Our Favorite Wedding Nails, Designs, and Ideas You Need to Try

unique glitter wedding nails

Ready to be inspired by the prettiest wedding nails you’ve ever seen?! Your wedding day is ALL about the details — why not find some fun in it? We love the way that a gorgeous wedding nail design can total elevate your look and beautifully accent what you’re wearing.

Below we’ve got a few current favorites (SO hard to decide!) to help get your wedding manicure wheels spinning. Opt for earthy with rich emerald green nails, go on theme with a flower nail design, or grab some nail stickers for a little pattern play. Or get REAL extra with pearls and glitter — it’s your day, after all.

Check out these manicures that totally–wait for it–nailed it.

{photo above: @paintboxnails}

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Flower Nail Designs for Weddings

Who doesn’t love floral wedding nails?! They’re a fun, flirty, and playful look that’s perfect for the big day. Opt for bold florals for a more punchy statement, or choose neutrals for a more minimalist look.

1. Neutral Blush Flower Wedding Nails

blush pink flower wedding nail design with sage green leaf accents

blush pink flower nail design: @joysedition

If you’re aiming for a flower nail design, but don’t want anything too over-the-top, you are going to adore this ultra-neutral design! We love how only two of the fingernails are painted with delicate white flowers, and the other three are left with a nearly nude tone that has an ultra natural feel to it.

2. Glossy Negative Space Flower Nail Designs With Punchy Color

glossy negative space flower wedding nail designs with colorful bold blooms

bold and punchy flower nail designs: Mani Me

We cannot calm down about how perfect this take on flower wedding nails is. We love the way this design incorporates glossy negative space with punchy blooms that are vibrant and colorful in all the best ways. It’s bold without being over-the-top, and we’re here for it.

3. Desert Tone Flower Nail Designs

subtle neutral long flower nail designs

desert tone subtle flower nail designs: Mani Me

We cannot get over the stunning desert hues in this flower nail design set. The dreamy warm tones are perfect for a springtime wedding in the desert when the cacti and other desert plant life are in full bloom.

4. Delicate Red Poppy Flower Nail Designs

delicate red poppy flower wedding nails designs

photo via @betina_goldstein

How beyond cute is the pop of red on these poppy flower nails?! So precious and perfect for a minimalist nail design that feels uniquely different.

5. Sweet Blush Flower Nails with Colorful Bloom Design

colorful flower nail designs for weddings

flower nail designs: @thehangedit

This flower nail design reminds us of the vibrant florals on the negative space nails we shared earlier, but with a blush pink base. If you want bold and pretty flowers, but don’t want your nail bed to be visible, this is an awesome option!

6. Encased Dried Flower Nail Design

encased dried flower nail designs for weddings

flower nail designs: @safinanailstudio

This flower nail design is oh so dreamy! We love the way the dried flowers are encased in a glimmering clear coat of polish for a whimsical, three dimensional style.

Sage Green Wedding Nails

Looking for a fresh and fun look, without being over the top? Sage green wedding nails are the perfect vibe, and are ideal for spring and summer weddings.

Opt for a solid coat for a classic look, or go crazy with a pattern for something unexpected. We’re sharing all the options and ways to rock sage green nails.

7. Mismatched Sage Green Pattern Nails

mismatched sage green pattern nails

mismatched sage green nail set: Target

There’s something so flirtatiously fun about a mismatched wedding nail look. This sage green nail set is too dang cute, and we love how it mixes solid colors with more eclectic patterns and textures. Sage nails that make a statement, right?!

8. Melon Pink Swirl + Bright Sage Green Wedding Nails

melon pink swirl sage green wedding nails

melon-inspired pink + green wedding nails: Target

We love this vibrant and playful take on the sage green wedding nail look. The blush pink swirls on these nails, paired with the vibrant sage green have a melon vibe we’re kind of obsessed with.

9. Subtle Honeydew Sage Green Wedding Nails

honeydew green nails

minty sage green wedding nails: Mani Me

These gorgeous nails have a soft and subtle sage tone to them, with a cool mint color we’re head over heels for. If you want a pop of color without that color being too much, you’ve found your match with these beauties.

Rainbow Nails

Spicing up your wedding nails is the perfect way to incorporate bold accents, and frankly, there’s no better way than with some rainbow wedding nails. They bring all the high energy and good vibes. And they offer both a retro and ultra modern look.

10. Modern Outline Frame Rainbow Nails

frame outline rainbow wedding nails

rainbow outline nails: Olive & June

We love the way this outline design frames the nail bed with rainbow tones in a subtle and modern way. We also love this nail design for an ombre wedding nail look, too! Just grab a rainbow polish set, and you’re off to the races.

11. Retro 1970’s Vibe Rainbow Nails

retro 1970s rainbow wedding nails in sepia tones

retro 70’s rainbow nails: Target

These 1970’s sepia tone rainbow nails are giving us total retro vibes. We’re already picturing how perfect these would be for a Palm Springs wedding.

