27 Cute Cow Print Nails And Designs For Any Style + Full Tutorial

collage of cute cow print nails including a French tip design with white tips and brown splotch patterns, black splotch nail art accented with gold foil designs, and two looks with skin-hued and pink base coats

Moo-ve over minimalist nail ideas, because today we’re talking about our favorite maximalist nail trend for 2024: cute cow print nails! With a western aesthetic taking over our fashion and beauty mood boards, there’s never been a better time to try out this country-inspired look. That’s why we’re rounding up all our favorite cow print nail ideas, from cute pink designs to classic western nail art. And yes, they’re all udderly adorable.

Read on for the best nail art for your cowgirl era, plus our step-by-step tutorial to help you recreate this country western look at home. Let’s get into it!

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Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Cow Print Nail Art Trend

cute short french tip brown and white cow print nail designs in an almond shape with a glossy top coat
photo: @amyburvillnails

The western aesthetic is having a serious moment right now, and our nail designs are following suit! With the release of Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter album and the uptick in western fashion (Bella Hadid, we’re looking at you), now’s the time to embrace your inner cowgirl. Enter: cow print nail ideas!

These cute and classic nail designs are the perfect way to incorporate the western inspo trend into your everyday look. They’re fun, they’re trendy, and they go great with a pair of western boots. It’s no wonder so many people are rocking this country-inspired look in 2024!

Is this something you can easily create at home? Or should you go to a salon?

cute coffin shaped black cow print nail ideas with a clear base coat
photo: @nailsbycaroline_

Here’s the good news: most cow print nail ideas are surprisingly easy to DIY at home, even if you’re not a nail art pro! Unlike many other intricate nail designs, cow print nails don’t have to be perfectly cohesive nail by nail. After all, no two cows are exactly the same, so why should your manicure be any different?

So if you’re ready to embrace your inner cowgirl this year, feel free to skip the salon appointment and create a cow print manicure at home instead. All you really need to DIY the look is black nail polish, a nail art dotting tool, and some good old western vibes. Which brings us to our next FAQ….

Tools You’ll Need to DIY Your Cow Print Nail Designs

cute cow print nails with gradient orange french tip designs and black cow spot splotches on the top half
photo: @diamondstudionails

If you want to DIY your cow print nails at home, here are the essential tools you need to create a cute and country-fied design!

  • Nail art brushes and dotting tools: These are a must-have for creating those cute unique spots that cow print is known for. With a small nail art brush or dotting tool, you can easily add an intricate cow spot pattern to any nail design.
  • Nail stickers and decals: Still a nail art beginner? No worries — nail art stickers and decals are a super easy way to achieve a professional cow print manicure at home without any nail art skills.
  • A clear top coat: A strong top coat is a must for protecting your nail art and giving your manicure a cute and glossy finish. Keep it classic with a clear top coat, or add a unique touch with a matte finish or an iridescent shimmer.

How To Do Cow Print Nails At Home – Step By Step Guide

cute cow print nails with mismatched neon pink, green, yellow, blue, purple and brown designs
photo: @nailsbyrian_

Grab your nail tools and your lasso, because we’ve created a step-by-step design guide for how to create cute cow print nails at home. Hint: it’s way easier than it looks!

  1. Apply your base coat: For a classic cow print design, apply a white base coat to help the black spots stand out. Want to mix things up instead? You can use any color for your base coat, or even leave it clear for a unique and minimalist design. There are no wrong answers here!
  2. Add your spots: Once your base coat is dry, use a small nail art brush or dotting tool to paint your cow print spots in a random pattern across your nails. Remember: no two spots on a cow are ever the same, so don’t worry about making your design perfect, either. It’s all about achieving that organic cowhide look!
  3. Finish with a top coat: After you’ve finished adding your cow print, seal the deal with a clear top coat. This will protect your design and add a professional shine to your look. And voilà — you have a cute cow print manicure!

Think of this tutorial as the jumping-off point for your cow print nail ideas. From here, you can experiment with different colors, designs, and nail art combos — and we’ve rounded up the best inspo to get you started! Keep scrolling for the best cow print nail ideas and cute western-inspired designs to try in 2024.

