45 Elegant Black Wedding Dresses Sure to Wow

couple at the Utah salt flats with the bride wearing a black wedding dress
photo by Katie Griff Photo // black dress from Utah Gowns

We love the edgy, elegant statement black wedding dresses make. And if you’re in the camp that can’t imagine wearing white on the big day, why not rock a black wedding dress instead? We’re ALL FOR IT!

Besides, white wasn’t always the tradition in western culture. In fact, white dresses only became the standard when Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding way back in 1840; it became the ‘it trend’ to follow….but if you’re reading this, we know you’re a bit more current than 1840s trends.

Before Queen Victoria, any color was acceptable — black was even the popular choice in Scandinavia! Now, black wedding dresses are the perfect way to infuse your own style into your wedding day.

So, for all our darling readers out there that would rather be rocking a shade closer to midnight or onyx, this one’s for you! From black and white wedding dresses to ethereal black lace gowns, we’re sharing our favorite black wedding dresses (in no particular order).

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What do black wedding dresses mean?

starry tulle open back black and white wedding dresses
photo by Schyler Anderson // black dress from Etsy

With white wedding dresses traditionally representing purity and innocence, you may think that black wedding dresses symbolize the opposite. And while that may be the reason some people choose to don black on the big day, it’s definitely not the only meaning behind black wedding dresses!

Black shades of clothing used to be a sign of nobility back in the 14th century, and today black wedding dresses still carry a regal vibe. Like a black tie dress code, black dresses symbolize elegance, sophistication, and formality.

As wedding traditions have evolved, black wedding dresses have also come to represent individuality and empowerment. They symbolize a break from convention and a new era for bridal fashion. In other words, they’re the perfect option for modern couples!

Why do brides wear black wedding dresses?

bride wearing open back lace tulle ball gown black wedding dresses with a long train
black dress by Etsy

We’ve definitely seen a rise in brides wearing black wedding dresses, from Selling Sunset‘s Christine Quinn rocking a black ball gown for her grand wedding to Chloë Sevigny sporting an elegant long sleeve black dress for her secret nuptials. Even fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker ditched tradition and wore black for her 1997 wedding to Matthew Broderick!

Often, brides wear black wedding dresses because they don’t feel like the tradition of wearing white speaks to them. It’s a way of making their special day feel more personalized to them — whether they’re super non-traditional or they just love the aesthetic of a black wardrobe!

Some brides may also choose to wear black gowns if they’re planning a themed wedding. From moody Halloween celebrations to cool gothic ceremonies, there are tons of unique wedding aesthetics that call for a bit of black!

Where to Buy Black Wedding Dresses

gothic satin off-the-shoulder corset ball gown black wedding dresses
black dress by Cocomelody

Whatever reason you choose to rock black on the big day, here are some of our favorite places to buy black wedding dresses!

  • Etsy: By far, Etsy has the best black wedding dresses, whether you’re looking for a rad black boho gown or a gorgeous gothic gown. Plus, we love that all of Etsy’s dresses are handmade by independent designers and small businesses — so you can get a custom look that’s all your own!
  • Lulus: For simple and sophisticated black wedding dresses, look no further than Lulus. With sleek silhouettes and minimalistic designs, these are the best black gowns for intimate micro weddings, modern nuptials, and city hall elopements. Lulus also has some of the best black bridal accessories (we can’t get enough of their black shoes!).
  • Cocomelody: Calling all elegant, gothic couples! Cocomelody has some of the most stunning black wedding dresses, with edgy and intricate designs. Whether you’re planning a gothic celebration or a modern black tie event, these are guaranteed to make a stylish statement.

Keep scrolling for the most stunning black dresses for every style, from gothic gowns to sophisticated stunners!

Black and White Wedding Dresses

boho long sleeve black and white wedding dress from Rue de Seine
black and white dress by Rue de Seine // photo by Brogen Jessup, as seen in this terrazzo and disco ball decor wedding

Loving the look of a black wedding gown, but still want a hint of white in there too? Then you are going to LOVE these black and white wedding dresses!

The best of both worlds, black and white wedding dresses channel all the cool, edgy vibes of a black wedding dress, while still feeling gorgeously bridal. They’re perfect for fall or winter weddings, where darker details feel right at home.

Statement-making and SO elegant, here are our favorite black and white wedding dresses for every style and aesthetic!

