The Best Wedding Veils for Every Bridal Style

floral applique unique cathedral bridal wedding veils
wedding veil: BHLDN

Are you ready for the unveiling of one of the most impactful and dramatic wedding accessories of all time? We’re talking about wedding veils, of course!

A wedding headpiece that dates back to ancient times, bridal veils were historically worn to represent modesty and shield the bride from evil spirits. These days, they’re more of a stunning aesthetic choice — though we wouldn’t say no to a little spirit protection on our big day!

Even if you don’t consider your style traditionally “bridal,” wedding veils are the perfect accessory for bringing some drama to your look and enhancing the overall vibes of your wedding gown. Plus, they make for some seriously stunning photo ops!

From short “It girl” veils that frame your face to extravagant pearl-dotted designs that float behind your dress, we’ve rounded up our favorite bridal veils for every wedding style. We’ve even found a few unique options (see: Barbiecore pink) for those that want to make a statement as they walk down the aisle.

With so many eye-catching designs right at your fingertips, the hardest part will be narrowing it down! To make it a little easier, let’s start with some essential FAQs.

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Where to Buy Wedding Veils

romantic lace trimmed bridal wedding veils and blushers
wedding veil: BHLDN

Where you buy wedding veils will depend on your budget and the style you’re going for. Here are a few of our go-to shops:

  • BHLDN – For classic wedding veils, as well as some modern and whimsical options, BHLDN is a no brainer. They have the crème de la crème of bridal veils, with luxurious cathedral styles, vintage-inspired birdcages, and everything in between. Plus, BHLDN is our all-time favorite place for stunning wedding gowns, show-stopping shoes, and glitzy jewelry, too!
  • Etsy – If unique wedding veils are more your style, you won’t find a better selection than Etsy. So many of the bridal veils on this site are handcrafted by individual artists, so you know you’ll be getting something one-of-a-kind for your walk down the aisle. From personalized designs to colorful embroidery, Etsy’s bridal veils are a must for modern, boho, and unconventional couples. They also have a ton of budget-friendly options!
  • Hushed Commotion – Hushed Commotion has some of the most beautiful wedding veils in the game. If you’re looking for a meaningful heirloom or wedding keepsake, these bridal veils are truly works of art. They have both traditional and unique wedding veils (like this pleated sparkly one), as well as some seriously stunning bridal accessories.

How Much Are Wedding Veils?

eyelash lace trimmed mesh bridal wedding veils
wedding veil: Lulus

The price of wedding veils depends on a few different factors: the material, the length, and the design. For basic tulle bridal veils, you can expect a price range of $50 to $200.

For cathedral wedding veils, veils made with lace, and styles with embellishments like pearls, beading, or floral appliqués, the price can range from $250 to upwards of $1000 or more.

For more affordable options, you can check out shops like Etsy or Lulus. But remember: this may be the only time in your life you get to wear such a stunning accessory, so there’s nothing wrong with splurging!

What Are Wedding Veils Made of?

whimsical pearl bridal wedding veils
wedding veil: Etsy

Most wedding veils are made of soft, sheer tulle, which can be cut in many different styles, from traditional blushers that cover your face to single layer silhouettes that skim the floor.

While tulle is quintessentially bridal, there are other fabrics that can be used to create unique and retro veils. For example, 1950s-inspired birdcage veils are typically made with wide ivory netting that adorns the top half of your face. You can also find bridal veils in vintage lace or floaty organza for a mesmerizing twist on tradition.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph, we LOVE veils that are made with extra details like botanical lace and beading. The current trend that we can’t get enough of: pearl-adorned bridal veils. It’s an enchanting look that’s truly to die for!

From stunning pearlcore options to gorgeous classic designs, here are our top picks!

Short Wedding Veils

white mesh tulle short bridal wedding veils
short wedding veil: Lulus

Whether you’re planning a courthouse wedding, rocking an on-trend short bridal dress, or looking to accessorize your bridal shower look, short wedding veils are your very chic new best friend.

We don’t have to tell you that short wedding veils have been a cool girl staple for decades. And it’s easy to see why! This look is the perfect balance of traditional bridal vibes and modern edginess.

