33 Beautiful Wedding Ring Tattoos for Non-Traditional Couples

couple holding hands and displaying their classy cursive letter matching initial wedding ring tattoos
photo: @caraspencil.art | tattoo artist: @rominawalchtattoo

Nothing says ’til death do us part like wedding ring tattoos! If you want to make a commitment that lasts a lifetime, we love the idea of trading a classic metal band for some permanent ink. It’s such a romantic gesture for couples who are all about ditching tradition and doing their own thing on the big day. Because who needs bling when you could rock a meaningful tattoo on your ring finger instead?!

If you’re thinking about inking your love, we’ve rounded up the most beautiful wedding ring tattoos from real-life couples (including a couple of celebrity-approved styles) to get you inspired. Plus, we’re also breaking down everything you need to know before you commit to your forever finger candy. Let’s get into it!

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How to Know If a Wedding Ring Tattoo is Right For You

classy matching arrow wedding ring tattoos
tattoo artist: @nillo.ink

A wedding ring tattoo is a permanent decision that you definitely shouldn’t rush into. So, to help you decide if it’s right for you, here are some pros and cons to consider before you get inked!


  • One-of-a-kind style: Wedding ring tattoos are a unique and non-traditional way to express your love. If you and your S.O. love to break tradition and do your own thing, ring finger tattoos may be right up your alley. They’ll allow you to celebrate your one-of-a-kind relationship in a way that traditional wedding rings can’t!
  • Practical design: One of the major benefits of wedding ring tattoos is that you never have to take them off. This is especially great for people who work in trades or industries where you remove your ring while on the clock. Ring finger tattoos are also an amazing alternative for people with skin allergies or couples who lead an active lifestyle. After all, there’s never any worry about damaging or losing a tattoo ring!
  • Budget-friendly option: While a traditional diamond or gold wedding band may cost you thousands of dollars, tattoo rings will only set you back a few hundred. Depending on the design and artist, a ring finger tattoo can cost anywhere from $75 to $300. Perfect if you don’t want to break the bank on a meaningful design!


  • Long-term fading: All tattoos fade over time, but finger tattoos tend to fade a bit quicker. This is because your hands get more wear and tear (and sun exposure) than other parts of your body. If you want your wedding ring tattoo to keep looking sharp forever, you’ll need to factor in touch-ups and wear sunscreen every day.
  • Forever bling: Okay, so this could also be considered a pro…but love and life can be unpredictable, and the permanence of wedding ring tattoos is important to consider. You never know what the future will hold, and a tattoo can be a painful and permanent reminder if something does happen in your relationship. Like marriage, it’s a commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly!
  • Lack of versatility: With wedding ring tattoos, you’re also committing to one design forever. With traditional rings, you can choose between different metals, stones, and styles, and even switch them out for new bands over the years. With tattoos, you don’t have that flexibility — unless you pair your tattoo with a traditional ring. Which brings us to our next FAQ…

Are wedding ring tattoos a replacement for a traditional wedding ring?

a tattoo artist giving a couple getting wedding ring tattoos
photo: Wild and Green Photography

While wedding ring tattoos are often used as a replacement for traditional wedding bands, many couples opt for both! You may love the permanence and romance of a ring finger tattoo, but also want the sparkle of a classic diamond ring. We say go for it! There are plenty of wedding ring tattoos that can either be hidden by a traditional band, or designed to complement it.

And, as we mentioned above, ring finger tattoos are a great add-on for couples who live an active lifestyle or can’t wear their wedding ring to work. In these cases, the tattoo acts as a stand-in while you’re not wearing your traditional ring. It’s a little piece of your marriage and relationship that will always be with you, no matter where you go!

woman's hand modeling a winter inspired rose cut diamond and white gold band

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When should you get your wedding ring tattoo?

married couple showing off their classy matching initial wedding ring tattoos
tattoo artist: @paintedthorns.ink

If you want to show off your wedding ring tattoo on your wedding day, you should get it tattooed at least a week before the big day. This gives it time to heal and for the redness to go down before your close-ups.

For a fun wedding day activity, we also love the idea of getting your wedding rings tattooed on the big day. You can hire a tattoo artist to come to your wedding, or take a field trip to a tattoo shop before the reception. This is such a cool way to celebrate your newly married status — and your guests may even want to get inked, too!

