55 Cute Summer Nails Designs and Ideas to Brighten Up Any Look

collage of cute bright colorful and chrome summer nails in variations of pink and rainbow hues

The days are getting longer, our feeds are getting brighter, and we’re itching for a style refresh — starting with our summer nails! If you’re anything like us, then summer is your favorite time to experiment with different styles and try out all the trends. And your mani is the perfect canvas! To give you some inspo for your next salon appointment (or DIY sesh), we’ve rounded up THE best summer nail ideas and designs for 2023.

From vibrant hues that should come with an OOO message, to trendy designs that will brighten up any Monday, these nail ideas are the ultimate addition to your summer wardrobe. Plus, we’re sharing a few of our tips and tricks for ~nailing~ these looks at home. So clear out your camera roll, break out your favorite polish, and let’s get into it!

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pink glazed donut hue shimmery acrylic summer nails
pink glazed donut summer nail inspo: Finger Suit

Want to level-up your go-to mani? Here are the summer nail trends that are dominating our Pinterest boards in 2023!

  • Bright + Bold: After months of muted hues, we’re celebrating the sunshine with bright, dopamine-inducing nail designs. Think: rainbow color palettes, groovy ’70s-inspired swirls, and bold ombre styles.
  • Funky French: French tips are always in style, but this summer they’re leveling up with pastel hues, floral designs, and funky touches. Now’s your chance to experiment with this classic look!
  • Lip Gloss Nails: For the minimalists, prepare to fall in love with the “clean girl” summer nails trend. This style is all about natural, glossy, healthy-looking nails that glow from within — also known as lip gloss nails!

The Best Colors for Summer Nails

bright rainbow french tip press on summer nails
rainbow French tip summer nail ideas: LilyNailsArt on Etsy

In 2023, the best colors for your summer nails are….all of them! Rainbow hues are taking over, and we are here for it. From pastel ombre designs to neon French tips, this trend is perfect for indecisive nail lovers who struggle to choose just one hue (we see you).

A full rainbow feel a little too bright? Barbiecore is also having its moment this summer, and we’re seeing pink nail ideas everywhere right now. With so many different shades to choose from, there’s a perfect pink for every style. Viva magenta? Glossy blush? Rose chrome? The options are truly endless!

And last, but certainly not least, we’re loving the lavender haze that has taken over our summer mood boards. It’s a soft and romantic alternative to pink, and it’s the ultimate color for your Eras Tour summer nail design!

How to Prep and Take Care of Your Nails for the Summer

simple short pink glossy summer nails
pink glossy nail inspo: Amy Burvill

If your summer bucket list looks anything like ours, then your nails are going to need some serious TLC throughout the season. From swimming to traveling, your favorite summer activities can quickly start to wear down your healthy nails.

To prep your mani for all these summer must-dos, we suggest using a strengthening topcoat over your polish. This will protect your nails from the elements and keep your summer design looking fresh for as long as possible.

Cuticle oil is also a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your nails from the summer heat and dry air. Apply a few drops to your nail beds every day along with your favorite sunscreen (which will also keep your bright polishes from fading!) and you’re pretty much golden.

Now that you’re prepped and ready to go, it’s time for some inspo! We’ve rounded up our favorite summer nail design ideas for all styles, from coffin shapes to gel manis to ombre hues.

Bright Summer Nails and Design Ideas

funky hot pink orange and purple bright summer nails with a curvy swirl design
funky + bright nail ideas: Peachi Nails

Clear out your camera roll, because we’ve rounded up the best bright and bold nail ideas for your next summer mani! This year, we’re boosting our summer serotonin with vibrant hues and fun color combos. You won’t find any neutrals here!

As we mentioned above, rainbow nails are all over our summer inspo boards — but we’re not stopping there. Keep scrolling for our favorite bright summer nail ideas for all styles and color palettes, from neon pinks to pastel greens to bold reds!