From barely there birdcage styles to beaded elbow-length stunners, our favorite short bridal veils make BIG statements. Ready for the unveiling?

ivory short bridal dresses

Love the mini trend? Your short veil has met its match with these chic short wedding gowns!

1: Chic Beaded Short Wedding Veil

beaded ivory short bridal wedding veils

Tres chic! If you’re looking for minimalist short wedding veils that still have that romantic je ne sais quoi, you can stop scrolling now.

This ivory blusher makes a simple and stylish statement with a dainty beaded trim, perfect for accessorizing a sophisticated wedding gown or bridal shower dress.

Style it with some equally understated pearlcore accessories to get that effortless French girl fashion look.

Shop This Ivory Short Bridal Veil

2: Unique Bow Tie Short Wedding Veil

vintage-inspired beaded bow tie short bridal wedding veils

Is there such a thing as TOO many bow ties? Here at GWS, we say no way! This short wedding veil channels the bow tie bridal trend that we’re seeing everywhere right now — but in a way that feels totally unique.

Featuring a scalloped hem that’s adorned with sweet pearl bows, it’s a playful addition to an elopement or courthouse wedding gown. It’s safe to say we’re obsessed.

Shop This Playful Beaded Short Bridal Veil

3: Pretty Polka Dot Short Wedding Veil

polka dot tulle short bridal wedding veils

The classic blusher, but with a 1950s twist! Whether you’re planning a retro-inspired wedding or just want to add some drama as you say your “I do”s, polka dot short wedding veils are a fun and flirty option.

This one has a raw edge for a modern look and comes in multiple different lengths, so you can add a pop to any dress.

Shop This Dotted Tulle Short Bridal Veil

4: Pearlcore Mini Short Wedding Veil

pearl beaded mini short bridal wedding veils

Trend alert: birdcages! These short wedding veils are having their MOMENT right now, and we’re not mad about it. Besties with the mini bridal dress, mini wedding veils are ultra stylish for unconventional couples and those that want to add some vintage flair to their look.

This birdcage veil also features our other favorite bridal trend: pearls! We’re adding it to our cart as we speak.

Shop THis Beaded Birdcage short Bridal Veil

5: Oh-So Sweet Short Wedding Veil

silk bow tie mesh short bridal wedding veils

Call it the Ariana Grande effect, but this short bridal veil look has us saying “thank you, next” to every other type of bridal headpiece. From the silk bow tie to the elbow-length style, it’s an oh-so sweet dream.

Style it with an elegant silky dress for full God is a Woman vibes — and don’t forget to complete the look with some Ariana-approved wedding nails!

Shop This Bow Tie Short Bridal Veil

6: Ethereal Blossoming Short Wedding Veil

ethereal floral and pearl applique short wedding veils

There’s a reason we love flowers for weddings. They symbolize the blossoming of new life — a perfect metaphor for the beginning of a marriage, if you as us!

Bring some fresh blooms into your wedding look with floral short wedding veils, like this one from BHLDN.

The wispy floral appliqués and romantic pearl details give the entire look an ethereal quality that feels straight out of a romantic secret garden.

Shop This Floral and Pearl Short Bridal Veil

7: Minimalist Short Wedding Veil

simple handmade short bridal wedding veils

Simple, but SO effective. This short wedding veil is the perfect topper for when you want to let your dress do the talking. Handmade and featuring a raw hem, it may be minimal, but it’s definitely not boring.

If you’re rocking a statement backless wedding gown, this bridal veil is here to help you show it off. You can also style it with your wedding night lingerie for a SERIOUSLY sexy and flirty look.

Shop This Simple and Sweet Short Bridal Veil

white bridal lingerie

Make it a night to remember with this seductive bridal lingerie — best styled with a veil!

8: Barely There Short Birdcage Design

vintage-inspired pearl birdcage short bridal wedding veils

Vintage meets modern with fishnet short wedding veils — and the result is SO GOOD. This “barely there” birdcage bridal veil is the definition of minimum fuss, maximum impact.

Dotted with Swarovski pearls, it’ll have you feeling like your most iconic version of yourself. And isn’t that the whole goal of your wedding look?