On the other hand, if you’re jetting off to a beachside honeymoon right after your wedding day, then you may want to get your wedding ring tattoo two weeks before the big day — or wait until you’re back home. With fresh ink, you need to wait at least two weeks before you can go swimming (this includes swimming pools), and the last thing you want on your honeymoon is an infection!

Ready to say “I do” to some forever finger candy? Keep scrolling for our favorite wedding ring tattoos and ideas!

1. Roman Numeral Wedding Ring Tattoos

roman numeral date matching wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @zerotattoo_fashion

Fun fact: Beyoncé and Jay-Z got matching Roman numeral tattoos on their ring fingers after their wedding. Their tattoo (the Roman numeral IV) symbolized their wedding date, April 4, as well as both of their birthdays. If it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for us!

If you’re looking for something stylish and timeless, it doesn’t get better than Roman numeral tattoos. We can’t think of a cooler way to pay homage to your wedding day — or another meaningful anniversary, like the day you first met!

2. Botanical Wedding Ring Tattoo

elegant botanical ivy vine wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @yooni.tattoo

The symbolism behind this wedding ring tattoo is SO GOOD. Botanical, nature-inspired tattoos represent growth and prosperity — perfect for this new chapter in your relationship! We also love the way this leafy vine wraps around your finger. It’s cute, meaningful, and delicate.

Not sure you’re ready to commit to a ring finger tattoo? Try before you buy with these botanical temporary tattoos! They’re waterproof and last up to a week, giving you time to decide whether or not you’re ready to say “I do” to the tattoo.

3. Matching Classic Wedding Bands

classy single line matching permanent bands on the finger

tattoo artist: Kurt Yau on Instagram

Keep it classic with these fine line wedding ring tattoos. They’re like traditional thin wedding bands — but you never have to take them off!

Subtle and elegant, these tattoos are also perfect if you still want to wear a physical wedding ring on top your tattoo. And, like diamond rings, you can keep adding to these tattoos in the future! Incorporate another line or a more complex design for your anniversaries or other milestones.

4. Sparkle + Initial Wedding Ring Tattoo

Hailey Bieber J initial wedding ring tattoo with a classy sparkling star accent

tattoo artist: @mr.k_tattoo

How cute is this wedding ring tattoo that Hailey Bieber got for Justin?! You can’t go wrong with a sweet initial for your other half, and this tattoo looks extra chic, with the dainty sparkle detail. It gives the same illusion of a dazzling diamond, but way more meaningful!

gold lined French manicure inspired classy wedding nails

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5. Matching Half Circle Wedding Ring Tattoos

meaningful half circle matching wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @reconnect.ink

For a design that says “you complete me,” look no further than these half-circle wedding ring tattoos! We love how they feature dainty dots to represent their other half. Such a romantic representation of the two of you.

And a fun tidbit about these tattoos: they were actually this couple’s first time getting inked! What a fun bonding experience that makes these ring finger tattoos that much more special.

6. Cute Bow Tie Wedding Ring Tattoo

cute bow tie wedding ring tattoos in a simple line design style

tattoo artist: @yooni.tattoo

You’ve officially tied the knot — or should we say the bow! This is such a cute wedding ring tattoo idea for couples who don’t need all the glitz and glam to make it official. You would say “I do” with just a string, and this design represents that unconditional love in a forever kind of way!

7. Classy Cursive Wedding Ring Tattoos

married couple displaying their classy matching cursive letter wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @tattooist_haedam

An abstract infinity symbol? A cursive letter “s”? Two loops in one string? We love that these wedding ring tattoos are up for interpretation, giving them a secret meaning for just the two of you.

If you’re looking for something totally one-of-a-kind, we love this idea of coming up with your own symbol. You can work with your tattoo artist or even draw your own design that has a special, private meaning. So romantic!

8. Old English Number Wedding Ring Tattoo

edgy number wedding ring tattoos in a gothic style typeface

photo by Wild and Green Photography

Old English numbers make for classic finger tattoos, and we love the toughness of the Gothic design contrasted with the romantic meaning behind it. You can get the day of your wedding on your ring finger, or opt for the year on all four knuckles for something super badass!

P.S. We found these Old English number temporary tattoos for you to try out before committing to the needle. Test out different variations to find your perfect style!