1. Bright Summer Nails with a Juicy Watermelon Design

cute pink and green summer nails with a watermelon ombre design

photo: Hope Ivekich

Take a bite out of these juicy beauties! If your warm weather aesthetic could be summed up with the song “Watermelon Sugar,” then this is the perfect nail design to give you that sweet summer feeling.

These bright summer nails truly look good enough to eat, especially with the mini green french tip (get the look with this green gel liner set!) combined with the ombre pink hue. Best paired with a watermelon margarita and a beach getaway!

2. Watercolor Rainbow Bright Summer Nail Design

ombre watercolor style bright summer nails in a rainbow of pastel hues

photo: Kim Truong

Like your dream summer sunset in nail form, this bright watercolor design is almost too good to be true. It blends soft pastel shades with vibrant hues to create an ethereal blend of summer-ready colors. Now your only goal for the summer will be getting your Insta feed to match this dreamy color palette!

For the DIY pros, you can try this look at home with the help of this airbrush kit. Hello, new favorite summer hobby!

3. Viva Magenta + Bright Orange Summer Nails

bright summer nails in a trendy hot pink and orange floral heart and checkered pattern

photo: Nails By Kimberlin

Feeling indecisive? Dip your fingers into alllll the summer nail trends with this bright design! With this idea, you can try out a different style on each finger — from a trendy checkerboard to a groovy swirl to a summer-appropriate floral print. Because this summer, the vibe is: more is more!

Just be sure to keep your nails to a single color palette to avoid a busy look. We’re loving this viva magenta and juicy orange combo!

4. Monarch Butterfly Bright Summer Nail Idea

bright summer nails with orange monarch butterfly illustrations above the cuticles

photo: ManiMe

Summer is when butterflies get their MOMENT, and we love how this nail idea pays homage to these fluttery + bright beauties! Whimsical, playful, and super on-trend, this design is perfect for summer festival season — or for adding a pop of color to your day-to-day look.

And the best part? You don’t need to go to a nail salon to get this whimsical summer design! These nails are actually stick-on gels — just peel and stick them to your natural nails for a salon-level look in seconds.

5. Tie Dye Style Bright Summer Nail Inspo

tie dye floral gel bright summer nail designs

photo: Gelcare

If your summer wouldn’t be complete without a DIY tie-dye sesh, then add this bright + bold nail idea to your summer bucket list! It combines neon colors to create a rad tie-dye effect on each nail. The result? A fun retro look that pairs great with your favorite pair of cut-off shorts.

Want to recreate this tie-dye look at home? Swap your rubber bands and fabric dyes for nail painting brushes and rainbow gel polish!

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6. Cute Floral Bright Summer Mani

almond colorful floral bright summer nail ideas

photo: ManiMe

Floral summer nails may not be ~groundbreaking~, but they ARE super cute! Plus, there are so many variations of bright garden-inspired summer nail ideas, from dainty daisies to these colorful wildflowers. Because who doesn’t want a blossoming bouquet that comes with you everywhere you go?!

7. Matcha Green Bright Summer Nails

matcha green press on bright summer nails with a gold swirl accented design

nails: Glamnetic

Is there anything better than sipping on an iced matcha latte as you run your summer errands? We think not — and that’s the inspo behind this bright summer nail design!

With a funky retro swirl and that soft green hue, these nails are the perfect addition to any lazy summer afternoon. And the best part? They’re actually press-ons! No salon appointment or nail design skills necessary.

8. Taylor Swift Inspired Bright Summer Nail Inspo

multi-colored Taylor Swift inspired bright summer nail designs

photo: Valerie

Did you manifest your way to Taylor Swift tickets this summer? Then this Eras-inspired nail idea is a NEED, not a want!

When you can’t choose just one Era to represent, show your love for all of them with this bright multi-colored summer nail design. With 10 fingers, all the albums are covered, from Fearless (glittery gold) to Midnights (twinkling blue) to Red (self-explanatory!).

9. Trendy Pink + Green Bright Summer Nails

trendy pink and green bright summer nails with floral and checkered design patterns

photo: Peachi Nails

And the coolest nail trend of the summer goes to: bright checkerboard designs! Prepare to see this retro style everywhere this year — and in every color combo imaginable.

