21 Aura Nails Design Ideas We’re Loving + Full Tutorial Guide

examples of unique aura nails with pink purple and rainbow designs in square and almond shapes

Chances are you’ve seen aura nails all over your feed (and IRL) lately, and if you’re anything like us then you’ve been dying to try out the trendy design! With an ethereal and mystical vibe, aura nails are the ultimate dreamy fashion statement. Perfect for astrology lovers, boho babes, and anyone who wants to manifest some good energy this year!

Below we’ve rounded up our favorite aura nail designs, plus a step-by-step guide to help you DIY the radiant trend at home. Let’s get into it!

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A Quick Guide to All Things Aura Nails

colorful almond shaped aura nails with a celestial gold sparkle design and blue, orange, pink, purple, and yellow aura dots
photo: @tinted.hk

Enchanting, ethereal, mesmerizing, radiant…yes, we’re talking about aura nails! Keep scrolling for a few FAQs about this supernatural nail trend, as well as our complete tutorial for DIY lovers. We’re also breaking down a few tips to help you choose the best aura nail color based on your energy field!

What are aura nails?

almond shaped pink and orange aura nails design with sparkle accent art
photo: @heluviee

As the name suggests, aura nails are inspired by auras, which are colorful energy fields that surround people like a halo. These nails feature a hazy ombre design that mimics these colorful halos, giving your fingers a radiant, glowing look. And they’re also seriously trending right now!

With such an ethereal vibe, aura nail designs are the prettiest trend to add to your manicure arsenal this year. And since auras represent your unique energy field, they’re also a stylish way to show off your personality — kind of like rocking a zodiac design!

Are aura nails difficult to DIY?

rainbow almond shaped ombre aura nails
photo: @gracefulbeautybar_

Here’s the good news: aura nail designs are way easier to DIY than they look! While the pros may use special equipment (like an airbrush machine) to get that radiant, glowing look, there are more simple techniques you can try at home to recreate this gorgeous design.

P.S. We’ve created the ultimate step-by-step tutorial to help you DIY aura nails down below!

What colors should you choose for your aura nails?

light pink almond shaped aura nails with a white celestial star design and subtle purple hue colors
photo: @aga_nails_m

While you can choose any colors for your aura nails, we love the idea of rocking symbolic hues based on the meaning of auras. For example, a purple aura represents intuition and empathy, while a pink aura means you’re compassionate and loving. Choose a color that you want to embody, and let your nails do the rest!

For a super personal mani, you can even get your aura read before doing your aura nails, then base your design on your unique colors. To discover your aura, you’ll need to meet with an expert aura reader or get your aura photographed by a pro. But remember: your aura represents your current state of mind and is constantly changing, so don’t feel limited by your specific colors at one point in time!

And if you can’t get your aura read, why not choose colors you feel inspired by, then use your manicure to manifest that energy?!

Supplies You’ll Need to Create Aura Nails At Home

moody purple almond shaped aura nails
photo: @nailsbyalsn

Whether you’re a nail novice or a DIY pro, you can create stunning aura nail designs at home — and here are the supplies you need to make it happen!

  • Nail polish: This one’s a no-brainer. You’ll need a base coat color as well as your aura color (or colors). We recommend using non-toxic and natural nail polish, like Essie or Olive & June.
  • Nail art tools: This is optional, but many aura nail designs feature cute celestial nail art to make them pop. You can add celestial details like twinkling stars using a small nail art brush or nail stickers. We also love aura nail designs that feature sparkly details like gems and rhinestones!
  • Top coat: Seal the deal with a good quality top coat to ensure your nails stay gorgeous and chip-free for as long as possible. Top coats will also give you mega shine to complete the ethereal look.

How to Do Aura Nails A Step-by-Step Tutorial

short pink and purple aura nails
photo: @rebeccapaintsnails

Ready to manifest (aka DIY) your perfect aura nails? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for creating an enchanting aura nail design at home!

1. Start by prepping your nails. Remove any old polish, shape your nails, and push back your cuticles. We also suggest applying a clear base coat to protect your natural nails before going in with your ethereal polish.

2. Next, apply your base color. While many aura nails feature a nude or sheer base color to make the ombre design stand out, others use the base as part of the aura color palette. There are no wrong answers here! You can even choose a color that’s slightly lighter or darker than your main aura color to create depth and maximize the hazy, radiant effect.

3. Once your base coat is dry, it’s time to start creating your aura! Using a small sponge or beauty blender, dab on your aura polish in an oval shape. Try to make the center as opaque as possible, and use the sponge to soften the edges.

4. Continue step three until your aura nail design looks as radiant as possible. You can also layer another color in the middle of your first aura to give your nails a glowing look. Just remember to let each layer dry before you add another!

5. For a super enchanting design, we also love adding celestial nail art on top of our aura nails. Use small brushes, stickers, or even gems and rhinestones to DIY an out-of-this-world celestial design. The sky’s the limit!

6. To lock in your eye-catching aura, apply a high-quality top coat as a finishing touch. This not only seals the nail art but also adds extra shine and protection. You can also add some cuticle oil to keep your nails strong, healthy, and radiant!