9. Matching Three Dot Wedding Ring Tattoos

symbolic handpoke three dot wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @kristinacurillova

There are tons of different meanings behind three dot tattoos. Three-stone wedding rings are often associated with the idea of past, present, and future, which also applies to this three dot tattoo design. It’s such a beautiful sentiment to share with your forever partner!

These three dot wedding ring tattoos can also symbolize an ellipsis — or the idea that your journey together will always continue. We’re not crying, you are!!

10. Dazzling Diamond Wedding Ring Tattoo

classy fine line diamond wedding ring tattoo

tattoo artist: @leejitattoo

A dazzling diamond ring, but make it last forever! We love how this diamond tattoo flips the traditional idea of wedding rings on its head. It’s cheeky and fun, but also super stylish. After all, just because you’re opting for a tattoo ring doesn’t mean you have to give up on the bling!

You can even pair this diamond tattoo with a physical diamond eternity band for the best of both worlds.

11. Cursive Name Wedding Ring Tattoo

classy cursive wedding ring tattoo withe the name Paige on the finger

tattoo artist: @markbyhaley

A traditional diamond ring will never be as personal and romantic as getting your partner’s name tattooed on your finger forever. Now that’s what we call commitment!

To make this wedding ring tattoo extra special, you can even get it tattooed in your parter’s handwriting. Prepare for major butterflies every time you look down at your hand!

12. Boho Sunburst Wedding Ring Tattoo

fine line boho sunburst wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @nothingwildtattoo

If your partner is your sun and stars, this wedding ring tattoo is for you! It would be especially cute if your S.O. got a matching moon tattoo to complete the celestial look.

Plus, we love how this boho sunburst design resembles a sunrise or sunset — a great reminder to soak up all the little moments together.

P.S. Try this sunburst ring finger tattoo on for size with this semi-permanent tattoo sheet!

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13. Double Fine Line Bands

classy double fine line wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @dda_ttoo

Two bands for the two of you! This wedding ring tattoo is such a chic and subtle representation of your commitment to one another. We love how the two fine lines give the illusion of an invisible band — almost like an outline for a traditional ring!

This tattoo would look gorgeous on its own or paired with a physical wedding band. If you want something more intricate, you could also add a small design between the two lines, like three dots or a bit of color.

14. Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Ring Tattoos

handpoke celtic eternal love matching wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @eika.tattoo

If you have Irish or Celtic heritage, pay tribute to this culture with Trinity knot wedding ring tattoos! Like the three dot design from #9, this Celtic knot represents the past, the present, and the future (or, more traditionally, The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost).

For something a little more romantic, also check out the Eternal Love Celtic knot — which is perfectly on-theme for a tattoo ring!

15. Lily Flower Wedding Ring Tattoo

classy lily flower wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @tattoobysoso

Feminine, romantic, and so cute, flower ink is always a good idea. Plus, they make for gorgeous one-of-a-kind wedding ring tattoos!

Choose a blossom that has a special meaning to you — this could be your favorite flower or a petal with specific symbolism. For example, roses represent love and passion, while lilies (pictured above) symbolize rebirth.

This woman chose a lily tattoo for her ring finger because it’s the flower that her husband always gives her. So sweet!

16. Rainbow Pride Flag Wedding Ring Tattoos

matching rainbow pride flag wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @leejitattoo

Show some pride with these bright rainbow flag wedding ring tattoos! For LGBTQ+ couples, this is such a cute (and meaningful) way to celebrate your love. Plus, that colorful design will instantly spark joy every time you glance down!

And this is just one of the ways you can incorporate a rainbow into your wedding ring tattoo. From a band of rainbow dots to a mini rainbow inside your finger, the options are truly endless!

17. Secret Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo

fine line heart wedding ring tattoos on the inside of the finger

tattoo artist: @leejitattoo

If you’re looking for something more subtle, we LOVE the idea of getting your wedding ring tattoo on the inside of your ring finger instead of the knuckle. It’s like a secret memento just for you (and your S.O.) to see.

Plus, this dainty heart tattoo won’t distract from a dazzling wedding ring, so you don’t have to choose between one or the other. Try out the look with this semi-permanent heart tattoo!

18. Personal Mismatched Wedding Ring Tattoos

mismatched fine line botanical wedding ring tattoos

photo: @nothingwildtattoos

Do you and your partners have different ink styles? Celebrate your individual personalities AND your love for one another with mismatched wedding ring tattoos!