12. Groovy Wavy Rainbow Nails

groovy wavy rainbow wedding nails

rainbow wave wedding nails: Mani Me

Literally, there could not be anything more adorably fun than these groovy, wavy rainbow nails. The brightest and happiest design, and we’re obsessed.

13. Simple Itty Bitty Rainbow Arch Nails

minimalist arch rainbow nails

tiny rainbow arch nails: Mani Me

For a unique and hand-drawn aesthetic for your wedding nails, you will looooooove these tiny rainbow arches. We can’t get over how sweet the little rainbow nail bed accents are on the smaller nails. And how cute is it that the thumb is a more dramatic and colorful rainbow?!

Classy Wedding Nails

Who doesn’t love an elevated and classy look?! These classy wedding nails are sure to take your wedding day aesthetic to the next level.

14. Gold Lined Wavy French Manicure Inspired Wedding Nails

gold lined French manicure inspired classy wedding nails

gold-lined wavy French Manicure: @thehotblend

Looking for the ultimate classy wedding nails? We’re pretty sure you could never go wrong with a French manicure, especially with a high gloss clear coat. It’s a classic for good reason, after all.

But we especially love the wavy, gold line on this take on the typical design. It gives a sort of dripping dipped look that’s so swoon-worthy!

15. Classy Vertical Stripe Statement Wedding Nails

vertical dark green and pink stripe classy wedding nails

classy vertical stripe wedding nails: @aliciatnails

One of the things we really like about classy wedding nails is that they incorporate simple designs that don’t need a lot of fuss to stand out. Like this stunning vertical stripe design. Simple, but oh so cute!

16. Classy and Curvy French Manicure Wedding Nails

swooped curvy French manicure inspired classy wedding nails

curvy and classy French Manicure: Mani Me

It’s no secret that French Manicures never go out of style. And this classy nail kit puts a twist on the classic wedding look with delicate curves that swoop over the edges of the nail bed. We adore!

17. Ultra Classy + Modern French Manicure Wedding Nails

double white line French manicure classy wedding nails

classy modern French manicure wedding nails: @aliciatnails

Sometimes all you need is an extra little white line on your French manicure to really add a modern and classy flair to your nails. We are seriously here for this simple, understated style.

Emerald Green Wedding Nails

We looooove the rich color of emerald green nails. We love that this color offers both classic and fun looks, for whatever wedding aesthetic you’re going for.

18. Tropical Leaf Emerald Green Wedding Nails

tropical palm leaves emerald green wedding nails

tropical emerald green wedding nails: @thehangedit

There are emerald green wedding nails…and then there are THESE emerald green wedding nails. We love the unexpected look that these tropical leaf nails have. Not the first thing you’d expect on the wedding day, and that’s exactly why we love them.

19. Gold Fleck Long Emerald Green Wedding Nails

gold and emerald green long wedding nails

gold fleck emerald nails: Clairy Nails

Something about a little hint of metallic gold that amps up a wedding nail design. These emerald green nails have theeee most stunning gold flecks in them that pair gorgeously with the deep, rich green.

20. Classic + Simple Solid Emerald Green Wedding Nails

solid emerald green nails

solid emerald green nails: Mani Me

Another classic, but with a woodsy twist! We love the rich shade of emerald green these nails have. They’re so perfect for a wedding in the winter months. We’re getting serious enchanted forest vibes.

Ombre Wedding Nails

Ooooh we love a good ombre wedding nail! For a classic look, opt for a neutral palette, and for something more unique, mix in some fun colors. These are the ombre wedding nails we’re loving.

21. Coffee Hues Ombre Wedding Nails

coffee hues ombre wedding nails

coffee tones ombre nails: Piece Fabric

We love the coffee color ombre effect on these nails. This style is absolute perfection for an autumn wedding and totally matches the seasonal hues we love about the fall months!

22. Glitter Jewels Ombre Wedding Nails

glitter jewel ombre wedding nails

flower nail designs: @thehangedit

A lot of glitz and some extra glam. These glittering ombre wedding nails are giving us serious nail envy! We love the unexpected ombre effect with this glitter and jewel design. STUNNING. We’re already eyeballing this nail bedazzle kit so we can recreate this look for ourselves!

Simple Wedding Nails

Sometimes the best manicures are the simple ones. No need to get crazy, if that’s not your style. Opt for one of these laid-back designs.

23. Solid Retro Rouge Simple Wedding Nails

deep rich retro rouge simple wedding nails

rich rouge simple nails: Mani Me

We’re low key obsessed with a rich, classic red. Especially if you’re going for a simple look with your wedding nails. Red is bold, warm, rich, but also 100% timeless, and this red nail set is one of our faves.

