Garden Party Attire Dress Code: What It Is + 10 Chic Outfit Ideas

group of women in chic wedding garden party attire including an assortment of colorful pastel evening gowns and floral details
photo: Claire Hiller

So you’re attending a dreamy garden wedding or outdoor event, and you’re looking for some blossoming garden party attire to match the vibes. We’ve got you covered! From flower-infused outfit ideas to our tips for nailing this outdoor dress code (without breaking a sweat), we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about garden party wedding attire for both men and women. Bring on the blooms!

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The Complete Guide to Garden Party Attire – Dress Code FAQs

women wearing chic light pink floral gowns and men wearing upscale green-blue suit outfits in a garden party attire dress code for a wedding
photo: Pat Furey | floral gowns: Revelry

Garden party attire is a newer dress code that we’ve seen everywhere lately, and we couldn’t be more obsessed with the outfit options. But unlike a classic dress code (like black tie optional or semi-formal), it can be tricky to decode exactly what garden party attire means. How formal should it be? Are certain colors or silhouettes off-limits? What does garden party attire look like for a wedding?

So to help you achieve the perfect botanical look for your next event, we’re answering all the top FAQs about the garden party attire dress code. Read on for our complete guide — plus some garden party outfit ideas for both men and women!

What is garden party attire?

women wearing chic pastel blue, pink, and green tulle outfits showing how to match the garden party wedding attire dress code
photo: Tara Sproc, as seen in this garden party destination wedding | attire (from left to right) — blue polka dot gown: JessaKae | pink tulle gown: ASOS | sage green gown: ASOS | embroidered tulle gown: JessaKae | floral gown: ASTR The Label | green tiered gown: Nasty Gal

Garden party attire is whimsical, dressy, and designed to be worn outdoors. It typically falls somewhere between a semi-formal dress code and cocktail attire, with breezy silhouettes and pastel colors that take inspiration from the surrounding blooms. This isn’t the time for dark hues or heavy fabrics!

And since you’re dressing for an outdoor event, a garden party outfit should be just as comfortable as it is cute. For women, this means flowy dresses, breathable fabrics (such as chiffon or cotton), and shoes that are made for navigating uneven terrains. For men, you can’t go wrong with a lightweight suit in soft colors (like tan or light blue) paired with a crisp white button-down.

GWS Pro Tip: While this isn’t mandatory, the garden party attire dress code often takes inspo from whimsical and vintage-inspired aesthetics, such as regencycore and cottagecore. If your outfit would look at home in an episode of Bridgerton, then its perfect for a garden party dress code!

What is the difference between garden party wedding attire and that for non-wedding events?

women wearing colorful upscale floor length wedding garden party attire outfits with flower patterns and bright colors and holding French themed parasols
photo: Raegan Buckley, as seen in this California garden party wedding | attire (from left to right) — green cowl neck gown: Lulus | mustard yellow gown: Revolve | pink floral gown: Revolve | strapless floral gown: Anthropologie

The main difference between garden party attire for a wedding vs a non-wedding event is the formality of your outfit. For a garden party wedding, your attire should be slightly dressier to reflect the special occasion. For women, elevate your look with longer hemlines, elegant fabrics, and a bit more sparkle. For the guys, you can add a colorful tie or a dressier pair of shoes to take your ensemble to the next level.

On the other hand, a garden party outfit for a non-wedding event is more easygoing and relaxed. You have a bit more flexibility to play around with silhouettes and fabrics — aka, cotton sundresses or mini skirts, and linen shirts paired with chinos. Either way, you want your garden party attire to be classy, comfy, and, most importantly, cute.

Are certain colors or materials better than others when choosing your garden party attire?

women wearing chic pastel wedding garden party attire outfits in green, pink, purple, and yellow with ruffled layers and pleated dress designs
photo: Katherine Larson Photography, as seen in this vibrant Texas wedding | tiered floral gown: ASTR The Label

When it comes to the best colors and fabrics for garden party attire, we suggest using the natural surroundings as your inspiration for this dress code. For colors, channel a blossoming garden with pastel shades and bright hues — perennial favorites like lilac purple, rosy pink, and mint green will always be in style.

Can’t choose just one color? Embrace the garden theme with a delicate floral print or a whimsical botanical pattern. It may not be ~groundbreaking~, but it’s definitely on theme!

As for materials, breathable fabrics are a must-have for garden party attire. Lightweight materials like cotton, linen, chiffon, and silk will keep you cool and comfortable under the sun, while also complementing the easy breezy vibe of a garden theme.