Any tattoo on your ring finger can be considered a wedding ring design, and there are no rules about matching. After all, many couples choose different physical wedding bands, so why should your tattoos be any different?

As long as it’s meaningful to the two of you, that’s what matters most.

19. Classy Capital Letter Initial Design

classic capital letter initial wedding ring tattoos in black ink with a purple drop shadow

tattoo artist: Melanie Meszko on Instagram

Fun fact: this tattoo artist actually gave this wedding ring tattoo to her husband! If you or your S.O. are practicing artists, this is such a rad way to make your ring finger tattoos extra special.

And how timeless is that Times New Roman-inspired initial? Perfect for couples who love the classics.

20. “One Love” Wedding Ring Tattoo

handwritten love lettering wedding ring tattoo that says hana love

tattoo artist: @leejitattoo

If initials or names aren’t your jam, why not opt for a meaningful phrase or word instead? This ring finger tattoo says “hana love,” which translates to “one love.” We’re obsessed!

Plus, the sky is truly the limit for this wedding ring tattoo idea. You could ink your partner’s nickname, a meaningful phrase in your native language, or a word that reminds you of your vows. Or you could go classic with the word “love”!

21. Lotus Flower Wedding Ring Tattoo

handpoked lotus flower wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: Tatuaż Poznań on Instagram

We are head-over-heels for this lotus flower wedding ring tattoo! In Hinduism, lotus flowers are incredibly symbolic, and they’re often associated with beauty, prosperity, and enlightenment. As far as floral ring finger tattoos go, this is one of our faves.

Plus, we love how this design is inspired by Henna tattoos — perfect if you’re infusing traditional Indian wedding traditions into your big day!

22. Subtle Ornamental Wedding Ring Tattoo

fine line three dot wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: Sydney Leigh on Instagram

Spice up a classic thin band with three cute dainty dots. This design adds an ornamental element to your wedding ring tattoo that makes it feel more like jewelry — while still being subtle enough for all styles.

Play around with the order and placement of the dots on your ring finger using this temporary tattoo marker. It’s the best way to try out a few different designs before settling on your forever style!

23. Meaningful Wrap-Around Design

classy cursive lettering wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @reese_ink

This gorgeous wedding ring tattoo mixes the cursive name design of #11 with a classic wrap-around band — and we are HERE for it!

We love how this tattoo looks like a real ring on your finger, but with a super personal touch. Get your partner’s name or another meaningful word, like “love” or “always.”

24. Ombre Dot Matching Wedding Ring Tattoos

matching ombre dot wedding ring tattoos in black ink

tattoo artist: @jimmyyuen

You’re not a traditional couple, so why should your wedding rings be? We love this artistic, unconventional take on classic matching wedding bands, with a rad dot design that slowly transitions into a solid line.

At first glance, they look like typical black wedding rings — but when you look closer, you realize they’re so much more!

25. Handpoked Runic Wedding Ring Tattoos

viking runic fine line wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @eika.tattoo

These Runic wedding ring tattoos are inspired by Vikings — perfect for history buffs! They’re also giving us all the Lord of the Rings vibes, and would be the coolest matching design if you first bonded over your love of the Shire.

Plus, these wedding ring tattoos are completely handpoked (versus a tattoo gun), which is a great option for finger tattoos. With this technique, your design will typically last longer AND heal faster!

26. Fun + Colorful Mismatched Designs

colorful mismatched wedding ring tattoos with a turtle and lucky sevens

tattoo artist: Mackenzie Tennant on Instagram

These bright mismatched tats are proof that your wedding ring tattoos can be anything you want them to be! If classic initials and subtle bands don’t match your personalities, have some fun with cute images that reflect your relationship.

Maybe you want lucky sevens to match your Vegas wedding, or a sea turtle to represent a cute nickname. The more personal your ring finger tattoos are, they more meaningful they’ll be!

27. Romantic Heart-Shaped Wedding Ring Tattoo

classy fine line heart shaped wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @do.tattoo_ala_kaplon

You’ve given each other your hearts, and this wedding ring tattoo is the perfect symbol of your devotion to each other! Rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve, you’re wearing your partner’s heart on your ring finger. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

28. Classic Wedding Date Ring Finger Tattoo

classy wedding date ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @cindystattoo

A foolproof way to never forget your anniversary? Get it tattooed on your ring finger! We love this classic and straightforward wedding ring tattoo. After all, it was one of the most important days of your life, and now you can honor it forever on your skin!

