51 Best Couples Halloween Costumes and Ideas for 2022

best couples Halloween costumes ideas of Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz
photo by Keiko Lynn

Halloween is on the horizon and we’re ready for our annual free pass to buy candy in bulk. We’re ALSO ready to dress up and have some FUN! But if you’re like us, your year goes something like this: First, randomly think of the best couples Halloween costumes all year long. Second, say, “Hey babe, let’s be (fill in the blank) for Halloween!!” And finally, forget every single idea you had come September.

Yep! Been there. So this year, we’re on our game! We combed through the internet to find everything from funny costumes to cute costumes to DIY costumes to — you get it. It’s all here.

And guys, we even did you one better by searching for what to buy to recreate the looks below. So great, right? Before we jump into the best couples Halloween costumes, here comes a few spooky Halloween tips and tricks to put together the perfect fit…

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How to Come Up With the Best Couples Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwell best funny couples Halloween costumes ideas
photo by Ashley Lynn

For us, the best way to come up with couples Halloween costumes is to think about all your little inside jokes and shared interests with your S.O.

For pop culture fiends: Is there a Netflix show you’re currently binging together? House of Dragons may not be couples goals, but Stranger Things sure is! Or, was there a movie that you both bonded over early on in the relationship? (We found a great DIY Twilight costume for the TwiHards out there — you know who you are.)

If cute or funny couples Halloween costumes are more your jam, the best ideas are ones that are unique to your relationship. Do you have any cute nicknames for each other, or funny stories that still make you crack up laughing? Is there a type of food you ALWAYS get for date night? (Peep the amazing sushi costume idea below!)

And, of course, there’s always the classics. From zombie bride and groom to Elvis and Marilyn, sexy and scary horror couples Halloween costumes are classics for a reason.

Where to Buy the Best Couples Halloween Costumes

SpaceJam best cute couples Halloween costumes ideas
photo by Jessica Woo

While we’ve included tons of DIY couples Halloween costume ideas that you can recreate with items you already have hanging in your closet, there are also some great places to buy ready-to-go costumes — plus all the other pieces you need to bring your look to life! Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Etsy: When you want to really transform into your couples Halloween costume, look no further than Etsy. Instead of the basic costume-y options, Etsy has high-quality items that look like the real deal, made by independent designers! It’s also THE place to go if you need to customize your Halloween look — perfect for pop culture costumes (like this Hellfire Club shirt or this Central Perk name badge)!
  • HalloweenCostumes.com: When you want a cool + classic couples costume that’s ready to go straight out of the box, HalloweenCostumes.com is a no brainer. You can find everything from retro costumes to Disney costumes and everything in between. And the best part? There’s no effort required to get a crowd-pleasing look!

Now let’s get into the best couples costume ideas!

Best Funny Couples Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Scooby Doo and Shaggy best funny couples Halloween costumes and ideas
photo by Kaitlyn Towner

You pride yourselves on being the funniest couple you know — but now the pressure’s on to find the best funny couples Halloween costume ideas! From clever pop culture references to oh-so punny ideas, these couples costumes are the ones that get everyone laughing.

Whether you’re Parks and Rec superfans or dedicated snackers, we’ve found the funny costumes that will win you the best sense of humor award. Prepare to be the life of the (Halloween) party!

1. Ron Swanson + Breakfast Funny Couples Halloween Costume

Ron Swanson Parks and Rec best funny couples Halloween costumes ideas

via The Simple Life

Ron Swanson and his two greatest loves: a brunette + breakfast food! For the couple who can’t stop rewatching Parks and Rec, this funny couples Halloween costume idea will help you find your people (aka, fellow Ron Swanson lovers).

Here’s everything you need to make this costume POP:

Bacon and Egg Costume | Mug | Mustache

2. Tonya Harding + Nancy Kerrigan Funny Couples Halloween Costume

Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan best funny couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via @officiallyquigley & @jackpoticorn

Yes, they went there. Break a leg with this funny couples Halloween costume idea! (Bonus points if you snap a photo in front of an ice rink.) Perfect for the couples that love a little, ahem, friendly competition.

Figure Skating Dress 1 | Figure Skating Dress 2 | Frilly White Socks | Chunky White Sneakers

3. Hawaiian Punch Funny Couples Halloween Costume

hawaiian punch best funny couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Brit + Co.

We are ALL ABOUT punny couples Halloween costumes, and this one has the juice (ha)! Plus, we love that these funny costumes still work when you’re apart — ideal for mingling at parties.

