3 Floral Hair DIYs with Fresh Flowers from Trader Joe’s!

Hair DIY with fresh flowers from Trader's Joes

It’s the “spring of quarantine” so — WE KNOW — you might be more concerned with actually washing your hair than reading up on floral hair DIYs. HOWEVER, we’re here to encourage you that it’s time let down that day(s)-old bun, ladies! Put on a happy dress or your favorite shoes and for the love of all that is spring, let’s put some fresh flowers in our hair!

Team GWS already knows a bit about working from home — we’re long-time pros — and if there’s one thing we can share, it’s that adding a little something happy to your routine can change up you’re whole day. Or perhaps your planning an anniversary from home and you want to do a little something special? Maybe you’re even finding us on a post-quarantine day (hello, future!) and you just need a little floral hair inspiration?

Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. Amanda at Untamed Petals had fun playing with fresh blooms from Trader Joe’s to create three spring hair DIY looks for any occasion! Your next IG live look, perhaps? ;) Let’s see the photos from Alicia Sessler!

Loose Waves + Fresh Daisy Dots

floral hairstylefloral hairstyle

First up, it’s a simple loose wave dotted with some happy daisies. And how do you keep those flowers in place? Eyelash glue!

Boho Floral Pigtails

floral hairstyle

Taking the happy daisies a step further, these boho braids are a LOOK. Part the hair down the center then use pins to wrap a small section around the band. Add flowers throughout!

DIY Boho Braids with Flowers

Braided Floral Crown

floral hairstyle

Such a pretty one! Here’s a great tutorial to give yourself a braided crown. From there, add a few dainty blooms and your fit for a fairy tale.

diy boho haircrown with flowers_01 diy boho haircrown with flowers_01

For more floral hair DIYs and ideas, we’ve got hair tutorials here! Happy spring, love birds!

photography: Alicia Sessler // venue name: Untamed Petals Studio // models: Carli Dugan