35 Stunning Wedding Earrings We’re Loving

bride putting on star shaped long gold wedding earrings
photog: Elizabeth Messina as seen in this Twigs & Honey Collection

No wedding look is complete without accessorizing with the cutest possible wedding earrings. Talk about the perfect little gems to frame your face!

We’ve rounded up our absolute favorite earrings to wear on the big day, and have broken them down by our favorite style types. Whether you love the look of a statement gold hoop or a delicate pearl chandelier, our list has you completely and totally covered.

Never underestimate the power of epic jewelry and accessories on your wedding day and the way they can take your look to the next level. And we’ve got the perfect wedding earring options to help you make that happen.

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Gold Wedding Earrings

hoop shaped citrine stone accented gold wedding earrings
Citrine + gold wedding hoop earrings: Mejuri

Yellow gold wedding earrings make a true statement, with their bold and glimmering yellow tones contrasting beautifully against wedding attire. Whether you’re wearing white or going for a bold choice like a black dress, yellow gold is the perfect complement to your clothing choice.

1: Celestial Star + Moon Gold Wedding Earrings

celestial star and moon gold wedding earrings

Capture the stars and the moon in your wedding look with these celestial-inspired gold wedding earrings. This statement earring has a sparkle and shape that will make you the center of the universe on your wedding day.

shop the celestial gold wedding earrings

2: Gold Earrings with Baguette Cut Stones

gold wedding earrings with baguette cut stones

These gold wedding earrings totally have us smitten. We love how the modern look of the baguette cut stones contrasts the warm and more traditional look of the yellow gold on the body of this earring pair. We’re all for mixing styles, and these earrings do that beautifully.

shop the baguette cut stone accented gold earrings

3: Preserved Flower Gold Wedding Earrings

preserved flower and gold wedding earrings

We’re pretty much losing our minds at how stunning these gold hoop wedding earrings are. YES those are preserved flowers dotting the hoops. And YES we are fully obsessed with them.

This is such a unique touch that you don’t see that often, and we love it. Especially when paired with the gold wiring. It’s like you’re basically wearing a garden.

shop the preserved flower gold earrings

4: Stone Studded Gold Crawler Earrings

sparkling gold crawler earrings with rounded pearl shaped prongs

These gorgeous gold crawler earrings meander up the side of your ears and create a studded and glimmering vibe to entire length of your ear.

Love the look of multiple ear piercings, but haven’t made the plunge quite yet? These earrings totally create that effect!

shop the gold crawler earrings

5: Gold Post Boho Floral Wreath Earrings

boho flower wreath gold hoop earrings

Dreamy dreamy dreamy. That’s the only word we can come up with to describe these boho floral hoop wedding earrings.

We just adore the way the gold hoop and post juxtapose the calming, creamy white of the flowers. It’s whimsical and elegant all at once.

shop the boho gold floral wreath earrings

Pearl Wedding Earrings

statement pearl hoop wedding earrings with gold posts
hoop pearl wedding earrings: Mejuri

Pearl wedding earrings are a total classic. Their muted tone and delicate shape give a calming and feminine feel to your wedding look. Level up with a statement pearl earring set, or choose a smaller, simpler design for a timeless vibe.

6: Solitary Silver Pearl Wedding Earrings

solitary pearl wedding earrings with silver posts

These pearl wedding earrings are the definition of muted and understated elegance and class. The solitaire pearls immediately draw the eye in, and the design maintains a level of minimalism that allows the pearls to be the real statement here.

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7: Peridot + Freshwater Pearl Wedding Earrings

peridot gem and freshwater pearl gold wedding earrings

These pearl wedding earrings have a very nature-inspired design, with peridot stones providing a yellowish green accent, mirroring a delicate green leaf tone.

