57 Cute Halloween Nail Designs and Ideas for Spooky Season

cute black and white french tip Halloween nails with spooky cat bat and ghost design details
Halloween nail inspo: Melanie Graves

It’s officially the countdown to our favorite time of the year: the season of chilly weather, scary movies, and hauntingly gorgeous Halloween nails. That’s right, it’s spooky season, and we’re rounding up the best nail designs, inspo, and ideas to get you in the Halloween spirit! From ghoulish nail art to easy DIY inspo, there’s something for every Halloween style — including some killer manicures you can rock alllll October long.

So break open a bag of Halloween candy and let’s get into it!

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cute velvet inspired black Halloween nails with a sparkly design
velvet Halloween nail inspo: Melanie Graves

For Halloween 2023, the top trending nail designs and ideas include moody colors, creepy motifs, and ghostly details. Vampy and gothcore styles are seriously trendy this year, both for nails AND fashion, so you can’t go wrong with a long black mani to pair with your Wednesday Addams ‘fit.

Velvet nails are also the perfect trend for the season — shimmery and luxe, they’re a bewitching Halloween alternative to your favorite chrome finish. And on the other end of the spectrum, matte polish has taken over our October inspo mood boards, with an edgy and unexpected look that’s just so cool.

The Best Halloween Nail Colors

cute and creepy sparkly Halloween nails with dripping blood french tip design
creepy Halloween nail inspo + design: Aistė Haas

When it comes to the best Halloween nail colors, we like to take inspiration from all the spoOoOoky themes of the season. Think: blood red, midnight black, pumpkin orange, and witchy green. They’re the classics for a reason!

If you’re on the hunt for something more unexpected, we’re also loving pink Halloween nail art this year. It’s the perfect finishing touch to the Barbie outfit you’ll be wearing all Halloweekend!

How to Do Your Own Halloween Nails Without Going to a Salon

cute eye themed Halloween nails with bright pops of colors incorporated into the designs on each finger
cute Halloween nail inspo: Kelsey Klos

Want to rock some killer Halloween nail art this year, but don’t want to schedule a pricey salon appointment? No prob! Here are some tips to help you DIY a Halloween nail design that’s scary good.

  1. To start, apply a clear base coat to protect your natural nails and ensure your Halloween nail art lasts longer. It’s best to let this fully dry before dipping into any colorful polish.
  2. Next, paint your nails with your chosen base color (also allowing each layer to dry completely). If you want your Halloween mani to be all about the nail art, then you may want to keep this layer simple — white, black, or nude polish are fool-proof choices for spooky szn!
  3. Now it’s time to give your nails the spooky treatment with festive designs like spiderwebs, ghosts, dripping blood, or cute pumpkins. For intricate designs, you’ll want to use a fine nail art brush, while larger details call for a dotting tool or medium brush.
  4. Once your nail art is dry, apply a clear top coat to protect and seal your creepy creation. This will also add a glossy finish that helps your nail shine bright…even in the dead of Halloween night!

Whether you’re going DIY or sticking with the pros this October 31st, we’ve rounded up the best Halloween nail designs and ideas to help you celebrate witching hour in style. Keep scrolling for all our faves — including a few press on nails that you can buy online!

Simple Halloween Nails and Design Ideas

cute orange french tip coffin shaped Halloween nails with black swoosh designs on the right side of each nail
simple Halloween nail inspo: @kuypernailart

Looking for simple nail designs and ideas that whisper Halloween instead of screaming it? We’ve got you covered. With minimalist details, classic color palettes, and just the right amount of spookiness, these nails leave the screaming for your scary movie marathon.

And the best part? With such simple designs, these Halloween nail ideas can be worn all season long — so you don’t have to wait for the week of the 31st to break them out!

1. Green Velvet Simple Halloween Nails

cute witchy coffin shaped simple Halloween nails with a green velvet inspired design

photo: @kuypernailart

Channel your inner Sanderson sister with these witchy green Halloween nails! With an on-theme coffin shape and moody green hue, they’re perfect for stirring up some Hocus Pocus this Hallow’s Eve.

Get the same luxe velvet look using this magnetic nail polish in the color “venom” — perfect for pairing with your witch’s brew of choice!