1: Elegant Floral Black and White Wedding Dress

elegant lace ball gown black and white wedding dresses with sleeves

Tradition meets modern trends with this black and white wedding dress! Black florals appliqués give the white tulle ball gown an edgy yet elegant touch, decorating the sheer sleeves, the statement bodice, and the twirl-ready hemline.

This black and white gown has all the drama of formal, Victorian-era style — and we are here. for. it!

Wear this elegant tulle dress with a white or black wedding veil (or nothing at all!). There are no wrong answers here.

Shop THis Elegant floral Black and White WEdding Gown

pearl and tulle ivory wedding veils thumb

From elegant pearl-dotted styles to modern colorful designs, here are the best wedding veils for every bridal aesthetic!

2: Enchanting Black and White Wedding Dress

open back lace black ombre wedding dress

We were enchanted to meet this black and white wedding dress! A little bit whimsical, a little bit gothic, and a LOT stunning, this ethereal black ball gown is perfect for a magical outdoor ceremony.

Layers of black, white, and blue-grey (perfect for your something blue!) tulle come together to create the mesmerizing skirt, which is separate from the swoon-worthy floral top. It’s a totally unique look for a totally unique wedding.

Shop This Tulle Black and White Wedding Gown

3: Sophisticated One Shoulder Black and White Wedding Dress

elegant one-shoulder ruffled black and white wedding dresses with leg slit

We love the simple, elegant style and minimalist vibe of this black and white wedding dress! The asymmetrical neckline feels modern and sophisticated, and the dramatic white ruffle adds so much personality without being over the top.

And that high neck, high slit combo? Talk about the most perfect juxtaposition! We’re imagining this modern, minimalist dress for a city elopement or an elegant micro wedding.

Shop THis One Shoulder Black and White WEdding GOwn

4: Written in the Stars Black and White Wedding Dress

elegant shimmery plunging neckline gothic ball gown black and white wedding dresses

We have major starry eyes for this starry night black and white wedding dress! Like a magical night sky, this gown is dusted with thousands of shimmering sparkles across its midnight black tulle.

We can already picture it: you dancing under twinkle lights outside your wedding venue, this black and white gown glimmering in the moonlight. Complete the look with its interchangeable silver and gold star cape for a fashion moment that was written in the stars.

Shop This Shimmery Black and White Wedding Gown

5: Strapless Floral Black and White Wedding Dress

elegant strapless floral tulle black and white wedding dresses

A classic fairytale wedding gown, but with a modern twist! This strapless white and black gown features one of our favorite traditional silhouettes — but ornate black flower appliqués make it totally unique.

It’s the perfect gown if you want that once-in-a-lifetime bridal look, but don’t want to look like every other bride! All that’s missing is a rad black rose bouquet and these romantic black floral earrings, which match the botanical details along the gown’s waist!

Shop THis Floral Black and White Wedding Gown

6: Square-Neck Bow Train Mini Dress

Sachin & Babi Blaine Taffeta Square-Neck Bow Train Mini Black Wedding Dress

The charming Sachin & Babi Blaine Bow Mini Dress is ideal for a cocktail hour or afternoon wedding shower because of its classic mini form, structural square neckline, and trailing bow adornment.

Style this bow mini dress with some equally luminous accessories, like these pearl hair pins or these pearl drop earrings!

Shop This bow train mini Wedding Gown

ethereal beaded sheer sleeve pearl wedding dress

Loving the pearlcore look? Then you NEED to check out our favorite pearl wedding gowns. This style is one of our absolute faves!

7: Embroidered Ruffled One Shoulder Lace Up Gown

whimsical ruffle floral beaded black and white wedding dresses

Who says black wedding dresses can’t have a floral moment?! We are totally in love with the delicate white and pink floral details on this elegant black dress. The juxtaposition of edgy with feminine could not be more perfect!

But the magic of this black dress doesn’t stop there — just peep all the unexpected whimsical details, from the ruffled cap sleeve to the alluring lace-up back. Like an ethereal secret garden in dress form!

Shop This Black Floral Wedding Gown

8: Royal-Inspired Strapless Black Wedding Dress

royal-inspired strapless gothic ball gown black wedding dresses

Make way for the queen — aka, this regal black and white wedding dress! We love the fitted look of the corset top, paired with the royal-inspired ball gown skirt. And that floral detailing + shimmery sparkles?! Swoon!

This royal gown comes in three dazzling colors (including classic ivory), but we have a certain affinity for the black and white combo…very gothic-chic. Paired with a black floral veil it would be perfection!