The pearls on these earrings are bunched together in a floral pattern, on gold wired vines that give an even more three dimensional feel to the design. We just can’t get enough!

shop the peridot + freshwater pearl wedding earrings

8: Rose Gold Heart Shaped Pearl Earrings

large rose gold heart shaped pearl earrings

Show off your love with these statement rose gold heart shaped pearl earrings. If you have a fun and quirky style, these wedding earrings quite literally could not be more perfect for you.

shop the heart shaped pearl earrings

9: Rose Gold Teardrop Pearl Wedding Earrings

rose gold dangling teardrop pearl earrings

These teardrop pearl earrings have a very vintage style about them that we can’t help but love. Maybe it’s the pear shaped clear stones. Maybe it’s that warm and romantic rose gold. Or maybe it’s the slightly golden tint to the teardrop pearls. But whatever it is, we need these. Like, yesterday.

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10: Long Gold Stemmed Pearl Trio Earrings

long gold pearl trio earrings

We really like the simplicity of this pearl trio design. It pairs a dainty rose gold chain with three gorgeous pearls in ascending size from top to bottom, almost making them seem like drops of water in every stage before delicately falling to the earth.

shop the long stemmed pearl trio earrings

Long Wedding Earrings

long wedding earrings with cubic zirconia leaves
leaf dotted long wedding earrings: Mline Jewels

Long wedding earrings are such a versatile look and style. You can go the statement route, with a long earring with complex and intricate details. Or you can choose a long earring pair that takes on a minimalist and modern style, with simple clean lines.

11: Long Gold Plated Tropical Leaf Wedding Earrings

gold plated tropical leaf statement long wedding earrings

Getting married in the tropics? On the beach? Poolside in the desert? You are going to love love LOVE these long tropical leaf wedding earrings.

The forest green wooden base pairs stunningly with the yellow gold plated leaf drops (who can deny that those two are a total color pairing power couple?!).

shop the long tropical golden leaf earrings

12: Glass Floral Drop Long Wedding Earrings

These gorgeous floral wedding earrings are made with crystal or pearl accents and would be stunning with a minimal wedding dress.

Shop These Floral Drop Earrings

13: Clear Stone Studded Long Chain Earrings

dangling gold and cubic zirconia chain long wedding earrings

These long wedding earrings are a TOTAL dream. We love the upside-down teardrop shaped stud and the delicate gold details of the long dangling chains cascading down. So pretty.

shop the long chain earrings

14: Long Double Crystal Starburst Wedding Earrings

long gold and crystal double starburst earrings

These long gold double starburst wedding earrings have us starstruck. We really like how the stud is an actual star shape, and the dangling portion of the earring is a circle with a cutout shaped like the stud star above it. It’s like they quite literally complete each other…kind of the perfect metaphor for a wedding day, if you ask us!

shop the long crystal double starburst earrings

15: Extra Long Chunky Imitation Pearl Wedding Earrings

long statement imitation pearl earrings

The look of these oversized imitation pearls is something we’re pretty sure we’ll never get tired of. We love that they get smaller and smaller the further down they fall along the neckline, drawing your eyes from the shoulders up to the jawline for the ultimate face framer.

shop the long chunky imitation pearl earrings

Silver Wedding Earrings

stone studded long chandelier silver wedding earrings
long silver chandelier wedding earrings: Tiara by Yara

While gold makes a bold and colorful statement, silver wedding earrings provide a more muted color palette that blends in beautifully with crystals, opals, pearls, and other white and gray toned stones.

Silver has cooler undertones, which can be especially magical if you’re going for a fresh, modern, or ethereal wedding look.

16: Marquise Cut Clear Stone + Silver Wedding Earrings

marquise cut stone trio silver wedding earrings

Are they leaves falling? Flowers blooming? The world may never know. But either way, these silver wedding earrings certainly do make a statement.

There’s nothing quite like marquise cut stones to add a layer of additional elegance to a piece of jewelry, and we’re certainly getting that vibe with these gorgeous silver earrings.

shop the marquise stone + silver wedding earrings

17: Flower Power Swarovski Crystal + Silver Wedding Earrings

long floral Swarovski crystal and silver wedding earrings

Who doesn’t want Swarovski crystal flowers dotting their ears?! We can’t imagine a soul that wouldn’t. These lovely silver earrings are both whimsical and elevated. Perfect for spring and summer weddings.

shop the flower power swarovski crystal + silver earrings

18: Crystal Dotted Silver Hoop Earrings

crystal embellished silver hoop wedding earrings

We can all agree that hoops pretty much never go out of style. They’re essentially a staple. And what better way to accessorize your wedding look than with a classic like these silver hoop earrings?

