thanks to these semi-cured gel nail strips. They last as long as a gel manicure, minus the salon appointment!

Short Fall Nails and Design Ideas

simple foliage inspired mismatched short fall nails in burgundy olive mustard and beige hues
short fall nail ideas: The Haute Hunter

After years of long and dramatic nails taking center stage, short styles are making a comeback for fall. Safe to say we’re relieved! Autumn is when we crack open our new planners and get to work on all the goals we put off during the warmer months — and short nails are the perfect sidekick for the job.

With a more natural feel, short fall nails won’t get in the way as you check off your to-do list, hang your autumnal decor, and cook your favorite fall recipes. But that doesn’t mean they’re boring!

From funky swirls to trendy metallics, there are so many ways to rock a killer micro mani. And we’ve rounded up all our favorite short fall nail inspo and ideas down below!

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12. Retro Swirl Short Fall Nails

abstract white and brown hued burgundy swirl short fall nails

photo: Peachi Nails

What is it about fall that makes us want to break out some bell bottoms and channel our inner Daisy Jones? For ultimate ’70s vibes, look no further than this funky short fall nail design! It blends classic white polish with autumnal maroon to create psychedelic fall swirls. One word: groovy.

Plus, the mismatched look means there’s no right or wrong way to recreate this design — so go with the flow, grab some nail art brushes, and make it your own!

13. Metallic Bronze Short Fall Nail Inspo

shimmery metallic bronze short fall nails

metallic nail polish: Olive & June

If earth tones and muted hues feel a little, well, boring, then meet your new favorite fall nail color! This metallic bronze hue will give your short nails the oomph they need to stand out, plus the shimmer adds the ultimate trendy touch. Simple, but definitely not boring!!

14. Twinkling Brown Short Autumn Nails

trendy chocolate brown short fall nail designs and ideas with mismatched star detail

photo: Hang Nguyen

Up the sparkle factor for your autumn mani with this short fall nail inspo! If glitter and embellishments aren’t your jam, this design is a cute way to add a little glamour to your look — without going over-the-top.

To DIY this trendy design, paint all of your nails a rich and autumnal chocolate brown hue. Let that dry, then add a couple of star-shaped stickers to one nail, and paint over them with a lighter brown polish. Remove the sticker, and voila!

15. Spooky Spider Web Short Fall Nail Design

spooky black short fall nails with white spider web French tip design

photo: Hannah Leong

For the people who live for October (because same!), this festive short fall nail inspo is for you. The black base is a fall classic, while the spider web inspired French tips add a spoOoOoOky touch. Wednesday Addams would be proud!

P.S. This white polish is specifically made for creating rad nail art — creepy designs included!

16. Abstract Black Shimmer Short Fall Nails

shimmery metallic and modern silver and black short fall nails

photo: lolo.nailedit

If you’ve been rocking the shimmer nail trend for months now, give it a fall makeover with this two-tone design! We love love love the contrast of the dazzling iridescent finish with the bold black polish — especially in this abstract style. Proof that opposites attract!

17. Unique Mismatched Short Fall Nail Inspo

mismatched burnt orange sage green and tortoiseshell short fall nail designs and ideas that incorporates multiple trends in one look

photo: Katie Dutra

Why choose just one fall nail design when you could rock five of them?! We’re big fans of mismatched manis, and this one definitely makes a statement. It hits all the best fall nail trends, from tortoiseshell styles to deep green hues to subtle pops of gold. Perfection!

Pro tip: To ~nail~ the mismatched look, stick to one theme or color scheme to tie everything together. This design balances warm tones with darker details to achieve the ultimate autumnal ensemble.

18. Wine-Hued Short Autumn Nails

simple wine inspired burgundy gel short fall nails

photo: Mateja Novakovic

Inspired by a glass of cabernet, this short fall nail design is the perfect plus one for those cozy autumn nights spent sipping wine next to the fire. With a deep maroon hue and a glossy gel finish, this mani truly looks good enough to drink.

It’s also the best fall nail inspo for all the red nail polish loyalists out there! Trade your cherry hues for something darker, moody, and oh-so autumnal.