Want to earn extra fun points? Don’t forget to bring along some Hawaiian Punch mixers to get the party started!

Hula Skirt Costume | Boxing Gloves

4. Soy-Mates Funny Couples Halloween Costume

sushi and soy sauce best funny couples Halloween costumes ideas

via Yunah, PA-C

The best funny couples Halloween costume for you and your soy-mate! If no date night is complete without a salmon roll, this one’s for you.

P.S. Everything in this costume was DIYed! Get out your scissors and glue, and get to work!

Orange Pillow Covers | Red Hat | Soy Sauce T-Shirt

5. White Lotus Funny Couples Halloween Costume

white lotus best funny couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Will Taylor

Introducing: the funny couples Halloween costume that’s most likely to win an Emmy! Show off your superior TV taste with this DIY White Lotus costume.

This one’s great because you can swap out which characters you’re dressing as (Jennifer Coolidge fans, we see you!), or go for the full ensemble with your friend group.

Let’s just avoid recreating THAT scene, okay?

Peach Suit | Floral Shirt | Personalized Name Tag

6. “Operation” Funny Couples Halloween Costume

operation and doctor best funny couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Katie Sproul

You guys always host game night. And you always win. For funny couples Halloween costumes that reflect your playful relationship, look no further than this Operation-inspired idea!

Blinking Nose | Operation Printable Stickers | Nude Leotard | Blue Scrubs

7. Trapped Barbie + Ken Funny Couples Halloween Costume

bloody Barbie and Ken trapped in a box best funny couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Liesl Wiesl

Barbiecore, but with a horror twist! Perfect for the perfect couple that doesn’t take themselves so seriously (and wants to incorporate some fake blood into their funny couples Halloween costume). Plus, we love an of-the-moment costume!

Barbie + Ken Boxes | Pink Bodysuit | Blue Ascot

barbie inspired wedding

Digging the Barbiecore aesthetic? Then you’ll love this rad pink elopement inspiration! (Just look at those shoes.)

8. Willy Wonka + Golden Ticket Funny Couples Halloween Costume

Willy Wonka and the golden ticket best funny couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Lisa Neil

In this alternate ending, Willy Wonka kept the golden ticket for himself. Such a cute and clever Halloween costume idea — and the perfect look for handing out candy to trick-or-treaters!

Plus, who doesn’t love the chance to rock head-to-toe gold? (We’ve found the most gorgeous glittering gown for this costume!)

Top Hat | White Sunglasses | Gold Walking Cane | Burgundy Jacket | Gold Gown

9. Amazon Delivery Funny Couples Halloween Costume

Amazon Delivery driver and Amazon box package best funny couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Janine

If only finding your soulmate was as easy as one day delivery! For the couples that live for Prime Day, this is the perfect funny couples Halloween costume idea that pokes fun at your guilty pleasure.

As an added bonus, you have to order something to get the boxes for the costume — talk about the perfect excuse to go through your “saved for later” list!

Custom Blue Delivery Vest | Amazon Prime Hat

10. Loofah + Soap Funny Couples Halloween Costume

loofah and soap best funny couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Amazon

Save water — shower together! This funny couples Halloween costume idea is a must for those that live by that old adage. A great “wink-wink” kinda costume.

Loofah and Soap Costume

11. Milk + Cookies Funny Couples Halloween Costume

milk and cookies best funny couples Halloween costumes ideas

via Brit + Co

Because your S.O. is a real snack! Show that you’re the sweetest pair with this milk and cookies funny costume idea.

Need more inspiration to DIY this one? Just google Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s iconic milk + cookies costume, circa 2008. You’re welcome.

White Poster Board | Tan Leggings

Best Cute Couples Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Super Mario and Princess Peach best cute couples Halloween costumes
via Two Scoops of Style

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing cuter than twinning with your S.O. on Halloween. But for those that want to kick the cuteness factor into high gear, these cute couples Halloween costumes have you covered (literally!).

From retro throwbacks to matching ‘fits, these costumes will prove that you’re THE cutest couple around. Bonus: they’re also super Insta-worthy.

Keep scrolling for the most swoon-worthy costumes for the most swoon-worthy couples!

12. Out of This World Cute Couples Halloween Costume

cute alien and astronaut couples Halloween costume idea

via @27travels

When your love feels out of this world! This alien + astronaut duo is such a cute couples Halloween costume that you can put together super fast.