Shop This REgal Black and white WEdding Gown

Black Lace Wedding Dresses

tulle gothic sleeved black wedding dresses
black dress by Sweet Caroline Styles // photo by Sarah Brookhart Photography

Is there anything more gorgeous than black lace wedding dresses?! We think not. The elegant and ethereal vibes these dresses give off are simply unmatched!

Lace has always been a wedding classic — and make it black, and you’ve got a modern bridal look that will withstand the test of time. Plus, black lace wedding dresses can range from edgy + gothic to ultra classy. They’re so versatile!

Whatever your style, we’ve rounded up the best black lace gowns that are guaranteed to have you swooning.

9: Fairytale Lacy Deep-V Black Wedding Dress

sleeved plunging neckline tulle ball gown black wedding dresses

We love the fairytale vibes of this black lace wedding dress! There’s nothing quite like the ball gown style to make you feel like a princess, especially when you add an intricate lace bodice. Do it in all black and you’ve got a modern fairytale look fit for the times!

Get your happily ever after and rock this lace and tulle black gown for your unique fairytale-inspired wedding (a castle wedding venue is recommended but not required).

Shop This plunging neckline Black Wedding Ball Gown

boho lace wedding dresses

Is there anything as romantic as lace? We think not! Don’t miss our full list of ultra romantic lace wedding gowns here.

10: ’70s Vibes Black Fringe Wedding Dress

retro fringe black wedding dresses with bell sleeves

photo by Tori Osteraa Photography

Calling all 70’s obsessed boho babes! Bookmark this black lace wedding dress…like NOW.

We are here for a fringe sleeve moment, and boy, does this sheer black wrap dress deliver. Style it over a black slip for an unforgettable wedding day look (then wear it over your bridal lingerie for an even more unforgettable wedding night look!).

Brb, grabbing our retro rose colored sunglasses, because this is a whole vibe.

Shop THis Retro Fringe Black Wedding Gown

11: Fitted Floral Nude + Black Wedding Dress

nude fitted floral lace black wedding dress

If you love a form-fitting silhouette and a non-traditional style, then mermaid black wedding dresses are (mer)made for you! We’ve included a full section of black mermaid gowns further down on this list, but we had to add this curve-hugging dress here, for obvious reasons: that charming floral lace!

Feminine and SO flattering, the dark florals on this nude gown look like they’re blossoming right off the fabric. And just wait until you see the lacy open back!

Shop This Black Lacy Wedding Gown

12: Open Back Intricate Sleeved Black Wedding Dress

sleeved open back gothic black wedding dresses

Speaking of alluring open backs…let us introduce you to this black lace dress. Sophisticated in the front and sexy in the back, this black gown is simply irresistible.

It pairs a high sweetheart neckline with an open back and sultry sheer sleeves. Plus, it’s also custom-made by a designer on Etsy, so it’ll hug your hourglass shape perfectly.

We especially love the bold statement this gothic dress makes against an epic outdoor landscape. Just add a dark smokey eye, and you’re golden.

Shop This Open Back sleeved Black Wedding Gown

13: Botanical Lacy Tulle Black Wedding Dress

floor length tulle black wedding dress

Love dress #7 on this list, but want even more floral details? You are going to be MESMERIZED by this one! Embroidered with head-to-toe flowers in bright hues, this is a very whimsical take on black lace wedding dresses. Perfect for a springtime wedding in a garden or backyard!

Plus, they say butterflies are good luck on your wedding day, and you can spot several little ones sewn onto this floral black dress. So sweet!

Shop This Floral Black tulle Wedding Gown

14: Long Sleeve Black Lace Wedding Gown

enchanting black lace wedding dress

Not all lace is created equal, and this geometric black lace drapes so gorgeously over a silk dress with layers of gorgeous tulle at the bottom that will definitely help you stand apart from the crowd. The ball gown skirt and illusion mesh neckline feel very gothic princess — a bridal look we can get behind!

We’d style it with stand-out wedding nails that match the botanical vibes.

Shop This Black Lace Wedding Gown

Gothic Black Wedding Dresses

elegant open back beaded gothic black wedding dresses with sleeves paired with an extra long trailing veil
black gothic dress on Etsy

Opulent, romantic, moody, mystical — if we’re describing your wedding style right now, then you’re going to love these gothic black wedding dresses!

Gothic weddings are definitely some of the most stunning. Think dark Victorian manors, foggy forests, and candles everywhere. It’s all a little magical and witchy, and you need gothic dresses that match the mood!