While checkerboard nails look amazing on their own, we’re digging this mix-and-match inspo for summer. It feels playful and fun, especially with that groovy Y2K flower design. And don’t even get us started on that hot pink + forest green match!

10. Barbiecore Inspired Hot Pink Bright Summer Mani

barbiecore hot pink french tip bright summer nails design with a light pink cotton candy inspired base

photo: Peachi Nails

For summer nails that say “Come on Barbie, let’s go party!” look no further than this bright pink design! It’s the only version of french tips that we plan on rocking this summer — because Barbiecore isn’t just an aesthetic in 2023, it’s a lifestyle.

And yes, we found that pink heart ring to complete the look. Obsessed is an understatement.

11. Lemon-Inspired Bright Summer Nail Design

short yellow lemon inspired summer nails with cute fruit illustrations

photo: Peachi Nails

When life gives you summer, make lemon nails! Nothing screams summer like sunny yellow hues and a cold glass of lemonade. And this summer nail inspo captures those bright citrus vibes perfectly!

Add some juice to your next mani with these cute lemon nail decals and this sunshine yellow nail polish.

12. Bright Cherry Red Summer Nail Inspo

cherry red gel french tip bright summer nails with the ring fingers having a checkered design

photo: Caroline Moyes

One of our favorite trends for summer 2023? Pops of red — whether that’s with your fashion (hello, red bridal gowns), your make-up, or your nails!

This look is timeless, bold, and SO glamorous, and we’re expecting to see it everywhere this year. All you need is the perfect cherry-inspired shade, and the rest is up to you!

Spice it up with french tips, add a trendy checkerboard design, or keep it classic with a solid red style.

13. Funky + Bright Summer Mani

colorful french tip bright summer nails in an almond shape

photo: Aistė Haas

Fun fact: these bright nails were actually inspired by Glossier’s Balm Dotcom (a summer staple!). Each nail features a cute color combo that pays tribute to a different flavor of the cult lip balm. Our go-to? The rose-flavored pink + green tube!

Even if you’re not a Glossier girlie, this nail design will add a bright + funky touch to your look. Plus, it’s super easy to copy — just choose your fave colors to make it your own!

14. Blossoming Bright Chrome Summer Nails

vanilla chrome bright summer nails with a pastel floral accented design

photo: Aistė Haas

Chrome! Pastels! 3D florals! This bright nail inspo is checking off ALL the boxes for a trendy summer look.

We especially love how the pastel flowers appear to be blooming right off the nail. It’s such a whimsical + unique take on a classic floral nail design! Complete with vanilla chrome powder, these nails are about to be your new summer mainstay.

15. Bright Ombre Sparkle Summer Nail Inspo

colorful almond ombre bright summer nail design in rainbow hues

photo: Aistė Haas

Can’t decide on the perfect color for your next statement mani? With this bright nail design, you don’t have to! Featuring a rad ombre effect, these nails ensure that no pastel hue is left behind.

And how rad is that negative sparkle detail? Add that little somethin’ extra to your design by sticking these twinkling stickers to your nails before adding the polish. Remove them once your mani has dried for a unique graphic look!

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Summer Ombre Nails and Design Ideas

woman displaying her simple almond peach pink ombre summer nails
peachy ombre nail ideas: Finger Suit

There’s something about summer ombre nail designs that look both trendy and timeless. They’re bold, but soft. Unique, but super wearable. Plus, they’re currently trending for summer 2023!

To help you get the look, we’ve rounded up the most swoon-worthy ombre summer nail ideas that you’ll want to copy immediately. From monochrome pastels to the entire rainbow, there are so many ways to make this look your own!

16. Pastel Rainbow Inspired Ombre Summer Nails

short bright rainbow summer nails with a pastel ombre design

photo: Peachi Nails

Shake up a cocktail of bright colors for your next mani with this ombre summer nail design. We love how it blends two colors on each finger to create a vibrant gradient across your hand. It’s an instant mood-booster AND outfit-maker!