2. Simple Pumpkin Orange Halloween Nails

cute simple Halloween nails with bright pumpkin orange color and an almond shaped design

orange nail polish: Olive & June

If you’re the type of person who breaks out their Halloween decorations in August, this pumpkin orange color is your perfect starter mani. Like the first PSL of the season, it’s fresh, bold, and perfectly acceptable to enjoy before October. Consider this the start of your Halloween countdown!

3. Shimmery Spiderweb Simple Halloween Nail Art

shimmery metallic coffin Halloween nails with a spooky black spiderweb designs

photo: @kuypernailart

Give your favorite shimmery nails a Halloween makeover with this spooky spiderweb design! It’s the definition of goth glam, with black spiderwebs creeping across the metallic velvet polish. Perfect for your villain era!

P.S. Easily DIY this Halloween nail art with these spider-themed decals. No salon trip necessary!

4. Casper-Approved Simple Halloween Nail Design

cute light pink and milky white simple Halloween nails with a ghost design on one finger

photo: Amy Le

There’s nothing scary about this mani! For a ghost design that’s cute instead of creepy, look no further than these Casper-inspired Halloween nails. We love how the friendly ghost adds such a sweet and simple touch to the on-trend milky white polish. It’s the ultimate nail art to get you in the Halloween ~spirit~!

5. Cute Cheetah Print Manicure

cute brown coffin shaped simple Halloween nails with cheetah print designs

photo: @kuypernailart

Embrace your wild side this October 31st with these cheetah print nails! They’re the perfect finishing touch to your feline ensemble, with a cute animal print and long coffin shape. Plus, you can easily recreate this look yourself using these nail art pens! Halloween party animals, this one’s for you.

couple dressed as beetlejuice and lydia deetz

Still don’t know what you’re dressing up as this October 31st? We’ve got you covered with these unique costume ideas for couples!

6. Simple Green French Tip Halloween Nail Inspo

simple neon green gel french tip easy Halloween nails with a cute black cat design on the middle finger

photo: nails by Kristina Lynn

Did someone say Beetlejuice? Trade your classic French mani for these slime green nails in honor of everyone’s favorite Halloween villain. Because you’re the ghost with the most, baby!

And for that extra spooky touch, we love the simple black cat perched on the tips of this Halloween nail design. Unlucky? Maybe. Super cute? Definitely.

7. Simple Matte Black Manicure

cute two tone matte and gloss black coffin shaped simple Halloween nail designs and ideas

photo: @kuypernailart

An all-black mani will ALWAYS be in style for Halloween. But this year, give your go-to Halloween nails some extra edge with this matte black look! The matte finish looks moody and mysterious, especially paired with a glossy asymmetrical tip.

We’re adding this clear matte top coat to our carts ASAP!

8. Sparkly Holographic Simple Halloween Nails

shimmery pink glaze press on simple Halloween nails with an orange glimmer design running down the center

shimmery press on nails: Glamnetic

Hi, Halloween Barbie! If gothic black nail designs aren’t your jam, switch it up this Halloween with these shimmery pink press on nails. With a holographic finish, they’ll bring the magic on October 31st — and beyond.

Plus, they’re the perfect finishing touch to your Real World Barbie look!

9. Smokey Black Simple Halloween Nail Art

spooky smokey black french tip simple Halloween nail designs and ideas with one finger incorporating a bat design

photo: @nails_by_syd

This Halloween nail design conjures up images of foggy graveyards in the dead of night. In other words, they’re the perfect nails for spooky szn! For that smokey effect, mix your black polish with a clear gel top coat and swirl it around the tips of your nails. Smokin’.

10. Simple Halloween Skittle Nail Design

cute mismatched teal black orange purple and white simple Halloween nail designs and ideas where each nail is a different color

photo: @lolo.nailedit

If you’re a big fan of the skittle nails trend, then meet your new Halloween mainstay! This simple nail inspo features a different Halloween color on each nail, like a festive bag of skittles. For a look that’s all treats and no tricks, look no further!

To recreate this exact color combo, here are the polishes this nail artist used (from left to right): I’m on a Sushi Roll, Onyx Skies, Medi-Take It All In, Have your Panettone and Eat it Too, and Alpine Snow.