And those crystal studs? They totally add that necessary bling and sparkle.

shop the crystal dotted silver hoop earrings

19: Dangling Floral Silver Drop Earrings with Marquise Cut Stones

long dangling drop marquise cut stone floral silver wedding earrings

Love earring #16 but want more of a dangling drop look? These silver wedding earrings are for you, m’dear!

They have a very organic structure and design that lends itself well to outdoors weddings. Whether you’re getting married in the woods or in the mountains, these silver beauties will be magic.

shop the floral silver drop earrings

20: Crystal Studded Silver Arch Earrings

crystal dotted arched silver earrings

These silver arch earrings know how to bring the glam. Three marquise cut clear stones adorn the top, giving a crown-like feel to the arch that is all kinds of regal.

If sparkling in every direction is your goal on your wedding day, these silver earrings will not disappoint.

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Rose Gold Wedding Earrings

long pink rhinestone rose gold wedding earrings
pink rhinestone + rose gold wedding earrings: Lulus

Rose gold wedding earrings know how to bring the romance. The blush, pinky tones give your wedding look a soft and warm energy that feels feminine and spring-like.

If you’re debating between yellow gold and rose gold, the key difference is going to be that romance factor. Yellow gold is more of a bold statement, and rose gold is more delicate in tone.

21: Floral Prong Crystal + Rose Gold Drop Earrings

Swarovski crystal drop rose gold wedding earrings

It’s the details on these rose gold wedding earrings that gets us every time. The first thing we’re drawn to is the gorgeous pear cut Swarovski crystals.

But when we look closer, we immediately notice the rose gold floral details and prong settings on these handmade beauties.

shop the Swarovski crystal + rose gold wedding earrings

22: Long Crystal Embellished Minimalist Drop Rose Gold Wedding Earrings

long clear crystal embellished rose gold earrings

We love a good understated earring moment, and these rose gold earrings are it! They’re eight inches of itty bitty crystals dotting rose gold, with a staggered and layered look. So delicate and simple.

shop the rose gold minimalist drop earrings

23: Diamond Studded Rose Gold Hoop Earrings

diamond studded rose gold hoop wedding earrings

While these rose gold earrings may just be half a hoop, they have our whole heart. We love the way the warm rose gold hoop livens up the cooler round cut diamonds dotting the perimeter.

The hoops dip slightly below the bottom of the earlobe, but almost have a slight cuff-like appearance, too. Romance meets trendy with these rose gold stunners, and we’d call them a 10/10.

shop the diamond studded rose gold hoop earrings

24: Minimalist Michael Kors Rose Gold Hoops

minimalist Michael Kors rose gold hoop earrings

These are the minimalist rose gold hoops of our wedding dreams. We love the way these Michael Kors hoops have squared off edges, giving these earrings a fresh and modern take.

And the clear stone stud at the top?! Just the right amount of glimmer for those who want to keep their wedding look simple.

shop the minimalist rose gold michael kors hoops

25: Rose Gold Chain Link Earrings

chain link rose gold earrings

Total statement earring alert! These rose gold chain link earrings have a modern and industrial look that’s so different than the traditional wedding earring you’re probably used to seeing.

We especially like the asymmetry of half of each chain being crystal studded and half being a polished rose gold look.

shop the rose gold chain link earrings

Wedding Stud Earrings

Art Deco statement crystal and pearl wedding stud earrings
floral Art Deco pearl and crystal wedding stud earrings: Emma Katzka Bridal

Don’t sleep on wedding stud earrings! Dress up your wedding look with a statement stud. Or opt for a super minimal style with a small diamond stud.

Wedding studs are so much more versatile than they’re given credit for, and we absolutely love them.

26: White Topaz + Gold Wedding Stud Earrings

gold post white topaz wedding stud earrings

These are the most dainty and delicate of wedding stud earrings! We love the pairing of white topaz with that dreamy yellow gold for a classic look that we’ll never get tired of.