And for the DIY pros, we found the ultimate pastel rainbow polish set for alll your colorful ombre needs.

17. Blushing Pink Ombre Summer Nail Inspo

simple blushing pink ombre summer nails with a subtle french tip inspired design

photo: Gelcare

“Blushing nails” are a trend that have taken over our summer mood boards, and we couldn’t be more obsessed! They channel a natural look, with just a hint of rosy pink in the middle. Kind of like your nails are blushing — or like they’ve spent all day in the sun. Pretty perfect for summer, if you ask us!

Plus, this ombre design works for any shape or length of nails. All you need is some jelly gel nail polish to give you that buildable blushing look.

18. Lavender Haze Ombre Summer Mani

almond shaped lavender purple ombre summer nails

photo: The Daily Nail

Alexa, play “Lavender Haze” by Taylor Swift! It’s the color (and song) that’s going to rule the summer, and we can’t wait to channel it with our nails, too.

Get that romantic hazy vibe with this ombre lavender nail idea. It’s kind of like a unique + colorful french tip, with the soft purple slowly fading into a natural nail color.

And if you really want to take it to the next level, we found this purple nail polish that’s also scented like lavender!! Obsessed.

19. Rainbow Ombre French Tip Summer Nail Design

bright rainbow french tip ombre summer nails

photo: Peachi Nails

If you loved design #13 but don’t want to commit to a full rainbow set, meet: this ombre french tip summer nail inspo! We love how each tip blends from one bright hue to the next, creating a gorgeous vibrant rainbow across your fingers.

P.S. Still a french tip novice? You can’t go wrong with these half-moon guides! They’ll give you perfect rounded lines every time.

20. Pretty in Pink Ombre Summer Nails

hot pink ombre summer nail designs with rose gold sparkle details above the cuticles

photo: The Daily Nail

Add a little ~sparkle~ to your ombre summer nails! We’re big fans of the reverse french tip look, especially when there’s glitter involved. And this design adds that extra somethin’ somethin’ to the pretty pink summer nail idea!

The nail artist behind this look also shares a few expert tips for nailing the ombre design: use a nail gradient sponge, work with gel polish, and create gradual layers instead of adding all your color at once. Pro status activated!

21. Bright + Sparkly Ombre Summer Mani Idea

almond sparkly rainbow ombre summer nails

photo: @akorn_nails

As you may have noticed by now, we’re all about rainbow nails this summer. And this ombre design has to be one of our faves! We love how each finger channels a different color, so you have a bright ombre rainbow for both of your hands.

And as much as we LOVE the colorful hues, it’s the glittery finish that really stands out. Complete this rainbow nail idea with a layer of sparkly or holographic nail polish to get that jaw-dropping shimmer!

22. Starry Night Ombre Summer Nails

sparkly charcoal grey coffin style ombre summer nail ideas

photo: Finger Suit

If your favorite part of summer is spending unforgettable nights under the stars, then this ombre summer nail inspo is right up your alley. It’s a glamorous alternative to all the bright colors we’re seeing this year, and the velvety finish is super on-trend!

Give yourself a DIY starry night this summer with this twinkling charcoal polish and these coffin-shaped acrylic nails.

23. Vanilla Cream Ombre Summer Nail Design

simple almond pink vanilla cream ombre summer nails

nails: Amazon

Another trend that we’re seeing this summer? Simple and timeless nails. The “clean girl” aesthetic is still going strong, and minimalist “vanilla cream” ombre nail ideas are the perfect style for everyday wear.

And as a bonus, you can buy these exact nails from Amazon! With over 1,000 raving reviews and several different styles to choose from (including these glittery ombre nails for something more bold), you really can’t go wrong.

24. Neon Orange Ombre Summer Mani

long pointed bright orange ombre summer nail ideas

photo: Paintbucket Nails

And on the other end of the spectrum….go bright and bold with this orange ombre summer nail design! From the long pointed shape to the vibrant orange hue, these nails did not come to play. So gorgeous for your European escape, tropical beach getaway, or hot summer staycation!