Black Halloween Nails and Design Ideas

spooky skeleton themed white and black Halloween nails with a finger bone designs on each nail
black Halloween nail inspo: @kuypernailart

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some midnight black nail designs! A black mani is a gothic staple, conjuring up images of moonless nights, haunted houses, and monsters lurking in the shadows. In other words, it’s a must for October 31st!

While basic black nails will never go out of style for Halloween, we wanted to focus on designs and ideas that take this vampy look to the next level. It’s the perfect shade for all kinds of creepy-crawly Halloween nail art, from skeleton bones (pictured above) to friendly ghosts. Hope you’re not afraid of the dark!

11. Black Halloween Nails with Holographic Ghosts Design

cute press on black Halloween nails with a holographic blue purple and white ghost design

ghost press on nails: Midnightgroveco on Etsy

These black Halloween nails are ~hauntingly~ cute, with holographic ghosts floating across the black polish. Who knew the afterlife could be so stylish?!

As a bonus, you can get this Halloween design as press on nails for a super easy DIY look. Choose between different sizes and nail shapes to make them your own, and even personalize them with different colors! (We’re also digging this pink version!!)

12. Black French Tip Halloween Nails

spooky black french tip press on Halloween nails in an almond shape design

black press on nails: Glamnetic

For the French mani loyalists, this black Halloween nail design will convince you to join the dark side. It’s elegant and simple, but still edgy enough to make a statement. Plus, these black French tip nails will go with ALL of your Halloween ‘fits!

And as easy-to-use press ons, you might as well stock up for the season.

13. Black Ombre Spiderweb Halloween Nail Art Design

cute black and white Halloween nails with spooky spiderweb design details

photo: @lolo.nailedit

As you may have noticed by now, we’re more than a little obsessed with spiderweb nail art. What can we say — it’s festive without looking cheesy, and it adds a stylish and spooky look to any mani. Case in point: these black Halloween nails!

Take your cobwebs to the next level by styling them with a trendy ombre design. All you need is some black and white polish and a nail sponge to get the creepy look!

14. Glow-in-the-Dark Black Halloween Nail Design

spooky gel black Halloween nails with glow in the dark spiderweb and blood dripping design

black Halloween gel strips: Dashing Diva

From haunted houses to theme parties to scary movie marathons, most Halloween festivities take place in the dark. But you don’t want your gorgeous black Halloween nail art to go unnoticed! That’s where this rad glow-in-the-dark design comes in.

These black gel nail strips feature spooky neon accents that glow when the lights go down. You’ll never be scared of the dark again!

P.S. We also found this glow-in-the-dark polish to create your own glowing ensemble.

15. Matte Black Bat-Themed Manicure

cute two tone matte black Halloween nails with spooky bat design details

photo: nails_by_syd

Alexa, play “Vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo! Another one of our favorite matte black nail designs, this Halloween mani is the ultimate finishing touch to your vampy look. The mini glossy vampire bats are the cutest nod to your Halloween alter ego — and we found the perfect bat decals for the look!

16. Sparkly Celestial Black Halloween Nail Inspo

cute sparkly french tip coffin black Halloween nail designs and ideas with celestial gold stars

photo: @kuypernailart

Consider us bewitched! Halloween night is when all things spooky come out, and we love how this celestial black Halloween nail art pays homage to the night sky. Go for a mismatched design, then add some glittery gold star accents to capture the magic of witching hour.

bride and groom wearing skeleton makeup and each holding a lit taper candle

Tying the knot this October? Make it a spooky night to remember with these creative Halloween wedding ideas!

17. Glittering Ghost-Themed Black Manicure

cute sparkly ghost themed white and black Halloween nails

photo: Aistė Haas

A French manicure, but make it supernatural! We love how the French tips of these black Halloween nails are actually made of spooky white ghosts. It’s on theme for Halloween, but still stylish enough to wear all October!

Complete the haunted look with this sparkly black polish. Obsessed!

18. Spooky Skeleton Design Black Halloween Nail Art

cute skeleton themed white and black Halloween nails

photo: Amy Le

Knock ’em dead with this skeleton-themed black Halloween nail design! The black polish acts as negative space, giving you the illusion of white bones where your nails should be. Now that’s some SCARY good nail art.

