The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair of all Types

photo: Christi Paulson model: Anna Page mua: Bryjean Artistry hair: Tamara Holden

How you decide to style your hair for your wedding can be influenced by a number of factors. First, there’s your dress (or suit!) and accessories to consider. Are you wearing a veil? Is your look more romantic or are you going for glam? But the most important thing to think about is your actual hair type! The length, texture, and color will all come into play. And if you’re looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair, you’ve come to the right place.

We collected ideas and inspiration for long hair of all types (and short hair, too!). Be sure to talk with your stylist to find out what your hair is truly capable of. Let’s get into the looks!

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Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long Loose Waves with a Gold Crown

photo: Peterson Design & Photography hair stylist: Lio Ramirez featured in this post

Go for simple glam locks topped with the most perfect wedding crown or headband!

Long Woven Curls With Flowers

wedding hairstyles for long hair loose updo with flowers

photo: Jenna Knott model: model: Anna Page hair: Tamara Holden florals: Stemming from Love dress: All Who Wander

This romantic style features large woven pieces interlaced with dried flowers. SO pretty.

Long Romantic Curls with Leaf Barrette

photo: Beige Weddings hair stylist: The Love Team by Rita featured in this post

It’s all in the dainty details. Add a pretty barrette like this one to loose curls and you’re set.

Long Loose Waves with Fresh Flowers

photo: Alicia Sessler hair: Untamed Petals featured in this post

This beautiful look was created with a simple ingredient — chamomile flowers from Trader Joe’s!

Pulled Back with Flowers at the Crown

photo: Lyublue hair stylist: Brandy Allen featured in this post

Up the wow-factor with a beautiful headpiece worn at the crown.

Modern Indian Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Low Side-Swept Chignon

photo: Amrit Photography hair stylist: Aquarius Art featured in this post

Keep it low and stunning with a loose, side-swept look.

Half-Up with Long Curls

photo: Nola Fontanez featured in this post

Soft, fresh curls with a pretty maang tikka will always be chic.

Parted Down the Middle with Glam Curls

photo: Amrit Photography hair stylist: Aquarius Art featured in this post

Or, keep it long and lush with big, glam, brushed-out curls.

Wedding Updos for Long Hair

Sky-High Top Bun

photo: Cody James Barry Photography featured in this post

Pile it high to make a fun statement!

Bridal Pony with a Bow + Tiara

photo: The Zamudios hair stylist: Kacee Geoffroy featured in this post

Tie back a pretty pearl tiara into a teased-up pony for a simple updo for long hair.

Low Messy Boho Bun

Wedding Updos for Long Hair low messy

photo: Nikki Kate hair: Tamara Holden

This updo is perfect for long-haired girls! Curled, twisted, pinned, and ready for an accessory or a veil — or none at all!

Big Boho Pinned Up Curls

photo by Katie Pritchard Photography hair: Hair by Amber Kelley featured in this post

Pin it up and pile it high! And dye it pink, if you’re willing.

Teased Up and Pulled Back with a Hairpiece

photo: Stefanie Keeler Photography hair stylist: Blush and Mane featured in this post

Let the pieces fall to frame your face for a teased-up ‘do that’s regal and romantic.

Low Chignon with Hair Pins

photography: Rachel Red Photography hair + makeup: Ash & Co. featured in this post

Elevate a low updo with versatile hairpins like these.

Bubble Pony with Pearl Clasps

via Untamed Petals

Try a totally unique look like this one — a bubble pony with pearl clasps!

Half Up Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Twisted Back and Pinned

photo: Jordan Voth hair stylist: Hello Flawless Artistry from this post

A simple twist and pin make for a dreamy and romantic look paired with long boho curls.

Teased Up Boho Pony

photo: Silvia Galora Photography hair stylist: Suely Menichetti featured in this post

Go for some height with a rad teased-up bubble pony!

Half Up Braided Pony

photo: Olivia Markle Photography hair stylist: Suely Menichetti featured in this post

Such a dreamy look for a beach wedding or a true boho atmosphere.