19. Negative Space Black Glitter Short Fall Nails

modern simple glittery black short fall nails with negative space at the cuticles

photo: Andréa Barbet

Like a bold twist on a French mani, this is one of our favorite fall nail ideas for short nails that may not have the space for white tips. With a pop of negative space around your cuticles, this design looks cool, graphic, and super unique.

Complete the look with a bit of sparkle — this glittery black nail polish is a chic upgrade to a standard black mani!

20. Minimalist + Festive Short Fall Nail Design

spooky black night sky inspired short fall nail inspo and trends

photo: Hannah Leong

Looking for a mani to go with your pumpkin carving, apple picking, and scary movie marathons? Capture ALL the October vibes with this short fall nail inspo! These autumn nails make the most out of their small and minimalist design — we especially love those cute ghosts!!

Plus, you can easily recreate this look at home using these nail art pens. Think of it as doodling for your nails!

21. Muted Purple Simple Autumn Nails

short mauve purple simple fall nail designs and ideas

photo: Mateja Novakovic

We are HERE for a purple moment, especially in the fall time. It’s a moody and mystical alternative to pink, with a whimsical vibe that’s made for the season. And this muted mauve hue is our current fave! It’s equal parts soft and bold, making it the perfect purple polish for your short fall nail ideas.

22. Foliage Inspired Short Fall Nail Design

glittery bronze short fall nails with falling leaf design trend

photo: Sonya Low

Nothing says autumn like falling leaves, and nothing says autumn nails like this foliage-inspired design! With the daintiest leaf motif, this fall nail inspo doesn’t need a huge canvas to set the cozy mood.

Complete with the ultimate fall color scheme (reds, oranges, browns, and glittery bronze!), it’s the epitome of autumn, wrapped up in one simple manicure. And yes, we found the perfect metallic polish for your next DIY!

French Tip Fall Nails and Design Ideas

multi colored foliage inspired long french tip fall nails with brown orange and burgundy hued color blocks
French tip fall nail ideas: disseynails

It’s the look that will never go out of style: a French manicure! But for fall 2023, we’re going beyond the same old white tips. Instead, we’re loving all the festive fall updates to classic French tip nails, from cozy colors to modern designs to unique patterns — and even a touch of gold!

So whether you’re a French mani loyalist or are looking for a brand new design to add to your arsenal, these fall nail ideas belong on your autumn mood board. Scroll on for the best French tip nail inspo with a trendy fall twist!

23. Tortoiseshell French Tip Fall Nails

trendy and modern tortoise shell french tip fall nails

photo: Hannah Leong

There’s something about a tortoiseshell design that’s just MADE for fall. Case in point: these autumn nails! Such a rad alternative to a classic French mani, this nail design oozes fall vibes with sleek brown tortoiseshell tips.

Try out the design yourself with this brown polish set, and don’t forget the white accent to tie the modern look together!

24. Brown Floral French Tip Fall Nail Inspo

chocolate brown french tip fall nails with mismatched floral design

photo: nailsbyalsn

Not ready to let flower season go? Keep the blooms alive a little while longer with your mani! We love how this fall nail inspo combines brown French tips with a dainty daisy design. It’s the perfect look to help you transition from the warm months into the cozy autumn season.

25. Edgy Black French Tip Autumn Nails

simple modern black french tip fall nails with a trendy glossy top coat

french tip autumn nails: Enroutenails on Etsy

Autumn is your cue to enter dark mode, and these are just the fall nails for the job. If you’re usually a traditional French mani person, give your go-to nail design a seasonal update by switching from white tips to black ones. Fall vibes: activated.

And while you could easily recreate this design yourself, we also found these luxe press-ons for a zero-effort look!

26. Heart-Shaped French Tip Fall Nail Design

caramel brown upside down heart shaped french tip fall nails

photo: Hannah Leong

Embrace cuffing season with this heart-shaped fall nail inspo! The perfect complement to all your cuddles and coffee dates, these French tips add an extra layer of romance to your look.

Plus, this is one of the best French tip fall nail ideas for nail novices. No need to perfect the ultimate half-circle design — just paint two simple swoops on the top of each nail to achieve the upside-down heart shape, and you’re pretty much golden!

P.S. This heart-shaped design works best with almond nails, so you may want to stock up on these transparent press-ons to get the perfect romantic look!