And if you’re looking for the perfect orange polish to make this look your own, we love this natural, non-toxic gel option.

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25. Pastel Purple and Blue Ombre Summer Nails

bright blue ombre summer nail designs that include hints of purple and pink

photo: Harasztia Viktória

Manifest blue skies all summer long with this bright ombre nail design! With a blend of pastel pink to baby blue, it’s a whimsical style that’s perfect for all those warm evenings spent outside. We also found the ultimate pastel gradient nail polish set to help you get the look!

26. Purple Gradient Ombre Summer Nail Inspo

ombre lavender purple summer nails

photo: Essie

How rad is this unique ombre summer nail inspo?! Instead of the classic ombre look, it creates a gradient of on-trend purples from finger to finger. Mismatched, but cohesive — and SO chic!

And created by Essie (one of our favorite vegan nail polish brands), we know the exact shades that are being used in this design. From pinky finger to thumb, here are the purple polishes you need to recreate this idea at home: go ginza, lilacism, amethyst or that, play date, and set the tiki bar high.

27. Dreamy Watercolor Ombre Summer Mani

almond pastel rainbow ombre summer nails with a watercolor inspired design

photo: Kimberlin

More rainbow-inspired ombre nail ideas? Say less! We’re digging the soft watercolor effect of these dreamy nails, perfect for adding some subtle brightness to your look.

And is it just us, or are you getting major “Lover” vibes from this summer nail design? For the Swifties, add some cute pink glitter details (like a french tip or a mini heart) to make these rainbow nails concert-ready!

28. Iridescent Chrome Ombre Summer Nails

press on shimmery chrome ombre summer nails

photo: Glamnetic

Want to dip your ~fingers~ into the chrome trend? Look no further than iridescent ombre summer nail ideas! These statement nails give you just the right amount of rainbow holographic shimmer, without going overboard.

And as reusable (and affordable!) press-ons, you’re going to want to add these ombre chrome nails to your cart ASAP!

29. Mesmerizing Sparkle Ombre Summer Mani

glazed pink sparkle ombre summer nail ideas with a star design

photo: Zola Ganzorigt

There’s no such thing as too much sparkle, especially when it comes to summer nail ideas. And this gorgeous ombre design is proof! Your nails will look like a magical galaxy with a glittery magenta + shimmery pearl nail polish combo, complete with ethereal stars.

Bonus: this look was designed by the nail artist behind some of Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner’s most iconic manis. Consider us influenced!

Summer Coffin Nails and Design Ideas

sparkly silver glitter coffin summer nails with a subtle ombre design
sparkly coffin summer nail ideas: Finger Suit

Also called the “ballerina” shape, coffin nails feature tapered sides that end with a flat, squared-off tip (kind of like a ballet slipper!). They’re long, feminine, and super on-trend for summer 2023.

Plus, coffin nail designs make more of a statement than short or rounded shapes — perfect if you’re fully embracing your main character energy this summer! Scroll on for our favorite coffin nail ideas and inspo to help you showcase your bold sartorial style and elevate any and every summer ‘fit.

30. Colorful Floral Coffin Summer Nails

bright colorful daisy design floral coffin summer nails

nails: HotpressNailco on Etsy

Summer florals get a Y2K refresh with this colorful coffin nail design. It’s cute, charming, and will brighten up any outfit!

Plus, you can buy these floral beauties as press-ons from Etsy. They even come with nail glue, adhesive tabs, and a mini nail file to make applying them as easy as possible. Feel free to stock up for the season!

31. Pastel Rainbow French Tip Coffin Summer Nail Inspo

bright rainbow tip coffin summer nails in pastel hues

photo: @beautynailsclip

Screenshot! Bookmark! Save for later! These summer nails are so fun and festive, you’re definitely going to want to show your nail tech this design next time you go in. There’s just something about a french tip on a coffin nail that looks SO good — especially when it’s rainbow-hued!

And if you want these summer nails ASAP, we also found these similar coffin press-ons on Etsy!