GWS Pro Tip: The colors of your garden party attire will typically be the same for wedding and non-wedding events, except for one: white. While you can wear a white outfit for a non-wedding garden party, it’s a no-go for any “I do’s” or bridal events (unless you’re the bride!).

How to Put Together a Garden Party Attire Outfit (For Both Men + Women)

group of men and women in elegant and colorful wedding garden party attire outfits in blue and yellow colors with floral embroidered details
photo: Heather Jackson Photography, as seen in this stylish state fair-themed wedding | garden party attire — floral embroidered outfit: Addicted Bespoke | dusty blue jumpsuit: Lulus

While there’s no one-size-fits-all outfit for a garden party wedding or event, there are a few pieces that will help you nail the dress code. Below, we’re sharing our tips for building a garden party outfit for both men and women — including the attire essentials that ooze elegant garden vibes (as well as the no-go items you should avoid).

Keep scrolling for the best flower-infused outfit ideas for your next event!

Garden Party Attire Essentials For Women

a group of friends wearing chic green floral outfits to a wedding showing what garden party attire is for women
photo: Abby Jiu, as seen in this chic wine country wedding | floral garden party attire for women: Reformation

For women, garden party attire is all about flowy dresses, whimsical details, and comfortable footwear. It’s your chance to embrace your feminine side and rock a truly romantic look — and here are the must-have dress code essentials to bring your garden party outfit to life!

  • A breezy sundress: This is the main character of your garden party attire! For a dress that captures the whimsy of a garden, opt for a pretty pastel color, a floral print, or a whimsical silhouette (or all of the above!). We also suggest choosing lightweight fabrics like cotton or chiffon for a dress that will keep you cute and comfy all day.
  • Comfortable shoes: Since garden parties typically involve strolling along grass or gravel pathways, you’ll need comfortable footwear that won’t sink into the ground. Wedges, block heels, or stylish flats are perfect for navigating the garden terrain — bonus points if they feature pastel colors or floral details!
  • Light layers: Depending on the weather, it’s also a good idea to layer a lightweight shawl or cardigan over your garden party attire. Choose something with a breezy fabric or pastel color to match your garden-inspired outfit.
woman putting on a pair of pink satin chunky platform heels

Comfy heels are a must-have for the garden party dress code — check out more of our favorite pairs here!

Garden Party Attire Essentials For Men

two people wearing casual two-piece patterned sets in burnt orange and brown colors showing what garden party attire is for men
photo: Ali Beck, as seen in this greenhouse garden party wedding | similar plaid attire for men: Banana Republic

Mens garden party attire is a relaxed take on a semi-formal dress code — think lightweight suits, comfortable shoes, and a sleek button-down. You want to embrace your dapper side, while also wearing something that will keep you cool and comfortable outdoors. These are all the must-haves for your garden party outfit:

  • A lightweight suit or blazer: For a relaxed look that can withstand a day in the sun, opt for suits in breathable fabrics like linen or cotton, as well as soft colors such as beige, light gray, or pale blue. If you’re attending a more casual wedding or event, you can also opt for a simple blazer paired with lightweight trousers to complete your garden party attire.
  • A button-down shirt: A well-fitted button-down shirt is a dress code must-have when it comes to mens garden party attire. Stick to lightweight fabrics and don’t be afraid to rock a fun color or a garden-inspired pattern!
  • Stylish loafers or dress shoes: No garden party outfit is complete without a sleek and comfortable pair of shoes. For a pair that allows you to easily navigate garden terrain (without sacrificing style), we suggest stylish loafers or comfortable dress shoes, like leather oxfords or suede derbies. They’re equal parts practical and dapper!

What items and styles are off-limits when choosing garden party attire for a wedding or other event?

upscale pink feather trimmed one shoulder gown wedding garden party attire outfit ideas for women
photo: Zonzo, as seen in this modern Tuscany villa wedding | feather-trimmed gown (in navy): NET-A-PORTER

While garden party attire is typically more relaxed than other dress codes, there are still a few items and outfit styles that are off-limits — especially for a wedding or more formal event. Here’s a quick breakdown of what not to wear to your next garden soirée.

  • White attire: If you’re attending a garden party wedding, it’s best to steer clear of white or ivory attire to avoid overshadowing the bride. Opt for soft pastels, florals, or other light colors instead.
  • Casual outfits: Garden parties may have a relaxed atmosphere, but they’re still special occasions — especially if it’s a garden party wedding — so you should avoid overly casual attire such as denim, t-shirts, or sneakers. Consider this your chance to dress up and have a little fun with your ‘fit!
  • Formal outfits: On the other end of the spectrum, you also don’t want to wear attire that’s too formal for a garden party wedding, or event. Since it will typically be a daytime event, you can leave the black tie attire (ie: tuxedos and ball gowns) at home.
  • Anything that doesn’t fit the theme: This one may be up for interpretation, but your garden party attire should reflect a certain vibe — so avoid anything that would look out of place in a whimsical garden setting. This could be anything from dark colors (like black or navy) to heavy fabrics (like velvet or wool) to overly flashy jewelry.