With black lace, sweeping silhouettes, and enchanting details, these gothic black wedding dresses are definitely up for the job. Disclaimer: it’s about to get a little spooky in here.

15: Modern Fitted Gothic Black Wedding Dress

fitted trumpet open back gothic black wedding dresses with sleeves

Bring the centuries-old romance of the gothic era into the modern day with this show-stopping fitted black wedding dress. With hand-embroidered floral appliqués, sultry side cut-outs, and just a touch of the macabre, it’s a modern gothic dress fit for a modern gothic love story.

If you’re not styling this black dress with an ornate wedding crown, then what are you even doing?! (We’re IN LOVE with this gold and black one on Etsy!)

Shop THis fitted + flattering Gothic Black Wedding Gown

celestial gold boho wedding crowns

The cherry on top of your regal bridal look: these 25 beautiful wedding crowns and tiaras!

16: Butterfly Gothic Black Wedding Dress

dramatic sheer butterfly tulle gothic black wedding dresses

Tim Burton could never! Swirling with dreamy butterflies, this gothic black wedding dress looks like one of our most magical fantasies come to life (aka, the Corpse Bride). We’re picturing it for a garden ceremony, surrounded by black roses and flickering candles.

P.S. If the alluring black bodysuit feels too daring, pair this whimsical gown with a form fitting black dress instead. This midi from Lulus is bringing the gothic vibes!

Shop This Whimsical black Gothic Wedding Gown

17: Dazzling Gothic Black Wedding Dress

sparkly floral embellished long sleeve tulle gothic black wedding dresses

Does “vampire royalty” sound like your dream aesthetic? Then you can stop scrolling now: this is THE perfect gothic black gown for you!

With demure appliqués, dazzling embellishments, and an enchanting ball gown silhouette, it’s the kind of timeless style that never dies.

Pair this dark elegant dress with some dark elegant accessories, like this black crystal necklace and earrings set, plus statement midnight plum lipstick — if you dare.

Shop This Embellished Gothic Black Wedding Dress

18: Gothic Trumpet Silhouette Black Gown

elegant minimalist trumpet gothic black wedding dresses with sleeves

Dramatic high neck? Check. Dark florals? Check. Elegant silk and an enchanting sheer back? Check and check! This elegant black trumpet silhouette gown checks off ALL the boxes for the most awe-inspiring gothic black wedding dresses!

Plus, the trumpet silhouette and subtle train of the skirt is SO flattering. Sleek and sophisticated, this gown is simply *chef’s kiss.*

Shop This Silk fitted Gothic Wedding Dress

19: Sheer-Sleeved Gothic Black Wedding Dress

Amazon regal sheer sleeved ball gown gothic black wedding dresses for under 100

What do you get when you take whimsical tulle black wedding dresses, but make them gothic? This moody, romantic ball gown! It’s giving ’til death do us part vibes, and you could say we’re obsessed.

With delicate semi-sheer sleeves and a plunging neckline, this dress would make a serious statement for a Halloween wedding or an autumnal outdoor celebration. Wear it with some matching black heels for a look that feels impossibly chic (and not at all costume-y).

Shop This sheer-sleeved Gothic Black Wedding Gown

20: Sexy Corseted Black Gothic Gown

sexy corset polka dot gothic black wedding dresses with dramatic detached sleeves

For our Wednesday fans out there, Morticia Addams would definitely rock this gothic black wedding dress if she had a chance to do her wedding over. With a sultry corset bodice, a curve-hugging trumpet silhouette, and sheer swiss dot tulle, it’s wickedly sexy.

What we love most about this tantalizing gothic dress is that you can wear it for any season. Those dramatic detached balloon sleeves would match the mood for a winter wedding, without adding too much weight for a summer celebration!

In other words, this gown is ALWAYS a good idea….bonus points if you can work the Wednesday dance into your reception!

Shop This Corset Gothic Black Wedding Gown

21: Velvet Burnout Gothic Black Wedding Dress

elegant cowl neck velvet burnout gothic black wedding dresses

If you’re looking for gothic black wedding dresses that are more on the minimalist side (but definitely no less stunning), this black velvet burnout gown has you covered. Not only is velvet one of our favorite gothic fabrics, but it also makes for super elegant dresses!

This gothic black velvet gown keeps things sophisticated and stylish with a sexy cowl neck and that gorgeous floral pattern. Style it with a simple crystal necklace for extra elegance, or up the gothic factor with a rad velvet choker — this pearl one from Etsy is TO DIE FOR!