32. Glazed Shimmer Coffin Summer Mani

pink shimmer glazed coffin summer nails

photo: Finger Suit

By now, you’ve probably heard of, fallen in love with, and even tried Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nail design. And this summer, it’s getting a bright and shimmery upgrade!

These summer nails have the glossy look of glazed donuts, but with a pink, chrome-like finish. They’re slightly more glam, and way more fun. Plus, they’re easier to DIY than you think! Just add some iridescent chrome powder to a pink gel base and you’re pretty much golden.

33. Milky White Coffin Summer Nail Design

simple nude short coffin summer nails

photo: Luxe Nail Co

Simple, but SO effective! These summer nails look effortlessly elegant, with a milky white shade that’s quickly become a celebrity favorite. They’ll instantly elevate any outfit, without looking like they’re trying too hard. What more could you ask for?!

P.S. With such a simple and timeless design, “milk nails” would look gorgeous for all the formal events on your calendar this summer!

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34. Pearlcore Pink Coffin Summer Nails

pearl dotted pink french tip coffin summer nails inspo

photo: Paintbucket Nails

If you love the pearlcore aesthetic as much as we do, we have some good news: it’s not going anywhere for summer 2023! From pearlescent polishes to pearl-adorned designs like this one, the iridescent style is about to take over our manicures, as well as our jewelry boxes.

Add a pearly touch to all of your favorite summer nail ideas with these half-pearl beads. So dreamy for a summer ceremony, an ocean getaway, or any old Monday!

35. Unique French Tip Coffin Summer Nail Inspo

white french tip coffin summer nail designs with a swirl design on the tips of a few fingers

photo: Finger Suit

If a french tip is your go-to, mix it up this summer with this unique coffin nail idea. We love the combo of classic white tips mixed with funky line-drawing designs. It’s subtle, unexpected, and super cool.

Plus, you can easily recreate this summer nail design with this black + white gel liner pen set. Perfect for anyone who loves to doodle and wants to turn their nails into their next canvas!

36. Dainty Green Daisy Coffin Summer Mani

simple green floral coffin summer nails

nails: HotpressNailco on Etsy

Channel secret garden vibes with this floral coffin summer nail idea. We’re totally smitten with the dainty green daisies — they add a romantic touch to the bold nail shape that’s SO sweet for summer.

And while you could totally DIY this design with some nail art tools, these summer nails come as non-toxic + reusable press-ons!

37. Ethereal Pink Coffin Summer Nail Design

bright pink rainbow sparkly coffin summer nail designs with metallic star accents

photo: Hope Ivekich

Can we just take a moment?! For nail ideas that will make you feel extra sparkly this summer, look no further than this ethereal coffin design. We don’t know which part is our favorite — the ombre rainbow hue, the glittery silver stars, or the little sequin confetti!

Because summer is not the time to dim your sparkle, and these beauties are made for standing out.

38. Velvet Chrome Coffin Summer Nails

shimmery velvet chrome coffin summer nails inspo

photo: Finger Suit

We can’t stop, won’t stop talking about chrome summer nail ideas, and now there’s a similar design that’s taking over our mood boards: velvet nails!

This coffin nail design goes beyond the holographic chrome look to give you something closer to shimmery velvet. It’s luxe, enchanting, and totally eye-catching.

Achieve this iridescent look with cat eye gel nail polish, a small magnet, and a TikTok tutorial or two!

39. Double Rainbow Ombre Coffin Summer Mani

press on rainbow ombre coffin summer nails in a matte style

photo: Glamnetic

If you loved the ombre summer nail ideas from earlier in the list but are more of a coffin girlie, then prepare to fall head-over-heels for these rainbow press-ons!

They perfectly capture that bright, post-summer-rainstorm feeling that we all know and love.

Plus, they’re reusable and super easy to apply, so you can rock these dopamine-inducing colors all summer!

Gel Summer Nails and Design Ideas

elegant almond shaped sparkly pearl inspired gel summer nails
pearl-inspired gel nail ideas: Gelcare

As you may have noticed by now, we’re big fans of gel summer nail designs. And for good reason! Gel polish can help your summer nails last wayyy longer than a typical mani — plus, the gel adds a layer of protection that can help your natural nails grow stronger. And unlike acrylics, gel manicures still look super natural!