P.S. This isn’t the only technique to DIY aura nail designs. We’ve also seen nail pros use eyeshadow to create the glowing effect, as well as airbrush machines (which you can use at home!). Experiment with different techniques, and don’t be discouraged if your mani doesn’t come out perfect the first time!

Our Favorite Aura Nails Design Ideas

almond shaped blushing pink aura nails
photo: @marsthesalon

Now that you’re prepped and ready to nail your at-home manicure, let’s dive into our favorite aura nail designs to use as inspiration! We’ve found the most mesmerizing designs for every style — from dazzling rainbow styles to specific colors for manifesting your ideal energy field. Grab your manicure kit and scroll on for our faves!

1. Rainbow French Tip Aura Nails

colorful rainbow French tip aura nails with a white celestial star accent design

photo: @nail.brat

Rainbow auras AND rainbow French tips?! Say no more! This nail design maxes out on color, and we are here for it.

Get the look by mixing and matching the color of your auras with the color of your tips. Complete the look with a celestial sparkle in the middle of each nail to tie everything together, and you’re pretty much golden!

2. Barbiecore Pink Aura Nail Design

pink and orange sunset inspired aura nails with white celestial nail art star accents

photo: @nailbyyans

One of our all-time favorite aura nail designs, these pink beauties are stunning!! DIY this mesmerizing manicure by combining a light pink base with a hot pink and peachy orange ombre. It’s giving Barbiecore in the best way possible!

3. Enchanting Purple Aura Nails

short purple aura nails with a white star design and pearl details

photo: @_gelcoco

We were enchanted to meet this aura nail design! With a gorgeous purple-on-purple aura, these nails are bright, romantic, and SO dreamy.

For a trendy finishing touch, add some pearl details to your manicure. All you need are these pearl beads and some nail glue to recreate the ethereal design!

cute mismatched French manicure with nail art inspired by different albums

Is it just us, or are those purple nails giving you major “Speak Now” vibes? For our fellow Swifties, don’t miss our round-up of stunning Taylor Swift nails for every era!

4. Citrus Orange Ombre Manicure

citrus orange almond shaped aura nails design on a clear gloss base coat

photo: @nailartbyqueenie

If you’ve been looking for a creative boost, then these are the perfect nails for you! An orange aura is associated with creativity, and this nail design definitely feels like a breath of fresh air.

Keep all eyes on those citrus orange auras by pairing them with a clear or nude base coat. We also love how this nail artist moved the auras around on each finger for a super unique and whimsical look!

5. Neon Rainbow Aura Nails Design

almond shaped neon rainbow aura nails with a clear base coat

photo: @nailsbykitty

Can’t choose just one color for your aura nail design? Then don’t! This design captures all the hues of the rainbow in one hypnotizing neon manicure. We seriously can’t look away!

To get that rad neon effect, add a different bright color in the middle of each aura. The contrast will make your auras pop right off the nail!

6. Mismatched Primary Color Manicure

mismatched blue red and yellow aura nails design

photo: @nailsbymh

For a color palette that will never go out of vogue, we LOVE these red + blue + yellow aura nails! Alternating between the three primary colors, this aura nail design is bright and classic. It’s the ultimate way to incorporate some color into your daily ‘fit!

To add some depth to the design, use light and dark shades of each color when DIYing the aura. And don’t forget to finish with a glossy top coat!

7. Sunset Inspired Aura Nail Design

sunset inspired pink orange and purple aura nails with hot pink rhinestone design details accenting each nail

photo: @nailitmedia

Channel a dreamy sunset with these gorgeous aura nails! The pink, orange, and purple ombre design perfectly captures the glow of the sun sinking below the horizon. For an extra dose of magic, add a few pink and red rhinestones to each nail. Obsessed!

8. Simple Green Aura Nails

simple long lime green aura nails

photo: @santi.nail.studio

If you’re searching for an on-trend design that’s packed full of meaning, it doesn’t get better than these green aura nails. A green aura symbolizes compassion, spirituality, growth, and an open heart. Plus, there’s just something so cool about green nails!

DIY a hazy green aura on top of a nude base coat for a simple yet statement-making manicure. The It Girl vibes are real!

9. Blushing Pearl Aura Nail Design

long pearly white and pink blushing aura nails with a subtle rhinestone and star design

photo: @overglowedit

Two words: blushing nails. Arguably the cutest version of the aura nails trend, this design is meant to look like your nails are blushing. Adorable!!

Get the look by adding a rosy pink flush in the middle of each nail, then blending it out (kind of like blush on your cheeks!). For extra contrast, we love pairing this design with a pearly white polish — but it also looks great with a nude base coat!

10. Sparkly Celestial Rainbow Manicure

rainbow mismatched aura nails with a celestial design and rhinestone details

photo: @basecoatstories

The rainbow color palette! The celestial nail art! The rhinestone details! This aura nail design truly has it all, and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

To get that ultra-smooth ombre, this nail artist added this sheer glossy polish to her sponge before dabbing on the colors. So gorgeous! (If you’re a DIY lover, watch the full nail tutorial here!)