27. Shimmery French Tip Fall Nails

shimmery metallic french tip fall nails in a warm blush autumn inspired glittered hue

photo: @disseynails via Glamnetic

Dark autumn days getting you down? Boost some serotonin with this shimmery French tip fall nail inspo! This design trades the classic dark fall shades for something bright, glittery, and radiant. It’ll keep the good vibes going, even after that 4 pm sunset!

For maximum glow, finish this fall nail design with some pearlescent powder. It’ll give you a mani that dazzles from a mile away.

28. Geometric French Tip Fall Nail Inspo

geometric square shaped black and brown french tip fall nail designs and ideas

photo: Hang Nguyen

Who said French manis are just for almond shaped nails?! This short + square nail shape is having a serious moment right now, and it looks SO rad with this geometric French tip fall design. It’s modern. It’s cool. And it’ll definitely stand out from the crowd!

We also love this two-tone design for the days you can’t decide between black or brown for your fall outfits. With this mani, you get the best of both worlds!

29. Ombre Brown French Tip Fall Nails

coffee brown ombre monochrome french tip fall nail designs and ideas

photo: disseynails

Fall nail ideas that look good enough to eat? Check! With a smooth ombre design, these autumn nails remind us of a gooey chocolate cake. From the light-to-dark brown hue to the matching French tips, it’s a drool-worthy design we can’t wait to indulge in!

And if you’re loving the ombre look as much as we are, keep scrolling for similar fall nail ideas in the next section — plus our tips for how to achieve the look!

30. White Swirl French Tip Fall Nail Design

long white french tip autumn nails with mismatched trendy swirl design

photo: disseynails

If you’re feeling bored with your favorite white French tip mani, this swirl design may be just the fall nail inspo you need! With a white + nude color scheme, it’s just as versatile as a classic French manicure, but WAY more fun.

Test out your artistic abilities and create your own statement swirls with this nail art liner set!

31. Gradient + Gold French Tip Autumn Nails

ombre brown and gold trimmed french tip fall nails

gradient autumn nails: Enroutenails on Etsy

Can’t choose just one autumn hue for your French tips? Then don’t! With a gradient French tip design, this fall design showcases all your favorite warm, cozy fall colors. Keep it in one color family like these chic press-ons, or experiment with unexpected combos for a trend-setting look.

And don’t forget that swipe of gold polish for a luxurious finishing touch!

32. Gilded Gold French Tip Fall Nails

wavy asymmetrical drip style swirl gold french tip fall nails

wavy gold autumn nails: BadTasteNails on Etsy

Speaking of gold finishing touches….add a little glamour to your fall ‘fit with this autumn nail inspo! Dripping in glimmering gold, these French tip press-ons are elegant, modern, and so cool.

We also love a nail moment that matches our favorite jewelry! Consider this your sign to stock up on some new golden rings for your fall beauty lineup.

stack of birthstone rings

No mani is complete without the perfect jewelry to pair it with! Update your collection with these gorgeous birthstone rings — we’ve rounded up the most dazzling styles for every month.

33. Double French Tip Fall Nail Inspo

autumn brown double french tip coffin fall nails

photo: Marcia Nails

Why settle for just one French tip when you could have two?! Featuring two chocolate brown arches, these fall nails are double the elegance, double the style, and double the autumn vibes. And yes, we love them twice as much!

Pro tip: To achieve those perfect half moon arches every time, you can’t go wrong with these French tip sticker guides. You can thank us later!

Fall Ombre Nails and Design Ideas

long pointed caramel brown ombre fall nail designs and ideas
ombre fall nail ideas: BadTasteNails on Etsy

It’s the fall nail trend that has taken over our mood boards: ombre designs! With a soft, hazy look, ombre nails are the chicest way to add a unique touch to your mani.

Plus, there are stylish ombre nail ideas for every fall aesthetic — go moody with aura nails, or embrace the quiet luxury look with a minimalist white ombre. There are no wrong answers here! For more inspo, check out all our favorite fall ombre nail designs and ideas down below!

34. Spellbinding Blue Fall Ombre Nails

simple aura inspired blue airbrush ombre fall nails with hints of purple at the edges

photo: Peachi Nails

The witchy vibes are real! With a mystical blue center that slowly fades to moody purple, this ombre fall nail design looks like it’s glowing. It’s the perfect finishing touch for your Practical Magic inspired fall wardrobe!