SHop This Velvet Gothic Black Wedding Gown

Corset Black Wedding Dresses

two part corset black wedding dress with tulle skirt
black corset dress by Elizabeth Dye // photo by Rustic White Photography, as seen in this fall bridal inspo

We love how black corset wedding dresses have this edgy, vintage look to them. They’re form-fitting, flattering, and TOTALLY turn heads.

If you’re smitten with the gothic aesthetic, corset black wedding dresses are definitely for you — after all, the corset trend dates all the way back to that decadent, elegant Victorian era!

But not all corset black wedding dresses are necessarily gothic. With the resurgence of the corset style in recent years, we’re seeing tons of gorgeous, modern corset black wedding dresses, too!

Whether your style is trendy or timeless, one thing remains the same: these black corset dresses are totally mesmerizing.

22: Sultry Corset Black Wedding Dress

alternative sexy ruffle tulle corset black wedding dresses

This corset black wedding dress definitely isn’t for the faint of heart — and that’s what makes it so amazing. The bold fashion brains behind Revolve and For Love & Lemons came together to create this sexy, stand-out corseted gown.

The result? A lingerie-inspired, ruffled black tulle, modern masterpiece that looks like it belongs on the runway, not in our closets!

Own your personal runway (the wedding aisle!) by rocking this sultry corset gown with a pair of black platform heels. SO GOOD!

Shop This Sexy Corset Black Wedding Gown

23: Sweet and Spicy Corset Black Wedding Dress

elegant ruffle off-the-shoulder tiered tulle corset black wedding dresses

The perfect blend of sweet and spicy! For corset black wedding dresses that don’t lean too far in the super sexy direction, this tiered ruffle ball gown is IT.

This corset dress keeps things sweet, with an off-the-shoulder neckline and a dainty tulle ruffle trim. But it also adds some spice with the corset bodice, complete with a sheer mesh panel and visible boning. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Shop This Off-the-Shoulder Corset Black Wedding Dress

24: Vintage-Inspired Corset Black Gown

tulle skirted ball gown strapless corset black wedding dresses

This black corset bridal gown is giving us ALL the vintage vibes! It has a sort of baby doll look that was popular in the 1940s, but with the classic wedding maxi length. And the polka dot lace on the corset bodice feels fun and flirty, especially when paired with the dramatic tulle skirt!

If you’ve ever felt like you were born in the wrong era, this is the perfect corset black wedding dress for you. Style it with vintage-inspired waves and your dazzling vintage engagement ring!

Shop This Tulle Corset Black Wedding Gown

25: Lovely Warm Weather Corset Black Wedding Dress

spaghetti strap gothic bustier corset black wedding dresses

One of the best black wedding dresses on this entire list, this stunning summery gown could fit in multiple sections: it’s made with sweet floral lacy details, it has an old school gothic vibe, and it features a sultry corset bodice. Say less!

We especially love the notched v-neck on the bustier and the luxe velvet accent around the waist. The attention to detail here is just too good!

Shop This warm weather Corset Black Wedding Gown

26: Romantic Ruffle Black Corset Bridal Gown

sheer tulle gothic corset black wedding dresses

Revolve’s dresses are designed to make a fashion statement, and this layered tulle corseted black gown is no exception! Kind of like a bolder, sexier version of dress #23, this corset black wedding dress blends tulle and ruffles to make a serious impact.

One of our favorite details on this gown is the delicate tulle edge on the top, and we’ve found a pair of black pumps that match it perfectly! (You can thank us later.)

Shop This Sheer Tulle Corset Black Wedding Gown

27: Princess Vibes Corset Black Wedding Dress

elegant sequined tulle ball gown corset black wedding dresses

Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor! How stunning is the sheer corset bodice of this princess-worthy black ball gown — especially when paired with those tulle bow tie straps?! They’re the perfect accents to the glittering jet black skirt of this corseted stunner.

Like the dark princess in the fairytale, this corseted black dress brings the vibes. (And yes, it also comes in a pretty pink blush color!)

Shop This Princess Corset Black WEdding Gown

Long Sleeve Black Wedding Dresses

deep-v long sleeve black wedding dresses with high leg slit
black dress by Reformation // photo by The Hearnes // florals by Tellurian

Can’t get enough of the drama that long sleeve black wedding dresses pack? Then you are gonna LOVE these midnight gowns.