P.S. We found those exact green pants and NASA top. They feel more like a NEED than a want.

Metallic Green Joggers | Antenna Alien Headband | Cropped NASA Shirt

13. Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Halloween Couple Costume

pumpkin heads best cute couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via @kjp

This cute couples Halloween costume idea will require a little bit of DIY…and a couple of BIG pumpkins. But how amazing is the final product?! The fall vibes are simply unmatched.

Best paired with a PSL.

Pumpkin Fair Isle Sweater | Witches Candy Fair Isle Sweater

14. Hip Hippies Cute Couples Halloween Costume

'70s hippies best cute couples Halloween costumes

via @chloekiana

The best part of this cute couples Halloween costume idea? Everything you buy for it is guaranteed to become a staple in your fall wardrobe.

Please PLEASE check out the pants we found for you for this hippie ‘fit. They are perfection.

Psychedelic Flair Pants | Retro Shag Jacket | Hippie Glasses + Peace Sign Necklace

groovy 70s-inspired retro elopement

Calling all retro couples! Don’t miss this psychedelic ’70s-inspired elopement. Groovy, baby!

15. First Mate Cute Couples Halloween Costume

pirates best cute couples Halloween costume idea

via @brianamatopoeia

Play up the “booty” with this cute couples Halloween costume idea! For you and your first (soul)mate, it doesn’t get much cuter than matching pirates.

GWS Tip: This idea could also work as a sexy couples Halloween costume (scroll down to #43 to see what we mean)!

Women’s Red Corset | Pirate Hat | Renaissance Dress | Lace-up Boots | Men’s Pirate Costume

16. Father Time + Mother Nature Cute Costume Idea

father time and mother nature best cute couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via @jessweller

We love this creative take on a cute couples Halloween costume! It doesn’t get much more classic than Father Time and Mother Nature, and we’ll take any excuse to rock a flower crown.

Carry around a bouquet of real flowers for an extra dose of sweetness!

Flower Crown | Grey Beard | Oversized Clock Necklace | Wizard Hat

17. Jessie + Woody Cute Couples Halloween Costume

Toy Story Woody and Jessie best cute couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Danielle Holleran

Whether you both grew up loving Toy Story, or you’ve been looking for a reason to break out your western boots this fall, we’ve found the best cute couples Halloween costume for you! (A furry Buzz Lightyear is not required, but it is recommended.)

Yes, we found that exact cow print skirt, and yes, we’ll be wearing it WAY after Halloween.

Brown Cowboy Hat | Red Cowgirl Hat | Cow Print Skirt | Western Boots

18. Cute Cows Couples Halloween Costume

matching cows best cute couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Old Navy

Did you know that cows have best friends? Umm, adorable!! Channel those udderly cute vibes with these matching cow costumes.

Also, who wouldn’t want to spend Halloweekend in a cozy onesie? This is definitely a cute costume that you’ll be reaching for every movie night during October and beyond.

Cow Print Onesies

19. Forrest Gump + Jenny Cute Costume Idea

Forrest Gump and Jenny best cute couples Halloween costumes idea

via Dyann Diercks

Did you first bond over Forrest Gump being your favorite movie? Because same! Now’s your chance to recreate one of the world’s most iconic couples with this cute couples Halloween costume.

Suede Fringe Vest + Headband Set | Bubba Gump Baseball Hat

20. Monsters Cute Couples Halloween Costume

cozy monster onesie best cute couples Halloween costumes idea

via Old Navy

Digging the coziness of #18 but not much of a farm lover? Swap out cow print with cute horns and not-so-ferocious teeth with this cute couples Halloween costume! When the Monster Mash comes on, we know who’ll be the first ones on the dance floor.

Moster Onesies

Best DIY Couples Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Cruella Deville 101 Dalmations best diy couples Halloween costumes ideas
via Katarzyna Drążewska

There are so many reasons we love DIY couples Halloween costumes. They’re perfect for when you want to make your costume your own. They’re also a must if you’re doing a more obscure costume idea. And they’re typically more affordable than a straight-out-of-the-box kinda look!

For most of these DIY couples costumes, all you need to recreate them is the random items in your closet/junk drawer/garage, plus a good crafty mind. But if you want to go all out, we’ve also linked the key pieces you need to bring these costumes to life.

Happy DIYing!