To DIY this spellbinding ombre look, go pro with an airbrush kit. This affordable one on Amazon is perfect for beginners — we see a new hobby in your future!

35. Barbiecore Fall Ombre Nail Inspo

simple coffin shaped mauve pink Barbie inspired ombre fall nails

photo: Ruby Scarlett Bryant Nails

Hi, autumn Barbie! The pink trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and this muted mauve color is the perfect fall version. Start with a darker pink at the base of your nail, then slowly fade to light blush for a look that would dazzle in Barbie World AND the real world.

36. Quiet Luxury Autumn Ombre Nails

simple natural and white ombre fall nails

photo: want nail studio

The aesthetic that’s going to define fall this year? Quiet luxury. And in addition to your crisp blazer and cashmere sweater, you need a fall nail design that captures this timeless, minimalist style. Enter: these white ombre nails!

Clean and neutral, these autumn nails will never go out of style. With a white polish that slowly fades to nude, they’re a softer, more modern take on French tips — your new autumn go-to!

37. Sparkly + Spooky Fall Ombre Nail Design

glittery silver french tip ombre fall nails with spider dangling from a web string details

photo: Aisté Haas

If you’re looking for a mani to pair with your favorite spooky October movie, these fall ombre nails came to play! They’re perfectly on-theme, while still looking stylish enough to rock to all your other autumn outings. Who knew spiders could be so chic?!

P.S. We found THE perfect holographic nail polish to get that mystical, glittery look!

38. Aura Inspired Fall Ombre Nails

mismatched pink sunset aura inspired ombre fall nail inspo and trends

aura autumn nails: Dashing Diva

For the astrology experts, Tarot card lovers, and crystal collectors, prepare for your next obsession: aura nails! Inspired by an energy reading, this trending fall nail idea features an ombre design of multiple bright and moody hues. It also reminds us of a dreamy autumn sunset!

For an ultra easy take on this trend, look no further than these ombre gel nail strips. Just add them on top of your natural nails for a chip-resistant mani that lasts up to 14 days!

39. Shimmery Green Fall Ombre Nail Inspo

shimmery mint green ombre fall nails

photo: lolo.nailedit

Upgrade your shimmery mani with a pop of green! If you’re looking for unexpected fall ombre nail ideas, we can’t get enough of this mint green and warm pearl combo. It’s soft yet bright, shimmery yet subtle, and SO stylish for fall!

For something more classically autumn, you can also trade the pastel green polish for jewel-toned emerald or earthy olive instead. Either way, prepare for green to be the color of the season.

40. Glittering Gold Leaf Autumn Ombre Nails

sparkly metallic gold leaf ombre fall nail designs and ideas

photo: Mateja Novakovic

Forget falling leaves — this fall nail inspo is all about glittering gold leaf! For an oh-so glamorous version of fall ombre nails trend, swap your metallic nail polish for flakes of gold foil instead. Layered on top of this milky white polish, it’ll add a luxurious touch to your autumn neutrals.

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Tying the knot this fall? In addition to these glamorous fall nail designs, also check out these wedding ideas for the dreamiest autumn vibes!

Fall Coffin Nails and Design Ideas

simple gradient style trend brown coffin fall nails
coffin fall nail ideas: Enroutenails on Etsy

We truly can’t think of a more fitting nail shape for fall than coffin nails. It’s in the name! Long, bold, and a little edgy, they give us major ’til death do us part vibes. A must for all your October festivities!

Plus, coffin nails give you plenty of space to try out trendy fall design ideas. Whether you want to rock autumn French tips or a moody ombre design, coffin nails are here for you. So get ready to screenshot, because we’re breaking down all the best fall coffin nail ideas and design inspo for your chic autumn style!

41. Edgy Pointed Fall Coffin Nails

vampy geometric black french tip coffin fall nails

photo: Tom Bachik Nails

These fall coffin nails look like two different designs in one: an edgy black French tip and a pointed nude nail. They’re sexy, sophisticated, and just a little spooky. Perfect for October!

