Short Hair, Don’t Care! Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

bride with short hair and white headband and dangling earrings
photography: The Bold Americana | planning: Petal and Twine | florals: The Wild Bunch | wedding dress: Alexandra Grecco from The White and Gold Bridal | hair stylist: Noeleen Cunningham | makeup artist: Jennifer Hennessy

It’s a tale as old as time. You get engaged and immediately…you start growing your hair out. It’s this unspoken rule that we are officially here to BREAK, people! Because do you know what we love? We LOVE a bride with short hair. And you might think that wedding hairstyles for short hair would be hard to come by, but we kindly put forth that you would be wrong. And we’ve got the proof.

Short hairstyles tend to signal cute, fun, or sexy. However, they can also be glam, luxurious, and timeless! We’ve never existed to put bridal styles in a box, and we aren’t going to start now. SO! If you’re ready to rock a killer ‘do down the aisle, we’ve got some short wedding hairstyle ideas from bobs to updos that are perfect for brides. Say it with us: short hair, don’t care!

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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

photo: Claire McClean Photography hair stylist: Sarah Lawrence Hairdressing

Starting off with a STUNNER. This swept-back look is sliiiightly goth and 100% cool. Don’t even get us started on that double pearl crown. (Ooo, and runner-up goes to this chunkier pearl headband.)

photo: Judy Nunez Photography featured in this post

A LOT to love here. But with all the totally fun stuff going on, her loose, beachy waves create the perfect hairstyle to balance everything out.

photo: Bruna Kitchen Photography featured in this post

One of our favorite bridal looks and proof that an accessory can elevate an already killer hairstyle. The dried flower crown!! We cannot.

photo: Raquel Benito featured in this post

Chic, defined, sophisticated. This short hairstyle is a great example of how your hair and your dress can work together for a cohesive, utterly stylish moment. Just look at the lines they create!

photo: Nisha Ravi featured in this post

For a dreamy boho vibe, it’s almost always going to be beach waves. Add a floral crown and it’s a formula that ALWAYS works, no matter the length of your hair.

photo: Julie Shuford hair + makeup: Betsy DiFrancesca

Love a pixie cut! Add some cute barrettes and you’ve got a look!

Why stop at short when you can add some color and a crystal crown?

photo: Joey Reger featured in this post

A short wedding hairstyle that goes for glam, and then takes it to a whole other level! It’s in the heavy rolled curls and the halo starburst crown with a veil. In this case, more is more.

photo: Mary Costa Photography featured in this post

SUCH a beautiful look — and the hair comb just elevates it!

photo: Dominika Miechowska Photography

Blunt and oh-SO chic.

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Half Up Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

half up wedding hairstyles for short hair red boho curls
photo: Katie Pritchard Photography

We love a swept-back half-up ‘do for short hair because it’s pretty, yes, but it’s also (dare we say!) practical! Especially if you’re getting married outside on a windy day, this is an excellent style to keep those hairs in line.

half up wedding hairstyles for short hair with veil
photo: Elizabeth Messina featured in this post

Okay, yes. Half up with a headband is definitely where it’s at. Keep it simple and straight then pile on the pretty accessories and you’ve got yourself a look.

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Short Bob Wedding Hair

photo: Amanda Perry hair: Hair by Amanda Blaass

Part it down the middle and add a little curl to frame the face — so good.

bob short wedding hair and lihi hod dress
photo: Carmen Lopez Photography featured in this post

We love this style for a bob! Loose curls with straight ends and pulled back on one side. VERY chic.

bob short wedding hair birdcage veil
photo: Katie Pritchard Photography

The first sighting of a bird-cage veil with short hair! Genuinely, it’s like these two were meant to be together.

bob short wedding hair floral dress
photo: Love to the Core Photo featured in this post

Long hair, what? THIS look is the vibe. And for the curly girls, we have more ideas coming.

bob short wedding hair irish bride
photo: Max Koliberdin featured in this post

What did we say about the birdcage short hair combo? It’s perfection. And the pop of color brings a modern, unexpected twist to a classic piece.

bride with short hair and veil
photo: Anna Delores Photography

Sometimes simple makes the best statement. Short and dreamy with that veil!

bob short wedding hair with bridal cape
photo: Cara Robbins Studio featured in this post

Long, beachy waves could never. Put the curling iron away because a straight-lined bob is the chicest of chic.