These are also the type of earrings you could wear again and again, even after your wedding day!

shop the white topaz wedding stud earrings

27: Crystal + Pearl Statement Wedding Stud Earrings

pearl and crystal wedding stud earrings

Like little fireworks, these crystal and pearl wedding stud earrings are the most stunning show, and we can’t stop watching.

They combine the classic look of pears and crystals, but in a cluster shape that feels fun, eclectic, and energetic.

shop the crystal + pearl wedding studs

28: Cushion Cut Opal Wedding Studs

gold post white opal Swarovski stud earrings

There’s something about the cloudy, rainbow vibe of opal that feels dreamy and ethereal.

It’s a storybook-like gem, especially when cushion cut and set with gorgeous gold prongs, like with these wedding studs. Fit for a queen, if you ask us.

shop the cushion cut opal wedding studs

29: Round Diamond Bezel Set Stud Earrings

round cut diamond stud earrings with yellow gold posts

Luxuriously simple. Tiny. Sweet. Delicate. Intentional. Those are the words that come to mind when looking at these stunning round diamond wedding stud earrings.

We must admit, sometimes it’s the simplest designs that are the most beautiful and elevated.

shop the round diamond bezel set wedding studs

30: Crescent Moon Diamond Studded Wedding Earrings

gold and diamond crescent moon stud earrings

Ready to be the subject of everyone’s stargazing?! We’re all for the celestial vibes of these gold and diamond studded earrings.

The crescent moon shape with little diamond star overlays are beyond cute. Pretty sure we’ll never tire of gazing at these.

shop the crescent moon wedding stud earrings

Swarovski Wedding Earrings

drop style rose gold crystal Swarovski wedding earrings
drop style rose gold crystal Swarovski wedding earrings: Rosy Stone Inc

Swarovski crystals are known for being some of the best crystals available on the market, both for their cut and their brilliance. Their quality is unmatched.

So naturally, if we’re going to share crystal earrings, Swarovski wedding earrings HAVE to be on the list.

31: Rose Gold Marquise Cut Swarovski Wedding Earrings

marquise cut crystal Swarovski wedding earrings

These stunning little lightweight Swarovski wedding earrings are the ideal mix of sparkle and clean gold touches. We especially like how the marquise cut crystal with the round cut crystal on top almost looks like a person. One to represent you, and one to represent your partner. So precious!

shop the marquise cut Swarovski earrings

32: Winged Swarovski Crystal Wedding Cuff Earrings

marquise cut crystal Swarovski cuff earrings

Look like a literal angel on your wedding day with these to-die-for Swarovski crystal cuff earrings. The marquise cut Swarovski crystals are arranged in a gorgeous staggered pattern that makes its way up the side of your ear for a dreamy look that’s perfect if you’re rocking an updo on your wedding day.

And can we all agree that the crystal clusters totally look like angel wings?!

shop the winged Swarovski crystal wedding cuffs

33: Bezel Set Cushion Cut Swarovski Crystal Earrings

gold plated cushion cut bezel set Swarovski earrings

This gold earring set takes a simple design and really shows off that sparkle. We can’t help but obsess over the way the sunlight shines off the cushion cut Swarovski crystals in that golden bezel set. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy.

shop the bezel set Swarovski earrings

34: Nature Inspired Pearl + Swarovski Crystal Earrings

opal and freshwater pearl 18K gold plated long crystal Swarovski earrings

Ready to feel like a total forest fairy on your wedding day? Because these Swarovski earrings are here to make sure you rock the look.

We are swooning over how the organic shapes, bends, and turns on these earrings feel like we’re looking at a literal slice of nature. The sweet little branches and loops with pearl and Swarovski crystal flower buds are something else.

shop the long floral pearl + Swarovski crystal earrings

35: Rose Gold Cushion Cut Swarovski Crystal Earrings

rose gold cushion cut Swarovski earrings

These rose gold Swarovski crystal earrings have a super romantic and clean cut vibe that we’re totally adoring! It almost feels like the pink in the rose gold is putting a slight pink glow on the crystals themselves.

shop the rose gold cushion cut Swarovski crystal earrings

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bride wearing blush tone traditional Indian wedding attire and jewelry
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