To get that ultra sharp point, these nail stencils are a lifesaver. Stick them on before you add the black polish, then remove them to reveal that killer design.

42. Glittery Ombre Fall Coffin Nail Inspo

dark sparkly metallic coffin shaped ombre fall nail inspo and trends

photo: Finger Suit

Can’t get enough ombre nail ideas this fall? Because same! Up the anty with this glittery coffin design, which catches the light from every angle. It reminds us of a magical night sky, or a dazzling disco ball. Either way, where this trendy mani goes, the party follows.

For maximum sparkle, just add this holographic top coat on top of any ombre nail design. Instant radiance!

43. Marble Brown Fall Coffin Nail Design

mismatched tortoise shell french tip coffin fall nails

photo: Marcia Nails

When it comes to fall, we see tortoiseshell as a neutral. It goes with everything, from your leather jacket to your chunky sweaters. And it’ll ALWAYS be in vogue. And these chic fall coffin nails are one of our favorite ways to rock this design in 2023!

To recreate the tortoiseshell style, this nail artist actually used a marbling technique. Try it out yourself by dribbling light and dark brown polish into a cup of water, then swirling to get the marble finish. Dip your finger in the water so the polish sits on top of your nail, wipe off any excess, and you’re good to go!

44. Emerald Green French Tip Autumn Coffin Nails

simple emerald green french tip coffin fall nails

photo: Hope Ivekich

Want to look like the jewel of the season? Shine bright with these emerald fall coffin nails! Jewel tones are a fall staple, and this deep green hue is one of our faves.

While you could totally rock this autumnal color on its own, we also love the look of the monochrome French tip design. Mix a matte base with a glossy tip for extra dimension. Don’t forget to accessorize with plenty of sparkly jewelry!

45. Star-Studded Autumn Coffin Press-On Nails

celestial black coffin fall nail designs and ideas with trendy gold star details

coffin autumn nails: Enroutenails on Etsy

If you loved the celestial look of #6 on this list but want something a little ~darker~ for fall, these coffin nails are a MUST. We love the contrast of the glimmering gold stars on the midnight black base. And don’t even get us started on those sparkly rhinestone details!

And yes, these autumn nails are also hand-painted press-ons!

46. White + Black Autumn Coffin Press-On Nails

white and black swirl coffin fall nail designs and ideas incorporating the single rhinestone trend on the pinky finger

swirl autumn nails: Dashing Diva

Looking for more autumnal press-ons to add to your collection? We’ve got you covered! Another blinged out set, these fall coffin nails look modern and glamorous with a black and white swirl design and just a touch of sparkle.

Oh and did we mention that they’re only $9 for 30 gel nails?! Prepare to see us rocking these allllll autumn long.

47. Caramel French Tip Fall Coffin Nails

caramel brown coffin french tip fall nails with a top coat incorporating a glass like trend

photo: Marcia Nails

For fall French tips that stand out, you can’t go wrong with a coffin nail shape. They make a bold statement, with that extra long tip and plenty of space to show off your favorite autumn hues. In this case: creamy caramel brown!

And for that ultra glamorous sheen, don’t forget to finish your mani with a swipe of shiny top coat. This clear polish is designed to make your nails look like glass!

48. Black on Black Autumn Coffin Nails

gothic monochrome black french tip coffin shaped manicure with the base of the nail in a matte polish and the tip in a glossy finish

black autumn nails: BadTasteNails on Etsy

Think of these coffin press-ons as your favorite LBD in nail form! With a black on black design, they’re a timeless look that will make a statement wherever they go. Plus, featuring a glossy French tip and that bold coffin design, they’re also waaaay more elevated than the chipped black mani of your youth.

Plaid Fall Nails and Design Ideas

simple metallic silver and black plaid fall nails
plaid fall nail ideas: Katie Dutra

Goodbye floral prints, and hello plaid! The unofficial pattern of the season, plaid is always the first print we reach for when autumn rolls around. From cozy flannel shirts to trendy mini skirts to cuddly throw blankets, we love a full plaid makeover to celebrate the new season. And that also applies to our fall nails!

With so many colors, styles, and designs to choose from, plaid nail ideas are surprisingly versatile. They’re also an instant outfit-maker — especially paired with your favorite Clueless-inspired ‘fit! So if you want to give your autumn mani a tartan twist, scroll on for the best plaid fall nail inspo and ideas for the season.