Our Favorite Garden Party Outfit Ideas For Women and Men

wedding guests in chic and colorful garden party attire outfit ideas in an outdoors setting
photo: Jenn Emerling, as seen in this vibrant garden party wedding | attire — pink midi gown: Forever New | yellow floral gown: Farm Rio | similar green one-shoulder gown: Revolve

Now that you know all the ins and outs of garden party attire, let’s get into some specific outfits that will have you dressing to impress! Below, we’ve rounded up 10 stunning garden party outfit ideas (five for women and five for men) that are blossoming with style and perfectly match the dress code. Plus, we also included a few on-theme accessories to help you complete your garden-inspired look.

Ready to earn the Best Dressed Guest award?! Let’s get into it!

Garden Party Outfit Ideas for Women

casual bright maxi gown wedding garden party attire outfit ideas for women in blue, yellow, red, pink, and orange colors
photo: Bold As Love Studios | similar garden party attire — blue gown: Lulus | yellow gown: Free People | orange gown: Revolve | watermelon purse: Amazon | round rattan purse: Amazon

Ladies first! If you’ve been looking for an excuse to add a new floral dress to your collection, consider this the perfect opportunity. In addition to botanical prints, our favorite garden party outfit ideas for women embrace all things flirty, feminine, and fresh — from garden-inspired patterns to ruffles galore. Plus, they’re also super breathable and lightweight, so you can look and feel good, even after hours of sipping cocktails under the sun.

1: Romantic Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress

woman in a chic pink ruffle floral maxi gown wedding garden party attire outfit

It wouldn’t be a garden party without at least one floral outfit, and this maxi dress is the best of the best! It checks off all the dress code boxes for garden party wedding attire: a flower-inspired print, breathable chiffon fabric, and whimsical details (those flirty ruffles? TO DIE FOR).

Style it with whimsical flower earrings or a cute floral nail design to complete the dreamy look. But be careful — you may just give the flowers some competition!

Shop This Floral Ruffle Garden Party Outfit

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pastel pink floral manicure with white daisies

Complete your garden party outfit with these dress code approved cute summer nail ideas — including plenty of garden-inspired designs!

2: Regencycore Satin Corset Gown

upscale corset bodice lilac color gown style wedding garden party attire outfit for women with a lace-up back

Nothing screams “garden party” like the regencycore aesthetic. Romantic, dreamy, and blossoming with intricate details, this attire was practically MADE for a garden party wedding or event. Case in point: this vintage-inspired corset dress!

Perfect for channeling your inner Bridgerton character, this maxi dress features a lace-up detail in the back and comes in multiple whimsical hues. Now all that’s missing are some regal pearl accessories!

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3: Bright Blossoming Two-Piece Outfit

chic colorful green two-piece set garden party attire outfit for women with pink and yellow florals

When it comes to garden party attire for women, there’s no such thing as TOO much color. Use the garden as your inspo with this bright and blossoming two-piece outfit — it’s guaranteed to spark joy for a summertime wedding or garden party event!

Want to take your garden party attire to the next level? Lean into the whimsy of it all with these pink rosette heels or this cute beaded bag.

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4: Sunny Yellow Linen Midi Dress

flowy casual linen maxi gown garden party attire outfit for women

The goal of garden party attire is to look easy, breezy, and beautiful — and this outfit definitely understood the assignment. It’s made with 100% linen for extra breathability and features a chic open back for extra fashion points.

And with such a cute and versatile design, this dress will earn a permanent place in your wardrobe. Dress it up with floral kitten heels for your garden party attire, then tone it down with strappy sandals for your weekend errands. The options are endless!

P.S. This outfit also comes in a cute floral print for extra garden party vibes!

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5: Whimsical Blue Gingham Jumpsuit

casual blue and white gingham jumpsuit garden party attire outfit for women with a big bow on the bodice

Want to rock an on-theme garden party outfit, but aren’t a fan of florals? Ditch the perennials and opt for this cute gingham print instead! Gingham instantly makes us think of springtime picnics and al fresco dining — pretty perfect for a garden theme if you ask us.

Complete with a whimsical oversized bow and breezy linen fabric, this outfit is a fun and unexpected twist on classic garden party attire. And the best part? It’s actually a jumpsuit! Bonus points for style AND comfort.