Perfect for winter weddings, gothic aesthetics, or extra elegant styles, long sleeve black wedding dresses are always in vogue. It’s a timeless style that can fit ANY type of celebration and is flattering for everyone!

Keep scrolling for some of our favorite black long sleeve dresses that make a serious statement for every bridal style!

high neck modest long sleeve wedding dresses with vintage lace

Looking for a dress that’s timeless and dramatic in all the best ways? Then you’re going to LOVE these long sleeve wedding gowns!

28: Free-Spirited Sheer Long Sleeve Black Wedding Dress Set

free-spirited two part sheer sleeved black wedding dresses with boho aesthetic

Attention boho babes: this long sleeve black wedding dress is a bohemian dream! We love the way this free-spirited gown mixes the luxurious look of soft black velvet with the modern boho style that comes with wearing a two-piece set. And don’t even get us started on those vintage polka dot lace sleeves!

Keep those effortlessly cool vibes going and style this one with a black felt hat and some rad black booties (or no shoes at all, for an extra laid back look!).

Shop This free-spirited sheer sleeved Black Wedding Gown

29: Jewel Encrusted Illusion Long Sleeve Black Wedding Dress

black sequin shimmer long sleeve wedding gown

This stunning satin black wedding dress‘s traditional ballgown silhouette receives a modern, romantic reinterpretation. For an ombré impression, this dreamy gown is crafted with clusters and dashes of sequins. The dress is cut in an elegant A-line shape and features an illusion round neck, bishop sleeves, and a shimmering skirt with a sweep train finish. It’s a modern gothic dress fit for a modern gothic love story.

Shop This elegant Long Sleeve Black WEdding Gown

30: Constellations Long Sleeve Black Gown

celestial astrology gold embellished off shoulder long sleeve black wedding dresses

Can we talk about the golden celestial embellishments on this long sleeve black wedding dress?! We are totally digging this look, especially when paired with a statement off-shoulder neckline.

Whether you’re a virgo, a gemini, or anything in between, we have a feeling this gold and black constellation gown will be the perfect compatibility match!

If you’re rocking this astrology-themed gown for your big day, then a birthstone necklace is a MUST. Go above and beyond by adding a birthstone ring, too!

Shop This Gold Embellished Black Wedding Gown

31: Botanical Long Sleeve Black Gown

whimsical floral lace tulle long sleeve black wedding dresses

Talk about long sleeve black wedding dress supremacy! The botanical appliqués on this whimsical black gown appear to be growing right off the sheer sleeves. It’s giving dark forest nymph or gothic fairy princess — SO gorgeous for an outdoor wedding in the woods!

We’re especially smitten with the sparkly plunging bodice on this garden-inspired ball gown. It’s both sexy and sweet at the same time!

Shop THis Whimsical illusion neckline Black Wedding Gown

Mermaid Black Wedding Dresses

bride standing in front of an airplane in a black mermaid wedding dress with long sleeves
black dress by ASOS // photo by Meg’s Marvels Photography

When you want to show off your curves, look no further than mermaid black wedding dresses! Their fitted silhouettes are designed to hug your body in all the right places — definitely one of the sexier styles on this list!

Plus, mermaid black wedding dresses have a very sleek and modern look to them. They don’t have any of the fuss of a big ball gown, and instead shine in their simplicity. Perfect for minimalists and super modern couples alike!

Scroll down for the black mermaid bridal gowns we can’t stop staring at!

ethereal mermaid wedding dresses

Digging this classic silhouette that’s all about the curves? Then check out our list of the most beautiful mermaid wedding gowns in every style!

32: Glitz and Glam Mermaid Black Wedding Dress

sparkly sequin off-the-shoulder trumpet mermaid black wedding dresses

Just because the silhouette of mermaid black wedding dresses is on the simple side doesn’t mean the dress itself has to be!

Case in point: this ornate, glittery, off-the-shoulder black mermaid gown. It’s oozing with glamour, from its sequined embroidery and to its sexy low back. Perfect for a black tie wedding, emphasis on the black!

Up the glam factor by styling this gorgeous gown with some statement black wedding gloves. Because you’re the main character, on your wedding day and beyond!

Shop This form-hugging sequin Black Wedding Gown

33: Silky Satin One Shoulder Black Wedding Dress

elegant silky satin one shoulder mermaid black wedding dresses

While technically not a mermaid style dress, we couldn’t help but include this silky black satin beauty from BHLDN. We love how the fabric is really the statement with this black wedding dress. It’s beautiful and also looks so so so comfortable too!