21. Sweet Tooth DIY Couples Halloween Costume

sweet tooth funny best diy couples Halloween costumes idea

via Studio DIY

This oh-so sweet costume idea by Studio DIY is easy to make with Kelly’s tutorial! (Also scroll through the site for more cute DIY couples Halloween costumes!)

We love this one for dentists and candy lovers alike.

Blue Utility Jumpsuit | Pool Noodles

22. Cool Ghosts DIY Couples Halloween Costume

sheet ghosts cute best diy couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Jenny May Photography

We’re not regular ghosts. We’re cool ghosts. For this effortlessly cool DIY couples Halloween costume idea, all you need are a couple of sheets and your go-to fall beanies/sunglasses.

Plus, if you love TikTok as much as we do, you know that this costume makes for a truly iconic photoshoot. Alexa, play Oh Klahoma by Jack Stauber.

White Top Sheets | Black Beanies | Ray Ban Sunglasses

23. ‘Til Death’ DIY Couples Halloween Costume

skeleton makeup horror best diy couples Halloween costumes

via @monique___ivette | Monique Ivette

What is it about a couple in skeleton makeup that is so eerie and cool? This is a great last-minute DIY couples Halloween costume idea that’s giving major ’til death do us part vibes.

Just grab the makeup and put on a pretty black dress — and you’re done!

Skeleton Face Paint | Black Maxi Dress | Men’s Black Denim Jacket

skeleton bride and groom creepy chic halloween inspiration

Do you and your S.O. love a spooky aesthetic? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this creepy chic couples Halloween inspo!

24. A League of Their Own DIY Costume Idea

baseball a League of their Own best diy couples Halloween costumes ideas

via Camille Styles

The ladies at Camille Styles have a fun DIY for this costume and we are so impressed! It’s the perfect costume that pays tribute to one of the best baseball flicks of all time (because is there anything cuter than a baseball uniform?!).

P.S. If DIY isn’t your thing we found ready-to-go costume as well!

Rockford Peaches Outfit | White Converse Sneakers

25. “This is Us” Rebecca + Jack DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Rebecca and Jack This Is Us cute best diy couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Kelsey McMurtrey

This is another DIY couples Halloween costume that could be SO easy to recreate with items you already have! For when you really want your costume to say: This is Us.

Floral Dress | Brown Riding Boots | Plaid Shirt | Baby Doll Twins + Baby Doll

26. Twilight’s Jasper and Alice DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Twilight Jasper and Alice Cullen baseball scene best diy couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via @tessanetting & @thejoemoses

Forget Bella and Edward — these two had the kind of supportive relationship we’re looking for. The best DIY couples Halloween costume for the couples that rewatch Twilight every fall, this Jasper + Alice baseball look can’t be beat.

Bonus points if you rock this costume with white face makeup and gold contact lenses!

Men’s Baseball Tee | Baseball Hat | Baseball Jersey

27. Party Animals DIY Couples Halloween Costumes

party animals masks funny best diy couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Brit + Co

This is SUCH a fun DIY costume for the couples that are always the life of the party! Just wear some fancy clothes, add a fun animal mask, and do your thing. It’s also a great last-minute idea if you were too busy partying to plan your Halloween costume ahead of time!

GWS Tip: We all know it’s the year of weddings, so why not repurpose your fall wedding guest attire for this glam costume, and vice versa?!

Animal Masks | More animal masks

floral satin outdoor fall wedding guest dresses

Halloween isn’t your only chance to dress up this fall — these 37 fall wedding guest gowns will also have you looking your best for autumn wedding season!

28. Britney Spears + Justin Timberlake DIY Costume Idea

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake all denim best diy couples Halloween costumes

via @jesihaackdesign

Channel your inner pop princess and prince at the height of their reign! DIY couples Halloween costumes just got fashionable with this Britney + Justin look. Plus, denim on denim will ALWAYS be one of the best fall fashion trends.

Britney Denim Dress | Mini Denim Dress | Denim Cowboy Hat

Best Unique Couples Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Jurassic Park funny best diy couples Halloween costumes and ideas
via @brittanyrosechatburn

You’re not the type of couple to follow the crowd, so you need couples Halloween costumes that help you stand out!

The best unique costumes show off the unique parts of your relationship. Whether you’re die-hard Potterheads or Marvel fanatics, these costumes speak to your interests and obsessions.

Let the costume contest begin!

29. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen Unique Couples Halloween Costume

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Daenerys and Targaryen best unique couples Halloween costumes ideas

via @officiallyquigley & @jackpoticorn

No, we’re still not over Game of Thrones (let’s just agree to pretend that season 8 never happened, okay?). Not only were Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen the ultimate power couple, but their styles also make for a truly iconic + unique couples Halloween costume!

Plus, this is one of those rare costumes that’s perfect for cold weather. Because…winter is coming (we had to).

Daenerys Targaryen Wig | Daenerys Targaryen Dress | Faux Fur Wrap | Jon Snow Costume

30. Johnny and June Unique Couples Halloween Costume

Johnny and June DIY best unique couples Halloween costumes ideas

via Mary Costa Photography

If you’re like Mary, you can put together this whole unique couples Halloween costume with pieces from your closet — plus a can of hairspray.

And yes, we do recommend carrying around a vintage microphone and acoustic guitar. How else can you give an impromptu Johnny + June duet when the moment presents itself?

Retro Dress with Full Skirt | Vintage Microphone | Classic Black Wayfarer Sunglasses

31. Cinderella and Prince Charming Unique Couples Halloween Costume

Disney Cinderella and prince charming best unique couples Halloween costumes ideas

via @elizabethkeene

Of all the Cinderella iterations, the classic blue ball gown will always be just that: classic. (And so fun to wear!!)

Don’t forget to complete this unique couples Halloween costume idea with your own Cinderella moment — aka the perfect pair of modern “glass slipper” heels.

Blue Cinderella Ball Gown | Prince Charming Costume

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32. Jack + Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas Unique Costume

Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas best unique couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via @kels.decker

The makeup really makes this one, but we are LOVING this unique couples Halloween costume idea! Because nothing says Halloween like Tim Burton!

Queue up The Nightmare Before Christmas ASAP.

Jack Skellington Costume | Stitched Sally Socks | Sally Dress | Red Long Hair Wig

33. Wednesday Addams + Cousin It Unique Costume Idea

the Addams Family funny best unique couples Halloween costumes idea

via @aww.sam

Just…perfect. It’s perfect! Although it’s a Halloween classic, we love the idea of rocking this unique couples Halloween costume just in time for the new Wednesday Addams show on Netflix. Time to break out those over-the-knee socks!

Wednesday Addams Dress | Wednesday Addams Wig | Cousin It Costume

34. Sirius Black + Bellatrix Lestrange Unique Couples Halloween Costume

Harry Potter Sirius Black Bellatrix Lestrange best unique couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via @victizle

Not a Halloween goes by without a few Harry Potter costumes coming down the block. But Sirius and Bellatrix? That’s an unexpected combo.

And that Bellatrix wig? OBSESSED.

Sirius Black Wand | Prisoner Costume | Bellatrix Lestrange Wig

35. Joker + Harley Quinn Unique Costume Idea

The Joker and Harley Quinn unique couples Halloween costume idea

via @dhialgo & @sariitaa_14

This Halloween, let’s get a little psychotic. (But also stay super cute.) This is one of the unique couples Halloween costumes that we’ll always be in love with — mostly because it’s just so cool.

Perfect if you’re ready to embrace your villain era!

Joker Purple Suit Coat | “Daddy’s Little Monster” Harley Quinn Shirt | Fishnet Tights | White Combat Boots

36. Retro Vision and Scarlet Witch Unique Costume Idea

wandavision best unique couples Halloween costumes ideas

via @ladytoxie

If you watched WandaVision, you’ll appreciate the meta-ness that is this unique couples Halloween costume! Go retro Marvel with these old school Vision + Scarlet Witch costumes!

Vision Costume | Scarlet Witch Costume | Red Go-Go Boots | Red Wanda Wig

Best Sexy Couples Halloween Costumes and Ideas

lion and tamer best sexy couples Halloween costumes idea
via Kat Proano

We’re bringing sexy back! For the couples that look good and know it, we’re bringing you the best sexy couples Halloween costumes, from the most iconic (Elvis + Marilyn) to the most relevant (Kourtney + Travis).

If you want to make a statement at the Halloween party, these are the looks for you. Is it getting hot in here?

Scroll down for the hottest copules costumes that aren’t afraid to show a little skin!

37. Mr. and Mrs. Smith Sexy Couples Halloween Costume

Mr and Mrs smith diy best sexy couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Aislinn Jane

A fictional couple so full of chemistry, they became one of the sexiest IRL couples, too! Embrace your mid-2000s Brangelina with this super sexy look.