Plus, if you want to rock one of the ultra glossy, high-shine styles that are trending right now, then gel polish is your new best friend. From lip gloss nails to chrome finishes to the classic glazed look, here are the best gel summer nail ideas to complete your summer style!

40. Mirror Chrome Gel Summer Nails

simple chrome glazed gel summer nails

photo: @karolina.probeauty

This summer, mirror chrome nails are having their MOMENT. Ultra glossy and totally magical, they’re kind of like the perfect mix of Y2K style and the clean girl aesthetic. It’s no wonder we’ve seen them on all our favorite celebs, including Zendaya and Margot Robbie!

If you, like us, can’t wait to rock this chic look all season long, then request a chrome finish to your usual mani or stock up on some dazzling chrome powder. And if you’re not a gel pro, we also found this glazed chrome-inspired polish set for a super easy DIY!

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41. Cute Checkered Gel Summer Nail Inspo

trendy bright checkered gel summer nails in rainbow hues with a smiley face flower design accent

photo: Caroline Moyes

Want to spark some joy this summer? Stop taking your mani so seriously and start having some fun with cute summer nail ideas like these! From the dopamine-inducing colors to the smiley face daisies, it’s impossible NOT to feel happy when you’re rocking this finger candy.

Get artsy with it this summer using this gel design starter kit, complete with all the pastel hues you could ever need for some seratonin-fueled nails!

42. Double Line French Tip Gel Summer Mani

elegant black and white double line french tip gel summer nails

photo: Peachi Nails

If bright colors aren’t your jam, show off your personal style this summer with this rad black + white gel nail design. Your classic French tips get a cool girl makeover with the chic color combo and double line style. It’s edgy and elegant at the same time!

Perfect your design with these nail art liner brushes — but be warned, your entire friend group will be requesting your services once they see your mani skills!

43. Cotton Candy Inspired Gold Foil Gel Summer Nails

unique marble gold foil gel manicure inspired by cotton candy

photo: Studio by Elvira Safina

Cotton candy, clouds, ocean waves…no matter what these gel nails remind you of, there’s no denying that they’re perfect for summer!

While this marble effect can take a little finessing, this blooming gel polish will help you achieve the dreamy look at home. Combine blue and white colors, then complete the enchanting design with a few gold foil flakes for a glamorous touch!

44. Confetti Glitter Gel Summer Nail Design

almond confetti glitter nude gel summer nail designs

photo: @karolina.probeauty

Where these nails go, the party follows! Celebrate the sun finally coming out with this confetti gel summer nail design, complete with an on-trend glazed finish. We love how the sparkly embellishments add a fun and festive touch to the natural nail look. Obsessed!

45. Green Dot Gel Summer Mani Idea

short simple pink gel summer nail ideas with a tiny neon green dot above each cuticle

photo: Amy Burvill

Looking for easy gel summer nail ideas that pack a punch? This design may be simple, but it’ll have everyone complimenting your mani!

Get the look by adding a dainty dot to the bottom of your gel nails. It doesn’t get easier than that! And while we’re suckers for this watermelon-inspired lime green and blush pink combo, you can also recreate this look with any summery shades.

46. Peachy Keen Gel Summer Nails

sparkly almond shaped gel summer nails in a peach hue

photo: Gelcare

And speaking of fruit-inspired summer nail ideas, this inspo embodies our favorite juicy peach emoji — but with a shimmery, pearlescent finish! We love the iridescent sparkle combined with the peachy keen hue. It reminds us of a gorgeous summer sunset!

Short Summer Nails and Design Ideas

wavy retro bright gel short summer nails
retro wave short nail inspo: Peachi Nails

Want to keep it short and sweet this summer? While long nails often take center stage when it comes to summer inspo, we’re seeing more and more people rock a cute mini this year. And it’s easy to see why!