Shop This Pearl Dotted Short Bridal Veil

Ivory Wedding Veils

unique cathedral ivory bridal wedding veils
ivory wedding veil: Hushed Commotion

Tradition has never looked so good! You can’t go wrong with a classic (it is a classic for a reason!), and ivory wedding veils are just that.

Not only do ivory bridal veils complement most wedding gowns, but they’re also the best option if you want to get those glowing “bridal” vibes on your big day.

You’re going to want to wear these designs every chance you get, from getting ready with your crew to that first night in your honeymoon suite. Prepare for all your other accessories to be jealous!

9: Delicate Floral Ivory Wedding Veil

cathedral floral applique ivory wedding veils

For a look that never goes out of style, delicate ivory wedding veils are a MUST. This clean tulle veil with a dainty floral detail is just as stunning now as it’ll be in 5o years, when you’re flipping through your wedding day photos with your other half. Truly nothing holds up better!

Especially if your dress has lots of texture or patterning, a minimalist ivory bridal veil is the perfect finishing touch.

Shop This Cathedral Length Ivory Bridal Veil

10: Mesmerizing Sheer Ivory Wedding Veil

simple cathedral ivory wedding veils

Still undecided about whether or not wedding veils are for you? Here at GWS, we’re all about making your wedding unique to YOU, so to veil or not to veil is completely your decision.

But, we do have some food for thought if you’re on the fence: this may be the only time in your life you get to rock a veil.

For a look that makes the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime fashion opportunity without feeling TOO traditional, it doesn’t get better than a sheer ivory wedding veil.

With this Etsy design, you can still see the main event (your dress) AND get those gorgeous photos that are only possible with a veil.

Shop This Delicate Sheer Ivory Bridal Veil

11: Ornate Lace Ivory Wedding Veil

ornate lace cathedral ivory wedding veils

Let’s admit it: we all want to channel the grandeur of a royal wedding during our walk down the aisle. With lace-trimmed ivory wedding veils, you can achieve your own regal moment, whether you’re tying the knot in an opulent cathedral or your backyard.

This ivory veil features ornate Chantilly lace that decorates the floor-skimming edges. It’s truly the royalty of all bridal headpieces — all hail this veil!

Shop This Lace-Trimmed Ivory Bridal Veil

12: Whimsical Pearl Ivory Wedding Veil

pearl and tulle ivory wedding veils

If it were socially acceptable to wear ivory wedding veils on the daily, this is the one we’d be rocking non-stop. When we tell you we are OBSESSED with pearl dotted bridal veils — words simply can’t describe the romance of it all!

Style it with a simple ivory dress to let the veil really shine, and don’t forget to complete the look with some gorgeous pearl accessories, like these eye-catching earrings.

Shop This Romantic Ivory Bridal Veil

statement wedding earrings

Give your wedding veil that extra WOW factor with some statement earrings! Here are some of our faves.

13: Blooming Floral Ivory Wedding Veil

whimsical floral applique ivory wedding veils

Watch your love grow through the tulle of this blooming ivory wedding veil. Blossoming with floral embellishments, it’s a stunning bridal veil for a spring or summer wedding.

Whether your “I do”s are taking place in a whimsical secret garden, or you’re looking for a veil that perfectly complements your bouquet, this ivory option has got you covered (literally).

Shop This Floral Embellished Ivory Bridal Veil

14: Pearl Trimmed Ivory Wedding Veil

pearl trimmed fingertip ivory wedding veils

If you’re looking for a unique take on wedding pearls, this ivory bridal veil simply does not miss. With a dusting of pearl details around the trim, it’s dazzling enough to make a serious statement, without the all-over appliqué look.

These are definitely not your grandma’s pearls — but they do pair great with a Harry Styles-inspired pearl necklace!

Shop This Dazzling Pearl Ivory Bridal Veil

15: Secret Garden Embroidered Ivory Design

enchanting floral embellished ivory wedding veils

It’s the dainty florals for us! This ivory bridal veil maxes out on romance with its delicate botanical details, which decorates the tulle like a growing vine. For mystical garden vibes, this veil is IT.