Our Favorite Cow Print Nails and Design Ideas

cute pink square shaped nails with wavy cow print designs
photo: @orlataylor_nails

Get ready to embrace your wild side with these cute cow print nail ideas! We’ve found rad designs for every style, from hot pink nail art (perfect for a western themed bachelorette party) to cute french tip designs (perfect for your everyday cowgirl look). We’ve also linked a few must-have tools and nail polish to help you DIY these western nails at home.

Scroll on for our faves, and prepare to fall in love with these cow print moo-nicures! (Sorry, we had to.)

1. Squared Off Cow Print French Manicure

cute short square shaped French tip cow print nails designs

photo: @thevampcollective_

Give your favorite French manicure a yee-haw touch with this cute cow print nail design idea. It’s timeless and trendy at the same time, perfect if you want to dip your toes (or should we say your fingers?) in the country western trend.

To get the look, use a dotting tool to add black spots on top of your white French tips. Finish with a clear top coat, and you’re pretty much golden!

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2. Cute Ultra-Long Coffin Shaped Cow Print Nails

cute extra long coffin shaped cow print nail designs

photo: @jordanaticiacosmetics

For a classic cowhide look, you can’t go wrong with this black and white design. With such a minimalist color palette, it’s the perfect manicure to rock with ALL your cowgirl inspired ‘fits. Bring on the western boots!

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a woman leaning against a wall wearing a cute western hat styled with a white lacy ruffle strap top

Ready to enter your cowgirl era? We’ve rounded up the cutest western inspired outfit ideas to achieve the look!

3. Chic Brown Cow Print Nail Designs

cute brown spot cow print nail art with wavy white designs

photo: @primenailsph

You’ll be looking rodeo-ready with this cute cow print nail art! If black spots aren’t your jam, we love the look of this caramel brown design. It oozes country-western vibes, but in a more soft and subtle way. For a western-inspired manicure that’s classy versus tacky, it doesn’t get better than this!

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4. Colorful Pastel Cow Print Nails

cute mismatched green, blue, yellow, pink and purple cow print nails in an almond shape design

photo: @nailsbyharriet_

The skittle nail trend just got a whole lot cuter! To make your cow print nails pop, use a different pastel color for each nail. The result? A colorful and country-inspired manicure that’s guaranteed to spark joy.

P.S. We found the perfect pastel nail polish set to help you DIY this mood-boosting look at home. Just add your bright designs on top of a clear base coat, and you’re ready to go.

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5. Trendy Brown Mismatched Manicure

cute brown cow print nail ideas with trendy mismatched nail art including wavy lines and checkerboard patterns

photo: @overglowedit

Not ready to commit to a full cow print look? No prob! A mismatched manicure is the perfect way to try out multiple nail ideas at once, and cow print nails are no exception. To test-drive the western look, combine a cow print design with other trendy nail ideas, like a checkerboard pattern or a wavy design.

Just be sure to stick to one color palette to keep the look cohesive — this western brown + creamy white combo is definitely on theme!

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6. Short Neon Cow Print Nail Art

cute short cow print nails with mismatched neon pink, blue, purple, and brown designs in bold and bright colors

photo: @peachinails

If you’ve never met a color that you didn’t like, then prepare to fall in love with these neon cow print nail ideas! We love how each nail features a different color combination, from classic black + white to funky pink + green. The options are truly endless!

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7. Cute Barbiecore Pink Cow Print Nails

cute mismatched pink and black and white cow print nails designs with a french tip on the ring finger

photo: @charsgelnails_

Hi, Cowgirl Barbie! Pay homage to the “Barbie” movie with these hot pink nails. Because everything is better with a little pink, amiright?!

To recreate this look in The Real World, alternate between solid pink nail polish and cute cow print designs. We also love the look of the pink French tip accent nail — definitely Barbie-approved!

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8. Pretty in Pink Cow Print Nail Ideas

cute coffin shaped pink cow print spot nail designs with a white base coat

photo: @withlove.liberty

Another pretty-in-pink design, this cow print manicure is EVERYTHING. It trades classic black spots for gorgeous pastel pink ones, and we couldn’t be more obsessed. If you’re looking for a cute design for a Nashville bach party (or any western-themed event), these cow print beauties are IT.

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9. Western Brown French Manicure

cute brown and white western inspired almond French manicure

photo: @hairbykatelynd

This one’s for the French manicure loyalists! Countrify your go-to manicure with this cute cow print design. With chic brown spots, it channels the western trend while still being versatile enough to wear every day. Whether you’re headed to the office or the honky tonk, this is the perfect manicure for the job!