Short nail designs won’t get in the way of all your adventures this summer, from navigating airports to gardening to typing on your computer. They also look and feel more natural, great for rocking day after day. And with all the fun and funky short summer nail ideas we found, you won’t even miss those extra long French tips!

47. Black + White Daisy Short Summer Nails

black and white floral gel short summer nails

photo: Peachi Nails

A black and white floral moment? Yes, please! While this short summer nail inspo features a gel finish, you can also get this look in half the time with (drumroll please)….daisy nail stickers!

When you don’t have the time to perfect every petal, just add some cute decals to your mani and seal them with a clear top coat. Perfect for those lazy days when you’d rather be poolside than at the salon!

48. Painted Floral Short Summer Nail Inspo

painted floral gel short summer nails with a nude base

photo: Studio by Elvira Safina

Calling all artists (aspiring and professional)! Summer is the ultimate time to get creative, and we can’t think of a better way to hone your painting skills than with your nail art.

Instead of gel polish that blends in with the rest of your nail, this look can be recreated by building normal nail polish to get that painterly effect. Best paired with a day trip to the art museum (and an iconic photoshoot, obvi).

49. Rainbow French Tip Short Summer Mani

bright pastel rainbow french tip short summer nails

photo: Nail A La Mode

Because who says you need extra long claws to pull off a chic French tip?! With this short summer nail design, you get that classic, elongated look — without sacrificing your ability to type, text, or do any other daily essentials.

And while the summery rainbow hues aren’t required, they ARE recommended!

50. Colorful Polka Dot Short Summer Mani Design

bright polka dot gel short manicure in rainbow colors

photo: The Daily Nail

For cute short nail ideas that go with EVERY summer ‘fit, look no further than this rainbow polka-dot inspo!

As we’ve mentioned above, a rainbow color palette is a fool-proof choice for your summer of style. But if you really want to take this colorful look to the next level, pick out nail polish colors that match your summer wardrobe essentials. OOTD goals!

51. All Natural Nude Short Summer Mani

simple natural looking gel short summer nail designs with a gloss finish

photo: Julia Diogo

If you’re all about the “no makeup” makeup look, then prepare to fall in love with this “barely there” short summer nail inspo! Simple, clean, and fresh, this nude design looks like your natural nails, but elevated. They’re totally timeless and great for all occasions, workplaces, and styles.

And all you need to get the look is a great nude gel polish that matches your natural nail bed!

52. Hot Girl Summer Nail Inspo

gel short summer nail ideas with red chili pepper design accents on each finger

photo: Peachi Nails

Did someone say hot girl summer?! Bring the heat with this red hot chili pepper nail design. It’s simple, but so fun — plus we found the perfect chili nail stickers for you to recreate this look at home!

If you’re looking to add a little ~spice~ to your summer, it doesn’t get better than this.

53. Blue Micro French Tip Short Summer Nail Design

bright blue micro french tip short summer nails

photo: Faye Louise Dennis

For the short nail babes, let us introduce you to your new favorite nail trend: micro French tips! Kind of like the micro miniskirt of nail ideas, this design is a must-have for a fresh, fashion-forward summer look. We don’t make the rules!

While you can rock any color with this trend, we’re suckers for this sky blue French tip. It’ll add the coolest touch to those hot summer days.

54. Coffee Creamer Short Summer Nail Inspo

simple white ombre short summer nail design

photo: Glamnetic

Pay homage to your favorite summer staple (read: iced coffee) with this short nail inspo. The chic ombre effect is designed to look like creamer being poured into your daily brew, while also giving you a minimalist, clean girl look.

Paired with your favorite Starbucks order, these short press-ons will give you the boost you need to get through the summer workday slump!

55. Glitter Pink Swirl Short Summer Nails

glittery pink swirl gel short manicure

photo: Peachi Nails

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll leave you with these swirly, glittery, pastel pink short nails. If we could describe our ideal summer vibes in one nail design, it would be this one. I mean, how could you possibly have a bad season when you’re rocking sparkly pink nail polish?!

The answer: you can’t.

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