(While matching skeleton makeup isn’t required, it is recommended!)

19. Scream-Themed Black Press On Halloween Nails

spooky scream inspired coffin shaped black Halloween nails with dripping blood design details

press on nails: TwinkleNailsShop on Etsy

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a screening of Scream — we don’t make the rules! This Halloween, give Ghostface a run for his money with these slasher-inspired press ons. With such a statement (and bloody) design, they’re guaranteed to earn you a spot in the sequel!

20. Glamorous Black Coffin Halloween Nail Design

cute coffin shaped gold and black Halloween nail designs and ideas

photo: @kuypernailart

Channel femme fatale vibes with this shimmery black Halloween nail inspo! The black coffin design gives these nails a creepy look that’s perfect for October 31st, while the glittery gold polish ups the glam factor.

Copy this French tip-inspired outline for a simple yet stunning statement that will have everyone spellbound.

Short Halloween Nails and Design Ideas

cute gel short Halloween nails with a spooky ghost and pumpkin themed nail art design painted onto a nude hued base
short Halloween nail inspo: @nails_by_syd

If long vampire claws aren’t your style, go au natural this Halloween with short nail designs and ideas! They’re cute, they’re classic, and most importantly they’re practical. Because the last thing you want is your nails getting in the way as you hand out candy, hang up cobwebs, and cast your favorite Halloween spells!

Plus, we’ve found some spook-tacular Halloween nail art designs that makes the most out of every square centimeter. They may be short, but they’ll make a BIG impression at the Halloween party.

21. Black + White Short Halloween Nails

cute gel black short Halloween nails with white french tip ghost design

photo: @nailsbykristinalynn

When it comes to short Halloween nail art, you can’t go wrong with a classic black and white design color combo. It’s chic and edgy at the same time, especially paired with an elegant French tip detail!

Give the stylish look a festive twist with a friendly poltergeist on one finger. If you’re not super artistic, these ghost-themed nail decals make it easy to recreate the spooky design at home!

22. Jack-O-Lantern Short Halloween Nail Art

cute gel pumpkin themed short Halloween nail designs

photo: @nails_by_syd

For anyone who loves a theme, this is THE best short nail inspo for your pumpkin carving party! Jack-o-lanterns are a must once October hits, so why not make them the theme of your mani, too?

We love how these friendly little guys take up most of the short nail, leaving some negative space for extra impact. And yes, we also found some cute pumpkin stickers to DIY this look, too!

23. Geometric Black Short Halloween Nail Inspo

cute short black Halloween nails with a symmetrical radiating x shaped geometric design

photo: @nails_by_syd

The all-black nail trend is back baby, especially for Halloween — but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Elevate your goth mani with this glossy geometric design. Styled on top of our other favorite trend, matte nails, this design is a sophisticated and modern take on black nails.

For the sleekest black lines (especially for short nails), we suggest using a thin nail brush. This brush set is a must-have for all your nail art masterpieces!

24. Bright Swirly Design Short Halloween Nails

cute orange yellow and pink swirl short Halloween nails with spooky black details

photo: Hope Ivekich

Halloween doesn’t mean you have to retire the colors and glitter! With bright and sparkly swirls, this nail design is guaranteed to spark some serotonin during those dark October days. We love the warm orange, yellow, and glittery pink hues, especially balanced by the spooky black details.

For short Halloween nail ideas that make the most out of every inch, it doesn’t get better than this!

25. Short Square-Shaped Terracotta Short Manicure

square shaped terracotta orange short Halloween nails

photo: @cndworld

If you’re looking for simple short Halloween nail ideas that stand out, why not switch things up with a square-shaped design? They make a sophisticated statement, perfect if you want to keep the rest of your design minimal.

All that’s missing is the perfect Halloween color — we’re loving this rich terracotta polish for a spicy take on classic orange!

26. Cute Day of the Dead Short Halloween Nail Design

cute nude day of the dead themed short Halloween nails art

photo: @nailsbykristinalynn

Want to keep the spooky vibes of Halloween going a little longer? If you also celebrate the Day of the Dead, this short nail design is the perfect follow-up to your Halloween mani. We love how this artist painted the rest of the nails a classic nude tone to let those bright sugar skulls pop.