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Curly Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

curly wedding hairstyles for short hair bridal jumpsuit
photo: Playful Soul Photography featured in this post

Sometimes the best answer to what to with short curly hair is just to let is speak for itself!

curly wedding hairstyles for short hair bridal crown
photo: Meghan K Sadler featured in this post

With flowers in her hair…if you’re looking for a romantic effect, we love the look of lacing a few fresh blooms in between curls.

curly wedding hairstyles for short hair boho bouquet
photo: The Creative’s Loft featured in this post

If you love a curly look, you can always make it happen! And these white porcelain flowers suit the effect.

curly wedding hairstyles for short hair colorful dress
photo: Jenn Emerling featured in this post

Put a peony on it and call it perfection!

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Natural Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

photo: Claire McClean Photography hair stylist: Hair Life Design

A darlingly gorgeous idea. Take a classic bun and flip it into something exciting and modern with three buns placed just so.

photo: Kayla Fisher Photography featured in this post

Absolutely loving this look.

photo: Enje Daniels Photography featured in this post

This headpiece is FIRE. And her hair with the bangs? Such a great combo.

photo via BHLDN

For a sleek-back look, pull it back into a low bun and add a preserved flower comb.

photo: Simkova Studios featured in this post

Such a beauty!! And with the pop of the flower pins? It’s just perfect. (Also love these pins for a celestial vibe!)

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Easy Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

photo: Lara Onac featured in this post

But truly, let’s hear it for the bridal hat when it comes to making style simple.

photo: Northern Native Photography featured in this post

When you’re wearing an elaborate dress, sometimes simple is best. Do your regular curls and pin it back for a regal look.

photo: Juliann Cheryl featured in this post

An easy wedding hairstyle for short hair often just comes down to the accessories! And if it’s a beach wedding you’re planning, we say lean into those mermaid vibes.

photo: Caitlin Rose Photography featured in this post

Big curls all the way to the ends of your strands — it’s chic, it’s romantic, it’s simple to do with a WOW effect.

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Braided Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

photo: Lillywhite Photography featured in this post

Braids aren’t just for long tresses! Gently pulling on the braid creates a look that’s full and totally boho.

photo: India Earl featured in this post

Add some jewelry to your braids with hair rings!

photo: Ashley Paige Photography featured in this post

You could also pair a braided updo with a classic flower crown. This combination never fails.

photo: Christine Sarah Photography featured in this post

And if flowers aren’t for you, this classic opal crown pairs beautifully with a loose boho braid!

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Indian Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

hair and photo: Polished Style Justine

A wavy bob is always a good idea. Teased in the back with a crown gives the look some elevation!

photo: Mary Costa featured in this post

A low bun with loose curls framing the face is the way to go. So stunning!

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Updo Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

updo wedding hairstyles for short hair rose gold crown
photo: Paula O’Hara Photography featured in this post

This simple style give the dress + details the spotlight. Pulled back, parted down the middle, and topped with a tiara!

updo wedding hairstyles for short hair bride in greenhouse
photo: Jordan Voth Photography featured in this post

This low bun features loose, laid-back whispy pieces pinned for a messy-chic vibe.

updo wedding hairstyles for short hair flower crown
photo: Wisteria Photography featured in this post

Let’s talk more about framing the face! Let a few curls go free and loosely pin the rest before topping it with a flower crown and calling it a LOOK.

updo wedding hairstyles for short hair red bouquet
photo: Levi Tijerina featured in this post

And finally, pin your hair up for a look that’s SO edgy and chic — we’re obsessed.

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