49. Cher-Inspired Plaid Fall Nails

mismatched sparkly black and mustard yellow plaid fall nails

plaid autumn nails: Dashing Diva

If your fall season wouldn’t be complete without an annual screening of Clueless, then these are the plaid fall nails for you! We love the classic autumn plaid design, especially balanced by the solid mustard yellow and sparkly black nails. Cher would definitely approve!

And don’t worry about trying to perfect the ultimate plaid design — these autumn nails are another set of easy-to-use gel strips!

50. Evergreen Plaid Press-On Autumn Nails

white and sage green french tip and plaid fall nails

green autumn nails: HotpressNailco on Etsy

Fall plaid nails + green French tips — just try to name a more iconic duo! Such a chic update to a basic fall French mani, this plaid design is simple yet statement-making.

Plus, that evergreen hue will last you long into the colder months…so feel free to repurpose these tartan press-ons once the holidays roll around!

51. Cozy Cable-Knit + Plaid Press-On Autumn Nails

mismatched brown sweater inspired plaid fall nails

mismatched autumn nails: JMLuxuryPressOnNails on Etsy

If you’re on the hunt for mismatched nail ideas that ooze fall vibes, why not add a little plaid into the mix? These autumn nails check off all the must-have fall vibes: preppy plaid, warm brown, and a cable-knit sweater design. They’re on-theme press-ons that also double as fall outfit inspo!

52. Sparkly Navy Blue Plaid Fall Nail Inspo

mismatched navy blue plaid manicure with sparkly details

photo: Katie Dutra

While autumn may no longer signify the start of a new school year, this plaid mani is giving us that same excited feeling! The combo of the classic plaid pattern, silver sparkly polish, and chic navy blue hue remind us of picking out school supplies and curating our fall wardrobes.

Because you’re never too old to start the season off with a fresh look!

53. Simple Sage Green Plaid Autumn Nails

short mismatched sage green plaid fall nail designs and ideas

photo: nails_by_syd

While plaid fall nail ideas take a little more finesse than other designs, this inspo is one of the more DIY-friendly options. All you need are the right supplies (these nail art pens are a must!) and a little patience to create this killer design. Oh, and don’t forget this autumnal sage green polish!

54. Preppy Plaid Fall Nail Design

mismatched coffin shaped dark burgundy plaid autumn nails

photo: glitzbeautybar_naominails

When it comes to fall plaid designs, Burberry reigns supreme. And this nail inspo is the perfect way to channel the iconic print this fall!

Nail the preppy color scheme with beige polish and dark berry accents — and go bold with a long coffin nail shape. It’s equal parts elegant and fun, and we couldn’t be more obsessed!!

55. Maximalist Mismatched Plaid Fall Nail Inspo

mismatched orange sweater inspired french tip and plaid fall nail designs and ideas with rhinestone accent details on the index and pinky fingers

photo: Nails By Johana Perez

Kick the fall vibes into high gear with this plaid autumn nail inspo! We don’t know which detail is our favorite: the chic plaid, the sweater-inspired French tips, the orange ombre design, or the fall foliage motif. With such an autumnal color scheme, they make the ultimate fall ensemble!

If you’re on the hunt for fall nail ideas that stand out, this mismatched design is a maximalist dream come true.

Achieve Peak Autumn Fashion Status With Our Best Fall Guides

trendy glittery brown swirl fall nails with pink and mauve accents
swirl fall nail ideas: Aistė Haas

Get cozy, because we’re about to hit you with some major fall fashion inspo!

To start, we’re focusing on the fashion moment of the season: Halloween. Don’t miss our list of the best couples costumes for you and your other half!

And speaking of fall holidays, we’ve also rounded up the most festive Thanksgiving outfit ideas for Turkey Day. With these outfits, you’ll be serving more than just drool-worthy food!

Finally, round out your formal fall wardrobe with these fall wedding guest gowns. We’ve found the most stunning styles for every dress code — including these autumn bridesmaid gowns for anyone who’s going to be in a wedding this season!

Which of these fall nail ideas and design trends were your fave? Let us know in the comments below!