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Garden Party Outfit Ideas for Men

elegant pastel wedding garden party attire outfit ideas for men and women in blue and yellow colors
photo: Heather Jackson Photography, as seen in this stylish state fair-themed wedding | attire — plaid jacket: Amazon | similar yellow outfit: ASOS

Time to suit up! When it comes to garden party attire for men, a classic suit will never steer you wrong. Give it a garden-ready twist with summery colors, relaxed silhouettes, and lightweight fabrics (so you can look hot without actually overheating). Keep scrolling for all our favorite garden party outfit ideas for men — including sleek suit options for every style!

6: Breezy Linen Men’s Garden Party Attire

elegant beige linen two-piece set garden party attire outfit for men with a white button down shirt

A linen suit is one of the best garden party outfit ideas for men — it’s chic, it’s stylish, and it’s specifically designed for warm weather. Ditch your stuffy wool blazer and opt for this breezy cotton and linen one instead, complete with matching pants and a lightweight button-down shirt.

We especially love the natural beige color of this linen attire…it matches the soft and summery vibes of the garden party setting, without distracting from the natural surroundings. Bring on the photo ops!

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7: Light Pink Patterned Suit Jacket

casual light pink floral patterned blazer garden party attire outfit for men

Unlike more formal events or weddings, a garden party is your chance to rock fun and colorful attire. Show off your personality with this bright patterned blazer, which features a subtle garden-inspired print and the perfect warm-weather color palette.

For the guys who aren’t afraid to stand out, this garden party outfit will earn you major style points. Finish the look with a statement pair of sunglasses, and you’re pretty much golden.

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a man wearing a pair of black round polarized sunnies

No garden party outfit is complete without a sleek pair of sunglasses — and we’ve rounded up the best pairs to elevate your style and work with this dress code!

8: Blue Cotton Men’s Garden Party Wedding Attire

elegant light blue cotton suit wedding garden party attire outfit for men paired with a bright red patterned tie

If you’re searching for something a little more polished than linen, a cotton suit is another one of the best garden party outfit ideas for men. Made with 100% cotton, this blue suit looks sleek and put-together — while still feeling lightweight and relaxed.

And with such a classic tailored fit, this is the perfect attire for both formal garden party weddings and more casual events. Dress it up with a fun patterned tie, or keep it simple with comfortable leather loafers. There are no wrong answers here!

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9: Striped Seersucker Garden Party Wedding Attire

elegant green and white striped cotton blazer and pants wedding garden party attire outfit for men

This garden party attire for men is giving us Italian summertime vibes, and we are HERE for it. With an olive green striped print, this cotton seersucker suit instantly stands out from the crowd. It’s equal parts cool and comfortable — and definitely on-theme for a garden event.

Don’t want to fully suit up? While we love the matching ensemble, you can also pair this striped blazer with classic chino pants for a more relaxed style. It’s a dapper look you’ll be reaching for alllll season long.

Shop This Green Seersucker Garden Party Wedding Attire

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10: Men’s Vintage-Wash Chino Garden Party Wedding Attire

chic navy chino blazer and matching pants garden party attire outfit for men paired with a white button down shirt and sunglasses

For men who love a classic and practical look, it doesn’t get better than this understated garden party attire. The chino fabric is easygoing and wearable, while the navy hue gives it a sleek and polished look. Plus, each piece is specifically dyed to achieve a vintage, lived-in feel. So rad!

Rock the chino blazer + pants with a crisp button-down for a garden party wedding, then mix and match them with all your other closet staples for work, weekend errands, and everything in between.

Shop THis Navy Chino Men’s Garden Party Wedding Attire

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Complete Your Garden Party Look With Our Moved Loved Wedding and Event Fashion Guides

chic pastel floral gowns wedding garden party attire for women
photo: Claire Hiller

Whether you’re attending a garden wedding or a blossoming-themed party, we have the best fashion and beauty guides to complete your floral-inspired attire.

Starting with beauty, no garden party outfit is complete without an on-theme manicure to tie it together. Find your perfect mani with these cute spring and summer nail ideas — we also love these aura nails for a year-round look!

And since you’ll be outside for the event, you’ll need makeup that can withstand the heat. Check out our favorite Sephora products to add to your makeup bag, as well as the best skincare items for a glowing complexion.

Finish your beauty look with one of these easy breezy half-up hairstyles, and you’re pretty much golden!

And of course, a cute (and walkable) pair of shoes is a garden party attire essential, and we’ve rounded up the best comfy heels for the occasion. Styled with one of these summer dresses, you really can’t go wrong.

How are you styling your garden party attire for your next wedding or event? Let us know in the comments below!