Plus, one shoulder asymmetrical necklines are SERIOUSLY trending right now. And we can see why — they’re just so chic! Rock this black wedding dress for a city wedding or a simple and sophisticated celebration.

Shop This One Shoulder satin Black Wedding Dress

34: Whimsical Off-Shoulder Tulle Caped Black Wedding Dress

elegant off-the-shoulder floral applique trumpet mermaid black wedding dresses with attached tulle cape

This black mermaid dress is the perfect marriage of whimsy and edge. You have the princess-like bodice, the off-the-shoulder sleeves, and the glittering floral appliqués. But the black color of the dress contrasts those soft, ethereal details with some edge and elegance. Too good!

Keep your accessories simple with this gorgeous mermaid gown to let the embellished tulle cape take center stage. This subtle but sparkly floral halo would be perfection!

Shop ThiS dramatically elegant Black Wedding Dress

35: Minimalist Off-Shoulder Mermaid Black Gown

minimalist off-the-shoulder mermaid black wedding dresses

It’s no secret that we love Lulus dresses, but their black mermaid wedding dresses are some of THE BEST. How pretty is the combo of the fitted mermaid dress style with the off-shoulder detail of this black gown?

We really love how the small v on the top brings interest to the simple design as well!

Oh, and did we mention it’s only $89? (You’re welcome.)

Shop This Minimalist Off-Shoulder Black WEdding Gown

36: Summer-Ready Fitted Black Mermaid Bridal Gown

elegant chiffon tulle sequin mermaid black wedding dresses

Planning a summer soirée? With an elegant silhouette that will keep you cool in the heat, plus a touch of glistening floral details, this is the perfect black mermaid bridal gown for a warm weather wedding. (Because black doesn’t have to be reserved for the chillier months!)

If you’re thinking a pop of color might be more your jam for the summer season, this elegant mermaid gown also comes in 14 other shades, from classic ivory white to boho desert rose.

Shop This modern mermaid Black Wedding Dress

Black Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

bride wearing lace long sleeve ball gown black wedding dresses with a tulle train
long sleeve black lace ball gown dress by Maggie Sottero // photo by Sun & Sparrow, as seen in this Avant Garde garden wedding inspiration

Make a princess-like grand entrance with these gorgeous black ball gown wedding dresses! Because if you can’t go all out on your wedding day, when can you?!

For modern, non-traditional couples with a fairytale love story, black ball gown wedding dresses are a MUST. We love them styled with an extra dose of glam, from decadent wedding crowns to faux fur wraps (for the colder months).

Totally luxe, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks in these lovely black ball gowns!

37: Alluring Black Ball Gown Wedding Dress

sexy elegant tulle ball gown black wedding dresses with bodice cutout

Get ready to be the belle of the ball with this black tulle stunner!

It’s so easy to feel like you’re swimming in fabric when wearing a ball gown style wedding dress, but this gorgeous dress manages to perfectly balance a huge, statement ball gown skirt with a top that is sleek and gorgeous…all without feeling like too much tulle. Now that’s a flex.

Let that sultry front cut-out speak for itself by ditching the wedding necklace and opting for these sophisticated wedding earrings instead. Fit for a princess.

Shop This Tulle Black Wedding Ball Gown

wedding statement earrings

Looking for the perfect face-framers for the big day? Complete your look with these fashionable wedding earrings that make a statement!

38: Modern Tulle and Lace Black Ball Gown Wedding Dress

strapless tulle lace ball gown black wedding dresses

It’s easy for black ball gown wedding dresses to feel overdone and over the top, but this one maintains the classic ball gown vibe, while being more modern and minimal in its design (total sleek princess vibes).

We love how this black beauty embraces a more modern style by incorporating a velvet corset bodice with lace details and adding extra layers of tulle (because you can never have enough tulle, right?!).

Shop This Simple Satin Black Wedding Ball Gown

39: Ballerina Princess Inspired Black Ball Gown

off-the-shoulder tiered ruffle tulle ball gown black wedding dresses

If Carrie Bradshaw wore a black wedding dress, we have a feeling it would look something like this. Oh-so fabulous, this tutu-inspired black ball gown makes a statement with layers of sheer ruffled tulle that show off your legs, plus an eye-catching sweetheart neckline that shows off your shoulders!