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24. Simple Caramel + Cream Dipped Wedding Nails

shimmering caramel tip simple wedding nails

caramel + cream simple nails: @paintboxnails

We love the simple and elegant look of these caramel and cream dipped nail tips. The way the swoosh of caramel overlaps the off-white layer creates such a lovely pattern and design. And the clear coat on the bottom half of the nails gives the look a super simple and minimalist vibe we totally dig.

25. Simple Pink Glitter Cuticle Wedding Nails

pink simple nail design with glitter cuticles

pink glitter cuticle nails: @betina_goldstein

Who says simple wedding nails have to be boring?! We love the electric neon pink tips on this design, especially when paired with those rose gold glitter cuticles!

Glitter Wedding Nails

For a look that knows how to bring the glam on the big day, look no farther than glitter nails. Whether you want an ultra shiny or more subdued look, there are so many glitter nail options to choose from.

26. Champagne Bubble Glitter Nails

champagne bubble inspired glitter wedding nails

champagne bubble glitter nails: Mani Me

Let’s be honest, you’re bound to be popping plenty of bubbly on the wedding day. So why wouldn’t you want gorgeous glittery nails that match?!

27. Pearly Glitter Wedding Nails

pearl dotted glitter manicure

pearl + glitter wedding manicure: @betina_goldstein

Pearls on the wedding day are a total classic, but we bet you didn’t expect to see them on the nails. This pearl and glitter dotted design could not be more perfect. Fit for a princess!

28. Swarovski Crystal Dotted Manicured Tips

glitter Swarvoski crystal tip manicure

Swarovski crystal nails: @thehangedit

Okay, let’s level up from glitter real quick. Three words: Swarovski crystal nails. We love this simple, minimalist nail design, and how perfectly shimmering it is for the big day.

29. Art Deco Silver + Black Glitter Nails

black and silver Art Deco wedding manicure

Art Deco glitter manicure: @cassmariebeauty

We love the glitz and glam of these Art Deco era inspired glittered nails. The flourishes in the design are seriously to die for, and the black outline really brings it all together.

Black Wedding Nails

Give your wedding look a moody moment with black nails. For extra mood, opt for a solid black nail. For something more upscale, a simple minimalist outline will be stunning.

30. Geometric Vibes Black + White Wedding Nails

Art Deco black and white wedding nails

black and white geo nails: Mani Me

The use of negative space on these black and white nails gives a modern feel to a look that has some Art Deco influences. We love the mismatched look, with two nails being white and the other three being black.

31. Delicately Outlined Black Nails

dainty outlined black wedding nails

photo (and ring!) by Anna Sheffield

If you want a hint of black without going all-in, we love the luxurious and elevated look this outline design offers to your wedding look. It’s beyond dreamy!

32. Black and White Wedding Nails

white and black wedding nails

photo via @sammijefcoate + black and white nails by @bhambnails

Does anyone else look at these nails and immediately think of black and white cookies?! We certainly see the resemblance, in the best way. Who wouldn’t want their nails looking like a treat?

Pink Wedding Nails

A classic blush. Or a punchy peach. Maybe even a bright electric neon. Pink nails can take on so many different personalities on the wedding day. These are the styles we think you should totally rock on the big day.

33. Gold Initialed Pink Wedding Nails

gold initialed pink wedding nails

gold + blush pink initial nails: @drybylondon

We love the sentiment behind this pink nail design. Choose your favorite shade of blush polish for the base, and then delicately apply your and your partner’s initials on the ring finger. So pretty!

34. Jewel Studded Peachy Pink Nails

peachy pink nails with blue and yellow jewel accents

peachy pink jeweled nails: @paintboxnails

We love the pairing of that dreamy peach polish with the bright yellow and blue jewels. It adds a little shimmer to an otherwise simple and modern design. We love this peachy pink polish for recreating this look.

35. Marbled Blush Pink Nails

marble pattern blush pink manicured nails

pink marble nails: @thehangedit

This marble manicure is 1 part elegant and 1 part flirty, and we are big fans. The design is perfect for a springtime wedding if you ask us!

Gold Wedding Nails

Last but certainly not least, gold wedding nails are always a solid choice. They know how to bring the magic and deliver a celebratory vibe.

36. Golden Moon Phase Nails

moon phase black and gold wedding nails

black + gold moon phase nails: Mani Me

Planning a wedding with all the celestial vibes? Then you’ll probably be as obsessed with this moon phase black and gold nail set as we are.

39. Wedding Nails with Gold Dipped Tips

gold tipped manicured nails

gold dipped manicure: @thehotblend

The organic, imperfect dipped appearance of the gold polish on these nails is seriously stunning. We love how it’s kind of a take on the classic French manicure.

40. Metallic Gold Wedding Nails

metallic gold wedding manicure

metallic gold manicure: @safinanailstudio

These metallic gold wedding nails are ultra sleek and ultra simple. The ideal mix of glam and minimalism. And they could not be more perfect for the big day.

Thinking we may have to test drive a few ideas at the salon this weekend…which nails stand out to you?

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