A Guide to Edwardian Engagement Rings From Erstwhile Jewelry

If you’re the type of person to daydream about hopping in a time machine, we’ve got something that you’re going to love.

Modern solitaire engagement rings may be right for some, but if you adore a good period drama or happen to be a bit of a history buff, an antique ring may be your thing!

We’re already totally in love with the breathtaking Victorian Era engagement rings from Erstwhile Jewelry, and now we get to give you a peek into their Edwardian Era Engagement ring collection

The Edwardian Era (spanning the decade-long reign of King Edward VII in the UK from 1901-1910) was turn-of-the-century, pre-WWI opulence. Think Titanic, Downton Abbey, My Fair Lady, or Mary Poppins. Corsets, ruffled blouses, and long, A-line skirts; suffragettes; fabulous hats.

“Edwardian era rings bridge the old world (19th-century) and new world (20th century), displaying delicacy and innovative designs and employing the new use of platinum in jewelry,” says Erstwhile. “Because the Edwardian era bridges the gold jewelry of the past and white metal jewelry of the future, many Edwardian rings are two-tone, offering the best of both worlds.”

There’s something so irresistibly special about marking the beginning of your life together with a little piece of history. Especially when it’s a ring this beautiful. We can’t wait to show you these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Edwardian rings!

Rubies. Diamonds. Square silhouette. Round cut center stone. We’re OBSESSED.

“Edwardian era engagement rings are characterized by their delicate and intricate designs,” Erstwhile says, “featuring filigree work, milgrain detailing, and lace-like patterns inspired by the romanticism of the era.”

Here’s an even closer look. We can’t get enough of that classically two-toned look and the way the ring frames the center stone with so much lacy milgrain metalwork. And that center stone! “The introduction of the old European cut diamond in the late 20th century, a precursor to the modern round brilliant cut, marked a significant evolution in diamond cutting,” explains Erstwhile.

Edwardian ring weren’t picky about their featured stones. Diamonds, sapphires, and pearls (like the one in this round-set diamond-accented stunner) were among the most frequently used gemstones.

If you’re wondering whether an antique Edwardian engagement is an every day kind of piece, Erstwhile says YES. “Many Edwardian engagement rings were crafted with durability in mind, making use of new metalworking methods incorporating platinum which is very durable making them suitable for everyday wear.”

One thing you do have to think about, thought? So many of these ornate Edwardian settings feature really delicate + unique heights and settings. So while you can rock them everyday, it’s a good idea to take an Edwardian ring off for safety’s sake when doing anything too active like working out or gardening or digging into your next DIY project.

We’ve never seen anything like this sparkling, square two-tone pink and diamond ring. 😍 Vibrant color; unique setting; total conversation piece. This one ticks so many boxes.

“Edwardian engagement rings are very unique and most are one-of-a-kind which gives the wearer an opportunity to have a piece that is truly unique to them,” says Erstwhile. “That’s why we love Edwardian rings for engagement: while some may be non-traditional in look to the modern solitaire, they will be totally unique to you.”

It’s totally worth taking an engagement ring shopping trip back in time with Erstwhile Jewelry. Their rich collection of unmistakably Edwardian silhouettes – along with their gorgeous vintage rings from all the eras – are full of pieces of the past just waiting to be part of your love story. We can’t wait to see the unique, antique rings you choose!

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