27. Monster-Themed Short Halloween Nail Design

cute monster themed neon green and purple short Halloween nails

photo: Thuy Nguyen

Call up Mystery, Inc. because these monster-themed nails are on the loose! Creepy and playful, this nail art is giving us major Scooby-Doo vibes. We’re especially digging the dripping effect of the neon green polish — almost like your nails are oozing slime.

Consider this your sign to dress up as the mystery gang with your crew this Halloween!

28. 3D Skull Themed Short Halloween Nail Art Inspo

cute orange tipped short Halloween nails with a 3D gel skeleton skulls design

photo: Noelle Fuyu Nails

Tim Burton would definitely approve of this short nail design! The scalloped bright orange French tips give it a whimsical look, while the 3D skulls bring home the spooky vibes. If Jack Skellington is your forever Halloween inspo, then these are the nails for you!

29. Smokey Short Manicure with Metallic Details

spooky smoky ombre short Halloween nail designs and ideas with a celestial moon and stars design in a metallic charcoal silvery black hue

photo: Noelle Fuyu Nails

If you loved the smokey look of #9 on this list, then we have a feeling you’ll be obsessed with this short Halloween nail inspo! We love how the smokey design creates an ombre effect on the nails — and with such a wispy style, it’s giving us major dementor vibes. Very on-theme for Halloween, if you ask us!

Finish the look with some metallic silver star details and you’re pretty much golden.

30. Trendy Tortoiseshell Design with Cute Ghosts

cute ghost themed gel tortoiseshell short Halloween nail designs and ideas

photo: @nails_by_syd

Tortoiseshell is seriously trending for 2023, and this is one of our favorite Halloween-themed versions of the trend! Just add some cute ghost decals on top of your marbled mani for a festive look that will earn you MAJOR fashion points.

Want to try out the tortoiseshell look yourself? Swirl a few drops of your favorite brown and black polish into a bowl of water, then dip your fingers into the mixture, making sure the polish sits on top of your nails. Wipe off the excess, finish with a top coat, and you’re good to go!

Press On Halloween Nails and Design Ideas

cute short press on Halloween nails with a spooky ghost and bat design
spooky press on nails: ImPress

If you’re anything like us, then Halloween isn’t just one day. It’s an entire month. And with so many things to do (from pumpkin carving to candy shopping), you may not have the time to go to the nail salon or perfect the ultimate ghost nail art. That’s where these press on nails come in!

With ready-to-go designs, these press on Halloween nails will help you achieve your favorite on-theme ideas in two minutes or less. Plus, many of these nails are hand-painted and can be reused again and again — all for less than the price of a salon appointment!

31. White Poltergeist Press On Halloween Nails

cute black and white press on Halloween nails with a ghost themed french tip design

press on nails: Midnightgroveco on Etsy

If we could describe the spirit of Halloween with one nail design, it would be this one! With a little sheet ghost floating on each tip, these spoOoOoOoky press on nails definitely understood the assignment. It’s like your manicure decided to dress up for Halloween!

32. Cobweb French Tip Press On Halloween Nail Design

spooky spiderweb themed black french tip press on Halloween nails

press on gel strips: Dashing Diva

Love the look of spiderweb-themed nail designs, but don’t want to go through the effort of recreating them yourself? With these metallic gel strips, you don’t have to! While they’re not exactly press on nails, they’re still super easy to use — just mold them to your natural nails and trim the rest.

With the perfect black French tip design, these are the nails we’ll be wearing all season long.

33. Pink Ghostface Press On Halloween Nail Art

cute pink coffin shaped press on Halloween nails with a Scream themed design

press on nails: Midnightgroveco on Etsy

Channel your inner final girl with this killer Halloween nail art! We love how the pink design adds a girly touch to these Scream-inspired press on nails. Perfect for celebrating all your favorite scream queens, just in time for your annual Scream marathon!

34. Sparkly Mismatched Designs Press On Halloween Nails

cute sparkly mismatched orange and black press on Halloween nails with ghost, bat, and spider web art designs

press on nails: TwinkleNailsShop on Etsy

If Halloween takes over your entire personality once October hits (relatable), then go big with these mismatched press ons! They’re maximalist in the best way, with all your favorite Halloween icons present — plus some glitter to boot.