Pro tip: Want to DIY these western nails at home? These nail sticker guides will help you create the perfect French tips every time. You can thank us later!

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10. Purple French Tips + Cute Cow Print Nail Art

cute lavender purple French manicure with western inspired black splotch pattern accent nail designs

photo: @amberjhnails

We don’t know what we love most about these western aesthetic nails. The cute cow print nail art? The classic French tip designs? The lavender purple nail polish? All of the above?! For cow print nail ideas that feel modern and on-trend, look no further.

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11. Short Black and Pink Manicure

cute short cow print nail designs with white and black splotch pattern nail art on one hand and pink on the other

photo: @nailsby_katy_

Can’t choose between a classic cow print design or a bright funky color? Why not do both?! This manicure gives you the best of both worlds with a black and white design on one hand and cute pink nail art on the other.

We’re especially digging this look for short nails — bright and bold, it makes the most out of every centimeter!

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12. Star-Studded Cow Print Nail Designs

short western aesthetic nails with cute brown and black splotch accented star shaped cow print designs

photo: @kuredstudio

We have major starry eyes for these cute western nails! Embrace your inner country star with these shimmery designs, which feature star-studded cow print nail art and glittery gold outlines. SO perfect for your next country concert or outdoor music festival.

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group of women wearing western boots and trendy skirts to an outdoor music festival

Headed to a concert this year? Dress the part with these cute outfit ideas — including western inspired ‘fits for your next country concert!

13. Pink Western Aesthetic Manicure

cute pink nails with mismatched western aesthetic nail art including cowboy hats, boots, and stars

photo: @stylebycambria

Speaking of country music stars, we’re getting major Dolly Parton vibes from these cute western aesthetic nails! From the cow print designs to the shimmery star details to the bright pink color palette, they’re a Dolly dream come true.

And those western-inspired nail decals? TOO GOOD.

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14. Glittery Gold Foil Cow Print Nail Art

cute short black and white cow print nails with gold flake art accent designs

photo: @illustrated_Nails

Cow print nails, but make them sparkly! If you want to add a dose of glamour to your western manicure, you can’t go wrong with this gold foil + cow print design. We love how the gold flakes look like shimmery spots, especially combined with the classic black and white nail art. OBSESSED.

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15. Pastel Pink Cow Print Nails

cute pink almond shaped nails with wavy asymmetrical French tip cow print nail designs

photo: @popmynails

Pastel pink nail polish and cow print nail art — just try to name a more iconic duo! (We’ll wait.)

For another cute take on this classic combo, we love this asymmetrical nail design. The black and white nail art pops against the pink base color, and the matte top coat adds a modern touch to the look. It’s the epitome of cowgirl chic!

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16. Cute Neon Green Accented Cow Print Nail Designs

cute black and white cow print nails with neon green accent designs on the pinky, index, and thumb fingers

photo: @scratchmagazine

Get a little ~wild~ with these cute neon green accented cow print nails! While green nail polish may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of western nail ideas, it looks seriously cool paired with the spotted cow print designs. We plan on rocking this maximalist manicure alllllll summer long.

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17. Minimalist Nude Western Manicure

cute brown nails with simple black cow print designs on the index and pinky fingers

photo: @memoria.nail

More of a minimalist than a maximalist? Then look no further than these cute western nails! The soft nude hue gives the design an understated look that’s perfect for any season, style, or occasion. It’s the clean girl version of cow print nail ideas, and we are HERE for it.

Pro tip: If you want to kick these minimalist nails up a notch, add a little bling with a simple gold chain. It’s like jewelry for your nails!

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18. Whimsical Brown Cow Print Nails

cute short brown, black, and white cow print nail designs

photo: @desertdollnails

These western nails feature another one of our favorite nail trends for 2024: butterflies! Rock both nail ideas at once by adding a cow print design to your butterfly wing nail art. It’s giving us major “Debut” era vibes — perfect for your Eras Tour manicure!

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19. Cute Teal Blue Cow Print Nail Ideas

cute short teal blue and gold nails with wavy cow print designs

photo: @nailsbycharlx

There’s something about the color blue that oozes country-western vibes. Blue jeans, turquoise jewelry, wide open skies…no wonder it looks so good with this cow print nail art!