Shop This Floral Ivory Bridal Veil

16: Enchanting Large Floral Ivory Wedding Veil

unique floral chapel ivory wedding veils

Heirloom status: unlocked. Adorned with a floral illustration by artist Alli Koch, this ivory bridal veil is an *actual* work of art. As more than just a wedding keepsake, you’ll want to pass this veil down for generations to come.

Shop This Unique Floral Ivory Bridal Veil

Cathedral Wedding Veils

dramatic minimalist ivory cathedral wedding veils
cathedral wedding veil: Etsy

It’s time for your grand entrance! With cathedral wedding veils, all eyes will be on you as you make your way down the aisle to the love of your life. Featuring 108 inches to 120 inches of mesmerizing tulle, how could they not be?!

An age-old bridal accessory, cathedral bridal veils first got their name because they were traditionally worn in cathedral and church weddings. But we’re all about breaking traditions here at Green Wedding Shoes!

With their dramatic, extra long trains, cathedral wedding veils now make an unforgettable statement whether you’re gliding down the aisle of a church, a barn, or even a beach. Calling all the main characters out there — these are for you.

17: Glamorous Beaded Cathedral Wedding Veil

unique beaded ivory cathedral wedding veils

Cathedral wedding veils are made for standing out — so why stop with just tulle? This bridal veil is working overtime to help you make a statement, with organza petals, ornate beading, and just the right amount of sparkle.

Style it with a dazzling necklace for an enchanting wedding day look that doesn’t skimp on glamour.

Shop This Unique Cathedral Bridal Veil

18: Soft and Flowy Cathedral Wedding Veil

soft flowy white cathedral wedding veils

For a look that complements literally any and every wedding gown, the award goes to… this minimalist cathedral veil!

Handmade with a raw edge and multiple color options (from pure white to ivory to blush pink), this design makes a serious case for the classics.

Plus, this is the PERFECT veil if you want that short dress + long veil combo! For the fashionable couples, it’s a no brainer.

Shop This White Cathedral Bridal Veil

short wedding dress and long ivory wedding veil look

We’re smitten over the short dress and long veil look — here’s how you can get it for yourself!

19: Cascading Floral and Crystal Cathedral Wedding Veil

organza floral applique and crystal cathedral wedding veils

It’s giving whimsy! It’s giving romance! It’s giving woodland garden nymph! Of all the cathedral wedding veils on this list, this is the one that feels like an actual fairytale come to life.

Whether you wear it with a matching floral wedding gown or something elegant and understated, this shimmery cathedral bridal veil has “happily ever after” written all over it.

Shop This Whimsical Floral Cathedral Bridal veil

20: Pastel Peony and Rose Cathedral Design

vintage-inspired pastel pink floral embroidered cathedral wedding veils

The Bridgerton of it all! If you have the hanging bouquets, the string quartet, and the fabulous regencycore dress, all that’s missing is this embroidered cathedral veil!

Featuring vintage-inspired roses and peonies embroidered on a peachy tulle, it’s the object of all our desires. Most importantly, it’s an enchanting additional to your wedding day look.

Shop This Regencycore Cathedral Bridal Veil

21: Unique Botanical Cathedral Wedding Veil

beaded botanical embroidered ivory cathedral wedding veils

When it comes to boho cathedral wedding veils, this Etsy option takes the (wedding) cake.

Hand embroidered with a leafy design, it’ll have you feeling like Mother Earth herself as you make your way down the aisle. Perfect for when you want that botanical look without going overboard on flowers.

Shop This whimsical Cathedral Bridal Veil

22: Blossoming Bridal Cathedral Design

floral applique embroidered ivory cathedral wedding veils

Talk about flower power! If floral cathedral veils ARE your prerogative, it doesn’t get more stunning than this blossoming tulle bridal veil. With flower appliqués, silver beading, and pearl accents, it’s nothing short of heavenly.

Because embellished veils have a lot of personality, they best complement classic and minimalist dresses, like this romantic off-the-shoulder gown.

Shop This Floral Applique Cathedral Bridal Veil

Unique Wedding Veils

colorful wildflower adorned unique wedding veils
unique wedding veil: Etsy

You’ve traded the cake for a dessert table, made your dog the ring bearer, and are planning to get ready with your partner before the vows — there’s nothing traditional about your wedding, so why have a traditional veil?