Because there’s no such thing as TOO many Halloween vibes!

35. Spooky Black + Orange Press On Halloween Nail Art

cute ghost themed black french tip press on Halloween nail designs and ideas with orange grid details

press on nails: TwinkleNailsShop on Etsy

How boo-tiful are these spooky press on nails? (Sorry, we had to!)

You can’t go wrong with a classic black and orange color combo come October, and the grid design adds such a modern touch to the look. Complete with a few friendly ghosts, these festive nails will instantly put you in the spooky spirit.

36. Ouijia Board Inspired Press On Manicure Design

spooky Ouija themed black and white press on Halloween nail designs and ideas

press on nails: JMLuxuryPressOnNails on Etsy

While we don’t recommend breaking out an actual Ouija board this Hallow’s Eve, we DO recommend reaching out to the spirits with your manicure!

The witchy vibes are immaculate with these black and white press on nails. From the long pointed style to the Ouija-inspired design, they’re a wicked addition to your chic Halloween look.

37. Cute Coffin Shaped Press On Halloween Nail Design

cute orange and black coffin press on Halloween nails with spooky ghost, spider, and bat designs in the art

press on nails: Kiss

Ghosts, spiders, and bats, oh my! The whole crew’s here with these press on nails, which feature the cutest designs of all our favorite spooky characters. Complete with an orange and black color palette, these beauties are a must for your October manicure lineup.

Oh, and did we mention that they’re under $10? Adding to our cart ASAP!

38. Modern Mummy Press On Manicure

cute mummy themed black and white press on Halloween nails with a swirl design

press on nails: TwinkleNailsShop on Etsy

When in doubt, black and white Halloween nail ideas are always a good idea. Especially when they look this chic and modern! Skip the super over-the-top nail art and instead keep it simple with these cute swirls, spiderwebs, and mummy designs.

And as a bonus, these press on nails are reusable (as you long as you remove them carefully). That means you can rock them all month long!

39. Lucky Black Cat Press On Manicure Design

cute long black cat themed press on Halloween nails with a pink base

press on nails: HotpressNailco on Etsy

The purr-fect nail art for your witchy Halloween claws! These spooky black cats make the most adorable tips for your press on nails. Plus, what would Halloween be without a sassy black cat lurking nearby — or better yet, 10 of them!

Pink Halloween Nails and Design Ideas

cute press on pumpkin themed black and pink Halloween nails with spiders and webs incorporated into the nail art designs
pink Halloween nail inspo: TheNailArtStudios on Etsy

Tired of the same old black and orange nail art for Halloween? Get ready to think pink with these unique colorful designs!

Barbiecore has had a tight grip on us all year, and that’s not about the change now. Whether you’re honoring the icon herself on Halloween night, or you just want something girlie to balance out all the creepiness of October, these pink Halloween nail designs and ideas are here. for. you.

40. Tranlucent Barbie Pink Halloween Nails

cute translucent Barbie pink Halloween nail designs and ideas

photo: Melanie Graves

Come on Barbie, let’s go to the Halloween party! We love the simple transparent look of this statement hot pink nail design. It almost looks like plastic — pretty perfect for your Barbie ensemble, amiright?!

And with the pink trend still going strong, you can also rock these nails to any October event. Perfect if you’re looking for cute nail ideas that don’t scream Halloween.

women wearing floral satin asymmetrical dresses to an outdoor event

Attending some romantic nuptials this season? Earn the title of best dressed guest with these gorgeous gowns!

41. Magical Glitter Pink Halloween Nail Inspo

cute mismatched sparkly metallic pink Halloween nails with spooky black design and swirls of yellow-orange creating a retro theme

photo: Aistė Haas

This pink Halloween nail design is (practical) magic. With a shimmery blush pink base, it swaps spooky vibes for mystical witchy ones instead, and we are HERE for it. Get the holographic look with this dazzling pink polish, or go for full shine with this sparkly powder finish.

One word: bewitching.