Teased Crown and Loosley Pinned

wedding hairstyles for long hair half updo

photo by Jordan Voth hair: Randi Johnston Beauty featured in this post

Keep the end straight and loose for this chic, boho look.

Boho Half Up Style with Dried Flowers

photo: Andrea Posadas Creative hair stylist: Barb of The Pine Petaluma featured in this post

We found the PERFECT hairpiece to achieve this exact look!

Romantic Half Updo For Long Hair With Flowers

photo: Meaghan Brianne Photo hair stylist: Hair by Kayti featured in this post

Lots of curls, lots of twists, and a few perfectly placed flower pins. This look is a stunner!

Loose Half Updo with Big Waves

photo: Brooke Borough Photography hair stylist: Hair by Kayti featured in this post

A half updo is a perfect mix of pulled-up and laid-back. This very loose look creates a stunning shape with twists and big waves.

Half Up Hairstyle With Vintage Bangs

photo: Amber Gress Photography featured in this post

If you’re rocking bangs on your wedding day, half up might just be there perfect way to go!

Long Wavy Dreadlocks Half Up with Flowers

photo: Lauren Feddersen Photography hair stylist: Status Salon featured in this post

How DREAMY is this look?! Adding fresh and dried flowers is always the move.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long Ombré Waves

simple wedding hairstyles for long hair ombre

photo: Mandee Johnson featured in this post

Keep it simple with big curly waves and a veil.

Simple Twisted Braid

photo: Kathrin Krok hair stylist: Der Brautsalon featured in this post

Honestly? We’re not sure how she did it either. But a great hairstylist and the perfect hairpiece will certainly help you figure it out!

Soft Long Waves with a Pearl Halo Headband

photo: Morgan Hydinger hair stylist: Janet Villa featured in this post

Such a classic look with a white padded headband!

Beachy Waves with Dainty Floral Tiara

photo: Laurken Kendall featured in this post

A simple look that’s elevated with the perfect flower crown.

Long Blunt Waves with Twisted Knot

photo: Ivory + Rose Photography hair stylist: Ginelle Dale featured in this post

How fun is this knotted look? Loving the combo with a blunt cut at the end.

Simple Twists Pinned Back

photo: Jasmine Star hair stylist: Beauty by Melina featured in this post

Proof that sometimes simple is the most stunning.

Long Waves With Fantasy-Inspired Golden Crown

photo: Rebecca Yale hair + makeup: Janet of Be.NYLA featured in this post

We’re getting Lord of the Rings vibes with this style and we’re not mad,

Glam Middle Part With Long Curls

photo: Kaylee Chelsea Photography featured in this post

A little teasing at the crown and you’ve got a LOOK.

Giant Waves With a Giant Bow

photo: Lauren Hope Photography

Happy curls plus a giant tulle bow equals fun AND chic.

Curly Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Piled Curls With a Fresh Flower Crown

wedding hairstyles for long curly hair

photo: Ed & Aileen Photography hair: Tamara Holden model: Lena Jackson mua: Torie Conn florals: Silk Stem Collective dress: Grace and Ivory

Let those lovely locks frame your face and top them with a flower crown.

Curly Hair With a Boho Bridal Hat

photo: Maya Papaya Pictures featured in this post

Give your curls instant boho style with a rad bridal hat.

Curls and a Middle Part

featured in this post

The bigger the curls the better! Wear them au natural with a classic middle part.

Natural Curls Pile High

photography: Hazelwood Photo hair stylist: Kirstie Wight Makeup featured in this post

A curly ponytail will always be a winner!

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Glam With Minimal Curls and a Veil

photo: Rachel Artime featured in this post

Make a statement with glam brushed curls just beneath the veil.

Hair Down + Curled Under With Side Part

photo:  Meg Layman featured in this post

Curl under the ends for a classic and simple straight style.

Go For Loose Waves and a Celestial Crown

photo: Amanda Canton Photography hair stylist: Molly Belvind featured in this post

Add a celestial halo crown to straight hair for an instant show-stopper.