Unique wedding veils are the perfect accessory for showing your personality, especially if you’re an unconventional couple that doesn’t want those traditional wedding vibes.

Whether your style is laid back and bohemian, retro and full of color, or a little bit indie, unique bridal veils are here to give you a wedding look that is undoubtedly cool.

23: Romantic Rose Short Unique Wedding Veil

pink rose embroidered short unique wedding veils

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” — bet you didn’t think we’d be quoting the Bard on this roundup! If you love the romance of a simpler time, consider this rosy unique veil your leading lady.

With all over floral embroidery and a blush tulle base, it’s truly A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Perfect for a warm weather wedding!

Shop This short Pink Rose Unique Bridal Veil

24: Sparkly Black Unique Wedding Veil

black sparkly tulle unique wedding veils

Hold up: the cool girl version of the wedding veil has just entered the chat. One of the most striking veils we’ve seen, this sparkly black stunner is not for the faint of heart — and that’s kind of the point.

If you’re bold, non-traditional, and a bit edgy, this is your sign to get a black bridal veil. Speckled with either gold or silver, this one is bringing the glam, and we are here. for. it. Complete the look with a bold lip and some dazzling earrings.

Shop This Glamorous Black Unique Bridal Veil

black bridal dresses

Not feeling white for your wedding day? Make a statement with these gorgeous black wedding gowns!

25: Boho Fringe Unique Design

boho fringe ivory unique wedding veils

Calling all boho babes! Create a bridal path of fierce fringe with this unique design, featuring a bohemian take on the classic wedding look. We LOVE the movement of this fringed veil — perfect for living out your Stevie Nicks wedding inspo.

After all, it’s your wedding day…what better time to own the floor?

Shop This Boho Unique Bridal Veil

26: Enchanting Unique 3D Design

embroidered 3D floral unique wedding veils

When it comes to unique wedding veils, more is more. This handmade tulle bridal veil is decorated with organza flowers, stunning vine details, and pom poms — it’s basically a meadow in veil form.

No bridal accessory is better suited to give you that “I just ran through a field of flowers and bathed in a stream” look. We’re lovestruck!

Shop This Charming Floral unique Bridal Veil

27: Pastel Rainbow Unique Wedding Veil

pastel rainbow ombre unique wedding veils

One trend we’re obsessed with bringing into the wedding space: dopamine dressing! Nothing sparks joy quite like rainbow unique wedding veils, and this pastel pick is checking all the boxes.

Whether you want to add some color to an all white ‘fit or are looking for a whimsical Pride-inspired look, rainbow bridal veils are THE moment.

Shop This Rainbow Unique Bridal Veil

pastel rainbow bridal dress

Why choose one color when you could have all of them? Don’t miss these amazing rainbow wedding gowns!

28: Unique Vibrant Wildflower Design

colorful garden inspired cathedral unique wedding veils

Are you ready to get wild? Show your true colors with whimsical unique wedding veils like this wildflower option! We love the vibrant florals and whimsical pattern — it’s like having your own personal garden on your big day.

This one can be a range of different lengths, from floor-skimming to 150 inches of pure romance.

Shop This unique wildflower Bridal Veil

29: Blushing Bride Unique Wedding Veil

whimsical blush pink unique wedding veils

There’s another “core” making waves in the fashion space, and we couldn’t be more ready to bring it into our wedding looks: Barbiecore!

Inspired by everyone’s favorite girly girl, Barbiecore makes pretty in pink the name of the game. Get the look as you tie the knot with pink unique wedding veils, like this gorgeous blusher. It would look AMAZING with a matching blush wedding gown!

Shop This Blush Pink Unique Bridal veil

30: Strawberry Dreams Unique Design

strawberry embroidered short unique wedding veils

This unique veil is the strawberry on top of a fun wedding look! Featuring little embroideries of our favorite fruit, this elbow-length design was made for those that love whimsy and don’t take things too seriously.

It’s the perfect style for a backyard wedding or summery elopement — and it also comes in both white tulle and a playful pink.