42. Metallic Embellished Pink Halloween Nail Design

cute bedazzled white and pink Halloween nails with a metallic celestial design

photo: Melanie Graves

This pink nail design has us totally starstruck! 3D nail art ideas are seriously trending right now, and we love the magical Halloween vibes of these beauties. They’re enchanting, mystical, feminine, and totally statement making. Say no more!

Create your own magical constellations with these mini rhinestones and this nail glue. We also found some rad 3D star decals to complete the look!

43. Barbiecore French Tip Pink Halloween Nails

cute two tone french tip Barbie pink Halloween nails

photo: Melanie Graves

We can’t stop, won’t stop obsessing over the Barbie movie — especially with the biggest dress-up event of the year on the horizon! Double up on the Barbiecore vibes with this pink on pink nail design. Despite being a simple look, it’s definitely ~Kenough~ to make a statement.

P.S. If you’re still a nail novice, these sticker guides are a life-saver for creating the perfect French tip!

44. Hauntingly Cute Pink Press On Manicure

cute press on ghost themed white and pink Halloween nail designs

pink press on nails: imPRESS

Now this is a haunted look we can get behind! If your Halloween aesthetic is cute versus creepy, these pink press on nails are for YOU. Floating ghosts + black hearts + twinkling star art = a Halloween nail design that’s guaranteed to spark joy.

45. Pink Spiderweb Halloween Nail Design Inspo

cute press on spiderweb themed marble pink Halloween nails

pink press on nails: ClawClub on Etsy

Calling all Halloween girlies! This pink nail inspo is a nod to the creepy crawlies of the season, but with a touch of glam. We’re digging the moody marble design, which is balanced by the hot pink color and glittery details.

Bonus: these are press on nails, so don’t worry about trying to recreate this chic design yourself!

46. Witchy Coffin Shaped Pink Press On Manicure

cute long press on pink Halloween nails with a witch themed black and white design

pink press on nails: TheNailArtStudios on Etsy

This pink Halloween nail art makes us want to brew some potions, cast some spells, and form a coven. Safe to say they’ve put a spell on us, and we’re not mad about it!

With a bewitching pink and black design, these mystical press on nails are the perfect finishing touch to your witchy October wardrobe.

Easy Halloween Nails and Design Ideas

simple milky white easy Halloween nails with a spooky blood drip design on the index finger
easy Halloween nail inspo: @lolo.nailedit

For us, cozy October nights mean more time to stay at home and practice your nail art skills. If you’re still a nail novice, these are the perfect easy Halloween nail designs and ideas for the occasion!

Simple but SO bewitching, these easy nail designs can be recreated using simple polish, brushes, and a bit of Halloween spirit. Scroll on for our fave DIY Halloween nail ideas, plus some simple design tips for how to perfect them at home!

47. Easy Coffin Shaped Halloween Nail Inspo

simple coffin shaped black easy Halloween nails

photo: @kuypernailart

Channel creepy Halloween vibes without the fuss of fancy nail art, thanks to this easy nail inspo! A cool coffin shape says “Til Death Do Us Part,” while the deep burgundy polish adds the ultimate vampy touch. Our love for this effortless look is truly undying.

48. Black Widow Easy Halloween Nail Art Idea

simple spider themed milky nude easy Halloween nail designs and ideas

photo: Amy Le

And the award for the best jump scare goes to….this creepy black widow nail art! One of the spookiest Halloween nail ideas, this spider design looks like could jump right off your nail at any moment. Add it on top of a minimalist nude manicure for maximum impact!

Pro tip: to get that 3D effect, add a drop of black gel polish on top of dry nails. Keep building the polish bubble until you get that perfect spider body!

49. Easy Pumpkin Glaze Manicure

cute shimmery bright orange simple easy manicure

pumpkin nail polish: Olive & June

Aptly named the “First PSL,” this nail polish is meant to be wrapped around your favorite pumpkin drink alllll season long! With a subtle shimmer and that perfect pumpkin orange hue, it’s simple, but SO drool-worthy.

For cute and easy Halloween nail ideas that only require a coat of polish to recreate, look no further!

unique long orange french tip manicure

If you’re looking for even more show-stopping nail ideas this season, don’t miss our favorite autumnal designs!