Make Carrie proud by wearing this gorgeous midnight gown with some swoon-worthy shoes! For the fashion-forward couples, why not add a pop of color to your Cinderella moment — these pink Jimmy Choo’s would look AMAZING with this ball gown!

Shop THis Fabulous Black Wedding Ball GOwn

40: Cottagecore Meets Gothic Black Ball Gown

romantic lace tulle long sleeve gothic ball gown black wedding dresses

We can’t stop, won’t stop loving the cottagecore aesthetic, and this tulle black ball gown is perfect for the gothic brides that feel the same!

The decadent lace detailing on the sheer bodice, paired with the charming puff sleeves, are what cottagecore meets gothic dreams are made of. It’s giving us all the whimsical vibes, plus a little dark romance. Utter perfection.

Style this black wedding ball gown with a moody dried flower crown, like this stunning black rose hair wreath, for extra whimsy!

Shop This Whimsical Gothic Wedding Ball Gown

bride with dried flower crown

Add a little whimsy to your wedding day look with dried flower crowns! Here’s our guide for how to get the look.

41: Dazzling Forest Princess Black Ball Gown

glittery sequin off-shoulder tulle corset ball gown black wedding dresses

Okay okay okay, where do we even begin?! First off, who wouldn’t want a sparkly black wedding ball gown that looks straight out of a moody Cinderella-inspired fairytale? The dream. Add the flattering corset bodice, the floral sleeve details, and that floaty, frothy tulle and you’ve got a truly show-stopping look.

This glittering black ball gown was made for twirling around the dance floor with your other half. Give your disco ball some competition by pairing it with statement sparkly earrings for major dazzle.

Shop This Sparkly corset bodice Black Wedding Ball Gown

Short Black Wedding Dresses

short black wedding dress with sheer tulle sleeves
tulle little black dress by Joyful Bride Design

We love how fun and modern short black wedding dresses feel! Like black dresses, shorter hemlines are starting to take over the bridal fashion world, and we’re digging them for casual weddings, playful elopements, and stylish courthouse ceremonies.

Whether you’re going for a soft, more elegant style, or something more flirtatious, we’ve got you covered. These are the best short black wedding dresses for showcasing your personal style (and showing off some leg at the same time!).

sheer ruffled short wedding dresses thumb

Ready to show some leg? We’ve rounded up the best short wedding gowns and tea length dresses for every style. These are SO GOOD!

42: Two Piece Short Black Wedding Dress

modern ankle length short black two-part bridal gown

We love us a two piece wedding dress set, and this black beauty from the Reformation has us swooning! (Bonus points for being sustainably made and eco-friendly, too!)

The style and details of this short black wedding dress feel summery, but the color screams fall. Rock it for either season by choosing your accessories strategically — opt for black strappy heels for the warmer months, or rock some cool wedding booties for autumnal vibes!

Shop This Ankle Length Short Black WEdding Two Parter

43: Romantic Short Black Bridal Gown

off-the-shoulder lace midi short black wedding dresses

The simple design + delicate details of this short black dress are giving us major heart eyes! I mean, can we talk about the ruffle details on the off-the-shoulder sleeves and tiered skirt?! And how cute is that floral lace pattern?

We can absolutely picture this midi length black dress in the middle of a mountaintop meadow or a gorgeous greenhouse during a tiny, private wedding ceremony.

Shop This Floral Lace Short Black WEdding Gown

44: Flirty Cut-Out Short Black Gown

silk fluttery pleated cut out midi short black wedding dresses

Pretty sure we have Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” stuck in our heads whenever we look at this short black dress, and we are not mad about it!

But seriously, we love the lightweight, delicate fabric of this flirty ankle length gown. Comfortable, easy to move in, and totally makes a statement. It doesn’t get any better than that.

With trendy cut-outs and fluttery details, this one was MADE for summer. Rock it with some cool bridal sunglasses for the perfect warm weather look!

Shop This Fluttery Short Black WEdding Gown

45: Impossibly Chic Short Black Gown

modern square neck long sleeve midi short black bridal gown

We are all about the leg moment, and boy does this little black bridal dress deliver on that! We love the contrast of the long sleeves with the dramatic side slit on this impossibly chic gown.

We’re already picturing this short black dress wowing your guests as you take over the dance floor. It has the perfect amount of movement in the skirt, but the fitted bodice gives a super flattering, form-fitting look too! MAGIC.

Shop This Chic Midi Short Black WEdding Gown

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bride in a gold crown wearing a black tulle two part bridal set
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