Shop This Strawberry Unique Bridal Veil

31: Celestial Gold Unique Wedding Veil

celestial gold speckled unique wedding veils

Channel the Milky Way with this gorgeous celestial design. With flecks of gold across soft sheer tulle, it’s truly out of this world. Show that your love was written in the stars and add this unique bridal veil to your cart ASAP!

For extra magic, pair it with a dazzling wedding crown like this starry halo.

Shop This Gold Speckled Unique Bridal Veil

boho bridal crowns

Whether you’re styling it with a veil or on its own, a statement wedding crown is always a good idea!

32: Pretty in Pink Unique Ribbon Design

blush pink ribbon edge unique wedding veils

Give the classic ribbon-trimmed silhouette a modern makeover with this blushing bridal veil! Another take on pink unique wedding veils, it’s flirty and feminine in all the best ways.

This veil also comes in different shades of blush (and ivory, if that’s more your style) and several different lengths, ideal for matching any wedding gown.

Shop This Ribbon Trimmed Unique Bridal Veil

Vintage Wedding Veils

white tulle vintage wedding veils with pearl details
vintage wedding veil: Blair Nadeau Bridal

If you feel like you were born in the wrong era, prepare to fall head over heels in love with these vintage wedding veils.

With Gatsby-inspired designs and that ’50s birdcage style that we can’t stop talking about, these vintage bridal veils will transport you to your favorite time period (with a few modern updates).

Pair them with a vintage-inspired gown and some rad retro accessories for a dazzling look that withstands the test of time.

33: Bridal Juliet Cap Vintage Design

romantic floral Juliet cap vintage wedding veils

We’re bringing century-old romance back, baby! One of the most stunning types of vintage wedding veils is the Juliet cap, which is reminiscent of 1920s and ’30s bridal style.

While many flappers adored this gorgeous style, it actually got its name from Romeo and Juliet. Talk about a vintage bridal veil with a story!

This Twigs and Honey design epitomizes Art Deco elegance with a Juliet cap style that features romantic floral accents. We’re swooning!

Shop This Juliet cap Flower Vintage Wedding Veil

34: Delicate Dotted Vintage Wedding Veil

polka dot ivory bridal Juliet cap vintage wedding veils

A lacy take on the Juliet cap, this vintage-inspired style is the definition of romance. Featuring Swiss dotted tulle, scalloped lace, and a statement bow design, it’s guaranteed to stun for your grand entrance.

We’ve never seen anything like it, and that’s what makes it SO good.

Shop This Lacy Juliet Cap Veil

35: Gatsby-Inspired Vintage Wedding Veil

crystal Juliet cap vintage wedding veils

Channel your inner Daisy with this vintage-inspired design! With a Juliet cap trimmed with crystals, it’s Gatsby-level elegance for the modern day. We are in the Roaring ’20s, after all — might as well dress like it!

If you’re looking for truly decadent vintage wedding veils, this is the one.

Shop This Crystal Vintage Cap Veil

36: Show-Stopping Vintage Birdcage Design

dramatic double layer birdcage vintage wedding veils

Add a touch of sophistication to your look with birdcage vintage bridal veils. This one is double-layered to give you an extra demure look. And that blend of sleek netting with floaty tulle? Simply *chef’s kiss*!

Shop This Vintage-Inspired Birdcage Bridal Veil

Need More Help Finding Those Perfect Wedding Day Accessories?

pearl bridal hair accessory
pearl head band: Lulus

It’s all about the little things — and by the little things, we mean your wedding accessories!

If you’re not sure wedding veils are your style but still want something to top off your look, the bridal headband trend may be just what you’re looking for. Or, for something a bit more regal, you should also check out these wedding crowns and tiaras!

Just make sure you choose a hairdo that makes the most out of your headpiece — we’ve got you covered with wedding hairstyles for long hair and short hair.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got our personal favorite accessory: shoes! As your resident experts, we’ve created a handy guide for the best places to find wedding shoes online and some tips for choosing the perfect pair. You can thank us later.

Still looking for that finishing touch? Don’t be afraid to have some fun with bridal sunglasses, ultra sleek wedding nails, or fashion-favorite tassel earrings!

And don’t forget to share your must-have wedding accessories in the comments below!