50. Bloody Ombre Easy Halloween Nail Inspo

simple bloody black and cherry hued ombre coffin shaped easy Halloween nail art ideas

photo: @kuypernailart

We’re big fans of ombre nail ideas, and this design was made for Halloween! With a bloody color palette, it’s giving us ALL the vampire vibes. Plus, it’s super easy to recreate! Just layer the two different polishes on a nail sponge (or makeup sponge) and dab it onto your nails until you get the perfect saturation.

P.S. For an even easier DIY, we also found these super similar gel nail strips!

51. Metallic French Tip Easy Halloween Manicure

cute shimmery metallic french tip press on simple Halloween nails

metallic press on nails: Glamnetic

Looking for trendy (and easy) nail ideas this Halloween? Then chrome details are definitely where it’s at! This shimmery metallic style has been EVERYWHERE lately, and we love this French tip version of the trend.

With such a cool and modern look, these press ons will make a rad statement for Halloween…and every day after!

52. Asymmetrical Black Halloween Nail Design Idea

modern asymmetrical short black Halloween nail art ideas with a simple dot on each finger

photo: @skyynailsintl

Switch up your classic black mani with this rad asymmetrical nail art! It’s perfect for short nails, and SO easy to DIY at home. Just paint a swoop of black polish on the top half of your nail, layer on a coat of clear matte polish, and finish with a bold black dot. Simple, but super effective!

Creepy Halloween Nails and Design Ideas

black and neon green-yellow Halloween manicure with a black cat on one of the tips
creepy Halloween nail inspo: @kuypernailart

Warning: these creepy Halloween nail designs and ideas may cause nightmares! If your favorite part of Hallow’s Eve is the scares, then you need nail art that matches those horror-ific vibes.

Best paired with your favorite horror movie, this creepy nail inspo features ghoulish creatures, haunting details, and some bloody good designs. Sound right up your alley? Keep scrolling for all the best nightmarish nails to help you ring in October 31st!

53. Blood Splatter Creepy Halloween Nail Art Inspo

white french tip creepy Halloween nails with blood splatter design

photo: @lolo.nailedit

Is there anything creepier than these slasher nails?! Designed to look like blood splattered across your mani, they’re a spooky slay — literally!

Plus, this creepy nail art is SO fun to DIY. Start with a classic French mani, then let loose with a bottle of bright red polish (we found the exact shade this nail artist used!). Flick the brush around to get the splatter effect, and remember: the messier the better!

54. Creepy Mismatched Halloween Nail Design

long pink black and red creepy Halloween nails with spooky mismatched designs with spooky illustrations

photo: @cndworld

This nail art is checking off ALL the boxes for a creepy Halloween design. Spiderwebs? Check. Vampire teeth? Check. Skull and crossbones? Check and check!

Grab this pack of nail art pens, cue up your favorite horror movie, and spend an October night recreating this creepy look with all your favorite spooky icons.

55. Studio Ghibli Inspired Creepy Nail Art Manicure

creepy gel black and white Studio Ghibli short Halloween nails

photo: @nails_by_syd

Calling all Studio Ghibli fans! As beautiful as these movies are, we have to admit: they have some creepy creatures. Celebrate these underrated Halloween classics with a manicure that puts them all front and center!

P.S. We found a cute press on nail version of this design with almost 100 reviews!

56. Creepy Cobweb French Tip Nail Art Manicure

cute spiderweb themed black french tip creepy Halloween nail art ideas

photo: @nails_by_syd

For creepy Halloween nail ideas that will never go out of style, we LOVE this cobweb look. It’s combines an edgy black French tip with that chic spiderweb design. It’s spooky enough for Halloween night, but stylish enough to wear all month!

Plus, it’s also simple enough to recreate yourself — all you need is this black + white polish set!

57. Creepy Eyeball Halloween Nail Art Design

matte black and green eye themed short creepy manicure

photo: @nails_by_syd

Like a monster watching you from the darkness, these creepy nails feature sets of glowing green eyes surrounded by matte black polish. They’re unnerving, to say the least!

To balance out the creepy, add a few accents of this glittery gold polish. It’s a ghoulish design that is serious nail GOALS!

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creepy mismatched Halloween nails with a spooky ghost and pumpkin design and a toy spider resting on the model's hand
photo: @cndworld

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