Sleek and Topped with a Tiara

photo: Marrica Evans hair stylist: Rose Style Studio featured in this post

How chic is this look?!

Simple With a Show-Stopping Flower Crown

photo: Mari Sabra Photography hair stylist: Blond Studio featured in this post

Give a simple wave to the ends and add a massive crown made of real flowers for a true boho look.

Subtle and Simple Waves

photo: Heather Waraksa featured in this post

Rocky Barnes rocked straight hair with a beach wave and veil — and later, a hat!

Subtle Waves Twisted and Pinned Back

photo: Alisha Tova hair stylist: Hannah Elisabeth Beauty featured in this post

Add some texture spray to your locks and twist and pin until it’s just right.

Simple Long Locks With a Bridal Hat

photo: Blake Hogge Photography hair stylist: Cara Chatwin featured in this post

How rad is a bridal hat? The perfect accessory for long straight hair!

Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long Winding Fishtail Braid With Barrettes

long black fishtail braid wedding hairstyles

photo: Enje Daniels Photography hair stylist: Cara Chatwin featured in this post

Hello, SO fun! Fishtail braids cascading down the side with rhinestone barrettes — such a cool look.

Big Boho Braids With Babies Breath and Chamomille

photo: Christi Paulson model: Anna Page mua: Bryjean Artistry hair: Tamara Holden

Goodness, how DREAMY is this whole look?! It doesn’t get more whimsical than flowers and braids.

Long Braid With Hair Jewelry

photo: Erica & Manu hair stylist: Cara Chatwin featured in this post

Go for a festival style with braid rings!

Boho Celestial Braid

boho celestial braided wedding hairstyles for long hair

photo: Katie Lively hair stylist: Genica Lee featured in this post

Is it any surprise that this braid was inspired by Princess Jasmine?!

Simple French Braid with Babies Breath

braided wedding hairstyles for long hair simple braid with babies breath

photo: Alicia Sessler Photography styling + accessories: Untamed Petals featured in this post

Keep it simple and stunning with fresh babies breath tucked in a large braid.

Long Hair With Braid Pieces and Dried Flowers

braids and waves wedding hairstyle

photo: Marcella Laine hair stylist: Dang Bang featured in this post

Mix it up with curls, braided pieces, and dried flowers for a true boho look.

Braided Crown With Tiny Trader Joe’s Flowers

long wedding hair braided crown with tiny flowers

photography: Alicia Sessler styling + accessories: Untamed Petals featured in this post

This sweet braided crown is made all the sweeter with delicate chamomile blooms.

Giant Loose Braids With Big Flowers

floral braids wedding hairstyles long hair

photo: Brittany Gilbert Photography hair stylist: Stephanie Goldsmith featured in this post

Don’t be afraid to add some color to your braids! These pretty blooms are just right.

Long Bubble + Fishtail Braid

fishtail braided wedding hairstlyes for long hair

photo: Alyssa McElheny Photography hair stylist: Stephanie Goldsmith featured in this post

What a stunning braid, right?!

Rustic Curly Braid With a Fairy Tale Crown

braided wedding hairstyles for long red hair

photo: Harmony Lynn Photography hair stylist: Moments Metro Salon featured in this post

If you daydream in fairytales and adventure worlds, this is the braid for you!

Boho Braid With Fishtail Braid and Tiny Flower Crown

photo: Kayla Fisher Photography hair stylist: Ash Petty Hair featured in this post

Multiple braids in one? AND a flower crown? Such a good combination.

Vibrant Green Braided Crown

braided wedding hairstyles for long hair

photography: Marcela Pulido Photography hair stylist: Cristy Bonilla featured in this post

When you’ve got long hair, you can pull off a huge braided crown — and why not do it in color?!

Braided Crown Half Updo

braided wedding hairstyles for long hair half updo

photo: Mary Costa Photography featured in this post

Finally, a mix of a half updo and braided crown. Add some flowers and you’re all set to wow.