Plus, this is by far one of the easiest couples Halloween costumes to make yourself (because we’re always looking for a reason to buy a sexy black dress, amiright?!).

Sexy Black Dress | Toy Gun | Black Suit Jacket

38. Ringleader Sexy Couples Halloween Costume

circus ringleader best sexy couples Halloween costumes ideas

via Autumn Weimann

We get “Circus” by Britney Spears stuck in our heads every time we look at this sexy costume! No matter who’s the ringleader in your relationship, this costume is definitely as hot as a firecracker.

And two words: those boots!

Men’s Ringleader Costume | Women’s Ringleader Costume | Over-the-Knee Boots

39. Elvis + Marilyn Sexy Couples Halloween Costume

Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe best sexy couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Christopher Tinajero

Umm, talk about the perfect 2022 sexy couples Halloween costume! We’ve had Elvis’ greatest hits on repeat since Austin Butler put on the bejeweled ‘fit.

And there’s no King of Rock and Roll without the Queen of Hollywood! If there was ever a time to channel The King and the “Blonde” bombshell, it’s now.

P.S. The pink gown we found for the Marilyn look is simply *chef’s kiss.*

Elvis Costume | Pink Strapless Gown | Pink Opera Gloves | Marilyn Wig

40. Jessica Rabbit + Roger Rabbit Sexy Costume Idea

Jessica and Roger Rabbit best sexy couples Halloween costumes ideas

via Happily Kathy

If it’s wrong to find an animated character this sexy, then we don’t want to be right! Jessica Rabbit + her honey bunny, Roger Rabbit, will forever and always be one of the best sexy couples Halloween costumes.

Jessica Rabbit Costume | Red Wig | Red Pants | Red Suspenders + Bow | Rabbit Ears

41. Kourtney + Travis Sexy Couples Halloween Costume

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker diy unique best sexy couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Abby Baffoe

If we know anything about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s relationship, it’s that it’s sexy. Channel those hot and heavy vibes with the couple’s infamous all-black looks and a make-out photoshoot in a public bathroom. Talk about sexy couples Halloween costume GOALS!

(For a great Halloween double date idea, get your other favorite couple to go as MGK + Megan Fox!).

Faux Leather Pants | Fake Tattoos | Sporty Black Sunglasses

42. Aladdin + Jasmine Sexy Couples Halloween Costume

Disney's Aladdin and Jasmine best sexy couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Monika Palle

Of all the Disney couples, these two definitely had the sexiest chemistry. Take your S.O. on a magical carpet ride with this sexy couples Halloween costume (wink-wink)!

Jasmine Costume | Aladdin Costume

43. Sexy Pirates Costume Idea

pirates best sexy couples Halloween costumes ideas

via Autumn Weimann

#15 on this list, but make it sexy! As much as we love the cute version of this couples Halloween costume, there’s just something so swoon-worthy about sexy pirates.

It’s giving Elizabeth Swan + Will Turner vibes, and we are here. for. it.

Men’s Pirate Costume | Women’s Corset + Blouse | Women’s Pirate Hat | Fishnet Tights

44. Cute Cupid Sexy Costume Idea

cupid best sexy couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Margaret Cresta

We’re love struck! We have major heart eyes! We’re swooning! In other words, this sexy couples Halloween costume is really doing its job. Perfect for the cupid-struck couples!

Cupid’s Bow and Arrow | Angel Wings | Red Bow Tie

Best Horror Couples Halloween Costumes and Ideas

It Pennywise Clown best horror couples Halloween costumes and ideas
via Jenna Marie

They don’t call it spooky season for nothing! For the couples that live for a horror movie marathon, love all things macabre, and can’t wait to break out the fake blood every October, these horror couples Halloween costumes are speaking your language.

We LOVE costumes that play up the scariest parts of the scariest movies (IT, we see you!) or take a classic couples costume and zombie-fy it (peep the undead bride and groom below!). They’re spooky, scary, and just so fun.

After all, when else do you get the chance to paint your face like a skeleton?!

45. Undead Bride + Groom Horror Couples Halloween Costume

zombie corpse bride and groom best horror couples Halloween costumes ideas

via Oliwia Szymańska

A great way to repurpose your bridal shower dress or wedding veil! Whether you’re engaged, newly married, or just love the bride and groom aesthetic, this horror couples Halloween costume is serving style AND scares.