11. Shimmery Metallic Press On Aura Nails

shimmery pink and blue press on aura nails with a silver metallic celestial design

press on nails: foamboxnail on Etsy

Double up on your nail trends with these shimmery aura nails! They feature the chrome trend we’ve been seeing EVERYWHERE lately, plus a glittery aura design that’s out of this world. And don’t even get us started on those metallic silver details! We have major starry eyes for these beauties.

And the best part? You can buy them as reusable press on nails!!

12. Bold Geometric Aura Nails Design

almond shaped geometric rainbow aura nails with a grid-like design

photo: @brushedbyb_

It doesn’t get much cooler than a manicure that also doubles as an optical illusion. Case in point: this geometric aura nail design!

With criss-crossing lines (which you can DIY with a small liner brush!) layered over bright neon auras, these nails look almost 3D. For a bright and bold manicure that will grab everyone’s attention, look no further!

13. Glowy Celestial Short Aura Nails

short peach orange aura nails with a gold celestial star and dot design

photo: @kimsotonailartist

Yes, the aura design looks gorgeous with short nails too! If you’re working with less space, we suggest sticking to one aura color, like this peachy orange hue. Elevate the rest of the design with some dazzling celestial details, and you’re good to go!

For a unique finishing touch, we also found these rad dewdrop nail beads. Perfect for recreating that wet glowy look!

14. Vampy Black and Pink Aura Nails Design

short black and pink aura nails design with rhinestone detail in the center of each nail

photo: @manicuresbymo

Vampy nails are having a serious moment right now, and we love this aura inspired take on the trend! Featuring a light pink aura contrasted with a moody black outline, these nails are giving us major ’til death do us part vibes. Obsessed!

Complete the moody look by adding a dainty rhinestone in the middle of each nail. Because there’s no such thing as too much sparkle, especially when it comes to aura nail designs!

multi colored foliage inspired long french tip manicure

Vampy designs, earthy color palettes, foliage-inspired details….yes, we’re talking about fall nails, and we’ve rounded up all the best autumnal nail inspo here!

15. Rainbow + Black French Manicure

rainbow aura nails with a black French tip design

photo: @nailbandida

How rad is this rainbow aura + black French tip combo?! The dark black tips make the bright rainbow auras look even brighter, while also giving the entire design a bit of edge. Talk about the best of both worlds!

P.S. If you want to DIY this aura nail design, these French manicure stencils are a total lifesaver!

16. Pretty in Pink Aura Nail Design

pink square shaped aura nails with a white celestial star design

photo: @nailsbypaulin

For aura nails you can rock all year long, this pretty in pink design is IT. As we mentioned above, a pink aura represents love, compassion, and sensitivity. Double up on the sweet vibes by pairing your pink aura with a pastel pink base color. And don’t forget the cute celestial nail art!

17. Magical Purple Ombre Manicure

almond shaped pink and purple aura nails design

photo: @manicuresbymo

Is it just us, or do these nails look like literal magic?! Embrace the witchy vibes with this ethereal aura design, which fades from lilac purple to glowing violet.

And for that supernatural shiny finish, we love this glossy clear top coat, which makes your nails look like a gel manicure — no UV lamp or salon appointment necessary!

18. 3D Matte Aura Nail Design

mismatched rainbow matte aura nails with star details

photo: @nailsbykarlamorales

These aura nails look like something out of our wildest dreams! If your style is all things maximalist, go above and beyond by mixing your aura nail design with funky star details, a bright color palette, and rad 3D effects.

And for the trendiest finishing touch, complete your manicure with a matte top coat. Eye-catching would be an understatement!

19. Modern Pink French Manicure

long blush color aura nails with a pink French tip outline

photo: @the.gel.girl

Take your pink aura nails to the next level with this modern French tip design! When you want the timeless vibes of a French manicure but also want your aura to shine through, this nail design delivers.

Recreate the French tip outline with a lighter shade of pink to make it stand out — this is the perfect nail brush set for the job!

20. Bright Multi-Colored Aura Nail Design

bright mismatched rainbow ombre manicure

photo: @__formechloe

Give each of your nails their moment in the spotlight with this mismatched aura design. We love how each finger features a totally unique aura, with bright color combos that represent every type of energy field.

P.S. For a super simple DIY, we also found these similar aura nail strips. They last just as long as a professional manicure, without the need for a pricey salon appointment!

21. DIY Monochrome Pink Aura Manicure

short pink DIY aura nails that are light on the outside and get darker toward the center

photo: @nailsby.londyn

This aura nail design is SO easy to DIY. Start with a light lavender base coat, then create your first aura using hot pink polish. Once that’s dry, add another smaller aura inside the first one, using a slightly darker magenta shade.

Finish with a top coat and voila! You have a trendy manicure that took almost no effort at all!

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long almond shaped mismatched rainbow aura nails
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Which of these aura nail designs were your fave? Let us know in the comments below!