29. Delicate Diamond + Wreath Ink

handpoke diamond wedding ring tattoos with a botanical wreath

tattoo artist: Mackenzie Tennant on Instagram

Introducing: a wedding ring tattoo that shines bright like a diamond — literally! If you loved the look of the diamond wedding ring tattoo from #10 on this list, but wanted a little somethin’ extra to make it stand out, then prepare to fall in love with this design.

The shading of the diamond gives it a realistic touch that’s pretty dang close to a sparkle. Plus, that dainty wreath detail adds such an elegant boho touch to the look!

30. Statement Ornamental Matching Tats

fine line and dot wedding ring tattoos in a sunburst inspired design

tattoo artist: @jimmyyuen

There’s nothing subtle about these wedding ring tattoos, and that’s what we love about them! Instead of sticking to just the knuckle, these tattoos take up the entire ring finger. But, despite the large size, they still look delicate and romantic with the ornamental fine line design.

The dash-dot combo on the finger also reminds us of morse code — such a cool way to incorporate a secret message into your wedding ring tattoo!

31. Stunning Solitaire Initial Design

small initial letter wedding ring tattoos in a bold cursive font

tattoo artist: Bonnie & Clyde on Instagram

Another one of our favorite initial wedding ring tattoos, this design is bold and graphic, with a slight retro flair. With a wrap-around band on the sides of the letter, it reminds us of a stunning solitaire ring. And the ornate font is so gorgeous!

If you’re thinking about getting an initial tattoo on your ring finger, this is your sign to choose a fun font that speaks to your personality. The hard part is narrowing it down!

32. Art Deco-Inspired Starburst Crown Design

boho fine line half circle sunburst style wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: Jessika Campos on Instagram

Just picture this classy wedding ring tattoo paired with a circle or pear-shaped engagement band! It takes the shape of an art deco-inspired crown — but instead of diamonds, it’s ink. Such a cool way to add onto your original ring, without fully replacing it!

33. Delicate Matching Initial Ring Finger Tattoos

classy cursive initial matching wedding ring tattoos

tattoo artist: @sohye_tattoo_

And last but not least, we wanted to leave you with another example of gorgeous initial ring finger tattoos. This is one of the most popular designs for wedding ring tats, and there are SO many ways to make it your own.

From different fonts to extra details to dainty designs like these, the options are truly endless! Find something that speaks to you, and commit to a lifetime of love and really awesome ink.

How much does a tattoo wedding ring cost?

classy fine line three dot matching wedding ring tattoos
photo: By Jasmin

Typically, most wedding ring tattoos cost between $75 and $300, depending on the complexity of the design and the artist you choose. Intricate and larger designs will require more time and skill, which will raise the price of the finished tattoo. Highly sought-after tattoo artists are also pricier, and may have longer wait times for an appointment.

And don’t forget to budget for touch-ups, too! Since you use your hands so often, finger tattoos take a bit longer to heal, and you may need a touch-up in as little as a month to ensure the final design is exactly what you envisioned. Some tattoo artists include touch-ups in the initial cost, while others charge separately for these sessions — so make sure you’re chatting with your artist to get an accurate pricing estimate!

How long do ring tattoos last?

fine line matching wedding ring tattoos
tattoo artist: Olivia Fercioni on Instagram

Like all other tattoos, wedding ring tattoos are forever. However, tattoos on fingers tend to fade faster than tats on other parts of your body due to their constant use, frequent hand-washing, and exposure to elements like sunlight.

To keep your ring finger tattoo looking fresh forever, be sure to use a high quality sunscreen on your hands every day (yes, even cloudy days!) and moisturize your skin regularly. It also helps to avoid harsh chemicals on your hands — a great excuse to go natural!

Ultimately, you’ll likely need a touch-up or two over the years to refresh your wedding ring tattoo. Think of this as a way to celebrate your “I do”s all over again — kind of like a vow renewal!

Plan a Wedding That’s Anything But Ordinary

classy double fine line matching wedding ring tattoos
tattoo artist: @artcoholic_tattoo

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