If you’re looking for a cute color to combine with your cow print nail ideas, this teal blue hue is a fool-proof choice. Best paired with your favorite blue jeans!

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20. Classic Western French Manicure

cute short black and white western inspired French manicure

photo: @nailsbydannimoore

How rad are these cow print frenchies?! They combine classic French tips with a cute cow print design to give you a trendy manicure you can wear anytime, anywhere.

Plus, these nails are super easy to DIY, even for nail novices! Since every spot is different, you don’t have to worry about creating a cohesive design on each nail. Just paint your white tips on a nude base, then use a small brush to dab on your black nail polish. It’s as easy as that!

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21. Cute Pastel Pink Accented Cow Print Nail Ideas

western inspired French manicure with cute pink accent designs

photo: @naileditbeauty

These cute cow print nails have stolen our hearts!

If you loved the previous nail art but want a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to make it stand out, look no further than this pink-tinted design. The pastel pink accents add just the right amount of sweetness to the trendy look — especially combined with that cow print heart. SO CUTE!

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22. Short Half-and-Half Cow Print Nails

cute short pastel pink nails with black and white cow print designs overlaid on a white asymmetrical section on each nail

photo: @stephie_nails

Where are our short nail girlies at?! If you’re worried that you can’t rock a cute cow print design with short nails, these beauties are here to prove you wrong. With a half-and-half design, they’ll give you the wow factor of cow print, without overpowering your shorter manicure.

To get the look, balance your nail art with a subtle nude nail polish. It’s simple, but SO effective!

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23. Neon Accented French Manicure

cute coffin shaped French tip cow print nails with neon accent designs at the base of each tip

photo: @livnailsx

We can’t stop, won’t stop obsessing over cow print French manicures, and this is another one of our favorite designs!

Take your western mani to the next level with bright neon accents under each tip. It’s the cutest pop of color for the look — plus, we found the perfect neon nail polish set to help you DIY this design at home!

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24. Funky Mismatched Western Manicure

cute acrylic cow print nail ideas with mismatched abstract eyelash nail art

photo: @no_nakednails

When you can’t decide on just one design for your nails, why not rock them all?! For the indecisive nail lovers out there, this mismatched nail art is a no-brainer. We love the mix of the cow print pattern with the other abstract nail art, which you can customize with any design ideas of your choice.

And those winking eyelashes? Adorable!

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25. Glamorous Gold Flake Manicure

cute pastel pink acrylic cow nails with gold foil art designs

photo: @feliciadeebeauty

This nail design is proof that all that glitters is gold! Make your cow print nail ideas extra eye-catching by adding some cute gold flakes to the design. It’s like the gold foil manicure from #14, but with even more shimmer. Because there’s no such thing as too much sparkle, amiright?!

P.S. We found glue-on nails with the same cow print and gold foil design, so you can easily recreate this look at home — no nail art skills necessary.

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26. Teal Blue Cow Print Nail Art

mismatched teal cow print nails with cute black and white western aesthetic cacti designs on the index finger

photo: @thatnailtechnikki

These nails check off ALL the boxes for a rad western aesthetic manicure. Cute cow print designs? Check. Teal blue nail polish? Check. Trendy western details? Check. When a classic cow print mani just isn’t enough, these cactus designs and cute color palette are here to make your western nails pop.

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27. Cute Neon Cow Print Nail Ideas

cute coffin shaped nails with neon teal green and purple cow print designs

photo: @nailsby._kass

Cow print nail ideas are all about making a bold statement, and this cute design definitely understood the assignment! With neon colors and long coffin-shaped nails, this manicure will have all eyes on you.

Embrace your main character moment by creating your design on top of these coffin-shaped acrylic nails. They’ll give you all the space you need to DIY your most iconic western nail designs in 2024!

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Manicure Inspo For Every Occasion and Vibe? We’ve Got You Covered.

short pink French tip nails with cute cow print designs on the left half of the ring and middle fingers
photo: @nailsbycharlx

If you’re anything like us, then you LOVE trying out new nail trends. And that’s why we’ve created an entire nail hub filled with all of our favorite design ideas, from cute cow print nail art to minimalist milky manicures. We’ve got all the inspo you need for your next salon appointment!

What’s your favorite nail trend for 2024? Let us know in the comments below!