It gives a new meaning to ’til death do us part!

Fake Blood | White Corset Mini Dress | White Garter

pearl and tulle ivory wedding veils thumb

The perfect finishing touch for your bridal look (or your wedding-inspired costume): these swoon-worthy wedding veils!

46. Zombie Cheerleader + Football Player Horror Couples Halloween Costume

zombie cheerleader and football player best horror couples halloween costumes and ideas

via Sarah Gama

Give us a 6! Give us another 6! And give us a third 6! We’re digging this zombie cheerleader + football player costume for a scary throwback to our high school days.

This is also one of the best horror couples Halloween costumes if you love a good teen slasher movie — because we all know this duo is always the first to go!

Cheerleader Outfit | Black Pom-Poms | Varsity Jacket | Air Force 1s

47. The Shining Twins Horror Costume Idea

The Shining twins funny best horror couples Halloween costumes idea

via Alley Bryndis

Twinning! Stephen King adaptations will ALWAYS be horror costume supremacy, and we’re digging how this take on The Shining twins also has a funny side (in addition to its dark side).

Just be sure to spend a little extra time perfecting those “dead and stuck in a haunted hotel” stares.

Matching Blue Dresses | Brown Wigs

48. Corpse Bride Costume Idea

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride best horror couples halloween costumes and ideas

via Manda Martinez

If your version of horror is more Tim Burton than Stephen King, then you’re going to LOVE this Corpse Bride costume idea!

As you may have noticed, we’re suckers for any costume that channels those “just married” vibes, and this one takes the (undead wedding) cake.

And yes, the skeleton dog is a MUST.

Corpse Bride Costume | Blue Wig | Blue Flower Crown | Halloween Makeup Kit | Skeleton Dog

49. Skeleton Duo Horror Couples Halloween Costume

DIY skeleton couple best horror couples Halloween costumes ideas

photo by Blake Hogge Photography | makeup by Jyllian Sánchez as seen in this Halloween Wedding Ideas feature

That skeleton makeup — we’re DEAD! Is this horror ‘fit making you want a Halloween wedding? Because same!

We’re digging this skeleton look for Halloween night AND for an eerie Halloween-themed engagement or wedding photoshoot. It’s just so good!

Skeleton Face Paint | Fall Dried Floral Bouquet

couples skeleton makeup halloween wedding ideas

Let’s get spooky with it! From skeleton-themed photoshoots to black wedding gowns, here are 31 Halloween wedding ideas!

50. Frankenstein + Bride of Frankenstein Horror Costume

Frankenstein and bride best horror couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via Rachel Parcell

We love a monster love story! This is another one of those horror couples Halloween costumes that never gets old. And we love the gothic touch!

Green and White Face Paint | Frankenstein Headpiece | Bride of Frankenstein Wig | White Tulle Dress | Black Fingerless Gloves

51. Chrissy + Eddie Stranger Things Horror Costume

Chrissy and Eddie from Stranger Things best cute horror couples Halloween costumes and ideas

via @kujimae

We had to save the best for last. There are SO many couples costume ideas for Stranger Things — Hopper and Joyce? Eleven and Mike? Max and Lucas? Nancy and Jonathan? Nancy and Steve? Take your pick!

But our favorite has to be the one that ended too soon: Eddie and Chrissy. RIP.

Eddie Munson Costume | Hawkins Cheerleading Uniform | Green + Yellow Pom-Poms

Planning or Attending a Spooky Season Wedding? We’ve Got You Covered.

disco pumpkin heads wedding inspired best cute couples Halloween costume ideas
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Calling all Halloween lovers! We LOVE spooky szn weddings, from the rad gothic decor to the irresistible fall vibes. Black roses and cute pumpkins? Swoon!!

If you’re planning or attending a Halloween or fall wedding, we’ve got the resources to help you make it unforgettable:

For the soon-to-be-weds, don’t miss these creative Halloween wedding ideas. From gothic venues to witchy accessories, we’ve got it all! (For something a little less spooky, check out these modern fall wedding ideas instead!)

Speaking of witchy accessories, you’ll also LOVE this list of the best black wedding gowns. Modern, dramatic, and SO cool, these dresses are a must for a Halloween wedding.

For the guests, make the most of the season with these 37 fall wedding guest gowns. Because fall fashion simply can’t be beat!

How are you celebrating the fall wedding season? Spill the details in the comments below!